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REVIEWS OF Our Future Learning Center, Daycare & Childcare Allston, MA IN Massachusetts

Scott Lopez

My daughter needs constant stimulation, otherwise she gets bored and then she gets cranky. Thank God for Our Future Learning Center and Grazyna. They don't just give my daughter plenty to do but Grazyna takes the time to give her enough personal attention so that she feels comfortable. There's always something to keep my daughter occupied whether they're reading or coloring or even learning a new language. I'll admit, some of the activities are more interesting to her than others but when it's time to come home, I can tell my daughter has had a full and exciting day.

Elena G

There is general lack of supervision. Our daughter had a few minor accidents - elbow dislocations, deep scratches on her belly because of unsafe stairways. In all cases the reaction we got was the same - "we are sorry, but nobody saw what happened, there are so many kids!". However, the last one was a major accident - our 3 yr old daughter opened up her cheek on the playground, got seven stitches in ER and will have a scar on her face for the rest of her life. Again, nobody saw what happened. We pulled her out right away. Lee the owner is a smooth talker, says all the right things - promises better supervision and monitoring, says he accepts responsibility, but nothing really changes. There are few great teachers, we loved Ms. Sara and Ms. Jean, but other than that the place is a mess.

Anya R

Thank you to everyone at Our Future Learning Center! It is the BEST! My daughter was attending OFLC full-time from the age of 2 to 3-years-9 months old, and then she went on to school (but through the year she kept asking to go back to see her favorite teachers and friends). This summer we brought her back and couldn't be happier!!! We LOVE everyone at OFLC! It is a big daycare, but everyone is genuinely warm and loves kids, so - it feels like a big great family with lots of collaboration and support. The gym space is amazing, and - seems so luxurious, bright and spacious comparing to nearly all other daycare options i have seen in Allston and Brookline (i checked out about 15 of them back when my daughter was 2 and I was choosing the best place for her to go to.) Also, unlike most other daycares - they provide great (cooked!!!) meals - breakfast, lunch and snack. In terms of activities it's great too! - my daughter was learning new letters and new songs every day. She'd bring tons of pictures and projects home, so - for the age of 4 - it's as good as school. My daughter's favorite teachers are Miss Olga, Miss Grojina, Miss Janet, and Miss Malika. We are definitely hoping to come back next summer, and planning on enrolling our younger daughter soon. :)

S Zhang

The daycare has a HUGE indoor child-proof gym! It's full of sun lights, very airy. Quite a luxury considering the location! The kids have so much fun there, not just on days of cruel weather, but on a normal day too. The pictures show less than half of the space. Meanwhile, it does have a outdoor equipped playground. All the classrooms enjoy sun lights and high ceiling. So rare in the neighborhood. It occupies the entire 3rd floor in a building with an elevator and a big parking lot. It is also secured with surveillance cameras and fingerprint lock. The teachers are caring and kind. Very professional and from various background. Many of the teachers can also speak Russian, Spanish, and other 2nd languages too. Rich curriculum, and the provided lunch and snacks are of good quality too. They handle the payment very professionally. Communicate with parents with monthly newsletters for news, events, new hires, lunch menus, and REMINI for photos on a regular basis. And daily report for infants and toddlers. FYI, my kids enjoyed 2 years here before going to school.

Lindsay James

Our Future Learning Center was recommended to us by some friends we respect and trust. But this trust doesn’t necessarily convince a one year old that she would be fine at school without us. On her first day, we were all nervous and she was quite resistant. But the staff warmly welcomed us, encouraged us that we all would be fine, and scooped her out of our arms, bringing her into a new and exciting stage of life. And now after two years at OFLC she cannot wait to go to school and is so sad to leave. Because of OFLC our house is now filled with art projects, stories about friends, and new ideas and classroom skills. In addition to a great learning environment OFLC has provided us a number of other important elements including: · Flexibility for our unique schedule. · A diverse staff who love the kids and have always been willing to give thorough feedback about the progress and development of our child. · Age appropriate curriculum with a great combination of imaginative play and physical activity. · Accommodations for our daughter’s life-threatening allergy Lest you grow suspicious of my glowing recommendation, I will also add that there are areas for the school to improve. Now under new management there are some minor logistical quirks being worked out. And I would love to see more direct parent involvement, i.e. more open houses, invitations to help in the classroom, etc. But at the end of the day what matters most to me is a safe environment where my daughter’s heart, mind and imagination can come to life. Thank you OFLC for providing that environment for our daughter.

