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REVIEWS OF Ivinson Memorial Hospital IN Wyoming

Robert Kirkland

Fast and helpful ER visit. Front desk, Nurse, and Dr were all very tentative and focused on the situation at hand.

Quentin Wren

Angela Weiss

Monica Thomas

BrieAnna Hewlett

The doctor who saw me in the er today make my issues worse not better. I was told by my Dr to go the the er, and the doctor was horrible. The nurse was rude. So glad I am going to have to pay this hospital bill and another one when I have to travel to Colorado just to get real care.


The doctors didn't listen to me and they even lied to me about treatment.

David P. Whitley

My daughter was involved in a car accident and was seen at Ivinson Memorial Hospital emergency room. Doctor Tufts and nurse Natalie did an excellent job of making her feel at ease, examining her, conducting scans and x-rays and getting her out of there as quickly as possible. Thankfully, my daughter was fine and will just be sore a few days. Their professionalism was only exceeded by their good communication, kindness and caring. Natalie even made us some fresh coffee! Thanks to all!

Vicky lee Hoffmann

Staff and treatment were excellent. From ER check in to diagnosis and testing, all staff were kind, caring, knowledgeable and concerned. The patient portal they provide made access to reports readily available to us, which was important, as we were just travelling through the area when we needed their services.

Ian T. Worthing

I had my appendix out here in 2012. They saved my life. I spent the next five years paying off that appendix. Their billing staff were very courteous and helpful and setting up a payment plan. When you're in a life-or-death situation in Laramie Wyoming the choice is clear... Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

Janelle Zamorano

Donald Probst

The healthcare side of things were great. A few administrative SNAFUs. Some ordered pre-op tests weren't drawn with the rest, so had to make a mad scramble at night through ER to get them drawn and worked up in time. At home meds had wrong times in computer. Nothing's perfect, and I've certainly been treated by worse hospitals. Would definitely recommend, just don't expect perfection.

Matt H.

S Bell

The doctors and nurses are amazing. My complaint is the billing department. 8 separate phone calls in 6 weeks each one ending with a different answer only to receive subsequent phone calls regarding my account and each person I talk to never can find my previous contact. It would be comical if it wasn't so frustrating. Update - After speaking with the billing department at IMH the problem lies with the outsourced company used to handle payment plans. I still only give 2 stars due to the lack of communication between the company and the billing department. (IMH's billing people are fantastic, but the breakdown between them and this company is enough to make an adult cry)

Deana Lawson

Went in this morning for out patient surgery Had absolutely outstanding care from the minute I got ther till the time I left. Very impressive and very happy with the quality of care

Russ Kersey

I'm unable to give even one star! Took my daughter in there last night 11/7/2016 to have her checked for a concussion which she received during a basketball game. As we approached the counter in the ER, we were greeted by a young man saying, " if you are here to see the Doctor it;s going to be quite a wait, everybody in the waiting area behind you is waiting as well" REALLY....didn't even ask what was wrong or even concerned why we were there. I looked at my wife who was in total disbelief and said, I guess were are headed to Urgent Care. Walked into Urgent Care and was greeted immediately by staff ( they could see something was seriously wrong ) was checked in and taken back to exam room immediately. The provider checked our daughter out and sent us back to the hospital for a CT Scan. Luckily the CT Scan came back normal and she was diagnosed with a concussion. I can say the staff in Radiology was very attentive and caring. Checked on us every 5 minutes until we left the hospital. So, 5 STARS FOR THE RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT.

Tiare Britos

I highly recommend this hospital for women who are expecting. The Nurses and Doctors are some of the best I have experienced and will take good care of you. I had to have an emergency C-section, but they made it quick and did an amazing job.

Nadia Martin

Paul Fortson

Jourdan Elterman

I had to have emergency breast surgery in December and was worried as I have never been put under before. The nurses were incredible, every doctor was in constant communication throughout the process and I was made comfortable during my overnight stay there. Keep up the amazing work and know you're appreciated! :)

Clifford White

It's too bad the cost of medical care and poor insurance options in WY lead to such substantial medical bills. By the looks of the construction, Ivinson appears to be doing ok on money though...

mustafa hussam

jorge esmieu

M 13G

Exceptional care! Had to spend two nights and couldn't have asked for better care from ER to family care nurses, doctors, food services, cleaning, etc. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel better and to top it off, everything was spotless.

