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REVIEWS OF Lillian August Design IN Connecticut

Bonnie S.

Over two visits and one phone call, my experience here was unparalleled in terms of rude and unaccommodating service. Since their website has had a glitch for the past couple of days, where no products would be displayed, I called the lighting department and asked if they could locate the lamp I was interested in so I could purchase. She laughed and said, "no, that would be impossible," then actually hung up the phone. I'm completely dumbfounded. The actual showroom is filled with very overpriced furniture and accessories, and the sales people are all either on the phone, moving displays, or standing around in groups talking to each other. Not one person approached me in two visits, and when I inquired for assistance, they looked as though this was a chore they didn't bargain for that day. Never again.

Juan Leon

Fernanda Villalobos

Love the store and the style of the furniture. A bit pricey, but the designs are definitely unique!

Robert Everett



Angel Padilla

Evan Goldberg


Although they have nice quality items, there is a major problem with the employees which amazes me that any owner would not be aware of and promptly correct. So many employees and no one approached me even though I stood in the middle of the design center in plain sight holding a big sample in my hand and looking around for help. It was as though I was invisible and it was obvious many employees were not busy!!! I walked past one who was sitting by herself in the middle of the design center, not far from the front door, enjoying her cell phone and never looked up at me or any other potential customers. It is disgusting that this happens and even more surprising that an owner is clueless to business being lost due to worthless employees. I walked out after standing there and having people pass me and not one shared a word of acknowledgement. I drove 35 minutes but to deal with ignorant people like that was not worth the aggravation!!I would fire most of these people if I owned this business!!!!!!

Lauren Panarella

Just received my couch after months of waiting and it was ripped. Waiting for a rep to come out to check the sofa , it’s been days. Was very disappointed after waiting so long. Will update my review based on how they handle this situation.

Mark Lewis

The place is a gold mine. They have wonderful, art, accessories & more. I've been upset since they closed their NYC location. Had a wildly successful day and Tarrence's help was invaluable.

Kristin Parker


Angel Sargent

Nicole Sikoryak

Robert Katz

A favorite stop. Guaranteed purchase every time.

Adam Waller

This is an appealing home decoration and furniture showroom. But if you an expectation of completing a home decoration project, this may not be the place to choose. It now mid January 2019. In August 2018 we ordered a sofa, chairs, carpets, and a pricy photography book. We agreed on an expected date in late October, Thanksgiving latest for the sofa. After 3 months, no return phone calls and no delivery. After a 35K + purchase, we had to show up at the store and stand in the lobby to get a managers attention. By December, we got the book and 1/2 the chairs. One chair was delivered with the back separated and the padding coming out. The latest “exciting news!” email from Lillian August is “Your furniture should be produced in mid February! After that, we can schedule a truck to get it in another few weeks”. Buyer beware. It is a great showroom with a weak organization.

Mar Jennings

A family business that offers the best resources, talent and service in the state! If you are designing or even thinking about redecorating you must utilize their professional staff and display/showroom inspiration. I love to work with Angela Camarda, but all are very talented and dedicated to working with any budget. A real treat to have this store available to all and not just the trade.

Laura Krzewski

Nelson Quintero

Everything for the home

Kaiser Franz Joseph

David Lamb

Varalynn Suggs

Peter Powell

Mike Zavasnik

Helpful professional staff. Great shopping experience.

Ines Rosen

I bought many pieces of furniture from Lillian August. My experience has been awful. They are 4 weeks late delivering my furniture. I asked for fabric samples which I never got. They just kept messing me around....Never replying to emails or phone calls. After spending thousands of dollars with them - I have just got arrogant and unpleasant treatment! I also used Safavieh for other pieces and they have been a pleasure to work with. Lillian August has nice stuff but I wouldn't go through that experience again!

Laura Reid

Very helpful consultant

Andrew Leary

Great selection, super knowledgable sales people, nothing like it in the area. The Greenwich store is worth visiting as well.

Andy Stephan

Bought a dining room table+chairs; the table was sold as "zinz tabletop"--fyi--zinc is not supposed to rust; my table rusted; tried to get them to help--they offered a non-matching table; then when we tried to get customer service to help (after spending $10,000+ with them), customer service would never return calls. Networded up to a customer supervisor (Dorothy ___) who aslo never returned any calls. Truly astoundly bad service on every level. I like thier products...but God help you if you ever need ANY support from them. Truly terrible customer service. NEVER AGAIN!

Edward Babajanyan


Auckland Duberry

Toby Tweedie


Great style $$$$

Amy Oldenburg

I cannot believe a company can stay in business with the poor quality and service LA exhibits. We purchased multiple items from LA, and almost all items were damaged when received or they sent the wrong item all together. One settee we purchased has been broken since the first few months and even after two visits from the LA to try and fix the piece, and its still broken. A table was delivered with a crack and they sent a repairman over to patch it. I have since been living with a kitchen table with a crack in it, since the patch preceded to re-crack almost immediately. Their designers also cause more problems that have to be undone than offer solutions to complete a project. From customer service, to delivery, to design service, to quality, every element of Lillian August makes the overall experience one that will never be forgotten.

Carla Eustáquio

Lynn Fraund

Alexandra Wagner

Gregry Gagnon

This is a great place to buy furniture. Friendly sales

Meghan Chvirko

kevin wu

Very upscale but expensive. Try france and son

Nikolai Petrofski

High prices for ok items

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