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REVIEWS OF Westfields Hospital IN Wisconsin

J Varner

Outstanding care. The staff cared for my mom and cared about her as an individual. It is good to know expert care is available in New Richmond.

Cathy Herbison

This hospital charges for procedures that you do not need. I was sick with shingles that they did not diagnose and they insisted on giving me a MRI and charged me $6000 for that procedure alone. Total bill was over $8000 and they did not diagnose me correctly or put me on correct medication. I then went to an eye Dr in Stillwater 2 days later, the nurse diagnosed me in the lobby with just one glance. Just ridiculous. The only reason I went to this location was because I could not see to drive. The last time I went here my appendix burst and they sent me home doing nothing for me but a pain shot. Again went to Stillwater and was immediately admitted to get an appendectomy. I am very unhappy with Westfields Hospital & Clinic.

Dennis Wasson

Natasha Mikulski


Corey Jurowski

Urgent they are not. Long delays on an empty waiting room.

Miranda Erenberg

Worst trip ever I brought my daughter in to the er to see a doctor for them to tell me it's a viral infection and I waited an hour and a half to see a doctor for them to tell me that seriously!!

Kitsy suki

Elijah Foster

Excellent care takers! Would recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone. Caring staff and always a beautiful looking facility.

Ashley Read

I came in due to my daughter having a high fever, chills, heavy breathing, nausea, cough, and headaches. The nurse, Kaitlyn K, was sooo kind and relatable to my little girl. The way she talked to her and comforted her was heartwarming and refreshing for a mom concerned with her child's well being. She made sure we knew that we could come get her any time if we needed anything, went and got a wheelchair since my daughter was feeling well, brought in blankets to keep her warm, and most importantly talked to her in the sweetest, most comforting way. I could not have been more pleased!

Vickie Soderquist

Jessica that works the help line does an amazing job. She is always helpful and doesnt come across as being bothered to help you. Great job Jessica!!!

Amanda Johnson

I have been seeing my Dr at Westfields since I found out I was pregnant 10 months ago. Since my first visit I have felt welcomed and like my health and wellbeing are top priority. I gave birth at the birth center two weeks ago and cant say enough good things about my experience and stay there. All the nurses, lab techs, diabetic educators/nutritionists, and doctors I've seen in the last 10 months have been amazing and made my pregnancy a little easier. Recently I took my baby to the ER for vomiting. They were very prompt and understanding of my protectiveness of him. He had a sensitivity to a new food and that was why he had gotten sick, but at the time we were at the ER he was better. They didn't make me feel silly or dumb (which I felt about myself) and were very nice to us.

Bridget LaBahn

Today was our first visit with Dr. Amy Koepke and her nurse Jesse. My daughter had to get a shot and was horrified. They both had so much patience. Thank you ladies for being so nice and caring.

Nathan Gruber

Leaving for a fishing trip to Canada and knew i was going to run out of my perscrption a couple days shy of coming back from there. I gave them plenty of notice and even had a fax sent from my Walmart pharmacy to them requesting a refill. Called and spoke to a April and said someone will contact me soon. Now i will not have the medication i need for my mental health disorder.

Julie Ellefson

You have to go repeatedly for the same thing, then end up going somewhere else to find out what is really wrong. Westfield's charges a lot more than other clinics in the area for substandard care. The atmosphere is very negative and people are rude. Will never go there again. And do not bother sending me a robo note saying how you can do better. You do not listen anyway.

Kayla Ross

The Dr was very rude. I'm never bringing my kids there again my son was bleeding very bad out of his ear so as a mom you worry the Dr basically said you shouldn't of woke your son up to come this late to bring him in.he also said that if I panic my kids will end up doing that when they get older. Well I'm sorry but my son is bleeding out his god damn ear I'm gonna be worried. And they never told me what it actually was basically sent me home with my son. I was pissed felt so unwelcomed. They don't care about anyone. Worst care and the doctor I had was horrible. Never come here. Bad experience.

