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REVIEWS OF Terminix IN Florida

Beth Spoon

Greg at Terminix has kept our house free of carpenter ants for years. He is conscientious about our children and household pets when he applies the spray and always checks in with us to make sure it's working. He is friendly and pleasant and professional in all of our interactions. Thank you, Greg!

kim .

We had a nest of yellow jackets above a window in the front of our house. Terminix responded to my call within minutes. They came out the next day to inspect. The work was done 1 day later. A few yellow jackets were still around 4 days later. Terminix returned (no cost). With another application, they were finally gone. I would highly recommend Terminix.

Karolanne Mckee

Disappointed! I tried to schedule a appointment a month after the first two visits and it was continuously ignored. I finally canceled my service and switched to Orkin. So far so good.

Bryan Marshall

There employee Ashton quoted me a price that the manager would not accept

samantha peter

they were 4 hours late and made me late for work. they just operate on their own time with no consideration for their customers and still take your money anyway.

Fred Grose

I have been a Terminix customer for a little over one year, and each contact I've had with your employees has been outstanding. I'm impressed with their technical knowledge, thoroughness, and friendly customer service. They have taught me a lot about preventing termite problems before they happen. The most recent service specialist was Angelo Santiago, who was exceptionally good. He is professional and very personable.

Cesar E Armijo F

Dawn Sullivan

We have very happy with the services Terminix has been providing us. I can't put into words the feeling you get when you discover mice/rats in your home. It's upsetting to say the least. Terminix came right out and almost immediately we noticed a very big difference. Josh our service tech always lets me know when he will be by. He is very professional and does his job great. He made sure all holes were sealed so nothing else could get in our home. We are very grateful for the service Terminix provides.

Carol Allen

Dylan Gutheil

Come on time, do the job efficiently.

Devon Randolph

Very knowledgeable and understanding of things took care of mouse in 2 days in a way i would have never imagined

Beverly Parshley

I would absolutely recommend this company.

Janet Gorman

very poor customer service- blaming me for the problem and not owning their part in not providing the service they promised. I would NEVER recommend to anyone!!!!!!

Kimberly Walk

Its been wonderful having a bug and pest free home!

Myles Johnson

Michael Williamson

Terminix gives great results BUT it is getting very expensive for the length of time the service takes. I would shop around to compare prices.

Marc Paykuss

Mary Lyons Hunter

Absolutely Horrible DO NOT GIVES THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY. I developed a rat problem over the summer and since I had a termite contract with this outfit I called them. The man came out and he was very nice and charged my credit card a l;ot of money...No problem taking my money. Man came out within th week to remediate the problem. They said someone would come back in two weeks to check the situation. Well another person comes out and when I ask if they are coming back. He says we got this its all set you won't have any more problems. So now last week i see evidence of a rat entering my kitchen. Call terminix and waited on hold for quite some time. Tried to make an appt for when someone would be home. Several times unavailable So er make it for between 3-5 on Friday They call to remind me and say 1-3 I say no thats not the time and they said yes it is and it can't be changed. Ok so I arrange my work schedule. It is not 320 and no one has come. I called them and the lady said she would call the technician but he doesn't answer and his mail box is full. So she tried the manager and it's the same. So I told her to call the manager again. Oh no we are only allowed to make so many calls. Would you like to reschedule. I told her I would call them every 30 minutes until someone comes out. Her response...well I hope the technician shows up. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY

Dan Aguirre

Edgardo Ramos


Had the residential service plan for two years to kill a colony of carpenter ants in my porch. Two years after I dropped the service the ants are back in the same spot. Customer service tells me that the only option for me is to contract the service again. Their "guarantee" means nothing.

Trent Grose

Alex from Termini showed up at the appointed time and performed the inspection. He was out for rodent problem, and he asked detailed questions about where I had seen the problem and then check and place traps in those areas as well as inspecting other areas. He took his time and made sure all my concerns were met. He also left his number in case I needed further help or had more problems.

Kate Plunkett Tobin

Jack Mori

Technician makes Terminix! Our technician is highly professional and very responsive. His experience helps him do strategic problem solving, and he is the best reason to stay with Terminix.

Sharon Tripp

Edward Weigler

Ann Nicholson

Tracey McPheron

Emily Viglas

Sofiya Golyak

I spent over $5000 on the exclusion service. Terminix did a tap insulation in my attic and I was told that I am not going to have mice any more that are coming from the attic. I did not have mice for a year, but after that they (mice) started to come again. I called Terminix and a technician came and said I can see what is happening, but I will ask my manager to call you. Nobody called me. I called myself and manager sent me another tech. The tech was much better then the previous one, but nobody would go to the attic to see if there is a trace of mice even I asked to check. So, I had to call another company and they went to the attic and found a trace of mice. The tap insulation is not working. I asked Terminix for a refund of my annual fee and exclusion service that they did initially, but they would not do it and I Terminix customer for 15 years.

Francis Harris

Shrinivasta Curpen

Maria Naso

My Terminix technician is John. He has been my technician for many years. John has always been very professional and does a great job servicing my house.

Rohit Sharma

Way Overpriced and doesn’t do work as promised. One more incident - There was an offer on site with $50 discount - I discussed thrice to get rebate but failed.

