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REVIEWS OF Restoration Hardware IN Indiana

Sandrea P

Berend van Roijen

Easy parking, good signage. Friendly and knowledgeable staff took the time to help us find the right piece and fabrics for our home. Not cheap but the selection and quality is hard to rival. Check into the RH membership for discounts and do as much of your RH shopping in 1 calendar year as possible!

Sam Casey

nutted instantly

Matt Mather

Amazing space!

Mary Barnes

This place has made my house beautiful . Love this store !

Pete Mitchell

Inna Rudneva

Super cool furniture store! My fiancé and I had a wait for the 3 Arts Club Cafe so we went to look around. So many beautiful designs and different style furniture! There are five levels and each has a theme of what’s on it and goes room by room with different set ups and designs. A great place to get inspiration and ideas for designing a house.

malvika dayal

Exquisite furnishings and lay out. Loved the place . Beautiful cafe in the central courtyard

Joel Dufkis

Overall it was an ok visit. Wife wanted to go down and check it out. Was a cool store, the restaurant is pretty expensive so we didn't eat there. Definitely a place for the more well off people in the city or for groups of women to hang out, drink, look at furniture and have a lunch. One thing to note is if you're tall (6'+) watch your head on the hanging items, I hit my head a few time because half the stuff hanging from the ceiling is very low.

De W

ramiro chamba

The place is gorgeous!!

Melvin Mann

Jennifer Rodriguez

Place is incredible! So comfy and everyone is so nice! Didn't try the restaurant but the scenery was very beautiful.

Sytine Tchang

; Beautiful location. Would've never think this would be furniture store if you walked past by it. I'm excited that Minnesota will have our own RH in town. I feel like every furniture store should be like this. Sit down and experience the furniture pieces. Have a wide variety of samples to see and feel in person.

Mary Llanas

Beautiful place. I would definitely go back. Great service by all staff.

Tina Carr

Akili El Dey

Jennifer Pannetti

Beautiful. But changed my rating from 5 to 4 stars because all RH's stopped stocking merchandise in-stores & everything must be ordered online. Extremely inconvenient—especially since I live a block away. Unless I'm ordering furniture or a buying a bunch of things at once, why would I want to wait a week for my purchase to arrive, when I can easily take it home with me the very same day I place and pay for my order in-store??—just like any other normal shopping trip.

Evelyn C

Favorite place

pamela porter

Henry Beltran

Wonderful food and a lot to check out while wating

John Jose

A nice place to spend an evening!!! You will come out of this place with lot of ideas...Cafe serves decent food. Ambiance is perfect


Dreadful experience. Not acknowledged by any members of staff in the bed and bath section. I waited patiently for 10 minutes while they dealt with other customers but not one person bothered to look at me and acknowledge I was waiting. I spoke to the two greeters at the entrance who smiled at me condescendingly and offered me wine and cookies as an apology. No, I just wanted to spend some money in your store (or rather 'gallery' as they so pretentiously call it). Just because I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt, doesn't mean I don't have money to spend. At least I ended up chuckling to myself at this rather unfortunate Pretty Woman moment. I happily found a similar product at another store.

Hemanshu Bahl

Great food. A bit of a wait but worth coming for a visit. Order a drink and walk around.

Austin Bouvier

Stunning staged rooms with modern and elegant design. I had several staff approach me to ask if I needed assistance. Food selection was limited. Almost nonexistent vegetarian options with high price tag on regular dishes.

Angel Gaikwad

This place is so lovely! I personally could never afford anything from here, but it's so fun to explore nonetheless. I came in for coffee/drinks at the 3Arts Cafe and decided to explore the store. There are plenty of people who order coffee or a glass of wine and sit and chat/study/work on laptops throughout the store. Don't miss the uppermost floor with the garden and outdoor furniture, where you can check out the rooftop garden! Can't get over how beautiful this place is!

