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REVIEWS OF Swiss Avenue KinderCare IN Tennessee

Milissa Martin

Bracken Ihrig

My son loves it here! The staff is wonderful and very welcoming. We recently switched to this center from another KinderCare because it’s much closer to home and we are impressed.

Felicity Haugen

Like a family here! Swiss Ave. KinderCare cared for my child like their own. We continued here even when we could have had the free Metro Pre-K, because the additional programs were preparing her so well for Kindergarten that we didn't want to leave. They even have a school-age program for before and after school!

Rachel Hudgins

I can not say enough wonderful things about this center! The staff have welcomed both of my children with open arms. Their communication is great and they treat my children like their own. The company recently released an App where you can monitor your child's daily meals, changings and activities. The teachers are constantly updating information and uploading pictures. This app and the great staff have both made the transition away from my babies a lot easier.

Nico Ihrig

We are not new to KinderCare but new to KinderCare Swiss and we could not be more impressed with this center. For only being here for little over a week, I have seen improvements with my Son's vocabulary and overall happiness when i pick him up. I am very excited we were able to become part of the KinderCare Swiss Family.

Tracy Hanna

Love them! The staff and directors are great and my daughter loves going to school every day and I feel safe and confident leaving her at Swiss Ave Kindercare.

sarah Ibarra-Scurr

This is the best place for childcare in Nashville. The staff are loving, professional, and offer stellar education programs for the children. My children have benefited greatly from the time they have spent at Swiss Avenue. They love going there and I have never felt more comfortable dropping my children off.

Gigi Starr

If you are considering child care... This place is awesome! It's a little costly, but worth the money if you have it!!! They are excellent with children. My child is now in kindergarden and is doing great because of the way this facility implements education, social skills, and caring for others!!!

Sha'Nisa Bradford

Despite the negative comments I have worked for KinderCare for about 6 months now and even though we have minor issues we have the best teachers ever because we actually put the kids before ourselves personally speaking I have things going on in my life but when I walked into KinderCare I put everything aside just to deal with the children in their issues and their problems because I'm most concerned with what's going on with them instead of myself I love being around them I love the children and the environment that it brings they always keep me going I never have to worry about if it's going to be the constant same yeah I do agree that the location could be renovated that will make things much easier but since it is not that way we make the most of it and we make sure that the children are well taken care of I know that for a fact even though I don't have children of my own I know what's expected if I was a parent I wouldn't want my child in the situation where they are put In Harm's Way my best friend is actually the teacher for infants now and she is always getting compliments from the parents I have never gotten any bad remarks from parents neither because I always make sure the me and the parents have a very close relationship because in order to understand the child you have to understand the parent and in order for you to bond with that child even more you have to bond with the parent even though the parent is not their long like the child it's still best to make a relationship with them as best as you can I don't take my job for granite and I'm very grateful to have it I believe that God has put me here for a purpose I want to be a child psychiatrist and working here KinderCare has really gave me Joy I have an impact on them but they have a greater impact on me.

Joshua Bishop

We could not be happier with Kindercare! We had to make a sudden change for our kids and they've accomodated us so wonderfully. Jamie and Cassie are always super friendly and helpful. Would recommend this daycare to anyone!

Krista Lopez

My daughter has been at Kindercare for two years now and we’ve had a great experience with both centers. The current location is probably our most favorite as my daughter loves the staff and is always eager to go! This isn’t just a daycare as they have a curriculum and she’s contanstly coming home showing me what she’s learned. The previous center lacked consistency when it came to staff and this center seems to have it figured out. It’s super important that she has consistency with teachers and we are very happy with our decision!

Masako Jackson

My son started here at five months, and my daughter started at six weeks. Not only did they love it here and stay until age 5 but I loved it as well. The director and staff always went above and beyond for my family. They learned a lot and the option to take additional classes were provided. I would recommend this center to anyone looking for quality childcare and a peace of mind.

