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REVIEWS OF HappyNest IN Maryland

Kelly Beins

This service was SO easy, VERY professional, and fast! I scheduled my pick up online (lots of choices), the bags arrived at my door, I left my laundry in the bags, and my clothes re-appeared at my door, clean and folded. I also got to choose what detergent, what got folded vs. hung up on hangers, and whether or not I wanted fabric softener. It's like having a personal laundry elf! I highly recommend and will use again!

Natalie Westbrook

So nice to have a service that helps keep up with laundry for a family of 6! A huge plus is the quick turnaround, delivered the next day. Lifesaver for piles of laundry when we come home from vacation.

Linda Burgess

Love getting my laundry back the next day, folded and neat. No more laundry stress! Highly recommend.

Rajiv Mahajan

There are those of us who are busy in life and are looking for services to help us in making things easier, I.E. grocery, pharmacy or laundry delivery services. We look for and pay for these types of services to help save some of our time during the day where we can make it matter more elsewhere. With this being said, I would like to put out there a word of caution for current and future clients – *BE VERY CAUTIOUS* of using their services. After being a client of theirs for almost a year now, there are many issues with this company that need to be brought to light before choosing them. In the past 6 months of using their services, they have lost multiple items of our clothes, decided to change how our clothes are cleaned, increased charges on the bill by 40%, and wasted hours of my time trying to get it all fixed. One of the worst parts about all of this is just trying to get ahold of anybody that works there. When you call the number they have listed, every time you will get a voicemail and someone having to call you back. Sometimes, you have to call for multiple days just to have someone call you back. Then, when the lady from the office does call you back, she normally tells you it’s something she can’t handle, and you must talk to the owner. The owner, who I’ve been trying to work with this entire time, is very unresponsive; he doesn’t reply to emails and got mad at an employee for providing his number to us so we could call and find out where our missing clothes were. Then you get to hear usual excuses that I just started. This is issue is before me. They have just switched owners recently and the new owner is not making things any better. Same issues are still there – lack of communication, taking forever to get replies. Out of all of this nonsense, headache and stress, all they offered was $20 for 2 missing dress shirts and a pair of dress pants. If new owner wants to hold prior owner then all these are internal to you. Settle it internally. Do notpenalize your customer. Make sure if you decide to use this company that *you have a lot of time on your hands*. You will need extra time to document and take pictures of ALL the clothes you send to them and then some more time when you get them back to make sure it’s all there. They require that if something is missing, that YOU must have a picture of it to prove it. The other piece you need to always look at, is the bill and making sure it’s correct. I have only looked at my recent bills to find I’m being billed incorrectly, which took me months to fix. I am not sure how many times in the past I am over billed. *For a service that is supposed to be time saving, you do end up having to take more time in auditing your clothing and bill. I am just trying to help you out, so you don’t go through the 6-mo headache, stress and battle I have gone through with them.*

Tina Monaco

Happy nest is a top notch, professional company. They have excellent communication thru their email and customer service, they offer all my favorite choices for detergent, stain removal, and fabric softeners, and their website makes if extremely simple to modify settings for different loads. I never used a laundry service before, and I am very particular about how I launder my family's clothing, so I was very unsure I would be satisfied with someone other than me doing our laundry. This service fits into my budget and my exceeds my expectations for taking very good care of even my delicates. I would highly recommend Happy Nest to anyone looking for a laundry service.

Amy Apodaca

First, the service is fantastic - all of our items come back neatly folded or on hangers, scrubs come back clean and fresh - it’s amazing! Secondly, I want to personally thank Ms. Kya who took the time to personally call me to say she found a few personal items while doing our washing. We were so touched at her thoughtfulness and reassurance that our items would make their way back to us! Super impressed and extremely grateful that we found such a great company with fanatic people!

Adriana Zarnowski

I have a very hectic schedule and to make laundry even more challenging, the washer & drier units in my building are less than reliable. Happy Nest has been a life saver. It's not only affordable, but pickup and drop off is consistent, never fails. I give them a big and messy load and receive clean and perfectly folded laundry the very next day. Instructions are followed to the very detail. Their Customer Service is also amazing. I received free t-shirts and laundry bags. Baltimore City/Mount Vernon area, you should give these guys a shot. I see you walking down the street with you baskets...;)

Joe Idoni

When my dryer broke, I thought that I'd be dragging a trash bag of clothes to the laundromat for the next week or so until I could afford a new one. As I was griping to my friend, she mentioned that she uses a laundry service and was extremely happy with them. I gave them a shot (with a $25 referral bonus) and she wasn't wrong! Signing up was a little slow, but I think that was because they were new to the area. Once I started though, pickups were smooth and I now get fresh, clean and folded laundry back the next day. No more of me forgetting to change over the laundry, no leaving clothes unfolded in the basket for days. On top of that, I get the option of text and email alerts for everything. Also, I think the price is very reasonable for the removal of this very necessary and mundane weekly chore. I do wish there were weekend pickups and deliveries, but that's mostly just me having done laundry on weekends for 30+ years. I'm sure in about 30 more years, I'll get used to it. :) All in all, an extremely reliable, affordable and responsive company. And should anyone I know have their laundry appliances break, I'll recommend HappyNest Frederick in a heartbeat!

Tiffany Shorten

Lori Ricci

We have been using the dry cleaning service for the past month. The service is extremely convenient. The pick-up and drop-off is super efficient with text and e-mail messaging. It's very affordable and it's one less errand I have to squeeze in on my busy weekends. Love it

gustavo veliz

paul jerominek

Awesome service. Pickup and delivery same day! Very polite and professional.

Jennifer Obi

AMAZING service! The signup process was so smooth, detailed, and easy. Great communication the whole way through, and the best part: they are prompt and on time with pickups and deliveries. Loving it so far and will continue to use!

Carrie Karn

Great experience!

Colleen LeComte

Very convenient service! Next day delivery, and the driver is always courteous and has called me if I forgot to leave out the laundry. Clothes always are clean and folded perfectly. My closet looks 100% better! Always promotions and specials, very affordable.

Coleen Carvalho

Clean fresh laundry, picked up & delivered, great prices and customer service! You will not be disappointed and you're time is better spent on _________ no?

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