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REVIEWS OF Laundromart of Four Corners IN Florida

DAVID M. Moreno

Súper friendly staff! Clean facility

Beba Yanira

To be honest I only came here twice but this last time was horrible I came with my mother which she has a medical condition. The attendant's was disrespectful. I will like the manager of this place to contact me. As no client has to cry for taking clothes to wash at no laundromat. I think that's what you do at a laundromat was your dirty clothes.

Ricardo Sims

Dirty. Nothing works except for the washers and dryers. Really expensive. Laundry attendant wasn't really helpful and looked very upset to work.

John Krafft

Only one in town

Sandra Rankine

samy tapia.

Good. Place. To. Wash your. Clothes.

ana seda

Is okay, but you pay by the weight of your items in the machine.

Melissa Lyons

Delisses Garcia Ramos

Muy caro, hay máquinas q del mismo tamaño q indican precios diferente solo por alteral el ciclo o utilizar agua caliente, el personal no ayuda para clientes inesperctos...para nada vuelvo y recomiendo el lugar

Imagine Cooke Chair

Terrible. Manager was awful service was awful. Go somewhere else.

Eileen Eggleton

Good and bad! Good was it was a lot colder inside than other laundromat in the area. Bad is that it was double the cost to wash and dry the same amount of laundry than others in the area

Scotty Sigmon

Reasonable prices, clean, courteous staff

Diamond Diem

Rip off, expensive its 3.49 for a small load washer and only if your using cold water if you put heavy wash or hot water the rate only goes higher and 6.99 for a large load, not coming back, and you have to load money unto a card so can't change your mind now. By the time your done washing a load you already spent $4 and you haven't even paid to dry yet, total Bs. I didn't know it was gonna be so expensive cause review said fair prices, so i didnt have enough cash to do more than two loads, i ask the lady for change she said to read the signs she cant change my 20 and card machine doesnt take it so, not only did they rip me off, i couldn't even finish my laundry. Never coming back, not even for an emergency, not worth it.

luis cruz

Janise Warren Smith

Wide variety of machines, affordable prices, clothes were cleaned and dried well, and the staff is nice and helpful. All you could ask for in a laundromat!

Apryl Cole

Nice and clean. Don't like using the cards to do laundry because ya inevitably end up leaving a few dollars on the card. Pricey, took $20 to wash four small throw rugs.

Mollie Bateman

Clean, easy to use machines. Can be busy depending on the day and the time.

Daniel Brown

Don't use credit/debit. They hold $15 even if you are doing 1 load. 3 days and money is still on hold.

Julio Henrique Morimoto

Excellent spot for tourists located in regional hotels that do not provide laundry rooms or related services. Washers and dryers accept credit cards, bills or coins. Detergent and fabric softners are available for purchase.


Friendly staff! I always get treated like family! I feel at home. And its very clean! Never had a problem.

Jen Pasquale

This place is great! We get our laundry done here and we’ve never had any issues all the laundry attendants are welcoming and helpful! Best and closest laundry mat around if you ask us. And as for the lady who commented below (Carmen Brito) your comment seems a little racist and rude if your going to leave a bad review about a business and or employee leave your racism out of it it’s 2018 people speak Spanish everywhere and people play Spanish music and tv everywhere get over it!!!!!!

Therese Conner

They guarantee your dryer to complete all drying in one step (if you only fill it to the line on the door)or they add time. I can get 10 regular loads done in about an hour!! Friendly and helpful staff. Best laundromat EVER!!

Evelyn Aviles

Love it staff are very nice and respectful wish the place is bigger but it's always clean

Ron Fleming

Very nice place

Frank Bucco

Tracy Lin

Easy for parking and good service!

Val Thomsen

Clean, staffed, a little expensive, but everything was clean and worked. Good restroom.

Kevin Harvey

Amy Smith


manny saint

Great place. Fair prices. Clean bathroom. Coin or Credit card. Soaps for sale on site.

Jim Petrauskas

Good service a clean place

Maria Rodriguez

Very unprofessional staff is disrespectful employees had there children running around like a day care center the machines and building it self needed clean not recommended at all

Francis Szatkiewicz

Norelle Linee

I go here all the time. Staff is amazing, very clean. Plus your in and out.

Julio Alicea Berrios

Exelente local. Muy cómodo y rápido.

kimberly johnson

Jenn Park

Great place! We are here in vacation and were very pleased with this establishment. The personnel was pleasant and helpful. Highly recommend.

