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REVIEWS OF Schatz Crossroads IN North Dakota

megalodon be

Great place good food and good coffee.

Vince Wertman

Made a quick stop for coffee and pie, of course the best pie in Minot!


Truck stops always have good food, right? The reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the Nepthla soup was only slightly warm.


I've called them 6 times now it's 2:09 a.m. and they won't answer. Nice 24 hour restaurant...

Cody Latrace

Clean, good food, reasonably priced

Johnny Guess

Great service good food.schatz has been a minot staple for years. love it!

Gerald Humphrey

I went in to have a little something to eat the sign said to seat yourself so I did. I waited for about 15mins and findly the wait person for my area came out the kitchen she gave the table in front of me there bill and then she gave me a menu and a glass of water. Then went back in the kitchen I could see her laughing and joking around and I get it you on your feet all day so you gotta brake it up it little bit so you can get to the end of your shift and then she disappeared I waited and waited and waited then I just got up and left I was waiting for the cashier to ask was I going to pay my bill so I could let her know what happened but she didn't say anything so I just kept going. I guess they just didn't want my money. That'll never happen again,.. Will not be back!! Sorry So Long now you know how I felt#veggiecup from the store next door that was better for me anyway!

Hunter Rice

Good to get breakfast here pretty fast!

Carla Helm

Good food at affordable prices.

Kory Hochsprung

Good food good prices

Donn Wolean

Great place for getting it all together.

Jason Brothen

Been eating here for years. Food is good and the people are usually friendly. They have nice portions so come hungry. It can be a very busy place at times.

Pegi Sheets

Need better servers and people who can add and subtract.

Dean Nelson

Place was horribly high priced. Like $8.50 for an omelette ,BUT,BUT you how to order hash browns on the side which is an extra $3 so an omelette cost you $13 I don't think so they are charging for a burger then you have to buy your fries on the side like their breakfast that's just not worth it actually we walked out and went ate someplace else those prices are crazy

Roger Vind

My wife and i came into your restaurant last night 10/4/19 around 9:45pm for a meal. We got this waitress that was just awful. We sat the in a booth on the NE side of the restaurant. We sat wait fpr tje menus and water for over 15 minutes. Then the server came by and we hadnt had chance to look a the menu ask for a couple more minutes to look it over. That couple of minites about 30 minutes. She finally takes are order I had the 12 oz Ribbeye, Fry's & a salad with ranch and a side of ranch, my wife had chicken fried steak, mashed potato , and salad with french dressing. I also ordered a Pepsi and my wife order a diet Pepsi.the soda came to the table but only got 1 glass and didnt know what was in tje glass she walked away. We finally got ahold of her about 5 minutes later and ask what was in the soda glass which was regular Pepsi and ask where my wifes Diet Pepsi was and she said she had to change the line so just deal with it. About 10 minutes later my wife got her dirt pepsi. Then our salads came out about 15 minutes later. I looked at my wife and just tolder that just watch are food will be here before we get to eat our salads and it did. The steaks where awesome as alway. Dont have a problem with the food but our waitress that i foundout who she was by looking at my ticket ( Jadden44) was plain and simple the worst waitress that i have ever had to deal with. She didnt ask how are meal was or if we wanted any dessert. Just through the ticket on the table. We get up to the counter to pay and the night manager was at the checkout and asked how are meal was , said the was awesome as always but the service sucked. The manager asked why , so I told him that we never got check at all or if we needed anything else just through the ticket on the table and walked away. We left the restaurant at 11:45pm. Dustin your manager just laughed it off not a great experience last night. Will come back but hope that i never get miss jadden 44 ever again.

shawn busby

Only good if you are drunk

Mektaruin Tranqual

Always great food and service!

Pavel Rodriguez

Good food, nice staff!


The waiter was even more helpful than he needed to be and the service was great. The food was amazing as usual and it was a good experience.

Taylor G

Nothing stands out as particularly comment worthy, but overall it was a good experience. Typical diner food.

James Davis

One of my favorite places to eat the food is right on time and the waitresses are right friendly too!

Jesse Alan

Well thought-out Place laid out really good

Ryan Tubbs

Good food, good service. Plan and simple.

Keith Colville

I sampled all two of there coffee choices before going with a mixture and the thermos cost $ 1.06 it was awesome the Tv is always on the political pro Republican channel love it

Paul Burcham

Not what you expect from a truck stop. Good food and you get a lot for the price.

jeff willis

Food was just warm couldn't get a refill on drink walk by three different times ever even look at the glass sitting on the edge of the table

Karen Shields

The food, service, & menu are great. Will be back!

