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REVIEWS OF William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital IN Wisconsin

jp op

Went in for by-pass surgery on April 4, 2019. Never ever at any hospital was I treated so excellent before, during, and after. They are truly genuine down to earth people! They exceeded above and beyond their call of duty! They should be awarded the "CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." Many, many thanks to you all. It's nice to have family like you!

Julio Medina

Very easy to find. Good parking facility that’s close. The front staff are friendly and helpful in Lou ring to where you need to go for your appointment or need. Everything was very organized and seemed to be a streamlined process.

Shelly Rosenkranz

Was told its not the VA way to do expensive tests that I need to have at least 30 reasons why you want a test. They are very nice though. We're nice at the emergency room. One dr. Prescribed meds that have major drug interactions. High blood pressure twice they said let's take it again so I don't have to red flag you. Didn't call with results for ther MRI were going to wait 3 months without letting us know he may have Pick's disease. Brain shrinkage. I begged for an appointment and saw a great neurologist. He said make an appointment in one month when I made the appointment they were out 2 months. He's getting worse why wait. Waiting on blood tests from a week ago.

Jelayne Underwood

I get great medical care


This is a hospital dedicated to serving the men and women who served in our military.

Orland Marotz Jr.

Robert Galindo

Very excellent care here. Would not go anywhere.

Chip Frazier

Mark Mandurano

Ease of access and friendly staff

Lora Borealis

Bruce hempson

The medical staff there is wonderful and couldn't ask for better. The administrative staff is in need of improvement.

Alysia Phillips

Great place help always here. Thank you Va..


Darrell Jenkins

Some clinics are slower than others, but the care is the best in Wisconsin

Matthew Schreiner

I have been going to this VA since I medically retired in November 2017. So far my experience here has been amazing I have had amazing nurses that live to be there for all the vets and they truly love there job. My surgeons I have had 2 times now have changed my life for the better. I could not possibly thank them for what they have done for me. Last but not least my GI doc who was looking out for me when I was being stubborn and did not want to be admitted and he talk me into it. It was the best thing that could ever had happened to me. This hospital has changed my life for the better and I never could ever repay them for it.

James Manners

from Day 1... The idea of a "team" managing the care I received at the VA stands in stark contrast to the disconnected services I experienced at private sector health care clinics. Regardless of the department or clinic I might go to on any given day, each doctor, nurse or staff member has access to every visit that makes up "my story" as their patient. No more running all over Madison to every new "big name" specialty clinic seeing people who don't know and won't remember me once I walk out their door. The VA has won my confidence in their treatment of me as a whole person in a place where the health care professionals all consult each other as members in one hospital system. Thanks to all of you serving at my Madison VA Hospital.

Pat Lyons

Derek Hoerres

Kelly Lindemann

They try very hard to stay on schedule and treat people with respect

Robert Haley Jr.

Jacob Baltierra

Went for my disability screening and they got me in/out 2 hours earlier than scheduled and much easier as well. Great experience every which way.

Brenda Steventon

It's a va facility

steve maize

A hell of a lot better then it used to be .

kim voltl

terrible service to our veterans. no follow up with patients, no information or time taken to talk to anyone who might be caring for someone being discharged. too many medications passed out over and over and over, just take this. rotating drs, no contacts except a general number given to a patient to call, then they tell you call 911 or go to your local ER. they think everyone lives a block away, veterans have to QUALIFY for a ride home or a ride to a appt, THEY ARE SICK, cant drive or don't drive anymore.....!!! POOR FOLLOW UP POOR COMMUNICATION from Madison to TOMAH facilities. Very disappointed in the care a friend has received here.

Nick Puleo

Pat Tuttle

Mark Calabrese

Terrence Brunt

My hospital where I get excellent Medical Care

J vanduke

They are supportive as long as you take the time to listen and be up front.

Aaron Anderson

Patrick G

Mark Nuernberg


I was scheduled for a pre-surgery panel of tests yesterday. I was seen by at least five different Nurse Practitioners, and RNs during my visit. From the the very first minute I received nothing but the best and most courteous service. Jennifer Altman, Teresa Boncyk, and Ann are the names I remember, but each one involved yesterday deserves some special recognition. Thanks, Eric Pangman

Heather Antoniewicz

Staff are great. Very welcoming.

David Beard

ALWAYS a very pleasant experience for my visits ! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK !


