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Evan Mather

I was looking renovate both bedrooms in my house because they are so dated and not as functional as they could be. I had some of my own ideas such as where to put the furniture and how to color coordinate things but I also knew that there were people out there that do this for a living that probably had better ideas than my own. I decided to consult the internet and talked to several different designers but all of them were not quite was I looking for. Then I came across Noz. She was very responsive, professional, and had some great ideas. One thing that really stood out with Noz was the fact she actually listened to what I needed and wanted. She also didn’t try and press my budget. Most other people we talked too always came at us with options that were at the very top of our budget while Noz gave us some options and ideas that were in all ranges. This was great. When the time came to do the work she did what she said she was going to do and has great sub-contractor connections. All of her subs were very trustworthy and professional, which made me feel comfortable especially considering they are working in my house! All in all, Noz is great and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a design professional.

Jenny Rose

Working with Noz Design was amazing. She helped us remodel our kitchen and bath in our victorian home. She is a great listener and was able to synthesize our conversations into design choices that made so much sense for us. She didn't overwhelm us with choices, and was able to source some great materials on our short timeline. She worked with our contractor seamlessly and came by to check on progress for us (we were out of state during the remodel). We are now planning our next project with Noz!

Simran Kalra

Noz is awesome!!! She is a natural, has an innate sense of design, understood my sense of style/design very quickly, had the right balance of listening to what I wanted but not afraid to share her perspective, or push me to take risks and mindful of agreed budget. I love the home she created for me and would recommend her to anyone. I worked with her to design my entire home. She completely concepted + designed living-dining Great Room, master bedroom, second bedroom, and roof deck. She was very helpful in editing down the furniture I brought along from previous homes, down to my favorite pieces that I wanted to keep -- and then thoughtfully incorporated those pieces into the designs so they felt special but not sticking out like sore thumbs among new furnishings. She selected all the paint colors and statement wallpaper throughout my home, including some daring bold colors + patterns that I definitely would not have pulled the trigger on your own. She even refaced my living room fireplace with a new tile to brighten the. corner. She helped secure great pricing on several major pieces, which delivered value and helped maximize my budget. In fact she was very mindful in keeping to the budget we had agreed to - which I really appreciated.

Nick Gonzalez

I purchased my first home which was in dire need of a make over. After much searching, I decided to hire Noz as she was highly recommended by a friend. Noz's work speaks for itself: gorgeous, functional, modern, and unconventional. I made an instant connection with Noz and fell in love with her design philosophy and aesthetic. I initially hired her for interior design, but was so pleased that I increased the work scope to include a kitchen remodel, bath remodel, and outdoor paint selection. Noz was flexible and able to work within my tight budget. She always delivered results ahead of schedule. Noz designs with the client's happiness in mind; not her ego. She was always eager for feedback and interested in what made me happy. I would always tell her that I don't really know what I want, but I know what I don't want... I am still amazed out how well Noz listened and translated my ideas into a home that I love (and so do my friends, family, and neighbors)! I am extremely happy with the work that she's done for me and look forward to many more projects together. I enthusiastically recommend Noz Design.

Mo Sakrani

Noz's excellent attention to detail, vast knowledge of materials and superb aesthetic are exactly what we needed to infuse style and function into our home. We started the project with some direction on what we wanted and Noz took it to the next level! She turned our dream of transforming a useless garage space into a living, breathing area to cook, dine and relax. She was always ahead of schedule and did a great job of understanding our budget. I would highly recommend her for any project!

Raven Norris

We worked with Noz to help redecorate our family room, living room and dining room. She has impeccable taste and most importantly understood exactly the style we were looking for. Noz was incredibly professional and was able to give us the rooms of our dreams right within budget. We absolutely love what Noz has done for our home!

Kurt Kober

We hired NOZ to renovate our "Jewel Box" of a home's kitchen. Considering the kitchen is small (11" x 15") we needed to focus on function but really desired great style (think Tom Ford meets Dorothy Draper.) We started by reviewing our budget by line item. Noz did a great job of identifying where she thought things might get more or less expensive in the budget. Once we moved into execution Noz handled every detail of the renovation. We didn't have to reach out to one contractor and choices were always provided in a discreet manor (i.e. choose one of these three options - which we asked for.) In the end we co-created a beautiful and functional kitchen space that we now love to use everyday!

