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REVIEWS OF School of Rock Germantown IN Tennessee

Quinnjeff Sabo

Traci Boord

School of Rock Germantown is amazing. Our 12 year old daughter is very shy & in just 4 months performed in her first gig Friday night. First vocalist for one song and 2nd guitar lead in another. She loves learning there & is doing so much more than we expected. If you're considering music lessons for your child, I would strongly recommend School of Rock Germantown.

Kate Reddan

Our son did the modem rock summer camp. Great instruction and great week. Thank you!


School of Rock Germantown is awesome! My son has been playing guitar for about 8 years and attending the SOR for 4. The last 4 at the SOR have brought out a true love and passion for music. The teachers/show directors/and owners are amazing at teaching and encouraging kids to explore all types of music through their programs. Before the SOR my son liked playing guitar but after being there with all the kids that are like him we recognize that this has been absolutely the best thing we have ever done for our son!!!

Chris Gillespie

Courtney Bowman

Diana Childers

Amery Ewing Moore

Best place ever-made my daughter fall in love with the guitar

Betsy McDonald

I love that School Of Rock provides an opportunity to learn music coupled the experience of performing onstage. My son started taking guitar lessons at School Of Rock in Germantown, Tn. I think that the performance experience kept him dedicated and gave him self motivation to practice. After watching him have so much fun with it, I joined the adult program (and after years of studying piano with little or no result), finally learned to play and enjoy music. I love that the programs match you up with people of similar skill levels in a nonjudgmental and encouraging environment. Watching yourself as well as the others that you are grouped with learn and improve is both encouraging and motivating as a musician. Thank you to the entire staff at Germantown School Of Rock. You rock

Anita Barnett

It has boosted my daughters self esteem, she's made lots of new friends and her musical talents have improved tremendously!

Sarala Subramanian

This is a great place for those who love music. I am basically from Tamilnadu India and not aware of 99% of English songs but I sing, can you imagine? My teacher Ashton Riker is so passionate about music and have loads of patience to teach. He is awesome and always smiles inspite of his busy schedule and makes me comfortable in singing. He believe me and I hope I could come up to his belief. And our luck, he is our band music director. Coming to band, I am the only real fresher without any music background. Our band friends are great with music. I always have something to learn from each and everyone every week , feel like kid and it's fun.

Serena Comeau

Where everybody feels like a RockStar!!!

Brooke Justice

Michelle Allen

Stacey Brandl

Awesome place for kids to learn about music! It's not the normal lessons and then an end of the year recital. The kids perform several times a year and they get exposed to lots of different artists. My daughters have learned to appreciate all aspects of a song and have come to love the music I grew up with. Everyone at School of Rock Germantown is great at what they do and I would defiantly recommend them!

Shannon Engelberg

Mohua Lahiri

My kids have never enjoyed music as much as they do now, once they joined School of Rock. They joined when they were 10 and 14 years old, and that was the first time, that they were excited about going to a class and look forward to it. They are now 12 and 16 years old and they just love it. Everyone out there is very nice and helpful and encouraging. It is an excellent place to nurture your talent. I highly recommend School of Rock, Germantown.

Emily Medlin

My son has been involved in SOR Germantown for almost a year and we have been nothing but happy! He is learning so much and is being exposed to so many different genres of music and performances. The shows that they put on are top notch and the instructors are wonderful! I would definitely recommend School of Rock Germantown to anyone interested in furthering their musical abilities!

Sandi Stoll

My 16-year old son has been taking drum lessons since the age of 8, but it wasn't until getting involved with the School of Rock Germantown that his love for music truly took root and became his passion. He has been at the school since it's opening and I cannot say enough good things about Ken, Sallie, and all of the instructors there. The atmosphere is fun, nurturing, and challenging. The opportunities that these young musicians are given is just mind blowing! They are gaining musical knowledge and instruction, but so much more. Ken and Sallie truly rock and the School of Rock Germantown is our favorite place!

Amanda Asbell

School of Rock is amazing about instilling the passion of music in kids. My child comes home wanting to practice and get better because he enjoys the type of instruction School of Rock provides. By focusing on real songs, but son is engaged in the learning!

Sean Abel

Just an amazing place with wonderful instructors. An entirely different approach to learn, music, and performance )ĺlll>>u

Lisa Rouse

Sheri English

We love Germantown School of Rock. It is so awesome watching the kids' musical ability, self esteem and friendships grow.

