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REVIEWS OF Kiddie Academy of Burlington IN Massachusetts

Vidani Rodriguez

Raychle Bernoth

I brought my child here and they had a graduation and they ordered 300$ worth of food and I saw that they didn't even give the delivery driver not even 1$ of a tip.. someone had to cook 25 pizzas for us and then drive them all the way there and then you're that inconsiderate? I will be bringing my child elsewhere that's awful

Chris Malladi

Nicole Bennett

I like that there is often more than the state requirement for adults to children. They also seem to have a good variety of activities for the kids. I like the technology (Tadpoles and WatchMeGrow). I feel like my child is safe there with the amount of staff and cameras around.

Kayla Morris

Guoqiang Huang

Krupali Patel

My son goes a to this place. He loves it and we are happy with everything they do. They are very professional and i'm just so glad we found this center. Thank you!

fiona kay

Sravani G

Teruko Rohr

We absolutely love Kiddie Academy Burlington! The staff are great and welcoming and the programs are tailored for my child to strive and learn. Having two gated (and roofed!) outdoor playgrounds (one for the toddlers and the other for the big kids) in the facility also adds to the program. They also have a healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and snacks, making it easier for the busy mom. The facility is also very clean as it just opened in 2015.Their daily reports with our daughter's photos send via email makes it easy to share our daughter's day to grandparents who live overseas and I love that I can check my daughter on the webcam when I need to see her. We live in Arlington and looked at multiple daycare facilities in the area but none of the daycare offered such option. Although we need to travel 12 miles each way to get there, we are very happy we made the decision to sending our daughter there.

Maggie Lockewood

Kiddie Academy of Burlington, MA: Kristy Lee is a teacher at this place and she’s a bully. She’ll scream at the kids and treat them good or bad based on their “cuteness” factor. Kristy is not a naturally warm or nurturing person. This is a warning: if you have to send your child here, don’t placed them in Kristy Lee’s classroom.

Lisa Resendes

Tony Borisow

My two kids have been at Burlington Kiddie Academy for going close to 2yrs now and I have been very happy with the experience. Logistically, the the facility is new, hours are better on the late end than most of the other local facilities, and this is also one of the few day cares that prepares meals for the kid's lunches (very allergy-conscious). And while no day care is perfect, I've had no issues in scheduling time and discussing any issues I have had with the appropriate staff. Personally and most importantly for me the teachers have been great for both of my kids in providing both a good learning environment and a caring environment. My daughter goes out of her way at the end of the day during pick-up to track-down teachers and give them hugs.... while others won't let the kids go without a hug & kiss. My son's teacher in particular has been exceptional, helping him through his special needs diagnosis and learning. All that said I'd highly recommend anyone considering a day are to tour the school and see if it's a fit for you. I also can't finish this review without a rebuke to the pizza reviewer. People like me depend on good, relevant reviews from the online community to help make tough decisions. I fail to see how not seeing a pizza delivery person get a tip is your sole criteria for providing a 1 star review of any learning facility. Did you verify that the tip wasn't pre-paid by the school as part of your investigation?

santoshnano .

Kseniya Slavsky

I toured the school to transfer my kids from another Kiddie Academy location. We love the whole experience of the parent company, the architecture and beautiful clean spaces, the curriculum, the web cameras, the daily emailed reports with photos and the nice healthy menu with breakfast, lunch and snacks provided – very rare among daycares. Their hours at this location are great – 7am to 6:30pm and their rates are among the most reasonable and I’ve looked at something like 15 daycare centers in the area. This particular school is brand new as of April 2015. It’s still wide open for enrollment, also rare! The location is on a very big road, but the entrance and playground are way below street level in a building that’s built into a big hill. The playground is one of the very awesomest that I’ve seen in daycares, large, safe/gated, with real grass and these giant shade canopies over half of each playground. There are two playgrounds side by side for older and younger kids. This ended up being a little distant for us as we’re in a neighboring town, but if our current place doesn’t work out, this is where we’ll go and will be happy to deal with the longer drive for the sake of everything Kiddie Academy has to offer. It’s one of the most civilized looking daycares around (both locations) and so very clean. Their teaching methods have been wonderful for our daughter – it feels like a school, not at all just babysitting. Of course, I based that on the other location, but the curriculum comes from the parent company.

