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donna fanning

My husband had a 10:00 appointment on 5-3-17. An hr had passed and we were still waiting. Waited another 45 mins still no one came in to see my husband. I went out 2 the nurses station and told them that no one has been in to see my husband. They did not know that we were still waiting. They forgot about us. We waited for almost 2 hrs. That is terrible that you go see a Dr about your health and concerns and they forget about you. How does that happen?

Tim Teubert

Nice place... But try to find a non diet drink there... They have every type of coffee but you can't find a Pepsi anywhere. It's a bit ridiculous.

Raven Cleary

Went here when my dad had two seizers, it was descent food for a descent price.

Jon Yoon

I was seen in the ER at UW Health for an accident in the summer of 2017. The only thing I can say almost a year later is that this hospital is a scam. Yes, I understand that there’s protocol for certain situations but I felt like a lab animal when I got into the operating room. One doctor said, “Put him down now” as if I’m some dog being euthanized. On top of that, UW Health charged me for every doctor that had seen me during my stay, which I was 100% unconscious for after a doctor “put me down.” I never signed any consent forms or agreements before they gave me treatment even though I was not in a life-threatening condition. If you want subpar service, constant harassment from UW Health representatives, and aggressive threats to be put under collections by phone, UW Health is the place for you. This is the worst hospital I have been treated at (coming from a person in remission). It has been nearly a year later and new bills are still popping up on my account. It was $23,000 for one bill back in August, then another $10,000 in November for all the doctors that saw me, another $14,000 was billed in April, and now another $8000 in May for a catscan, all done in a four-hour visit to the ER. Must I mention the charges in that period are equivalent to full two years of undergraduate tuition at UW-Madison with room & board!! As a college student, I wish I had been left to die than be treated at all. Within days, UW Hospital will start calling you and will keep calling you for months. These representatives are WORSE than telemarketers or robocalls trying to scam you. This place represents the absolute lowest of the American Healthcare system and will do anything to get every dime from you as possible. Not being able to afford the medical bills from the excessive service I never asked for haunt me at night. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the $50,000 from this stay hanging over my head. DO NOT GO HERE!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Chad Ziesemer

4 transplant there and many other thing best hospital on the plant!!


Had an upper endoscopy. Doctor seemed nice, but that could not be further from the truth! Arrogant negligent jerk. He messed up the scope and doesn't even have the decency to apologize. I went to patient relations and they are covering his butt. This whole experience caused me so much pain and trauma. NEVER TRUST DOCTOR PFAU!!

Jan Smith

All trust and confidence gone that I could possibly receive quality care at this hospital. Over a month has gone by since my initial referral to UW and it's been nothing but "Oh, we didn't get that fax".....TWICE!!!! and having to call my primary care physician so they can then call up to UW to try to find out the reason for the long delay in getting back to me. Then today, when I hadn't heard back from them ONCE AGAIN for over a week since my last contact, I called myself to talk to the Endro surgery department. I was told they could schedule me in 4 months. THAT is after already a month of supposedly un-received faxes and unreturned phone calls. NO THANK YOU UW. Your patient concern totally underwhelms me.

John Wallace

Good service, excellent staff

Cathi Willette

Valet parking & personal assistance for wheelchair shuttle within large facility.

melba Kirsch


Excellent patient care in a state of the art facility, food was excellent, staff were very friendly and always helpful. My wife had a procedure done there and everything went great, nurses and aid have fewer patients. Follow up team did a great job and would highly recommend

Benedict Di Salvo

Voice mail message: "Important" is not pronounced "imporTant" (but "impor'ant"… the "t" is nearly silent. I was corrected 30 yrs ago and pass the correction along ever chance I get. It is imporTant to me do do so. :-)

Trisha Coplien

Brian Long

The best person to person experience from loving, caring people. A world class medical center.

Patricia Brandt

The urology department has Excellent care and fantastic people. I felt I was in the best hands with my treatment.

Angela Renteria

A waste of time and $. Absolutely nothing was even tested. I'll go to meriter from now on. Nurses were thorough and expressed concerns however the doctor spoke to me for maybe 2 mins and that was that. Worst experience ever out of any hospital I've ever been too, I even walked out in tears. Sick for 3months and getting worse and new symptoms but I'm no priority


Well, it is a hospital... all and all they did a good job for me... I have been in a lot of the them..


Im 4 months from being 30,with final stage liver disease. I almost died a half of dozen different ways, but the team of amazing Dr.s Saved my life.- Alex Buskov

Madison Montgomery

Pathetic excuse for any kind of hospital, let alone a teaching. Waited 6 months for a 15 minute appointment, which was utterly anti-climatic and I left with no answers and annoyed by the cold, clinical approach I was given. You expect an institution such as this to cut through the bureaucratic BS-it doesn't. In fact, it's worse. I can't imagine how many people have lost their lives due to the lack of caring, lack of competency and/or lack of hope they left here with. Absolutely, unequivocally, atrocious.