Beth Kretzinger

Halsted Travis

I would seriously leave a negative star review if possible. I have never had the displeasure of dealing with a such an incompetent group of people. They billed us for work they didn't do. They broke trim and wall coverings that could have easily been removed with a little care. Their service vehicle broke down in my driveway (that can happen), but they took trim in that van that was salvageable and now it is gone forever because they can't get it out of the van apparently. In addition to their incompetence in the office (billing - returning emails), we only really dealt with one service tech that had any idea of what was going on. They allowed the carpet to flap with the fans. This stretched my carpet out and made it so it couldn't be salvaged. In my opinion, if I could do it over again, I would get a group of 4th graders together and pretty much get the same result.

Christy Kosta

Jack Sheehy

I had Terminix come out to deal with an active infestation of Termites at my property, they said they would install bait stations outside and spray all effected areas in the basement. The Tech who did the work was not careful about finding all the areas to spray, I believe he missed multiple areas, and even though they claimed that spray would stop all termite activity in the house two weeks later I found new termite damage. When I called the call center to ask them to come back out the women was very nice and said she would have someone out the next day. Unfortunately the next day (I had to stay home from work to be at the house) when the Tech (Billy) was suppose to be arriving he called to say " I can't provide the service because I don't have any of the equipment to do it, I'm not sure why they gave this to me" he then called his supervisor and said "we can't come back out to spray again because we need to wait a certain amount of time (but he wouldn't tell me what that time fact he didn't even know what product was used the first time) between applications" that was never mentioned to me any other time, he also said it was normal to see more termite activity after the spray was applied...I was previously told the exact which is it?. Now I have to stay home from work another day (just a few days later) to wait for another Tech. I feel like I have gotten different information from every Tech I have spoken with, I have had to stay home multiple days from work because of the poor service. Overall I have paid $1800 for VERY poor service and I still have termites eating my house!. I would never recommend Terminix to anyone after this experience

Babby Neuman

Sergio Dimarmo

The service technician came out on a second visit to deal with an ant problem we were having. He re-sprayed the exterior and interior of our home to make sure the problem would be resolved. He also asked us to call back for another visit if the ants continued to show up after a couple days.

Stacey Cunha

We have had Henry McCarthy come several times for tratment several times, he is an upstanding gentleman. Super friendly, chats with my family when he's here, remembers details about his last visit. I will miss his visits, terminex - you have a great employee!

Joyce Patterson

Friendly and professional service. Termite and pest control has bee highly effective.

Robert Lael

John Brunsman

david mirsky

The usual, very professional and friendly service, this time provided by Bruce who is an asset to your company: smart, thorough and personable. Thanks Bruce and Terminix!


jim fazio

ashley schwien

Excellent service! Steven was great! Polite, professional and knowledgeable and they don't make you feel rushed!

Deirdre Putnam

Kristina Simpson

Our service technician , whom we have known for years, has been exemplary.. He arrives on schedule, is friendly and professional.. He is knowledgable and eager to help us.. A Superior Review for Terminix.

Gili Bethlehem

Awful customer service. No shows to multiple appointments scheduled! when they eventually came they did a good job but getting them to come was like pulling teeth. Would not recommend working with them.

Sandy B

Sally Jones

Emily Henderson

Billy Sprague

Jim O'Neill

Had appointment scheduled. They never showed and never called. Terrible service.

Jim Baker

Wes Hogan

The gentleman came to my house in a timely manner and was great. We made a plan to get it financed and he left. I had to cancel the agreed upon plan due to some unforeseen circumstances, which I did in their 3 days allowed to do so. I mailed the letter, certified mail, and was called the next day asking what I wanted to cancel. I called back stating that unfortunately I needed to cancel everything. This was November 2. Fast forward to the end of March and I am still getting calls asking for payment for something, no work was done and cancelled within the allowed time. I've called and talked to over 15 people with Terminix and another 7 with SMAC (the finance company) throughout the last 5 months. Terminix tells me they have done everything they need to do. SMAC tells me they are waiting for a recall letter from Terminix (which Terminix states they sent over a month ago). This has drastically affected my credit score at this point. Edit (03/26/18) - added a star: After the branch manager was made aware of the issue, it has since been resolved. Appreciate him taking care of this swiftly, but the issue still should have never happened (I was told it was a weird fluke). Now I am trying to fix things with the credit bureaus.

William Faust

Timely, professional and thorough. My problem was solved.


The terminix guy was very nice that helped me in deciding whether I wanted to pursue buying a home or not on 2608 Dry Creek Road in Liberty, KY an older home needing repairs. Turns out it had termites for anyone looking to buy the older home to fix it up. The guy gave me an a costly determination to help the home but told me - they offered finance and payment options which I was approved for. I will keep terminix in mind in the future if I ever will need future service. I decided to not pursue buying the home afterall but it was a good experience to know I can count on terminix for my future needs and that they have a finance option... thanks terminix for your friendly worker and service!!!

