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REVIEWS OF The Goddard School of Reading IN Massachusetts

Karen Trunfio

Nathan Green

The Goddard School provides a safe and well structured environment for children to grow and learn in line with a curriculum that they are likely to see when entering school years. We can't thank The Goddard School enough for how happy they made our son during his 2.5 years there, along with positively shaping him into a well mannered young man.

Ronald Steenbrugggen

Excellent, caring, knowledgeable, very professional staff. Beautiful facility, well-maintained. Being a grandfather who recently became permanent guardian of my 4-year-old grandson and had not interacted with that age group in over 30 years, I was very rusty. The entire staff, including the director and owner, not only cared for my grandson but guided me through just day to day living and caring for him. I didn't know what was normal for someone that age and they guided me in a very professional and nonjudgmental manner. I will forever be thankful for their guidance and kindness!

Barbara LaSpina

Thank you Goddard School for helping to raise my 2 boys into wonderful young “little men!” It’s often said “it takes a village” to raise children today especially when you are 2 working parents. We have felt incredibly grateful the past 5 years that Goddard has been part of our village! My older son started Goddard at 3, while my youngest started ~ 1 and in Sept turns 6 and starts kindergarten. The feeling you get walking thru Goddard doors is the same every day – safe, nurturing, loving. The owner Sarah makes you feel like everything is in control (even when your day may not be!), and the manager Cheryl has an amazing gift to listen to your story (including about your children’s illnesses and other questions), while making you feel completely “heard,” and always offers helpful advice and comfort! We have also loved many of the teachers along the way! Some of our favs are Ms Diane, Ms Angela, and my son’s latest teachers Ms Rita, Pam and Jess! The “school” atmosphere provides a warm environment that gets a little more structured and “big” each year. The school, including academic focus, helped my older son be very well-prepared for kindergarten. I am confident my youngest son is very ready too! I remember being concerned that the school is in Reading, while we live in Wakefield. However, 1 or 2 other kids have transitioned with each of my sons to their home school. That said, I feel like Goddard did such a nice job of helping my boys learn valuable skills of “making friends” and “transitioning” that my oldest son had no problem acclimating. And given the extreme difficulty my older son had with “transitions” before coming to Goddard, this was no small achievement! We love what Goddard has done for my sons and our family and can’t recommend Goddard and the teachers/ team enough. THANK YOU Goddard! Happy to talk live to anyone wanting more specifics!

Kristen Flansburg

The Goddard School has provided such a warm and caring environment for both my children (Pre-K (age 5) and preschool(age 4). Our days are long. My husband and I both work and we work pretty far away from our home. Therefore the extended hours of The Goddard School were a must. Early morning drop offs can be difficult, especially since our days are already long to begin with, one bad night of sleep can turn an otherwise calm goodbye into a teary farewell. The open arms of the morning staff made drop-offs a breeze! The teachers always knew when to step in and offer a hand or a helpful distraction. We have been to our fair share of preschools (due to moving residences, or changing jobs, etc). At other pre-school locations, teachers and administrators alike seemed to come and at The Goddard School - Reading we never had to deal with teacher or administrator turnover. The staff is clearly committed to working together as a team and ensuring consistency at this location. Friendly faces were never far away. We love the Goddard School and will miss it.

Andrew Mosher

"I know that my daughter is in safe and caring hands every time I drop her off. And when I pick my daughter up at the end of the day she's smiling and giggling. I couldn't ask for more than that."

Dalia Altarawy

I really had the best experience in The Goddard School Reading. Excellent management and professional stuff. My daughter was enjoying her day at school. I feel she became more social and smarter. The teachers are so professional. Another important point is that every day a report is sent to me showing everything was done at school in details. When I had my baby, I had to start day care when he was 2 months. It was really hard to start day care at that young age. I didn’t hesitate for a second to leave him in the Goddard School Reading. The infant teachers are so patient and experienced with very young age. Actually I learned a lot from them. I felt very Safe to leave him in the school as if I was leaving him at my mom’s house. I wanna thank Mrs. Sarah (the owner) for being so nice to our kids. She’s full of love and the kids really love her so much.

Brian Welch

Our daughter loved her experience at The Goddard School and we wish we could stay longer but we ended up moving to NH. The entire staff was fantastic and the kids adore them! People are constantly impressed by the politeness and advanced speech skills of our 4 year old and I always credit the staff at The Goddard School. We'll miss them!