Daryl Peck

Once again, a long ago scheduled appointment with the pulmonary dept gets messed up. This seems to happen every time with this hospital .....with the exception of oncology. (Oncology is great) Why bother making an appointment if they have no plans on keeping it. Just make people people wait in line for days until you decide you have time for them. We've had to wait over an hour past appointed times (more than once) and still they could tell us when we might see the Dr. Got to be a better way to conduct business. day: Have 8:00AM appointment. They call and ask us to be there by 7:45. No problem. We do that. It is now 9:09.....and still sitting in the waiting room. Unbelievable! 9:30......still sitting in waiting room

Teleda Westhouse

My brother has been an in patient at the hospital twice. Most of the people have been nice and supportive but I had a few problems this visit. My brother has severe heart failure and he also has a colon problem and needed a colonscopy. I asked a few questions of one of the heart failure nurses regarding a study from the Cleveland Clinic. The woman lost it and screamed, "Listen lady, your brother is have this prep and the colonscopy tomorrow. He signed off on it and it's being done". Obviously I was appalled and furious. I told her she was unprofessional and I did not want to deal with her. This was surprising from a hospital with Magnet status for nurses. My other complaint was that no one knows anything or that is their standard answer. When you ask what time the procedure will be, they reply that they don't know. What doctor is doing the the procedure, they don't know. They do not offer to find out because I guess no one knows. A little disappointed in a hospital that I have thought very highly of.

John Jusits

Saved my life. What more can you say?

Ginny Hazen Damman

Depends on where you go to what clinic. All in all they do try and please. Like if you have a complaint, they will try to solve the problem. I have had very good experiences with the hospital. They are great!!

Tammy Ogle

Wonderful care

Roger W Henderson

Many of the Best Doctors in the world are there!!!

Christina Hill

The ED is the worst I've ever been in. The let critically ill patients go home only to come back again. To finally be admitted.

Dave Thomas

Great Hospital and staff. I had a kidney Transplant one year ago. I stopped on the floor to say hello and everyone still remembers me and were very friendly to me and my family. Everyone throughout the hospital were very helpful. My stay and visits were great.

Dejuane Claybrooks

You are special here


Great team, positive results.

Iniya Karunanithi

Mark D. Taylor

Very good medical care.

Suse Reinke Riddle

Excellent personal and professional care.

Kelly Duesterhoeft

Always a good experience

Galen Giese

I love it

Isabel López

(Translated by Google) Very good hospital (Original) Muy buen hospital

Linda Porter

Maria Berryman

If you need anything special this is the best place to be !

Melody Pond

Good food

scott butteris

Skilled Services.

Roberto Osory

Not normal to wait 2 hours on ER.

Richard S Moreland

Thanks again for your understanding of what I and yes I'm looking forward to meeting with you sometime soon to be clear and support your needs for caring about me and people who matter

Dejuan Washington

Sandra Petersen

I don't know about all of your low ratings for billing etc. All I can say is UW Hospital Cancer Clinic has saved my life with 3 bouts of cancer. 1971, 1974 and 1988. I trust them with my life obviously ! ♡♡♡

Marc Marion

It was my first hospital stay, kind of a crises, and I think some things could have been better.

Jason Voigt

Great staff.

Nick Alexander

Don't go here for outpatient procedures! I got charged $4000 for an MRI and over $6000 for an endoscopy recomended by a UW GI doctor. The doctor wanted me to get a repeat procedure 3 months later. I am unemployed and paying for COBRA health insurance. The doctor was unsympathetic. Plus I'm charged a facility fee at any of their clinics. There is no way I can afford all this even on a payment plan. The doctors are good but UW is way too overpriced. I now use only UW Medical Foundation doctors for critical care.

Chrissy Nichols

Entire health system is bad. Can't even get in to see a PCP in a timely manner, even after an urgent care visit. Definitely would not recommend this health system to other people.

Angelica Paulus

Almalila H

(Translated by Google) Excellent Hospital (Original) Excelente Hospital

Jessica Woods

Went to the neurology department here yesterday. Very easy to find & parking made easy. I was a little concerned about paying for parking being I was there for a few hours, but I was pleasently surprised when the receptionist asked for my parking stub to verify it & when we left, parking was free. Awesome hospitality for a new patient & the doctor I saw made me feel like a person & not a paycheck. Highly Recommend!

rubi hayim

I had to come here as a trauma patient. The doctor's, nurses, nurse practitioners and the ER staff was phenomenal. They made me feel like I am in a hotel even though I had 4 broken ribs. Thank you for everyone else who took care of me!

Karen Trembula

The kindest and smartest nurses I have ever had in 62 years

Barb Lester

Asked my primary for a referral for colonoscopy. They referred me to UW clinic. UW clinic never called me to make appt. Turns out, it takes UW 6-months to even call you back to schedule the appt.! I got in to a different hosp right away.

Kevin F Straka

Wonderful staff and top rated care.

Jacob Barnes

University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics are information blocking extremists. They refuse to allow me to access my electronic medical records, block every attempt to share data with other health care providers and won't allow me to even copy data from important tests. I only recommend UW if you want your electronic medical records to be incarcerated in an impenetrable data silo behind an information blocking firewall.

Jorge Campos

Waiting times getting worst every year. Takes more than 45 mins to get called from the original appt, another 20 to 30 mins sitting in the room, 5 mins to see a RN, another 10 to 25 Min to wait for the actual specialist to Come in and to only have a 15min consultation to be told to make another appt in 1 Month and another Groundhog Appt. Be prepared to be out all day for a 15 min consultation.