Chris Bond

Shortly after moving into our new home in San Francisco, we hired Noz to design several rooms for us. We’d interviewed several other designers, too, and Noz was by far the best able to understand the advantages of our space and how to use interior design to enhance it. She “got it” where others fell short. Noz uses a business model that is uncommon among interior designers, where she charges based on her upfront time estimate, doesn’t bill for individual hours, and passes on her full designer discount. We felt that this model incentivized the kind of collaborative relationship that’s hard to realize under a more traditional hourly rate plus commission model (where every email and every round of back and forth costs more money). It’s now difficult for us to imagine doing it any other way. Throughout the design process, Noz was extremely receptive to our feedback, adapting her designs significantly to meet our style, but also pushing us toward some stylish options she selected for us that we weren’t initially sure about but have grown to love. We’ve been extremely happy with the results! Since completing the design phase of the project, Noz has been in touch regularly, and helped us navigate a couple of issues with vendors overcharging us or failing to deliver. She’s been incredibly helpful using her designer’s clout to lean on vendors to make things right, as well as suggesting some creative alternatives we’ve liked even better.

Julie Davisson Liegl

I am thrilled with the living room decorating project Noz did for me. She was fast, respectful of my budget and time, and my room looks phenomenal. I am a busy working mom of two small children, and I now have the living room of my dreams with very little time and effort on my part, and totally within my budget. She listened to what I wanted, and then gave me better than I expected. She has great taste, and is not afraid of a bargain. The big beautiful rug she found me for under $600 is probably the most raved-about item in my whole house. I can't say enough things about her. She's totally professional, totally stylish, has great taste, and she listens. I can't wait to get her hands on other rooms in my house! Hire her today.

Timothy Tieu

Noz was amazing when it came to choosing colors for the new place I was working on. Since it was the first renovation I've done, I was a bit conservative with colors, but Noz was super encouraging and made me feel great about making sure it wasn't boring by putting some accents with our closet doors. She really took into consideration what I comfortable with and was fun to work with through the whole process. Noz also encouraged me to go for a bolder color choice with the guest room and it turned out amazing! We also chose accent colors for our bedroom closet doors which I'm super happy with and will post photos of later :)

Lisa Oshima

Noz designed two fun and inspiring kids' rooms for our home. Her designs are beautiful, and the kids love them as much as my husband and I do. Noz's attention to detail and follow through are excellent (two important but often lacking traits in other designers). I'm glad we decided to work with her and am happy to recommend her work.

Danielle Deojay

We've worked on many projects with Noz Design. Noz is incredible to work with-- she is very detailed and organized, and has a clear vision of how she'd like to transform each piece of furniture from the start. Her design aesthetic is genuinely terrific and we love that she is willing to take risks with pattern, colors, and textures. She brings an amazing professional sensibility to each project and she is truly a pleasure to work with. - xx, Revitaliste

Michael Stein

Noz is absolutely the best you will find. Not only is she incredibly professional and client-minded, but her sense of space and design constantly leaves me in awe. Having worked with her on my own projects, I know first-hand that she listens to everything you want, and then not only delivers it, but suggest things that you may not have even known you wanted. Her ability to understand a client goes beyond just visual. She creates spaces that are stunning to look at, but are also amazingly functional and improve the quality of the space and the value of everything in them. I would recommend Noz Design to ANYONE who is looking for a design who they can trust, and who can help them fall in love with their space all over again. If I could give more than five stars, I would.

