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REVIEWS OF Astrozon Laundry IN Colorado

Linda Styles

It's clean, just wish more of the machines worked

William Chaffin

Took my work clothes here to wash and dry. After the dryer cycle finished the dryer wouldn't unlock. The extremely unhelpful attendant said that she could do nothing but run it another cycle to see if it would unlock and that it's wash at your own risk. The owner lives in friggin Kansas so if I have to wait for him I could have to take off from work for up to a week waiting for him to actually do something. Who can afford an unplanned week of of work and that's if I can even keep my job after this. I will never go back and suggest that no one who reads this gives these thieves their hard earned money. You'll just be robbed.

Lynn Eisenhauer

Just your regular run of the mill laundromat :) Read posted labels on machines to avoid using broken ones. Overall this place is quite clean, has restrooms, a small cafe and a water fountain with additional drinks and snacks available at the front counter.

Cesar Castro

Cassidy Turner

Just a heads up this place is under new(er) ownership and are only open until 9pm. It's a nice clean place and the lady who was here when I came was really friendly, and even took pity on me when she realized I did not know they're only open till 9 and let me at least get my stuff washed since my dryer is still working. Only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is they do currently have a lot of down machines, but they have a ton of machines so it's not a huge deal, at least not at the time I came.

Travis Skime

Lots of things broke including the automatic door to get inside never again in my book

Ty Miller

Everything about this place is poor service from how they treat their customers to how they treat tower their employees.I won't ever do my laundry their again.

constance blissett

I usually go here cause someone is always there if there's a problem but today when I walked in at 1030 no one was there, there was a sign saying be back in 15 minutes, i washed my clothes I used dryer # 67 I put 1 hour and 10 minutes worth of quarters in and the dryer didn't dry my clothes was still wet at 1pm I called them 8 times and no one answered and no one was there for the whole time I was there!!!

jolene yeado

I've been here a few times. The pregnant girl that's been here each time is Simply Adorable. She's very friendly and accommodating. I've noticed they do little things for their customers like donuts on some days popcorn on some days. They do some kind of like monthly drawing for a basket full of goodies. Definitely recommend this place Top Notch.

Germain Rojas

I liked this small laundromat. Clean, quiet, the prices are very good. In & out

Evey Lockhart

William Abele

Kaylee Hernandez Garcia

Most of the machines are broken but they have been like that since old management. With that being said i still enjoy coming here to do my laundry

Nicole Lerma

Very clean and the prices are great!!!

Christina Davis

Timmy Kelley

My favorite laundry!

P Brooks

I found this place on Google Maps and I should have listened to the reviews. Some of the washers don't work and a lot of the dryers are broken. I put a 20 in the change machine and it only gave me 19.75. I had to ask the attendant for my quarter which she did give but the washers that are advertised as 2.50 charged me an extra 25 cent for hot water. I will not be returning. I live on the army base and from now on that is where I'll do my washing. Thanks for the bad experience Astrozon Laundry!

Jessica Rothermund

Claire Marcum

Friendly and helpful people

Lunch Box

DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRE LANE OR YOU WILL GET A TICKET. Myself and 3 other people Received tickets for parking while loading and unloading in the fire lane on Saturday the fire marshal was sitting in the parking lot waiting for people to park and leave the car to ticket them.

Ashley Pol

DeNeen Williams

Pricey ...NOT my favorite place to go.

J Coughlin

Layla Martinez


Priscilla York

Love the way they wash and fold my clothes i always go there

Meagan Garcia

Melissa Olson

Awful awful awful $2.25 a small load clothes did not spin out so you had to increase the dry time and money to get clothes moderately dry.It left rust stains on my clothes, the employee was incredibly rudeand not helpful there was absolutely no one in the facility but she still yelled at me for using 2 rolling carts. I will never return


Clean and great prices

mokey lokey

Cleanest laundry mat in town, professional. Cheapest wash and dry as well. Most of the staff is great and very helpful. And they have way better managment now! This place is getting better and better

Andre Burrus

This laundromat is very clean , always have a good experience, the new owners are awesome. The employees are very friendly and helpful, there is a laundromat by my house and I will still take a drive here the 3 times a week I come .

Desislava Velkova

Joline Carpenter

Nice clean laundromat, friendly staff.

Beth Hooper

Jerri Mcelwee

Very clean and nice. Never spent $20. In a laundromat for only 2 people though. That said I will come back cause you get what you pay for!!!! Please get everything fixed. Too many out of order signs on the washers and dryers.

alex gyorgy

**********Best and cleanest Laundromat in Town.**********

Patty Neidhardt

Dryers do not heat, put in $2.00 to dry, no one around to let know..

Sarah Kent

Was running late for work and the laundry mat attendant said he would help me by putting my small load behind the counter. He told me not to worry, that it would be done by the time I got off work. Regretfully, I trusted him....WRONG CHOICE. All my things were missing when I got there and had to go home without any blankets or sheets, not to mention the anguish my daughter felt when she didn't get her baby blanket back that she had since she was born. The owners not only don't hold responsibility, but wont even look at the security tapes to help me find who stole my things. Looking at the reviews, they don't care about their laundry mat, their customers, their services, or what kind of employees they hire. Do Not Trust This Place!!!!!