My doctor at the time missed my rising psa numbers so the cancer had an extra year to grow. Another time I had skin cancer on my face, pointed it out to the intern and he took off half my eyebrow over an inch away from the cancer spot...had to go to a local doctor to have original cancer spot removed. Last incident was a broken bone in my left foot the orthopedic doctor said that if I didn't let her operate 'you can hobble around the rest of your life' way would I let that battle ax touch me. I try to avoid the VA Hospital as much as possible as my luck there is terrible.

Lona Bremer

My Vet Husband has had his diabetes, hypertension and heart disease treated through Wisconsin Rapids, Tomah and Madison VA. Always with Top people and care. His Cardiac Bypass Surgery was the latest and Everyone from Housekeeping to the Top Surgeons were the Best of the Best!

Cynthia Koroll

Dr Timothy Juergens is rude and uncaring. He is not assigned to my care but he takes it upon himself to stop internal medicine orders and writes ridiculous orders such as a "fasting" glucose after a big meal. He never returns calls and any conversation just goes round and round as he likes to hear himself talk and never wants to hear patients. Hideous.

Kevin Johnson

Everyone is attentive and kind. I feel welcome every time I come here.

Izzy Myerson

I first went to the Madison VA Hospital in 1979 and did not have a positive experience at all. I resumed care there exclusively (70% service-connected disability) about 2000, and found it to have changed for the good. Since, I've had nothing but first-rate care from the VA since, at the main facility and West clinic. Plus, the VA hospital is directly physically connected to the Univ. Wisconsin hospital. I needed surgery a few years ago, and was amazed to find my surgeon to be the head of the UW orthopedic surgery department! I can't praise it enough.

Kathryn Nelson

Leander Hagen

pab marmolejo espinel

Lori Kae

My husband was not properly screened before an outpatient hernia repair. He suffered a stroke during surgery due to a blocked carotid artery. He has paralysis on his left side. The hospital failed to recognize blood clots in both his legs and even after these were diagnosed they discharged him to rehab without treatment of these DVTs. They discovered their mistake readmitted him to a standard med floor without monitoring. He wet his bed and had difficulty breathing that night but no one answered his call light. They shut it off at the nurses desk and didn't respond. I contacted the nurses station and social worker from my car the next morning after my morning call to him. He almost died from a pulmonary embolism. He still suffers from nightmare about this place and is still disabled.

Jane Brink

We are just leaving emergency. Great care and concern for not only the patient well being but also helped me get to where I needed to be. Always excellent care!

Candace Nielson

Eric Lease

Jon Engel

VETERAN BEWARE!!!! Once again in my opinion, I am getting sub standard health care. From the Madison VA Health Care system. On 09-12-18, I went to the ER because. I was and still am bleeding anally. They told me they wanted to admit me. Then do a colonoscopy on 09-13-18. I wanted to run home to pick up. A change of clothes etc., I was told. That would not work for the VA. I was told I would have to make an appointment then. For the colonoscopy and it would be fast tracked. It was not done till 09-24-18, that's not fast tracked is it? My colonoscopy showed my colon to be swollen and bleeding. To the point they could not get the scope passed it. I also renewed and reordered my Carvedilol med. on 09-01-18. I have an aortic aneurysm and need it. To keep my heart rate down so my aneurysm doesn't get any bigger. As of 09-25-18 they still have not gotten it to me. I've been without it for a week now, good job. I do let the patient advocate know. What's going on, but they are not much help. This sub standard care endangers the patients overall health and life too. I'll bet I am not the only one that they do this stuff to. They also move they're bad reviews lower on Google to hide the truth from you.

Lynn Benisch

Anthony Williams


Cuchiren Denthoneth

Drop Zone Guns

Have filed several complaints about the primary care and it fell upon deaf ears. The hospital is not like it once was back in the 90's.

Stephen Foster

Excellent veteran care

Tim Hooper

James Sam

Bill redepenning


Joni S

Better than Seattle VA! All of my care has been excellent. My MRIs were fast, X-Rays were fast, Pulmonary test was fast. Even my prescription was out within 15 minutes. Maybe I always manage my appointments at the right time, or maybe the complainers don't have a point of reference as to what fast care really is because they have never been seen elsewhere...

Shanda Frydenlund

Louann Wright

VA Hospital. Staff is friendly.

