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Luv Hippo

I had to go to the emergency room. Then, i get a bill from the emergency Dr. For being out of network. Such a disservice to patients. I cannot pick in service and out of service Dr. When going to the ER. Then when i call to talk to someone they run u around the phone service to voive mails that hang up on u. On top of that tjey have the highest cost of care. Moral of the story, I should have risked my health and just gone to Park City, Utah!

Autumn Stilwell-LaRocco

I just recently had surgery here and the quality of care was outstanding! I was very nervous but the staff we very reassuring and comforting through the entire process. Way to go ERH!

Amelia Rutner

The 26th of March my 90 year old mother had a heat attack and was transported to Evanston Regional. The care we received there was amazing. We spent time in the ER. And we're eventually transported to Slc. They were very professional and loving to my mom. I used to think Evanston Regional was a place I would 't want to go in an emergency. But My eyes were opened that day. Haley Mathson and Dr Sullivan are two of the best. My mom passed April 5. But because of the care she was given 10 more beautiful days with her family. Evanston Regional keep up the good work.

Rick Morrison


I am one of those people whose body has a very hard time dealing with sedation after surgery. The surgeon requested that I stay overnight in Evanston Regional Hospital for observation due to this problem for my own safety. I am very happy I did stay. And I want you to know that I have never been cared for in any hospital with such care and concern as I was cared for at this hospital. I never once had to call for assistance. The nursing teams where checking in on me on a regular basis day and night. They were very professional in every way while taking care of my needs with a smile on their face. In my personal opinion if you pass up Evanston Regional Hospital to go anywhere else you are doing yourself a great disservice. I really mean that. You won't get better care at any other hospital than you can right here in Evanston. These people are working hard to give you the best care possible. I promise.

Fur Bur

Sharalee Saavedra

I was getting an MRI done and everyone was friendly and I was taken back for my appointment very quickly. Alaina was the one that really stood out she made sure that through the entire procedure that I was comfortable and made sure that I didn't need anything.

Kelley Ottley

our 3 day stay at ERH was scary confusing tiring long.. but the CEO came in and chatted with us for a while. Extremely pleasant and easy to talk to man. I think we've been there often enough that maybe our name was over the door? Hahahah but the whole staff was amazing with us. From the E.R. to ICU to the floor and to the cafeteria staff. Which one day I walked in and they were all dancing in the dining room. Soooooo great♡ not often you get to witness people lovin what they do.... They all took great care of Parke and spoiled me along the way...just saying thnx And that we are grateful ♡

Cari Lou Watkins

Ben Passey

We visited Evanston Regional ER after my son (4yrs) walking into the flight path of a speeding horse shoe. We were greeted withing a minute and taken back to a room. The nurse was very kind and quickly disarmed my scared boy. Dr Swenson saw us withing a few minutes and discussed the need for some staples to close his head laceration. He discussed with us the research about risks involved with CT scans on small developing brains, also discussed the symptoms my son did not show that would necessitate a scan. He was very informative and helped us decide what was best. He closed up the wound and had discharge papers within minutes. All together I think we spent less than an hour there, it felt like 20 minutes, it was very efficient and professional. I am an experienced trauma/critical care nurse, I worked for years in a bigger ER, I must say, I was impressed with the care, information and speed of the visit. I would absolutely recommend this ER when needed. Thanks for the great care.

Dovan Jermaine


Tiffanie Pentz

My daughter we taken to the er and her nurse Dottie was the most amazing nurse I have ever seen the way she interacted with my daughter and I was amazing she explained everything she was going to do and everything that was wrong with my daughter she talked my daughter through everything I couldn't have asked for a better nurse thank you so much Dottie for taking care of my daughter

Jeanne Zappia

I recently had shoulder surgery at Evanston Regional Hospital and I was very impressed with the quality of service and treatment I received from the entire staff at the hospital from check in to the surgeon himself. I'm fairly new to Evanston, coming from So California with many huge medical centers, and I've had a mammogram, MRI, sleep test, EKG, bloodwork, and other procedures done at ERH, and I have received the same quality treatment at Evanston Regional Hospital as I've received in So California. All the staff and medical personnel I've dealt with at ERH treated me with the same high level of professionalism, courtesy, and kindness. It's a blessing to have such a wonderful hospital in this great little community.