Jennifurcat Purrson

ryan J

Toni Baggenstoss

I love my doctor. I travel out of state to see her. The staff can never do as requested. They never follow through with prescription requests. Left waiting or without medication several times thanks to the nurses at this hospital/clinic. Sad but I am not going to be returning. Sorry dr Stiles. I dont have time for that.

Hannah Anger

My mother had to go to the emergency room after falling. Here was the closest emergency room. ER doc was great and the nurses were very kind. Sadly, they were slow in getting things done including pain management and nausea control. After discharging, we realized that they had not taken her IV out which was unfortunate.

Shelley Iverson

I can't say enough good things about this place! I don't know what the other reviews are about because every time I go hear everyone is really nice to me and I don't wait very long. The doctors are top-notch. I went in today to the hospital to have a small procedure done and everybody was over-the-top fantastic! The hospital rooms waiting for surgery I guess they call him free up they make them very comfy and nice. It's the little things they have a TV that plays common pictures and they have light up music flowing into the room and they even give you just a little sent sticker on your gown if you want to come down or if you believe in that or if it helps you. Not only that they give you these gowns where they can hook up warm blower to it so it keeps you warm. They explain everything that you need to know they're very thorough. It was the best experience I've had in the hospital ever. I

Carlos Garcia

Very disappointed have been to this hospital 3 times for the same reason 3 different doctors and not one could tell me what's wrong. They give me some random medicine and tell me I need rest after 5 weeks with back pain you think they would give you a MRI OH but wait it has to be scheduled and cleared through insurance first . Amazing how i have some of the best insurance that I pay a premium of 900+ to get told money comes before the patient what a joke so what do i get nothing sent home with a sore back and some glorified aspirin thanks west field

Emily Bennig

Jessica Lee Swosinski

I love this clinic. All of the employees are knowledgeable, quick acting, polite, and genuinely enjoy their job. I had an good experience today with an LPN named Holly here today. You guys are the best.


I am so glad I have moved back to the area. The doctors are always personable, knowledgeable and available. I delivered my daughter here and had such a fantastic experience with both the delivery staff as well as the pre and post care with the nurses. I would recommend Dr. Jourdan, Dr. Adegoke, and Dr. Cress to anyone and everyone looking for a new doctor for themselves or their family.

Mz YuKi


Slow, lazy, uneducated e.r., obviously looking to get sued, groundskeeping is just as bad. Last Sunday, went in with 103 temp. Nearly fell on the icy sidewalk. Warned staff several times to salt it. Mom fell on the way out. Only staff witness: " you just fall? You okay?" Goes back in locks e.r. door. During visit I was asked if I needed anything. I requested Sprite for cotton mouth and rolling stomach. Didn't get it til five minutes before discharge, despite several staff members being asked over the course of the visit. Several months ago went in because I had a bug in my ear. I knew due to scratching sensations/noises and the feeling of something moving in my ear that stopped abruptly when peroxide was introduced in an attempt to remove it. E.r. doc: "couldn't see anything". Sent me to e.n.t. said autolarangologist had NO trouble remove the remnants of a bug carcass 3 months later. All in all a duck pond that has the rare swan amoungst all the quacks and it's impossibly likely you'll hit a quack before you get a swan.

Matthew Miller

Rachel Fitzgerald

It’s nice to live in a smaller town yet have exceptional healthcare available. Well done Westfields.

Kaela Sasaki

I had the most amazing birth experience here and I miss my family dr Jordan so much!!! We just moved and we miss her terribly the OB staff is just amazing. I would recommend her and their birthing center to anyone!

theresa lynch

I had the unfortunate experience of kidney stones last night, however the staff in the ER made it somewhat bearable. Dr. Newman was terrific! He explained everything that needed to be done every step of the way. Nurses Dana, Karmen and Cora were so wonderful, I feel like I made new friends. The Rad Tech with the curly mustache (I don’t remember his name), he informed me when taking me to imaging that it was “spa day” lol. Thank you, all of you, for making me the most comfortable I could be under the circumstances.

kristy yaeger

Emily Stewart

Aaron Foster

Great staff, great physicians, great care. I wouldn’t trust my health with any other hospital and clinic. Would recommend to anyone

