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This Laundry corresponds to the category of Coin operated laundry equipment supplier.

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NicgamerXD AIM

Lisnarda Yiset Diaz de González

Las secadoras de mi edificio no secan...y la tarjeta da un error al cargarlas con el dinero su solución es enviar la tarjeta por correo y te prometen devolverla en una semana ...o que compres otra

Nick Stewart

Good service

Sergei Egorov

I waited for 6 hours to get the washer fixed with my clothes in it, the technician didn’t call me while I asked for that for several times. No refund either.

Officalwavy X

They were very helpful in providing the service I needed. They are affordable and very professional with excellent customer care and service!

Julio Rodtriguz

Customer service is great

Michael Julsonnet

The machine malfunctioned, I called the company. They processed my refund with in the day.

ronaldo rosa

The absolutely worst comoany you can ever have this place should be closed

Liev Dorfman

Maria Garcia

Their dryers and washing machine at 1420 Atlantic Shores suck. The dryers don't dry so they need to be done twice on top of that I just put $20 on the card and did the 2 dryers twice and now I have $8.50. Wth I was supposed to get charged $6. The dryers are supposed to work for 60 mins and after 30 they stop.

Melissa Rogers

Dale Simpson


They are very nice on the phone. They promise to come and look at my machine, but they never show up. Waited in my apartment a whole day when I had things to do and they never came.

John Andres

Christine Cifuentes

Good luck trying to get reimbursed for any article of clothing that might have been damaged or good luck getting them to try to understand that you've had to spend MORE MONEY on drying clothes because their stupid dryers don't dry the way they're supposed to sometimes! Oh, and everyone here tells you something different. GOD! I wish I had gotten the guy's name! He was super rude to me, and basically blamed me for having my card get STOLEN, and wanted to school me on what's written on the back of the card. I'm not stupid, I read it! Had been told in the past that they would gladly give me a new card with whatever money I had lost. NOT THIS TIME AROUND!!! Wish it was the same guy in the past that I had spoken to before. This company sucks! HORRIBLE customer service!!! We, as tenants, have to be the ones to call-in in order to get anything done around here as far as SERVICE goes, but then they can't service you back in any way! Really?! So they'd rather lose $20 that they're going to get back anyways all because my card was stolen. Don't want to help out the people who are basically paying for their paycheck? That's nice.

Iodine Products

Super customer service - fine products - responsive team. They're the best.

Luke Sorber

Horrible service!!!

Raquel Ribaudo

They were wonderful! I had a pair of pants that had been damaged and they insisted on paying for the damaged clothes. Great customer service

imarketslive education

the worse company ever. Don't speak English. Service guy is a real jerk. Never properly fix it. RUN , TRY ANOTHER COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM for your building.

Richard Morris

The apartment building in which i live ordered new washing machines and dryers. As with any product, sometimes it requires adjusting to operate more smoothly. Recently, I had an issue which caused slight damage to an article of clothing. I contacted Commercial Laundries and spoke with Rick who was very responsive and understanding. He was to speak with Adam Reeves the Vice President of Commercial Laundries. Two days after speaking with Rick I received an email from Adam that he was reimbursing me 100% of the cost of the clothing. The day i reported the issue was the same day they sent someone to fix the machine. The washing machines and dryers are running perfectly after the technician came out. I own my business and I know that customer service is everything. In my opinion, Adam went above and beyond in demonstration to his clients his passion of customer service. I was expecting 50% off the purchase price and waiting several weeks for a check if one was decided to be issued. The day i received the email from Adam was the day that the check was sent to me. Competition is in all business sectors. However, customer service is the decision maker for me. I recommend to all business or management companies that they should explore using Commercial Laundries. Thank you to all the team of Commercial Laundries.

Silvia Rech

Una verdadera desatención hacia el usuario. Vivo en un condominio para mayores, cargué mi tarjeta para la lavadora con 20 dólares y nunca se acreditaron. Pero sí se descontaron de mi tarjeta de crédito. Llamé dos veces para reclamar. me atienden y me dejan en espera durante 15 y 20 minutos cad vez. Luego cortan la comunicación. Volví a llamar y me dicen que el encargado está ocupado y que me va llamar. Exijo que me reintegren mi dinero y también una respuesta amable que solucione el inconveniente que me ocasionaron. Cuando obtenga respuesta de parte Commercial Laundries, Inc volveré a emitir mi calificación Luego de varias idas y vueltas, me solucionaron el problema. Me reintegraron los 20 dólares. Y lo aviso porque el sr Billy, técnico de la compañía me ayudó a que se concretara. Nobleza obliga, agradezco la gestión. Un error lo tiene cualquiera, lo umportante es repararlo y en este caso se cumplió

Nicholas Stewart

Ryan Lopez

Great providers of washers and dryers and great service


Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. They install the machine and take your money every month, but call and tell them somethings wrong with the machine and they need to come out and fix it. They will say/do anything to avoid coming onsite to maintain their equipment. They told me to get the maintenance man in my building to fix my dryer. I don't pay my buildings maintenance man every month for this machine, I pay Commercial Laundries. Why should my maintenance man have to maintain Commercial Laundries machine? Unfortunately my building has a contract with this company so I can't lease a machine from anyone else but them. So me and everyone else in my building is stuck with their LOUSY customer support! RESPONSE TO OWNER: Since I said absolutely nothing in my review to give you any reason to assume my issue is electrical, I would call that a very UNEDUCATED guess. But THANK YOU FOR PROVING MY POINT that you and your staff will say anything to pawn off a service call on my buildings maintenance man to avoid coming out and maintaining your own equipment!

