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REVIEWS OF Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center IN Wyoming

dawn Taylor

Love this hospital

Adam Boyd

The only thing more frustrating than being seen an hour late after getting 5 separate reminders to show up early, is having to wait for someone finish playing video games on their mobile phone while waiting for travel reimbursement. It'd be one thing if it was lunch time, but it wasn't. It'd be another if they were in another room taking a break from back breaking paperwork, but they sat at the window. Beyond this is the regular flow of people who don't care about your experience, who don't care about what you have difficulties with, who don't care what seems to be about anything. Even many of the nurses seem burned out to a crisp. The VA's embarrassment shines through this facility and holds not only Veterans but the entire country's progress towards a better Healthcare system as a prime example of the horribly executed socialized medicine. I avoid this facility whenever possible. Even submitting this review fills me with a bit of anxiety due to backlash from the many leeches that work there.

kriston arneson


The Cheyenne VA has provided nothing but excellent care for both myself and my Dad the Doctors, nurses and Receptionists are always friendly and caring. They go above and beyond to provide the best care possible.

Nora Lechler

I love all the gals in the women's clinic but the mental health needs some help. After waiting for 4 months I received a call today where they have referred me to an outside provider. Just don't get me started on a long rant about them!

Lucas Zapf

Best VA I've been to. Hands down.

Joey Brown

Gertrude Smith

I have always been treated very well by the staff. If I cant find where I need to be and I look lost, someone always stops and asks if they can help me. I have been taken care of and enjoy going here.

Samson Blue

Shanion Hart

Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center is top notch! My husband is a vet and I have been to many VA medical facilities with him throughout the U.S. and this one truly prides itself on outstanding medical care for our Veterans. Sam you are doing an amazing job in designing a VA medical facility that not only posts signage that says they care, but the medical staff seem to genuinely care about my husband's well being. This is an outstanding VA medical center! Thank you sir! The campus is beautiful. Someone had told me before we went that it was older, and it is, but it is well maintained. Each time we have been to this facility, when we walk into the building, if we look around for something, someone always asks us what we are trying to find, and they will escort us to where we need to be. It happens every time and it could be a staff member on their way to lunch or on their way back from lunch, as they escort us they engage with us in pleasant conversation. Also, when we've had to talk to anyone to check in for an appointment or update information, like the lady in x-ray, the lady at the Travel Agent window and the lady that puts in personal contact information, sorry I cannot remember your names, but these three ladies stand out to me as being all out friendly, like nice family members. While everyone we've come in contact with that works at Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center has treated us like we are part of a family, these ladies are the aunts you go to family reunions to see. Thank you ladies, I look forward to seeing you again in the future. This is a big deal to me and my husband, because we have been to some not so great VA hospitals and for any vet that has multiple health issues it's frustrating on top of being sick, it's unnecessary stress to an already stressed out veteran. Plus, this hospital has a Farmers Market outside there facility that offers fresh, clean, local, affordable foods. I've never seen that before. That, in my opinion, is also outstanding. To all the staff members and employees of Cheyenne Veterans Affairs Medical Center, thank you, thank you all for working together as a team to be the best medical facility to treat our Veteran's. It matters and we've noticed...

William Meyer

Was a better facility before the Obama-care fiasco. Otherwise, a good, but slow facility.


Can you give it less than one star don’t go to Cheyenne if you have a dental emergency, like a cracked tooth or severe pain, they only see you if you have to get you jaw reattached...... I really wanted to give them less stars

Michael Bradley

My parents are military veterans and I'm proud to be their son

Bill Lanier

Gilda mark

Friendly staff, profsssional, competent, wide variety of services. Serves all veterans.

Marsha Carpenter

I have always enjoyed and appreciated my experiences with the Cheyenne VA Medical Center! Everyone is dedicated to providing the best care possible to veterans, and acts in the best interest of the veterans! Many employees have been there for years and are proud of their facility and the great work they do - with good reason!

Steven Rench

The Worst medical care I ever had !!! I wouldn't wish what I have been through on anyone....

Dale wood

Outstanding doctors, nurses, therapists and CNA's. Very impressed with Dr. Cannor, Dr. Evans, and Dr. Martin. Outstanding support from the PT and OT Department and its Director Mr. Bryon Long. I had the opportunity to be under the care of all 15 Therapists during the course of my stay. A few of the therapists names that I remember are - Josh, Marci, Terry, Pete, Terry, Bryon, Susan, Ryan, and Kelly. The staff at Community Living Center (CLC) were great. Very positive atmosphere and experience with the VA.