Michael Bates

Verry helpful in a hypoxia case with an elderly person enroute to Oklahoma. We couldn't have asked for more helpful people. Thank you so much

James Tucker

Avoid this place at all costs! Go to utah if you can make it there . The Quacks here are not qualified to do anything . I was there for lower abdominal pain and they had me wait 3 hrs after xrays , then the Dr insisted that I get a EKG I declined twice and they kept urging me to take one . BECAUSE LOW ABDOMINAL PAIN COULD MEAN A HEART ATTACK SUPPOSIDLY. So I finally have into thier pressure , then the nurse that was hooking me up to the EKG stopped midway through too look at a dinner menu on another nurses phone to see what she wanted . What a joke clearly a money making scheme. They are incompident crooks. U of U is well worth the hour long drive .

Geoff Hoggatt

Juan Echeverria

Kris Spiers

Kashlie works in the Emergency Department registering patients. She often greets the EMS crew at the ambulance doors. She is friendly and very helpful. She cares about her job. She is efficient and quick about getting the information that the EMS crew needs to complete their portion of the patient transfer of care to the nurse. Kashlie deserves a standing ovation.

Cheryl Reynolds

I had an out patient procedure done in early November 2017 and was thoroughly pleased with the level of care and service I received. The surgical staff was exceptional and remembered me when I came back 2 weeks later for out patient surgery. I received very attentive and caring post op care a well. July 2018 - several recent visits for annual screenings. From the administration check-in to the various departments, everyone was very courteous, professional and helpful !!

Leslie Geringer

Linda Loveless

I had to go to the ER this last weekend. My ER nurse, Dottie was so amazing! Caring, compassionate, and kind. I couldnt have asked for better care, putting me at ease in a very difficult health situation. The ER Dr was also knowledgable and thorough. I was admitted and the nursing staff, especially Stephanie, the CNA's and everyone else from the aids to the food staff were so kind and compassionate. I cant say enough about Melissa Foster and her genuine, kind, and thoroughly knowledgeable care while I was there. Thanks to all who helped me at this difficult time at Evanston Regional!

Phylicia Rasdall

I have brought both of my children into the emergency room, everytime we are taken right back, the respiatory therapist, nurses and physicians are straight forward and prompt. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Rylee siles-zaccardi

My name is Rylee I’m 18 years old and was in a rollover accident and was ejected 30 ft.. I was up walking shortly after and didn’t even want to go to the hospital and wanted a moment to myself to collect my thoughts and decompress (which I never got to do) well I finally agreed and the ambulance took me to the Evanston Regional Hospital well when I got there I really had to pee and I had multiple people tell me I couldn’t go to the bathroom.. and Then when they asked about pain I was feeling I tried to describe my pain I had in my chest and they just kept telling me it was my ribs and back .. it was not my ribs and or my back that hurt it was everything but my ribs and my back.. then I nurse came in wanting to clean my wounds when I asked the nurse very kindly might I add not to clean my 2nd degree burn with something that would hurt it she ran out to the doctor “treating me” and told her I was refusing service and the doctor came in and was being so condescending and rude telling me how she was the “EXPERT” I’m am just truly shocked out and how they treated someone that had just gone through a very traumatic experience I’m so beside myself with how I was treated.. to all the employees that work there and even the ones who “treated me” WORK ON YOUR BEDSIDE MANNER

Don Ezola

All the staff were very professional and concerned for my personal health and safety after having lightning strike near me that knocked me out. The staff was very thorough and made me feel comfortable and well cared for during my visit to the ER.

