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REVIEWS OF Ken Wolfson Interior Design IN Nevada

Kasey Mcelroy

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Ken Wolfson Design. His time management & communication was very impressive. His design of my daughters loft apartment was beautiful. Anyone looking for a designer I would recommend Ken Wolfson.

Greg Dewar

I've known Ken Wolfson for several years, Ken was my client when I was Outside Sales Manager at Elan Collections, a to-the-trade, wholesale showroom of fine furnishings and fabrics, the best showroom in Las Vegas. Ken was always professional, on time for appointments, would call if he was running late or needed to reschedule, as any serious business person would do. Also, when I had the opportunity to see his design projects, they were great! His floor plans were always clear and concise, visually appealing, as were his design plans. If you want your home to be Bold & Edgy, handled in a smooth, professional manner, hire Ken Wolfson Interior Design!

Michael Barrie

Note: Real design is a challenging and time intensive process. I have no clue what axe the 1-star reviewers has to grind, but Ken is most definitely not a scam artist. We had lots of back and forth over the project with Ken pushing us at times and us pushing back for things we wanted to change. That is *literally the process* of working with a designer. anyway... We brought Ken is for a tough project that was a stretch for all of us both in terms of the technology as well as the aesthetic. We wanted to build out our living room and dining room (which were joined), but our dining room was built in the 90's with a huge cathedral ceiling and we don't dine. Thus the logical solution was of course to put in a climbing wall. We came to Ken with a difficult ask: make our living room and climbing wall room blend together and appear classy while still functional. i.e. we didn't want to live in a Gym, we just wanted a climbing wall (the classy kind?). It took a lot of work as most crews in the valley don't build climbing walls, and nobody builds climbing walls meant to act as a focal point for the room with form equaling function. Ken delivered, he transformed the space and turned a bunch of awkward 90's architecture choices into a house we love. He took a purely functional (and often garish) item (and a giant one at that), and blended it into the design. The response from every single person that walks in the house? 'whoa' Ken's team he works with ran a great job site (I work from home so it was great to have them be so professional) and Ken was quick to correct any issues we ran into, so it was all pretty point and click for us. Thanks Ken!

Ricky Breslin

Ken has a great eye for design. He's not one dimensional like most designers. He did a great job picking out everything.

Jeremy Lipshutz

Ken Wolfson is a Jedi-Master of design. About a week after buying our new home, my wife said to me, "I have a great idea." I immediately held onto my wallet with both hands, as her "great ideas" usually precede a huge hit to my savings. She explained that she had found a designer who specialized in making modern spaces out of not-so-modern ones, and that he was coming to meet with us. She showed me his website, and it was immediately apparent from his portfolio that he was a magician at creating a modern feel with only a few simple design moves. My wife met with Ken the next day at our new home. She and Ken had so many ideas for modernizing and improving the house that I am amazed neither of their heads exploded. Ken quickly understood Renee's taste, and incorporated that flawlessly into his designs for our new-and-improved home. The scope of our project changed frequently, more at our insistence that Ken's-- he is extraordinarily skilled at using the available canvass of the space and creating a new feel with only a few design moves, which we did in several areas of our new home. But we did expand the project to encompass a complete redesign of our kitchen, master bath, and theater room, as well as a complete repainting of the inside of the house to white, and replacement of all of the flooring throughout the house. We also nearly completely refurnished the house. Ken was a rock-star about incorporating our whims and our fluctuating scope into his design. He is a perfectionist, and did not allow us to make design mistakes for either budget or timing reasons. He was very good at looking at not only the intricate design pieces in the project, but also the big picture of the overall design of each area and the entirely of our home. Ken has an encyclopedic knowledge of construction, and interfaces extremely well with the construction crews and management. In our project, he functioned as the general contractor, and kept the team on-time and (relatively) on budget. The closest thing to criticism of our project --and it really isn't criticism at all-- is that Ken is an artist. He understands completely that he is designing for his customers, and wants all of his clients to be happy, but he simply cannot be rushed to finish a design. When I was in high school, struggling to finish an assignment at 3AM, I can remember my father coming in and saying, "Done and bad is better that excellent and not done." Ken does not share this view. Although many of the other reviews on his business on the internet extoll the virtues of Ken's ability to swoop in at the last moment and create a phenomenal space for a short time period, such as an awards show or meeting, we found that because our house will be our "forever home," Ken took the time to make each and every design choice, no matter how seemingly small, to the best of his ability as a designer and artist-- he spent fifteen hours on the internet picking out our ottoman!. And even once decisions had been made, Ken would not hesitate to review the design and listen to the little voice in the back of his head that told him something wasn't perfect, so that we would make changes later in the project-- we even completely changed the color of the tile in the foyer on the day it was supposed to be tiled; and it looks AMAZING! We are now finally at the end of our design journey with Ken. Walking into our house feels like walking into a $10 Million dollar penthouse loft in Manhattan. I cannot express to you how complete the transformation of our home has been. Ken has truly completed a masterpiece within our walls. If you are considering any project, no mater how massive or tiny, and you do not call Ken Wolfson to oversee your design, then you are a fool. He will create an extraordinary design for you, and see it through to perfection. I couldn't be a more satisfied customer!