Zoya Derman

First of all, inside scoop about the reviews: Most of them are NOT a reflection of the school, but a show of respect and loyalty for the Patel family who owns the school (we've never met them, they were never on the premises). Other handful of the reviews are solicited by the directors from the few parents they happen to get along with, and those same parents reviewed in several places. Our two kids spent 1 year in this place. We started at Kiddie when we moved to the area, and our current daycare was too far for the commute. The previous daycare was our first experience and we thought it was norm to be a part of the team of caring for our kiddos, involved in their upbringing, discussing successes and strategizing together with teachers to resolve problems. And then we joined Kiddie, impressed by the ratings; the food and the cameras were a huge bonus. Kiddie Academy was a rude awakening. In Kiddie, a parent is not a part of a caring team, they are the enemy. The management does not support parent-teacher communication, or any steps to bring the school community together. Things you will never know: - There are no evaluations, no feedback (tadpoles are super confusing, and nobody knows what all the abbreviations mean there), you will never know how your child is doing. - You will never know if there is anyone who is sick in the classroom, they will keep it very quiet until all the children in the class go thru the virus/etc. Cameras are great, and we loved peaking at our little ones during the day. But they can't help with the things you can't hear. Our older kid is a chatter box, and the things we had to "UN-TEACH" are(straight out of our kid's mouth): - "There are boys colors and girls colors" -"I don't want to be a teacher anymore because Ms. Lauren said teachers don't make much money" - "English is the only language I'm allowed to speak" (later learned that was directed to the group of Chinese kids. Too much to unpack here) - "Ms. Danielle said we can't paint the unicorn because I'm wearing a pretty dress and she doesn't want me to get it dirty. So she pained it herself during our nap" - (after we left the school) "i miss X and Y, but i'm glad the boys don't make fun of me anymore" (apparently she was consistently bullied by a group of boys who made fun of her hair, and nobody EVER noticed) The director team Tina and Heather are the most unprofessional, condescending team who treated me and my husband with an eye roll for every question, not to mention an issue, we've ever had. That became very frustrating, and grew into the need for several official meetings to resolve the issues and the awkward dynamic that grew from it. We got a lot of lip service, like the other parent who reviewed Kristy's bullying behavior, saying that they always have good intentions, and everyone is well-qualified, etc, but in practice, that proven to be not true. Within exception of a handful of teachers, the new hires especially looked like acts of desperation for extra hands. Most certainly did not showed skills of an educators. With all that said, if you child is an infant or under 2 years old, and your kids is lucky enough to join the class with Angelisa and Julia (infant room) or Alyssa and Tiffany (transitional room), your kid is in magical golden hands. Alyssa especially and Tiffany are SIMPLY AMAZING and a reason why this school isn't getting 0 stars. My boy misses them greatly. These teachers are great people and these ones, along with two other teachers from a preschool room (one who always wears a hairband and one with short hair, can't remember their names now, as my kids we not in their class), they seemed to really care about the kids and the work they were doing with them. Final word: When we left, we felt relieved like after a good barf. The teachers and directors don't treat everyone like this, they are very inconsistent and play favorites with kids. Maybe yours will get lucky?...

Kristi Garrod

Vipul Patel

mercedes Mata

Love the staff ! Very professional. The directors Tina and Denisse are just wonderfull they are aware of every single detail . They know my son, His personality ,educational needs. They meet with us to give a report about how my son is doing in class and they both have advices , recomendations and new ideas for my kids. The owners are always present in the facility even they work on a daily basis in the classroom with the kids. They are very receptive, positive and make you feel secure! Love the facility is always clean . They do have many rules and they follow them which is very important . They always maintain you inform! . Call you if necessary. Love the activities for the kids.

Prashanth Atthaluri

This was my son's first day care. He was taken care very well here. We had to move out of town. We miss this place a lot. Thank you Miss Kristi ,Miss Tori and all the wonderful staff here.

Sarah DiBiase Johnson

We really like Kiddie Academy. My daughter has a great time at school and talks about her friends and teachers often. The facility is always very clean. I love that they have an outside area for the kids to play and burn some energy. Overall, this is a great facility for kids. ~Thank you!

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