Sam Raj D


Tony Costanza

Went here to shop for furniture and it was a huge waste of time. The inventory is small and customer service is non existent. The cafe doesn’t help, it makes it difficult to tell who works there, who is shopping for furniture, and who just wants to hang out and drink coffee. Even when we were looking at sample finishes and clearly shooing for furniture, no one offered to help us. Lame.

Jill Schmitz

Avery Lawrence

Laughable customer service. Wandered around for about 45 min and no one even acknowledged my existence. Literally not even a hello. I hope the sales people don't work off commission because they are missing the boat. For the record, I dress conservatively but I am black. If you're perceptive you'd be able to figure out that nothing I wear is cheap. Anyway, I finally found the couch I wanted and just purchased it online instead. I got much better customer service from the website. I really don't know why they are so full of themselves in that store. Anyway, if they can't be bothered, then I guess they're doing just fine.

Julia Spence

I Love the unique items the store has. One of my favorite stores to shop at

Simon Mwangi

Great place to visit/browse.

Brenda Grundhofer

Chill on the patio with a glass of wine or a latte. Lounge on the sofas while working on your laptop. Grab a bit in the airy atrium. Every item is flavorful wanting a return visit.

Gin C

Michael Turpin

Absolutely love this place. Some of the furniture is not my taste, but if you need cabnitry hardware there is no better place. The furniture is top notch and you get what you pay for with furniture. I live in Virginia Beach area bit will drive all the way here to buy the hardware. Could order it online but I want to support the store. If you have never been here you need to check it out. All the sales associates are great and not pushy. They don't work on commission. Absolutely love RH.

Julia Hawthorne

I love this store! The displays are great and I love the style of almost the entire collection. Can't wait to go back for another look!

Robin Lawson

Very helpful. Catalogs on site to take home and consider. If you know what you want, they will find it. If you don't know for sure, you can take home the books and figure it out. Friendly staff. Enter from inside or outside of the mall.


Nice place to eat and shop for furniture

Samantha Mackson

Roop Sharda

I could just stay here for days. A beautiful serene space in the heart of Chicago. I was visiting from Vancouver and this was the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail and some pristine decor. I recommend it!

Roman Nabiulin

Very special place . Spending time with significant, having a nice talk, wine with friends in a beautiful ambience.

MannyM M

Great place for a coffee for breakfast or shopping

Joe M

Felt a bit pretentious. Couldn't tell (other than the cleaning crew) who worked there. No acknowledgement by anyone. Felt like we were crashing someone's dinner party that we weren't invited to. Just a bit strange all the people hanging out with their glasses of wine.

Allison Wetig

Heaven on earth.

Angela Bazaldua

Amazing pieces! Could I afford them?? Heck No! But it was nice to imagine me being able to for a bit. :)

Layal Barkho


Marina Didenko

Andrew Zorn

Never thought I would want to check out a furniture store while traveling, but I'm glad I took the advice.

Robbie Miller

Nice place

Joy De Vivre De vive

Blair Woerfel

Super helpful on the phone!!! Waited over 20 minutes for a QUICK answer to a question. Put on hold 3 times for a "brief" period... anyways! Just call the store. Super knowledgeable and much more helpful!!

Sean Brown

Gotta love the bar inside!


Such a brilliant concept! While waiting for our table to have brunch, we went walking around looking in their fantastic store.

Peter Thompson

Looks great but doesn't stock anything so it isn't really a place to shop. It's a cafe, not a store. Just go to the website if you want to order something.

Anthony Genovese

This place is absolutely stunning. My wife and I visited for the first time today and we were just blown away. It is one of those scenarios when you look at an old brick building and wonder if there is anything amazing hidden away from the outside. Each floor (there are 5) is just as cool as the last. I realize it is just a furniture store, but I have never seen one this interesting. It had a museum feel to it except you could layout on all the art. The restaurant in the atrium was a great feature and though we didn't eat (1.5 hour wait) it looked like a place we would truly enjoy. Though 99.99 percent of everything in there is beyond our price range, we will definitely come back.

Charles Bouschor II

Wow everything for the upscale home. Great assistance in design of your rooms. Complete interior design service from fabrics to furniture both indoor and outdoor.