Rob Prior

I wouldn't say I'm a design skeptic, but I'll certainly admit that furnishing my apartment was not high on my priority list when I made the move across the country to switch jobs. If I'm really honest with myself, I'm the type that might begin mulling over home improvements, only to forget them among the demands of the day to day (work, errands, seeing friends). My ineptness in this area is best captured in a description of one of the most famous incidents of brain trauma (that of Phineas Gage): "capricious and vacillating, devising many plans of future operation, which are no sooner arranged than they are abandoned". So when I was moving in with my girlfriend, we decided to turn to Noz for help in creating our first shared home. Noz approached the project with a great deal of empathy. I had expected to abdicate all design decision making to someone who could essentially apply their taste to the given dimensions, but Noz went great lengths to not only understand our preferences, but to ask the right questions. When she came back with drafts, mock ups, and choices, I was in awe of how in tune she was with our guidance, but also surprised by what was actually possible in our space. Sometimes I summon the courage to try something design or fashion forward--but too often I err on the side of the conservative and the bland. We wanted to add personality and some creative accents to our home and Noz allowed us to forge confidently ahead with our choices. She comes with fresh prospectives, but always in service of your identity. On the business side of the things, she's also amazingly shrewd and talented. For several of the pieces she had in mind, she proposed similar options at various price points. She somehow always knew where we were according to plan and organized our purchases with retailers. Overall, she definitely made a believer out of me. The apartment looks incredible and we're still enjoying the honeymoon period of receiving compliments from friends. What I truly believed might be a painful process turned out to fun and reaffirming one. It also didn't hurt to have a mediator between two people making their first home together. I cannot recommend Noz Design enough and look forward to consulting her on our next project!

Andrea Fang

I've always aspired to have a place that is well put-together, that I would be proud to invite people over to enjoy. I've never had the ability nor really the opportunity, so when my boyfriend and I moved into a new one-bedroom apartment, I sought out Noz's help. She made this happen for us in a matter of weeks with an energy, professionalism, and true passion for the process that I have rarely seen. One of the best parts of working with Noz was the comfort that she really understood what we wanted. Her forte is her ability to help her clients (who may not know themselves) what they prioritize and want in design and functionality. She begins by getting to know you and then constantly posing options to suss out what your preferences really are. She took the time to explain options to me, alternatives, was very knowledgeable about potential vendors, and was budget conscious throughout. She was also accommodating; I brought in a request to display books at a late stage in the process. She was able to very quickly build that into the layout without a fuss. From the moment she walked into my kitchen and saw the lack of counter space (that I didn't realize would be an issue) to hanging my frames on a tough-to-nail wall, she has an eye for details and can really deconstruct and then problem solve a space to make it work. I would definitely recommend her and hope I will have additional spaces for her to work with in the future. My boyfriend and I, having moved thousands of miles into an empty space, now have a place to call a home and we definitely thank Noz for that!

John Gronberg

Noz helped transform our new home with some excellent color palette choices that perfectly matched our tastes. She worked with us on scheduling, and even had a great recommendation for painters to use. We will certainly work with Noz again when we have bigger projects in the future.

Danh Trang

Noz helped me furnish the living and dining rooms of my townhouse, which started with just a dining table. She developed layouts for my living room based on how I wanted to use and host in the space, and flexibly incorporated my new roommate's sectional sofa mid-project, which helped save money. In addition to furniture and rugs, Noz helped select indoor plants and a light fixture for my dining room, helped me select new window shades, and recommended a lighting plan for my living room because it currently doesn't have any overhead lighting. She is mindful of budget, helpful in answering questions I had along the way, and easy to work with.

Natalya Guseva

Noz rocks - I have a tiny NYC studio and Noz gets super excited to make small spaces functional and cozy. We worked remotely on this, and quickly too because I really wanted to have a livable set up as I travel a lot and don't have a lot of time to dedicate to shopping around and waiting. She never hesitated to provide alternatives when I flat out rejected ideas, and was honest when she didn't find my ideas as fitting, which makes her easy and guilt-free to work with as well, because I know that the two-way communication is honest. And she was very mindful of my quite limited budget and always looked for value and alternatives. Best of all, she gets really excited to see the final product and excited to see me excited which really highlights her dedication and passion, and that this isn't just a job.

rebalancedSF justin grinius

Noz Design helped out with designing my workspace to spruce up the treatment rooms in my facility. Noz listened to my needs and came up with effective solutions to work with the limitations of space and light. The end result is terrific so much so that my clients took notice. I highly recommend Noz Design.

jen woo

Noz is brilliant -- she gave me (and my home) a whole new perspective! I was completely overwhelmed with trying to furnish a new home from scratch and had no clue where to start. I also had no idea what I wanted, which certainly didn't make her job any easier. But Noz was extremely professional and patient with me-- she really took the time to understand what I wanted out of the space when I couldn't even define it. After a few phone conversations, Noz took me on a few shopping "design exploration trips" to several furniture stores to help identify my personal aesthetic. She has a wealth of information about furniture, home design, and how to balance style with functionality. Noz also possess an irresistible enthusiasm for design that made this project I was dreading actually become enjoyable! I found her consultation invaluable and would highly recommend her services to any prospective clients!