Sarah Hunter

By far the best decision ever made to get their help. On time each visit. All service men were extremely nice and helpful. Answered all my questions honestly. Money well spent. We have been bug free since March 2017. Thank you so much, for being such a great company. This company does NOT require you to do a mile long checklist, they do everything for you and they are cheaper than other large companies

Zuleyka Cortez

I called terminix for a quote, gentlemen came to my home and gave me a quote of how much the services were going to be the price was pretty steep but i was willing to pay due to my situation. I asked the guy how long does it take for this treatment to kill the bugs, the guy told me it typically takes two years to completely kill the termites. I asked was i going to have to pay $800 and some change annually for the next two years? The guy stated no its about $100 annually, which i was ok with. Now i received the bill and its $279. I called to speak to them in regards to this bill and the first lady I spoke with stated they should be able to deduct $100 from the bill but she wasn't sure if they would honor the $100 rate, and stated she would send this to the local branch and someone would contact me to discuss my bill further. I never received a call from the local branch! I called again today because my bill is up for renewal in a few days and the lady i spoke with told me i would have to pay the $279 since i signed a contract and said she would send a message to the local branch for them to decide. She stated someone for the local branch should be contacting me as well. They doped me in to signing a contract which i thought was the original contract for the initial treatment and not for an annual charge. Just because its a legal contract doesn't mean they can't honor the verbal agreement the gentleman gave me. This goes to show the integrity of the company. All part home ownership is word of mouth and i will make sure everyone i know, knows not to use this company. I do not recommend terminix to anyone. Had they rectified this situation i would be more forgiving but neat less to say i will not be renewing my contract.

David Strader

Jamie Brennan

The Terminix guy that came to our house in Scarborough was great, he spray foamed as many entry points as he could find in our basement, sprayed a perimeter around our exterior and laid traps for mice and chipmunks that try to make our house their winter home. His work has been extremely effective, Ants and spiders have gone and the larger wildlife has been caught in traps every time they try to enter. The man was very nice answered my questions and even removed a huge wasps nest from the front of my house. Before we went with terminix we had a shady by night crew that stuffed copper in holes in the ground (tried to tell me that would stop critter getting in the house) and set a couple bait traps and charged us more than we paid for the terminix service - That was the verminator by the way. Steer clear of that guy and go with some pros like Terminix.

Michael Leonard Sr

Daniel VanKirk

Joanne Vining

Gary Hammons

Daniel Ortiz

Anh Tran

Alvin Bick

Did not use Terminix

James Hokenson

Call orkin

David Phillips

Maria Green

Anne Whitaker

I love that I don't have insects around! If there is an occasional infestation I tell John, my rep, and he has an answer. And John takes care of the potential seasonal mice visitors. Not only is he knowledgeable but he cares and wants to help. (I feel badly for the insects, etc, but I really don't want them in my living space.) Thank you to John and Terminix

Daksha Patel

Marla Serna

The notification, coordination, cleanliness of the technician and timeliness of the technician arriving at the house is excellent. I can always expect him when planned and he calls before coming. Makes it very convenient. Concerning the customer service I would say that it has been excellent also; responsive and very helpful.

Ray DeVasto

Overall, I've been very pleased with Terminix regarding their level of service, responsiveness, pricing and customer service. The technician that services my property (Bruce) is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Having team members like Bruce reflects very well on the Terminix organization.

Robert Anderson

Jean Afflerbach

Gabe was our service rep, and he was very easy to work with, helping us to make the right decisions. William did all of the work, and he was wonderful. He showed up bright and early, as promised, and efficiently got all of the work done. Thanks to both of you!

Mark Morrison

Nick Matarazzo

Great employees.. Bad management

Paul Mendonca

Alicia Hintlian

mary phillips

Very thorough

Carolyn Schramm


After 5-6 treatments they have failed to get rid of the bugs. Customer service talked themselves in circles.


They do not care about their customers and will treat you with bad attitudes when questions are asked. Wish I didn't even have to give them one star. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Their rating speaks for itself, wish I would have known to inquire before I hired.

Catherine Benitez

Jane Flanagan

Stephen Fowles

Anthony Moschella

Matt Bilinsky

Great staff

Constance Mudd

I have used Terminix for several years and it has had a huge impact. When we first moved here we had mice from the fields and they were a real bother. We no longer have them. I have called them once for problems between service, and they came and took care of the problem. I had two different professionals on my last two visits. Both were professional and addressed my concerns and told me to be sure and call if things didn't improve. With the exception of one person I have found my service men to be very professional and I felt trustworthy


Rowena Neumann

salon glamour


Diane Piandes

Rodrigo Navarro

Caitlin Hubbard

they said it was guarantee to get rid of bed bugs and still yet to they started in June and yet now won't come back bc it's outside the warranty when they never got rid of them in the warranty so if u wanna pay 1200 to waste then go ahead!

Justin Miller

Aaron Goldberg

john smith

The owner Terry Kelly, is the biggest liability these people have. What you want done has no impact on what Terry instructs his crew to do. He only wants to fulfill the insurance company's "do it on the cheap" instructions.

cynthia manley

John Zajonc

Kimberly hickman

Bev McNamara

Kathy Rice

Miranda Day

Andrea Iriarte

Renee Viens

Terminix has always given us excellent service and we are very happy to be their customers!

