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This Laundry is included in the category of Fire damage restoration service.

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REVIEWS OF SERVPRO of South Brevard IN Florida

Synthia H

Great Job! Techs Brandon & Manny were polite, patient & very professional. They put me at ease, they were great. I was very pleased with the whole job, the techs made the process easy.

Rick Alvarez

Jeff and his team responded quickly in the middle of the night to my bathroom flood and were very effective at removing the water on the floor and in the walls

Waltraud W

Getting mold damage out of my ventilation system of my house was not going to be an easy task. But Servpro made it fast and as painless as I could have ever imagined. Your technician was a true professional, knowledgeable and courteous! Great job Servpro.

Mark Lavine

What more would you want from a company. Got home new years eve to a busted water heater with water all over the lower floor. Called Servpro of South Brevard and by 7:30PM they were at my home, went to work and are still here at 10;30 and not leaving until the job is complete. Incredible service especially since it was New Years Eve.

J Collier

Our maintenance worker discovered an extensive water and mold issue in one of our vacant condo units caused by a slab leak. Our property manager got a quote from SERV PRO and our board unanimously chose to move forward with them. Our new board President and Vice President sat down with Bill McCauley and Jenn Echevarria and reviewed the assessment and estimate. They made us feel comfortable and patiently educated us on the process. Jenn was our point person and we communicated with her frequently, as she kept us informed daily on what to expect. She provided us with documents, testing and immediate resources that helped us resolve every obstacle we faced. All of the sudden a GIGANTIC dumpster and numerous (large and small) green SERV PRO Trucks and Vans arrived on site. Most communities would have freaked out but our residents were well informed and saw TRUE professionals at work every day, for WEEKS! Alexis Delgado (Crew Chief ) and his crew, Sandro Zarzuela, Josue Fernado, Diego Materon and Victor Perez Parrillo (and more) were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! They were calm, informative, kind, courteous and true gentlemen. What a great team! They worked so hard in the July heat, removing all of the mold covered contents, furniture, flooring, drywall, doors, cabinets etc. They meticulously cleaned, sanded, caulked, painted the studs, preparing the unit for a custom makeover by the soon to be new owners. We not only resolved a problem with ease, but we made new neighbors and friends. Last but not least, Andrea MaCarthy, the Marketing Manager is a valuable asset to our community. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources to help prepare for any emergency. Everyone should call her and utilize the free tools SERV PRO provides, you never know when you need to call in the experts. I can't say enough about SERV PRO of South Brevard, nor are their enough stars to represent the professionalism and kindness given to our little community by these amazing human beings. Thank You!

Amy Levitt

We had a pipe burst in the middle of the night. Servpro was at our house at 6am on Mother's Day. They were amazing. They were extremely polite and professional. Alex Josephs and his team are amazing. I will recommend them to everyone!

joy meier

I'd worked with ServPro for many years as an insurance agent. They were always quick to follow up with my clients needs and get right down to business. I'm retired now but this time needed an estimate for myself. I got their estimate via E-mail a few days later. Very detailed and easy to review. This was not a small cleaning project and the cost had escalated beyond what I wanted to spend. I asked that they make some adjustments ( downsize) my project to rein in the cost a bit. Got the new estimate with the needed changes. Thank you ServPro. Karl Meier

Joe K

I was very happy with the services he received from Servpro. The quick response to fix the problem and dealings with the condo association was outstanding. Thank you for everything.

Audie Houser

We are currently having SERVPRO help us with a flood in our home. Alex Josephs and his team have done a fantastic job! They have been very professional in keeping us informed on why and what they are doing. They put up a plastic barrier to keep contamination from spreading through the rest of our home, and it has really made it so much less stressful for me. The rest of the house looks "normal", and it makes it much easier to get through the repair time. They packed up every single thing that needed moved out and removed it. It has made this whole experience so much less traumatic for all of us! Thank you, SERVPRO! 5 stars!! ~ Jennifer Houser, Palm Bay, FL

Randall Revels

Alex Josephs was the crew chief for water mitigation services at my house, and I can report he and his crew provided excellent services. I had a mess on my hands and Alex and company led me through it with excellence and professionalism. My thanks. W. R. Revels

David Dunnam

I am currently in the middle of the process with this Servpro location and they have done an outstanding job. Gavin personally came out to my house to go over some items and gave me some tips that were very helpful for my families safety. Items that they did not make money on, but that we should keep in mind. Shawn is leading the crew taking care of my house and is on point. Steve has been working with him and has also given lots of helpful insight. Emily came out as the loss coordinator and was absolutely amazing for us. These guys have been extremely professional, helpful and transparent. It’s hard to find that trifecta nowadays. Would absolutely recommend them to my own kids (when they grow up). Thanks, guys. Looking forward to finishing this up with you all.