Christopher Bollinger

Great Truck Stop. Not many left like it with 24 Restaurant.

George Wiens

Well they boast that they have the best roast beef sandwich in the state. So I had to try it. And it's really good. The service is very good as well

Enos Bontrager

Great food ans good place to eat with family


Great service, big portions, friendly staff

Amanda King

Nice staff amazing food!

Eric Hays

Great food. Quite busy and took awhile to get served but well worth it.

Lance Pierce

Eat here all the time. Usually great. Very good pies, cakes, and other desserts.

Earl Rellinger

One of the better truck stops I've been to.

Charlene Jones

Open 24/ 7 , great desserts, comfort foods

Hernan Aguilera

Good environment, located off the highway but the food was not that great. Would not go again

Jim Morgan

Fresh & tasty. Good wait staff.

Darren Opstedal

Always good food and friendly service

Troy Carlson

Was very pleased with service and food, by far the superior Truckstop.

James Duffy

Great place for breakfast on Sunday mornings.


Excellent place to eat!


Price is very reasonable, food taste is really good and if your in a hurry'you will love this place.

Keelee Colleen

Every time I go home I have to stop in for french fries and ranch! Ultrasound1

This definitely was not the best dining experience. We waited 20 minutes just to get menus and then a half-hour more to order. Needless to say after that it did not get faster. Some of our food was cold and other food not cooked the correct way. The staff was bad from beginning until end.

Christine Harris

Love this place! It's definitely my place to stop for coffee. Food and service is amazing! Yeah the girls there all have their own unique style but don't let it fool you.. Definitely worth the stop in!!

Jerry Johnson

Great food, friendly staff, and cheap prices keep me comming back time and again.

Anthony H

Excellent. Clean hot shower, good sit down restaurant, laundry mat, truck repair shop, plenty of truck parking. Nice people here.

Luanne Lee

Spanish Omelette is to die for. Looking forward to visiting my hometown in a few weeks...Schatzs is on my list!!

Carla Haskett

Great food and huge portions, you will not leave hungry.

Logan Simons

Awesome portion size, fairly busy at normal times and waits can be hit and miss. Currently remodelling outside of building (12-16-2017)


Would have gave a 0 if I could have!!! First of all train your waitresses or let us order our own food. Give us pen, paper and coffee is right there. All 3 must hate there jobs because they sure showed it. I think the cook does too ordered 2 ribeyes could not be that hard to cook. One was bloody and one was well ordered medium. Quality of them was horrible!!!!! You were always my favorite place to stop as a trucker, not anymore. I'm sure I wont hurt it or break your business but I know a lot of truckers who have a lot of faith in me. Hope you read and take to heart dont usually ever post but your place I had to it kept getting worse and worse and worse! Breakfast I see is your best waitressing and cooking hard to mess up breakfast though.

John J.

Awesome food and very filling.

Charles Mock

Breakfast is huge!!! Great staff very friendly!!

Isaac Penner

Great food and service and thank you ESPECIALLY to whoever it was that recognized my completely hidden Invisalign braces cuddled into a napkin (lazy me) and DIDNT throw them away, you are the best!!

Red Culver

Shop is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Food is wonderful and staff is great. Shop is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C-Store is great staff, too and clean restrooms. Shop is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Raihan Khan

Nice place to eat alone and with family. Although it is a truckers stop but the place gets lots of other customers for food. They give a lot of food comparing to other locations for the money.

Josh Noel

You call to order food to go the phone rings for 10 mins than they answer and i asked for the restaurant so they page them nobody answers for 5 mins than they get back on the phone and ask if im holding for the restaurant i said yes so they page them again no answer again same process then they hang up on me. Somebody needs to teach them how to answer the phone

Debbie Kranglewitz

After reading the reviews. We decided to give a try. Was not disappointed. For those who complained about sides being extra. If they had read the menu more carefully, It clearly states which items come with a side. Large portions at a decent price. Service was great. Definitely will stop again when traveling out this way. Update: Decided to call it a day. Went in for breakfast, all I can say is wow. Best breakfast we've had in awhile. Thanks for the great food and service. Keep up the great work.


Phenomenal! The food was good. The staff was awesome!