Zachary Pierce

Roy Snow

Devin Datus

Paul Bulman

Andrew Werner

Floyd Lott

Blackjak Kellomn


Ryan William - DOR

I struggled for months working with civilian doctors trying to find out what in the world was going on with me. Finally I Took myself to the Cheyenne VA ER and the VA hospital admitted me into their hospital and the neurologist, mri staff, ct scan staff and the rest of the team did an amazing job finding out what was wrong with me and then referred me into the community to a really good neurosurgeon in Loveland to fix my problem. I am forever grateful for the service, respect and hospitality that they provided to me.

Dan Dulaney


It's free for veterans.

James A Bauman

Tomas Rivera

The pulmonary clinic are respectful, kind and very helpful.

Beverley Hughes

I was seen in the ER last year and received EXCELLENT care. This year, my friend had been having difficulty swallowing and pain and we went to the ER as we were driving through Cheyenne on our way to Idaho. They did a CT scan and discovered that he had a mass at the base of his esophagus which was cancer as well as metastases to his liver. He had the CT scan on Monday, was seen by an upper GI specialist on Tuesday, had an endoscopy on Wednesday, got his biopsy results from the endoscopy on Thursday, and will be seeing an oncologist next week. You cannot get this quality of care - this fast - at any other VA that I've ever been to. I RV full time and I've been to VA hospitals from Alaska to Florida. THIS IS THE BEST VA HOSPITAL IN THE U.S.A. as far as I'm concerned. And as far as my friend is concerned. We are staying in Cheyenne for him to get his cancer treatment. In addition to all of this - the people are all so friendly, on a first name basis with us, recognize us in the hall, know us when we go in for an appointment, recognize our voice on the phone. I've been very upset about all of this and if someone sees me upset, they come over to offer a word of comfort or a hug. I had to see a counselor on an emergency basis because this was such a shock to me - the fact that my friend may die - and I was able to see a counselor within 10 minutes, and then returned that afternoon to start therapy for the duration of our time here. You just can't get better care than this ANYWHERE. It's like a small town hospital with all the personal care, but the professional skills and equipment as well.

D.P. Nuckels

I am a Veteran, and been to a lot of VA Centers, this one of the best.

Jay Fales

Had to have surgery and it was a great experience. They kept my wife informed of my status. The operating room staff were very professional and answered all of our questions. They made me feel very comfortable. Pre-op was checked and double checked all paperwork, and good at hitting the vein the first time. Operating team took time with you and was friendly. Dr. Clark went over everything to ensure nothing was missed and made sure I understood the procedure. He talked to me and not at me. Post-op was the same nurses that already knew me and got me coffee. Great experience

Ernie Strick

John Davis

Don Yizar

Kris Bancroft

One of the best VA hospitals in the country!

Kenneth Nicholson

Atomic Ice Gaming

The lady named Barb wad very rude to me when I worked here I will not say my name but I think she should not be working there with how negative she is.


Because of my Service Connected Injuries. I have to go to appointments 3-4 times a week. I cant drive and my family cant always take me. From Casper too Cheyenne it is 180 miles each way. To get medical care needed. I had to move away from my home to San Diego. Now it is only 25 miles and public transportation. I am a veteran that has not "Come Back Home" to my family due to this... The VA spends Millions of dollars Upgrading existing hospitals or building new ones in the same cities. i.e. Denver. They should have put the VA hospital for Wyoming in Casper because of its Central Location in the state. However because of State and Federal Government they placed it in Cheyenne the state capital and Air Farce Base. Thank You, US Government and VA for taking care of me so I can live with the Great Quality of Life of being away from my family for good. SOCS, USN, Ret.

Jaffery Hansell

Ashlie Shrewsbury

I tried again with the VA after years of avoiding a broken and wildly frustrating system. At first, after moving here, it seemed better. It's not. Whoever "Mike" in enrollment is, he takes immense pride in REPEATEDLY ""losing" or "not receiving" my paperwork and being incredibly snide. I JUST WANT TO UPDATE MY NAME so I can get an ID card with my correct LEGAL name. I've left multiple voicemails with enrollment for a supervisor to call me, I've tried to go through my local clinic. No service. No return call. I regret ever trying to reengage with the VA. Maybe if I leave an honest review someone will FINALLY call me back.