Faithe Toomy

Purple Lily Photo Life

The technician is very acknowledged, kind, respectful. He called one day before the appointment, then he call back before his arrived. Thank you for everything

Mary Lee Samaras

Theresa Jenkins

Highly recommend Terminix

Walter Robinson

Fast and professional service from Terminix! Highly recommend for any pest issues!

Alejandra Vides

Didn't like their service it was LAZYNESS !! they came in TWICE for nothing and there are still bugs and mice around and they told us that they sprayed but we have to take the bugs out that's why we payed $300 dollars for so they do the job. And they told us that they wouldn't give our money back because we didn't let them do the job? Well if we still see bugs crawling and we've been cleaning and clearing out stuff and still see bugs then we will want a refund !!! We have BABIES TO BE CAREFUL FOR

Jim Morgando

sandra springer

michael umana

Ray Silva

Brenda Sweetland

Stephen Fiola

Paul Reska

Steven Collins

Ambrose Orlando

Geraldine Morgan

Mike Forni

Sarah Lawrence

Ju Amazulu

Worse service I’ve ever received. The inspector and technician who came out were more concerned with what I did for a living and speaking with the contractors working on my home then servicing my termite and carpenter ant issues. They did not exterminate anything. All they did was put termite stations around the perimeter of my home and spray a little around the windows for ants . Nothing was done for the termites in my kitchen cabinets. I called them several times to try and get another extermination scheduled. Finally after a written complaint, The “Manager” Dean finally got back to me via email and was scheduled to come to my home and take a look at the issue but never showed up, after I left work early to meet with him. I’m not sure if it’s only the Woburn, MA location but $1200 later I still have a termite and ant issue that I now have to hire another company to treat!!!! I want a full refund from Terminix.

Allan Shanahan

Marion Smith

smyly sickwitit


Customer Service is horrible. We scheduled an appointment for 7/10, they never showed up. When we called to ask why they'd never shown. We were told they had no idea why, it was just a call center, and rescheduled for today. Today they were supposed to show up between 10-1. At 1 we called because no one had showed up again. This time we were told we didn't have an appointment. Then, magically we *did* have an appointment and that they'd already come and gone. When we informed them this was not the case, they finally sent someone out, a full 45 minutes late.

Doug Watret

Very deceitful in their pricing. I asked for only a one time service and was quoted one price. Three month later they tried to get me for a quarterly service for which I didn’t ask for. The branch manager then sent me a bill for an extra $50 after said service was paid in full previously. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN!

Howard Yates

Friendly people and they guarantee the work

Ann-Grete Tan

The main reason for our loyalty is because of the responsiveness, friendliness and knowledge of your technical associates. We were most recently helped by Michelle, who stood in for John Brady who normally provides our service but was not available. Both Michelle and John are a great asset to your company.

Keith Sherman

Our service is always quick and professional with a review of findings at the end of each visit. Because we have a pet, the treatments are adjusted to avoid poisoning of the animal. Our current service representative is very friendly and takes time to thoroughly answer our questions. We recommend Terminix strongly.

Justine Blazich

I wouldnt even give this place one star. Seriously save yourself the trouble and the debt and go through a different agency. I will never go through terminix again!!! I have had the worst experience with them. I signed up for a payment plan for a year, when my year was coming close to being over I had a technician come every three months. Well around October he came and told me I had one more treatment in january then my term was up. I didnt want to do another contract so I said okay. On the day the guy was suppose to come he shows up and I tell him I dont really need your services and he says I'll just spray the outside. He did nothing absolutely nothing inside the house. Later I recieve a bill in the mail for 164.00 I call about it and they told me it's because my term was over. I had said I would like to speak to your supervisor everytime I asked them to speak to the supervisor I was put on hold and they spoke to them instead of me or I was told "he will call you later today what is a good contact number." NOT ONCE DID I RECIEVE A CALL FROM THE SUPERVISOR NOR DID I GET TRANSFERED TO TALK TO HIM EVEN THOUGH I HAVE CALLED AT LEAST 15 TIMES ASKING FOR HIM! So about a week ago I recieve a letter from collections stating I now owe them 200.00 dollars!!! I'm telling you dont waste your time with this place it is nothing but a rip off!!!!

Jessica Cook

My boyfriend and I met with lady named misty lastt week to get a quote for treating our home. 15 minutes after her arrival she finishes her phone call and comes to front door. Then she starts talking real loud and going from one thing to other and the vodka smell was like no other. She did give us our cheapest price , was somewhat comical and friendly.