Kylie Harrington

One of my favorite places to eat, amazing burgers and chicken strips and the fries are to die for.

Chris Hanson

Great comfort food at reasonable prices, and big portions.

Robert Harvey

Just had a haystack. The best! Fast service too!

William Hasley

Awesome food, enormous portions, friendly staff

Andrew Leatherbury

Good food waiters and waitresses are really nice, good food

Carly Galbraith

This place was busy as hell both times we went but the food was absolutely phenomenal!!!!! Plus they had adorable souvenirs in the gas station! This place really is worth the trip!

Jason Addicott

Always a good place anytime of day any meal hearty, tasty, & good prices


Best SantaFe Chicken salad I've ever had

Dory Dawson

Great place to park for the night and the cheesecake at the restaurant was some of the best I’ve ever had... and I’m from NY

Jason Sorum

Great food any time of the day.

Bee Jones

Popcorn shrimp - taste like imitation meat that's breaded. The same goes for the cod fish, major disappointment. The buffalo chicken salad was drenched in buffalo sauce and was served warm not hot.They don't have vegetables, except potatoes so don't look for those. Overall, C - . Anna was our server and she was professional.

Allroads Transportation

Very good experience at Truck Service Center. Helpful people are working here, received professional service for my truck and trailer.

Jeff Slocum

Helpful staff. RV waste dump in the back, easy to access, but bring your own rinse water.

Gabor Nagy

Actually is much better than the flying J

Mike Sourile

Great food and service! Can be very busy at times.

Jim Krueger

Best truck stop In the state ! Good quality food, great coffee, warm friendly service, very clean inside and out. Clean bathrooms, clean hot showers, have a good tire & repair shop,road service, truck wash. Also laundry and drivers lounge. Only drawback is no wifi , free or otherwise.

Robby Heupel

Great truck stop good shower great food clean too.

Keith Huff

Good food good price

Matthew Knotts

One of the best breakfast spots in Minot! Great service as well! Edit: this is still the number one breakfast spot in Minot. The whiskey steak is a must try!

David Hodor

Beware of the shop they do not listen very well to your repair instructions,,they will go overboard and work on things that they were not asked to repair..Do not leave the shop thinking they understand what you need repaired..Stand there and look over their shoulder the whole time!!!!! I had what should of been a hundred dollar job turn into a $600 plus job....Please be careful there and take nothing for granted with these people!!!!

Karen Ingram

If your looking for a restaurant that you've never been at before you'll leave saying I'll be back! Great food Fast hot food And a Wait staff that compares like no other "YES THE BEST ALL AROUND'

Katt Paula

Love this place!! Stop in if ever you have a chance ;-) they cook ya up some delicious food. Try the whiskey steak it's yummy :-)

Cherryl Harnist

Good food good serve

Dan Daniels

The food is always very good and large portions. The prices also kick everyone else's ass!

Chad Moore

Good food, good service. Favorite place to eat

Anthony Hutchison

Do not get taco omelette unless you like living on the wild side

Johnny Isaacs

Not only the best truck stop around, the best place to get a hot meal in North Dakota!!

Mike Hlad

Always great food. Fresh.

Jim Johnson

Good food good service


Great staff great prices love the liver and onions

Jim Bradbury

Best food on the road. Cleanest truck stop I’ve ever seen. I never pass without stopping

Colton Gapp

Very friendly service with awesome food

Jay Masanz

Very nice old school truck stop! We need more of these kind of places!

Clinton Dessenko

Won't eat there ever again got sick from all of the greasy food to many times

Sherry Jensen

I was so disappointed when I tried to eat here Sept. 2nd. I arrived at 11:20, got a booth & a waitress stopped by.. I advised 2 more were coming. She said she would be back, but never even brought us water. My other guests showed up at 11:30. We waited, we watched other 3 other tables that had been empty when they arrived, get water, orders taken.. she continued to walk right past..ignoring us the whole time. After 30 minutes of no service & when she took an order for the 4th booth RIGHT beside us that JUST got people, I left. I advised the manager of our experience, who said she would look into it and call me. I am still waiting for that call. I can guarantee it will be a long time before I bother trying to get food there again.

Jacqueline Johnson

It was lunchtime and the place was packed. We did find a booth right away, although it looked like it was the last available seat. We were waited on immediately. The food came out fast and it was delicious. The waitress was busy (almost running) to be sure everyone was served, but she took the time at least twice to be sure we were satisfied. Two thumbs up!

