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1407 Oak Manor Ave S #5245, Fargo, ND 58103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Fargo's Finest Coin Laundry IN North Dakota

Ashley Sather

Friendly staff, majority of their washers and dryers work, and convenient location

Gregg Eide

Great experience but expensive

Linda Adams

Erica Areola

Staff are always so great! Very clean

Blake Fountain

Not the finest laundromat but decent.

Penelope Gibbs

This laundry has a lot to be desired. Claim not to take drop offs on weekend, after the attendent let me drag a bunch of stuff in. Then told me the reason is because people bring in rats and snakes, then said "and if we do it it will be 150$." Which I was more than happy to pay. But not now. A major waste of my time.

Kirsten Ann

Despite a few bad reviews I headed to Fargo's Finest today. The place was immaculate. Floors, machines & dryers were all clean and fully operational. Betty was the associate on duty and I can't thank her enough for patiently answering my naive questions. I can't reccomend this place enough! I'll definitely be a return customer.

Stephanie Openshaw

We travel fulltime with six kids and only use laundromats to wash clothes. This was one of the nicest we have been to with the absolute sweetest, helpful attendant. Ann answered all of my questions and helped me find the right washers and dryers to fit my needs! We had all of our clothes washed and dried in under an hour and a half. Great experience!

Paige Biegler

Wouldn't even rate it a one star. Had to use one of their dryers because mine broke at my apartment and I had soaking wet clothes. Walked in and the lady stated I needed to rewash my clothes before I could use the dryer. She was very rude in her approach. Honestly don't know how this place has good reviews. My experience was terrible.

Khanh Linh Tran

Great place. First time I came here was 3 years ago to wash my two blankets. Had no idea how much detergent & softener to put, I dumped in more than I needed. Eventually, I need to run 2 big machines more than 3 times to wash off all the foam. The owner and the staff were so helpful and friendly. They didn’t charge me after my 2nd cycle. I was the last one who left the shop in the evening, yet the owner said if the blanket were still soapy, bring it here & wash again, they wouldn’t charge me. Awesome people!

Charles Ramsay

For all the negative reviews people have to's a public laundromat! A little white-trash looking, but isn't that expected? I thought the lady who worked here was very nice and helpful. She went out her way to notice when people needed help and then went to offer assistance. $3 for a small load seems a bit much, but it washed very quick so I was happy about that. The dryers are a typical laundromat dryer in that I forgot just how hot the "high temp" setting can get. All in all it was a good experience for somebody visiting the area and doesn't normally use a laundromat. The most annoying thing was the children whose parents didn't seem to want to be accountable for them

Corey Norton

carolyn dees

We've traveled ftom Florida so we have visited many laundromats along the way. What a pleasure to find one so convenient to the campground which is also clean and all the machines work. Betty, the attendant was pleasant and very helpful. She constantly cleans the machines after use and keeps the tables and other surfaces wiped off. We used two of the double machines and the super big one. The dryers actually dry the clothes and don't have a "cool-down" perion that wastes your money. Used the sink to hand wash a sweater. What a nice touch. Really a pleasant experience. Would highly recommend.

Joe Benavidez

Adam McCullough

I travel almost 100% of the year for my work. So I hit ALOT of laundrymats. This one is on the nicer end of the spectrum. It's not super modern. But it's clean, decent-good pricing. Yeah this one gets a thumbs up.

Ryan Sather

The staff is super friendly and the machines are always working. All my clothes smell great after the wash! Avoid going during busy times because there is less dryers than washers and there's sometimes people using a lot of machines at once.

Joshua DUkat

Ashley Cotton

I arrived on time before the 8:30 PM last wash time. I was told after I loaded most of my clothes that they were closing early when there were others still doing laundry. I think it was because I had alot of clothes, but also because I'm Black

Princess Brown

They fell of bad. The lady that works there is very rude. But she’s nice to me now because I put her in her place lol. Don’t come for me sis!

Victoria Read

I would have given this laundromat less than one star if I could. We travel all over the USA for work and as such we visit laundromats all over the nation. We ignored the negative reviews when we should have heeded them instead. Never, ever have we experienced ruder service than at this laundromat. From the attendant to the owner (at least we think it was the owner) the attitudes presented were rude, rude, rude! We were told by the attendant that we could not put a couple of small mats in the smaller washers, and were told that a sign was posted saying so. Let me say that there are signs all over the place. If I had to stop to read all the signs that they have posted, I venture to sat that we would have spent an additional unwanted hour there. When we wanted to add in additional extraction spin on the larger machine we were instructed to insert an additional $.50 - which we did, however the machine did not register the second quarter that was inserted, nor did it return the quarter to us. When we told the attendant she didn’t believe us and told us that it was not possible, which basically implied that we were lying. While waiting for our washers, my husband was standing at the doorway to the back room (which the attendant left open) and was looking in - just killing time. The owner came up to him and rudely said to him you cannot go in there! When he replied that he didn’t go in, and that he was just looking. She again rudely told him that he could not even look in there. When he spoke with the owner a little later, he informed her that this indeed was the rudest laundromat we’ve ever been to. Her reaction was rather apathetic, evidently, she didn’t care that she was treating a customer disrespectfully. She also implied that we were lying about the machine taking our quarter, and stood there shaking her head the entire time we were talking to her about it. Her response was it’s impossible for the machine to do this. Yet, the machine did take the additional quarter. The loss of the quarter was not a big deal to us, but the implication from the owner & attendant that we were lying was huge! The equipment seemed to be in good repair, however the smaller washers represent a safety risk, each of them have a sign on them (yet another sign) stating that the machines don’t lock so you need to watch your children. SAVE YOURSELF SOME GRIEF, DON’T GO THERE!!!!! We never will again. If this is Fargo’s finest laundromat, I would hate to see the rest of them.