Doug Jensen

Melissa Jolly

This place is a joke. My husband is supposed to have surgery on Monday October 15. We'r are going through a lawsuit because my husband was hit by a car. Even with a lien agreement they are demanding $10,000 up front or he can't have surgery. We are still in the middle of the lawsuit, I personally don't have that kind of money laying around. Pretty pathetic when you care more about money then you do patient care. You make me sick!!

mark kanekoa

Calobe Fletcher

Have got blood test done and dont tell me anything about it or give me paper work and the billing office it terrible you talk to them or call tje they play dum

wahid dakhel

For just 30 minutes cost me $3700 just because I did not have insurance, but I got shortage breath, and I went the the emergency room.

Erin Evans

If I could write a zero, I would. Not for the care, but for the billing office. Terrible!

Tori Jacobson

I was wrongly fired 6 years ago. I had to fight them for months and I finally received unemployment. My former supervisor has since retired and I have tried reapplying multiple times and they refuse to even give me a chance. My signature was forged on paperwork and someone logged me into a computer on a day I was never even clocked in. I have talked to the CEO and he agreed to make my unrehireable status removed but clearly it hasn't.

Mr. Red

Troy E

Kris Bancroft

My daughter gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy at this hospital, and I found the level of medical competence, knowledge, professionalism, service, caring, and helpfulness of the staff to be what I can only describe to be "world class". Not something one might expect to find at such a small hospital, but I sure did!

Veronica Reynolds

My last experience here was awful! A doctor LAUGHED at me when I said I wanted an epidural, as I was in labor with my son, and the night nurses were really short fused, annoyed, and RUDE. The day nurses were amazing and the difference was such - night and day -between the two. I asked for an epidural 8 times over 32 hours and never got anything more than oral tylenol. Might as well have given me sugar pills. What REALLY irks me is I was given a medication before my baby was whisked away for 4 hours (I only thought maybe an hour for his hearing to be checked, and said I wanted him right back regardless, that was obviously ignored) but the medication was NOT charted!! I had an allergic reaction, and a rather serious one at that. We all have no clue what the medication was, just guesses. Im due with my next baby later this year in the hospital I *should've* transfered myself to after my experience, if they give it to me its not THEIR fault. No way of knowing thanks to a night shift nurse not doing her job. Harsh? Yes. But a semi-life threatening reaction (had my husband not walked in and caught it) to a medication and it having not been charted, normally would cost someone their job.

Ryan Kocher

Taylor Wood

Worst customer service and care. I'm still paying a small bill from last year. Not to mention that they're late on sending out reminders. I came from Texas and had to get care here after an injury I sustained after visiting family in Laramie.

Adam Ehlers

Avoid this hospital and especially the ER. The local vets might be more capable of diagnosis and trama management. Came in unconscious in a ambulance left 5 hours later in a cab. Next day they called to tell me about the four fractures they missed. Went to another doctor less than month later and with thier original x-rays he saw another fracture they missed in my c6.... I would not take my dog to this hospital and after my experience I have heard many stories of horrible life threatening mistakes. There is a reason locals will drive to Cheyenne, rather than go here.

Rachel Mantel

Katherine Landvogt

Eric DeMillard

$2600 charge for taking 15 minutes of their time when I could not get my nose to stop bleeding. They were able to fix the problem which I am grateful but I was basically neglected the entire time and charged a fortune. For what? Such a scam.

