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Charlotte Raab

If it weren't for the very few nice staff I met, I would give zero stars. Their infection rate is high, which after seeing how some people do things, I can see why. Management doesn't deal with bullying, they sweep it under the rug and hope that it will go away. I will definitely put them on my list of places NOT to have surgery.

Elmin Kurtovic

Total joke

Kristin Villeneuve

I have to take my daughter in for routine blood draws and rarely have a good experience here. The last 2 times they weren’t able to draw blood after poking her multiple times and the phlebotomist we had both times was unprofessional. My daughter is a toddler and no one from pediatrics would come to help. We did have one really good experience with a pair of phlebotomists- but I was told I cannot schedule with them specifically. I will be going to Neenah from now on.

Rebecca Verkuilen

The PA and Doctor who cared for me were excellent, caring, couldn't have asked for better care, however except for one Angel who made me actually feel like a human being , the nursing staff was Horrific, condescending, ... the "person" who gave me my final instructions was beyond rude... I understand the Nursing profession is a CALLING, it takes a very special person to be a good care giver, I have met MANY, but my experience Sat/Sunday December 16, 17 will for ever remain in my memory... The treatment I received was actually life changing... I have a whole new understanding of the plight of the elderly, helpless people who have no voice... DO BETTER... or find a different profession... REBECCA VERKUILEN

StraightJacket Hooligan

The ER is useless my son has a gash above his eye and has been here 3 hours and nothing is getting done except them putting a numbing cream on it! USELESS!!!!

Dillon Hetzer

Horrible service... told them I was allergic to penicillin and they tried giving me amoxicillin... 30 mins on the phone the nurses are lazy and ignorant


I took my 80+ year old friend here multiple times for pains, cough, and being lethargic. They determined she was constipated and she had the flu. They gave her no prescriptions and sent her home twice within a couple days. If I had not taken her to another ER she would have died that night!!! Their rooms lack technology, look like HSU in prisons, and they do not do an all over body scan for any other ailments. My friend had the flu, pneumonia, was constipated, and St Elizabeth's immediately began treating her no questions asked. They did not care we were not Catholic. Go to St Elizabeth's always in Appleton. Stay away from Thedacare ER. Please note this review should not be affiliated with any of Thedacare clinics as they do a good job.


Brought a family member into the ER after a week of on and off stomach pains, high fever, and headaches. After taking forever and a day to run multiple tests and finding nothing wrong, they just gave him headache medicine and discharged him. He was back in the ER in Green Bay just a few days later where they actually made an effort to find an answer and a solution. Turns out it was an infection from a tick, so kudos to AMC for just caring about the money and not the patient. Aurora in Green Bay has a phenomenal staff (and cafeteria) and they made sure they found out what was wrong before they made a diagnosis and could start the proper treatment. With the proper treatment, although he was in the hospital for a few days, he’s well and will continue to improve. Thanks Aurora!

Mike Radl

ThedaCare catches a lot of heat lately...I think mainly bc of mismanaging and decisions made by the big wigs...but we had the BEST experience one could have in the ER ...kid split his chin open. Dr Walsh and staff were excellent! In and out in an hour!

Sunny K

While I realize it's common practice to speak about the 'bad' in terms of healthcare, I also realize it's important to pay recognition to the medical profession. My mom recently passed in the ICU. Up until that point, I found the nurses, care managers, and Chaplains all to be informative and comforting. They checked on my dad regularly and provided support. One of the doctor's was a bit abrasive, but everyone else was great.

Nikki Rohde

Amber Anderson

Lisa jarman

I was there for heart issues. All staff from Dr.s to CNA's were Great.

Keith Meier

I took a box of hundreds (possibly a thousand) of half used, half unused sharps (from a renter who bugged out) to the drop off location at AMC/ThedaCare, on Meade St. The nurse on duty (in emergency room) told me they all have to be in a red sharps container or they wont take them. I told her I will just throw them in the garbage then. She responded with something like, Do what you have to do. VERY SAD. I took them to St. Elizabeths ER and the receptionist thanked me for bringing them in, took the whole box, thanked me again, and wished me a happy day! Thank You St. E's. Boo to you AMC/ThedaCare.

T_tlyy Thao

I asked the nurses questions and wanted some answers they said wait as they ask the doctor. However it’s been hours passed and never reach back to us as we waited. I asked a nurse for a wheelchair and she responded “okay” and as we carried out our family member she never came with a wheelchair, all the nurses and doctor just stood there and looked at us as some still chit chatting. The doctor sat at his desk and ask if we need a wheelchair. OBVIOUSLY DONT YOU SEE THAT WERE STRUGGLING?! We sat the patient down, as we about to take off and leave the nurses giggled at us as the doctor helped us adjusted our family member to sit on the wheelchair. How rude is that they giggled at us and did not seem to even care how we’re doing, but just chatting with each other and minding their business? I never wanted to return to this place.