Jeff Topel

They gave my older brother outstanding care a couple yrs ago when he was there for major back surgery! ...and the staff was so nice, and kept us informed every step of the way. They have a way of really putting you at ease right from the get-go. They were such a blessing!!

Jagan Ramamoorthy

Just the best

Leannatube 21

Thank you

Helen Foulk

My mom goes into icu 3 months ago they infiltrate her arm on right 2xs filling with strong antibiotics causing searing burning and swelling that causes itching which they then treat with steroids which she is allergic too. .they put her on Watch for her viens and 3 rd gets blown out. And tgey have to main line they put her on opiods for the painand itching they caused. In first place. They switch her 2xs on floors and do not in form. Next floor of proceedures done on previos floor or problems. Theythen release her tonurse home on same meds she is allergic to . (strike one) then they have her being put on stronger. Opiods causing lack of mobility and dillutions still keeping her on meds she is allergic too they leave her screaming and crying in her room for 2.5 hrs as i sat there waiting for someon eto come into her room i got mad demanded a doctor. Now , got 2 students who could notdo anything. Found they tookher off her bloodthinners that keep her from having bloodclots i ask for them to check her for them as her arms are swollen the size of her legs and no one has checked her the ultra sound and find 2 in each arm and one in left leg . i want her moved. I hit brickwall need soc worker and insurance to approved. (Strike2) she is back in now they did not feed her breakfast they did not feed her lunch have her on strong antibiotics that make her sick to stomach. I call and get put on hold for 1/2 hr and they come back at 10am to tell me they are too busy and they will call me backi wait with a line open through my day no call i call at 330pm and am not happy and complain about her health care she says im yelling because im not having a productive call i said im not yelling im complaining and you would know it if i were yelling . she apologized to me but went back to my mother to complain about me and lecture my 78 yr old mother for not asking for food throughthe day. OMG talk about elder abuse (strike3) we will betalking to everyone monday morning what a terrible hospital... Meriter did awesomeand communicated well when my brother went in and did rehab and they did awesome they get 10/10stars UWMadison 0/10. YOU Get An F ....

Nicolette Munoz

This place is a maze! I’ve never been to a medical facility and had such difficult finding the locations I need to go to.


3 stars only because we were not informed when my dad was out of surgery, moved into icu, moved out of icu, how surgery went, or how he was doing. Instead we were told by a nurse over the phone that there were "slight complications during surgery,leaving everyone worrying what happened. Traveled the 2 and a half hours down to Madison to see him the day after surgery only to find out he had been moved into icu. And when we asked the nurse any question all we was a run around. And told his surgeon would call us in regards to dad's surgery. ( No such call was received). Then they tell us they'll be moving dad up to the hospital here, but he needs to go back down to Madison 2 days later for followup. All this after mom had surgery herself the day dad was admitted to UwoMadison. So she really was not up to traveling every day. ( That was not taken into consideration ). The total lack of communication was deplorable. The fact that we were told nothing in regards to whether or not the surgeon removed all of dad's tumor, or what the So called complications were during surgery left the family feeling that the hospital simply didn't care to take the time to talk with us.

Chris Thurow

Good people take care of you

Carrie Leamy

This is the worst place to work for.....they dont care about their employees at all...not family oriented at all!

Kim Krauss

My mom needs surgery,but for some reason 8 days later no call back or anything being scheduled. Now they finally called and said well you can go a couple more years even though it's your heart! I'm getting very doubtful the professionalism is what it used to be. Fast forward to March and she's finally getting surgery....#6th visit. We were on the schedule for 1 day and they changed it after our work schedules were ok'd and hotel was booked. Best advice keep your schedule open for a few days around the scheduled day. At least the hotel understands and said, " Don't worry this happens all the time." #sodonewiththisplace UPDATE My mom had a slight infection and had to check in with her Dr. here in IL for a test. The test was taken at 9:45 am....still infection. They sent the results via email by 10am. Now we live 2 hours south from UW. They waited 6 hours and 30 mins later after we were on the road to spend the night to cancel surgery. Now the hotel deadline was 3pm. So help me we get charged because of the negligence from the hospital to notify a patient within a reasonable time frame. This is unacceptable since the beginning of this ordeal. I have worked in the healthcare field for years and never thought I would ever hear it here, but yup beats the horrible hospital I worked at by far. Another update Her Dr called and spoke directly to me today and rescheduled for 2 weeks out ...not even 5 mins later my mom received a call for surgery next week. We still have no clue who or what date we are getting. Needless to say some calls and letters will be sent.

Pamela Kane

This is the best hospital. I have been treated there for the past 3 months and not a single complaint! The best doctors and nurses.


Amazing hospital! Amazing anesthesia dept! One of the best in the world!

Jennifer Kortyna


Richard Lee

I had to come back the next day because they forgot to do a blood draw. I had already gone home the day before, but they wouldn't let me leave after the blood draw --I had to wait for the results, because just in case? It took 3 hours to have a blood sample taken and wait for the results.

