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REVIEWS OF Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Zablocki) IN Wisconsin

Larry Coldiron

VA medicine gets lots of bad press. I've had only good experiences here with both my regular physician and the specialty clinics. VA took me through cancer treatments and has continued with follow up care both here and in North Carolina.

Tony Alonso

For 20 years I have been treated from some employees with respect but always n anyplace always some employees show they principal like treat you no respect or no interest like others employees treat you like human beings respect work with you condition 100% to get better service I went true both side remember Wes Veteran some went to academy to learn the body toking or expression ( sample ) your eyes move , mouth , the face talk you can see ? a been true so many because I’m white and the last name Spanish the person was looking for me to take me to the doctor just open the door looking inside assume I was not there so no show but the secretary look same we others patients but I stand to walking to the secretary he call the answer he was not in the waiting area the gentleman is the secretary say no he is Rigth here with wife and I’m a present and see the person just look don’t call the name at least at the other side I have A+ doctor, nurse’s , one supervisor nurse ask me what happens to me I say ask your nurse I say is not but she say who’s the nurse ok . Thank you have a nice day

Marilyn Schultz

My brother received his medical care here for several years. About three months ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I accompanied him to all of his appointments at the VA and spent many days and nights with him while he was in the hospital and on the Palliative Care/Hospice floor. I can't say enough about the excellent care he received. All of the staff was excellent, going above and beyond the expected. Their kindness and compassion as he approached the end of his life was most appreciated by our family. Special thanks to Dianna!!

BrokenWings8613 .

Administrative staff (non nurses and docs) are universally unfriendly and unhelpful. The pharmacy screws up prescriptions more then they get it right, and there is little to no recourse for resolution.

Penny Compton

Marzsanea Monroe

I went tonsee my uncle because he had surgery the receptionist was rude when he came to his room it took them a long time to tell us we could go back there this place is just disrespectful.

Steven Sturdevant

The wait was ridiculously long. At 8 at night, it shouldn't take over 3 hours to even be seen by a doctor, and yet he we wait. The VA is the worst place I've ever been in.

Gary Pichler

Very poor service for Veterans, Doctors and Nurses do not know how to give proper care, do not order proper care, cause unnecessary pain, cause you to need more treatment after test, make you wait years to get compensation for injuries received when serving your country, I've been waiting for 37 years to be helped, even a congressman can not help, now I have a Senator helping, maybe I will get some help before they Kill me.

Kurt Prinz

Andy H

Claim denied by the same doctors since 2012, they keep making me see the same doctors even though private doctors diagnose something different. I had to go to Mayo Clinic to get treated because these guys are all paid off. I just wonder how many other vets end up dying because of these idiots.

Hector Brito

Wonderful change from 17 years ago! The attitude and staff members of the Milwaukee VA have treated me so well it's like another place.

Jackie Cox

the V A hospital saved my life, where other hospitals lack resources to do the same, They are the best of he best. Selfless people serving america

Brittany T

C Mc

I think that vets get some of the best treatment as they should !

Kathleen DuVal

I taken my Dad to the Milwsukee VA many times inpatient and outpatient.99% of the staff are were,are above and beyond kind and helpful.Ive also had numerous visits to VA clinics and hospitals from Portland St.Petersburg Fl.From the security at to door all the way through the hospital Ive found kind caring people.I am not a Vet,however ny Father ,sister and Brother are. Workers get tired so if someome seems a.liitle off that day I find showing them some kindness often workers work hard ,its always good to let them know appreciate them.

Thomas Peters

I was really considering going to a civilian doctor and just footing my own bill to get the treatment, I needed. I was not happy at all about how veterans were treated by the staff at my last several VA hispitals. Then after I started working part time, a young soldier came by my work, this soldier convinced me to give my new VA hospital a chance. See i recently moved to Wisconsin, and was debating on even visiting anither VA hospitalh until that young soldier told me about Milwaukee VA Meducal Center. I made an appointment and went. I have to say, the treatment from my primary care and my psychologist were were the best treatment I've ever received from a VA hospital, since my retirement in 2007. Not only did the doctors go the extra mile, but they they seemed to become personally involved, to actually care about my healthcare . Other VA hospitals should follow suit that the Milwaukee VA Medical center leads by. The standards were just way above any other. Thank you for your support, nit just for me, but for other soldiers.