Jesus Osorio

Nit so great place

Chispy Ramirez

La empleada muy atenta y te ayuda si no tienes experiencia

Claudia Sequera

(Translated by Google) Good place to wash, quiet and relaxed (Original) Buen lugar para lavar, tranquilo y relajado

Frank Pimentel

Great place to do your laundry

Jefrey Ptchersr

Way way over price to do a wash

Gigi null

was in and out with 4 loads of laundry in an hour. Reasonably priced HOT dryers!!!!!!!!!

Maria Torres

Vanity Mandie

Horrible workers! We literally came in checked out the big washers, they were empty. So I loaded my stuff up , started to go in, what a of the workers yet again knew we were going to use them and threw their crap in it! They put loads that have no need to be in the jumbo washers or dryers in them, and the customers barely get to use them. I will be finding another source to do laundry. This is completely rediculous! Lazy workers!!!!!!!! Cost the business $40. Oh well, their loss!

Vaidas J

Julia Lowe

Good place to go to get laundry. Go early on the weekend days if you have to gohe can wait until Tuesday or Wednesday go then because it's dead

Angela Knight

It was a good clean place to do laundry. Just had a few

Abigaelly Ojeda

Very clean and easy to use and the staff are great ..very helpful and in town..

vern McGinnis

Anything from small to ginormous washers and large dryers that dry clothes quickly!

Daniel Garcia-quintana


Nice clean place to do laundry and the people working there or very helpful Rachel was awesome!

Bill Waller

Drove from Tampa on a whim. Third visit to a laundromat in my life. Doing laundry with dozens of your fellow citizens is quite an art. This location is very efficient, clean and althought crowded on Sunday the clothes were washed and dried and folded in an hour and fifteen minutes for under $10.

Evelyn Vazquez

Very nice, very clean .

Chris Malt

Clean friendly staff most of the time

Maureen Dowd

Bad news!! Coin machines empty. Dispensers cover with moldy green slime. Tempture on dryer not working..over heating..prob prob the sensors are coated in fabric softener. Recommend Four Quarters in Winooski. Learning with laundry to be rewashed and some clothes shrunk even with using cold water and low dryer I geef for folks who can't travel to better facilities.

ENG Gonzalez

No me gusta mucho, te obligan a comprar la tarjeta de ellos para lavar en maquinas,no puedes usar cambio

Ramon trejo

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno


Always clean and plenty of large washers and dryers.

Cornelius King

This place doesnt have coin laundry machines.. I went there thinking I could wash my new comforter and you have to use a card.. I would never stick my card in a machine that just washes and dry my clothes. This place was a big inconvenience.. two thumbs down

Rick Null

Convenient, clean, and machines work great

Daniel Tobon

Doug Brooks

Yes Yes Yes... this is a clean and well staffed laundromat! Great hours too.

Miguel Pineiro

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

Elaine Aguilera

Matt Robinson

I put $20 on their card and it wasn't enough to wash and dry 3 loads. I asked how is this possible because 2 washers were $4.99 each for a total of $10 and 1 washer was $3.99. This brings my total to $14 to wash my clothes. I needed 3 dryers at $1.75 each for a total of $5.25. Wash($14) and dry($5.25) together equals less than $20, not over $20. This place is a rip off.

John Whisman

Clean and nice staff

Gary Hyde III

Was really easy and fair price to drop off laundry for wash and fold service. The ladies that helped me were real nice too. And I must have been lucky because they had it done by the time I went to eat lunch and come back which was real nice while being on my honeymoon not having to wait too long for it.

David Wycleft

Terri Rodriguez

This is a very nice laundromat...

R. Francis

I own a vacation home within the area, and utilized their services to clean some comforters and I washed some linen on my own. New, clean and good service. Unfortunately it had been so long since I used a laundry service that I was surprised at how much it cost to utilize the machines, but they worked well.

Peggy Paul

Clean and open until 10:00

Paul Beriault

Not a good value. But I guess most aren't.


Deborah Rodriguez

Irandi Hernandez

Very clean place to wash, quality machines and friendly staff. Best laundromat I've seen so far.

Ray Roberts

My wife loves it very clean and reasonable

Victoria Howell

Liked it

Erin Schilling

We bring our oversized King comforter for cleaning. Always do a great job for a reasonable price. Quick too!

madeline velazquez

Great place, dissent prices and Great customer service.

Josephine Husain

Decent laundry mat. Do not use coins must put money on a card. Be sure to have a dollar to first get the card. Cons: The bathroom was awful, someone threw a cigarette in the garbage! Pros: Games and coloring books for kids. Different shows on diff TV.