Barry Cossette

The Goddard School Reading is the right choice for you and your children. We had our two boys in a different daycare and when it came time to get ready for Kindergarten they had no structure to prep their students. We toured the Goddard School and loved their methods for teaching students. We had to wait a few months before our boys could go there. Our oldest son was in their school for almost a year. He went from barely spelling his name to being able to spell his name, beginning to read and overall well prepared for Kindergarten. Our youngest is starting Kindergarten in September and he’s definitely ready. He was in the Goddard School for 3 years. I can’t say enough good things about the teachers and everyone there. I felt comforted knowing my boys are safe and being cared for by people who love them. Don’t take my word for it. Make a tour appointment with Sarah (the owner) and you’ll convince yourself it’s the right place for your family.

Bob Hartigan

The Goddard was a blessing for us. As new parents we were initially nervous about leaving our daughter with strangers; however, the teachers and the management team at the Goddard were caring and comforting every step of the way. We looked forward to reading the daily reports, which described with great detail everything that happened in our daughter's day. Those reports made us feel connected. We felt that the Goddard has a tremendous support system in place and the curriculum was fantastic.

Julie Sabbagh

What did we like about the Goddard School?! Well pretty much everything! We had two kids go through the school and graduate, and both made an easy transition into elementary school. The Goddard School was like a second home for the kids and the teachers, staff, and directors were like family. The kids were always happy there and l was always amazed with what they were learning, and loved to see all the art work they brought home. They have a lot of programs/visitors that come to the school to teach them other important things. For example soccer, petting zoos, karate instructors, dentists. I could go on and on. They even have a garden that the kids help out in. They have well-kept grounds, class rooms, and play areas. We really loved our time spent there over the past 7 years!

Jonathan Trunfio

The Goddard School is in a category at the top of the spectrum in a class of its own. I have been blessed with 4 children who have all entered into pre-k. Two of my children were very fortunate to enroll into the Goddard School. What I like most about the school is the staff, Everyone from the top of the ladder to the entry level staff. This school continuously trains their staff to provide a safe and fun environment. I enjoy the communication and curriculum. They have a long history of providing the highest standards for the children. I have got hundreds of compliments about my children who have attended their school. I hear how advanced they are and now that my youngest daughter has graduated, she is now attending kindergarten. Her teacher is shocked at how advanced she is. The Goddard School played a major role in the success of my children.

Marcelle Payen

My daughter just graduated from the Pre-K Junior program. She misses the school already but is so excited to go to Kindergarten. That is because of the faculty, program and curriculum at the Goddard School Reading is great. The Kindergarten preparedness that was provided was awesome. My daughter self esteem is amazing and she is so ready for K. I am more of a mess. I will miss the cozy home feeling of Goddard. The location is clean, the faculty and owner are great and the program is amazing. It's not a day care they are teaching your children and they help build their self confidence. The faculty is amazing with giving you daily updates on what they taught and read to the kids. They always keep you updated on programs that they feel will benefit the kids and families in the area. What I appreciated also they always kept you abreast if anyone was ill with strep or flu. They taught the kids on daily cleanliness and keeping their teeth so they enforce what you teach. Honestly I can go on and on about this school. My daughter truly had a wonderful experience from Preschool 1 the Junior Pre-K. My only disappointment that they didn't have a Kindergarten! :) We will miss Goddard and the team there.

Rumana Gazi

I can't say enough wonderful things about The Goddard School (Reading). All three of my children attended Goddard and each one had a great experience. The staff is very friendly and professional - they become part of your family! Sarah is truely amazing! We had a sudden schedule change and she was able to accomodate our request the same day! We will miss everyone at Goddard! Thank you for taking such great care of our babies!!

Jules home account G

Our youngest had a great experience for many years.Great care & educational focus, clean facility and play spaces, good security, nice teachers. We wish we knew about Goddard when our oldest was little (her corporate chain daycare was also a multi-room, multi age facility, but just ok, frustrating mostly and terrible after management changes). We really appreciated Goddard's excellent parent/customer service, wide range of hours and an on-site Owner who genuinely cares about your children and their experience.