Sunghui Cha

Project Date: March 2014 Project Price Range: $50,000-$100,000 Noz is utterly phenomenal. Not only was Noz very friendly, professional and organized but her response rate is superb and she will try her very best to understand what YOU want. Noz completely brought to life the following rooms in our home: -Female Office -Male Office -Living Room -Dining Room -Master Bedroom -Master Bathroom -Upper Deck/Lower deck We've received so many compliments since we finished the second phase. I'll be sure to connect with her when we're renovating and updating our home. No one else can do what she can.

Bess Yount

My husband and I just completed our first renovation experience on our 3 bedroom 1 bathroom condo in San Francisco. We could not be happier with the outcome and could not have done it without Noz (and don't want to imagine what the outcome would have been without her). She is a thoughtful, creative, knowledgeable, and talented designer. But beyond that, she is patient, calm, honest, and communicative - all important characteristics for a designer to have during what can be a stressful time. I interviewed and got quotes from 8+ different designers in San Francisco (and researched even more) and the decision to hire Noz was easy/instantaneous. Noz listened carefully to everything we were looking for, asked intentional questions, and delivered a proposal/contract that illustrated her attention to detail. For example, I casually mentioned that the new chair we needed for the living room needed to be dog friendly (our dog likes to sit and look out the window) and she remembered and included this detail in the proposal. The project that Noz helped us with included: existing bathroom renovation, second bathroom and master closet addition, full condo paint consultation (Noz is a color consultant and made it SO easy to sort through the millions of color options that can be paralyzing), decor/furniture/fixture consultation, and partial kitchen renovation (we also removed a wall between kitchen and formal dining room to open up the space). Noz went above and beyond what we expected. Beyond simply helping us design the agreed upon aspects of our place, she also made recommendations for small improvements/optimizations to our architectural plan that we are SO happy we listened to (examples: not building a permanent kitchen island that would have made it hard to move around in our space, not building in heated floors in our master bath that would have likely broken and cost us money over time to maintain, a better way to lay out the master bath/master closet space, and layout/spacing of our kitchen addition). Even after we completed our payment to her, Noz continued to respond to our texts/calls as questions came up (our project ended a few weeks later than anticipated). We just had our first baby a few weeks ago, and Noz reached out to check in and drop a gift off to us. Speaks volumes about how much she connects with and cares about her clients. We had no idea how many decisions go into a renovation (beyond picking out fixtures/tile/hardware/furniture/etc, you have to decide on how to lay out the tile, where the hardware is positioned, heights of bathroom fixtures, etc). Having Noz there to call/text/consult gave us confidence in each of our choices. She does a fabulous job giving you all of the pros/cons and things to consider when making a decision and is ultimately always focused on helping you make the right call for you. She will also always give her opinion/recommendation when asked without being pushy. When it comes to furniture/fixture decisions, Noz is great at giving you a range of options at different price points within your budget so you can decide where and when to splurge v. where/when to save. Noz was on the pricier end from an hourly cost perspective but ended up being on the more affordable end overall as she is much more efficient than other designers we spoke to (something she mentioned would be the case up front). Rooms that other designers said would take them 10-15 hours to design only took Noz a few hours - a reflection of her talent, knowledge and relationships. And she sticks to the # of hours she outlines in her contract so you know the cost up front with no surprises. We are thrilled with the outcome of our project and feel like we gained a new space and a new friend. Strongly recommend Noz and her work.

Matt Bowles

I worked with Noz on a recent residential project and it was a great experience! She is a blast to work with. Not only is she extremely organized and knowledgeable, but is sensitive to client needs - which makes a really happy client. She's got great creative vision, and her ideas and execution will add magic to any space. Highly recommended!