Kathleen Dunbar

Michelle Daigre-Fulgencio

Let me start off by saying this, if the ability to give ZERO stars was an option, I would absolutely do so. I started off researching designers for my boss with them wanting to design the interior of our new office spaces, and the interior of their new homes they just purchased. I set up the meeting with Ken and my bosses, and at that meeting they discussed what they wanted done with each property [ I was not at that meeting]. Plans and visions were discussed- and design fees totaling $35k for 4 properties was established and a check was written for said amount. Deadlines were created but NEVER adhered to. Over the next week or so, my bosses were out of town and Ken was to deal with me and address me with anything. I received very little to no communication on his end. When I did reach out to him, he circled around topics that weren't being discussed. After a second meeting at one of the new properties after my bosses returned, he stated he would be giving them temporary furniture until the house was done- which should of been done as we speak but till now it's not. We've received one design plan- that was supposed to be redesigned because it wasn't what was discussed. Another check was written for $11k to purchase furniture that was agreed to by my bosses, which he gladly took. Ken didn't adhere to any of the deadlines he put out. Ken didn't communicate with any parties involved very well, and wanted to do everything his own way. Ken didn't follow the idea or design scope that was talked about on the clients end. Ken failed to answer calls AFTER he received the second check of $11. Ken was told he was off the project and was required to give us the money back- now he refuses to answer any our calls. I think it's safe to say he is a SCAM ARTIST who is ready to take your money and run... SO PLEASE BEWARE. ALSO, his address on yelp is NOT an office, it's a PO BOX.- he has no office. This " LA Inspired" designer has nothing but a greedy tongue and fast fingers. PLEASE WATCH OUT

Reed Cooley

With great disappointment I write this review, and I feel compelled to share my latest experience with Mr. Ken Wolfson and his interior design company. I initially hired Mr. Wolfson in Nov 2017 to decorate my house with furniture, window treatments and various art and accessory pieces. Between Nov 2017 and May 2018, he successfully completed most items of 4 sales orders. In Oct 2018, we signed our 5th sales order project. As was his procedure for all of the orders, he collected the material cost up front, and the delivery and installation fee remained due upon completion. This project should have been completed by the beginning of 2019, accounting for back order delays and holiday scheduling, and his communication with me indicated as much. However, January went by with no communication and in February, he said he had been in the hospital and has fallen behind. From February to April, there are more delay excuses and finally in May 2019, the communication stopped altogether. For the past 4 months, he has answered none of my phone calls, e-mails or text messages. There are other negative reviews of Mr. Wolfson beginning around the same timeframe, Oct 2018 and beyond. Prior to that point, we had a positive and successful working relationship, but something has definitely changed with this business, and I certainly cannot recommend him for any of your home design projects. Reed Cooley

Jenna Zwagil

Ken does not listen to the clients wants and wishes and turns your design project into his own opportunity to showcase himself. I created a Pinterest board which he was “too busy” to look at prior to developing his plans, he wasted several hours of my time and my business partners time by creating unnecessary things we didn’t want, he required us to pay up front and did not deliver. He charged us $46,000 up front for his “design fee” and furniture we didn’t receive. He promised to show up in time but bails in deadlines, and now we are facing litigation to get our money back he won’t return. Waste of time, waste of money, I regret choosing Ken a million times over. DO NOT HIRE!!

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