Erica Stoner

My niece was visiting from Texas for spring break and had a snowmobile accident. Laramie was the closest hospital so I met her there. She was in the ER all of 40 minutes, and they said she had a broken radius. The doctor orally gave her vicodin after she had already taken Tylenol, prescribed her hyrdacodone and told her she could take Tylenol with it... Wrong!!!!! That's quick way to overdose... They said they checked her for a concussion and cleared her. She spent the next 15 hours throwing up and having a hard time staying awake. I took her to the hospital in Cheyenne the next morning where they diagnosed her with a severe concussion. My niece said they never checked her in Laramie ask they did was xray her arm. The young man at the front desk was also less than helpful and one of the most outrageously rude people I've ever encountered in an emergency room setting. I wouldn't take my worst enemy to this hospital!!! In fact, I'd rather die than for someone to take me here. The negligence I experienced at this facility should be punishable by law. I will do everything in my power to make sure that they are. Because they were too busy rushing us out the door, they could have cost my niece her life!!!!!!!! They should be ashamed. If I could give a zero star review I absolutely would.

Ken Humphrey

Unless you think you'll die before you reach Fort Collins, don't go to IMH. What a cluster.

Courtney Westbrook

This is the most incompetent hospital I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. First of all if you are just going to go there just to get checked out be prepared for all of the extras they're going to throw your way. Not everyone needs a saline drip and it seems to be a requirement if you go here that they will have you hooked up to a saline drip that they will gladly charge you for even if you don't need it. They thrive on extra costs and will do anything to add extra costs for stuff you don't need. I was also very drunk at the time of my visit so of course I was going to consent to any test they wanted to perform and sign whatever they wanted me to because I was heavily intoxicated. Honestly I feel like they took advantage of that fact. Signing a medical release when you are as intoxicated as I was shouldn't be legal or even allowed. Disgusting. Also, their billing department is a nightmare. Their prices are absolutely insane. Most expensive hospital I've ever been to. Anyway. Stay away from Ivinson if you're uninsured because lol you'll be in for a surprise when you get your bill with all of the extra unnecessary tests. Thanks, Ivinson for taking advantage of me on one of the worst nights of my life.

River Heide

The absolute worst hospital to work with. Sent a bill to collections for $50 after the check had been sent and paid. Has been like pulling teeth to communicate with anyone properly. Complete garbage

J. Nichols

First of all, the STAFF - doctors, nurses, respiratory techs (I call them house huff - i'll - puff), orderlies and everyone else are beyond AMAZING, KIND, and PROFESSIONAL. Why only three stars then? Well, let me tell you. First of all, patient parking is on the exact opposite side of the hospital so visitors have quite a trek just to see their loved-ones. Secondly, the place is more like an art gallery than a hospital. All that money could have gone to hiring more doctors and nurses or creating more scholarships for UW's nursing program. Aesthetics are important, but you've gone overboard. Separate paragraph, cuz this just irks the heck right outta me - where is the pet visiting area? Family members come with four legs too, you know. How many studies do you need to see on the importance of pets and animals onthe emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of people to PRO-ACTIVELY think about this? Please see my second point if you're wondering how to pay for this. Bottom line, the health care team is A+, but the hospital is a C+.

Laura Weil

Honestly, one of the worst hospitals I’ve been to. I will be making the trip to Fort Collins next time I need a hospital.

Linda Garcia

I don't have insurance, they let me loose 40 lbs before taking my gallbladder out. Sent me home 3 times, told me I didn't have an appendix..I spent 2 weeks at MCR after my appendix ruptured. Was told this week I need a hysterectomy, hospital won't allow it until they receive half the money it'll cost up front.

Julie Walter

Experience was one of the best I've ever seen. Nurses and doctors and staff are the best

Dave C

I've unfortunately had multiple trips to this ER- often when I was unconscious or unable to communicate. Each time I was there I was either misdiagnosed and discharged or simply discharged undiagnosed with no action plan. The only resolution I've ended up getting was going to Fort Collins or Cheyenne once I was aware enough to communicate. I hate to say it but unless you'll bleed out first, go anywhere else. The billing department is horrid, the prices outrageous and customer service sucks. But they have a shiney new addition they are building so that is something right?

Andy Duvall

Quick, helpful, and talented emergency room staff.