Cindy Beck

Good clean place.

Daniel Rosado

Rude people in this place the workers is not professional and they charge 15 to watch and 15 to dry that’s a rip off .

Soleil Fernandez

Chris Valen

So I dropped my Girlfriend off at work at Disney had the laundry and decided to look around. An to my suprise not more than 17 mins from Disney a nice "Clean" Laundromat.. I mean I was shocked. Floors were very clean. Right next to a publix for lunch. An a GNC. Wouldn't quiet recommend the Anytime fitness next to it, but that's another review. I walked in and it smelled like Air. Not that stuffy grimy laundry smell. But I could breath. Everything looked nice and well-kept. Few holiday decorations and a clean bathroom. Let me say it again clean.... Only confusing thing was the whole card thing. But I guess it stops people from stealing. Does take a few swipes in the dryer to get it to work. But everything came out great. The card takes a min. But once you notice it shows at each machine how much you have left. You understand it better. The worst part is that machine to get the card. It was loud and Annoying.. It really is I mean seriously does it need to sound off that loud so people down the block can hear it? 2nd, is the cost difference depending on what you choice is. Unlike other Laundromats where its a flat rate. Hot water here cost more, place on high heat cost more. Normally its even across the board. So those were my 2 biggest draw backs. Other than that its a nice atmo for a laundromat. Again Clean... Let's HOPE it stays this clean the next time I use it and it will definitely deserve that 5 stars.

Darwin Parra

Económico lavadora de diferentes tamaños. Espacioso y cómodo

Keren Z Star

Great place to wash clothes. Clean place, machines and bathroom. You get $1 bonus for every $10 loaded into your wash card. The only downside is: last wash is at 9:15pm. I wish it was 24 hrs.

Alex Ortiz

Place ok, a little expensive, lady is very rude and always on the phone.

Roma Belsito

Like other reviewers have said. This place is a total RIP OFF. I use 3 small washers 3.99 and 3 small dryers 1.75 and I spent $23. Can someone explain that math to me? Just avoid the place unless you have an absolute emergency (mine was). There are better options and more honest establishments.

William VanRijn

Decent facility. Had to wait over 10 minutes for an attendant to arrive. Was very busy that day, should consider hiring more staff.

teresa kiss

I love this place

Lourdes Guzmán

Como si estuviera en mi casa!!

Jason T. Chun

Great place with just about everything you need but the high prices for their kick-ass machines could only deserve 4 stars...

Day K

Very clean location with the washer and dryers credit card only. I really didn't feel comfortable with them. They did have 3 TVs mounted on the walls with a variety of programs showing. Also with a couple of video games for the kids.


Best laundrymat I've ever been too. We travel a lot so I've seen quite a few other laundrymats, this is the cleanest place I've seen with the most convenient payment system (because I hate dealing with coins) and they guarantee your clothes to dry on the first run.

Paul Fogle

Modern machines, takes debit cards.

Robert Smith

It's ok not happy they have gamble machine for money thought u need license for that

Isis Dermady

Thanks for the great service every week. Today we were treated to free lunch and free dryers. You guys rock!

Jade Mueller

Nice place. Busy. Clean. Cash or credit machines. Can add money to a laundry card to pay as well.


Clean place. A lot of machines!

rosalin diaz

Kathleen Thomson

Crowded, took credit cards

Cullen Claflin

This place is great and the staff is so friendly. I always do the full service laundry ANF my clothes always come back nice and clean and folded really nicely. Great for people on vacation or like me a local whose house is under construction and don't have access to my own washer and dryer. Price is great for full service especially when you factor in the time it will take away from your vacation to sit there and wash and dry clothes. The same day pickup is amazing. Definately recommend this faculty to everyone. Bathroom is always clean as well.

L*A Guerrero

Nice machines. But to costy

Javier Enrique Mascareno Urribarri

It is clean, machines look brand new, liked the payment system with coins or card. Comfortable areas to wait for your clothes that include folding tables, vending machines, coffee and a clean bathroom. Staff very friendly and helpful. During my visit I came across with several flies inside the local. I recommended either an air blower at the entrance or an electrical blue light that attracts insects. Other than that is very convenient to have this laundromat in the area, well thought. Prices are tourist oriented or to help ends meet.

William Deich, III

New cyber laundromat. Little pricey.

Vicky Avila

Can get in and out

ken lang

The employees were most helpful and pleasant. I love being able to pay by credit card! There were many options for type of machine. It made doing laundry pleasant!!!