Megan Constantine

Servpro got here quickly after we had flooding of our house. They were very friendly and answered all of our questions. They were incredibly professional and helpful. They took care of all the damage related to the flood, including tearing out flooring and the vanity. They made sure they water was totally gone so we wouldn't have any further problems. They are great!

Amy Dowling

I called to ask for a quote just for a cleaning… They indicated this was not their line of business and the price would be extremely high. They claim they were going to charge me $250 just to give a quote! I’ve never heard of this ever and it basically sounded like they did not want our business. They would not even recommend another company to do the work we require… Definitely would not recommend this company ever! Very disappointed.

Anja Pacetti

Condo flooded and had no idea what to do - called ServPro and Alex and David showed up. Alex walked me thru the entire process and confidently reassured me of a successful resolution to the problem. He explained everything and kept checking in and answering all my questions and was patient with me. He helped me keep my composure. They have been fabulous and I will recommend ServPro to anyone that should ever find themselves in this predicament. I am a very satisfied customer.

ashleigh howell

Servpro was very helpful when I found mold in my bathroom. Their team was very courteous and professional. Great job!

Trevor Cobb

ServPro was able to respond immediately to a sewage backup flood at our house, to mitigate any further damage, and get it cleaned up quickly and professionally. The crew of workers in our home were very hard working and respectful of our needs, and made sure to seal off the affected portion of our home so we could still use the rest of it without getting sick or dealing with any of the awful smells. Jesse, the crew leader was very diligent in keeping me updated, and finding out our preferences when specific decisions needed to be made. The work performed was completely within scope of what our insurance company was willing to pay for, and we came out of pocket nothing except our deductible for the clean up work.

Karen Tyler

As a Community Association Manager, I rely on good vendors to get us back to the way we were. SERVPRO of South Brevard has been there when we needed them. They do what they say and it truly is like it never happened! SERVPRO of South Brevard is my preferred vendor for our Association and our homeowners. Thank you SERVPRO!

Celeste M Jones

We hired this company after water was detected between three walls in our home after hurricane Irma. They were prompt, courteous and professional. They sealed off all non effected rooms securely, removed the walls, dried, performed remediation where necessary. This crew, Sean, David, Abraham and Devin are worthy of recognition as most professional, respectful and honest. We found them to go above and beyond our expectations and would hire again in a heartbeat if necessary.

Sue Price

I had a toilet hose burst on my second floor and water was coming down to the first floor through the dining room light fixture and down through the ceiling exhaust fan in downstairs bathroom. I called Servpro who came highly recommended by my neighbor and Servpro was there within one hour of my call. They came so quickly and got the equipment needed to dry out my home. The next step was to get repairs of drywall, painting,carpentry and carpet. Servpro employees workers were very kind, courteous and hard workers. Also they cleaned up after each day. Servpro said they would finish my work within 5 days but finished in 4 days which made me extremely happy. I would highly recommend Servpro from South Brevard. Excellent people to do business with. A special thanks to Greg who fought for me with issues with my insurance company. Thanks again for a great job! Sue Price

Luz Rivera-Diaz

Your crew, consisting of Alex, Andrew, James, and Jordan were perfect gentlemen. They were here promptly at the time indicated, both on the first day and second day. They did their job efficiently and quickly. I was amazed at how fast they completed the different phases. Alex has been very professional and kind, understanding my stressful situation and kept me informed on when and how the different phases of the clean-up would be done. Although the clean-up has not been completed as the area still need to continue drying, I know that they will be just as efficient, courteous, and professional during the final phase. Thank you so much. I will be most pleased to refer Servpro to anyone who may need your services. Keep up the good work.

