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Jessica Rossotti

I used Modsy for the first time to help decorate my family room. We were in need of a couple pieces of furniture and some finishing touches to help accessorize it. Overall, I loved the designs and thought for the price, it really couldn't be beat. The room was an exact replica of my room. It was amazing. After a couple designs, the designer really captured our style. I also had unlimited swaps, which I loved. My biggest complaints are that they have very limited products in their catalog and there was a lot of waiting time during the process. I was on the hunt for a larger coffee table, but didn't want to spend over $1k. They really only had 1 piece that would work, which was frustrating. I also found it difficult to figure out the best place to go for help. There was only 1 general help email address and all correspondence takes about 2-3 days to hear back, which got a little frustrating Overall, I'm pleased and I'm happy that I have a great blueprint to work off of. I'll prob be purchasing the products myself. There was no real advdantage to the shopping concierge. I had to email them if I saw a better price anyway, so I'm better off just doing it on my own. I'll also save myself 2-3 days off the ordering process since everything took days to hear back.

Hilary Dorff

Signed up and submitted information on 6/5, it’s now 6/19 and still have not received anything. They advertise 4-6 days. I was really looking forward to working with them on other rooms in my house.

meg Meg

Dan Olson

Don't do it. If you have any sense of design, you're better off meeting with several of your favorite stores and making your own choices. I love interior design but juggling a move with young children, managing a remodel and making all of the decor choices felt overwhelming. I purchased the three room option, to get a jump start on the new home and to ensure that the rooms flowed well together. 1) The rooms did not flow well together, they looked as if they were designed by three different people. 2) The rendering wasn't accurate with concern to windows. Since our room had several large windows, this became a problem. 3) The designs were not my style - I'd recommend speaking with a designer before you do anything - this goes against the advice that Modsy gives 4) Modsy advertises that they'll include existing pieces--I had two PB Swivel chairs that I asked they incorporate and they were not included in the design. 5) The design process takes more than the 7-10 days they advertise. You'll likely have several edit as well as possible requests for new photos before you even get started. It's been significantly more time consuming than I'd anticipated. If you are someone who is truly helpless putting together a cohesive room, this may work well for you. Give yourself a month to work with a consultant and then another 6-8 weeks for furniture to arrive. But for anyone cares enough about interior design to do any research, read blogs, follow influencers, etc.....this won't meet your standards. Please share your email address for follow-up, we have sent feedback to consultant already. Response was "we will get back within two business days"

Catherine Norton

Modsy really helped us visualize what our dated living room could look like with a new layout and new furniture! An overall excellent experience that we will certianly use again.


This experience has been a disaster from beginning to end. It took weeks to get my first design suggestion, and then they switched my designers immediately afterward. The prices I received when ordering my items were not competitive, the delivery dates have long since passed for several of my items, many of them were broken, and the designer gave me the wrong information for some of the orders I made (saying something came in three as shown in the design, but then I only got one of the three for the price). The vases I ordered for a cart that was shown in the design were actually too tall and didn't fit, even though I ordered exactly from the design. Now, it has been more than a week since I've emailed asking for return labels for the broken and wrong-sized items and I get absolutely no response. And the customer service number is no longer working. I would not recommend this service to anyone, a colossal nightmare with terrible customer service.

Ebony Dunn Callands

I was very disappointed with my experience after purchasing the open floor plan package. I had a lot of difficulty editing and adding items into my design using the search and filter functions. My experience has been frustrating and time consuming. I attempted for several days on both a PC and MAC. I also tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. I contacted customer service and they advised that I schedule time with a style advisor. I did not receive a call during the time scheduled yesterday and still haven't heard back from customer service. I would not recommend this company.

Emily E.

To echo the sentiments of most of the complaints on here, the customer service is horrendous. From start to finish this has been a very frustrating process. It takes several days to get any response from any representative. Every item I ended up ordering from Modsy has been damaged, the wrong quantity, or shipped to the wrong address. My next step is filing a complaint with BBB. Hopeful a representative from Modsy will see this and finally reply to my attempts to contact them.

Shannon Sullivan-Cramer

Wonderful product and awesome customer service. I will definitely be using this again.

Roark Clayton

The service was perfect for helping visualize what our revamped master bedroom would look with a few existing pieces and some new pieces we had been looking at. For a very modest investment I saved from making some costly mistakes of choosing a wrong item for the space. Our designer was more than willing to make an unlimited amount of edits for us. I did not always like some of the items they chose but it was easy enough to swap them out. Technically I demoted the review by a star because the editor tool was a little wonky. Although using Safari as recommended I found it difficult to maneuver and place some items. Other than that it was a great experience and value.

Saleha Siddique

This was terrific to get interior designer picks and an awesome 3d model to play with, for a fraction of what interior designers charge! Plus I'm extremely picky and I was relieved to not have to subject an actual human who I'm paying $150-200/hour to that heh. The Modsy quiz really nailed my personal style (on my second attempt at it). I used the ideas and even some of the furniture picks - I would have bought from modsy but found I eg wanted a custom fabric in the suggested sofa and modsy was only showing the standard choice (crate and barrel Infiniti sofa) or I wanted eg Alba console from CB2 but it wasn't showing at Modsy. So I guess the room for improvement is to have all the SKUs/options from their partner retailers.