Susie O'Hare

Lester McNeely


Saurin Mehta

shut down

Oxana Pushmina

This place is a dream come true. Once you step in you'll be taken away by the beauty of the space. My husband and I enjoyed our visit so much! We went though all the floors of the gallery and enjoyed the views from the roof top. The management/owners do a tremendous job making this place look so good considering the volume of people coming though. An amazing place to visit. Also their cafe/restaurant on the first floor looks just spectacular!

Ray Siler

Hidden gem of a cafe with a beautiful atrium.

Jeremy Rouse

Great showroom. Great products. Friendly staff if you can find them... I went on a Saturday morning (crazy brunch time) and it took a little longer than I hoped to do a simple transaction. However, the staff was great and gave me a nice bottle of water.

Bilal Mohideen

Christine Fiene

Loree Miles

This should not show up as a place to shop. It's a cafe in a beautiful old building decorated with RH furniture. I went to look at some office furniture that they have on line. Not only is there no one to help you but when I did find someone they had never heard of the collection I wanted to see nor was there any of it in the place. Really disappointing.

Andrew Luhring

Favorite place to buy furniture. The stuff is expensive but worth it. It's like any store that sells expensive stuff- if you show up looking poor you won't get much service until you say you want to spend money. As for the people saying the store doesn't sell anything... literally everything there is for sale. It's not Ikea or something- you can't go in and walk out with something that day... you order it and they ship it from a warehouse. The store is set up the way it is so that you can try the stuff and experience it in context before you drop 6k for a bed frame. It's a show room. The shippers do a great job and I think most orders of furniture are free delivery. I rate it: would live anywhere in that show room / 10.

Reed Leverton

Fun store with high-end items of decor Great restaurant...

Anthony Perez

Awesome place. Great food . Outstanding valet service . Perfect place to bring a date for a casual moment .

Kelly Steele

Ok place

Luminita Ispas

Exciting and very elegant!

Anna Salmon

Great place to spend the day browsing beautiful furniture and then enjoying a delicious meal.

Lavangana Govil

I would give negative stars if that was an option. Horrible customer service and communication from the design staff at Stony Point store. I love RH as a company and its products but they have a major opportunity in the design group at Stony Point.

Mario Garcia

Good quality and furniture and staff going the extra mile to make sure we are not just wondering

Bruce Helmbrecht

Soon to be New Members, excellent customer Service

Donna Biggs

Carol Hutchison

Came for the dining experience and was not disappointed! The venue is exquisite and the food fantastic! Super elegant and sophisticated. We neglected to make reservations so the wait was over two hours. We were starving and nearly gave up but thank God we did not! It was a fabulous experience. Expensive but worth it!

Victor Fernandez



RH has such a calm and relaxing vibe. The food at the cafe is phenomenal and the service is fantastic. It's the perfect little getaway when the city is cold or rainy.

Rick Hoffman

RH is the worst company to custom order furniture from, they are very expensive and you may or may not ever get your furniture. We have been waiting over 6 months for one couch and still not even a delivery date in sight. Don't shop there if you actually want furniture delivered.

iran lotus

very good

Johnson Sy

Superb place. Cozy restaurant and nice room set up

Harlan W

It's a beautiful store with a store centered cafe restaurant. The people here are not on commission. So it shouldn't matter anyway. However, getting knowledgeable helpful staff here was a challenge. Mainly younger "beautiful people" standing around. Most of the furniture is of much higher quality, however, it is very expensive. Generally speaking, you must usually order and wait because it's custom made with options that you will choose. The thing I don't like about their stuff is that there's NO WAY to see it, feel it and touch it prior to purchasing. Except some limited stuff you may NOT be buying. So, the bottom line is NO refunds unless it's STOCK inventory. On a different occasion and online, we did buy a leather couch sometime ago that we're quite happy with. I do remember we had ordering problems, but RH corrected it and we waited much longer than usual for it. Wouldn’t you expect better for such a nicer quality store?!

Irina L.