Mike Randell

When I found some mold under my bathroom sink, I got the bleach and soap out and went right to work. That didn’t work so I called in the pros and man they delivered. The mold is gone. Thank you so much Servpro .

lisa harris

Thank you so much for your help. Not only did the technicians get rid of any mold, but they explained the remediation process entirely and gave me tips to prevent the problem from occurring again in the future. Thank you Servpro.

Jacqueline Fiore

ServPro left my home without a bathroom for nine months because of disorganization within the company. They then placed a lien on my house due to nonpayment but never sent me the bill. Anytime I called for help I could only reach people who said they were the "middleman" and could not get anything done. The managers and decision makers always refuse to get on the phone or return calls. Instead of "cleaning up" they caused a mess that cost me over $4,000 in addition to their services.


Such a nightmare to work with. I am still finding countertops that don't match in my kitchen and they never did a final cleaning. They cost me over double what i was quoted and every hurdle was met with an obstacle. Please be weary when hiring this company., it will cost you extra money and heartache.

Nicholas Sottile

On 9 April 2014, I dropped off my area rug to Servpro after initially calling and asking if they could clean pet urine stains. When I received the call and went to pick it up around 22 April, I refused to. The rug was slimy and wet feel. The urine stain was still very noticeable. They said they would clean it again, but I informed them that I was being deployed and would not be able to pick it for a couple months. They said it was no problem. When I got back from sea on 23 June 2014 I went to pick up the rug and it still felt very wet and slimy. (THERE WERE NO RIPS, TEARS, OR BURN MARKS) (this is 2.5 months later) They said that it could of gotten wet from the rain and they would give me half off. Any type of water would ruin the rug and why would this "reputable" company allow rain to get on their clients possessions. Not only did the rug feel slimy, the backing was torn and a few spots looked burned. It looked like the chemical they used to clean the rug ended up destroying it. They told me that if I didn't want to pay then they would keep my rug. So I ended up paying $60 of the original $120 cost, but I'm still out a rug. I have had dogs all of my life and plenty have urinated on rugs. Servpro said that the urine will cause the rug to tear and rip. They told me if I am planning to keep my dog to go get a wool rug. I have never had this problem in the past with any of my other pets urinating on rugs. I also would of never assumed that rain would be able to get onto my rug while it was drying in their warehouse. I did not appreciate the attitude of the manager on duty. The last thing I wanted was to deal with this issue upon returning from sea.

Rob Viesins

“Professionals-Knowledgeable-Thorough.” Responded quickly to our request after water damage. Assessed the situation and provided everything necessary to remedy and correct damages. More importantly they protected the property from future problems by doing it right the first time around. The entire staff was courteous and maintained a professional relationship throughout our experience. Highly recommend Servpro South Brevard as your best solution !

Tru Blu

Scheduling an appointment was easy and I felt positive about using this company. I have since called numerous times, promised return phone calls only to be left to hang out and dry. Saying you are sorry in the business world just does not cut it. Since this company is fond of being sorry, I respectfully must decline from recommending them to anyone in the Melbourne, Florida area. For this, I too am sorry. I have decided to use another company who returns calls and does not take on bigger jobs for more money that happen AFTER a company realizes they can make more money on commerial jobs than my measly little one thousand dollar residential job.

Sarah W

My bathroom and bedroom were flooded and they were on site quicker than my plumber was to get the water cut off! They got all of the water out and dried everything out in just a few days. Very happy with their work, I can't say enough good things about these guys.

Karen Reilly

I have worked with Servpro of South Brevard for the past few months. I am very pleased at the response of all the employees . I have met some of the nicest , respectful , caring and knowledgeable Crew. They fulfilled all my expectations and went above board to give my home a shinning touch. Thank you to all whom I met. Karen Reilly

Judy L Galambos

I highly recommend this company. They’re a great friendly professional company that gets the job done fast and efficiently.

Dung Nguyen

Bill McCauley, the mitigation estimator, is amazing!!! He is very professional, reliable, precise, polite, kind, and conscientious. He promptly replied to all my emails and phone calls. He worked diligently along side with my insurance adjuster and me to get what is needed to restore my home from mold and water damage. Bill is such a valuable asset to Servpro. I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you Servpro and thank you Bill. I appreciate all your efforts.

