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REVIEWS OF Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County: Emergency Room IN Wyoming

Wyoming Cowgirl

I would just like to let the community know that the memorial hospital is number one in sweetwatercounty. So if you choose to go somewhere else that's your choice but from here on now when you choose Memorial Hospital we are going to guarantee you the best opportunity and care that we can give. We would like to fight the lawsuit and Investigate the judge and jury who allowed an individual to sue the Memorial Hospital in Rock Springs Wyoming. We have proven facts that anyone who goes to the hospital can get their fingers or any part of their body cut off when they have Gang Green or the Black plague. We have a living individual who was treated very well at the memorial hospital and within 3 days they still have to get there body part amputated. It is very important that we fight fraud in the state of Wyoming. It would be very greatly appreciated if anyone needs help to find the right doctor that they go to the Rock Springs New Clinic located across the street from the memorial hospital and part of the Memorial Hospital. It is suggested that when you go to the doctor you plan to stay with your doctor for the rest of your life and you ask to create a team of individuals who can successfully care for you when making your appointment.These team of Health care providers should be your health care providers throughout your lifetime not just once but forever. It is also very important that when you do receive your team you all strive to investigate your body to the full extent in the beginning so that you can stop anything that starts and be prepared if there is anything you have to care for all in the very first appointment. It is also very important that you are well taken care of and not denied services when you most need them. Thank you Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital. Just so you all know the Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital doesn't compete. This is the home of the Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital BVsince the beginning of time and will continue to be Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital home until the end of time which means the Sweetwater County Memorial Hospital will be here forever.

The Abuellemator

Christopher Holcomb

This is the worse emergency room i have ever been to. Took my 1 yr old son in, he had bloody stools, diarhea, vomiting, rash on his genitals and behind. Waited an hour and a half for the "Dr." to come see him and then another hour and a half for tests to be done after going to ask the nurses station multiple times within that time frame. Once a nurse was able to come get samples of his stool, do a rsv and flu swab she was called out twice because the other staff members didn't want to take care of the other patients that needed attended. The staff were more concerned about gossiping than taking care of the patients that came in. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL. DRIVE TO THE HOSPITAL IN EVANSTON BEFORE GOING TO THIS EMERGENCY ROOM. The total time was 7hrs due to laziness.

Dava Martin

If I could put a 0 stars I would, I have had so many scans, ultrasounds and procedures done there for three years I have suffered. 1 visit to another center for a ultrasound and problem found, scan showed exactly what it was. Pathetic


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