Stephen Lush

Harry Farr

Always had top notch Care here very dependable staff

Nick George

Ron Slapinski

kristopher Kane

daniel defosse

My experience is that like all hospitals (including UW Hospital next door) are dependent on the doctors and staff in that area. I receive my basic care at the west side clinic, they have been outstanding. I have had many issues that have gotten worst with age, however in less than a year my doctor has determined what was causing my concerns and has found the right combination of way to reduce most. Are the doctors a bit over booked, yes but it has non effected my care. As to specialty care Eyes, neurology both are slow but again great care over all. My only complaint was with a disability exam when an inexperienced and less than qualified doctor did a rather less than poor job which in turn has delayed my disability claim. however, My condition was not one he was expert at.

Sofia Light

chris putnam

Tom Luttig

Everyone seemed to be caring, helpful & respectful

Taylor Ison

Scott Ziegler

Will Crump

Thorough staff, nice facility...couldn't be better

Mr. Moua

No. Don't do it

jinxalmighty jinxa1mighty

I've only known the V.A. side, but they have always treated me good

John Moffatt

Don't expect Madison VA to be able to see test results from the North Chicago VA -- what a pant load, not happy with the pathetic service!

Kenny Wilson

J Duncan


Lana Powers

BillieThompson was a trucker and he pushed his way in pain through several states to get to Madison, VA specifically because he said it was just the best care of any VA out there. He pulled in with his semi to the emergency room not knowing why he was in so much pain. He passed of cancer three weeks later in the hospice unit. The staff was so incredible to him and to us. Dr Kim, Nurse Willie, Nurse Lee, Nurse Basha, Assistant Nurse Tim, Social worker Sophia and chaplain Joyce are just a few of the many who gave every ounce of themselves to make that heavy time their in hospice so much easier for us and to make Billie as comfortable as possible. They were like family. Thank you

Michelle Hall

This place is a joke. Not sure why I'm even bothering to review since they could probably care less. Drove my husband two hours because I was told this was one of the "good" VA hospitals. Wow was I wrong thank god we have private health insurance so I can take my husband to a real doctor. God bless the poor veterans that are stuck using this or any other VA for healthcare.

Debbie Polzin

Bertha Nunya

Waited 45 minutes for pharmacy. It was after hours So we had to go to inpatient pharmacy. The're were only 2 people ahead of me and they both walked out in disgust. One of the was in obvious pain. Once they acknowledged me they said it would be an additional 10-15 minutes. Not the service I expect from this location.

Jack Hollnagel

Colin Doty

They saved my life. That was nice.

James Godfrey

Great hospital for veterans

Data Link

They are one of the best hospitals I have gone to in my life.

Dwayne Borchardt

Sandra Schug

With friend. Check in staff was loud and rude. When friend asked to verify if checked in 15 minutes after appt was late, staff made fun of her after she left waiting room. I was VERY disappointed with comments by staff.

Michael Aspinwall

I have had excellent health care at this hospital. All of the staff are extremely helpful and caring. If you are a Veteran you should be registered there.

Wally Holmesly

Started coming to William S. Middleton VA hospital over 7 years ago. Having been to 4 other VA facilities, Middleton is hands down the best facility I have been to. They are responsive and quick with genuine answers. When I walk into the facility there is always someone who remembers and greets me. I am from Texas and come up around every 6 months, great place and am always proud and happy to be here. Would recommend to any Vet.

Timothy Jurco

Dave Henning

BC I work here!

jeff grise

The Vest VA hospital I have ever been too.

Jess Ray

Mike D

Will see how things go. From what I hear it's really good

Sarah Atkinson

Awesome Medical Staff, NURSES esspecially,they are all ANGELS sent from HEAVEN too help our women and men who Served and are still serving our country GOD BLESS each and everyone of them.....lll

Danielle Saltzman

Danielle Pauls

Brian Sodke

Ken Helton

melodee Shinn

My husband and i drive tractor trailer (semi) and along the road he ran out of a med he needed for kidney stone. Our hometown va found this va along our route for him. They offered the recieving dock for parking. patrolman on duty said it easier in bus parking and helped hubby gey to it. Cleared parking for him and helped him get in spot. Staff in the er took good his med and hot on on the road again. One of few in took time to help like this or even wanted to help in our situation. Thank you staff for caring.

Xavier Casto

Best VA hospital I've been to...