Kyle Schmaltz

If you get the regular servers they're incredible however, when you sit in the bar section, I usually get low service. Otherwise, excellent food.

Natasha Medeiros

Cheap, delicious diner food. Serves breakfast and dinner foods all day. They also sell pies. Open 24/7. Busy on weekend mornings.

Tim Warren

Great food good service . Had clean showers and cheap fuel for this part of the country


First of all stop in often truckerslady! use to work with Customer service for years, this will make or break you! Second is the food quality and it was a horrible experience. 3 waitresses terrible attitudes not one smile asked if everything was ok seemed angry if I complained about my bloody steak...uuuggh still have nightmares. Sent it back which I know what some cooks would do to it but took a chance. So much gristle every bite was exhausting. Scared to ask the waitresses anything they were horrible all 3 of them. What was good was fresh salad and decaf coffee was fresh but only on the kitchen side. Horrible on the gas and truckers side tech! Come on get some French vanilla your the one one the planet without it...seriously!! Make sure your workers make fresh coffee on that side every every morning so important. Hope you take the criticism to heart use to always have good things to say about your place. 10 or more years ago this is where my whole family wanted to always go.

Lee Lopez

BEWARE!!! Fries are not included with purchase of burgers. I've never been to an establishment where fries were not included. This establishment charged me an extra $3 for them. The menu shows burger fries I nor does it say it's excluded. Near the bottom the prices of sides are shown. I feel that was a cheap money grabbing move. The pie was warm and had the consistency of pudding the cream was making a pool of itself to the side. I do not recommend.

Mae Blanco

I found paper in my hashbrown. I told the waitress and she took my plate and never came back. I asked if they were going to make a new plate because I wasn't finished eating. She got me a new plate and charged me for it. Manager was rude and wouldn't even discount the meal even tho THEY SERVE TRASH IN THEIR FOOD!!! NEVER GOING HERE AGAIN AND DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

jon marshall

Good food good people

matt polsfut

The restaurant is great. Good food and great service.

Jeremy Mork

The new male waiter ROCKS!! Runs circles around most!! :-) :-)

Jacob shellum

Great clean place. great food! Clean showers!

Randy Fugleberg

If you leave hungry you weren't trying. Good ole fashion comfort food and great service too!

Mj Sijohn

Food was horrible, tasted like frozen food from the grocery store that was warmed up.

Angie Davis

Nice place, clean and a good restaurant attached with yummy deserts.

Sober Buddy Taxi

To die for homemade food, one of few truck stops that haven't been completely ruined by corporate America, original and authentic.

Hi! My Name is Anica

Always the best choice. Greatly prices and food is good. Reminds me of a cleaner Waffle House!

Tana Walker

Great food, service and staff. Pie or cheesecake?!?

Shane Luke

Schatz restaurant is a great place to go for great food. There is truly nothing that disappoints on their menu.

Roger Johnson

Good Food and Service.

Roger Keele

Got food poisoning

Amy Morris

Usually super good food! Good prices.

Dave Cooper

Easy to stop at food is not bad some severs need better attitude

Casara Tessendorf

PIE!! And great wait staff.

kerry balog

Well maintained, everything you'll need.

Kevin Varner

Love this place! Great food and staff! Lexi was awesome I stop here lots !!

Negsmazin Gamin

I wasn't in my truck but I was in town for business. As a driver there's not enough time in the day for any extra stuff. I swear they took my breakfast from someone else before they could take a bite! That's how fast it came out! The place wasn't very busy but most places don't get your food out that fast even if you're the only customer. Today I was in no rush but I was extremely hungry and was happy to see my food so quickly. Truckers will be happy here as they can get in and out quick!

dan Pausig

Great service great food reasonable prices great service and portion size was more than you can eat

Donna Jones

I went into the shop and needed turn signal light for my truck. They didn't have it and drove me to freightliners. How cool is that. Later we had brakes put on our trailer. All 4 of them. They had us in and out in 1hour. Unbelievable. The people that work their are fast, respectfull, professional and very nice. We will be back. They have awesome prices. The best shop around.

Dirk Brockmann

Even the manager don’t care. Had a meal there today. Ordered the special and there was a little misunderstanding on my side but the waitress didn’t make me aware of it. So I paid found out about extra charges. Then I left called the manager who couldn’t care less. Will never stop at this place again.