Sylvia Davis

I’m disappointed to say that I cannot recommend Modsy, which fails to provide the custom services they advertise. Seriously, you'd do better to download one of the many inexpensive apps that allows you see prospective furniture purchases in a scale model of your room. Modsy did little more. I had to send repeated emails – to no avail -- to remind them that I had already paid to include a custom piece and for a consultation. Worse, the “designer” paid little attention to the preferences and living situation I described in the signup questionnaire. One of the designs was a fire-hazard arrangement that placed an upholstered bench right against the gas fireplace! It also put delicate glass lamps in the middle of the room where there are no outlets (never mind that my questionnaire described my dog and teenage sons who would shatter them in a hot minute). Honestly, it felt like AI was doing the designs instead of a human being – pretty, but useless for my house and life. I have requested a refund, but even if I get the money, I’ll never get back the time and aggravation

Allison Fox

Modsy has revolutionized the interior decor process and it is AMAZING. Definitely check it out!!

Madeleine Olson

It’s been a week since I reached out to the director of success. No response and no number to call. Terribly disappointing experience.

T. Holt

I was really hesitant to sign up with Modsy. I came across the ad on instagram. They were so patient with the updates I requested. Their software is really fantastic in replicating the look of my room and they took my style into consideration with each revision. The really did I great job and I would use their services again when needed. Highly recommend.

Jason Janisch

Garbage. They don't respond to any communication. I'm two weeks in and absolutely no contact from Modsy, although they took my money in seconds. Beware.

Drew Shabek

I have ordered the classic package for $49. Based on the details of this package i should receive the 3D with in 5-8days. It has been 3.5 weeks and I have not received my 3D designs. A ripoff!

Jake Rasmuson

very user friendly. Great service for a great price.


Madeleine Gardella

designs are great and truly help me visualize the finished project; their willingness to continually tweek even the most minor detail is reassuring, too

Glaucia Boutte

Very easy to use and you get great ideas on what to do with space. They were fast and worked with you when changing up things.

Shannon Deer

I could not have styled my house without them. They really helped me visualize how things could look. They made ordering and returns easy. I am grateful for their help and responsiveness.

Melody Powell

Edit to 3 stars. Rendering is good, despite the delays I've encountered, I think it is still worth the money, and I will probably recommend to friends and get a few more of my own rooms rendered. It is useful to see how some pieces would look like, although I would not relay on them to do the final design of any room. Original review: Submitted a project and was told turnaround was 7-10days, on day 10, I emailed customer service to check on the status since I had not received any design, got a response 2 days later said they would check on it for me, and I haven't heard back. I was initially excited about it and have been checking my account every day since day 7. I am extremely disappointed that I have not received any design or further communication. *edit to say after messaging them on Instagram and Facebook (since there is no phone number to call), on day 13 I received a message in the morning where the rep said my project was started and it would be done with in 48 hours. Luckily, it didn't take 48 hours, I received the designs in a few hours. Render is good, but designs look like someone threw together in 5 minutes, they are not practical for a family with small kids (which was what I asked for in my original assessment), it feels like they just pasted a bunch of west elm and CB2 furnitures together with a lot of unnecessary accessories that no way would stay on a low shelf with multiple young kids around. There are also a lot of random floor accessories my kids would easily destroy in an hour. It's a pretty design for a single person apartment in the bay area perhaps, but totally not what I asked for.

Kevin Hollingsworth

good at design, horrible at delivery. This is an very incomplete service, Grade F right now. Simply can't track my orders at all. Something is totally FUBAR with order handling.

Kim Jablonski

Stupid are people that clueless ,

Teach America

Positives: 1. The 3D rooms gives you a solid visual of your space. 2. The room can be edited. You can add, move, and remove funiture. (Although this part can be made more seamless) 3. They offer a discount on funiture purchase if you order through Modsy Negatives: 1. The 7-10 turn around time is not accurate or an honest depiction of how much time they take. Both rooms that I paid to have completed took at least 15 days. 2. Ordering funiture through Modsy is a pain. They are a third party and do not give updates about funiture or backorders or timelines of delivery. It’s easier and smarter to purchase directly from the store. 3. Customer service seems overwhelmed and not capable of handling the influx of customers or reported issues. Overall I would move it to a three if customer service could communicate quickly and keep customers informed of some of these issues. For the price you can get an idea of how to organize your space and if you hate the design you can go in and edit it yourself.

Chanel Helper-Holland

My design came out awesome and they were patient with me through the many requests I made to achieve the look I had in mind. I will say that the budget I input wasn't adhered to likely due to their small vendor list so it limited me being able to purchase all the pieces. I will opt for similar styles/colors for accessories but bought the larger items. I definitely recommend Modsy for being able to get a live view of furniture in your space!