Wonderful place - so pretty inside, very special. Food is great. Not a huge menu , but everything tastes lovely. Must try. Go for breakfast, no wait. Texas toast is greasy, so ask for toasted baguette or toast - unless you like butter- it does taste good.



Gabrielle Taul

Enjoyed the experience!

Austin Graff

Restoration Hardware Chicago is what Restoration Hardware is meant to be. Nestled in a beautiful brick building just south of Lincoln Park in Gold Coast, it's impressive inside and out. Once you walk inside, you feel like you stumbled in a private estate turned art gallery. Each floor is very simple, classy, and regal. The prices are steep, but I recommend wandering to enjoy the space. When you're done, take the elevator (Yes, the elevator has a couch inside- genius!) to the rooftop garden and enjoy the couches, free wifi and Chicago views.

Paquita Poindexter

Beautiful space. It was a great place to go to get a coffee and enjoy the outdoors!

James Stout

Tired of the gray color scheme

Jarle Røhmer Carlsen

Fantastisk food and service in a beautiful setting!

Robert A

The place to go to reflect.

Amanda Mcmcain

Best place for inspirations and the cafe is super cute. I could move right into this place

Emily Scully

Stephen King

Dropped of our wives here while the guys went to throw axes. Highly recommend dropping off your wife here if you’re a guy looking to go throw axes for a while.


Great store! Love that you can stop by the bar for coffee or a drink and then shop!

Muhammad Osman

Lauren Coffman


Alex K

5 floors of amazing-ness. Lovely store with a ton of selections. Checking it out is a must. It is busy on the weekends and there is a cafe downstairs on the first floor as well.

John Kempner

Finest home store around.

David Tomei

I wanted to get everything in the store

Carmela Musoles

Una maravillosa tienda de muebles y decoración de lujo, con un restaurante precioso en el patio: impresionante!!!

shelly perry

The displays are wonderful and the staff is knowledgable. It is an absolute pleasure to languish in this space

Tim Anctil

Pretentious form over function. Absolutely gorgeous building and re-do but almost no actual furniture, just a lot of annoying people hanging around doing nothing. Bummer.

Jairo Villa

Maureen Rzasa

Unique, one of a kind furniture. Designer decorated skowrooms.


Horrible customer service. Just horrible. The only thing this gallery is good for is eating, people watching and browsing. Certainly not for purchasing. Do NOT expect even below average customer service. You simply won’t get it.

Jonathan Hull

Alex Sejoon Park

Best egg scramble ans RH burger

shikiz Estrada

Very nice experience


Aesthetically gorgeous, the staff are attentive, courteous and well groomed. Good food and atmosphere. An excessive amount of chandeliers only adds to the ambience. ❤

Barry Blassoples

Amazing space! Could easily spend hours here.

Hugh Allspaugh

Absolutely wonderful experience. Every floor is beautifully curated, especially the kids floor. Did not eat there but the menu looks great.

Joni Kupps

Julia at the restaurant made my day! My friend and I were celebrating a new job offer and she gave us a round of three mouth watering chocolate chip cookies. Thank you so much Julia, your customer service was 11/10.

Gabo Blancas

Amazing place to find everything to decorate my house..! We love Restoration Hardware..

Larry Smith

This is for the website and customer service. After ordering 2 cabinets and getting charged a "setup" fee (set up what?) on top of the ridiculous shipping fees, I contacted customer service and was told that they could credit back to my CC a portion of the fees. That was in July of 2017. After several attempts and regular replies that it was forthcoming, I finally got the refund a week ago. That makes 12 1/2 months and the only reason I got it at all is persistence. Would give them 0 stars, but Google wont let me...

Samuel Karson

Sip while you shop. Lounge on the merchandise.

Richard Hines

Great place.

Joyce L. Redger

Will Muckian

Great atmosphere and great food are one thing; combining it with great service is practically underheard of. We got our food quickly and consistently were asked about refills. Will definitely be back.