Charlie Hueling


Brandon Rivera

Wendy Pollock

On Dec 3, 1994 my sister was in a horrific auto accident that killed her 2 young children and almost killed her ...That day at the accident was a trauma nurse from this hospital on her way to work... Thanks to God ,her immediate care on the scene and the amazing nurses and doctors of your trauma unit my sister survived and is still with us today and mom to 4 kids...I wish with all my heart I could find that nurse and thank her

Ronnie Davis

Matthew N. Fuller

Very good clean hospital plenty of parking. Lots of helpful staff. It's a big hospital so to get to where you need to go you MUST ask for directions and follow the letters post for directions. The Veterans Hospital is connected and easy access. If you stay pass 9pm. Stop at guard desk to get your key if THEY park your car. I would recommend this hospital.

jeydon bieber

Very helpful and friendly. Don't need to say much more !

N Chen

Went to ER and I'm grateful for the treatment, but they put intern nurses at IV jobs who are terrible. I bled A LOT (on desk and on bed) when they put the IV in and out. I've never seen such amateur nurses in my life. The doctors also had me moving arm muscles and pulling stuff even after I told them the IV is poking around inside. Now I have bruisings on both arms and one of them even got bigger since the visit. UPDATE: I would give NEGATIVE score if I could. I submitted a request to release my radiology images in June. It took them three weeks to process. I ended up getting the lab result, not the images themselves and cost me $2.00. I called in just now for them to resend it, and the nurse asked for a written form I need to send to them. She asked for my email to send a blank form over, but 10 minutes have passed, no email.

Jessica Jones-Coggins

It really depends on which clinic you visit. But major problems with privacy, receptionists shouting out your insurance info for all to hear, not the best medical assts. Met some very good nurses.There is a terrible inclination for staff to condescend by calling x-rays "pictures" and anesthesia"sleepy medicine". I mean really? Also a lack of understanding of how germs are passed.

Vanessa Jambois

I think this is an absolutely wonderful system and I really support teaching hospitals. HOWEVER if you have a choice in ER clinics for something "minor" like the flu or sprain or something, go to another ER. The UW ER is grossly understaffed in supervisors, meaning there is often only 1 supervising doc on, and everything has to pass through that 1 doc, regardless of how many residents they have working. Imagine an ER in a large city with only 1 doctor on staff...yeah. Expect to wait several hours to even be seen. Was in the ER the other day and there was a kid in so much pain he moaned and moaned for hours before being seen.

brooke steingraeber

Terribly slow and unhelpful. We've been here almost 3 hours and have only seen one person who said what it "might" be and someone will be with you soon. An hour and a half ago. Just were told that the doctor got a phone call and they'll be right with you. We've watched people who came in after us leave. Don't come here. This use to be a great hospital but the last two times here have been down right awful.

Peter Zimmerman

Probably the best hospital in Madison. Everything seems streamlined and efficient. Bathrooms and hallways always very clean. UW hospital's best features might not be the people but the facility. Even the parking is a breeze and usually quick. Overall it is a great hospital, but it's better in many ways than most!

Zach Wagner

I always have a great experience with UW Health and all staff are caring and energetic. I feel like I'm in good care.

Thomas Rabe

Worst parking ever. Gate help is very rude and unhelpful. Made worse by the fact that street parking does not exist on campus, everywhere requires a permit, and no clear indicators when a ramp will charge you or not.

James Coffel

Very nice and polite staff.

Diane Sewell

Friendly, competent,empathetic staff.

Stephen Coon

I have had kidney disease for some time. I just had a AAA operation at the end of May and in Sept was told that I needed to prepare for a kidney transplant. My wife was a match and offered a kidney to me. I was turned down by the #4 rated hospital in the country. My doctor suggested that I contact the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. We met with the kidney transplant team and was approved. We were given an operation date in mid January. We arrived the day before surgery and at the hotel and at the hotel restaurant we overheard a man talking about his heart transplant 9 DAYS ago. My wife and I introduced ourselves and yes he did confirm the amazing story. That's when I knew God was at the wheel. The surgery started at 7:30 PM on my wife and 10:30 PM for me. I was out of surgery at 1:30 AM on Saturday morning. My wife was released the next day and I was released the following Tuesday. ALL the employees I encountered loved their jobs. WOW what a hospital. I am telling everyone about the people I have met. P.S. There are 3 doctors and 2 nurses in our family. By the way, the hospital that turned me down employed me in occupational medicine marketing years ago. 5 + stars.