Vittoria Roiati

Lee Unger

I used Modsy in order to design my office/guest bedroom. Initially i was a little bit skeptical and was contemplating several other companies before deciding on Modsy because of their 3d rendering. When I received my designs, I was in complete awe of the level of detail and the design itself. The room is perfectly rendered, the designer totally got my style and created 2 incredibly beautiful designs. I cannot be more happy with the result and this was worth every $. I wanted to keep a pull out couch and a desk in the room, which were added to the design and the designer worked around them. Currently i'm in the proccess of finalizing and purchasing every single piece they put in that design. To top all of that, their customer service is phenomenal and everyone i talked to was extremely nice, including the comments from the designer. This is amazing quality of service for extremely affordable and fair pricing. Seriously, more people need to know. It took me a long time to decide to go with them over havenly only because I couldn't find decisive reviews, but I'm so glad I did!! I will definitely purchase another package to add some details to my living room once I'm done with playing around and purchasing the items for the office design!

Sanika Bhurke

It's okay. I was expecting a quicker response. Had to follow up with them after which they responded promptly. It's a good idea but didn't help me much. I was designing my studio apartment. Their designs weren't too special. And definitely over budget. I don't think they considered my preferences for furniture vendors. Good luck. It's a relatively new start up so wish them well ahead.

taru gujral

I wish I could give zero stars. Completely unreliable and there's no way to get hold of anyone so no accountability. It's been 20 days since my order - they do not respond to emails or phone. Just keep on sending a generic email.

Lisa Riley

We just built our dream house, and are purchasing all new furniture for several rooms. I love shopping and looked for months on my own and was overwhelmed by the choices and what size furniture to buy, so I decided to try Modsy (after researching several online interior design websites) for our living room. I loved seeing the 3D rendering of my living room and them picking furniture that was a little outside my comfort zone! I liked certain pieces in each design, but I asked for a redesign because a few pieces wouldn’t work for our lifestyle. I loved the revamp. But I continued to research on my own and found a couple pieces that weren’t on their website, but were stores they worked with - and they were able to add those pieces for me to order everything together (with their Labor Day promotion + the sales on the websites). Customer service has been top notch and I’m excited to have them pick pieces for my kids’ rooms and playroom next!

Therese Trujillo

We have a living room that is really hard to place furniture in. Lianne is my Modsy specialist. She sent me two designs for my living room that I love. I was never very confident with my own designing style but after using Modsy, I am ready to decorate! I will be using Modsy again for another room!

Lilly Wyatt

Very pleased with my first design. I'm still working on the third update. After that, let the shopping begin.

Lindsey Lazaro

The design service is great but shopping/delivery through them has been a pain. Items are not always available that they display in the room (you won't find out until you try to buy them and your order keeps getting denied), and scheduling furniture delivery has been challenging due to not having direct contact or order info with the furniture companies. I am very happy with the room designs but wish that buying was more user friendly.

Brian Alvarez

I personally had a great experience with Modsy. Support has been very responsive. The designers have asked for feedback and made changes quickly. The ability to take the designs and change out the various pieces of furniture is really useful. The performance of the customization tool is slower than I would like, but I understand the limits of a browser based implementation. Haven’t bought any items yet so I can’t comment on that part of the service. Otherwise I think it’s a very convenient and reasonably priced way to get help with designing a living space.

Crysta Kaufmann

Modsy is a great service for anyone who has a vision but has no idea how to get there. It's easy to use, well-priced and very customer-centered. I love that it is accessible 24/7 and that you can complete your project at your own pace.

Ross Loofbourrow

Unbelievable experience! A MUST for anyone remodeling, redecorating, etc. any room of your house. GAME CHANGER! The way of the future when working with professional designers when considering how to change the look and feel of rooms in your home. Try this, guarantee you'll love it!

Thomas Tabitha Gearin

Hubby bought me a design package for our anniversary! Best gift ever! I really enjoyed using Modsy! It helped me visualize our living space with recommended placement and sizing of furniture. I can’t wait to update with their recommendations! 5 Star Modsy!!

Roxanne Chou

Grace Susan Chen

Even though I didn't ended up buying furnitures through modsy (because of budget) I really liked all the ideas they have given me, as well as having the ability ot edit my own design and try out furnitures of different dimensions in my room. The price of a design per room is very reasonable and I took elements from both of my design to put together my final room..

Mary Holman

I had multiple frustrating emails with customer service before I asked if there was a number I could call to just resolve my issues over the phone. The rep I reached, did not know how to help to me and advised someone would call me back. Instead, he wrote me an email with the subject line “apologies are overrated” and gave me the same run around. This was my second attempt to complete a project for my studio apt and I’ve had it. Even though they seem to offer the best services out of the competition, I’m moving on.