Richard Rueckert

I understand that small hospitals have less staff and less funding, But basic care and training to provide care should still matter. I am extremely upset about the level of treatment I received at the hospital after my accident. None of my wounds were cleaned, Here I am, days later, (had to wait on my brother to deliver my medkit) And I have to reopen my wounds in order to remove shards of glass from my head and arms. No follow up care was suggested. No prescription or painkillers for my major inquiries (not even Tylenol) THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNDERSTAFFED AND JUST NOT DOING YOUR JOB. I did more for my injuries on the car ride home than they did at the hospital. However they were all really friendly, so that counts for something


alisa watson

Cindy Lawson

We had a medical emergency while in Evanston that required an ER visit then admission for several days. Out of many many hospital visits this was the best ever from start to finish. Absolutely everyone was attentive and caring to both patient and family. We were made comfortable both physically and in asking for anything at all. Staff were always positive and helpful to us and each other which made a positive environment in which to recover. Physicians were available and spent time, nursing staff helped us and each other so we never had to wait for care. Maintenance and dietary staff were friendly and did a great job. Very patient centered. Best possible experience under the circumstances!

Joy B

I can't believe how much they charge for services here! I just got my bill in the mail for two labs I had done. For two tests they charged me over $800, and I have insurance that gave me a discount. I am in shock at the prices here! I will drive to Utah for everything since the healthcare there is much more affordable. The prices here are totally outrageous!!!

Christina Manzanares

Richard Fitzgerald

My husband went in for chest pains and could barely walk from pains in his stomach they wouldn't even let me see him due to me having our children with me.... with signs of heart attack and pancreatitis it was ridiculous. If it wasnt due to an emergency we would have drove to utah

Norma Saavedra

This hospital sucks!!! I went in for an ultrasound, they didn't send the results to my primary doctor, i had to called them and asked what happen with my results?... their answer were that, they didn't have a fax number to send the results...(are you f**** kidding?). I did gave them ALL the information!! So i said, why you guys didn't called me, and let me know that you didn't have the fax number???... And they didn't know what to say! Well 2 weeks later i got the bill... almost 1200 for an ultrasound!!! Great;( i went and put in a complaint, and all they said it was "am really sorry to heard that" They didn't even offered me one dollar discount.. they have a mediocre service, and terrible ridiculous high prices. I don't recommend it.

Tanya Wiens

Very , very , very , very , very , very , expensive .

Brett Carleton

There is growing trend of High Deductible plans to give people ownership in their health care spending. I understand it, I really do. People do not need to go to the ER for a small sniffle that could wait to see their normal doctor. There are no quick clinics in town (with reasonable hours). My daughter cut her ear and it required 2 stitches. Normally we would just slap some super glue on it, but because of the awkward location and risk of damage to the ear we used the hospital. 2 stiches is being billed at $3300. This is outrageous. If we had it to do over again, we would have driven ANYWHERE else. Please go somewhere else.

Lee Ann Mitchell

I had to stop here for an emergency and the doctors and staff were wonderful. Very professional, patient and courteous. Many thanks!

Carmen Leeper

redcupids elagance

Danna Thoman

Had a wonderful experience, had some questions concerning my insurance and Chelsey at registration was very helpful and considerate while we worked on these issues. Have used ERH for many years and will continue.

Rachel Hunsaker

I went in when I was pregnant and and having pain and the useless doctor there wouldn't even see me!!! The sent me to Dr. Weston, who was awesome. And they still sent me a big fat bill. Thanks Evanston Regional, for no help or support at all!!!

Steve Mitchell

Took my niece Jackie Thurston into the ER for a possible Appendix tonight. I was never impressed with the Evanston Hospital. I have been in their ER a few times before. They left me black and blue just trying to start a IV or to draw blood. Thank goodness i always went on to the U of U. I watched them try to draw blood and put in a IV with my niece. Same old story. They switched arms and hurt her getting the needle in. We sat in the ER for 4 hours. No one really let us know what was going on. The doctor came in after 3 hours to tell her she had a bad UTI and bladder infection. A CNA came in a hour later to send us home. I stayed with my niece because she was resting the whole time and i did not want to leave her in the room alone. While we were waiting i got up and walked up and down in front of her door. I can only sit so long and i don't like being cooped up in a small space. A young man working there told me i would have to go back in the room for a few minutes because they were bringing someone into the ER and it was a privacy issue. I did. After a few minutes i stepped outside the room and just stood at the door. The room was hot and stuffy and like i said, i don't like being cooped up. I did not move from the door because i knew they didn't want me wandering around while they worked on other patients. I did not care or want to know who else was in the ER or to invade their privacy. The same young man came over and got all pissy with me and as snotty as he could told me i would have to stay in the room. Good grief, he talked to me like i was ten and we were in school and he was the teacher and i was a bad little boy. he needs to learn how to deal with people. we are not his subjects. I understand you have rules and i did not realize i had broken one. He could of tried to be a little more understanding and polite when he talked to me. I am old enough to be his grandpa. I will make damn sure next time i am in your ER to stay in my room. God forbid i have to step out the door or go to the bathroom. Better yet , how about i just drive past your precious little hospital and go to the UofU in the first place. Your young man in the ER made me feel like i was a total ass. When we left i tried to apologize to the young man, he basically blew me off. Never again do i want to be treated like that in your ER. Update the 3/30-16. I found out that this young man was the ER receptionist, His manner was horrible. What a arrogant, ignorant SOB. He needs to change his tone and manners if he wants to keep working with the public.