Jeff MacDonald

Even if you're not here to buy furniture this is still a great spot for meeting up with friends and enjoying a change of scenery. Seating at the atrium cafe can be sparse and take up to two hours, head up to the roof and beat the crowds. Tons of seating, great views and on a beautiful day you can catch some days and enjoy a drink.

Andrea Celleri

elaine yusa

Lovely food quiet atmosphere. Great place to talk and enjoy.

Dominick Dorazio

Susan Callahan

Great concept to shop in elegant setting with wine/coffee/food avail. LOVED IT, but very long wait times for food/drinks

Jason Roellchen

(This review contrasts Restoration Hardware to Room & Board) After saving for 5 years my wife and I knew we wanted a "Restoration Hardware" master suite. It has a look! We visited the store with a good idea of what we were looking for from previous visits. We were down to the bedding to finalize before placing our master makeover. After walking around the design atelier for about 10 minutes we saw many designers on their macs working away. We specifically came in on a Sunday morning to beat the "brunch" crowd at the $$$ furniture store. It's a shame... we were so excited to get everything ordered! We started to leave, saying we will just order it on-line. THEN.... a manager stopped us, asked us if we needed help and then went directly over and pulled one of these "designers" off their computer. "Here, please help these folks". We were refreshed by the oversight and were back on track. We ordered! Claire was great with her communication throughout the process. Always responding quickly to our questions as we added more and more merchandise to our order. This is the only reason there is one star in this review, also because you can't leave less. Okay... We are starting to ship. We paid for their delivery service but for some reason we were told that some of our items would be coming ups. We said, "ok" but we were concerned to leave large cardboard boxes with $1k items in them on our front porch with large RH logos on them. None the less we get an email that we can schedule a delivery with UPS if we pay $5 a box to change. Seriously.... So on UPS delivery day we are watching our Ring Door bell... sure enough it all comes and it sitting on my front porch. Ok. So now I have dragged the large boxes into my house... Mind you at this point there is thousands of dollars sitting on my front porch and now in my entry. Excited to see something from our investment I decide to start opening boxes and putting together my new lamps and bedding. At some point I stop and ask my wife... did we order this stuff from WAYFAIR? 1. It's all from China and 2. I'm putting it together. I can't believe I find myself putting together my $700 lamps... Mind you they are missing a screw that is vital to assembling them. Oh yah, those large boxes... Now I have those in my house. Any one in Chicago tried to get rid of ridiculous amounts of trash...? It's not easy. Surely this isn't the RH experience... Ok. Delivery time. The paid service. Granted it was only $199 I only had higher expectations because Room & Board does it for $85. Much better which I will detail out soon. We were given a window. We were called when they were on their way. Off to a pretty good start. They arrived on time and proceeded to start unloading our new custom furniture onto the street. No introduction. Just two nice guys in a un marked truck that was tired, in basic black clothes. Fast forward... they bring everything in. Pleasant & efficient. Only a couple marks on the wall. Easily removed with a magic eraser. A couple items were still in boxes and were left that way. No unpacking. The bed was "assembled", We still had to take it all apart to lower the box springs after calling to find out that was even an option. We are unpacked now. All assembled, broken and missing parts accounted for. Still disappointed. Being the small business owners we are - let's call and give them the opportunity to fix this. Find if this is a normal experience. I leave a message as Mondays the "leads" are in meanings. Around 2:15 the same day Tripp calls. Guess what... This is their experience. It's a show. The showroom and magazines and great design is where their experience ends. Room & Board: Made In the USA! Not China like RH. Employee delivery drivers. Clean trucks. Guys in name polos. Unpacked. Felt feet installed. Packaging removed... Room staged in a general setting and inspected. Long story short... yes RH has the look but Room & Board has the complete package. Get American Made Furniture for less, with a better experience.

Marcia Lenay

Beautiful location! I love my purchases from Restoration Hardware.

Luis Roberto Velasquez

Brian Choe

Food is amazing with great decor. Make sure to explore all the floors.