Boris Hayete

My two children have been at OFLC Allston (formerly Skazka/Fairy Tale Children's Center) for the last 8 years. The daycare features 3 meals (breakfast, hot lunch, and a snack), extended hours (7:30am-6pm, included in the price), a small outdoor playground, an indoor gym, a music teacher (weekly), a library, and an optional Russian and Math instructor ($60/month each, weekly). The daycare has recently undergone a change in ownership, and has gone from 3.5 stars recently to 5 now, featuring all-new: improved curriculum a second, HUGE gym an art studio possibly a music room (to be determined) OFLC accepts children starting at a very early age (6 weeks or so?). We are very happy with their infant program. We love OFLC! Boris

Becca Mason

The Director is an amazing professional and she made us feel welcomed from the moment we arrived. The gym is a beautiful, sunny space that our child loves to spend time in. His teacher loves him very much and he is happy to be there.

Meeyoung Lee

My two children are in this daycare. Oldest turning 5 and youngest just turning 14 months. Needless to say we have been to this daycare for a long time. This is a loving place for children. Teachers and assistants are very close to the children and they are warm and caring. The new management has been superb at steady rate and visible changes that are positive.They are very much connected to the parents and children and their concerns. It may be tucked away but a gem! Just the thought of my daughter graduating this summer makes me sad... They have grown on us to be part of our family!

Latasha Hillery

They have a new Director Sephora who is amazing and truly caring.

Manuel Pulido

My son has been attending here for the past 3 years but he is now ready to begin public school. He's already telling his sister how much fun she's going to have as she's about to start attending with the teachers he had been with. I'm confident she will have the same positive and enriching experience as my son did and he keep saying he's happy she's at OFLC so he can visit his teachers again and say hi when we pick her up.

Sean Snook

Amazing day care center. Our son was here for almost two years before we moved and we all loved it. Sephora and the staff are kind,caring, and competent. They provided a safe and loving learning environment for our son. Our son came home everyday learning new things. We are truly going to miss this place!

David Nutt

My son has really benefited from his time here these past few months. The teachers absolutely love him and he clearly has the same affinity for them. It seems as if he's learning something new every day and his vocabulary has grown so much in just a small period of time. You don't need to worry the children are just playing all day or actually learning something as my son comes home each day proud to show off the new knowledge he's gained. There is a real sense of community at OFLC, this is a nurturing, caring environment. Highly recommend!

HeungJae Chang

Tameeka Foy

our experience at oflc has been good my daughter has been there for a year and she very comfortable with all the teachers which makes me feel very comfortable that shes there shes 2 and has a vocabulary of so many words starting to potty train we are very happy with the teachers there and looking forward to our new addition to our family starting 2019

Samy Sam

Yukie Chu

I am so thankful to all of the teachers' hard work at Our Future Learning Center. My daughter grows healthily under their cares in the past 3.5 years. She will continue to stay with OFLC. She loves the teachers very much. The teachers also teach them more advance math, spelling, and sciences, etc... according to the kid's individual levels. She has a lot of fun learning new things in the class such as dancing Zumba, meeting the Mr. Karate man and bringing home a free book from special kid's programs every week. She also have a great time outside, eg. field trips with teachers and her little classmates. It is so blessing to have all of this wonderful curricula and teachers with plenty of love in OFLC.

Martin Malone

OFLC is an amazing place! The enrollment process is very smart in that they are careful about placing your child in the right class. Our child is four years old and in the Pre-K program which was a great idea since she's still very shy and worried about being somewhere new without me or my husband. The staff were so patient and welcoming, even when she was reluctant to leave my side. They understand how children think and works to cater towards their concerns and comfort. I couldn't have asked for a better place to send our daughter!