Tony Hanley

This place takes forever to see someone and they don't always know what the hell is going on. Worst God damn place ever!


Donna Butterfield

My unexpected visit to the Evanston Regional Hospital Emergency Room, following an accidental fall and resulting facial laceration led to an extraordinarily excellent experience, thanks to Dr. Thomas Laucomer and the other professionals who attended to my needs. Beginning with the admissions clerk initially, the nurses and everyone else was very caring, leaving me feeling I was important to them and that I would be receive the best of care, which I did. Having had past experiences with emergency rooms, I without question rate the one I had on 7/7/2019 well above all others.

Jose P

Shauna Campbell

July 2015 on Yelp I posted the following: Well let's just say if you don't want to end up dead don't go here. When they transferred my dad on beds twice after the ambulance ride they slammed his tail bone twice on the metal edge. Gave him MRSA. They came close to killing my dad. And they will screw up your billing on purpose to try to get patient to pay twice. They tried life flighting my dad to a hospital that his insurance doesn't cover only because it's less paper work. There is more crap that happened between my dad and the doctors, that's not very pleasant. Just stay away from this place if you value your sanity. I wish there was an option to rate just a sliver of one star which is still more than this hospital deserves. But from what I hear (from people who have been there) all around don't go here unless you want to get screwed over, weather it be with your life or your billing or everything in between. A baby got MRSA after a circumcision there. Every time my parent have been there they have had nothing but problems. Now recently: my mom drove 90 mph to get my dad to slc to an ER to avoid having to go to Evanston regional. That's pretty sad that my parent have to drive to another state for a hospital because the local hospital CANNOT be trusted.

Randy Barker

I've had good experiences with the hospital and staff over many years and with many family members. We are fortunate to have them in the community.

Paul Cutts

Great staff. Horrible, terrible, treacherous, incompetent, appalling, detestable billing deptartment. I think they get a sick pleasure from trying to ruin people financially.

Errol Bartholomew

Experience was less than expected. They did not accept Medicare B and Tricare as IHC hospitals do. I had to pay several hundred dollars more that I would have had to at an IHC hospital. Also, the diagnosis was incorrect per my family doctor after-the-fact. I did not have an infection as thought by the ER doctor there.

Marc Sellers

went in while traveling for a horrible ear infection. Gave them my Kaiser information, They didn't want me to pay the co-pay... Weird but okay, they will inform kaiser and I will pay my co-pay. I then keep on getting calls saying they want to sign me up for drug trials even after I tell them to stop calling. (at least 15 so far in 3 months) I then Keep on getting statements say I owe it. I call them (each phone call takes 45 minutes to over an hour) and explain, they then require me to call kaiser, and have kaiser call them... This has happened 3 times where I call them to rebill kaiser, then 3 MORE times where I have to keep on calling them because they keep on snail mailing me threatening to send me to collections! A doctor didn't even see me, it was just a quite rude RN

tyler willden

My wife has been in and out of the ER for the past two weeks. Dottie , Dustine and Dr. Swenson have gone above and beyond to make sure she feels comfortable and important. At the university of Utah we felt like another number. Here we felt like her care was what mattered most.


Wanted to give less stars. Prices are way to high for the mediocre level of service. Daughter broker her arm once and they said they couldn't cast it. Still charged over $1400. Wife injured her eye and, again, there was nothing they could do to put the stitches in that it required. Had to drive to UT to get the stitches in. ERH still charged over $400 just to say there was nothing they could do. To many bad experiences and an anal rapings to the pocketbook to give any kind of good words to describe ERH.