Coomar Prayash Barua

Very classy and architecturally beautiful. We had the melbec wine and shrimp cocktails . They were amazing.highly recommend this place

Liam Fitzpatrick

Too crowded, too noisy, too busy. Avoid.

Joe Dowling

Rachel Marks

Delicious meal! Amazing drinks! 5 floors of gorgeous furniture and decor!

Jenny Feathers

I used to love Restoration Hardware. I have several furniture pieces from them, including a dining room table, cabinets, and chairs. I wanted to buy a new couch, so I thought I would go to the store, sit on some couches, and find one to buy. I discovered that Restoration Hardware is no longer a store, but a place where people just hang out and drink wine. The visitors seemed to treat the "store" like it was their own home, couples cuddling on couches, teens running around, large groups just sitting and chatting. I could not find a salesperson. No one asked if I needed help. Instead, there was a large waitstaff and maids to straighten up the furniture when people moved. I left the "store" feeling sad about humanity and without making a purchase.

Debbie Mer

You have to wait for a table with no previous reservation, but you can grab a drink and hangout around the building.

Ingrid Magana

Great product, truly unique home pieces and their delivery service is incredible. They truly take so much care of inspecting furniture prior to it arriving to your home and they are so careful when delivering.

Utkarsh Mahajan

Amazing place for furniture, coffee and brunch! Classic antique furniture and beautiful linens. It's a European look. You can discover some amazing textures.

Mike Charney Jr

Really cool place came highly recommended to me.

Robert McKanna

I love this place , it’s made my home exquisite

Ryan Poulos

Amazing burger and great store

Larisa Posedel

One of the must to go places in chicago!

Javier Palos

Precioso sitio y restaurante en jardín interior, magnífico

Cheryl Berger

Worth a visit to all the floors of furniture, but make a stop at the restaurant.

Seung Chul Lee

(Translated by Google) Very good. (Original) 아주 훌륭합니다.

Nadine Wright

The store is beautiful!!! The restaurant is like an outdoor beautiful patio but your indoors. You feel like your outdoors but there are crystal chandeliers and a beautiful fountain.VERY limited menu and prices are mid ranged but everything they serve is delicious. We like it here so much that whenever anyone visits us we take them here to walk around and admire the beauty of the showrooms. They are modern clean and spacious. They also let you walk around and drink coffee and wine (that you buy there) while you browse. Everyone hands down that we have taken here has been impressed by the place. The biggest drawback is that they don't open till 10 for breakfast and they close and 8 pm. Not really good dating hours but there is still a line and wait. We try to get there at 9:30 on a weekend morning to avoid waiting. We were going to do lunch the other day but they said the wait was 2 hours so we enjoyed the store but ate somewhere else. You could give your name, leave and come back it the wait is that long.

Glenn Preibis

Very interesting ambience with delicious food. A worthwhile experience.

Brett Kochendorfer

I waited for thirty minutes and received no help from and customer service in the store. Every time I approached a person working here they avoided interaction and disappeared into side doors marked Private. I came to this location and asked for help with locating a part for a Restoration Hardware sink that I own. This was a very simple question I just needed to know the o ring size for the cold button. After finally getting some help the customer service representative told me they do not sell any parts, and refused to provide any assistance in determining the size of the o ring. If you want to buy over priced products that you will never receive support with shop here.

Benjamin Judah

Neat space. Fine quality furniture

Donna Sebastian

Nicest one I've visited. Didn't seem like a store. I didn't like the valet parking for $12

Mike Broskowski

Very nice place for brunch and browsing.

Wendy Mac

Drove three hours to look at a sectional sofa, rather strange it felt like an overcrowded mall. Too many people just hanging around , salespeople are hard to find not to mention no prices on anything of course! LOL! Finally got a price on my sectional 10k . Now mind you the sectional is a reproduction of a designer 1950's sofa really cool but the quality of the build was not worth that money.the cushions were hard, cheap material, very dissapointed considering ZGallerie has better quality furniture for one quarter the price. Believe me when I tell you that you are paying for the hype! But if your a people watcher and wanna hang out and have a cup of coffee because your bored, you will love it!

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