Cara Underwood

I absolutely loved working with Noz to design my business studio space. I own a boutique letterpress business and moved in to an industrial space in South San Francisco. I wanted the space to feel warm and welcoming for clients while balancing the inherent industriousness of the business give that I operate massive machinery in the space. Noz was brilliant and had such fabulous ideas and concepts for the space. She started with an in person consultation and I could see that she immediately got the space and my needs with the space. She talked about the space as being a full experience and I love how she envisioned working in the space as well as being a client in the space. She had top budget and low budget solutions to everything which was great and allowed me to decided where to put some resources. I love Noz's professionalism, creativity, color sense and overall fun personality! I would work with her again and again.

Daniel Helmhold

Like many Bay Area techies, I found myself ready to graduate from my bachelor style SF apartment to something more grown up, but lacked both the time and competency to do so myself. In came Noz Design! Noz helped prioritize what parts of my place could stay and which would change. She took my little bit of direction and turned it into something that looked great and was on budget.

Johnnie Thompson

Working with Noz Designs has taught me that there is a huge difference between having good taste and knowing how to design. Before working with Noz Designs, our home had furniture that my husband and I had compiled over the years but nothing really went together. The color of our spaces was neutral but didn’t say anything about us. Annie was able to take our needs and wishes and transform them into a living space that still blows my mind away. From lighting to furniture to wall color our living space has been transformed. Now, when people walk into our home they see a space that reflects both who we are and also feels insanely comfortable. Working with Noz Designs has been a fabulous experience. Annie worked with our budget and style and transformed our home from a space we just live in to a place we love.

A. M.

We hired Noz to help us decorate our entire new 3BR/2BA condo, including a deck off the living room. We interviewed three interior designers and it was clear from our first conversation that her client-centric approach and knowledge of pretty much everything (from obscure topics to everything design/architecture/furniture, etc...) was unparalleled. Our decision to hire Noz was the best decision we could have made. Noz was incredibly clear about her design process, listening to our ideas and mocking up various options for us to be able to see her designs come to life. She was great about working within our budget and making trade-offs between higher-end and more reasonably-priced pieces. She also encouraged us to make a few bold choices on darker walls, which -- as she assured us they would -- came out beautifully. Noz was such a joy to work with and educated us along the way: she was our partner in crime in designing our dream home and we not only loved the outcome, but also really enjoyed the process. We couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Sophie M Hayward

Noz is wonderful -- and I'm sure that this is just the first project we have roped her into helping us with. Noz transformed neglected rooms and outdoor space, and somehow translated our garbled and ill articulated ideas into a suite of spaces that are perfect in every way: beautiful, with fun and surprising details that pop, and practical enough to withstand our army of children/dogs/family. We gave Noz a budget, and she said yes -- that is, she stayed within budget and tracked our progress in a conveniently shared spreadsheet. She was remarkably efficient with our time, and even worked around our kid/work schedules -- late evening site visits, for example. And she is ridiculously prompt in responding to questions/ideas. Talk to Noz. She'll make it all look good.

Stu Stein

We hired Noz recently because we bought a property and had no idea how to renovate it. She spent two hours with us just walking through the property, pointing out things we never would have thought of, and answering our questions. We got a solid idea of how we'd go about our remodel as a result. Noz was super knowledgable and was a great listener, and we'd be happy to recommend her to anyone.

Elizabeth Gardemeyer

We had never done a remodeling or home improvement project and really did not know what we were getting ourselves into. Redoing 1 full bathroom, 2 half bathrooms, new paint, floors and lights sounds easy enough....but I am not sure what we would have done without Noz! She made the process easy and always had answers to all of our questions. Noz has lots of practical advice that helped us pick materials and fixtures we wouldn't regret later once we were living with it, and stayed within our budget but still reflected our style. This is key when you have no idea what you are doing! If you want your next home project to come out looking amazing then you should definitely hire Noz!

Ken MacInnis

Noz is amazing! She took the time to understand both my needs and and my style before designing a solution that was both well thought out and under budget - as well as being visually stunning. She completely renovated my living room (furniture, paint, lighting, and design), providing an initial walkthrough and multiple discussions, a project plan with details on each change or piece, alternatives for each decision point, and sorted it all by importance and budget. Also, she supervised the providers in cases when I wouldn't be home or didn't have the expertise to adequately judge their performance. From start to finish, Noz was considerate of the unique challenges and aspects of my home. She incorporated aspects of my personality while making suggestions that were completely in tune with what I had yet to realize about the goals of the project. In the end, I am more than happy with how Noz transformed a dull, worn-out, cluttered space to one that I consistently enjoy using each and every day. She has brightened my world and did so in a budget-friendly and surprisingly pleasant fashion. I can't wait to work with her on my next rooms!