Todd Nielsen

I am 48yrs old and ended up in the ER Friday Night at Westfield's in New Richmond as a result of a sports collision that fractured my nose and opened up large lacerations inside both sides of my septum. I was first helped by Sammi and then Tom. Sammi was very pleasant and accommodating and Nurse Tom was awesome. When injured it is great to have someone that is willing to come down to your level and let you vent the way you need to and be real. He took me in stride and joked along with me as best as protocol allowed, and I am sure I was out of line more than once or twice. Travis Olives MD was the ER Doc and his experience in the Metro paid off because he had seen injuries similar to mine and knew some of the dangerous risks involved (open fracture infections and hematomas that can deteriorate the bone). Rather than having to go to Regions he worked with a Facial Trauma Specialist and ENT by phone and was able to stabilize my injury. Granted this took about 5 hours since my bleeding was excessive, but he was able to keep me in New Richmond and perform all the necessary steps to insure I could be set up for the best results afterward. The later part of my stay Nurse Jake stepped in when I was moved and that guy was so good to me I almost didn't want to go home! He ran around grabbing everything the MD wanted and provided reassuring support to both my wife and I while I endured the painful steps of re-draining and plugging my nose until I can see a specialist on Monday. They knew I had 3 days to wait it out and did more than their best to make sure I got through. So - huge thanks to those mentioned in my post and although I hope to not need to ever see you again while you are wearing scrubs - I greatly appreciate your putting up with me and helping me through this difficult night in my life. Moments like this reinforce our decision to live in New Richmond, WI.


Most embarrassing customer service I have ever seen. Wife left job early as she could to make it close to appointment time which she couldn’t get any later time for over a month so had to work with it, was 4 minutes late and waited 4 minutes for receptionist to call us over to sign in. Check in was almost complete and all of a sudden the receptionist stops and says “sorry but we have to cancel because YOU are 10 minutes late.” We were both too shocked to even talk. She had a 45 minute time slot scheduled and only needed probably 15 mins with the doctor. I hope they don’t do this to other ppl frequently but the receptionist didn’t even flinch or care which made it pretty obvious it happens a lot. Just really disappointed since this is only place in town.

Jessica Schladweiler

Multiple terrible experiences throughout the years. Most recently, Urgent Care missed my daughter’s PNEUMONIA and O2 saturation of 89. 89!!!! In a 7-year old! Didn’t even question it. Thank goodness I have experience in the pulmonologist and respiratory care field. Only AFTER I called it out did he suggest there may be an issue because her finger is small while the machine was for an adult. Neither the nurse or I bought it. Checked t with another machine and he SENT US HOME with an added albuterol nebulizer. I bought my own pulse oximeter and it should’ve worked right away, improving her sat. Nope. Went to Children’s ER in St. Paul and we were admitted into PICU for FOUR DAYS. I sent a paper survey/review in explaining all of this without so much as an acknowledgement or a phone call to see how she was doing. Today, sat near the lab gagging and spitting into a bag with a swollen throat while at least a dozen nurses and lab techs walked by. 45 minutes later I begged for a room to save other patients the gross nature of gagging and myself the embarrassment. Then they decided I should go to the ER. NOT A CHANCE! I’d rather gag in the car and head to an Allina Clinic than give these guys even one more chance to screw up. Sad the nurses aren’t given the freedom to relay poor care to management and feel as though something will be done about it.

Alex Olson

Excellent, caring, and friendly. The pharmacy staff are a pleasure to interact with and make my life easier.

Nicole Norlander

Very unhappy with my "diagnoses" at the urgent care Saturday 2/16/19. Was having strep/flu symptoms. Went in Thursday got tested strep was negative but then my symptoms got worse Friday night. Went to urgent care saturday morning. The PA refused to do a flu or strep test. He diagnosed me with an asthma flare up!! I had a severe sore throat. High fevers. Chills. Body aches. Couldnt stay awake. Ended up going to a different hospital and they did a flu test came back positive!! Learn to do your job!!!!

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