S Lewis

I had Modsy design my kid’s room and they provided a really beautiful design that suited my taste. They gave me two options but the first was so lovely, I went ahead and ordered pretty much every major piece they suggested. It took me a fraction of the time to order all the furniture as I had a clear game plan, and they make it super easy to order with their concierge service. Left to my own devises, I would have been deliberating and dithering for hours on what to buy and the results wouldn’t have been half as good. The furniture is now in place in the room and it looks as good as in the design. Everyone keeps complimenting me on the room. I usually never write reviews but I really feel like this service was well worth the $79 dollars I paid in design fees.

Ainslee Neitzel

I cannot recommend Modsy enough. I was hesitant never having worked with them before, but I was blown away by their designs. I have since shared their information with several people I know and am already planning which room to let them design next. The designs are amazing! Their prices are just right and their customer service is awesome!


It depends what you want - this is a cool idea, I did have some issues but they came through with customer service - their UI is glitchy (I uploaded custom pieces and they never got them, and it kept duplicating everything), and the editor that you get to use doesn't do much and isn't user friendly. I got this mainly to mess around in the editor myself but you can hardly do anything. The search and filters are painful to use. I'm sure it will get better in the future. For the price, it is cool to try.

Sonia Hernandez

Loved it! Will use it again. Wish I could download my designs as a PDF.

Madeline Benderev

I had a lot of trouble finding reviews of Modsy that weren’t paid promotion content (I only found these reviews after my design when I looked up the address to see if there’s a local Yelp page). I would have never taken the plunge if a friend hasn’t tried them before and had a decent experience. I urge them to be more transparent and avoid burying actual reviews with marketing. But overall we were very happy with Modsy. We turned to then after having a disappointing experience with a competitor. The competitor took over a month to get us our designs despite requesting only minor tweaks, never delivered the promised 3-D rendering, eventually provided what a collage I could have put together after 15 min. on Pinterest, and gave us a blah design. And having to frequently communicate with their designer became annoying. Going from that to Modsy was like night and day. We received two complete design concepts much sooner than expected-just a few days after sending in photos. Even though I provided much less info. in our profile and didn’t go through any back and forth with a designer, the concepts were way better than what we got from the competitor. While we could have provided feedback and gotten updated concepts, I was happy enough with the first round that after taking my favorite things from each and adding a few touches of my own, I had a design I loved that my husband could live with. And the 3-D rendering totally blew us away. I think I showed everyone I spoke to that entire week. Very impressive. Every detail in our room was perfect, including HVAC vents. That said, there’s still some room for improvement. The 3-D rendering assumes your room is flooded with natural light, which our bedroom is not. I’m not sure if it’s because of this or another reason, but the colors can be a bit off. For example, the rendering showed our walls as pure white, but they’re warmer, arguably off-white. So the rendering was brighter and airier than our actual room. And some of the furniture colors were way off. The upholstered bed frame we ordered appeared near white in the rendering, but is a much darker linen color in person. So that was a disappointment. We may even reupholster, if that’s even an option. I also noticed that while some of the wood appeared to be much different shades in the rendering, they’re actually very similar in person. That’s not a bad thing, but goves me doubts about the pieces we have yet to purchase. I also found the checkout process very confusing. The weekend I ordered I received an email that the brand we purchased was 20% off. But that wasn’t reflected in the cart. At the same time, free shipping was reflected in our cart, but once I got the order confirmation, it turns out we had to pay quite a bit for in-home delivery. Ultimately that made sense, and we still paid less because the 20% discount was also reflected on that confirmarion, but I would have liked a more accurate estimate. Customer service was actually pretty responsive at answering the questions I had about those two things, even over the weekend. But moving forward, unless there’s an incentive to buy from Modsy, I may skip the headache and order directly from the retailer, which I realize undermines their business model. But it’s just not seamless, and their discount codes only apply to pretty expensive orders and we plan to purchase things one at a time. The other suggestion I would have is to improve the selection of furniture. I’m not sure if I had access to every product, or just curated items, but it was more limited than expected. And was missing some brands I would have liked to have seen that their competitor had, like Article. Ultimately, I think this is the best option for people like me unable to visualize a room without furniture in it. The 3-D renderings are incredible, and I imagine will only get more accurate and less laggy over time. We can’t wait to design more rooms in our house and already purchased the next package.

Marissa Newton

The design process was very easy and they definitely got my style. One of the two designs was absolutely perfect! The only disappointment was the brands they work with are all fairly pricey and they went way over budget ($2500). I already have the major furniture pieces but to buy all the rest (coffee table, rug, plants, throws) would have been an additional $5800-$8100 per their design. I will take the ideas and have to find my own products, which means this wasn't as big of a time saver as I hoped it would have been.

Shefali Kakar

I think modsy is perfect for those wanting to redesign their space with a one stop shopping. It was awesome to see our very room in a completely different layout and furniture before buying. I love the swap feature where you can yourself change the product individually with several options available. We are on our 3rd room and thrilled.

Linda Schell

I needed help with the furniture layout in my large living room. My designer and I had a call before she did the designs and also afterwards. This very personalized service was great. She answered all my questions and the designs were wonderful. Modsy was superb compared to another online design service used previously.

