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1310 E Boulevard Ave #4, Bismarck, ND 58501, United States

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Here you will see all the opinions of people who consume the services of Boulevard Laundromat (Laundry) in North Dakota.

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REVIEWS OF Boulevard Laundromat IN North Dakota

Jamie Laducer

Great facility

Megan Teske

Terrible machines. Ran an extra 30 minutes than originally said... can’t remove your laundry as it’s locked until complete. Then it was soaking wet like it never went through a spin cycle. For $3.50 garbage place

Maple Walker

It was dirty, but reasonably priced.

Brian Powers

Very clean well operated Laundromat.

Kayla GirlyGirl

Kirk Snustad

The place to go. It is easy to do your laundry done, even on busier days. We come in to quickly get our laundry when it gets away from us. Clean, well lit, wifi, and a lot of work space to fold your close. Your can use coins or card to pay. Only place in Bismarck and Mandan I will go when I need a laundromat.

Lonestar Kidd

Very clean with outstanding washers and dryers

Nick Lorenson

Akira Sendoh

Clean, well lit, free WiFi and open 24hr. It's a little pricy tough.

Amanda Gentle

Very large, clean, and fast!

Pam Fenoff

Very neat and clean! Love that it's open 24 hours! Thank you!

Desiree Lockwood

Micheal Flegel

Andrew Wood

ronald waters

This place is very clean.. the machines all work and are some of the cleanest I have used.

Mercedes Huerta

Mike LittleElk

Very clean

pat smith

Nice and clean. Helpful employee.

Allison Picard

Parking is not adequate. It is in a small strip mall area with many other businesses. Also, people did not know how to park and took up spots for their 1 vehicle. I could not do my laundry here. Had to find another one :(

Lora Phelps

Clean and well lighted with security cams.

Jon S

Nikki Worley

Grid Guy

Clean and 24 hours a day

joyce thompson

Very clean, I can always get a machine, smells great

joseph bohlen

Wow! What a great experience i had today at boulevard laundromat.Our drier went out temporarily. I stopped in to wash clothes for my wife and i and our 3 kids. Owner was there. Told me it's been in his family since he was a little kid. Helped me load, watched my clothes while i ran and picked up my wife from work. I couldn't believe how clean and well stocked and equipped the place was. It was a good day.

Brannon Hudson

The facilities are fine but the employee or owner who was working while I was there was completely unprofessional and down right rude to my coworkers and other patrons. She spoke to my girlfriend, who was sitting on one of the tables like someone scolds a dog. There were no signs stating not to sit on them. A simple please would have sufficed. Another patron asked if she could make change to which the owner responded "Maybe you should have right change before you come to a laundry mat.". Blew my mind.

Ric Barrick

Best place in Bismarck to do laundry!

Sana Henderson

S/V Cloud

Lots of homeless people in here at night!


tim billman

Paul Schaefer

Very clean, high quality machines. The place is immaculate. Best laundromat I have ever been in.

Leah Zoller

Chelle Belle

Affordable and very clean.

Karen Allison

Just got to use the best laundromat we have used in four years of traveling. Attendant very helpful, machines new, operationally advanced with ways to pay, plentiful hot, yes hot, water. Very pleased!

Tina Johnson

Nicole Patrick

Barb Jewell

I thought I had lost my keys here one time. I called the owner (number in the laundromat) and he called me back. He was so nice, and said he'd keep both eyes out for them. Later I found my keys so I sent him a message. Again he was so nice, asked what I thought of the laundromat. He was the kind of (people) business owner that makes this crazy world.. good.

Mandee Pochant

Clean and well kept. Great place to do laundry!

Donna Lockwood

bryan and heidi walls

Jeff Pompa

It's actually pretty good. They have wifi, open 24hrs, $3.50 for the washers, $1.50 for the regular dryer and $6.50 for the Giant Load Machines. Regardless, the washer and dryer are really decent size. Usually takes me two loads but I was able to make it one load. The place seemed well kept. Had a change machine. Soap, bleach, and softeners dispenser (didn't try it out). Average 29mins for the washer (without the extra rinse and such). 5mins for every ¢25 on the dryer. Dried my clothes well. I'm Not Too Sure who was an employee there though; or if there were any there. Bathroom smells though. Would defiantly come back.

Vanessa Young

Wendy Jones

Very clean!! All the Machines work! I can honestly say I have never been to a laundromat that is this clean! Five Stars For Sure!!!

Terry Aman

Great place to do laundry.

Gabriel MMartinez


Julio Galindo

morris smestad

Nice and clean

Corey Lewis

Very handy very accessible

Michael Braun

Very clean , snack machines, change machines, television, rest rooms, and most of all free wi-fi.

Eric Chambers

Way to expensive

Romeo Black

I love the fact that i can use my credit card on both the washers and dryers.

TineCrine C

Came here with some friends multiple times. We would go over to the candy/toy/vending machines in the back to look and buy stuff. But there was always a rude lady that found us and told us to leave if we weren't going to do laundry. I believe she was the owner or maybe one of the managers. It seemed like spending money in candy machines was causing trouble or loitering to her. Apparently she didn't ever want our money when we wanted to spend it.

Ellie Swett

Nice and clean just didnt like the pricing

Elmer Perez

Manuel Lucero

Only two sizes of washer, large & larger. I hate washing my clothes mixed. To their credit, the place is clean and the washers fairly new.

Phil Grider

Wow what great customer service and great machines


Un poco carro las máquinas

Jessica DeFronzo

Will Gillespie

Laurali P.