Erik Heskin

Great parking structure, easy to get to, super quality if professionalism

Cathy Etter

Had my grandson in the UW Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department on Sunday. I’ve never seen such sub par care in my life! I am a nurse and a Director in an ED. If my staff behaved like the UW staff, they would be seeking employment opportunities elsewhere. After the initial check in for a seizure in an otherwise healthy 7 year old, it was 3 HOURS before anyone stepped foot in the room. That was a tech coming to check blood pressure. She wasn’t exactly Kid oriented, never explaining anything despite my grandson saying it hurt and moving around. She should have told him something like holding still would make it go faster, pump up less drastically, etc. At hour 4, I went to the desk and asked for an update. I was told they were waited for neuro. Since when does an ED Provider NOT do basic medicine? There were no blood tests, no imaging like a CT, no anything. At 4 1/2 hours I requested the Provider come to the room for an update. When he did come in, he acted like we were annoying him and interrupting his time sitting in the nurses station talking. Every time I looked out of the room, staff were sitting and talking to each other. Now do not get me wrong...staff usually work hard and a little down time is needed. But this group sat for hours. We were finally told neuro would be there in 20-45 minutes. A Resident finally came in and basically did a few questions and a very simple neuro exam, which I had already done to prepare my grandson. When we asked the plan, testing, etc, we were told she needed to check with her Attending and she would be back. An hour later, no neuro resident , no nurse, no tech had entered the room. During all the time we waited, we asked at least 4 people if my grandson could have something to drink or eat. As a nurse, I know we are careful filling the stomach. But the neuro resident said there was no reason to withhold food and she would tell staff to get him something. At hour 5, no food or water, no staff in the room, my son went searching and found a refrigerator with ginger ale and a sandwhich. At hour 5 1/2, we decided to leave. I approached the desk and asked for AMA (against medical advise) paperwork. Miraculously, his primary nurse suddenly appeared, demanding to check his blood pressure. When I challenged her stating she was doing this to cover her own a$$, she turned to my son and said we should write a complaint because they always have this issue with neuro. I spoke up and stated the issue is not with neuro. It’s with her! Not once in 5 hours did she ever reassess her patient. There was no hourly rounding, no poking her head in asking if he was ok or if we needed anything. No one ever came in to the room until I went to the desk to ask for an update. Everyone treated us like we were an inconvenience to them. When we arrived, we were the fourth patient on the board. They had no big emergencies during the time we were present. It wasn’t until we left AMA did anyone bother to try and talk to us. We did leave, without signing the AMA paperwork or discharge instructions. This is an ED issues, and I am not the first one to have this same problem there. It is boardering on malpractice. I discussed this scenario with my own ED Providers, asking what would you do if.....and they all stated blood work and a CT scan. When I asked about this at UW, I was told we had to wait for neuro to decide what they wanted done. Seriously, when did the ED Providers at UW become prohibited from practicing medicine? Basic medical care, prudent medical care, evidence based practice, all indicate treating the patient, ruling out certain things with simple blood tests. For a world class pediatric ED, the care was less than medically acceptable and frustrating. What if I wasn’t a nurse? A family without an advocate would sit there, unwatched, unobserved, uncared for until something horrendous happened. We could have left the department, shutting the curtain and door behind us and no one would even have known. UW is not a world class ED. It lacks empathy, compassion or caring.

Scott Hartman

Nick S

DOCTOR PERFORMED SURGERY WITHOUT A MASK ON!!!! CUT OPEN LEG AND DIDNT EVEN WEAR A MASK, ONLY GLOVES... PLACE IS OUTDATED, NO ROOMS, LAZY CARE. You put your life into the hands of a hospital but they don't do anything to change. Parking is a joke, security officer was the biggest jerk iv ever met when my sister was on life support and he couldn't even spare time and when he did he didn't validate parking and lied to me that they don't do it. This place screams older than 100 years and advances in medical care isn't deployed in here. So sad that they don't care at all and want just your money. Sad world we live in....

Hannah McGovern

My brother was sent here for surgery to get a pump put in for medicine distribution through the spine. Upon arrival (at a scheduled time), there was not a room ready. Mind you both of us are confined to wheelchairs, i have a neurological disorder and he has suffered an inoxic brain injury. Waiting for an hour and a half in an empty waiting room can be very uncomfortable. Before surgery they ignored his allergy to adhesives and used them anyway, resulting in 2 extra pokes from a needle. The surgery went great, he got out of it earlier than anticipated so we were told we were able to visit. When we got in this tiny room assigned to him, i had enough room to pull in with my chair, and no other room at all. They put his wheelchair in the bathroom and then told us the sound didnt work on the t.v. they fixed that, but when i tried to order his lunch the phone didn't work. So i went to get some water for him to drink and the sink had been leaking for a long amount of time, enough to make the wall fall away from the pipes with minor pressure under the sink. When his food came he was so hungry I could hear his stomach and see drool coming out of his mouth, but they told me he had to lay flat for 24 hours after the surgery to insure placement. So he had to eat laying down when he already had issues swallowing as it is. He had to drink laying down when aspirating fluids was what made him brain dead in the first place. So we listened and fed him anyway. He was awake all night trying to move and belching and moaning, so we told them his belly was upset, and they gave him tylenol! For a belly ache, out of all of the medicines for stomach aches and reflux. In the morning after 4 bites of his breakfast (still laying down) he projectile vomited everything up from the night before and the morning. So i hit the call button and told a nurse we needed someone NOW, and we waited 5 minutes until i finally had to personally go find someone to help so he wouldnt sit in his puke any longer. We then requested to leave and they arranged a ride but had no lift to transfer him with. When they got a lift finally, the battery was dead. On the way out, his catheter bag, had a tear in it from them trying to lift and transfer him. Never going here again. Unless im legit bleeding out.

Travis Wells

Hospital staff was very helpful, state of the art equipment and technology.

Fue Moua

Overall they're good at providing care. Plenty of campuses so it makes for quicker visits and easier parking. Each doctor is different. Most of my mother's doctors are really professional and helpful. The rest of the staff is courteous and helpful too.

Bob Steele

Every thing was fine. We have been there 4 or 5 times Loved it.