A.C. Helios

Miserable, demoralizing experience. From the condescending, unhelpful male "nurse" (David?) to the complacent doctor, it was a waste of time at best and the most terrible care at worst. All one must do is listen to some of the patients present at any time. Avoid if at all possible. They don't care and don't have to.

Alberto Ocanas

Leanne Martens

Oh Andy Anderson

Love this place!!! Everyone here is always nice and helpful. I always know I'm in good hands every time I visit. Nurse Mary Swan in the red clinic is the best and so is Chris in physical therapy.

George Gilles

Kris Mitchell

Don't get reeled in by the positive reviews. I don't know what they're smoking. The Madison VA is significantly better. I only started having problems when I moved to Milwaukee. There are nice people here, but who cares if they're nice if they neglect your care, make it hard to get medications, cancel appointments at the last minute, and have excessive wait times. That kindness is condescending when there is nothing to back it up. I'm so sick of leaving voicemails for my Doctor's nurse that never get returned. I'm trying to get medication refills that I need to stay alive. Further, I'm sick of having untreated health issues ignored by my PC Doctor that Madison VA used to regularly treat me for. It's chronic sinusitis not cancer. Why ignore such basic care? I've been suffering with a sinus infection with yellow discharge for 6 months. They saw that my nasal passages were inflamed, commented on it, and ignored it.

Lonnie Loftus

Jane Burch


I have had fantastic Doctors, great nurses and the everyone says hi with a smile!

Jessica Repati

Mrs.Tiffany Kallio

Horrible. My heart goes out to the the VETERANS that are stuck in that broken system. I will continue to pray for these men and women, and that one day they will get the treatment they deserve.

Jean M Smith

Out of necessity, We're here about twice a month. I love how each department I frequent knows me by name,asks how my family is doing,etc. Most everyone is so kind&sincere,it makes a visit to a hospital feel GOOD,haha!

David Karr

My experience with this VA goes to the 1970s, The present day of helping vets with their health care is ,for me, a life saver. I have been treated with respect from my health professionals. I think we're one of the best in the country.

Jeremy Harlow

Katie Wiedenbeck

Veteran's taking care of Veterans!! Great Care, Great People, Great Place!!

Becky Buda

Shane Hibben

Ian Hjertaas


Tom Cozzens

Best health care I've had in my life. Everyone genuinely cares and wants to help.

Lawrence Williams

Fast and courteous

Joseph Pilon

As a retired orthopaedist, I have been on both the private and the government side of health care. The care and attention I received at the VA centers is even more caring than can be found on the private side, I am sorry to say. The VA has their stuff coordiated whereas the private side keeps shooting themselves in the foot with their artificial competition.

Jenny Biggs

Don't get caught up in the positive reviews. It is a terrible place to work with many disgruntled employees. There's a mix of good medicine and bad medicine here. There's definitely some irresponsible nurses and doctors that are way too loose with how they prescribe. If you speak up, they just ignore it or label you as a problem employee. Feels like there is little you can do when you witness bad care. Don't be shy to seek 2nd opinions if you have private insurance!!

jay s

Top notch healthcare. NP Mancuso , my primary care provider, is a thoughtful, methodical, and just an overall terrific doc!! I spent 50 days in the DOM 123, and the whole experience brought me to my knees for thanks , grace and a deep respect for the commitment the healthcare professionals have to their respective fields. This IS a great facility in a great country!!

