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4010 Commons Dr W #106, Destin, FL 32541

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REVIEWS OF Destin's Total Laundry Services IN Florida

nay reed

Clean and air conditioning self service or attendant to go it for you

Kathy Wilcox

Beware! It may cost you much more than you expect. The first time I just told them laundry only but when I picked up my shirts half were dry cleaned at over twice the price. When I complained they said I never told them not to dry clean, and if I wanted the shirts I HAD to pay the bill. This time I made real sure she understood, do not dry clean anything. When I picked up this time, same thing half were dry clean at over twice the price. When confronted she said she had not checked out the shirts when I brought them in. That some had to be dry cleaned. Again I had to pay thier inflationed price if wanted my laundry. Best to stay away.

Gregg Smith

Amazing place. Always kind staff and very good at what they do. They can clean anything!

Chabad Emerald Coast

Amazing service!

Merri Thompson

Roman Lungu

melissa pd

I personally have never been to your dry cleaners but I am however impressed with the responses and professionalism of the owner! I am a dry Cleaner myself and came across your place by doing my research for very near future potential job inquiring. I'm relocating to Florida and I am a fan of the Green Earth cleaning systems! Looks like you have a very clean and professional business and care about your customers. Maybe I'll come by and check it out in person. I'm actually from Spring Hill Florida but things can change lol

crystal lopez

sy malick

Kind people you need to do laundry the place to go

Angie Aaron

They need new dryers and washers the employees are great

Joy Pabody

This place is so clean! It's priced about the average, but the machines seem to be very new, so clothes get clean better, and dry faster! Love it!

Michael Brzezinski

Our hotel did not have laundry service. Total laundry service was able to wash dry fold my family's laundry same day!

Angela McGehee

Very clean. Attendants are very nice.

brien byerley

Friendly, clean, and right on schedule. Fair prices. Will use again

Alex Flanders

The ladies working here today are absolutely amazing. After not having clean laundry for the better part of a week due to Hurricane Michael, coming here and finding kind, helpful people to explain how this works and make small talk with is such a relief.

Murray Moran

Great place to do your laundry. Clean. Well lit. Safe.


They were incredibly kind

Filip Sokolovski

I love Total Loundry. They have the best service in town. The staff is excellent. I love working with Bojana especially, she is always funny and pleasant to work with.

M Taylor

Quick and Affordable. This locally owned place is awesome!

Aaron Davey

Glad they are right around the corner from me. Saves me time and money and it's so convenient!

Sam El Merengue

Justin Stephens

Great place. Get your orders done quickly and do a good job. Nice and professional staff.

Brandon Brown

Wife loves this place

angela bragg

Dry cleaning and laundry service or do it yourself laundromat.

camille haeusler

Alexander Rumfelt

The staff was kind and helpful. All the equipment was well maintained and in excellent condition. Overall I can't say there's any more I could have wanted.

Theodore Brown

Very entertaining laundromat. Drunken homeless couple fighting was alarming but entertaining. At one point I almost called the police because the staff refused. The staff were very courteous and facility was spotless! The rules posted every three feet throughout the entire store are as comical as their custom t-shirts hung on the walls. On a serious note, I did honestly pay TWICE as much money as their local competition. Folding tables are TINY!!!

Jason Hart

Renee Miskin

guillermo tax

After taking my covers for years the Asian lady told me that they won't wash my covers anymore because it takes to long to dry and she made it sound like is my fault and the attitude was awful from her, she's been working there for years I'm not sure what makes her tell me that or talked to me about it like that almost made it sound like she was doing me a favor and the reality is We pay for it, I am very disappointed that one employee like her can ruin a good business I own a cleaning company and I stopped taking all the linens from all the condos we clean because of her, what a shame!


Very good cleaning service. A little on the pricey side but take very good care of our more expensive comforters.

Jennifer Lynn

The staff was very rude. Destin is so upscale they do not need customer service skills. I do not recommend this business. I left with wet clothes and hurt feelings.

Valerie Sexton

lori poelstra

They destroyed my husband's suit pants and try to blamed it on us. My husband was going away on a business trip and needed his suit cleaned. We picked it up the night before he was leaving. No one ever mentioned that anything was damaged. As he was packing his suit he noticed that the material in entire seat of the pants was destroyed and we could not repair it?!?! The next day I went to make them aware and they basically tried to blame it on us... that we dropped off them that way?!?! The owner was rude and then said that they had no policy to compensate for the damage and no insurance to help cover the costs to replace the pants "because this just never happens"?! They have made little effort to correct the situation or help reimburse us for the pants he then had to buy at the airport the next day for his meeting. Very poor customer service.

Kevin Ramsey

Best laundry service and fair price. They are very nice people. We had a $20 bill in one of our pockets and they put it in a zip lock bag off to the side and gave it to us when we pick everything up the next day. Awesome.

T. Lavon Lawrence

Yes, I could go on and on about how great these guys have been for me over the past two years, but I'll just sum it up by writing that I like doing my laundry there so much that I still do it there rather than do it at home. They've got huge washers and dryers and wi-fi and they're right there by Walmart other "errand" conveniences. I totally support this business.


Surprisingly efficient and extremely well run, has we found it!

chris coleman

I have visited this location 3 times and every time I have gone the staff seems Make sure that its customers know when they are about to close even if it's an hour and 30 minutes from closing. Not only when I walked in were the washing machines for comforters blocked off but I was told 3 times that "we close at 7". I asked the person saying this how long does it take to for the washer and dryer to finish and she told me 30min for both. If that is true then I will have at least 30 to pick up my belongings. Well "as long as you're here by 7" she said, even living in the area I will be sure to let others know they are better off driving farther away, even to Fort Walton to get larger laundry items washed. You cant stay in business if customer service is not your focal point.