Cherrye Moore

I am surprised by some of the negative reviews, especially regarding customer service. I had a great experience with Modsy for my home office and just purchased design help for another room. I agree with the reviewer who said that the 3-D tools and product limitations are frustrating. (They are time consuming!) But I was overwhelmed by their customer service. They did multiple redesigns with quick turn-around times and even offered to help fix an issue I had because I'd measured incorrectly. I wish them much success!

Amanda Jones

I paid for the premium service, and it turns out that was a mistake. I did get to speak with a designer, and I did receive a great 3D rendering and two impressive initial designs. I was delighted. But then everything changed. I requested a change to my design online and via email - you are supposed to get unlimited revisions and help from your designer on a faster timeline if you pay the much higher premium price - and my designer said she’d get right on it. It was supposed to take 2-3 days. I waited a week before I even wrote to complain. My designer apologized for the delay, saying she would get me the revision the next day. I haven’t heard from her since and certainly haven’t received design revision and it’s been over two days now. I have written to her and to the general Modsy customer service email address to express my disappointment and have received no reply whatsoever. I feel that I have been ignored and cheated. They did not fulfill their promises. And now all those enticing sales and discount offers they have been sending me every day are just an insult since the best of them expired while I was waiting for them to respond. Perhaps if you just go with the basic package and plan on having a DIY experience you won’t be disappointed. Paying for premium service was definitely a mistake, though. **UPDATE** The Modsy customer service team got back to me once they realized what had happened and could not have been more generous or helpful. They refunded my money AND put me in touch with a new designer who seems to have a much better understanding of what I’m looking for in my design. I was really impressed with their response. It has really restored my appreciation for the things I originally liked about them. Every company has issues occasionally. What matters most is how they deal with those issues. Once I could get beyond my first designer - which was more difficult than it probably should have been - I couldn’t have been happier with their response.

Medemere Medemere

I had a great experience with Modsy. The design options were on point. They were very patient with me throughout the process. I worked wit Diana K. She was the best so were everyone I dealt with. It was very easy putting an order and so was returning some of the items I didn’t like. The price is affordable. I will definitely work with them again!

Teri Ann Harper

I put off getting a package for over a year because I was afraid that I would purchase the package and hate the design. I WAS WRONG! I bit the bullet and purchased 3 room designs. The designs were very close to my ideal room. I tweaked them a little and now have exactly what I want. I worked with Katherine and she got my style and taste the first go around. I couldn't be happier with my room designs. The only thing is I wish some of the products weren't so pricey. If I can't find knock-offs it may take me a little while to finish all 3 rooms. But at least I have a design and can purchase items as they come up on sale. I know exactly what to look for a buy!! I'm kicking myself now for waiting so long!

Delaram Ra

I'm very pleased with my Modsy project! The 3D simulation of our space was very close to reality and they incorporated all of our comments and requests in the design. Will use it again :-)

Erin Canova

I am so grateful I discovered Modsy. Having moved into a new home within the last year, I am itching to get it decorated and feel that everything is complete but I am horrible at visualizing what things will look like all together or how things would match up. Modsy takes all the pressure off. If I want, I can change things out from the design, or simply purchase all the items as shown which is what I plan on doing. Thank you Modsy!! I'm actually excited about buying new furniture instead of overcome with anxiety about accidentally buying the wrong piece!

Douglas Kneen


Overall I had a great experience with Modsy. The only issue I had was that the initial 3D model was delayed because of what I was told was an unexpected problem with the software. Modsy made up for it with an apologetic and prompt customer service team who addressed my concerns and with a designer who provided suggestions I loved. I felt that my style was definitely kept in mind and the designer was very patient with all of my questions. The initial budget I suggested was exceeded, but the platform provided a great way to search for alternatives and was easy to use. Well worth the price and would for sure use Modsy again.

Ursula Sanchez

Overall the service is moderately okay. If you know what you want and plan to use Modsy to put your vision into 3D form than this is not for you. If you have no idea what you want and are okay with them designing it than maybe it'll work. I know what I want, urban industrial living room, and although their team did a poor job at first their second attempt was better. Yet, it sill was not what I imagined. Trying to find items to add to the model is frustrating because anything will pop up when you search for the item. Example, searched for art and beds popped up in the search while other items did not. It'd be easier if they would have tabs like: decor, bedding, furniture, tables, sofas, accent chairs, mirrors, wall art and so on - making it easy to find items. Instead their searches are filtered by brand, height, width, color, price, material. It just makes no sense and harder on the consumer to search for items to place in their 3D models. Additionally, it's as though Modsy chooses which items will be selected from their partner companies without providing the entire product catalog from these companies. Thus, making the selection of items horribly limited. Modsy asked about companies that I like to shop at so I listed 8 of them and they shopped at none of them. So what is the point of asking if Modsy only shops for products at Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and other high end stores. Don't get me started on trying to add items into the 3D model. Its hard to place the items, select items, rotate the items. Basically, the interface does not allow the average consumer to maneuver through the process with ease. It took me over an hour to try and rearrange one of the designs Modsy created that I just walked away. Also, when you edit a design, theirs or yours, it creates a whole new design. With how hard it is to add and rearrange items, along with the time it takes, Modsy should have the option to edit one design or create a whole new design while editing. They now have the option to delete unwanted designs, which is great, however, giving the consumer the ability to just edit one design without it creating a whole new design would save them time in the long run. They don't help you choose a wall color, which wall to accent unless you pay 10 dollars per color per wall and you have to know what colors you want and which wall to place it on. You're paying for them to put it in the design while you do the guess work. One rep told me that most people already know what color and which wall to accent. If I knew, why would I be paying them? Never pay for the $79 or $149 package. Pay the $59 to get a ruff idea of your space and what could be done then do the rest yourself because until they fix some major issues it is just not worth the additionally money spent.

