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801 N University Dr, Fargo, ND 58102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Leisure Laundry IN North Dakota

Stephanie Olson

Jan Friez

gt rider


Patricia Knudson

Cranky staff. And no tanning.

Sarah Gerlitz

They no longer do tanning. :(

Demetrius Glover

Clean facilities, newly remodeled, usually fairly empty if you go early

anthony Heis

Nicholas Berlin

Today is September 28th Saturday at 5 p.m. and normally it is great here but today the worker was very rude and barking orders at customers and I'm glad she is not the owner or I would not go back. Hopefully this gets attention from thw owner and can deal with it appropriately.

julie maggard

The machines are the best in town won't go anywhere else . Thank You

Steve Winter


Kelly Ehli

Our washer broke down this week- so my 8 year old son spent the morning doing our laundry here. When I was in college years ago, this is where I did my laundry. Lots of washers and dryers and plenty of space. We had issues with one machine and the woman working basically accused us of lying about how much money we had put into the machine. My son couldn't believe this adult didn't believe that he had counted out the eight quarters himself. The owners may want to consider including customer service training when they hire associates.

Pat Long-Wu

We are in town for 2 months, staying in RV park in Casselton, ND. Come here because it is the cleanest laundry I have found. Owner very friendly too. Highly recommend!

Casey Kuhn

Can do tons of laundry at once. Friendly staff.

Emily Maggardz

Holly Martin

Very homey

Kenny Anderson

By far the cleanest and most efficiently run laundromat around!!

Robert Ballard

This may be a decent place to wash clothes, but the service turned me off right away. We were looking for a laundromat so we could use their quarter machine. I walked in and asked if we could use theirs and was rudely turned away. I can understand if policy is against it but they should use a little tact when representing their store

Jason Storseth

Kirk Donaldson

It's a ok spot. The washer took me change and the old lady thought I was bsing her. Gave me a rude attitude over 75cents.

Jamet Woods

Ok this place has great facilities, is clean and was recently renovated. It is the best laundromat in town, but there's a woman who works here who is extremely rude and debasing. She yelled at my two year old son for something trivial. I've been going here for a while and the lady is so rude like all the time. She never smiles and every request that involves her working is met with disdain. I like everything about it except her.

Sonny Olson

Very clean, good machines

Derek Zerface

Really nice and clean place with good machines, and there is always a worker there

Anthony Fisher

the rudist women works there i saw her scream at people for coming in at 8;20and then wouldn't help them with the coin changer, i give them a ok rating for cleanness and a big zero for helpfulness and politeness.

Jessie Zozimo

Kim Amble

Lots of washers and dryers but they need to turn the heat up on the dryers you waste to much money on drying

Dean Nepstad

Kayla Martinez

I always go here, usually in the afternoon and the man that works there is very friendly and nice but the one time I went and there was a lady working she "scolded" me for the way I brought my laundry in and seemed annoyed when I asked for change. They should probably think about brining in someone new for her shift she sucks!

Tyler Hendrickson

Jose Medina

Jeff King

This washateria is clean. The machines work There is an attendant on duty. The soap .machine is stocked. Highly recommend.

Aku Alu

Candi Holcomb

Jeffrey Hunt

I don't know if they still have Tanning beds or not, but it's a good place to do laundry.. Staff is really nice

Rachel Fortner

Your dryers are a rip off.

Abigail Kruempel

Attendant is consistently rude. We used to come do laundry every week but after he was disrespectful to us and the people with disabilities that we brought there to do laundry, we decided to bring our business elsewhere. Its a fine facility but nothing makes up for a bad-mannered person who doesn't respect his customers.

Amy Ziegler

Kaye Tenderholt

Facilities are clean and machines work wonderfully but I will wash my clothes on a rock by the river before I step foot in there again. Not going to put up with that rude woman ever again

cynthia trimble

Kaura Asplund

I’ve only been to this Laundromat twice and I had bad experiences both times. The first time, the lady who owns the place (Or I assume she owns the place with how pushy she is) started touching my laundry and starting the washers with MY clothes in it without any detergent. NOT okay. The second time was just today, I figured I’d give the place another shot. I regret doing so. She started yelling at my mother that her clothes were dirty and she should have cleaned them better before bringing them. To the laundromat. Where you clean clothes. Not only was she complaining that we brought dirty clothes to a place WHERE YOU WASH DIRTY LAUNDRY, but the whole place is way over priced. I mean, $5-$7 per load? Come on. Worst place I’ve been to. 2 of our loads of laundry didn’t even come clean, the crystals didn’t even dissolve and we did not even put a full load in the washer. Never coming here again.

Soedie Torres Correa

Very satisfied. The management are doing some improvements in the place to add more and bigger washers and dryers, but right now the laundry is very clean, comfortable and familiar. The prices are very good. My husband and I went in a Saturday in the afternoon and the place isn't full. They have 2 machines with snacks and drinks and a big tv. Also have a big parking and some places near to buy food in case you feel hungry.

