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8010 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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REVIEWS OF Tropicana Laundromat IN Maryland

lul cr

This was my first time here.Its was clean.The staff was friendly and can answer any questions you might have.The parking is great.Its perfect if you are disable. They have ramps.I live in Germantown MD and I came out here to use this laundromat.It is worth the experience.I will definitely come again if my washer goes on a "blink" again.

Christina Schell

Clean and the equipment works very well.

yared gebremariam

Susannah Stevens / Lifetime Lens

I brought two big baskets of clothes here for their wash and fold service. This is something I’ve never indulged in before, but it’s a crazy time in my life and I thought the cost would be worth the time savings (it’s $1.25/lb, $28 for me). They seem clean enough, but the folding part is a joke. First of all, my shirts were not folded in the normal sense...more like bunched lengthwise from neck to hem, then folded in half. Worse, everything was mixed up. My clothes were intermingled with my 3-year old daughter’s and our dish towels, etc. Her matching pajamas were in two separate stacks. There were washcloths among my t-shirts. Our underwear was all mixed together. (Remember, she’s 3. They’re not hard to tell apart.) I had to go through the whole bag and separate everything into logical piles, so I might as well have folded it myself. I feel cheated.

Jesica Kim

Great laundry place. Open 24 hr a day plus free parking.

Karen Schmitz

The owners keep this place very clean and you donot have to worry about a broken down washing machine.

Markus Klein

Very clean all over including machines and dryers. Friendly personnel.

Kayla Loney

Place is usually pretty clean. Runs on a prepaid card system, not coins. There is no bathroom and political news is on the tv constantly. I've washed regular loads and king sized duvets here in various sized washers and dryers.

Kathryn Costello

Ada Rich

Clean and priced reasonably, but very, very cramped.

Tony Stark

A clean laundromat I'm only giving 3 stars because there isn't free Wi Fi there are other laundromats in the area with free Wi Fi

Keyia Makel

Michael Chapman

This is the best laundromat I've ever used. Tropicana has plenty of large, high-quality washers and dryers that clean your clothes at a reasonable cost. In addition, this laundromat has a clean restroom, air conditioning, and large-screen TVs to occupy yourself and your kids. Unlike most laundromats, which require you to find and bring $30 worth of quarters to do your laundry, Tropicana makes it easy to purchase a card (with cash or your own debit/credit card) from a modern machine to operate the washers and dryers. Thus, your dollar bills don't disappear into an ancient, broken, or quarter-less money changing machine with no employee in sight to solve that common problem. But what sets Tropicana apart from most laundromats are the people who work there and keep it open and very clean 24/7. They are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and constantly keep the place safe and well-maintained. The gentlemen at Tropicana work hard to make doing your laundry a quick and easy task, instead of a dreaded journey into a hot, dreary, and depressing dungeon. This is the best place to clean your clothes if you can't do it at home, thanks to the guys who work there and support their local customers.

Maria Gomez

Tarah Johnson

Clean, and convenient.

Hirute Bokana

ET The Best

Clean but expensive

Nahomy PC

Corlina Willis

Never Disappointed by this place. 24 hours make it a great option for a full schedule parent.

Heather Dorsey

Clean, and cool inside. When I was here I watched the management very patiently help a very confused lady find her clothes, while a group of customers tried to help. There are cameras all around which is also nice.

Geisy Montero

Best laundry

Donna Brooks

Freddy Rivera

Miki Alemu

nicole robinson

Shepherds Driving school Inc.

This area is out of my location, but, we go there to Launder sometimes, very clean place by montgomery College!!

Kelly Ricks

Its bright & clean. Plenty of washers & dryers. Plenty of carts to put your clothes in. There is a ATM. Wash services. Restroom. TV's on various channels. If you only need to use this place once then its not for you because they charge $1.00 for a pre-paid loadable card to operate the machines, no quarters. The card machines take cash & credit/debit cards. When you come here you have to use both the washer & dyer. You can't come with wet clothes just to dry. What if you're in the middle of washing clothes at home & your dryer stops working? Parking is tight & not enough spaces.


Ray Weathers

Frank Coston


Michele Craig

Cornelius Tyson

Clean environment, good service, and great location.

Rgi. Visas

Paul Adexi

Great guy works here. Machines are very efficient

Rebecca Jackson

Isabel Beltran

Nice place they employees are so wonderful.

deysi castro

(Translated by Google) Very clean and excellent laundry (Original) Muy limpio y exelente lavanderia

Yukeenia Malcom

Dalia Galdamez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Timothy Westmoreland

Unlike most laundromats, this laundromat is clean and well lighted. (It's often hot, but it's a laundromat so it would be.) They do a very good "wash-and-fold" service for a reasonable price. The people who work here are helpful and friendly.

Ronald Granados

jaime chavez

Karyn Sanders

Esayas Tesfai

Brockelle Nelson

24 hours. Super clean. Plenty of parking. Machines require laundry card that can be purchased near the customer service desk. Right next door to Chinese carryout. Right across the street from 7-11 If you need to something to hold you over.

Chris A

Daniel Smith

Steven Handy

One of the very few clean and respectfully ran laundromat businesses in DC Metro area.

Betelhem Tatek

Very clean, and help full staffs!!!!


William Olson

Necole Robinson

I like the way you can use a card instead of coins. & the only thing I dislike is that the dryer is 25¢ for 6 mins. Need more time for the clothes to dry! The workers are nice ..

Marcus Tymus

Lawrence Evans

Piss poor service... They require that you use their payment card so you're stuck buying their purchase card before even using the machines.... Absolutely horrible It is clean though

Paulette Paglia

Bright, clean, well maintained, friendly staff, machines are clean and almost new. Open 24 hours. Parking lot is well lit but a little strange. We come here for oversized bed linens and blankets and use the large and extra large capacity washing machines. Their system accepts cash or credit to load your Tropicana card. Good prices for wash & fold. Large screen tvs all around. Free wifi. Yey!