Erik Raudsep

I am in the process of finalizing the designs for three rooms with Modsy. They are a pleasure to work with and take all of the feedback to heart and are working diligently on getting the final changes done. The biggest thing I have learned as this is my first time working with a designer is don't be silent if you want to change something do it and everyone at Modsy has been happy to help right away. I am already loving the changes to my living room that have been made. I think also one of the best parts to Modsy is their willingness to work with your budget. I find them to be able to accommodate affordable style in a mid century Scandinavian look that is not Ikea.

Christine Hrusecky

Interesting experience. Although I didn’t love my designs, I was able to get some great useable ideas from them. I thought the customer service was top-notch until they went completely dark on me. I wanted to order more items but needed the items added to my design for purchase. I was told I was good to go but that was not the case, so after several unanswered emails, I ended up ordering on my own. I am still waiting on a backordered item that should’ve already been received but has not been — not sure what’s going on with that as I can’t get ahold of customer service nor have they responded to my emails.

Alex Hobbs

Elina Segal

So incredible! I paid to have my living room and dining room done with Modsy. I've worked with interior designers before, and none have come close to the level of detail, precision, and response from Modsy. Don't know how they do it - really like magic. Truly recommend.

Mario Carrasco

I had a surprisingly great experience working with Modsy. In the past I have hired interior designer to select and buy furniture with okay results. I decided to give Modsy a try, after all their services are fairly inexpensive, and WOW! The timelines, communication, process was superb. My wife and I love the final design and the simplicity of their web site. And the easiness of the buying process. I am being 100% honest when I say that it is the best option for decorating at any budget. We are currently working on our 3rd room. Give it a try! P.S.: we live our designer, Francesca. She has the magic touch.

Sonia Ortner

I love the designs that my designer, Jerese, and I worked through. Sadly, that is where the positive experience ends. The purchase, delivery, and return process is a nightmare. One return took no fewer than 15 emails, three sets of return labels, and four attempts to get a pickup scheduled. If I hadn't already been waiting weeks (yes, weeks) for my items to arrive, I'd be thrilled to cancel all of my orders and place them myself. It's laughable that I'm paying an additional, hidden, $20 fee per order for the 'concierge.' Modsy, you truly need to spend some time fixing this process. I was recommending Modsy while going through design process, and would still recommend them for that. But DO NOT, under any circumstances, order through them.

Yadira Rinaldi

Super bummed! I saw a beautiful ad on Redbook magazine about Modsy and thought we would give them a try. I purchased a room package on March 4th. with a design delivery window of 7-10 business days. It took exactly the 10 days. Of course when I got the email, I was excited! Well , I have tried every angle to open the project on the Modsy page. All I get is a blank screen. I have tried customer support email. Funny, there is no actual phone number you can reach. So for now, I not recommend this design company. Maybe they are having system glitches? Edit: The Modsy support team was able to contact me via email a couple of days later and fixed the problem. The designs are beautiful!

Janekim Ancheta

The 3D representation of my room was completely off. I don't think they use the measurements I provided. It's a complicated attic space where one side of the room is longer and lower than the other side and at it's highest peak, the room is a little over 6 feet. They had mirrors in the room that would not fit in the room if I bought them. The room is wide enough that you'd be able to fit two queen size beds side by side with a little room to walk in between, but the rendering was too narrow. So disappointed. Emailed for some corrections to be made. Will see if there's an improvement and get back to you.

Madeleine Shaffer

My experience with Modsy was nothing short of amazing! We started off our three bedroom project with a few measurements and photos (nothing too extensive ;) ) and a style quiz to help them understand what we wanted. After just a few days our results came back and they were beautiful! They had found the optimal layout for the room so that although it was small it didn’t feel cluttered. We decided to make some reversions to our initial designs to make them exactly what we wanted. The customer service was incredible! After sending them a detailed email explaining what we wanted they promptly sent back a new design. Overall, this experience was amazing and I recommend that everyone use them to help decorate. Besides, with such reasonable prices how could you really go wrong!