Syrena Howard

The emergency department sucks. They are rude. I heard my Dr talking about other patients in a very rude way. To the point where I was afraid to ask questions for fear of being talked about poorly. The General surgeon I see is the nicest person. I'd recommend him to anyone. The cancer center is amazing. I love their staff, exelent people. Radiology is a mix, some awesome people some who don't care. The lab is very nice and accessible 24/7. They have report cards, I frequently fill them out when in radiology. Good scores mostly. But I will complain like crazy if I feel I've been done wrong.

Laurie Michael

The ER at Laramie Hospital (Ivinson Memorial Hospital) needs better, more caring doctors! My daughter had surgery yesterday and was told by her doctor's office to go to the ER tonight for some more pain medicine. She was in horrible pain and the ER doctor had no compassion what so ever! In fact, she said he was very rude! Way to go Ivinson Memorial Hospital!

Erik Carter

Leaked my Name, Driver's License, SSN, and Birthday and didn't tell me for more than eight months. That alone should say enough.

Tara Matherly

I'm out of town with my husband, that is a over the road truck driver, very sweet down to earth nurses and staff, very welcoming. I ran out of my anxiety meds, and Dr. Nelson was very understanding and professional. Gave me enough of my meds to get back to Louisville KY. Great Hospital would recommend to anyone.


Wow. Called to ask a question. Extremely rude staff. Couldn’t even get to my question without a sarcastic rude response. If the hospital administration reads this: I called around 9:45 pm on Saturday, January 5th - I hope that leads you to the correct staff member.

Destroying the Matrix

The food in the cafeteria is really good and you can't beat the price of the food. For those reasons i give it five stars im not sure about any of the other things that happen here.


Zachery Eaton

My mom had shoulder surgery here and I was very impressed with the amazing nurses. They were super friendly and helpful and went above and beyond.

Jessie Soelter

Went to the ER with pancreatitis and in a great deal of pain. I was admitted to the patient unit for three days. The staff is very friendly and professional. I was very impressed with the care I received. The nurses and staff showed a genuine concern for my well-being. The beds could stand to be replaced as they were very uncomfortable. But the care is exceptional. I would highly recommend this facility.

Amber O.

Go anywhere but here. They're about to have a lawsuit on their hands for severe undue emotional distress and unjustified actions. That's all I have to say

Danielle Engelskirger

Wonderful experience from front desk, nurses (Valerie is amazing!) to all the Doctors I have met so far. They take the time to listen and talk with you. I do not feel rushed or embarrassed for asking any questions. This has been the best clinic I have ever experienced. They ALL have gone so far above and beyond my expectations to offer such wonderful care. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this clinic and the entire staff.

Jessica Lory

Great nurses. Doctors don’t seem to care and you will be taken advantage of in the Billings office. They don’t care. They’re rude. Don’t even try talking to someone else because they’ll be even worse. Depressing how little this hospital is willing to work with you and how quick they’ll snap on you when you’re 100% trying to work with them. Please fix the billing center.

Ruby Dunlap

Jesse Grimm

Grant Counterman

Multiple times did they not find out what the problem was, and they made my minimum payment $150 a month. Great staff here and there, but I've had a few get pretty rude for no reason. I wouldn't recomend this facility.

Ian Fleming

I walked into the Ivinson emergency room on my death bed. Literally dying, within 30 seconds I was signed in and a nurse was on her way. Every room in the place was full, within 3 minutes I was stuck, urine samples in a robe fed saline and blood work on the way. These few nurses and doctors were amazing within minutes I knew I wasn't going to die. I was immediately admitted and for the next 4 days, More than 10 doctors, 15 to 20 Nurses, Lab techs, food service, oncologists, worked together tirelessly to keep me alive. Not to mention the 30 other paintients on my floor. It may cost a half a million dollars to fix what is wrong with me, and its worth every damn penny. I am so Thankful for Ivinsons patient care, Healthcare workers everywhere deserve more respect. They take care of us entitled jerks who have read a Google article and know more than they do. Thank you Ivinson Memorial.

Abigail Hutchinson

Had a very good experience at IMH. The care was top notch and the staff was very knowledgeable and personable.

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