Eli Trapp

My daughter loves going every Monday at the little wing program! Her father is a guitarist and was so impressed she could tell him ever part of his guitar and they learn the coolest songs ! The Beatles , queen , etc. it's awesome !

Bev Shelley

We love SOR! My 8-yr-old son has finally found an extracurricular activity that he is thrilled about. He can't wait each week for drum lessons with Jeff & band practice with the other young musicians. He especially likes the lounge area for students only-no parents allowed ;-) Such a fun atmosphere for kids to be a part of.

Dennis Roberts

C Conn3

My daughter has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in music The school of rock has given her the experience of performing and collaborating with other like minded teens under the guidance of instructors who are also active in the Memphis music scene. In addition to learning a lot she has also made some great friends

Anna Butler

We love the program at School of Rock and Jeff is a great teacher! Gavin is learning super fast!

Offeredrook 1402

Rhonda Guess-Morrow

I'm very impressed in all aspects of SOR Germantown! They have very experienced, professional instructors; they schedule concerts appropriately, & they are good people! Very flexible, understanding, & will do what it takes to meet the needs of their customers. I am so excited that I found out about SOR, I only wish I had known sooner!

Steve S

School of Rock Germantown isn't just a corporate franchise with some vague purpose of playing music. It's run by great people, and they have a very specific purpose: to teach your kid how to rock. You'll get to know people like Ken (the owner), Kris (show director), Jeff (house band director), and many more who love music and are passionate about sharing it. These people will take your child's natural talent and focus it like a laser on becoming a great musician. A musician with talent and stage presence. There is a long list of things that make playing live music difficult. You have to get a band together, book gigs, find a place to practice, etc. As an aside, try finding a parent that has the space and the patience to allow a big rock band to practice in their house. Once you find that parent you have to find neighbors that like it as well because it is LOUD :) That is all taken care of by School of Rock. All your kid has to do is play. In a way it's just like sports, all you have to do is practice and play, the league sets up everything else. It's perfect because all of your kids energy is directed toward music, not logistics. Our son started off in the regular shows, then auditioned for the House Band. He made the cut and got a tremendous amount of experience playing in front of live crowds at places like BB Kings, Club 152, Miglewood Hall, and the Hard Rock Cafe among many others. He then went on the summer tour where he and his house band friends shredded in front of crowds all up and down the Mississippi River. They played gigs in St. Louis, Chicago, and even the worlds largest music festival: Summer Fest in Milwaukee (headlined by bands like Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers). It was an AMAZING run for those kids to play so much and for such a wide variety of audiences. I can tell you that School of Rock Germantown is a big part of my kids life, he will forever remember it as a tremendously fun period of time where learned and played, made a bunch of great friends, and also gained a deep base of experience in playing live music that he'll retain forever. If your kid wants to play, this is an AWESOME outlet for his or her musical energy and curiosity. Some kids will even discover an inner "rock monster". If that's the case, hang on tight because you could be in for a wildly fun ride that will see your kid playing in front of thousands of people and touring the country this summer. The only limit is how bad the kid wants it. If your kid loves music and practices like a madman, then his success is guaranteed. My kid is eighteen now and moving on to college. They played to a packed house at Neils last night and I kid you not, when my kid came off stage last night he had ladies I've never seen hugging him. THAT my friends, is confirmation that you've attained rock star status.

Joe Casey

I like the immersive experience my daughter receives at School of Rock. She doesn’t just learn music, she learns performance and stagecraft.

Mollie Smith

My kids love School of Rock!!!

Jamelle Magee

I have two girls at Germantown School of Rock and they both absolutely love it. The owners are incredibly nice and the kids actually like them--which says a lot for teenagers! I highly recommend GSOR and look forward to my girls continuing to grow with them.

Zeke Yarbro

since Zeke started at SOR he has grown musically on the guitar. He has even began his own band in just under 2 years. The SOR Germantown is an incredible place for young kids wanting to learn musical instruments and vocals!


We loved Rock 102 which is a great foundation program that prepares students for performance band and helps build confidence. Our 16 year old son has learned so much more than he would have on his own. He progressed from Rock 102 to performance band in only a few months of learning guitar. Excellent programs! Excellent instructors! We love School of Rock (Germantown)!

Kristi Rogers

My son has been with the School of Rock Germantown since it opened. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this music school!!! From the owners, the directors, the parents, the son has not only grown as a musician, but has learned to take his skills and apply them on stage. It is a great feeling to be able to head to a local venue and watch your kids take the stage in a live show!