Vanessa Morais

Such an easy experience! I sent photos and they made an awesome 3D room with furniture that I could switch out and talk to my designer about. I am have bought a few things and more on the list!I really loved this service for helping us find our vision.

Iram Hassan

Modsy is just what I expected and more! I got the help from a designer at an amazing value. I worked with Miranda W. to help with layout of furniture for my formal living room. Miranda worked with me and tried her best to understand my taste and style. I was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge of what works in a space, but extreme patience to my many many requests for updates. I liked all her designs, but of course some colors and layouts were not my favorites, and she was great to update things according to my taste without questioning. I recommend Modsy to anyone struggling with designing their rooms!

Barbora Vystejnova

Josh Grondie

We had lots of fun redecorating my apartment. Was surprised that the renders were accurate given how custom the living room is. I will be using them to redesign the whole apartment.

Deyoung Hong

Rebecca Kornbluh

The shopping and delivery is a terrible experience.

Allan Hui

We used its design service and it was terrible. However, they were kind enough to refund.

Rebecca DuVal

Modsy accepted my interior design project and payment, then immediately sent up red flags when customer service didn’t respond to a general inquiry I sent on that same day. I waited a week and then stopped expecting a response at all. The day my project was due, I got a generic email explaining they were delayed and assured me I’d get my project in another few days “at the latest.” This was the first of four missed deadlines - each following the same pattern of generic email sent out the day the project was due saying it wouldn’t be delivered yet. And while I’ve had two responses from customer service, the vast majority of my emails to this company have gone completely unacknowledged. Including the email I sent yesterday requesting a refund. If you use this company - which by all means appears to deliver a good product - don’t hold your breath that they will respect your time or their promises to you. I’m quite frankly surprised to see their BBB rating is so high, since a quick social media search revealed this same delay/avoid pattern has been playing out for months. Anyway- buyer beware. I really wish it had worked out differently. I was very excited to see their work.

frances collins

I received an uninspiring design - that pretty much ignored the style I wanted (beachy). Phone consultations didn't happen. I decided to purchase a few items anyway - but when the 2 poufs arrived they were kind of a mess - messy seams, loose threads & floppy. I requested a return - that's when alarm bells started to go off... several emails, sending photos, and I'm still stuck with these things. They were ever $200 - I could have got better looking ones for half the price. I'm ok with gambling some money on a design that didn't provide much. But I will never buy things from the site again - buyer beware - it is not easy to return things from Modsy. You can get free shipping, easy returns and much better customer service elsewhere!

Leena NYC

Jaime Dwork, our stylist, is amazing. We loved our designs and will definitely use this service again! Worth every penny.

John Starkweather

I really enjoyed using Modsy. It helped me visualize the space in a way that professional designers who came to my house could not. It’s a great value too, compared to designers (who basically just try to push you to buy their proprietary furniture). I found customer support to be excellent.

Megan Stone

I think this will take the place of interior designers! This is a great deal for your money to have up to three designs on one room with the deminsions of the furniture and the ability to change out the furniture with high quality vendors. I’ve alreadg had modsy start another room for me and will be using them again in the future

Sheri B

I have a fairly simple room to design, but I just couldn't make up my mind. Modsy gave me two options that I was able to blend into a third option that I am very happy with. I'm in the process of getting the room in perfect shape.

margaret flood

I used Modsy to give me advice in decorating and buying new furniture for my new apartment, my living room specifically . It wasn’t much but I feel I could at least get some professional advice. However, although the customer service was very good, always getting back to me with a day, I really found that they really weren’t much help. The designs they produced didn’t do anything for me, with one being bland and the other nothing special . The designs came back with annoying white circles on info where to purchase the recommended designs so I felt like Modsy is more of a retail store pushing certain brands than an actual design service. I believe the main problem is that the cheapest package $49 doesn’t really delve into what you like and what kind of style interests the customer. You take a genetic style quiz which doesn’t seem to capture your style and send photos of your space. There is no one on one discussion on what style you prefer. This non-personal way of interior design didn’t work for me. I suppose one could try to get some one on one time with your design team but it wasn’t offered . I was so disappointed that I haven’t got the heart to try to get other revisions. Of course, I realize that $49 isn’t very much for professional advice but I’d rather pay more and actually get more detailed one on one help from an actual designer.

Bill Roberts

Modsy is a great concept and the staff were very nice to work with; however, there were a lot of issues with the 3 rooms we designed with them which would lead me to NOT use them again or recommend them to others. Examples of the issues we encountered were items not fitting as shown in the picture (you need to double check all of their measurements), many items the designers recommend are not in stock (in one room alone we had 4 "recommended" items that we couldn't even buy), many of the items cannot be returned (and its difficult to often determine return policies at all for particular items), addressing problems with shipping is challenging as its all through 3rd parties (e.g. we had two chairs sent to us without any legs), and there doesn't seem to be a very large selection of items (i.e. we had the same items recycled again and again in our designs). I hope Modsy can improve because it's a great concept and a potentially transformative way to buy furniture and accessories - however, it just isn't there yet.