Rafael Curiel

First time home service with Terminix. Service was great. All associates (from the one in the call center to the technician that treated our home) were excellent in listening about our issue with carpenter ants and addressing the actions to be taken to resolve the problem. In addition, the technician was absolutely perfect: in maintaining communication prior to the appointment, explaining how he was going to treat the home, explaining about the safety around the chemicals to be used, what to expect from the treatment, listening to any other concerns, and at the end, taking the time to check and treat the whole property. All said, I will definitely recommend this company to others. Thank you, great job. Rafael

Rick Davis

This has been an entirely awful experience. I schedule an appointment online for service in a vacant home. After sitting in the home with no furniture for over two hours and past the appointment window, I attempted to call customer service where I was on hold for over 45 minutes. Once I finally spoke to someone, I was told the Technician had already gone home and thought the appointment was later in the week. I reluctantly scheduled a new appointment but a few hours before the appointment I received a call from the technician saying he had a doctors appointment and needed to reschedule. I very reluctantly rescheduled the appointment again for 8 AM the following morning. I was told I would be the first appointment and he would be there promptly at 8 AM. As you can probably anticipate, when I left the home at 8:45 no one had come by yet. To make matters worse, the local number forwards to a call center with extremely long hold times and despite being promised calls back from the local manager, they were never received. I would recommend everyone stay far away from Terminix and stick with local companies.

Shawn Boucher

Josh Thiel is very helpful and very caring of the customer. He stays in communication with what he is doing and is easy to get in contact with. His work ethic is appreciated.

Elijah Kennedy

Richard Perry

Juan Carlos Perez

Well, I was not home. The person called me to let me know he was on his way. The appointment was for 4pm to 7pm but he called me at 2pm. I had to call my mom to let her know he was coming. When he got there he sprayed on the the inside of the house and not the outside. Also he did not help my mom pull a refrigerator out so he could spray behind the refrigerator. Not friendly at all.

Kay Cooper

Miguel Schief

Justin Durso

Patricia Clarke

Elizabeth Sanger

The technician was on time and we felt he did a very good job. He insured that any problem we had was satisfactory fixed. He was professional and seemed very knowledgeable.

karen kline

Danni Long

awful customer service. Scheduled someone to come by at 10am and they never showed so I called and it took the person a very long time to find and pull up my account (even though I was giving all the correct information). Then they said they probably wouldnt be able to have someone come out today and gave no reason as to why the person scheduled for 10am never arrived. When they asked what the appointment was for I said “Bees” and they replied “Beasts?” I have lost all my faith in this company.

robert tudisco

Great Terminex Associate Francis Mederos. Always so polite, has very helpful with advice. Great representactive for Terminex and he has taught me all I know about termites and pests@

patrick toomey

Brian Creech

Good customer service

Clyde Long

Gregory Moffatt

Alex always lets me know in advance when he is going to service the house and we haven’t had any pest issues since we stared using the service.

Linda Crowne

I spent over $5,000 to have Terminix come to my home and remove all insulation from my basement. They located a mouse nest with dead babies. They disinfected the area, (I hope) and then were to use an impenetrable sealant, after searching for possible entry ways. They placed mice traps around the perimeter of my basement and were to return in about 2 weeks to replace the insulation. I have made several phone calls to Terminix to schedule the replacement of my insulation. One call told me they would be at my home between 3 and 5pm that person's name is Marissa. They never showed. I called the evening they did not come and was given a time and date a few days later by Denise. Once again, they did not show. I called again, was connected to the supervisor's number, left a message and never heard back. This morning, I phoned again. Again, I have heard nothing. My next call will be to the "Call for Action", "The Better Business Bureau" and other such organizations which help to rectify such poor business services.

Mary-Ellen Cunha

Deb Irving

Tried 2 times !!! Scheduled appointments BOTH times They did NOT show up !!! Very frustrating . When I called to attempt to confirm the 2nd time I was on hold for over 6 mins all three tries . Poor customer service !!!

Margaret Applin

Great service and very reliable

Scott Gladstone

They kept coming back until every rat was caught. Very responsive and accommodating. They actually cared about solving the problem.

lenny lane

Don Bullerman

Chad Houchins

The technician was very nice and very helpful and that's the only reason I'm giving this score. The customer service surrounding this was absolutely abysmal. It was originally scheduled for October 13th between 8 and 10 AM and they didn't call or show up so I called around 12:30 PM and was told that my appointment had been rescheduled to the 18th because my account was delinquent. The customer service person was either lying to me or had received incorrect information from someone else. My payment is automatic and has been paid the 11th of every month for years. So then comes the appointment on the 18th between 1 and 3 PM so I call in the morning to make sure that someone was going to show up only to be told by the customer service person that my appointment had been rescheduled again but didn't know why. Eventually I convinced them that someone was going to come to my house that day and the technician did come on the 18th. After my appointment was re schedule d from the 13th to the 18th I sent an e-mail to customer service asking for an explanation on why I was lied to about my account being delinquent...I can see from your website on my account that is untrue. And I asked how I was going to be reimbursed for the extra 1/2 day vacation that I had to take because they rescheduled my appointment from the 13th to the 18th. I'm still waiting on a response that I'm expecting will never come. If I were to base my scoring on the customer service people at your company it would be 0. I am currently looking elsewhere for my termite service.