Jess Vasas

I was little worried based on the reviews about bad service but our experience was wonderful! The food was delicious! My picky kids devoured their meals. The service was really good. We will definitely be back.

wayne chadwick

Food/service was tops in the restaurant. Prices reasonable and the menu was decent. Wife used laundry room and was impressed with that as well. Big screen tv in the laundry building. Plenty of truck parking available.

Vince Dicks

Always good! We Go every time we are in Minot and for 22 years , never disappointed!

Billy Reidy

Don't let the fact it's a truck stop keep you away. Friendly staff, good food, well portioned and reasonably priced.

Melissa Eames

I love this place, food is made fresh and fast!

Denny Stone

I won't be back! The food was okay. Not what it used to be, though. But, my real problem was when, this morning, I came in to get a shower. Showed both my Roady's card and a fuel receipt (from a couple of days ago at another Roady's). They refused both. I was told I had to purchase fuel HERE and, on this date. It cost me $10 for what should have been A FREE shower. I guess I won't be back.

Will Nissen

Always enjoy eating here good people good food lunch specials are great


What truck stop is this? No CAT Scale??? Pffft! Peel outta this mfer.

Peggy Sourile

Food is really good. Large quantities. Evening servers are much better than the daytime ones.

Berry Smith

The best Carmel rolls in town.

Stephen Bello


Spooky Chong

If you're going in for breakfast or dinner (lunch), GREAT!!! Absolutely the best truck stop in the whole state! Professional, friendly, fast staff! Great food! Supper? AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE! Terrible, awful food, awful staff and awful service. I come to this place a lot each year and I thought the last 5 evening visits were just coincidence but tonight just boiled me over! Screw this place! I'll never again go in this crap hole in the evening time. Heck, even 2am filled with drunks and they have better service. It's loud but amazing! I'll eat cereal or crackers before another supper at this sad excuse of a staff truck stop...... .|..(-_-)..|. Schatz Crossroads

Ben Jones

Fast service! Good food!

James B

Food is typical truck stop food prices aren't bad good pies and desserts also

Israel Perez

Great food and environment but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the milkshakes back that's what's really make them very special.....

Amsey Leid

Beware if Ronda is your server food was ok but man she is mean and also beware they charge extra for everything claim I snapped at her and didn't even say anything

William Voss

Good place to stop for food and service!!!

Bruce Mason

Good food,friendly service and open 24 hours.Not many truckstops still have sit down full service restaurants anymore.

Tex Arcana

Says shop is 24hrs, it is not. 8-5 M-F, closed weekends. Useless for truckers.

greg slack

Never eat there again

Jason G

Good breakfast menu with more than enough to eat

James Demars

I had to get my tires changed next door at goodyear and they recommended this place. I like going to a place and being surprised. Excellent thick 10oz steak for about 12.00 with an excellent cold fresh side salad, potato, fresh light fluffy roll, and a flaky crust warm blueberry pie that tasted homemade. You can't beat this place!

Janet Richardson

I go to Schatz's all the time. Now even more. Adam was made night manager. Stop in for pie and say hi. The staff, food, service and cost is great.

Michael Bischel

It's a huge breakfast! I had their Spanish omelette which is their signature dish. It could be exceptional but the salsa is pretty bland. But it is a massive omelette which could be shared by two people. I had the wheat toast and that was exceptional as well.

Britany Ortega

Great food at a great price!

austin brown

good fast service great food

Jessica Wilson

Love having breakfast here, any time we are in Minot we go here to eat.

Mary Schuh

Great service! Great job Ashley.

keith stotts

Nice people clean the people too lol well kept

Rocky Osbaugh

Plenty of parking, clean shower , and great diner.

Sassy me

Good food and large portions. How much for a whole pie?

Michael Tovar

I'm in here roughly every 2 weeks. Food quality is hit/miss. Sometimes it is decent, sometimes terrible. Now, SERVICE is what truly lacks here. Like this evening: Sat for a full 10 minutes without being waited on, not 20' from where the waitress stood chatting with her drunken buddies in a booth. So I walked. Other times, it can take 5-10 minutes to see a server, then another 5-10 to get the check AFTER the server clears plates. And don't drink too quick, because routine checks on patrons by servers is slow also. It's almost like they will hire just anyone who applies. Look, I know this is the oilpatch and good folks are hard to find, but let's try a little more selectivity? Aug1358

Great service. Excellent showers. Great food. Good shop service with truck wash.

Carl Weaver

Excellent place to Eat and Shower !!!

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