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REVIEWS OF Burgess Elementary School IN Massachusetts

mohammeb mutar

Jeannine Johnson

Brandon Shedder

Burgess is not as squeaky clean as the teachers might tell you that it is. I went to the school as a youngster. The staff is quite lazy, unhelpful, and rude. I can recall many occasions when office secretaries did not deliver items to students, didn't help me, and acted stuck up. There is the rare kind teacher but most are mean and expect too much from little kids. One teacher whose name I will alter slightly for privacy named Mrs. Deena Thoomas was the absolute worst teacher and person I've ever met. Disgusting little worm. She's so bad there's even a rumor that one day she flipped out on a kid and whipped a desk and stapler at them. Why isn't she fired? I get that there's a teacher's union, but PLEASE can the administery of staff try to stop her behavior. Also, a teacher whose name I will also slightly alter named Lynny Nickleback is a fire demon from the depths of hell who will suck every bit of happiness and enthusiasm for school out of you. She will literally destroy your soul. There's luckily a new building because the old one had missing ceiling tiles, mysterious stains (poop?), two unbelievably long hallways where doors at the ends looked like ants, heating issues, no air conditioning at ALL, and makeshift classrooms made out of dividers you'd see in a low budget office. Some positives were a handful of friendly students and teachers like Maurine McKeon, Emily Parent, Bethany Runnals, Amy Sosik, and Lynn Cahill. Some assemblies were fun but lots were boring. The school nurse, Mrs. Manure was an awful deformed acorn who didn't know how to properly treat kids. I doubt she's even a real nurse. She blamed kids for their mental illnesses and verbally abused me. This is absurd and repulsive. A great person is the music teacher Bob Krilovich who was hilarious but had a short temper at times. But he was usually very fun and uplifting. He had me in tears with his jokes multiple times. On the other hand, there's a crazed music teacher whose name I will slightly alter named Daniel Minchoof who has thrown a drumstick at a child and has had extreme anger outbursts several times. Do not sign up for band, every kid I knew in band was miserable. A lunch moderator whose name I will slightly alter named Julie Ropeak is freaking insane and looks like a crumpled, dried up nut. She yelled at little kids to stop talking every day and once told everyone they were stupid. Another hell demon was Caroll Mackinstroo whose name I've slightly altered. She was rude as heckers and didn't allow kids to use the restroom. She even threatened to rip up kids' papers if they weren't perfect. She was also way too old to be working at the school and took an hour to even turn around. She had no sense of direction and went the wrong way several times only to be corrected by little kids who knew the school better than her. Fry. One of the vice principals whose name I will slightly alter named Jick Canavoon had anger management problems that caused him to scream at everyone in the grade about something only a few kids had done, even though he knew exactly who these kids were and could've talked to them privately. He would harass me about being late and would get red in the face after screaming at kids. He was also spotted by someone at a local bar with a tower of empty beer bottles next to him. Guess you really never know what's going on behind the scenes. It's sad, but he should know not to treat little kids like that to take out his anger about his own life. M'kay? One of the other vice prinicpals named Moory Jaguar whose name I've slightly altered always looked like a dead fish and had a straight forward, cold attitude to match. While I never saw her yell, she always seemed unhappy no matter what. Guess she wasn't daddy's favorite. Oops. A woman we'll call Soozy Colon also had attitude problems and refused to let a kid see the nurse after he was in extreme stomachal pain. Honestly, kinda a crap school. (You cannot sue me for use of any names, they are not the real names and I can't be held legally responsible.) © Copyright Brandon Shedder, 2016

Emily Mclemore

This place is the best place i want

Jonathan Thompson

Not sure why so many folks took the time to write bunk, foolish reviews, so I'll write a good one. It's a public elementary school in Sturbridge. If you live in Sturbridge of Fiskdale, it's where your kids will go for pre-K to 6th grade, unless you take a private or home school route. They have several different teachers per grade because there are a boatload of kids in that school, and almost every teacher has 1-2 (more if needed) assistants to help run the class. Each teacher has their own strength and weaknesses, but the previous year's teacher does their best to make sure the next teacher they get is the one your child NEEDS. The admin staff have been amazing - I'm including everyone from the front office to the nurse to the custodians, etc. They have an after school program and a breakfast program for parents that need to be able to drop off early and pick up later (limited space, but it's great for those that can get in). The library is an amazing resource for the kids, and the school itself seems devoted to keeping up with teaching tech. Burgess is a great elementary school. I work with kids from all over western MA, and can see the edge that kids from Burgess have over most of the surrounding towns, even as early as 2nd grade.


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