Naomi Odie

I scheduled a house inspection with Terminix for 12/11/15. I was at work & my husband was at home for the assessment. However I spoke to the inspector about his assessment and asked specific questions about the proposed course of action, what would we need to do in preparation and what we would need to do post fumigation. The inspector, Roger Tsai, told me I didn't have to move any heavy furniture (bed sets, bureaus, armoire). In fact he didn't say I had to prep in any way. When my husband arrived home at 9:00 pm the night prior to the scheduled service appointment (12/12/15) he informed me that we had to remove everything from the carpets and left us with no time to properly prepare. I called Terminix to get clarification & was unable to get the clarification I desired due to heavy call volume; I was told it would be upwards of 30 minutes before someone would be available. I went ahead and canceled the appointment. The representative that I spoke with told me typically services aren't performed on Sundays but a manager could override that and gave me the Woburn, MA branch number to speak with a manager. I called today, 12/12/15, and after almost a half hour of being on hold and being transferred to incorrect representatives, I finally got a manager. He informed me that services were not performed on Sundays and that Roger Tsai was an experienced inspector of over 15 years. I will never use this vendor again and I will tell everyone I know about this horrid customer service.

Richard Drechsler

Tanvir Hussain

Bob Walles

These guys are all Pro's at what they do. Great service and no bugs. What more can you ask for!!? Ron and John are terrific guys too.

Robin McDonough

janusz weremowicz

Terminix did a very good job ! No more insects..ants etc in my. Thank you TERMINIX

Fernando Rinaldi


We had a house for sale and the day of closing an upstairs water line broke, flooding the main floor into the basement. Even before they arrived we had all the water on the surface removed on both levels. We asked only to have equipment placed that night and see how the wood floors looked in the morning. The next day we had them pull the wood floors, as they did not survive. When setting the equipment back up after removing the floors, they did not put the dehumidifier drain in the sink, leaving it on the countertop. This action flooded the counter top, cupboards and kitchen subfloor again. They are having the counters replaced as they were ruined. This flood delayed our ability to get back into the house to complete the repairs by another three days. This putting us under undo pressure to get the new floors installed, they could not install them for us in the time frame we needed either. I got the bill today and they charged us for equipment that was never installed, 8 hours to come to the house for 3 days to monitor the house and dehumidifiers, (what did they monitor from Friday to Sunday when they flooded the house?) they adjusted the bill for equipment and charged me 6 hours to monitor the dehumidifiers. When I asked for an inconvenience reduction, for the additional 4 days we could not use or work in the house Jody removed, $19.99 per day. so 79.99 total for the inconvenience. She was a real B!+(# about even discussing the bill, when I tried to thank her for adjusting the bill she hung up on me. They did not even hang the cupboard doors they took off. Less than professional team out there!

Sherry Wythe

I had my carpets cleaned by a them. They were punctual, funny, didn’t hesitate to move the furniture, and provided a great service. I have two dogs and two cats and they were able to remove some stains and odors from the carpets. Highly recommend them and will use them for all my carpet cleaning.

Quiita Campbell


Martin Cilwik

My technician, Josh, is excellent

Jim Mitchell

Not so well. Un trained service man, misinformed. Unorganized. Not shore what too do. I owne Beverly Overhead garage door Co And service is our Goal.68 years. 40 for my self. They do my house, Guy is the best. Polite, Good at what he dose. Commercial OUT TOO LUNCH. Only 6 months working there.


Keri Wallace

Brandon Kasper

When I signed up for this service it was a different company. The account was sold to Terminix, I guess, and now I have a contract with them. It was going fine until they missed the inside of the house on a visit in May because they came out after I had reschedule the service appointment. I tried attempting to get them back out to do the inside on several occasions. Because the account is now passed due, they won't come out and do the inside. I refuse to pay for a service that isn't complete. I have been current on payments up until this point. I told them if they can come out and do the inside like they promised, I would pay my bill as I haven't missed a payment up until this point. I guess they are sending me to collections now, so you have the fortune of reading a poor review. I guess they are probably a good company, but I refuse to pay for a service that isn't complete. That's poor customer service.

Dellann Stutsman

Jinha Hwang

I am a current customer of TEMINIX Pest control service. I was happy for last 1 year. The great technician has visited every quarter and treated in advance. Yes. it is good while nothing happens. BUT, something happens, nothing done. The technician visited in May 11 and did general treatment in external area of my house. About 10 days later, ants were found inside. I found 1-2 ants per day in guest room and kitchen area. I called TEMINIX. They scheduled 1 week later, the technician didn't show up on the appointment date due to car accident. I used a day PTO but understood the unexpected accident. Okay. Again 1 week later, the service was scheduled, Ants increased 3-4 per day. Good technicians come home and treated on June 4. Today is June 10. 5-8 ants are coming out every day. I called the customer service again, the agent said the available date is July. I was upset and asked to schedule ASAP. Not acceptable to schedule in July. I pushed a lot and eventually he scheduled to this week. I'm not sure if they can resolve this problem. But it's very disappointing. Scheduling is difficult, results are not satisfactory. One more, I want to cancel External service which I ordered last month but now want 100% refund. I have called three times to cancel this but it's impossible to reach any agent to cancel. Agents do not have any authority about cancellation. I contact the credit card company to dispute this transaction now. Sad. I have to find another pest control company, if this coming treatment doesn't work again.

Mik lalo

Nice company to work for as a temporary helper.

Olga Vargas

Terminix helps us to keep our house free of insect.

George Loulourgas

Terminix is the best.