Wills Hickman

My wife and I have a toddler and an infant enrolled at OFLC, and we’ve tried two other daycare options prior to this one. Compared to the other daycare center options in our area, this one was the most reasonably priced with accommodating hours (7:30am to 6pm), open all but the usual holidays, and with the flexibility to enroll children for 2 to 5 days. And we love the staff! The directors (Sephora and Shalian) are warm, accommodating, professional, and well-organized. The teachers are friendly and good to the kids. One of the owners, Mr. Lee, works at this location and has been quite receptive to parent feedback. The atmosphere for the kids is supportive and encouraging, while teaching them appropriate boundaries and habits. The center has a large gym inside and a playground outside, so the kids get to run around regardless of the weather. The classrooms have cameras for use by the supervisors / directors, and the center door opens with a passcode or fingerprint. We appreciate that lunch and snacks are provided for the toddlers and pre-school aged children, as that saves us some prep time. We would swap out some of the simpler carbs on the menu, but understand that accommodating the wide variety of eating preferences while cooking in large quantities and keeping prices low is challenging. Seriously, this place is great!

Richard Gilliland

One of the toughest things to accomplish can be making your child want to get up in the morning to go to school. I should know, I was a tiny terror on my parents when I was a kid apparently, as I was hardly excited about leaving the house to sit in class when all I wanted to do was play with my friends. I can't tell you how lucky we got with OFLC, our son is the exact opposite as I was at his age. He wakes up before we do because he can't wait to see Olga!

Ouliana Bashinova

My son has been attending this school for almost 4 years - he's now in Pre-K class and he loves his teachers, Grazhina and Olga. They both are very caring and fair to all kids in the classroom. We always had great experience with the teachers no matter which group my son attended. I like their learning activities, field trips, concerts, and gym activities. The school also provides food for breakfast, lunch and snack time. Location of the school was excellent for Allston based families. The reason we chose this school was that half of the teachers are Russian and I wanted my son to be exposed to Russian language.

Alex W

Both of our children go to the Our Future Learning Center and we are very pleased with the care they receive there. Our son has a lot of allergies and other health issues, and his teachers were/are always very attentive to his needs. Our son, who is the oldest, is very shy. He had hard time at a different daycare socially, so we were worried about his adjustment after we transferred him to the Our Future Learning Center. However, our worries disappeared after we observed how Lida, his then-teacher at the youngest toddler room, took care of him and made him feel comfortable and secure. In fact, one of the first words when he started talking was "Lida," which shows to us how loved he must have felt under her care. Unlike adults, small kids don't lie! Now Lida is taking care of our daughter and our daughter LOVES going to the daycare. Both of our kids are happy, which makes us happy parents. We also find that teachers are very responsive to our requests as parents. For example, when our son needed teacher’s input for his evaluation, his then-teacher Grazyna wrote the most well-thought and comprehensive report on how he was doing under her care. Other professionals who were assessing our son were very impressed by the quality of this report, that even included our son’s artwork, and found it tremendously helpful. Most teachers we encountered at the center are wonderful, and we would like to say thank you to Lena, Olga, Svetlana and others who we might not know by name, but appreciate for their friendliness and kindness. And Maria, who takes care of the administrative side of things, is very-very responsive to all our requests and questions. We hope that new management will continue the great tradition of the center that focuses on early childhood education, learning through play, and helping children develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and culturally. We hope you will continue doing various events, in which kids can shine and parents be proud, such as Olympic games that your recently had (it was a lot of fun, our son had a blast!), annual Holiday party, and other events for children and parents. Your teachers put a lot of heart into their work and they definitely deserve 5 stars for it! Sincerely, E&AW

Qing Lu

I am a mother of a 10 month baby whom I have been sending to Our Future Learning center (OFLC) (Allston) recently. Knowing that daycare is the place that my baby spends most time in, I made sure that I chose the best daycare center that I can afford for my baby. I chose OFLC because I had great impression on every aspect of this daycare center. The classroom is spacious, bright and clean. The center is well-equipped with everything baby needs including cribs, bouncer, swings and many other things. More importantly, I like their teachers very much, because they are highly professional, well-experienced, and have genuine affections towards babies. I also found it pleasant to communicate with them. My baby loves the teachers there too, and it helps him to quickly adjust to the new environment. Another aspect that I like the center is that the owner and director are always around overseeing the teachers and the center, and their presence and leadership bring more energy and motivation to the teachers. Overall, I feel OFLC (Allston) is a trustworthy place that I can send my child there with a peace of mind. I highly recommend this place to any one who is looking for a quality daycare for their children.

Angelina Reynoso

I wouldn't send my child there had plenty of friends describe their experience and the place is just not safe for our children its just not a secure place to leave your kids in.

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