Crystal Well

My husband and I, who is a vet and attends this location,are extremely hurt and frustrated. Dr.Daskivich, who was in charge of giving my husband a PTSD exam was entirely dismissive,unsympathetic and untruthful in his report and to my husband. He construed that my husband "smelled like what seemed like tobacco smoke" when he DOES NOT SMOKE AT ALL. He also brought up alcohol several times during said exam,even when my husband repeatedly told him that he stopped drinking years ago.My husband is Hispanic,and felt that was a part of said doctor's assumptions. The doctor painted my husband as a liar,and dismissed his PTSD as non-existent-yet he actually has been diagnosed with Chronic PTSD,and says so on his file. He also refused to give my husband his card, and had his name crossed out of the report. I know that a C&P examiner is supposed to be fair and unbiased-they are supposed to read his complete file, and fairly administer tests and listen to said Veteran...but we feel like this was not the case. We feel- strongly, that the doctor actively tried to discredit him, so his results would be unfavourable. I was in the mind set that the VA honored and respected our Veterans, but it seems like the exact opposite-my husband is distraught,hurt and frustrated by this doctor's assumptions and inaccuracies. We feel helpless. If it wasn't for people like Andy, who is my husband's social worker and Michelle,who works for the Patient Advocates-wonderful,kind people who respect and honor our Vets, I would give a one star review.

Cyndy Park

ER was fantastic! In and out. Was bleeding from left ear. They saw me right away. I seem to have cut my ear canal in my sleep. Greatly relieved.

Jennifer Goodman

Phil Leichtweis

Good facility providing quality care to our Veterans.

AG Richardson

Nice folks!

Trecia webb

Scot Simons Jr

I want to thank the VA for getting my life back on track. I got on here way back gave them a bad rating. But I tell you what, the DAV has been tremendous in help and support. Medical side has gotten better. Also want to thank all higher ups for meeting with me and getting me squared away, I deeply appreciate it. Again thank you Cheyenne VA for what you are getting done. God Bless....

Ryan Robinson

Leonardo Molina

dennis weise

Great people

Norma Jones

Diane Toner

John Mann

Area 51 has less aggressive security guards !! And due to my PTSD , Anxiety and Hypertension the overbearing security ( because I was unknowingly parked in the employee parking ) , was overwhelming for me ! Please allow me to quote what my President Donald Trump said about the VA .: " the VA is in a deplorable condition ". And through my personal witnessing , I find the Cheyenne Veterans Medical Hospital to confirm this statement . John Mann Capt USMC ret. I find it interesting that this Medical center has commented to every single review except for mine .

Jamie gooch

When I first started my care with the va, I was lucky to get seen. In the last 2 years, the service has been great! They made it easy to schedule an appointment and order new meds.

Kristina Kempf

Lory Andrade

Brendt Johnson

Pamela Michelle

Best VA experience by far! Husband and I came from Nebraska for an appointment and it went quiet & smooth. From replacing a VA card to travel compensation, staff was knowledgeable and competent, which is not always the case at other VA centers. Great experience

Lee Freeburg

It is the VA

Ryan Smith

Staff is generally great. It's a little uncomfortable and labyrinthine but overall it's not the worst place to be sick.

Chelse Porter

WyoDude Gaming

Justin Hughes

Have been to many VA's across our country, not once have I cared to leave a positive review! This place is absolutely phenomenal! My family and I packed up and moved to northern CO for better health care and I'm glad I chose to go to Cheyenne VA! Amazing staff, you're never left without answers and help! Volunteers are great and by the handfuls! Special hello to Ken! Everyone always has a smile and willing to help! Very fast with everything they do! Just cant say enough, blessed with the hands of the surgeons! Honesty of the teams and staff! Honestly warms my heart to be able to be cared for by this facility. Even a special recognition to the Caregiver Support Team for the help not only with myself, but my wife!! DIRECTOR KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING! AMAZING JOB! THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, THANK YOU!!! GLAD TO CALL THIS PLACE HOME! Loveland VA, wonderful as well. Heading to review for that one next!

Cassie Wiest

Frederick Hofmann

I have received care from the VA Medical Center several times over the years last eight (8) years. My care has been nothing less than exceptional! This facility has the best staff of medical professionals and administrators. And it rivals some of best civilian hospitals for patient care. Please take note of this point - I live 50 miles away from this medical center but would drive much further than that to be treated there!

Karen Dean

I was treated in the emergency room on May 20, 2019 after suffering from heart palpitations and chest pain. I received immediate attention and I am very grateful for all the awesome staff that was involved. They explained every thing that they were doing and listened to all my concerns. I was followed up with additional testing throughout the week. Thanks Cheyenne VAMC.

Jerry D. Gossel

Happy New Year!

Karen Macuich

Easy to schedule appointments and so far excellent care

eaglekeith Meyers

Cary Enlow

Joe Irion

As far as the nurses go, they were amazing. The ER staff were great too. The only issue I have with the Cheyenne VA is the food. I wouldn't feed that food to my dog. You don't get a choice in what you eat either. Everyone gets the same tasteless garbage. It would look better as vomit.