Kelly Turner

This is not a 24 hr laundromat, as Google advertises.

Holly Gomez

Staff was ok but argued about a broken drier saying it was too full and that's why there was an error. Had to show it got the same error empty to get my money back. Clothes were not properly spun in the washers so took forever to dry. Dryers were not very hot. Many of the machines were broken. Was clean for the most part and the lady was cleaning. Went to this place because it was close, next time I'll drive the extra ten minutes to Spring Clean Laundry where we usually go. .. in and out in an hour. This place took about two hours. Ugh

Sharon W.

I was here in late July, passed through from out of town and our camping stuff needed a good washin'. Astrozon was clean, the staff was friendly and helpful, and they have tons of machines so it was nice knowing I wasn't going to need to wait for a machine with all the stuff we needed to wash and dry. The automatic opening door was a nice feature at the front too; it made it easy to enter and leave with full hands. This place was easy to find and if the vending machine snacks don't curb your hunger/thirst, there's lots of food options nearby.

Michael Sterling

Great place for doing laundry! Manager is very conscientious and knowledgeable of the equipment! They offer free laundry detergent every Wednesday! This facility is customer friendly!

Ayla Cantu

This place sucks. Go somewhere else if you can.

Charity Beauchamp

I cannot state enough how horrible this place is. While washing my clothes, one of the washers malfunctioned and got stuck in a locked state. Contrary to what the establishments signs say there was no one working and no numbers to call for assistance. A sign on the front desk instructed us to leave a detailed note,so we did both sets of names and numbers with a request to call us and we would come get our clothes. We left for several hours with no contact and decided to go in just before they closed at 930 pm. Still not attendant but someone had been there and placed a note on the machine we had been using saying it was broken. So we left another note requesting a call. The next day my partner stopped by after work around 730 to see if anyone was there, again no attendant so he left another note requesting contact. Keep in mind all these notes had been civil, dare I say even kind. We decided to check in again around closing time that evening to see if someone was there and finally an attendant was present. My partner walked in and said hi, we are here to pick up our closed they were locked in a washer and the woman responded with are you the one who left the note. He stated yes and at that point the woman proceeded to yell "don't freaking cuss at me, I was in the hospital for two days!" Taken a back my partner just said uh that wasn't me the woman said oh and just handed our clothes, granted they were clean and foldes but no mention of the 10 bucks we wasted on a broken machine. I will never return to this laundromat!

Jordan Smiley

Out of 62 dryers, only 26 of them work. Let alone they are scattered so you have your clothes drying at different locations. Don't waste your time here. Hardly no parking

Ms S

So typically I won't write a review period if I had a bad experience anywhere but be warned. I had just gotten off work wearing my business attire when I take in 8 loads of laundry. I went to the coin machine to change a $20 bill. I ask the woman who's sitting in the office if the coin machine works, she looked over at me and said "Yeah" with an attitude. I ignore the behavior and continue to the washers to load my clothes. She walks over to the washer I'm loading and tells me to take my pillows out, I explain that there are no pillows in there. She then begins to tell me that I need to take my "ghetto ass" out of her facility. I smile and say gladly. I then calmly ask if she is the proprietor of this facility, she responds by telling me to leave before she calls the cops. I then offered to call them for her since at this point she flaring her arms in my face and yelling at the top of her lungs. She proceeds to follow me while I load my things and yells for a man to escort me out. I couldn't help but laugh at the situation because I was calm and peaceful while this woman in her oversized t shirt that fits like a dress and her flip flops has lost her composure and wants to reiterate that she owns this business. Don't waste your time or money here. I've been there twice & the first time my clothes didn't even get cleaned.

Mr Tatum

Dryer 80-85 the best

Kristina Lipsky

Paid extra on my whites load for an extra spin, clothes still came out soaked. Put my clothes in the dryer for over an hour each load, and STILL didn't dry.

Megan Luttrell

Went to wash bedding. Cant wash pillows. Half the big ones were broken. And someone left their laundry in the big washer the entire time I was there.

Leits Sua

A great place to get your laundry done fast.

Chloe Wood

Went here before I got my house. The owners were so friendly and the prices were very reasonable. If my washer ever goes out, this is where I'll be.

Flooring Contractor for hire

Evelyn Brillar

Awful place, EXTREMELY disgusting!! Waste of time and money. More than half or the washer and dryers are broken!! Nothing is ever fixed. They have 2 raggedy dogs that just roam around the place. And I think the place should seriously be under investigation because I've seen drug deals happen in there with one of the attendants with her children right in front!!! Also there is a man in there who is always playing on thier video games (LIKE A LAZY BUM) while the girlfriend is working and the baby is screaming thier head off. EXTREMELY unpleasant, and unprofessional!!!

Pazifika steven

Nice, clean n affordable

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