Kalondria Harper

Julia Peters

Kindercare is a great place that I feel totally comfortable trusting that my daughter is well taken care of everyday. All of the staff are so loving and nurturing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of childcare.

Nana Gee

I came in here wanting to request information , and possibility of my son starting. I told them that my son has Adhd and Moderate Autism. All I got was a HUGE NOOO.... yeah thanks for the discrimination!!!!!!!! Tells you a lot about this 'daycare'.

susan knox

Our 11 month old has been attending KinderCare on Swiss Ave since she was 12 weeks old. They have been wonderful partners with us first time parents, helping us navigate the different phases of infancy and also providing loving care to our little girl. I have never doubted she is loved and well taken care of. The directors know the kids and parents by name, which shows they care and enjoy what they do, which is so important.


Very good place highly recommend it very happy with the service and the staff they are really nice and proffesprofe my daughter LAYANN is very happy there too... Haval Sami

Michael Butler

The teachers/staff make this a great daycare center by creating a fun, educational and safe environment!

Katherine Bell

I love KinderCare and especially how much they love my son. He is thriving in this environment and I owe that all to the wonderful staff. It is so nice to drop him off each morning and know that he will be well taken care of.

Alessandro Aiezza

Jezabel Vega

I had transferred from Lapetite Academy in 2017 and the KinderCare teachers have always made my daughter feel welcome and loved. They broke her out of her shy shell. I would def recommend this daycare to anyone. Good and loving teachers Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Mary,Ms. Morgan and Ms. Sheri can’t thank you guys enough.

charles .jupiter

My son is thriving at this preschool, he loves his teacher Ms. Kelly.

Nina Bradley

Great staff. Organized. Friendly. I have 3 children here and they pay attention to all.

Kevin Lawrence

Jaime and Cassie run a wonderful center and have a great staff. Every time I set foot in the facility I witness how engaged the teachers are with the children. Our children have only been there for a few weeks and I can already see the difference it has made in their development. Best daycare facility in the area!

Danielle Stensby

I would not recommend this facility to anyone. I fear for the children that are being cared for at this facility. We have had a spot since April of this year, however a series of events occurred the day we were set to drop our baby off that made me take my baby home leaving us at a loss for child care. We have stopped by this facility numerous times and had numerous conversations with these people for months now. We really feel like we did our homework and checked into several facilities in the general vicinity. When we showed up for our baby's first day, they were not prepared for us. None of the workers knew that a newborn was starting that day, or even knew who we were. After standing in the lobby for several minutes, one of the workers eventually called someone and we were ushered into a room with all crawling babies. Two of the toddlers were screaming and crawling on top of each other, one had so much yellow snot pouring out of his nose that he was literally eating it. One of the other babies had his head between the legs of the boppy pillow. My baby can't crawl yet.. she's not even 3 months.. these babies would have trampled her. If she were positioned in the boppy this way, she would have suffocated. They were also adding a 5th child to a room with one adult. Not legal... not ok. When I questioned the lady about this, she said that the other person just wasn't there yet. I asked to speak to the manager and was told that she wasn't there yet. Apparently the main boss was out of town. She should have had someone prepared to greet us on our first day. Again, they weren't prepared. Then the lady quickly grabbed one of the babies and tried to make it lay down in a crib when he was clearly distraught and needed to be held for a few minutes to be calmed down. I was so traumatized by this whole experience that I ended up taking my baby and leaving this facility. I told them I was uncomfortable leaving my baby with them. I feel sorry for the babies in that room. I hope their parents become aware of how their kids are being taken care of and remove them from this facility.

S****** D

One of the best daycares in town!! I would say, My child has been here for two years now and has learned so much from these caring people.