A Google User

Great service a clean facility great attendants

Cam Hopkins


Sweet prices if you find the right washer lol

Arthur Fahnbulleh

James Farney

Jo Ben

Ed Steller

Bridgit Amstrup

Great clean place! Ann here is the best!

Julia Pryal

Neat and has several large front loading washers

Anita Benavides

Don't go here if you have kids that aren't on a leash or sit perfectly still. All the sudden after going here for a year my daughter sitting in a chair looking at a book on the opposite side of the Laundromat was not ok. My a single mom I can't just leave her some where while I go do laundry and I can't leave her in my car its against the law. Taking my business less where.

Toni O

Wrong side of the tracks.

Kerry Moberg

We camped at Lindenwood Park and happened upon this laundry- it was clean, had an attendant. You need cash here no card readers for machines but I recommend this spot and when traveling I like to do all the laundry at once and quickly- bonus when the place is so nice.

Mark Shimpa

Janet Oberg

Helpful cheerful attendant. Went out of her way to show me the 'ropes'. The place offers change, laundry products, snacks or you can bring your own. Five star in my book clean, from top to bottom. I highly recommend this laundry

Sandra Vigen

My first vist and I'll be back every week!! Ann was so helpful and really took the time to explain the machines. She was busy the whole time with everything she does but never made me feel like I was interrupting her. Very happy with everything!


It's the most wonderful place I dropped my clothes off I turn around I go pick them up they are folded perfectly absolutely like going to a San Francisco drop off laundry they are professionally folded and everything is clean how fabulous is that and it's very reasonable the lady in charge is absolutely wonderful she's God's gift bless her heart thank you Jamie

Marty Rud

This is a great laundromat.... it's always clean, clean, clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. The machines are in good repair. Clean bathrooms. And also free Wi-Fi! Sometimes it's busy, but it's a great laundromat, so you need to expect that.

Angel DeCoteau

Very friendly

Jeremy Adrian Demarce

Great place, friendly staff. I travel a lot and this will be my go-to place for laundry when I’m in the FM area.

Armando Tenorio

Best time to go is Saturday Morning

Cecil Reyes

olivia reynolds

If I could give 0 stars I would. Crappiest laundry mat. Smallest washers I've ever seen, I could wash my clothes in my kitchen sink rather than pay $2.50 for one small load. Wouldn't be surprised if bugs came home with you semi clean clothes here

Tim Paul

I mean, it's a laundromat. I can't necessarily vouch for it being the "Finest", as I am a very infrequent user of them. But, I chose this one tonight to wash some sleeping bags from a recent camping trip, so I'm glad that they had the MASSIVE washers. And not just one, but FIVE of them. 2 being even bigger than massive. $8.75 for my big wash, but for how seldom I wash sleeping bags, it's whatever. I want them clean, I need a big washer, I pay the money it costs. There are a lot of things to read. Like, signs. Everywhere. My 5 star rating stands, because there aren't any grammatical errors in them like the last laundromat I used. I'm not really sure if the staff was nice or not, as she kept to herself and didn't say anything. 5 star rating still stands, as I didn't necessarily come here for conversation anyway. But she looked like a nice person, and didn't seem to mind the work when she quietly sold me Tide, wandered around cleaning, etc. Seemed like she might be the type to belt out the lyrics along with the music playing when nobody is around. Btw, she got a toothbrush out to scrub and clean detergent cups. Freakin' thumbs up, man- That's dedication to quality. The facility was quite tidy. No complaints. I have no concerns for my laundry. And there are signs that vehemently state that the property is smoke-free, even outside... Makes me feel better about my stuff not stinking or someone smoking next to my car outside. In my range of view, I only see one machine with an "Out of Order" tag on it. I don't imagine the vast majority of customers treat machines with the utmost respect, so I understand that machines break down sometimes. And I know these things aren't cheap, so give 'em a break. You being there to give them business is what helps them keep these things spinnin' to CONTINUE being of service to you. I'd be a customer here again when the need arises, no doubt.

Justin Jones

Finest Coin Laundry is the friendliest and helpful laundromat hands down. If you looking for a place to do your laundry look no farther, my cleaning Happy Employees Cleaning LLC only uses Finest Coin Laundry for our washing needs.

Teresa Tackett

Ashley neva

The woman who works there is really nice. They have really large machines which is great to save on time. They also have some of the best hours in town.

mark Stremick

Fun place to wash clothes and have a good time

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