Our son attended The Goddard School from just over 1 year until 2.9 years old. Overall, we had a great experience there. The owner, Ms. Sarah, is a kind, genuine person who takes the time to interact with students and parents each and every evening at pick-up. The facility is top-notch -- great safety measures, extremely clean, and the owner recently renovated the toddler playground with brand new AstroTurf. The school is modern, up-to-date, and the classrooms are bright and well-decorated. They also do a great job of keeping the classrooms clean and sanitized. (During the entire time our son attended, he missed only 2 or 3 days due to illness.) The majority of staff we encountered were kind, nurturing and professional. Some were more energetic and engaged than others. Some were exceptional and took the time to chat each evening at pick-up, to share special moments or funny stories from the day, or to discuss our son’s progress. The teachers in the Toddler Suite are really great! They supported and encouraged our son through several transitions. During his time at Goddard, he developed independence, learned to manage his emotions, became potty trained and, most importantly, had so much fun! His favorite activities were music & movement, sensory table, art and outdoor play. When our son first started at Goddard, there seemed to be a lot of staff turnover in the first steps/young toddler classrooms (1-2 year olds), which was our only major concern the entire time we were there. The school hosts some nice events like ice cream socials, offsite Halloween parties, and monthly “pizza and pajama” days in support of local charities. They also occasionally bring in special visitors like Curious Creatures or children’s musicians, which are very entertaining for the little ones. Overall, we had a wonderful experience at The Goddard School and would definitely recommend it. Thank you for taking such great care of our son!

Lisa Federici

I had two children at the Goddard School over the course of three years. My children are quite attached to their classmates as well as the staff. We were all always greeted with a smile. Any concerns were addressed immediately. The extra programs such as music presenters, the fire department, dental education, etc. were always enthusiastically shared on the ride home. My son especially loved the Mighty Kicks program (soccer). We also enjoyed the family events such as the annual Halloween party. It was always a nice opportunity to meet and chat with other parents. The Goddard School felt like a true family environment.

Kristen Godsoe

Our daughter is currently in kindergarten and started at Goddard when she was 5 months old. We felt confident in the transition both academically and socially based on her experience at Goddard. Our 3 year old is currently at the school and it shocks us how much he is learning. We chose Goddard because we were looking for more than just a daycare, we liked the structure of the day and all of the time the teachers put into the curriculum and the kids really shows. We feel so fortunate to have made the right decision with our first child going to Goddard, and even though location is not as convenient in doing two drop offs on opposite sides of the town, we would never even consider moving our 2nd child to a different school.

Scott Balicki

They are a wonderful school, led by wonderful staff and teachers. We have had nothing but great experiences during the two years our son has attended.

Veronica He

This is the best daycare our girls have attended so far. The owner creates a very nice environment for both kids, parents and teachers. The owner described herself as a very 'huggy' person, this becomes sort of culture here, everyone's so nice to each other, the kids learn to smile with each other, hug each other, Life is good there:) Besides the 'huggy' culture, my girls, especially the elder one, has been through an amazing transform over there. She has been to other day cares, and had been a very shy, timid little girl, the Goddard in Reading really changes her to a very cheerful, out going girl who love to play with everyone, and everyone loves her:) Just one catch: they always have along waiting list, so if you want to get in, start early:)

Dianna Scanlon

The level of care from the teachers all the way up to the Director and Ownership at the Goddard School is exceptional. I could not say enough good things about our experience. All three of my children attended the Goddard School. My oldest daughter started when the building first opened in their Pre-School room, and subsequently graduated the Pre-K program. My middle child filtered all the way through to the Toddler rooms and my baby in the infant room. We did not have a teacher we did not like and there were many that our children, as well as us parents really connected with. It was so comforting entering the building with a wonderful greeting. But then continuing by entering our kids classrooms and being able to get to know their teachers and have good relationships with them as well. There were great levels of communication with all of the staff at the school. We had to leave the school because of scheduling conflicts, but we would absolutely recommend the school to anyone. Our family had an amazing experience there and we truly miss the relationships we made, they were our second family!!

Donna Shindelman

I am beyond pleased with the care and education my daughter has received at the Goddard School. This is not a day care facility. It is a place where my daughter has thrived in a supportive, caring and educational environment. I have had the good fortune of my daughter starting there as a toddler, then preschooler, finally pre-K. The staff is is constantly seeking the best for your child. The emphasis on good communication and socializing through play and structure is outstanding. I always felt that any and all of the teachers were available for feedback and cognizant of my child's individual needs and growth to allow for a phenomenal experience. I have an older son, who attended a different facility, and can see the difference in how the day to day of Goddard has left a positive impact on my daughter and her ability to transition into the world socially and academically. Thank you


My child has been going to the Goddard School since he was 5 months old. His classmates have changed infrequently and I enjoy this stability for him. I'm certain the children he has spent time with there will be his friends for a very long time. The staff are professional and well trained. They take a sincere interest in my son's well-being and education. I enjoy receiving the daily updates and photos of my son. Now that he can talk, he enjoys recounting to me what he was doing in those photos and can tell me who he was playing with. This helps us to connect at the end of a long day. The security is impressive and gives me comfort. I'm also amazed at how the leadership remembers who all the students are despite there being so many children. I often have a sitter picking up my son and I appreciate that when I'm not there, they will walk him to the car. I highly recommend this school, I wish they had a Kindergarten!