Amanda Doxtator

I have had all positive experiences with my care providers here. On multiple occasions, they have gone above and beyond to make sure I received great care. I particularly want to thank Erin in Pharmacy for making multiple calls to my doctor and community care pharmacy to solve an issue with my medications. She was compassionate and prompt. She relieved an enormous amount of stress for me. I’m very grateful for the people at the Milwaukee VA.

Jaime Fields

I used to give the VA 2 stars for the following reasons: It was nearly impossible to park anywhere, literally, unless you used the valet service. I used to drive around for quite a while before finally snagging a spot somewhere. Unfortunately there is always a long line for valet... the parking structure has solved that issue thankfully. Also, the VA didnt have a PTSD program for women back in 2012 when I needed it... all they had to offer for women was a drug and alcohol program. I got put through that program because it was all they had to offer, even though I've never had an issue with drugs or alcohol. It was a very poor substitute for the PTSD treatment I needed, but it was the best they had to offer for women. Of course if I was a man, the treatment would have been available for me. Totally unfair, but at least the VA finally got with the times. Luckily, I have always gotten treated very well by the staff and I have always received good medical care. The staff is helpful and respectful of my needs as a combat veteran, which I appreciate more than words can say. The only complaint I have is that the entrance is where smokers congregate, which makes it very difficult for those of us with severe asthma to get through. I always feel as if I am walking through the gauntlet anytime I come through the main entrance. Smokers should smoke away from the entrances and heavy foot traffic areas, especially at hospitals.

Jennifer Wachholtz

Todd Rondone

I hear a lot of negative things about the V.A., but I had my port out today and from scheduling to Lab work to surgery they were attentive and helpful with the detail given to explaining everything, they were above stellar in their attention and professionalism. My thanks to all there.

Arlene Becker

excellent care and respect for every veteran...thank you everyone for caring for my husband


The medical staff treat you with respect and dignity that everyone deserves. Inside the VA exists every clinic you can think of: Primary Care, Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Psychiatry, Cardiac Care, Geriatrics, Hepatology, Neurology, Neuro-Surgery, Neuro-Psychiatry, Blood Draw, Addiction Therapy, a variety of therapies for general and combat related issues. VA Police are also very helpful and curtious; when/if there's an issue they address it swiftly.

Tonya Smith

Adam Lehmann

I had to go to the ER at the Milwaukee VAMC. The care I was provided was great.


My husband had surgery for colon cancer, they saved his life, and so far he is fine after almost 4 yrs. No problems. Doctors, nurses very good, caring. I am however appalled to hear that your hospital is doing research on puppies & other dogs, it was my understanding that is not done any more as they can see inside your body from all angles with special equipment. so why are you taking innocent animals and cutting into them, poisoning them etc. the guy on tv says they do not feel pain. I do not believe that. ?????????how can they not. i believe also they know when somebody is going to do something to them and are very scared. case in point. even though it does not hurt really, my dog refuses to get out of car at place that trims her nails. I cant imagine the puppies terror knowing something bad, very painful and most likely will kill him feels.Please stop doing research with live animals. They have no voice, and they deserve to have a loving home another thing is dogs and people are not the same, so what is the point.. I know this may sound weird, but what if you have a human patient who is not responding to any drugs, surgery or other treatments and will die soon if not treated right. such a person may be a good candidate to do experimentation on. he should be counseled on everthing that could possibly go wrong, family too. and there is a possibility of a cure. at least a person is capable of making such a decision, it could also be written in an advance medical directive. using computer tech. would be best. Dogs are one of man''s best friends, I don't know how anyone can sleep at night who does that to a dog. with modern technology there is no good reason or excuse for live animal experiments. please stop it. thanks pat

Levi Haynes

I can't give a rating high enough to accurately reflect my experiences here. I transferred from the Illinois/Indiana system, and the difference is night and day. The focus here is actually helping the patient to be well, rather than just making them good enough to stop complaining so they can be cleared from a list. It took me a year of fighting with the Illiana system to finally get my scripts correct and actually being handled. The MKE office had me scheduled for an appointment, in, out, scripts filled and appointments made with the specialists I needed inside of 2 weeks. The clinical staff in the ER/Urgent care is beyond amazing. The normal clinic staff are wonderful. The difference I have experienced since transferring completely blows my mind. The only downside is that if you are picking up a script in the pharmacy, then you are in for a good wait. Considering the number of scripts they fill every day, though, I think that's forgivable. Plus, that you have the option of same day pick-up beats having to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Krista Rose

Hospital with numerous service for veterans only.