Elizabeth Heckenast

I called the ER to see if Plan B is covered by Badger Care Plus Family Planning Only and the guy on the phone told me I needed to go see my PCP. Umm. its emergency contraceptive for a reason. He said I could come and get checked in and they could take it from there but if i just needed medicine I should just go see my doctor. ??? You're a hospital, which provides medication. I don't need to see my doctor for a plan B

Jessica Reible

Horrible, I had neuro surgery here. I had ice taken away from me while using it. I consulted with my Dr. who said it was fine to use ice. I was using it per his instructions. They left me under medicated & in horrible pain. I never had my pain under control. A lady came in to tell me to use a TENS device for pain. I have one at home that I had used prior to surgery & it didn't help then. Now they want me to use it for surgery pain? I was suppose to stay for several days. The first night I heard loud pounding at 3 a.m. I had a headache from surgery & being under medicated for was too much. The next morning I figured I could get sleep. The pounding was still happening, as well as construction & the helicopter pad right out my window. I decided to ask what the noise was all night & was told they were doing construction on the Operating room below my room! I asked if they thought that pounding helped my recovery since I could not sleep? they nurse remarked that they "could not stop construction just because I'd had surgery". I asked to be released at that point. Not even 24 hrs. after my surgery. Someone came up before my release & gave me a $15 gift card to the gift shop for all the problems. LOL. It really paled in comparison to a nice quiet room where I could recover from the major surgery I had. I guess it was better than nothing.

Curt Chambers

Great customer service.

Quaronica Price

Conrad Szambelan

The best place in Wisconsin

Beverly Hood-Hicks

Wow! I am so surprised to see such negative reviews of UW Hospital and Clinics! I had my kidney transplant at UW in 2006, (from a live donor - my mom) and I have always felt that I had the VERY BEST of care. I don't know what kind of doctors were seen by the patients who gave negative reviews of the hospital, but it would be helpful if that kind of information was provided with their review. As for myself, I can only say that my experience with UW Madison during the last seven years has been terrific! The doctors and staff have always been very thorough and compassionate; I am so grateful that my transplant care continues to be outstanding!

Rick Hahn

Most excellent care EVER!


(Translated by Google) They help when i got shot (Original) They helpt when I got shot

Benjamin Smith

Outstanding care and service. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

Cecelia Stewart

Very respectful of issues involving health diagnoses.

Suzette Ackerman

************************************** *As for me I was at UW T.A.C. here in Madison for 2 days in December of 2016 with food poisoning n I'm very thankful for the entire staff especially my 1 nurse Megan Peterson. I have nominated her for the Daisy award and I pray she wins. She is a truly Amazing nurse with and outstanding heart n soul to really take the oath of the medical field to heart. I hope that many blessings come to all of the UW Hospitals and Clinics staff for many years to come. *My Boyfriend Elijah was just in the hospital for almost 3 days having 2 seizures I witnessed the 1st and his mom witnessed the 2nd 1 in the E.D. not even 5 minutes after arriving. He was severely dehydrated and confused. He went through multiple labs. Blood, Urinary Analysis, and even a spinal tap to test the ( C.B.S. ) cerebral spinal fluid. Even though the Keppra med was deffinitely the wrong medication for him he had 99% of the serious side effects. when it wore off his memory was coming back slowly but now he is not even 72 hours out from being released on Friday night. The nurses and lab teams all did a very great job taking outstanding care of him. He gave his night nurses Liz, Andreya, Amber. UW hospital highland Ave nurses in sector F6/5 each a huge hug and apologized for being such an ass on the meds towards them, they told him that they where just doing their job. UW Hospitals Is and I hope continues to Remain #1 here in the glorious beautiful state of Wisconsin. ****************************************

Amber Gammeter

They're great nurses, doctors and etc, they're so helpful what people needs at Hospital plus Emermacy too.

David Thomas

4 hours to wait for a discharge is unacceptable. Please hire more pharmacy staff!!

Deetra Whigham

Its a hospital what's not to like.. Lolo you get better if yur sick

Michelle Tarczon

Amazing staff and great care. You’re in good hands!

gail funmaker

Staff is very reassuring

Shanijah C

I have been an in-patient in this hospital for 5 days now and I must say, boy am I ecstatic that this is not my primary health care provider. I have been treated as if I am beneath and less-than by a great number of the staff members that I've had to come in contact with. I've been spoken to in condescending tones and brushed off when I've asked questions pertaining to what's in store for me here. I've overheard nurses make assumptions about my lifestyle while they thought I was asleep. Very uncomfortable situation for me. All in all, I am extremely disappointed in the way I am being treated here and I am sad for others who have and will have to endure this type of treatment because their insurance (or lack there of) places them in one of these beds. The judgement and high & mighty-ness of the staff members here is beyond me. Absolutely sickening. My faith in humanity is hanging on by a string of thread.

Patty West

Very caring staff. bvb

Jessica Anderson

I can't say enough about this hospital and how great they are I truly want to thank Dr hurtik(sorry if I spelt that wrong) this is my dad second surgery his first one being 17 years old by the same doctor he did such an amazing job. And the nurse on the f6 ward Jake was very kind and patient with my dad even when he became a little hard to deal with.

Heather Dawn

Don't ever go to the ER here, you'll only end up being pushed out into the hallway (happened once with me and once to my fiance). And hopefully you don't need anything from the endocrinolgy dept! Dr Pabich is rude and will make excuses why your test results might be inaccurate, plua I'm waiting 4 months a surgery consultation and another 4-8 weeks for surgery! Nothing like waiting 6 months for badly needed surgery! F this place!!