To spendy

linda riedinger

Nice clean but a bit pricey


Carlos Hernandez

A lot of machines, places to sit, and it's clean! You can use your debit/cc on most of the machines or use coins.

Jan Fetzer

Clean and safe, lots of machines

Ambrose Nez

Carl Pragg

very clean place. lots of machines, nice, well lit. decent prices.

Julie Treib

Very clean with lots of various load option machines to choose.

Tim Fischer

Pretty expensive to do your laundry there. I broke out in a rash from the cleaning agents that they clean the machines with. The dryers are pretty good though.

Lisa Brooks

jessica Jungling

Amber Jorgenson

Super clean! Great staff!

Thomas Broeckel

very very clean place, nice over size washers, must check it out.


Its Mine

Levi Hodson

Alycia Yellow Eyes

marc Leslie

Nice new clean machines a little pricey but everything is nice some machines take cc so that was nice

Lynette Hoffer


deborah shermer

waterston daniel

R.J. M.

Always clean inside and friendly non intrusive staff

Josh Rhoads

Quiet large area with no wait. The washers and dryers were clean and they even had it's own spot for oil clothes so clothes won't be oily afterwards!

angela Chenoweth

Pablo Gomez

Brandy Stang

Lacey Martell

Joel Solis

Exelente lugar para lavar ropa es muy limpio y tienen muy buen servicio


Shawn jr. Pierson

I travel 8 months out of the year and do laundry quite a bit and this has to be one of the cleanest most convenient laundromats I’ve been to. The laundry machines have card readers which is a huge deal, this means I don’t have to spend a $3 to get $20 out of my bank account. Really love the place keep up the good work

jp holmes

I like the fact that they have washers and dryers that take credit and debit cards and it's always clean there and they have wifi feel safe to do laundry late at night.

Caroline Mick

Jamie Heil

Bill Russell

Debby Bolte

This is the best laundry mat in town. It is clean and well monitored. The lady who takes care and cleans things is awesome. She is tough but the place shows that she cares about the safety of the patrons, and the overall maintenance and appearance to the building. Great place if you have to go topi a laundry mat.


Huge laundromat, very nice and clean. Highly recommended.

Ross Hagel

Patty Koapke

Very clean and comfortable area to sit

Jennie Waters

Not a bad place to do your laundry prices seem okay. A large amount of washers and dryers. Usually a clean area, they offer free WiFi and are open 24hrs. They have vending machines as well as laundry detergent vendors. They have cable TV available to watch and magazines to look at.

jesse wisbey

Clean and inexpensive not very fast WiFi

SaRa W

Safe environment, clean facility, and efficient machines that are worth their weight in quarters!

Mike O

Theresia Taylor

Clean, attendants always helpful

Tito Nieves

Mark Robinson


Caroline Mick Mick

ben yosep

Shania Hepper

Very clean and well secured. Owner saved my stuff from being stolen! Love it

Dennis Sonner

Great laundry mat. All machines were in great condition.

Michael Roepke

I don't use the laundromat often. But when I need it again I will definitely be back here. Great place, very clean. Several different size washers and dryers to fit any load. Machines look to be new and top of the line. They also accept quarters OR credit cards on the machines themselves (that's a cool feature). Free WiFi and several places to sit with pleanty of outlets and a couple of tvs. Lots of security cameras covering every angle, allowing you to run other errands while you clothes run. Friendly staff. One of them stopped to ask if I had any questions and if everything was running good for me.

Dave Miller

Very clean and nice owner. Even offered to help me bring bags of rags in the building!

Carol Desper

Jesse Dee

Very nice and clean, reasonably priced with friendly staff

Tammy Jimenez

Clean and comfortable

Teri R

Cleanest mat around, hands down. Feels like a safer environment than other laundromats in the area

Ryan Bjorgen

Excellent equipment. However there was an elderly lady who was cleaning there. She was EXTREMELY rude, racist, and condescending. I will not be setting foot in this place again. It is not worth the good equipment to be in that type of environment.

Bryan Hutchenson

Clean convenient. Card operated machines.

Jeremy Knick

Heather Jorgenson

This is the nicest laundromat I’ve ever been to. Very clean, updated, helpful and friendly staff, ATM and coin changer, security cameras and vending machines. Also, most of their machines give you the option to use quarters OR debit/credit card!

Dallas Borchelt

Honestly the cleanest laundromat in town. The prices are pretty expensive. If you go during the day, there is a rude older lady that tells everyone how to do their laundry. I just try to avoid her. It offers vending machines with drinks and another with snacks. There is tv. They take cash/coins coin machine on site, credit cards, and some card you can reload from your phone available in the vending machine. WiFi is available.

Shoe Blue

Wendy kreft

Clean and reasonable priced machines

Azim Bungitak


Anthony Sayler

Catherine Stewart

Super clean top notch laundry! Modern machines all in working order

a coleman

best in town

Jorge Garcia

Super busy laundromat. Washing machines are questionable, my clothes didn't was properly

Jeremy Gallagher

Best Laundry Mat around... Very clean

Craig Jordan

Tiki Tavi

Crazy clean laundromat that is open 24 hours a day. Machines take credit cards and range in sizes from 1 load to 6!

Jenn Bennett

Clean, new washers n driers that work great. Also free wifi

Rhonda Hanneman

Cory Coon

Clean, easy to use. Nice location

anik asif hasan

Good for my weekend laundry..washing $3.50 is bit expensive to me

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