Jan Torres

Is clean but pricey !

Carolyn JANICS

Clean and organized! Staff is so nice!

James Dennis

Very helpful

Gamingana 15

You have the most rudest employes here. The lady working here on 12/6/2018 started argueing with my mother and sunt as we were doing our laundry and decided to go behind are back talking about us in spanish thinking we wouldnt understand. But i was able tonunderstand some of it. They lost a customer thats been coming here for 4 years. Would not recomend getting your laundry done here.

Chris Cavallaro

Good clean place with friendly staff. Not too happy about smallest machines (triple load) costing $3.99 per load. That's the only reason for not giving 5

Raquel Galvan

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Excelente servicio

Erica Ampadu

Great laundromat they have WiFi, AC, and TV so you have something to watch while you wait! I go in there with one load and I am out in an 1 hr. I love this place. They also have there own card that you load money on and after a couple of time of you using them they give you a dollar credit!

Stacy Vaughan

The staff is super friendly there. There always washer in dryers available. Wish they stayed open later tho

Andy Trujillo

Always clean!

Mitchell Vargas

This place coin machine plus bathroom dirty no one to help you

Grisel A Delgado

The Best place!!!! People are very beautiful, The place is very clean. Love this place

Saurabh Pathak

Great place!

Kristyn Michael

Good location and decent prices. Wish the employees were a little more cheerful and friendly though.

marilyn collazo

Love this place people are sweet super helpful

Ivette Perez

Great place!!! And the staff is awesome. I only have one petition. Just put a big sing... NO ALLOWED TO WASH PET CLOTHES. Because I found my clothes with pet's hair and Mrs. Ines help me a lot but the hair stay in my clothes. PLEASE PUT A BIG SING!!!!! Thanks

Mark San Pedro

As straight-forward as it gets for laundromats. Clean establishment in a good location. Attendant on site and change machine/detergent available.

Ziomara santiago

Great please nice and friendly staff

Natalie Williams

besides rude service, just go in, do your laudry and keep to yourself. the tv usually has a movie on that is rated R for language.

Mary Sierra

J.P. White

It is clean, well maintained, plenty of machines and the woman staffing it was very helpful to us and all the other patrons making for a fine experience. I rarely use the aundromat, so didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. We picked this spot because is was convenient our location. It turned out to be a good pick. The machines can conveniently be paid for directly with credit card (they put a $15 reservation on your card with first use) or by a card that can be purchased there (so much for packing my accumulated loose change). The day we visited, there was no problem running 3 machines at once to speed up the process. The free WiFi provided on site made web surfing fast and easy to pass the time quickly and productively.

Ken Poplawski

The place was clean but you are inadated with the loud Mexican channel and the prices are nearly double other places. Overpriced for drinks soap washers dyers ect. I recommend finding somewhere else.

jesus osorio

I only went there because I need to wash my king size bedding. Even though lady that works there is very helpful. I disliked the fact that you have to buy a card which you have to fill with money (credit) in order to activate machines. Therefore, I ended up with extra credit which I don't need on the card.


I've been going here a year. I've probably tried 20 machines there of all sizes during the course of that time. I noticed over a year of going there to wash and dry my clothes, pretreating some and forgetting to pretreat some, THE MACHINES GOT NONE OF THE STAINS OUT. It never dawned on me that it could be the machines when this happened. I tried different laundry detergents, pretreated the hell out of some clothes. I just assumed the stains were too hard to get out and ended up throwing out many of my clothes. Today was just obscene, though. My clothes looked identical after and when I put them in the wash and I finally realized: IT'S THE MACHINES!!! THE MACHINES DO NOT GET OUT ANY STAINS OR EVEN LIGHTEN THE STAINS! I asked the lady folding clothes across from me if her stains had come out, and she thought a second and said, "Not really". The staff here are really nice and they have fun decorations at Halloween, but does that matter if the machines do not lift any stains? When I wash my clothes at my parents' home, even if the clothes are significantly stained, haven't been pretreated and have been sitting around for a week, most of the stains come out or are lightened quite a bit. When the worker today told me that the machines will get out smells and dirt but not stains unless pretreated, she was accurate when discussing the machines at Four Corners (though pretreating does nothing), but she wasn't discussing a normal washer. I'm finding a different place next time I do my wash.

Rob Bishop

Great place to do laundry. Very clean and friendly staff

J. Christian Freese

Clean and efficient. 3 TVS and a small selection of arcade games. Clean restroom facility and very friendly staff. They will wash, dry and fold your clothes for 1.50/ lb.