Daben Liu

Djefferson Lopes

So I thought I had bed bugs in my house and so I called terminex cause of the free inspection so a guy came went to the place where I suggested they were and he only looked at my bed then looked at my legs (I had bug bites from the knee down) and so he saw that and assumed there were bed bugs he was almost positive there was and that they were hiding in the wall and by this point I had slept in the living room and wasn’t getting bit and so I came back to the place that he said it was positive they were there and slept there for 2 nights didn’t get one bite and so we called another inspector and he charged but actually did a thorough search and he said he’s positive there aren’t any and that those bites were from fleas cause I was at a friends day all day the day before and I don’t have anything here. Moral of the story is terminex will say anything to take ur money so don’t go to them

Vladimir Volfson

April Marsaglia

Superb service

Lynda Leahy

I've been a customer of Terminix for 40 years and have never been disappointed with their service. Their pest control has meant that I very rarely see any insects inside the house; any mice that get into the cellar are caught by their traps and re moved by the technician. A squirrel managed to chew a hole in the corner of the house by the top of the chimney and apparently make himself at home inside the wall. when I heard scratching in the wall, I called Terminix. They sent out a technician who installed a one-way door so that when the squirrel went out to get food, he could not get back in. The technician came back several days later, removed the door, and sealed the hole. I've not heard any more scratching in the wall. I'm a very happy customer.

Kathleen Aborn

Service is always prompt. All associates are knowleadable.

Kathy Brennan

We are happy now that we are able to schedule service after 10 a.m. Mark is very pleasant to work with and we are satisfied with his services.

Shari Losanno

Terminix is Awesome!! I've been using them for a year and have had a wonderful experience.

loren Smalley jr

Rebecca Dean

Great job, considerate and professional.

Alison McCarthy

Terminix has been terrific for years for our very old house with lots of creepy crawly things.

Brandon Wellman

Syed Rizvi

Deb Singer

Vasillios Tsiakanikas

Ti Okap

Susan Eby

I appreciate the advance notice. The technicians are always on time, friendly, and efficient. The termite service brings peace of mind.

Jamie Maclone

I am working with Steve from Terminix on my new house. He is very responsive and has exceptional customer service. Not only was he able to be there the next day but he explained everything to me in terms I would understand so that I felt a part of the process instead of just the one paying the bill.

joy burleson

employee was very professional and took time to answer all my questions and works with my schedule

Christine Ruckdeschel

I've been a Terminix customer for about a year. Mark, my technician is always punctual, friendly, professional and very, very knowledgeable. Very thankful for him. He's great. I had a problem with carpenter ants, specifically. Terminix has gotten rid of the ants and all the other annoying insects. There was a huge difference after just one visit! I am incredibly satisfied and plan on being a customer for a long time. Thank you!

Cy Rmbo

The inspector said they would be sending older guys with 10 years of experience. They sent 1 younger guy to do a treatment and put on mattress encasements on a queen and king size bed, and brought the wrong size mattress encasements. We had to put on the mattress encasements ourselves on the King bed and it is 3 days later and I still don’t have mattress encasements on my bed and I still see signs of bugs. This cost 1500 dollars.

Farah Vlogs

John Hall

So far , they have done a great job ! I will review again in the Spring if Terminix has solved the problem ! Thanks !!!!

Irwin Shapiro

All of our technicians have been top-notch. Paul, our oldest, was terrific, always prompt and helpful in solving our various problems. Alas, he has retired. Others we have been very pleased with include Steve, Jimmy, and Michelle. Every one has gone out of his/her way to come quickly when necessary. And - congrats to you for hiring a woman in this mostly male field.

Nathan Jespersen

Terminix said that they could help us get rid of mice - so they told me for $1100 they could do an "eradication" or something like that; This prevents mice from entering the home ever again. For another $1000 they could do some chemicals/trapping for a year. I was told that I would have a technician at my house for a full day plugging holes. Instead, the guy was here for about 2-3 hours, did very minimal blockage and also did the spraying. He said that he would come back to do screens beneath my decks and other areas - but has not returned or even called, 4 weeks later. Also, after the exterminator came and sprayed chemicals, we began to have all kinds of ant problems and now flies everywhere - problems we never had before - plus we've had a strong chemical smell in our 4 seasons room since they came. I have called my reps at terminix 5 times with a promise of follow-up and no follow-up. I'm very frustrated, because I feel like I spent a lot of money for nothing.

John Nix

Ron came through and helped us with our termite problem. Very informative and helpful in explaining the plan offered and had very competitive pricing. Kyle did the bait installs and even came back out to move them at our request, very professional. Look forward to seeing the results in the coming year.

Catherine Gingras

Kim Elwood

Excellent professional on time explained everything I would def recommend they did a great job

Terri Wilber

It is a local company which is wonderful and has a very friendly, knowledgeable staff and I would highly recommend!