Deb Timm

ER visit for my son's 2nd-3rd degree burned hand and feet was devastating. He was in excruciating pain and was left to sit 45 minutes while others that looked minor were given care. I asked staff for more ice as we were left along waiting in the ER room but she never returned. Finally I saw another staff person walking down the hall and again pleaded for help as his pain was unbelievable. Don't they prioritize patient needs? We were told that they were busy as patients from another hospital were being routed to Memorial. Once the nurses and nurse practitioner started treatment conditions improved. They were empathetic and professional in their care. We will not be returning to Memorial ER as they lacked the urgent care that was needed.

Sharrie Jensen

My family received a call from the hospital our brother was in the ICU. We did not even know he was I'll. We are from the Milwaukee area. We all went up there. It was 4 days of stress before he passed away. Every staff member we encountered was absolutly fabulous. They knew their job. They helped more than words could say. Every d er pt was wonderful. From the door people to the Doctors. I am a retired nurse. Never have I encountered such well trained knowledgeable staff. If I were not retired I would move to Appleton to work in this facility. Our family is beyond grateful to all of the staff. You made a rough time slit easier. Thank you.

BJ Fox

My family has always had good experiences here. The doctors and nurses were always patient and friendly to our children. My son cut his head open years ago and he was terrified. I can't remember the doctor's name but he calmed my son down and talked to my son throughout the procedure. My son didn't even realize the procedure was finished.

Sol Rosenberg

Kris Treml

My 40 week pregnant daughter in law has been scheduled twice to have an induction. The first time they cancelled 4 hours prior to her scheduled time to report to the hospital. The second time she was scheduled they called her 30 minutes prior to her appointment to cancel. They were already on their way to the hospital. How is this acceptable??? Once ok, but twice??? They have 2 other small children to arrange care for, work schedules they had to rearrange. The answer they recieves from the head of the department is "Well we have more urgent cases and do not have room for you" What happens if she goes into labor on her own?? Will there be room then?? It was a scheduled appointment!!! How do you not have enough staff or room??? There website states how wonderful and helpful they will be with expectant Mothers, help with a birth plan, ect. Nothing further from the truth with this department. Think twice when dealing with this hospital for the birth of your child. You deserve better!!

Jane Foreman

Dr hunter is awesome a great doctor I haven't had a doctor like him in awhile so nice and caring and talks to me not at me and very knowledgeable

Marcus Duchow

They're con-artists, always trying to extort more money from you.

Kelsey Snethen

i was in the er for stomach pains the doctor was the rudest man ever, half way through my time there it was shift change and the doctor that took over was GREAT.

Shalene Schmitt

Matt Hoffman

First rate care I

Bsgbug 28

My grandfathers there now. And I’ve only visited him a few times but just the few times I’ve been there I’ve seen awful things, they have no answers to what happened to him, wanted to discharge him even though he’s not making his own blood, and heart rate is being weird. One nurse came in and gave him a blood thinner injection. He said they had been giving it to him since he’s been there and my grandma whose been by his side since he got there said no you haven’t. They said oh maybe we are thinking of the wrong patient. Like should you not be checking and figuring out if your with correct patient?

Courtney Thor

This place is horrible. My Dad is in the ICU right now. Ive been there every single day/night for the past 2 to 3 weeks and half the time theres no nurse watching him or no one to really update us on whats going on with him. Some nurse there eye rolled at us because there were so many of us there in the waiting room the first few days. Its not our fault we are concerned. She was so rude and passive aggressive and I wish I got her name. A lot of the nurses could do better. Would not recommend.

Jada Morgan

Only certain doctor's are very nice as well as some nurses. I don't recommend this hospital at all. Dr. Walsh is very rude to his patients and doesn't care about their needs. I myself experienced that with him as well.

Tiffany Links

Synthia Moua

The outpatient lab is horrible. I brought my 7 wk old baby in to have blood drawn which they were able to do the first time. She needed a urine done which they said I can collect at home so I brought the kit with me. The phlebotomist said "if you need another urine bag come in and we'll give you another one" I went back in and no one would give me one. I needed our doctor to call. I brought my daughter back a couple weeks later for another draw and the phlebotomist told me that they don't specialize in drawing babies so she told me to go to children's. 1st off if they don't do blood work on newborns they should have told us the first time. It was a waste of my time.

Jeffrey Murphy

Ron Starry

My husband went into the emergency room Oct 29, 2018 with stroke. The girl did not know how to use the machines. She had a book with all kinds of pictures and instructons. Nick was trying to get medication from the pharmacy and it was taking a long time. He kept calling to see if he should go pick it up or if they are going to send it up. He called them multiple times. I Don't know what was taking so long. Time was wasting. Not good. The girl using the instruction booklet to use the machines was very disturbing when treating a sroke.

David Peterson

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