Emma Olson

Derek Pasquan

Rendell Whitehead

On vacation half a nation from my VA, ear infection in both ears. Went in to ER at 1000 hrs, waiting on scripts at 1050hrs. Very efficient system. I have worked in IT in the medical field for 10 years, in the past. I have not seen a system this efficiently ran. Even private sector medicine. Everyone was awesome, helpful and expedient. It’s a noisy place, but it is full of GI types, so expect that. Ok, the pain in my ears and head made me a little extra sensitive to loud, high pitched noises. I never give a perfect score but this VA deserves it. Those folks giving less than a 4 rating are probably just expecting the world for nothing.

David Thomas

Ali Azeem

Summaya Latif

Josette Hill

Vets get great care here!

Sheila Frye

birdy thompson

I've been in VA hospitals from San Diego to New York and some of them were great but this is the best VA by far. The caring and compassion is above and beyond anyplace I've ever been. They take the time to listen and treat us with respect and dignity. Can't say enough good things about William S. Middleton Veterans hospital

Josh Woodman

Nate Zimmerman

Daniel Bowlby

Peter Strini

Laura May

Great health care and people

Tony Gonzalez

it was fantastic everyone extremely nice the service was top notch they really care !!!!!!

Dorothy Fletchall

This va hospital is much better than Milwaukee They help my brother with in 24 hours where as Milwaukee stretched out his lung issue , he was put on oxygen and found out he has a lung disease in both lungs, Milwaukee was going to do surgery on his finger with out addressing his lung issue! He is not returning to Milwaukee they could have killed him! I will be writing our Congress man and senator about this issue

Don Bean

Michael Berliner

Excellent care by great medical and caring staff - Best hospital in Madison

DJ Eckland

Alyssa Vandenberg

Food OK but the VA is the VA. Long waits. But the workers are nice.

Sharon Kane

S Burg

Easy access to services and supplies. Friendly caring dedicated staff throughout the hospital

Connie Tangen

The doctors and staff in the orthopedics department did a wonderful job helping my better half

Godzilla James

Excellent and professional...we came into emergency room for very severe congestion and weakness...and shortness of breath....we were admitted immediately...check in was short and co worker received a complete exam ....bloodwork...chest e-xray....and the staffs complete attention ...very impressive...considering it was 4AM...TIP:...Don't hesitate to come in if your feeling miserable for days and are getting no relife from over the counter. They treated us very well on the day we were here.

Amy Martinson

Gail Lucas

Poor care if you are a woman.

Sue Frazier

Top notch facility! Amazing and caring staff.

Dennis Braun

I travel from Rockford, Illinois knowing the treatment will always be great.

Nick Thomas, P.I.

Jesse Pollock

Jennifer Wright never calls me back. I call her to schedule an appointment and have done so many times. She's never at her desk so I always have to leave a message. She is very unprofessional. She picked up for other people though because I talked to them. Then she tried to give me the run around.

David Imlah

Philip Doherty

Lowell Homme

Still here as a patient

Mark Stellpflug

Kenneth Larsen

The care here is fantastic, i recommend this to all eligible US veterans.

Romni Pullen

We own a flower shop and are disappointed that we cannot serve our military with flowers in their time of need. This hospital's chief of police told us to park at Target a mile down the road. We were flabbergasted that this was his response. We are in there for mere minutes dropping off flowers to deliver smiles and now are unable to. The chief of police's snotty reply was told to the owner of the business, and he assumed it was just "a delivery driver". We are sorry and apologize to all of the veterans and their families whom we support and hold in high esteem.

frank diolosa

John Padgett

ken white

about 1 year ago i filed 3 times to have my medical records sent to an outside medical provider .. 1 week ago i received a phone call asking if i still wanted my medical records sent to the outside medical provider.. I moved to Texas almost 3 months ago . No, i do not want my medical records sent there.. i have all the original records i signed for and secured along the way and those will remain in my possession ..

Megan Storley

Awesome place

Kathy Maly

Takes damn good care of the Veterans

Grant H

Dave Lyons

Michael Parr

The Middleton VAMC is one of the best VA medical facilities in the country. They are always courteous, even when some of their patients aren't. I have been going to this facility for over 10 years and have been to several different clinics there. The only improvement I could see, is the retention of the doctors from the medical school at UW. We lose too many to other hospitals around the country.

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