Patrice Rose

Billie Golden

Kurtis Wingo

Clean laundry facility, washers and dryers worked well...prices were reasonable.

Jerod Brocklehurst

This is a premiere laundry facility and a cut above your normal laundromat. Very clean and well-kept, plus the friendliest and most helpful staff.

Bo Walker

Great job TLS of Destin. I forgot about an event I needed a suit to attend so I quickly brought 2 suits and 3 shirts to TLS and told them I needed a "rush job" because of my forgetting about this event. The staff was friendly, understanding and professional and told me they would do their best to get me to this event with a suit to wear! I was so relieved when I picked up my garments the day of the event. The suits were on hangers with bolsters to keep the shoulders formed. The pants were perfectly pressed along the original "double lines" and the shirts were crisp and clean! Thanks for going above and beyond to help me out. I now have a new dry cleaner!

Vanessa Juarez

Love this place. Never seen such a laundromat so clean and the two ladies that worked there were super nice and with good attitudes. I would think they'd tell me to leave since my load was three minutes after they closing time but no they went on like it was nothing , I come from a small town and I never been to a place with good environmental experiences . This is the place to go.

Michael Mayer

They had huge washers and dryers that made our time there quicker.

rachel hannah

My family and I have been here a week. The laundromat where we are staying didn't meet our needs (two VERY active boys, my husband and myself). It was near a WalMart and very convenient! Staff was very helpful. Great place!!!

Alexis Mote

Cris The Barber

Visiting from Texas; Very good & friendly service. Walked in and Lety gave us the help we needed right away. Very clean and the A/C works great even with all the dryers running!

Theo Farnsworth

John Jacquay

christopher marshall

They saved my sister's wedding

Vernon Odaniel

I don't own a washer and dryer, and this is the only place and Destin I will go to. Thanks!

Cynithia Turner

Love everything about this business

Donna Cole

This place is awesome. So many people here trying to wash their clothes from Panama City area and the staff here is wonderful. Can’t say enough nice things about the wonderful ladies that work here. Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it.

Julie Brown

Great clean place. I took towels to be washed and they turned them around in 2 hrs.

Ted Davis

Great staff, nice equipment and a clean, well run establishment. I will use this place again!

Holly Ammons

Monica Scaife

Destin Total Laundry is the best coin laundry and Dry cleaners you will find in 100 miles.

Evelyn Barajas

Nice & clean

Chase Lake

Fast and clean service

Frank Payne


John K

The place was clean. Most most of the machines are fairly new. Staff was friendly to those who they helped. I just did one load of laundry. It was easy to do and it cost five bucks total. I think it it the only coin laundry in Destin. I would come here again.

Александр Доронин

Good laundry service with coin machines.

Carol Hamamura

Sherry Terry

Awesome service! Washers and dryers are clean. Staff accommodating. Wouldn't use any other laundry in the area.

Lily Lombardo

Laura was very helpful. Very pleased with the service.

Rick Johnson

These guys are great. They took care of everything for me so I could enjoy the weekend. :) They do a great job for me every time I stop in, and they always have my laundry done on time.

Art Phillips

Very friendly clean

Dawn Byars

Nicole Martin

Great People, Great Staff! Couldn't ask for a better place in Okaloosa County.

Greg Garrison

Best in Destin

TheNovak Family756

Denny Bailey

How can you possibly rate the self service portion of this business anything higher than one star. 8 of the washI got my machines were either out of order or being used by the employees. Someone left their machine and the clothes were there for more than an hour and another was the same but they didn’t even put their money in to start it. The employees refused to empty the machines for others who are waiting in line just to get an unused washer. The prices are nuts too. We travel the country and never paid such crazy prices to do laundry in much nicer facilities. Maybe the fact that they have a monopoly here and couple that with the fact the the owner was a banker explains their rip off of the customers pricing for washing machine use. Just the small top load machines are $2.50 for cold, $2.75 for warm and $3.00 for hot water.

J Brandmair


Cortney Poe

They always do an amazing job on my laundry! The staff is very friendly.

Christy Gedelman

Left a message asking Steve to give us a call. 36 hours later nothing. FWB has always been awesome. Destin treats you like your ignorant homeless people who doesnt know how and gold service works.

William Cole

Max Summer

kiki sheppard

Even if my washer gets fixed, i'll still go. I thought it was weird to see a laundrymat in a "rich" neighborhood. , but it's great because it's kept clean, they have professional staff, good hours, they actually fold laundry for you and so much more. Wish they could all be like this.

Meg Behen

Visiting the area and found this laundromat. Staff was awesome and very attentive. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. It was very clean and the girls are all very friendly; one of the girls was sweet and even helped me load items to my car. Thank you :) Definitely coming back!

Svetlomir Sabev

Brigitte Payne

Very expensive

Robert LaPointe

This place is exactly what it's name applies. Full spectrum of dry cleaner services at reasonable prices. Plus a large, clean laundromat with lots of late model machines. Do your own washing or drop off and pick up. Friendly & helpful staff.

John Stewart

Equipment seemed ok but the TV and wifi neither worked...according to the woman at the desk. Somewhat off the normal path but it was open on Fathers Day so good enough.

John Simmons

Highly recommend if you are looking for a clean Laundromat with dry cleaning services as well. Very impressed with this place!

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