Diane Harcourt

I can't say enough good things about this service! I love my home more than ever and feel it is finally designed as it was meant to be! The renderings of my room were so accurate they looked like photographs! The designs and furniture suggestions kept me from making expensive mistakes. Even at the basic level, I received prompt, extensive help from the Modsy team. Can't wait to do more rooms!

Jobie Alcaraz

We just purchased a new home and needed help with our living room design. Signed up with Modsy, the design process was easy, you take a style quiz, upload photos of your space and once that is done they will assign a designer to work with you. We had an initial call to align the designer with our vision of the space. She worked on it for 2 days and was pleasantly surprised receiving our designs. We were given 2 options and we immediately fell in love with the first design and layout. Also loved the 3d Studio editor where you can immediately see how the alternative products will look with the space. The concierge service was great too, you'll save a few bucks instead of buying directly from the store. We're just now waiting for the furniture we ordered to be delivered and we are excited to see our vision and Modsy's design come to life in our new space. I will definitely try their service again and recommend this to friends.

Tracie Rotter

Couldn't believe how good this is! Will definitely use Modsy for more rooms in my house!


Avoid, avoid, avoid! This company is not honest and they will SCAM you! First, they were late with my design and from social media it's no secret that this happens to everyone! Who wants to wait 3 + weeks for a design when there are lots of online designers (like Laurel and Wolf, Decorist etc) who can do it within 1-2 days! They also FALSE ADVERTISE! I ordered a bunch of items from my design shopping list and they tried to change the price after I already paid! One of the items was a $129 small area rug. They later tell me that the rug is actually $800 and they asked if they could charge my credit card for the remaining $680! They also increased the shipping charges AFTER I submitted my order. I think that is pretty much the definition of bait and switch. This has never happened with any other company. Why can't Modsy get their prices correct the first time? Something is very fishy with this company. Also lots of items in my design were not in my shopping list and the measurements given on Modsy were VERY different than the retailers websites. I found out after I submitted my order that the main art piece wasn't in stock! And lots of the items are expensive but NOT good quality. I checked the reviews for the create and barrel items they suggested ( like $400 bookshelf) and every single one of the items had very bad reviews. I no longer think Modsy is a trustworthy company. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.

J.T. Mosbacher

Great value fore the price. Great ability to stack discounts

Krishna Prasad

Karrie Converse-Jones

This was such a great experience! The design fee was affordable, I loved being able to ask for other options as the room idea came together. It was so easy to purchase the suggested items as we moved in. We have received so many compliments! I will use again and have been sharing with my family and friends! Thank you!!

Gina Witherington

I went back and forth on whether to give a 2 or a 3. I would say the design part itself is a 5, just purchasing with them is painful. They are a young company and are having some growing pains surrounding that. The design part is great, easy to use and the person really worked with me to get a look that was not only great but my style and practical for my purposes. I.e. functional and not just decorative. The price point wasn't stuck to at all but I think that is due to the fact they just don't have enough stores on there. They do have wayfair but none of the items they chose was from there. If you decide to purchase with them, i recommend having a phone call with a customer service member to go over what your expectations and wishes are surrounding the products (do you need white glove shipping, free pick up from the store, if it is available, etc). What would be the best discount codes to use if any? The purchasing is very manual for them so having the phone conversation will hopefully save some of the surprises and align your needs with the service. That is my recommendation currently. The back and forth with emails to find out about the transparency of the ordering process was a bit painful and I wish I had just been able to pick up the phone to begin with. I recommend using the site for design and it is up to you to decide to use them for purchasing. Their process currently changing but the current method is not transparent and a bit clunky as you don't know the final price before you approve the purchase. You have to guess based on your own research and then hope that it is what you are expecting and the shipping method matches what you were hoping. However, i did email me and they were responsive in tweaking the order and explaining what was happening to provide me transparency. it did take a bit of back and forth. However, the people are really professional and are trying to improve the process.


it's frustrating that it takes days and days for them to get back to you about simple changes.

Ashley Garner

Initial ideas may totally ignore your budget but if you remind them that money matters in the feedback, their edited designs will be more reasonable. They get four stars for the second design and willingness to listen to feedback, but be aware that the initial design they present to you may not be realistic.

Jerry Corcoran

Susan Chesler

Love it! It was so easy to upload the photo and within a few days their designers created two beautiful designs for my living room. I'm expecting the furnishing to arrive this week and I can't wait to see this room come together. I'll be using this service for any design project I have in my home. What a great service. Thank You!

Zion Williamson

TallyMom Too

"Wow!" is all I can say and I keep saying it over and over - wow, wow, wow! This is such a bargain. I've used professional interior designers before and not been as pleased as I am with the Modsy ideas. And the fact that you can order what's shown in your room is just ingenious. This tool revolutionizes interior design. And the customer service is top-notch. It feels very personalized and attentive. I could not be a happier customer.

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