John Mehr

Brian Webb


William Bauman was my service technician. He was extremely polite and helpful. I was very very impressed with his craftsmanship and ability to communicate with me. He made things very clear for me to understand. He was a delight! How could anyone ask for more in a person who I valued greatly and was integral in making me feel like I made the right choice for my termite situation. He placed the traps carefully and with precision. He also added and replaced four new automatic vents for me. He allowed me to provide some input and we decided together how to proceed on the last vent because of its location. He was so nice. As he worked, the day became late and he returned promptly the next morning and finished the job in style. I love how my new vents look and will be a big improvement in maintaining a proper atmosphere in my crawl space. Ron Shaefer was my sales rep. He was more than great, providing information I could digest easily and was very helpful in providing me with options to help decide my next move. He never pressured me to purchase anything, letting me decide on my own what was best for me. He was very helpful. When he left, I felt that he was more of a friend than just someone who came to help me with my termite issues. You have some wonderful people working for you and although your products are great and the work done is better than industry standards, it is your people who represent Terminix who are the deciding factor in choosing Terminix. I would keep these two working for you as long as you possibly can. I am totally satisfied and beyond.

Ysanne and Paul Giordano

Francis Medeiros took care of our problem completely, he knew just what to do, reassured us, and we are very pleased with the results. Thank you so much Francis and Terminix!

Alisha Riley

Dave Gabriel

cruz diroche

Damon Jones

They are very prompt, and they explain what they are doing. They answer all of my questions and come out whenever I need them to! I would highly recommend Terminix.

Shawn Scheland

Stephen Gerlach

Robert Cosgrove

Did not show up for appointment, receptionist was rude and hung up. I called and set up an appointment for them to come out to exterminate a yellow jacket nest under our siding. They told me they'd try and get someone out the same night, but would for sure have someone come out the following morning between 8am-12pm. By 1pm, no one had showed up and I hadn't received any phone calls. I called into their customer service number and she told me no one was coming until the following Thursday (6 days!). I was trying to explain that I had canceled another exterminator coming because Terminix had told me that they could be there the next day and she hung up on me. I wasted my entire Saturday morning waiting for them NOT to show up so I could get hung up by their customer service rep. I can't think of a time when I've received customer service this bad. I'm amazed this branch is in business pulling this kind of stuff.

Marisa Allan

I had termites and the evaluators were very prompt and there was no hesitation about fixing the problem.. Terminix was also very accomodating about meeting my schedule for the repairs. Always Prompt Service

Jim Reagan

After a year of outdoor service, we noticed some ants in the house, so scheduled an interior inspection - waited 3 hours and no show no call no nothing. Sent repeated follow-up inquiries, culminating in a request to cancel the account, which was done via chat. As soon as that was done, they basically chat-hung-up...they did wish me have a nice day though!


Clint Sassman

Gonzalo Puigbo

Dennis Grynkiewicz

Francis is a Great Technician. He explained everything and was a pleasure to have in my home,

Sue Warner

Tatum Cary

I've had my carpets cleaned to my satisfaction every time I've called SERVPRO of ECG. I always recommend them to family and friends for everything from carpet cleaning to fire/mold/water damage. Also, their management staff is a very caring group of people who truly care about their customers needs and do their best to be sure their needs are met. I've not only been a customer, but an employee for this SERVPRO location.

jose morel

Joanne Fleming

Peter Frongillo

Barry Pollock

Joe Gasper

Patricia Sheehan

Marjorie Goldstein

Audrey Osborn

Big thanks to Devin B. at Terminix, he was very professional and explained all the answers to my questions!

Julia Vellante-Meehan

These reviews are all on Terminix web site. Really?

Lori Eastman

This company in Charlotte was great when we really needed them for our basement flood they came quickly and were kind and professional! They did a great job on our basement and the staff we met were all wonderful worked hard and did a great job! We are very appreciative to you all for taking care of us and can’t thank you all enough! The best!!! Lori and Tom


Michael Almada

Bill Philpot

Called them and they are very very rude. Took my brother in law to the cleners and still had bugs. Called orkin and they broke us but did get rid of the bugs.

Victoria Nicoli

Lisa DiPierro

Manny Hoy

Derek is a great guy, he knows his job and most of all he knows a lot about termites. Terminix is a fantastic company to handle your termites problem. I'm a customer for more than ten years.

Lynda Bruner

The Terminix representative is one of the finest and most professional people you could have come to your house and perform the treatment to your property.. The professional employees of Terminix.

Jerry Flesch

Carolyn Marmolejo

Posted excellent

Thomas 77

Anne Campbell

The technician Josh how came to our house was very informative, professional and friendly. He answered all our questions and told us to call him if we have any further questions. Great service.

Cassie Bowlby

Martha M Jamison

Lisa Rhodes-Beaman

Suzanne Naudin

The service man was polite, informative and did a great job.

Tim Overton

Horrible, horrible customer service!!! Find a different exterminator!

aubrey and ava the girlz

I found something eating a hole in bathroom wall. Had Terminex come out and inspect and sure enough termites. They inspected one day and the following day they were here to treat. Very pleased. Also great that they have payment plan.

Erica Mauro

Cara Seaman

Got rid of and kept mice out of our very old home.

Mark D

They missed the appointment, no show, no call. I took time off from work to be present at the first appointment. They claimed to have showed up the next day when no one was home (keep in mind the initial appointment they were supposed to come into the house - which they could have as we were not home). Now they have charged my credit card and the customer service person was Giving me attitude because I’m not happy. My advice, use someone else.

Sean Cunningham


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