James M

floyd smith

Great place,great people

Melissa Winter

james lopez

Always had great care at this VA facility

Micheal Smith

Bill Mccreery

Caring, Dedicated to the Highest Levels of Profession Care for Our Veterans Medical /Mental Health Needs.

Rick A Hyatt

I was extremely frightened of the VA because of what happened to me after a very painful and unneeded hernia surgery was performed on me in 1977 at SHAPE HQ Hospital in Mons, Belgium. It had been hypnotically suggested to me that I should get one there, a matter of how I was used as an espionage operative. During the procedure, a disinformation campaign was mounted that in the surgical staff was ordered to wait outside while men in suits came in. I was ordered "Not to breathe a word," and a hand was placed over my mouth. A clamp was used in the inguinal opening to clamp on a nexus of nerves to cause a great deal of pain, and I was told I'd feel that pain if anyone ever mentioned to me the name of my Agent Handler, CIA Dir. GHWB, or "Intelligence" in any way. "The Man With Small Feet" directed this operation. I was told to go to the VA in about 10 years, as they'd "Sewn it up too tight and ask for a tuneup surgery." I did, and found myself before HI Judge Richard Komo on false gun registration charges, and three years of hearings, unemployed, as each was preempted by the Prosecutor demanding my "Commitment." It seems the VA doctor, Dr. Pittenger, hoped to find damaging homosexually-related blackmail material on my former Agent Handler, and they wished to interrogate me in a hospital setting. I think you get my drift. Well, I refused to be interrogated, my military orders as given to me, and Judge Komo threw me into MCCC until I broke. Homosexuality was the main interrogatory theme with the other prisoners there, as was it again here, in another false incarceration, in Wyoming, Dick Cheney Land. Finally I hurt my back and agreed to go to TAMC, where I could hopefully talk to an Army Officer with a security clearance. Capt. Timothy Berigan not only had me sign promotion papers, but ordered me to stay married to my cover wife, my field agent handler, for a set time. A covert intestinal biopsy was done for future disability proof of my Celiac's Disease (How I am used as a covert MI agent), but the Army continues to say they can't find my medical records "Because they're being held by an unknown agency," so I remain impoverished. A VA doctor, Dr. Pittenger, obviously wanted to have me committed to a hospital setting, where medically based interrogation could take place. And the APA, the Powers Who Be with the VA, could find desired seemingly homosexually-related blackmail material on the CIA Director. There were many a false orchestration to that effect, and the known-to-be-incoming Clinton and Obama infiltrators swallowed it all hook, line, and sinker. Now they roast over the hot coals, and there will be more... I update this 2/19 as President Trump drains the Swamp and I'm about to be pulled in out of the Cold. So, finally, a local eye doctor suggested I go to the local VA clinic for cataract removal and hearing aids, which really improved my quality of life. where things have truly changed from that modology. I've been treated with respect, decency, and forthrightness.

Bryon Blake West Dyk III Hamburger

For the Excellence of service that has been provided by this establishment the board of the federal reserve's would like to honor all are cherished Veterans of Affairs in the amount of 17 million dollars for the local fire and police officers that work for Cheyenne Wyoming in their continued efforts to strive for a better future for tomorrow's children. Director of the United States of America Mint. Blake Edward Westdyk

James Hunter

Best VA I have been in.

Eric Whitfield

Rob Meastas


Danny Caudill

I am not one to like the VA. Nothing but bad experiences. I would like to say I got treated better yesterday at the VA in Cheyenne better than I would have ever dreamed. Michelle in Primary Care totally took care of my issue from the moment I walked into her office. Yes I spent the mandatory 4 hours working on it, but she stayed by my side the entire time! I really couldn't thank her enough for what she did. If you need the VA this is the one to use. I'm actually thinking about do all my care here.

Juanita Meyer

Staff very kind and caring.

Mister Grizz

jim hensley

Finest care anywhere.

Zoomie Nimbus

10 years can tell a lot -- Cheyenne VA is dedicated to Veteran health and welfare.. period. Not perfect, but always ascending there. Staff always professional and competent, helpful and willing. Make vets feel appreciated. My intro to this VA campus was for cancer diagnosis and treatment... still here. Well done.

Austin Leffel

One of the worst organizations I’ve dealt with. The patient advocate, Kevin Simmons, sighed at my explanation and laughed at my frustration. Upon requesting someone else 7 times he said he wasn’t going to and hung up the phone.

T Whisnant

Andrea Sorrels

Better than ours in Colorado. Here at least you get help with your pain.

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