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REVIEWS OF Cody Regional Health IN Wyoming

LaSheila Hughes

Id give them 0 stars if I could. They were rude from the moment they saw my wife and I in the emergency room. She was in extreme pain and they wouldn't help her at all. Was it because we were gay? Native American? Or both. The ER DR was rude and the prejudice showed on his face. He wouldn't even look is in the eye. Don't go there if your actually wanting help. They're worthless.

Barb Andersen

Cody is a small hospital that can not draw the big name Dr,s but the experience I had in the ER was great! The staff was cheerful and understanding. They got me in and out in a timely manner giving me the best possible care they can. Cody is not a 5 star ER Trauma center with Dr, McDreamy on staff, but at least they are there, and do their best to help you with what and who they do have.

Jennifer McKibben

My experience with Cody Regional Health has been great! The Women's Health specifically helped me transition over to a new doctor. Always friendly and helpful!

Gregory Tromburg

My son and I were treated here for influenza; the clerical staff, nursing, and providers gave good service. We received the bill and promptly paid the full amount, we then received another bill a month later stating that we still had an account balance. We called them up and the finance staff we spoke to were nice and as helpful as they could be. She stated that they had improperly applied the payments and they would fix it. However on our second bill it stated that if we paid the balance within the next month we would get a 10% discount. We asked if that discount could be given to us so that we could get the money back that we had over paid and she said we were not actually eligible for the discount as we had paid our bill on time... That is right, if you pay your bills on time you don't get a discount... you only get one if you pay your bill late...


If you are military active or veteran they don't know how to work with Tricare or VA. So they just send you the bill instead which is a violation.

Savannah Dube

I worked at Cody Regional Health for 3 years and it was a wonderful environment to work in. The employees care about their patients and I would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality healthcare or anyone looking for a great place to work!

Melissa Cook

I have always had great experiences at this hospital. The service is excellent. The hospital is remodeled nicely. The online portal is a great way to keep track of my records. Parking is great. Been coming here for more than 30 years and don't have a complaint.

Effjay Oardmanbay

horrifying experiance

Allison Richardson

My experience was at Urgent Care and the actual, in office, experience was perfectly fine; great even. My rating is not for my visit, it's for the billing office. I received a mystery bill from the hospital (which I did not even visit) for hundreds of dollars. I have called the billing department numerous times with either no call back or someone who cannot explain why I received this bill. I was supposed to receive a call back from a manager on Tuesday and here it, middle of the day on Friday. I have called back since Tuesday and left a voicemail after being on hold for 5+ minutes. This is ridiculous service. I understand that a hospital billing department probably isn't concerned with customer service, but I have never been treated so poorly by someone that wants my money. It's inexcusable.

Kathy Peterson

Jayson Ellis

Went their at 8:30topm er and didn't get out till almost 1 am. Dr. Set up shot for girlfriend. And he came back in 45 min later and the nursing staff hasn't given them yet. As I watched the set at the nursing station joking around the holy time I was their. After that was taken care of the dr. Said ok we will get the paperwork done and get you home to rest. An 1.5 later after I finally walked out of the room looking all pissed off they finally got off their ass and did the paperwork so we could go home. Next time I think we will be going to the Powell er.

Jonie Schaap

Gerald Giraud

Wife had surgery, and had to spend the night. Very mixed level of care. The shift that came on at 7 seemed more interested in their phones than patient care. The monitor went off for like 20 minutes totally ignored, even after I went to the desk and asked. The person behind the desk barely looked up from the computer screen. I finally turned off the sound because after 30 minutes it was disturbing my wife.

Janet McClain

My husband had knee replacement surgery at West Park in June. He received excellent care from everyone. And everyone was so friendly and caring. We have had multiple experiences in other, much larger hospitals over the past 10 years. Our experience at West Park was the best. They may be small but they are an A+++++++ in our book.

Eric L

Mitch Williams

Absolutely without a doubt the worst hospital I have ever been too. First of all the billing department could careless about you especially if your a veteran. I moved after 1 year of living there 100% because of this hospital. I'm a disabled veteran and spend lots of time in hospital and for this to be the only one that's unacceptable. They will treat you horrible like your a burden and they don't care if your a veteran with tricare they will turn you into collections over 5$ I have one in my hand for $24.62 they don't care it takes the military a whileto pay them after I turn in the bill I had to change my number because they would call early in the morning and on top of that act rude like I was the problem like I'm trying to stiff them for 24$??? Absolutely nightmare best thing i ever did was move away from thay hell hole.

Matthew Cichosz

Doug McMillan

I recently ad a great experience with care provided to me.

Joe Mcfarland

This might be the only hospital in Cody but it's a beautiful one and the staff was friendly plus fast service. If you forgot to bring a get well gift or card they have a great gift shop there with great prices and huge selections to make any one feel the love or just to make them feel happy. Plus if you have lab work to be done, checking in early helps you to get out even earlier. Don't forget to say a prayer at there chapel. Really nice and quiet.

McKylie The alien

My grama is on the nursing home part and they have undescribable staff:)

A Nelson

EVERYONE there was a 5 star. Best Hospital that I have ever visited and been a patient in. They saved my life. My throat was close to closing when I arrived, and I was released close to midnight. I Thank God that we got to the hospital just in time.