Craig Oaks

I would rate this hospital a 0 if I could. Wife had a surgery today at 7:30 and was done at 11:00. Talked with the doctor and he said maybe 2 hours in recovery and then into her room. Well I've been sitting here for 5 hours now and she still doesn't have a room. They have this pager they give you while waiting to give you updates. Got a text saying room is being cleaned and will be ready in an hour. That was 1.5 hours ago, asked at the desk when my wife's room will be ready and they said another 30-45 minutes. What a joke it will 6 hours after her surgery that I might finally get to see her. I will never come here again for anything. We also had to call the day before to ask when her surgery was because no one called us to let us know. We were told they start calling at around 1:00 the day before your surgery and we hadn't heard anything at 4:00 so we called on our own.

Ashley Shoemaker

please be very careful my dad went into this hospital for a hip surgery and long story short he died. Now seeing as I have educated myself more i have come to realize how much this hospital really failed my father. And how he would have still been alive had he not gone there. Please be careful and if something seems wrong don't just take the doctors or nurses word for it. Please educate yourself to make sure they are doing there job. I will never forgive myself for trusting them!

Cam Gallagher

I am so sick of this hospital. I have to bring my mom up here for her heart and today she was supposed to be dismissed. All of her other nurses were great but her nurse this morning had been horrible. My moms already dressed with iv out and for almost two hours we’ve had to wait for the nurse. And of course she had to take her lunch break right now. We just want to go home.

D.M. Powles

Usually an an SSM person, but the EMTs thought that I would be better here. I'm glad to say I think they were right in this case.

Nate Zimmerman

Derf Lagwagon

I was admitted after a snowboarding accident. I was in severe pain - level 10. I sat for 3 hours before getting anything for pain and was treated with skepticism the whole time because I’m a suburban white kid on vivitrol. They took xrays on my ribs and said they were fine; however, I was then told there was something wrong with my gallbladder. I spent the night in ER even though I was admitted to hospital. Most painful night of my life and then they discontinued pain meds without ever telling me. Just because someone has a drug history does NOT mean they should not be treated with the same care as any other patient. The next day I was told I DID have a cracked rib. There are protocols to treat patients on vivitrol effectively for pain with Remifentanil; however, they were content to let me suffer the worst pain I’ve ever endured. It’s a shame that doctors are no longer putting patients first and following the Hippocratic oath. Instead they act out of fear of being too liberal with proper treatments and instead let the patients suffer unnecessarily - ignoring the obvious indications for treatment. Terrible place. Go to Meriter! And they don’t communicate anything that is going on to you.

Muskego Mike 1

Not a fun place to be but it is the best

ryan hoeft

horrible, my boyfriend went in for back pain, he couldnt even walk, and they said there was nothing they can do for him, they basically kept him there for hours didnt do any major test, and told him he had to leave after charging up his bill..

Mary Auerswald


Great hospital

Kathleen McLaughlin-Hoppe

They've saved lives where others couldn't or wouldn't. People in Madison don't understand why people travel so far to receive care here. Having lived in a city that could only attract docs that had been disciplined or graduated at the bottom of their classes, I get it.

Cecilia Rojo

So I just spent 12 hours in the ICU and they refused to validate my parking. They said only one person per patient can have validation. Seriously. Like I just spent the night in a chair in the ICU... I am so angry. These people just smiled at me and said I'm sorry. I can't believe it. I will make sure I go to St Mary's from now on. They validate all family there!

Anthony Gamoneda

Best hospital...

Spiffy Dino

Harassing a pregnant girl who can’t find work with medical bills that she can’t afford. I thought they were supposed to help in these situations I guess not.

Matthew Mac

I think employee moral suffers from pay-inequity. Some employees are paid hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour -- some are paid dollars an hour. Unfortunately, the patient suffers. Notice the receptionist sign? The poor treatment begins there. Expect it to continue.

Ruth Cole

My husband has had numerous visits to the emergency room that ended with hospital admissions and treatment in the past two years. His life has been saved numerous times! Thanks to all the physicians and nurses who have been a part of his care in cardiology, urology, internal medicine, Carbone cancer center, intervention radiology, surgery, radiotherapy and anything else I have missed.