Jenn Schlosser

The employee did not make the experience of stopping by to wash a comforter a simple or positive experience. She was a bully. She had no reason to speak to me aggressively or touch my linen's while they were in the machine. Who does that? I will not be going back. I miss Busy Bubbles!

john davison

Go everyweekend, perfect location

wade garrett

Olivia Bain

My favorite laundromat in town- machines are nice and quick and the people are friendly. The peanut butter m&ms from the quarter machine tasted a bit old, but I still ate them.

Samantha Uden

Clean facility, lots of washer and dryers, good price but some of the staff is rude.. not very friendly or professional

Renee Thomas

badsha alam

Joseph Mackner

S Jag

Lacey Illg

By far my favorite laundromat in town. The staff is pleasant and very sweet and it’s a great environment with upkept, clean machines. It’s kept well and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I enjoy the atmosphere and it’s quiet enough to do schoolwork etc. If you do your laundry and a mat- GO HERE. You will not be displeased. :)


Newly renovated and clean atmosphere. More expensive than apartment washers and dryers, but the convenience of being able to wash multiple loads at once makes up for it. Usually not too busy. Never have had an issue with finding open washing machines.

Jason Miller

Best laundromat in Fargo. Fact.

Oooowee Nursing

As they have several dryers broken I accidentally push the wrong button to the wrong dryer, I asked the service attendant for my $1.25 back. She told me “ol well you are out of luck,your sol.”and that she couldn’t give me my money back and I just lost my money

Ryan Hennager

The only real problem I have with the place is their lack of thought to the handicapped in the winter time I guess we need to wait till spring time to be able to do the laundry when the snow is gone from the handicapped parking spot that they have. Other then this little as far as I know illegal act I have no problem with the plac

Chuck Solly

They don't have the REALLY big washers but everything else works. There is a full time attendent.

Kevin Johnson

Good clean laundry mat

Julie Maggard

The niceest laundromat in town the prices are great.

Irene Alg

Bridget Marron

Clean, washers and dryers work great. It even has a quarter machine.

Be More Colorful

Love the drop off laundry service!

waru s

There is no sink for the customers. Also they are not allowing people to take carts outside to our vehicle.

Sheena DePriest

The washers and dryers are always reliable unlucky other places in the FM area. Prices are reasonable, and the machines are quick. We are usually there for around an hour with washing, drying, and folding. The staff has always been friendly. They have nice spots to wait and read.

Tara E

Cristielyn Sanchez

Newer big efficient washers that work great. Smaller washers, you have to put the quarters in just right or they don't fall into the change box. One guy who works there is excellent and friendly, but others could work on their customer service skills.

Nathaniel Jones

Justin Curtis

The laundromat was very clean during my visit, and it was void of tacky all caps signs printed off of Word haphazardly, something I've seen a lot of lately. I would rate this a 5-Star establishment, but when I approached the counter to inquire about a question I had, the attendant didn't bother to look up and just said "What do you need?" He didn't say it rudely, just rather unappreciative of my business and quite impersonal. The service could use improvement, but otherwise I was satisfied.

Darlene Griffin

Jennifer Hansen

Lenora Yellow Bird

There is a lady who works there who is very unprofessional and rude. God forbid you ask her a question and she has to get up to assist/work. I tried to clean up after myself and she hollered at me not to touch their broom "that's not the broom we use" I have a washer and dryer at home. I don't have to go to a laundromat but it's convenient to wash all my bedding in at once. If I should need a laundromat to put some large items in, I definitely will not be going to this facility again. I observed her numerous times this morning being rude to other customers

james blankenship

Heather Peck

Jason Rogers

It's hot no AC an it's not a tanning place anymore

Melissa Varanai

Lisa Eggert

Clean, spacious, and well lit. The staff was helpful. My only small complaint was that it felt very cold inside.


90% of machines work, easier to go across street for change then dealing with their change machine though. Bring your own entertainment.

Type S

Charlene McHam

Clean and convenient

Jennifer S.

Place seems to be taken care of and clean.

Amy Lynn Ziegler

Anamaria Rodriguez

The employee are great people very friendly but yet very professional and so nice and clean all the time

Bill Patterson

After many years of service, and a lot $$$ spent with this company, 1 meeting with the owner, and we will take our business to someone else. Very very poor customer service, and bad attitude. Not someone I will do business with.

AmazingWorld Photography

LaVon Larson

Travis Christensen

Brooke Channel

Seriously the rudest people I’ve ever met. Not worth the time or money!!!!

Jodi Lynne Larson

I am not used to laundromats. Doing sons laundry in Fargo. 8+ loads. After I did the wash I headed over to the dryers. I found really large dryers and had $10 in quarters left. I realized after I put in $4 in quarters that it was a quad washer. I kindly asked the attendant for a refund. She was so blantantly rude and declined stating it was "customer error." This is true, it was my fault, but I had not started the machine, I had $3.25 left to put in before it would start. There should be a "coin return" option on the machine.

Joel Miller

Kristin Pettersen

M Gilmore

Very clean place with all working machines. A bit more for laundry. But worth it if you want a clean efficient place.

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