RagaManjusha Vinukollu

Its very difficult to find a place for your kids that you can trust and forget about the kids... Letting others know about our experience is the least we can do for everything Jamie and team at kindercare has done to us for our daughter... Kindercare makes me work whole day forgetting about my 3 and half year old..we joined her here when she came from India at the age of 2 year 4 months... She hardly understood anything other than "What is your name" in English...Cut to one year...she doesn't answer in our local language now... she speaks and understands English fluently now ...Its not just communication and language...there was not a single day I had a negative thought about the care being given to her .. I still remember the first day she was crying in the play area outside and we were watching from our car...this was the first time she was out of home from birth and for her personally not only teachers were new ..language everyone spoke was new...people were looking different than she was used to see back in our country...but it took no time for her to get bonded with the teachers..after the first day we never found the need to watch her from the car... because we know she is in best hands..infact now she has bonded to the team so well that i have to ask the teachers to talk to her as she feels to listen to them than me :) .. she talks about her teachers and friends in sleep.. As parents what else we could ask for than the attention to detail the faculty shows on our kids... Teachers here strive to work on improving kids each and every habit ,be it eating, talking, sharing, what not... She learnt to eat american food in here..coz we eat our food at home...All this in just a span of a year... What else a parent can ask for.... I am so proud my daughter goes here :) Thank you Jamie and team for everything..convey our special thanks to Ms.Paige and Ms.Tamera who helped her get used to the environment in initial days.

Paola Lezcano

My daughter has been attending this daycare since she is 5 months old, she is two years old now. I love all the teachers who took and take care of her every day. She spends a lot of hours there and she is always happy when I pick her up AND she is learning tons. :)

Nicole Roney

I can't say enough great things about the teachers and staff here! They are so warm, welcoming, and willing to help. My baby is so happy there and learning so much!

Ryan B

The teachers and staff here are exceptional. I was very impressed with the number of years of experience they had, many of them over 15 years. My kids have really bonded with their teacher and don't want to leave when I come to pick them up!!!

Kelly Gabbard

I have worked in many child care settings and I LOVE working for KinderCare learning centers. I love all the thought and work that goes into creating an environment that builds and strengthens the child as a whole. KinderCare strives to work with all types of families and issues they may be facing. It takes a village to raise a child and we love to be a part of that village! In response to the comment regarding the special needs child, I am so sorry that you felt you were descriminated against based on your child’s needs. We have many children with special needs that we work with. I can’t believe someone would turn you away and I encourage you to give us another try!

Candy Seagraves

My child has been at Swiss Avenue Kindercare since he was 15 months old. He's a school-ager now and i dread the day when he can no longer go. Kindercare helped get him prepared for school and provided him with daily love and care while I was at work. I consider it a blessing that we found such a fantastic place to keep our child.

Casey Manus

We've been a part of the Swiss Avenue Kindercare family for almost 8 years, and when I say family, that's what I mean. The director (Jamie) and team have always been great to us and we know our kids are safe, loved and well instructed. Some of our best friends are other parents of students and it really is an extended family.

Kimberly Glenn

I went for a visit and I couldn't believe the place. It was disgusting. The floors were dirty, it smelled and even though there were signs clearly stating that infant areas were not to be entered to with shoes on, they told us to trample right on in. The teachers and personnel looked so sloppy! The infant teacher's pants were two steps from falling down. No good! There's also the location of one of the infant spots. It's not really a room but like an area blocked off by a quarter wall in the middle of the toddler room. With all the noise the toddlers were making, I found it hard to believe those babies could get adequate sleep there. No thanks - my baby will go anywhere else but here.

Shelby Riann

My son loves going here. Great preschool.

Velente Hood

Great school and even better teachers/instructors...... My daughter has truly enjoyed her experience here.

Kelly Eldridge

My family and I love our child care center but more importantly, our daughter loves it too! There's no better feeling each morning when dropping my daughter off at daycare than to know she is safe AND HAPPY.