jaunty cerebellum

I wish I could give negative stars. I am not a layman. Was taken by ambulance for severe neurological symptoms, slurred speech. Have current patient doctor relationship in place--established care relationship. Breech of care. No standard of care received. Two blatant HIPPA violations--Negligence. Parked me outside a room with an open door--warnings for bloodborne pathogens--door open. Signs stating no entry of the room I was parked next to, with an open door, without gloves, masks, aprons, and more--I am parked right outside with other patients parked internally as well, in extreme pain and cannot speak well. This was second impact syndrome. Nurses and child resident ER doc refused to listen. Meanwhile, my brain is bleeding. I was refused standard care. I do not drink a drop, smoke, or use drugs--in fact, I rarely drink coffee. I was accused of drug use. I was exposed to bloodborne pathogens directly and airborne despite warning signs outside doors--which are apparently only good enough for employee safety--not patients! I begged to be transferred to Meriter by either ambulance or a cab. I was refused. I was told "can't you see we are busy here?" I was ignored. I was literally ignored by the entire staff while my brain was bleeding. You should all be ashamed. Shame on you! Someone from registration approaches and very loudly starts stating my personal medical information in front of other patients. I inform her in this moment, she is violating HIPPA, she refuses. I state I was just there, and have been there for almost every day, for the last six months receiving treatment from trauma, as I was injured in an accident, in which they cared for me (see second impact syndrome). She refused. Shared my patient info with other patients. Doctor then approaches, after hours, to woman at a cot parked next to me, starts discussing my patient record with a stranger. I called him over, stating "hey you walking HIPPA violation, over here." I was told I was probably dehydrated, and to watch the drug use. I went home and passed out for almost 12 hours, took cab to Meriter upon waking, to ER, Explained what happened at UW and gross medical malpractice and negligence. Immediately CT scanned, which UW REFUSED TO DO, KNOWING IT WAS SECOND IMPACT SYNDROME. Subdural Heamtoma, taken upstairs to acute care neuro ward for neuro surgery consult. So many laws violated here. Every ball was dropped. And here I am, sixth year in school, wanting to finish to work in anesthesiology,. NO way would I ever work here or go here as a patient. HOW can you NOT listen to a patient who you had seen EVERY DAY for six months who suffered getting CRUSHED and experienced TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY who kept begging you to do a CT scan? You are incompetent. You are guilty of medical malpractice. You are guilty of two negligent, intentional HIPPA violations. This is moving beyond this review. For anyone reading, action is being taken beyond this review, and this will remain here, and on other sites, until fines are levied and payments are made.

Family First

Excellent place to work. They have great benefits and treat us very well. Leadership is great and very helpful. I am proud to be a employee of U.W. Hospitals.

Martha Echeverria

We were sent to the ICU from Janesville. For my brother whom was in a major car accident. The ICU department staff were good, I'd say better than the good staff at Mercy. We witnessed a teacher student tiff. That was interesting. We then got tossed into a rabbit hole. Needless to say. If you come here, pray you only need to be seen on ONE floor, and in ONE room. Otherwise the miscommunication is EPIC. They literally don't even KNOW each other, the hospital is THAT big. They also get just as annoyed about it as you. And that's NOT a good thing. Thanks for the exhaustion, headache and madness. Hope we only need one service if ever we NEED this place again.

Bill Spevacek

We have used UW many times over the past five years and have received excellent treatment every time. Doctors and staff are best in Wisconsin in my opinion.Nobody loves going to a hospital, but if necessary, UW is the place to go.


Extremely Extremely busy. As much as people complain, it is one of the nations best and most educated hospitals. They encompass almost every health division and take on Wisconsin’s most complex, and extreme cases. New patients are definitely undermined, but it’s because of the volume and fact that a lot of people recieve life or death treatments here. That takes precedence over everyday illness and sometimes, behinds the scenes, strings are pulled so immediate healthcare is given where it is needed most. I was frustrated with the hospital for awhile like others. But you can be certain the doctors here are 100% commited to their ongoing patients; especially ones that have cronic, life altering, injuries or illness.

Andrew Foley

Great hospital

Vince Fanning

Glenn Woxland

I had a heart transplant in April, they did an excellent job, I’m doing well, the staff was so helpful and caring

Nick Pappas

One of the nicest and most comfortable health establishments I have been into.

Mary Beth Ruesch

Dr Baskaya and his team took the creature out of my head.

Penny Benzschawel

Excellent hospital. They have an amazing transplant clinic.

patricia achilli

Efficient and accmodating

bob kool

They detained me illegally and i was criminally assaulted by Jerome ebert.and the hospital will do everything to cover it up. But social services is now investigating. All the uw clinics are dirty as well covering up for the boys club Male doctors who discriminate against the women who work there....and they lie better than pinocchio..what a disgrace..we need women doctors not pigs in A white coat

David Yanda

I was on too much Percocet to remember my two nurses’ names, but they were super awesome and I hope they see this. Thank you so much, especially for finding my rod to take home lol.

Georgia Redd-Jackson

Parking sucks

Quis Sims

This place is decent but it's alot of stuff they can work on..I'm currently a patient here in the burn unit and they make me take my medicine so late it be all at different times I be waking up crabby

Lowell Homme

Great service for cancer center

Amy Hurt

They will only validate parking for the primary visitor for the patient and only once a day.

Robert Brewer

Great people and very clean

Mamadi Cisse

Jason S

Everyone is nice

Derp Apotomus

Very disturbing that security stopped a mom trying to get to her son in the ICU. They made her lift up her dress to get in. Wow does that sound like assult? They were male and commenting on her looks? Because a tall beautiful woman is threat? Was just asked to remove this by the mom do to the fact that she is now scared for her son. Did security threaten her? Police? Anyone help her?

Dianne Forst

Excellent surgeons, hospital care and staff. Going back for another surgery in 2 wks.

Grant Prestegard

Nursing staff is in disarray. Very difficult to reach patients by phone.

Jan Lindeman

Great care. Staff is very knowledgeable and despite a blood test that showed my husband had not had a heart attack the docs were sure he had and ordered another test which showed he had one which damaged the heart muscle.

Coretta Vanhook

This place is very professional.

Cathaoir Grant

Very professional and positive doctors.


They saved my baby from a coma or possibly worse. Excellent care from the doctors, nurses, staff, etc. If your baby has an emergency you need to come here. Thank goodness they are here because Meriter has been terrible.

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