Josh Makovsky

Evelyn Chaffardet

Any day or anytime I call.... guess what leave a message and we will get back to you!

Paul Wetzel


Christopher McCain

Being a veteran they take care of you!

Gary Zabel

Excellent Care

Cindie Winquist

My brother, a veteran, needed medical help, so I brought him here. From scheduling of appointments to the enormous amount of dignity and respect given to the patients in encounters on every level, Zablocki is top-notch.

Erik Thomas

Greatest care anywhere

I Mm

Wow! I had a wonderful experience at the VA today. The parking structure is great, I was seen quickly, and last but not least my stop at the Starbucks in the hospital was icing on the cake!! I appreciate the great upgrades. Please keep up the great work - I felt appreciated as a Veteran today.

Samuel Yates

This place is awesome

Michael Dixon

I am treated with highest degree of dedication and professionalism when I go to the Zablocki VA. I have done addiction treatment and mental health therapy. Both were great healing experiences. Plus, it has a Starbucks in it!!

Kim Simmelink

I dreaded going knowing how busy it is and could only imagine how the staff would be considering the pressure they were under. My wife and I both came away awestruck with the care, the friendliness, and the helpfulness of all of the people we came in contact with at the Medical Center. Makes me wonder why I avoided going here in the past.

Shawn S.

I am having really bad issues, i am being seen in two clinics. My primary clinic, the Red Clinic doesn't want to listen, nor do they seem to care. I feel like a guinea pig for my nurse practitioners enjoyment. I asked to be switched off of a diabetes medicine, since it was found to be giving me GI issues, instead of switching me off of it like i asked they just switched me to a different form of the same medication. I complained to a patient's advocate and was told that nothing could be done until I tried this form out. Long story short, I have had the worst night in forever! The medicine didn't work, I had the GI problems. My blood sugar spiked to over 200. I called the late night nurse and couldn't get them to call me back until 4 in the morning. Then she tried to say i might have stomach flu? Really? Someone could die before they get the necessary treatment here!

Ken George

Alexander Humphery


Frederick Webber

They do the best they can with what they have. I've been treated very well every time I go there

Tom McEiver

I have experienced medical care outside of the V A .... It appears to me that the government is trying to put 20 pounds of need in a 10 pound bag. VA Medical benifits are prepaid medical insurances...They are benifits based on Services previously performed... They are not a handout...And, should be comparable to any of the other higher quality services available in the country we served... The VA needs to fight for veterans rights, not administer and limit Veterans care. MANY VETERANS, I've talked to, hold other insurances because the care they require cannot be given or the wait is to long for the treatment they need, etc. Why should a veteran need to travel vast distances to be treated, when there are many facilities available where they live....Its the cost !!! Experimental and Student "only" sevices are not the norm for medical treatments in OUR country... The VA needs, Our prayers, the guidance from the Holy Spirit, and to stand up for, represent, and be the voice of the 23,000,000 voters and veterans in our country...NOT DO, WHAT THEY ARE TOLD...don't forget to thumbs up if you like the review

Darrell Austin

Clean, easy parking , secure safe , I had to ask for directions from several staff members including a familiar face from the leadership , all were extremely busy but took time to be kind. TY. The specialty department was efficient with my time and THE NURSE PRACTITIONER was pleasant and exstreamly knowledgeable of my interests. Took time to explain and discuss all that was in the referral. 5 star appointment . The office administrative support was clear with instruction and quick in responce. As I found my way to my appointment I noticed every department was orderly and waiting areas were clean and comfortable with staff working together showing professional courtesy to each other with respect to the patients . A busy tight metropolitan area full of orderly chaos. Exits clearly marked on roads and parking was marked, almost as well. The phone systems audio fidelity is horrible.