Matt Coffey

My son started at School of Rock Germantown last year as a 7-year-old. Ken and his team of instructors do a tremendous job of balancing the growth of a budding musician with the aspects of being a kid. My son loves every minute he spends at SOR, whether it's lessons or rehearsal. The best part is he's learning while playing songs, and instead of a traditional "recital," band members play an actual gig. The concept of providing lessons coupled with learning how to play with other musicians is absolutely terrific. I couldn't be happier with the the staff and the experience, both for myself and my child. I would highly recommend School of Rock Germantown for any parent looking to build the love of music in their child.

Joshua Rosa

Great experience so far. Our little beginner loves to rock.

Hallie Allen

School of Rock Germantown has allowed me the privilege to connect easier with other musicians and learn more and more every day I go there. The nurturing environment, and the instructors that teach there help me with not only music issues, but personal issues. I really appreciate the opportunities I get that are provided by the school. School of Rock Germantown has become a home to me and has had such an immense impact on my life that I couldn't even begin to thank the directors and students that go there enough. I'm glad I chose this School and not any other, because I wouldn't have met my best friends without the wonderful program they offer. One cannot begin to fathom the amount of respect I hold for this place. Thank you.

Leslie Ragland-Gattuso

I cannot say enough good things about the program at School of Rock Germantown! Ken and Sallie Hall are amazing as well as all the wonderful instructors!!! My son has been there since the opening and I am truly dreading the day he ages out of the program. He has made wonderful friends and has been exposed to so many huge opportunities - performing at Summerfest in Wisconsin, singing back up vocals for Jon Anderson of Yes, playing multiple venues here in Memphis and out of town as part of the House Band and Performance groups=WOW. The instruction he has gotten, the nurturing atmosphere, the fun, the knowledge that has been passed on to him and the friendships he has made will impact his life forward in such a positive way. We LOVE SOR!!!

Christopher Perry

I first found out about School of Rock Germantown after seeing a newspaper ad about their Summer Camp offerings. When I spoke to Ken (the owner) on the phone, I explained that my 12-year-old son had expressed an interest in learning to play bass guitar and I thought the weeklong Beatles camp might be a great way to introduce him to the very basics to see if he liked it enough to start taking lessons. Ken agreed that the camp would probably be a great opportunity for my son. He then went on to explain that it was a five-day camp and that on the fifth day the kids would perform a concert live on stage. “Umm, wait,” I said. (I then tried to explain to him again, because I was certain that he had misunderstood me when I mentioned that my son was truly a beginner having never even held a bass guitar before.) “It sounds like this camp is for kids with experience, so I don't think he is ready for it yet.” Once again Ken assured me that my son would be fine and that the camp was designed for true beginners and for kids with some experience with their instruments. So, I ended up signing Zach up and he attended the weeklong camp. He loved it from the very first day, and just as Ken had explained, on the fifth day he and his fellow campers were up on stage performing Beatles songs. Needless to say, my wife and I were totally blown away! That was nearly 3 years ago and the time has flown by. Since then he has quickly progressed in his music abilities and knowledge to the point of being invited to audition for the school's House Band (which he first made last year when he was 14) and being invited to audition for the School of Rock's National AllStars program this year (at the age of 15). Zach just completed the third round of auditions and is currently awaiting word on whether he has earned the school's most prestigious honor...getting to be a member of the National AllStars. I would not hesitate to recommend School of Rock Germantown to any parent who wants to give the gift of music to their child. This is a great concept that has truly changed my son's life!

Peyton Stallings

Jennifer Strasberg

School of Rock has been such an amazing experience for my son and me. My son has learned so much about music and instruments. It has also added to his social skills. I recommend it to everyone!

Kathy Diaz

Cathy Shapiro

The School of Rock has changed my son's life! His musical ability has grown so much, it's mind boggling. And it's not just the music that has enriched his life - it's the friendships he's made, and the confidence it's given him. Ken, Sallie, and all the instructors at Germantown are the absolute best! Don't even think about going anywhere else! Drive out of your way to come to this school. I can't say enough about how much we LOVE the place.

Naomi Bourne

What do I like about School of Rock Germantown? Everything! I'm meeting other musicians and performing at the end of a season of lessons. The adult band I am in just played the Hard Rock Cafe and it was awesome. My guitar teacher is talented and fun to be around. And Ken, the franchise owner, works very hard to make sure all the students get a great experience at the school.

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