Ramiro Oviedo-Paulauski

Very helpful staff most of the time ready to assist especially if you are a first timer.


Fabulous... New washers and dryers, tv's, can charge phone at back wall, comfotable good plastic seats. Many different sized washers with delicate/light, normal and heavy soil settings, etc, cold-warm-hot temps. I pay more for hot water and heavy soil even though not needed....gets extra wash time clean. Many sizes from small to huge... can hold king sized comforter. Prices are cheaoest for smaller and go up. 2 sizes for dryers...I use the large fo very cheapr $1.75 for 36 minutes and my laundry is ALWAYS dry. They guarantee dry in 36 min if filled up to (only) halfway which is taped and marked as proper amount to use dryer....or THEY pay to finish drying. I think bigger dryers are about $2.50 but not sure. They close at 10pm, MUST HAVE MONEY OR CREDIT CARD PAID IN MACHINE BEFORE 9PM CUTOFF. Really need to be there by 8pm if you use hot water and heavy wash to leave ontime. Nice employees there and security in quiet safe area same plaza as a Publix and a gym and more.

JOSE A camacho

Olvin Cuestas

(Translated by Google) The worker does not help the clients and if she does she does it against her will (Original) La trabajadora no ayuda a los clientes y si lo hace lo hace contra su voluntad

Caridad Rodriguez

Great prices, fast machines and friendly staff

Tom Lancaster

hubert clarke

Always a great experience. Can be extermely busy on the weekends so if you need assistance or just wanna get in/out, go during the week or early mornings.

Luz celenia Soto

Sherryann Hooker

Love the cards

Nancy Nunn

Good place to do laundry. The attendants are friendly and helpful. It's clean and machines all work properly

guillermo rosa

Too expensive $5 to wash one load

Christine Melendez

Great place to do large comforters and pillows! Clean, neat and they offer laundry services.

Sara Sanchez

This place is nice. Very clean. Tons of washers and dryers to choose from. There are about 3 sizes for the washers and 2 for the dryers. I would suggest going early in the mornings if you dont want a crowd. Around the afternoon is when many people arrive. If you can't go in the morning then go in between 6pm and 8 pm. There are usually not many people at that time. You need to purchase a laundry card for 1 dollar. Once you register the card to an email the dollar gets put on the card to be used. There are washers way in the back that take quarters. The snack machines are cheap and there are plenty of places to sit and watch TV. There are also many folding tables.

Ariel Tinnirello

Katharine Smith

Facility itself is clean. I looked for someone to help me and didn’t see anyone who worked there and just looked for an adultier adult. The bathroom door was locked the entire time I was there. The prices for a small/standard washer start at 2.99 for “light soil,” normal cycle, cold water. To change any aspect of that increases the price. Standard Dryer is $1.75 for 30 minutes. Some machines are set up to accept credit cards and the laundry card. Others are set up for the laundry card & coins. Perk of the laundry card is you can get a receipt for each time you load the card. My bank placed a holder on my account (like it does for gas) for $15 which went away after a couple days to reflect the accurate charges. But that was only when I put my credit card directly in the machine rather than the laundry card. There’s a vending machine for soap, fabric softener, etc if you forget yours or need more.

amy torres

Big machines

Natalie Perez

Wanda Rodriguez

Very expensive.

Krystal Lynn


Iris Pérez

Ivan Garcia

Tiffany Jones

I always drop off linen. They wash, dry and fold and can have it ready in a few hours. Been using for awhile now and their services are good.

Carmen Brito

I come Here every week. The ladies are super sweet and helpful with the exception of one. I try HARD to avoid this woman at all cost because she’s just nasty. Every time someone corrects her or calls her out on her attitude she says “I worked for Disney” as if she is supposed to get a pass. 2 separate occasions I have seen her yelling at a customer. Bring headphones in case this woman is working because she has the Spanish news channel on full blast. Other than that, I love this place!

Rhea H

I love the variety of washing machine sizes. Going on a busy day like the weekends is kind of a headache sometimes because of trying to find a big washer available. There's less of the bigger washer and dryers. No problems on a week day though. Quick cycles and if something messes up and the cycle doesn't start or your clothes don't dry all the way, the staff will pick up the extra charge for you. Friendly staff is a plus. It's a bit pricey but it's what I'd expect; I end up paying around $10 or more every time I go.

Pati Mitchell

Clean store. Friendly and so helpful staff. Loved how my hotel comforter came out.. fast. They have to to watch too.

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