Jesse Lawson

We could not imagine our child not attending KinderCare. Since day one (more like day 120 since our son has been going since he was 4 mo. old) we have felt so comfortable and confident with our son attending school here. Jamie, the director is absolutely the best. She is so good at what she does and her door is always open. She has a staff that reflects who she is and what KinderCare is all about. The Asst. MGR Cassie is equally incredible. She is so good with the kids. Our son has had lots of teachers throughout the years, Elizabeth, Sydney, Morgan, Wendy and Kelly. They have all been great and we would not change a single one. Our sons hands down favorites are Ms. Tamera and Ms. Mary. They always seem(ed) to make time for him in the morning when he didn't want us to leave and they both just have that quality that you can't teach or learn when it comes to child care. I highly recommend this location.

Julia White

I have been my daughter here since she was eight weeks old. I have peace of mind when she is here. Everyone is incredibly nice.

Stephanie Hernandez

I honestly don't know how people have negative things to say about this facility. Not once have I ever had a problem with the staff or the facility itself. My daughter started when she was 1 1/2 years old, she's now turning 4 in 2 months. My son also went there when he was 3 months old, he's now 1. For financial circumstances we couldn't keep both in at the same time, but this place is amazing! My daughter is still currently there and is always ready and excited to play with her friends! Soon she'll be enrolled to start Pre-K and my son will head back in. They take excellent care of my babies. I don't trust any other daycare to watch my kids. I myself use to attend when I was younger. So that's another reason I decided to take my kids here. Familiar faces and familiar surrounding, what more could I ask for? Mrs. Jaime and her staff are #1!!!!!!!!

Noelle Tabor

My son has been going here for 3 years and I will be very sad when he has to move on. This day care has a feeling of family with a very low turnover ratio in students and in staff. When my son walks out at the end of the day he says good bye to everyone! I love that this has come to be a safe place for him to learn and play. Over the past few years I will drop in at random at varying times throughout the day and I’ve always been impressed. In fact I often catch the teachers actively playing with the kids or reading to them. If they are not actively engaging with the children I ALWAYS find them present in some manner and keeping a watchful eye on the class. Of course no school is perfect but any concern I have had is addressed quickly and in person. I am a very picky momma and I would pick this place again if I moved back the clock a few years.

Molly Jenkins

This place is exactly what we need - I could never say enough good things about it! Jaime, Cassie, and their staff are incredibly kind, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and professional. As a foster parent, we needed a place that would be flexible to admit our boys and handle the paperwork with the state, they were so patient and helpful in this process (even when it was a headache and I didn't always know what I was doing!) Our teachers have been so helpful in the raising of independent, joyful, intelligent kids! They give tons of TLC when needed, and have high expectations so the kids grow and learn! Mostly I appreciate the diverse families that are represented and loved in this place. Warms my heart to see my kids growing up alongside kids and families of all backgrounds! I know every child is taken care of well and treasured by the staff and teachers. Thank you, KinderCare Swiss Ave! I'm a huge fan.

Anne Calkins

We love KinderCare. All the staff members know our 7 month old son well; he has been attending since he was 3.5 months old. He is happy when he gets dropped off. They do an excellent job feeding him (he is a fussy eater at home). He learns from the other babies and is meeting all his milestones early. He loves exploring around the classroom, where the babies have free range. He had some troubles sleeping originally but acclimatized well. All the babies have their own cribs. The staff also has a large supply of boppies and other pillows that keep the babies who don’t sit well very comfy. We frequently pick my son up towards the end of the day, and we see the staff doing thorough cleaning at the end of every day. We get informative sheets with nap times, feedings, diaper statuses carefully detailed. They have taught him some skills we would not have even tried, like holding his own bottle. They take adorable pictures of him on a regular basis. The manager of KinderCare has been very understanding when we had to change his initial start date while my in-laws were in town. They have competitive pricing and permit 1/2 fees due when the baby will be out for a full week, which is great for when my in-laws visit and want to spend time with him. Overall, we are very happy with KinderCare. I highly recommend it to everyone I talk to about it.

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