Julie Blanche

The Goddard School in Reading is an absolutely fantastic place! Our 1 year old daughter needed to be placed into day care for the summer and Sarah at the Goddard School immediately welcomed our family with open arms. The teachers are phenomenal and provide an extremely stimulating curriculum for the kids, keeping them engaged and entertained at all times. It is such a clean and safe environment with plenty of amazing indoor and outdoor space for the children to safely roam. You can tell that there is a lot of love in that building and that everyone that works there shares the same desire to nurture and protect all of the kids. We feel incredibly lucky that they were able to fit our family in and cannot wait until next summer when we are sure to enroll again! I highly recommend the Goddard School in Reading to anyone who is looking for a safe, clean, energetic, loving and nurturing environment for their children to spend there days!

Lauren Elefteriadis

Nurturing, caring, enthusiastic and compassionate are words that come to mind when I think about the staff at the Goddard School. We have been part of the Goddard family for 2 1/2 years now, and my kids have experienced the Preschool 1, Toucans, and Flamingos classrooms. When I drop my kids off, not only do I feel that they are safe and cared for, but that they are also growing academically and socially; they love going to school! The curriculum at Goddard is the perfect balance of learning and fun. I couldn't be happier with the level of attention given to each of my children. The teachers and assistants in each classroom are passionate about children and teaching. Communication with all staff has been easy, as they clearly want what's best for all students. I personally love the way Goddard prepares kids for the next chapter in their lives, whether it's the next classroom or Kindergarten. I cannot say enough good things about Goddard. I'm so happy that my kids are part of this amazing place!

Jamie Mais

My kids have been at the Goddard School for the past 4.5 years. We have really enjoyed all the teachers. The owner and director have been wonderful. They are very flexible if something comes up and I need the kids to stay longer. My daughter graduated from preschool last year. Goddard did an excellent job getting her ready for Kindergarten. I love how they send me a daily report to my email with a picture of my son. We are very sad to be moving.

David Riester

Excellent. My kids love it here. Will be sad to graduate

Elena Drane

The Goddard School is an wonderful, caring environment with exceptional teachers. Both of my children attended Goddard and we are extremely pleased. As a teacher myself, I understand the importance of creating a safe learning environment that enables children to perform their best. I feel like we have found that in the classrooms of Goddard.

Jade Green

I cannot recommend the Goddard School in Reading enough. Our son was at the school for 2.5 years and loved every minute of it. All of the teachers/carers were beyond amazing. They genuinely care for the children and have fun doing it. The smiles on the kids faces says it all. Sarah (the owner) and Cheryl (Manager) make sure that the programs provided are of the best quality. The school is always clean, well presented and welcoming. I would highly recommend The Goddard School in Reading to anyone looking for a fun and nurturing environment for their children.

Carolina Pape

I had my 2 year old as a student at Goddard and highly recommend it. Its not just day care – its so much more. The teachers are excellent. Every time I dropped my daughter off they were welcoming and informative. They always give a nice summary of how she did that day. The owner is always there and makes it a point to visit with me when I am there. My daughter learned so much – from vocabulary to manners. The experience really was terrific. There was a great amount of structure and activities and I noticed a tremendous improvement in my daughter while she was there. Its an amazing place and atmosphere.

Catarina Cipriani

It's the last day of my son's 3 years at the Goddard School in Reading and I've waited to write this review until this very last day! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this school is, the staff are so genuine and so highly educated. The school is immaculate..and I mean that in every sense of the word. My son's academics are amazing, he is more than ready for kindergarten and will be sure to be ahead of the game thanks to the Goddard. Sarah (the owner) is the nicest, most genuine person who TRULY cares for your child. Cheryl (manager) is amazing, always warm and bubbly and so welcoming! I cannot say enough great things about this facility. You've got to go here, worth every cent. We will miss you GODDARD family! Thank you for everything!

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