Lamb Scott

A leaky bathtub led to water in three of our bedrooms. Alex and his crew from Servpro were out within a couple of hours of our phone call and quickly set up the dryers and dehumidifiers. Their quick action got it cleaned up with no smell and no worry about mold. They came back twice to check and we couldn't be happier.

Frances E

My house was flooded due to a broken pipe. I called Servpro to deal with it. The Servpro crew was very fast and professional. They managed the situation very well. I was very happy with their service. Your technician was outstanding. He was helpful, kept me informed and explained everything. He is an asset to your company. Thank Servpro!

Mairusu Benzura

Servpro really came to the rescue on a moments notice!! We had water damage from or fire sprinkler system. The incident took place on Easter Sunday at the church where I oversee maintenance. I called them and they sent their techs and equipment out within an hours time. “WOW” I thought!! That is amazing response time. They went right to work and within a couple days the entire clean up was complete. Their expertise and knowledge saved our drywall, floors, baseboards and fine oak furniture from damage. I strongly recommend the team at SERVPRO of South Brevard for all your restoration needs.

Mold Spec

Professional. Experienced. Trustworthy. Fair and reasonable pricing. We have no complaints about the workmanship of this company. Honest.

Jennifer Suewho

I highly recommend Servpro. I had water damage and these guys were at my house in less than an hour of reporting it. They worked as if they were freshly starting for the day. I was surprised that they had been working since early that morning and remained working T my house until about 7 that night. I am impressed with how well they took on the clean-up and took care of our things. They are very professional, showing up each day to check in the progress and keeping me informed along the way. Thank you Alex, Devon, Shawn, Steve and Anthony, you guys are awesome!

Amy Luhn

Servepro was amazing after the hurricane! They came and did a free moisture check to make sure we didn't have black mold in our walls. They are a great company who is experienced, professional and delivers prompt service. Thanks to Heath and his team for providing me and my family peace-of-mind!

William Owens

On Friday June 16th, 2017 our 70,000 sq ft call center experienced severe weather that caused significant damage to the roof. Within minutes water was saturating the ceiling tiles and threatening the computers, monitors, and phones of the work stations below the damaged area. After measures were taken to cover the equipment, SERVPRO was called. Within 17 minutes from the completion of the call, a representative was on site to begin an assessment. Within the hour a team and equipment arrived and began our restoration. SERVPRO worked into the night on Friday, returned Saturday and again on Sunday to complete the work and remove all their equipment. Monday morning we were open for business. Without the team and the equipment SERVPRO was able to allocate, the site would not have fared as well. As a facilities manager, SERVPRO will remain at the top of my list of those I rely on in crisis situations. William Owens Radial, Inc Melbourne, FL

GiGi Rugg

These guys are AMAZING! When my renter vacated my property, I discovered he had smoked at least 3 packs of cigarettes a day for over 3 years *inside* my house! The smell was so bad that I couldn’t be in the house for more than a few minutes without needing an inhaler, and I don’t even have asthma! I read about SERVPRO’s Ozone Treatment to destroy odors and gave them a call. They came out the next day; they were prompt, courteous, professional, and efficient and 72 hours later, my house was livable again! I was just moving my things back in to the house and the young man even asked if I could handle it by myself, because he would stay a few extra minutes if I wanted some of the bigger items moved. What a good guy! I assured him he’d done plenty and let him carry on with his business, but I couldn’t be more happy with the service or the results, and at a very fair price!

Janice Ceglio

I was most pleased with the professional work that your company supplied. Many thanks for being their for me in my most distressing time. Everyone was extremely polite and went the extra mile. Blessing to you all Janice Ceglio

Shannon Wilson

Very impressed how fast they made it to our office and got everything in place. The gentlemen were very professional and Alex Josephs explained everything to a "t" of what they would be doing and what to expect. Great group of people from the first call to clean up....

Pamela Lahman

Our water heater let go in the middle of the night and flooded our entire house. Jesse was out in the wee hours to start the clean up process. This young man and his crew were extremely respectful of our possessions, our property and of us. They got in quickly and got the job done expeditiously and efficiently. I was amazed! Would not hesitate to call upon their service again.