Svetlana Walker

We worked with Noz on helping bring a fresh and creative perspective into our traditional, family-friendly house. We loved Noz's positive energy, bold use of color and a fearlessness when it came to statement pieces to anchor our decor. Noz is a consummate professional: from timely communications to carefully listening to our budget considerations, she worked tirelessly to produce design concepts that combined her signature aesthetic with a relatable and livable vibe. We loved working with her - her positive energy, can-do attitude, and an unshakable optimism is a tremendous asset to her practice and makes the experience of working together a joy. We highly recommend Noz and her team!

becky dodson

Our experience working with Noz was so exceptional that it's hard to know where to begin! My husband and I purchased our first home in October and expected our first child in February. Coming from a small apartment, we needed a lot of furniture and fast. Noz came in and was able to figure out our design sense, finding a perfect middle ground between my husband and I, and to work within our time constraints. She furnished our entire home by the time the baby arrived (within five short months!). One of the most impressive aspects of working with Noz was her ability to find beautiful, high quality items within our budget. She truly respected our financial constraints, and had incredible judgment for when to splurge and when to save. I felt that she really listened to us, understood what we wanted, and provided us with far more personal attention than I ever could have expected. I don't think we were the easiest clients (my husband can be pretty... particular), but Noz was always very patient and flexible. Noz has great instincts, but also the unique ability to articulate those instincts and explain her viewpoints. As much as Noz was able to quickly understand our taste, she was also able to challenge us to go beyond our comfort zones. Noz helped us choose several items that we never would have gravitated towards on our own and which have now become our favorite things! For example, she encouraged us to choose certain paint colors and lighting fixtures that consistently receive compliments from guests and truly made our house feel like our home. The one room of the house that I wanted to tackle alone was the nursery, but even here I began to feel somewhat stuck and asked for Noz's input. She suggested we paint large, neutral stripes on the walls, which, again, we never would have considered on our own. The paint design completely elevated the nursery, and for all the other elements of the room that I love, it's the stripes that receive the wide-eyed admiration from guests. She just completely excels at turning the ordinary into something visually stunning, and in typical Noz fashion, she was able to do so within our budget and very quickly. After even short absences, when we return to our house my husband and I are always struck by just how great it looks. It still surprises me that we were able to furnish our home so beautifully and so quickly, and it's all thanks to Noz. Putting the final product aside, she's also just a joy to work with-- fun and brilliant. My husband and I achieved the look we wanted for our home, but we also learned a lot and enjoyed the process. I cannot recommend Noz highly enough!

Kyrene Wang

I worked briefly with Noz to put together a trellis in our front office reception area. I love how the project turned out (air plants on a trellis), and thought Noz was great to work with. She was friendly, professional, and eager to help. Thanks, Noz!

Nerissa Zhang

Noz came in at the end of our renovations to help with the painting of ours rooms and interior design. She was super helpful and very spot on. We told her what we like and she delivered. She picked non traditional color for our bedroom which turned out to be amazing. Our boys love the colors she choose for their bedroom, they feel safe and happy in their new space. She had good eye for furniture layout. thanks to her help our small place looks spacious , sexy, warm and cozy all at the same time. I highly recommend her and would for use her services again.

Michael Pavel

Noz was pure brilliance, particularly from the perspective of a person that needed their new condo taken from empty and sad to furnished and awesome. I literally moved in with a mattress, some plants, and a folding lawn chair, and with Noz's help, I now have a fully outfitted bedroom (with new carpeting and paint), living/dining room, and outdoor patio. The process Noz takes you through in understanding your tastes and preferences is straightforward and seamless. She’s knowledgeable to the point of “wow” on all things furniture, design, space, color, etc. I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel of everything she put together for me. My condo is now not only a home, but a bad-a$$ place for me to be happy in, love and show off to my friends & family! Thanks Noz!

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