Adonay Negassa

daniel kim

Wow cleanest laundromat in the area!

Mariana Alvarado

RichArd Martinez

Dennis Hamilton

Lik Gii

I washed my clothes and dryed them with no problems.

Jonelle Homer

Always clean!!! Enough washers and dryers for everyone. I love the card process and prices for machines. Plus 24hours service... you can't beat that. I work to 11pm daily and after work I go in and I'm out by midnight...yup 3 loads dried and folded.

Bjorn Falk

Clean, quick but a little pricey.

Jax Gatewood

I go here all the time since my washer at home broke. It's clean, well-run and the machines always work. Bonus for the electronic cards instead of quarters or tokens.

Antonio Benjamin

Good clean laundromat

Melaku Hailegebreal

Austin Hawk

Good experience

Aryaon Masszonia

Linda Prescott

amanda kim


P Martin

Faye Frempong

Big, clean, plenty of machines, TVs. Perfect when not busy. There is a ramp for wheelchairs. There is only one parking space marked for handicap. However the space behind that one is also wheelchair accessible, just not handicapped-marked.

Kim Flores

Deborah DeBose

Washed ALL my clothes

Essayas Kitaw

David Sanchez rosa

Happy to have it close to my place? Bendiciones.

Kelley S.

Veronica Kim

Warsame Warsame

K. Robinson-Holmes

K Miller

Javier D

Great machines to do your laundry. I recommend going on week days or nights to do your laundry. It can get really crowded and not a lot of space to move around people in some areas. Staff on duty usually very helpful. The only downside is the off-gassing from people's detergent can be quite toxic and remains with you for a little after leaving. I would only recommend that they have better ventilation. Not sure how that would be done, but I think it is important for the health of that staff and people cleaning there. I try to use more Eco products with less harsh chemicals.

Aklilu Abreha

Tewodros Bekele

Easy to clean clothes, but have not enough parking lot.

Frank Claudio

Cindy Walley

Tina Kim

I really like this place bc it's clean and the machines are very efficient. The dryer's work well and I say this bc other laundromats overcharge with barely working dryers. Theres parking and always someone here to help if needed. If you forget anything there is a 7-11 conveniently nearby too. Try to avoid busy rush hour like weekends, particularly all day Sunday.

Morris Jones

Clean, very smooth operations, great machines, staff on site, and amenities to make the task of laundry outside the home civilized. My washer/dryer were out of service, and I was faced with getting the job done outside. This is a great spot...well done. Amenities include secure parking, well lit facility, plenty of machines of varying sizes, clean rest rooms, on site staff and wide screen tv to help pass the time.


This place is bright, clean and well run. It can be a little expensive but the machines are large and they work well. There are always plenty of machines available even when it’s busy you can find one. Parking can be tight on the weekends. And it’s pretty safe. There are two large TVs and clean tables to fold your clothes. The location is also great, minutes to downtown Silver Spring and steps from a 7 Eleven.

Brandon T

Angelica Wilson

Grace Jeung

Great service!

yung plum

Cleaner than most.

Tausha Anderson

The machine tool my money and the attendant disappeared with my card!!! I will not return

vanessa fuentes

Marisel Zelaya

Clean and efficient machines.

Francis Nathaniel

Marcie Wolf-Hubbard

Made it easy, fast

Patrick Costello

The Laundry mat is clean and friendly! The attendant on duty is knowledgeable of the equipment, and will take the time to show how to use the machines, and load the access card that is required to use the machines!

Emawaysh Zewde


I always go there for laundary, they have a lot of washing machines and dry machines. The place is clean always but the bathroom sometimes is not accessable and sometimes it is dirty. Another weak part is only one employee working there and they have a lot of cuatomers there so if you need help need to wait little more time.

Hattie Montague

Wonderful place and atmosphere

Tammy Davis

First time user on the fly since I needed to wash a load early before work. Very dismayed with the fact that I had to pay $1.00 for a card in order to use the machines. Also, the dryers charge a quarter for only 7 minutes. Needless to say, I won't be coming back.

Teddy Mac

This place is a rip off and the fact that they wanted me to purchase a card to use on the machines sent me right back out the door.

abi Girma

Mario Panameno

Great laundromat, fairly new place with plenty of wash and dry machines in good working order. Get your card loaded up with money to operate the machines, no quarters needed!, they have plenty of parking spaces and plenty of good choices to eat while you do your laundry. Located less than half a mile from downtown Silver Spring.

Aliou Sali

Tony Arias-Cruz

bill zeller

I am only giving 4stars BUT , that is because for 5 stars ....they would wash and fold my clothes for me for FREE

Carlos Portillo

Nice place always clean friendly people

Ibou Ndiaye

Anne Castle

Great drop off service

Stephanie Bonilla

Errol Orticke

Henock Worku

marella Williams

I love this laundry mat, clean environment. Friendly service, I been going here for about 3yrs

Nettie Snyder

Nicole aka XxSuckerpunchxX

Average Laundromat. Clean and they have some big machines. I washed my area rug in one of the machines. The only one I have seen that is close to downtown Silver Spring.

Colin Dittamore

Clean, bright, and plenty of machines. Leave you quarters and change at home. Nothing in the building accepts coins. They have rechargable cards that you add money to like a prepaid credit card. The card only works in the laundromat. Bring paper money, debit, or credit cards to add money to the laundromat's card.

Erik Manzano

Christopher Gonzales

For some one who is from out of town. Going here the first time is alittle confusing

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