We had a leak from our dishwasher which spread from the kitchen to the living area. Crew Chief Devon and his techs initially responded and identified and isolated the affected areas, also setting up a dehumidifier to dry out the moisture. Two days later, Crew Chief Sean and his techs followed up and removed the cabinets , and sheet rock that was damaged. They remounted the sink so that we would have functional use of the kitchen . These two crews were very hard working, efficient and effective. The Crew Chiefs, Devon and Sean were always available to answer any questions that we had. They made us feel very comfortable during this trying time,explaining what they were doing and what was to be done. Thank you Servpro.

Erin Monson

Alex was very professional and took his time to explain everything... They were also very prompt everytime.

Addie Hendrix

My entire 2500+ sq foot home flooded a few months ago. Servpro showed up shortly after the initial call we made about the water damage. They were quick, and kept open communication. We appreciate their hard work and will recommend them to others. Thank you!

Jennifer Mcmann

Servpro was an excellent repair service and got my fire damage repaired as promised. Thanks Servpro.

Racheal Meade

Servpro of South Brevard is Top Rate! I had an emergency situation with six of my condo units and they sent 2 experts out together and evaluated all of the issues in less than 4 hours! I received my detailed reports within days of the evaluation for my insurance company and owners at no cost!! Their experts, staff, and reports are by far the most professional in the industry!


They damaged my property and ruined my possessions with their toxic cleaning products and then they took something already in bad shape and destroyed it by trying to clean it with toxic ozone machines its been a huge headache and health problems from the toxins and the damage it caused They won't acknowledge any damage they've caused…….I've had eye redness a sore throat and headaches ever since I got my property back from the horrible chemical smell… yourself a favor and run the other way

Lisa Kershaw

You helped keep us in business after a water leak. We really appreciate that your restoration crew was able to be here within the hour! Their fast action kept us from losing displays and other furniture that would have impacted our business for a month or more. The drying equipment was checked on daily and Devon and the guys put together all the insurance info. Of course "we know someone in the floor business" so the replacements are already done!

Will Rainier

June 8th, my wife and I woke up to about 2 inches of standing water in our house, our hot water heater had caused the leak and our insurance suggested that we use Servpro. So far this was one of the best decisions we made during this process, they came out within the hour, and immediately helped to sweep up and get rid of the remaining water before setting up all of their dryers and dehumidifiers. When I was at work, and they were left to make appointments with my wife for follow ups, they treated her with respect and kindness that you would have expected a family member to give. She told me that while she cried, they not only succeeded in doing their job, they succeeded and comforting her as well. If you find yourself in the terrible position of having to deal with the unfortunate life events that they are experts in cleaning up, they are the people to go to.

Drema J

They were fast and efficient

deb d

My bathroom ventilation was not working as well as it should have, couple that with long hot showers and what happens…MOLD! It was almost everywhere, behind the mirror, in the walls, on the cabinets. What is amazing is that we weren't sick. But the damage was extensive. Your company made the cleaning and repairs a quick and mostly painless process. So really…Thanks Servpro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addison V

What a great company! They were there in every step from consultation to pulling the painters tape off of the walls and making sure there was not anymore water damage needing attention.Thank you Servpro.

Adam Holtkamp

We recently came home late one night to a ton of water in our beautiful home. ServPro South Brevard was there and immediately went to work limiting and re mediating the damage's. The Servpro crew worked through the night and into the early morning hours to ensure my house would not be any further damaged. During a stressful and overwhelming week that followed Jesse Wolf (ServPro crew leader) was there for us, he was very knowledgeable, considerate, and professional. He promptly tended to our needs until our home was re mediated !! Thanks JESSE and SERVPRO!!

Carita Lyn

Thanks Servpro for all your help! Servpro came to my rescue with only a few hours notice of a water leak that damaged a lot of my house. They did a great job of making me feel comfortable of what was going to take place in my home. Susan was great in helping me set up follow-up appointments. Alex, Michael, and the rest of the team were thorough and great in cleaning up after themselves. Alex was helpful in explaining everything that was going to take place before they started working and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this company for cleaning & restoration.

Terry Towns

Fast to show up and very professional workers. Thanks

Kara Cushing

Servpro South Brevard did an amazing carpet job for me. They turned my white area rug which had turned black from traffic into looking brand new. I thought the rug was ruined forever but was convinced by a Servpro rep they would be able to save it. They did and I am extremely impressed! Thanks Servpro!

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