Trystan Marshall

My mom went out there the other day and she sat there and sat there for hours just to be told there wasn't anything wrong and only have the same symptoms going on still and they was rude to her when she asked what the hold up was about to be told 2 hours later that the blood test machine broke the Dr finely came in at 930 pm to release her and she had went out around 5pm when she went in there wasn't a sole out there untell around 6ish then they got slammed ......This ER here is poorly under staffed they really need 2 ER docters on staff on there peak times

Vaughn Meier

My experience with Evanston Regional Hospital in Evanston, WY was very positive experience. I broke my ankle while walking my dog in Evanston on a stop- over on my way to California. The ambulance crew, the Emergency Department physicians and staff, the floor staff and OR staff were exceptional. The Case Managers found individuals who walked my dog once I was discharged from the hospital. Two individuals from the Dietary department took me by the Animal Shelter to pick up my dog upon discharge and walked the dog throughout the next 3 days while waiting for a ride back to Nebraska. I am a Nurse Practitioner and have been a consultant to many hospitals throughout the US. My care at ERH was top notch and superb; I would be hard-pressed to find a hospital that would match the care I received. Evanston should be very proud of their hospital and employees. Nancy Meier

Barb Bauer

Autumn LaRocco you are the best thank you for all your hard work and persistence in settling the paper work I needed.

Brescia Fackrell

We took our 3 week old son to the emergency room while we were on vacation! We were very impressed with how attentive and quickly we were seen. Deb(RN) and Dr. Swensen answered all of our questions and took really great care of our son. Thank you SO much for your help!

lance bowman

I was in for a broken color bone the E.R. Doctor (Dr Laucomer) did absolutely nothing. no prescription nothing. he LITERALLY never laid a finger on me. The bill was $1826.00 just for his service. The surgeon that repaired the bone was roughly $1200.00. After complaining to the ER docs billing agency i was given a $621.17 "charity discount". Making his bill for doing absolutely nothing just slightly more than the surgeons. I would only go back here if I was dead already.

Deborah Reeves

April Gordon

Thank you MD Lance Petersen! You were so great! Thank you RN Richard you was really kind. I was in an out in less than a hour. I suffer from agoraphobia, an it's extremely difficult for me to do every day things. I was treated with respect and kindness. I would go again if I needed to if they were working.

Carrie Rasmussen

I've had many services performed at ERH, such as Radiological, Lab work, as well as IV infusions on the main floor. I have had great experiences every time. The staff have been caring, friendly and professional. Today I pre-registered for my lab work over the phone. When I got to registration, the young lady had everything ready and saved me a lot of time. I was in and out, with my lab work done, in less than 25 minutes. I have also seen many of the physicians in the clinics, as well and have had good experiences with the majority of them. I appreciate having a choice here in town, where I don't have to go to the U or the Huntsman to have all of my treatments and tests done.

Tina Marshall

Stephanie Reeves

Brought our 3 year old in to the ER for what we thought was a common cold. Dr. Eric Swenson is the Doctor on call and come to find out our three year old has RSV and they want to admit her but will only admit her if they can give her an IV since having to do it later would be a hassel for them. After talking about it we decided to take her to Primary Children's. Dr. Swenson came in very offended and wanted to know why we even bothered to come in. He then threatened to call DFS on us for wanting to take our daughter to a children's hospital. If you look at Dr. Swenson's reviews online he has terrible ratings, not sure why he's even employed here. Around 5 am 2/9: An officer showed up at our house wanting to know the situation at what was going on. While I appreciate the officers concern I'm glad he wasn't a jerk like Mr. Swenson. He understood our concerns and desires for wanting to take our child to one of the nation's top children's hospitals for a second opinion and went on his way. The doctors on call get highly offended when you have the right to a second opinion. We shouldn't be guilted by hospital staff into staying at a place we feel is not up to par. If you can avoid a trip to this ER and make it out into Utah, I would do just that. ER staff needs a refresher course on bedside manner.

Chris Eschbaugh

Good place to get a bandaid. That's about it.

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