Sam and Laura Kruger

The hospital stay was fine. Nursing staff was great. The billing department is a mess. They can't get it together to simplify my life and theirs. Nobody seems to know what's going on.

Ashley Trudo

My little boy and I were treated here and I can't say enough about the staff! They were attentive, always asking if I needed anything and made sure I was happy with my care. When our bills came in they worked with us to make sure we understood our charges. I also enjoyed going to Kelly Simone at Urgent Care. She was amazing and thoroughly looked over my child to make sure he was okay.

Randy Atwood

Absolutely good and very bad all at the same time, I was there on vacation, and became ill due to the dry air quality, and i suffered from an very bad sinus infection. I am a veteran and was hoping to go to the VA clinic, but as luck would have it, it was Saturday and they were closed. I went to the clinic and there was no one there I was in and out in about 25 mins. The nursing staff and doctors were very friendly, professional and helpful. No complaint there, however when i went to leave I was charged 143.65 which I thought was a little steep especially since I had no tests run, the doctor listen to my chest looked in my ears, nose and throat, gave me a prescription, and I was on my way. But what do you do? You'e on vacation and want to fell better, so I paid it gladly. Then about a week later I receive another bill in the mail for 76.35.... for what, i asked, so i called the billing office and was told it was because of supply and demand, really???? and I was charged a NEW patient charge because there was more paperwork, again Really????they took my name dob address phone ssn and I signed a HIPPA form no health history or anything, So again what do you do, I paid the bill under much protest but did not want my good credit tarnished due to this, They have you over a barrel, It's a shame that veterans are treated like this or anyone for that matter, those who can pay get penalized for the ones who won't. NO visit to a clinic should cost 220.00 NO MATTER WHAT especially when NO TESTS WERE PREFORMED!!!! SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

Anna Lea Avery

Loved my care here! I had some major issues after giving birth but they took wonderful care of me and my daughter!

georgia pacific

On Globus tour 19 fell ill stomach bug.West Park Hospital was wonderful got us in fast called us called up extra staff. I would highly recommend West Park Hospital

Elizabeth Rickenbaker

The er department is the worst. They are rude.

Elizabeth Norman

Everything there is more expensive than it needs to be and the billing department is incompetent.

Keith ungrund

Tana Holmes

If they want to take you to this hospital, RUN. Go to the local get, you'll be in better hands. Consider the one star a minus one

Fox River

The people here are super nice and the building is beautiful. But I went in here and told them I had been suffering for years and getting much worse. There answer was to go look for a doctor on the internet. Get some decent doctors in here or at VERY LEAST, get some people in here that can make referrals or get people help.

Christina Selby

The WORST patient finances and billing EVER. I pay the bills they send me and then they send me more bills claiming I owe more money on the account I JUST PAID OFF. Additionally, they threatened to send me to collections for an account they couldn't manage to properly bill to the insurance company and the claim kept getting denied. It is unfortunate that for emergency care, we have no choice but WPH.

Barbara Mullaney

As a new member of the CRH team, I continue to be impressed by the compassion I see everyday from the top down. I honestly can say I love it here.

shane stricker

If I could give a zero, I would. I went to Cody Regional simply because I had no choice. I was 28 weeks and started bleeding 40 miles away. I was asked to urinate in a cup as soon as I arrived, and the cup never left the counter the ENTIRE hour I was there. A Dr (?) was called in to examine me, and while giving me an ultrasound stated " I can't even find your placenta". Long story short, I was told that I was dehydrated and sent on my way home. In Billings the next day, I followed up with my OB who spotted a pool of blood under my placenta. Dehydration does not cause bleeding. Had she been able to find my placenta, maybe the doctor would have seen the reason that I was actually bleeding. In addition, we were hounded upon arrival for insurance info. Two weeks later we received a bill for the full amount due to the fact that Cody couldn't be bothered to submit a claim. All in all, I would feel more comfortable having my husband deliver my child than I would these professionals.

Greg Johnson

Friendly staff. New facility. Comfortable waiting room. Fast service. Overall great experience.

Jennifer Hubert

My father spent a week here as a patient in the summer of 2016, they were vacationing in the Cody area when my father suffered a medical emergency. The care received between the ER/ICU was the amazing, as a health care professional myself I was truly grateful for the excellent care, attentive and friendly staff. I had not planned on visiting Cody emergently, but would be happy to again.

Anna Toland

Massage services are the best!!

DJ Conner

Nurses made me feel so relaxed and comfortable in the outpatient surgery center. Very caring and helpful. I've never seen a better staff of nurses and Drs. My name has changed to Debbie burns. Thank you all for such wonderful treatment

Benjamin Rapp

My family was 100% covered by our medical insurance, it even clearly stated in our policy we were, yet imagine our surprise a couple years later when we go to buy a home only to find out that instead of billing our insurance, they instantly sent them to collections. No phone call or bill in the mail that we could dispute and work out before we were sent to collections. Now because of their monumental screw up, our dream of buy a home anytime soon has not only been dashed, but we're being forced to file for chapter 7.

Laurie Beck

Great place to work and a great medical facility!

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