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This Hospital corresponds to the category of Emergency room.

Where is SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Room?

REVIEWS OF SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Room IN Wisconsin

Mark Degarmo

Savage USAF Scott

Took care of my loved ones needs so we could go back home.

Michael Krumwiede

I was here on 10/19/17 and it was the best care I have ever had from an ER before. I was only in the waiting room for a couple of minutes (which in itself is a miracle for ER departments) and the staff were so friendly and caring. I would HIGHLY recommend this ER department and it will be my 1st choice going forward.

Lynn Bever

Professional Receptionist, Doctors, Nurses & Ultrasound Tech. Hot male nurse too!

Ashley Warwick

Very good care. Responsive and kind team. Very happy a f satisfied with the care I received.

Kara Wade

I came to the St. Mary's Hospital by medical team due to a private issues & I had also lost my mom September 7th, 2013. NEXT, WAS SO IMAGINABLE ON WHAT HAPPENED TO MYSELF.... I got orders to be kicked out by the F-ing ambulance & the nurse due to no rooms available. They NEEDEd to have my to this patient that came by ambulance, I was shocked, NEVER go to St. Mary's E.R. unless you have a serious issue.I was discharged within 5 minutes.. That's st. Mary's for you...

mary wille

I had recent testing done here..They give u steroids before ct's,mri;etc,,to reduce swelling BEFORE a x-ray is done,,SO THEY CAN prove a normal,,even if they have to lie to do so.Also as justification for opiatephobia,,,as per Dr.Government/kolodyn/their malpractice insurer,, New torture /genocide experiment for all who have cpp or intractable chronic pain..Also a surgeoun refused to do thee proper test,,ie laparscope,,to take a look at my insides w/his own eyes,,seeing as though all medical testing done 48 hours before surgery did not show 90 % of all that was wrong w/my insides,, ,,testing before surgery missed,,,calcified organ,,missed 95 % of the gallbladder stones,,A ct w/contrast missed all of it,,,missed pancreatits,,missed cacified organ,,missed ,''gallbladder that looked like a dam gravel pit,,All testing missed,,,''badly beaten up organs''...Anotherwards folks,,and pain management folks,this hospitals doctors/surgeon will lie,,will not do proper tests to find the true cause of your physical pain even though the surgeon saw w/his own eyes,,during surgery,part of the cause,but ,refused to go back in,,thus forcing me to live the rest of my life in physical pain.As mentioned early will do testing w/steroids,,to prove,,''normal,'' on medical records,to ,''look good' on paper,,Why I never get weighed,,or 1 ekg ever done and why no laparscope will ever be done there..For my case would spit in the face of their Evidence Base Medicine cost cutting ideology,ie lack of access to effective care to all with ,''chronic,'' conditions to save $$$,,Basically putting a price tag on your life,,human life,,,which E,B,M,,is all about,,MONEY!!!NOT ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE MEDICAL CARE!!!!!which St.Marys has now switched to,and why they USE to be humane,,but no longer are,with their switch to ,E.B.M.,,EBM,IS ABOUT SAVING MONEY,,,NOT.,,,HUMANITY OR HUMAN LIFE,Which is why all 4 international human rights high commissioners have deemed EBM.forced endurement of physical pain via denial of access to effective medicines/medical care ,,torture,,So I wouldn't be sooo proud of your EBM ''SAINT MARY,'',,maryw,

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