Sayler Six

Best customer service! Had a machine down and called and they came within the hour to fix it!!! Really live up to their word

Jose Manuel Bebelagua Bedoya

Kendal Stewart

Great service my building needed new washers and driers since they broke down for a week and when we contacted them they came in the next day and installed amazing equipment!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

Regina Rivero

(Translated by Google) When the machine notes and no loads on the card is eaten, this company will not reimburse the loss. One calls and calls and they give you different answers each time and always promising a refund and never do. I am the Doral Gardens 1C 4370 and I got tired of calling. (Original) Cuando la máquina se come los billetes y no los carga en la tarjeta, ésta empresa no te reembolsa la pérdida. Uno llama y llama y ellos te dan respuestas distintas cada vez y siempre prometiendo el reembolso y nunca lo hacen. Soy del Doral Gardens 4370 1C ya me cansé de llamarlos.

sharina santana

I have been working with this company for over 2 1/2 years and the quality of service has always been top-notch. I'd recommend Commercial Laundries to any Property Management company or Association that is looking for reliability, responsiveness, and wants one less amenity to worry about. Always happy to support a family-owned company that sticks to their core values and has the best service in the industry!

Merrick Dhs

Great service

Commercial Laundries

Mrs A

Very disappointed. Their dryer’s thermostat malfunctioned and ruined our clothes with excess heat. The company fixed the machine after my service call, but never responded to my emails asking to reimburse the cost of ruined items, which was a very reasonable amount. Not even a word back. It is a shame this company does not stand by the quality of its services. I am not going to use their dryers at our building again and will rather let my clothes air dry than take the chance of using their product. If something happens, they will not show any effort to make it right by their long time customer.

Mike Williams

Unbelievable customer service

Commercial Logistics

Great customer service

Liev dorfman

Kit Roberts-Hilko


Had to refuse to pay the monthly payment on my machine to get them to come out and service it. NOT how business should be done!

Bonnie Harper

When I called for service, the technician was here within hours. When I asked for a refund, I received it immediately. Great customer service!

Kendal Meghans

Best customer service ever! My laundry got stuck in my buildings machine and they came out on an emergency visit on a Saturday and got it all out! Quick and amazing! Saved the day!

Tu Stewart

Saul D

Julio Jones

I ordered a dryer there it had a problem then I called the customer service and it was great and fixed it within hours of me calling

Jeanette Dorfman

Matthew Hill

Horrible customer service please read your contract tried to put a 10year payment plan on old rusted machines. Call serveral times slow to return calls or not at all...

Nicholas Sutton

Krista Reeves

Awesome company. My washer broke down, and they came out that day to repair! Great customer service!

Fernando Franco Ramírez

(Translated by Google) Immediate solution and I treat the management I made very courteously (Original) Solución inmediata y trato muy cortes a la gestión que realicé

Sandra Otero

The reason I am taking time out of my busy day to write down my experience with Commercial Laundries, Inc. is to advise everyone on Google not to sign any contract without having an attorney review it. This includes any laundry lease company, waste company, or any service that requires a contract. I would also highly recommend that you strike an auto-renewal clauses or first right of refusal clauses that may be in the company’s standard contract. If they won’t do it, find another company. This is what caused our issues with Commercial Laundries. Below is our saga with Commercial Laundries, Inc. 1. Our contract with Commercial Laundries, Inc. was first signed in 1995. It was a 10-year contract that automatically renewed for 7 years and, after that, for another seven if we did not give a written 6 months’ notice to cancel. 2. In 2004 the washers rusted and were damaging the clothes. The association called and wrote to Commercial Laundries explaining the problem with the machines, but they refused to replace them. Our attorney advised us that the way the contract was written it was impossible to cancel. It took several letters from the attorney for them to finally replace half of the machines in 2004, which was costly to the Association since we had to pay attorney fees. 3. The board changed a few years later and the new board forgot to cancel the contract in 2012; so, we were locked in for another 7 years, until September 12, 2019. 4. In March we sent a registered letter to Commercial Laundries advising them we were canceling service. I received a response email stating my contact self-renewed for another 7 years when they replaced the rusted machines in 2004 (the machines were now 15 years old). We hired an attorney to help negotiate the new agreement or get out of the contract. In the middle of negotiation, they increased the price per load from $1.25 to $1.50. Our attorney spoke to John Stewart, the owner’s son, and was negotiating with him for new machines because we had another offer on the table with CSC. If they matched CSC agreement, we had to continue using them because of the clause “Right of First Refusal’, written in the contract. While in negotiations, my attorney sent John an email letting him know he was going on maternity leave because his wife was due any day and he would be unavailable for a few days. He told him that any agreements we had made were null and void because we were still working out the details (addendum) which included a sign-on bonus offered by CSC, no additional fee, and $1.50 price per load. During the time my attorney was out they took the opportunity to deliver the new machines, without notice, and increased the price per load another .50 cents; making it $2.00 per load. I called the company when I discovered that the machines were delivered and spoke to the owner, Jack. He informed me he would bring the price per load back to $1.50 but we would have to change the term of the agreement to 5 years. This was not my decision to make, I would have to speak to board, property manager and get the attorney’s advice. They were holding us hostage, if we did not agree to their terms, we would continue paying the price they decided. Since they agreed to year to year contract proposed by CSC, we could cancel after a year or we could sign a five-year contract as they proposed to get them to lower the rate back to $1.50. How they do business is deceitful and I have no trust in this company.

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