Keri Sabol

Its the most amazing facility for treatment of substance abuse ever.

Ava Rose

Mike Waters

Went on a work day for Urgent care for my heel and waited over 2 hrs to be seen.

Barry Holmes

The doctors I have had were good, however dealing with the travel pay office and the patient advocate office is horrible and the director does 't care that one office [travel pay] is producing a poor image of there facility to Veterans and the public

Bob Widor

Excellent care

Morgynn Venters

I was hospitalized with salmonella this year and the staff took great care of me. Even the guy who came to clean my room and the nurses who came from the lab were all wonderful and nice and I felt well taken care of. Even when I took my boyfriend to their urgent care the staff was awesome.... They are not getting 5 stars because wait times for appointments, especially the ER and Urgent Care, is ridiculous. When I went to the ER (same salmonella incident) I checked in at 11 and didn't get my vitals done until 2 and then at 2:30 I was sent back to wait another 20 minutes for a nurse/doctor to examine me. And the next day when I came back and was checked in at 9 am, to be admitted I didn't get a room until after dinner time. So wait times are ridiculous. But everything else is great.

Mark Horvatich

They are so great with the families.

mike schmidt

A Special Thank You to all the great Doctors. However, the Pharmacy is the cause for my 3 stars. They do as they please, when they please. The Doctors give fill orders and then you have to hope the Pharmacy will agree and actually give you your DOCTOR PERSCRIBED medications. In much need of a reality check in the Pharmacy.

Tom Farvour

Great service from top to bottom from the medical staff. Many patients around giving VA a bad name that should not even be there just trying to get something they do not deserve, when they don't get it they badmouth the place. My biggest complaint certain groups of VA employees milling around on the first floor meeting and greeting one another in the halls or in the cafeteria like it was a family reunion blocking the flow of foot traffic. Shouldn't they be working?

Corban Backstrand

Carl Geller

Nicholas Raabe

If I could give this place zero stars if not negative I would def! I have never received care, but during the past six months of observing and witnessing firsthand what this place can do to an individual, its scary. Misdiganosis, unwilling to help individuals, and turning away people who need immediate care. I would never wish for anyone to go there, even my worse enemy! This place needs to be put into the same category as MIlwaukee's Mental Health Complex. Neglect and negligence are key descriptors of this place!


The respect given to veterans at this hospital, as well as the overall medical care, given to veterans is without parallel. I highly recommend this hospital to any and all veterans, as care like this cannot be found anywhere in the vicinity.

Michael G

The VA center works hard for the VETS here. From valet parking, to getting you in on time 95+% of the time in my experience. The doctors, nurses and all staff are friendly and caring at all times. VA has been and continues to be of value to myself and wife with respect to all our healthcare needs.

Judith Momon

I love the mission!

Cor Neg

I have never had any issue and I have been using this VA for 4 years.

Richard Darrington

Beautiful grounds

Gary Bump

Patrick Clark

Nice facility, friendly staff, needs a P.O.W. table in the dining area.

Julia Stockheimer

this place kept my grandpa alive for so long I can't thank them enough

roofing RLC 100%


I tried to sign in to va hospital to get my medical records it's a long process.i submit all my information you clean my social security number my address my name took a while but I finally got in. But then when I try to access just later on tell me my password what's invalid so I just gave up the hell with it


It's a good place if you can get in, they're overwhelmed with patients and not enough staff. Some of the appointments are many months out. Everyone I've met there is friendly and professional, they just need more funding and staff.

Allen Murphy

Dominic Vinson

Sonia Perich

I wouldn't drag a dead animal in there

Raymond Thomas

Outstanding service and care.

Anthony Vottero

Great place great treatment!!!!

Mark Menzel

They have saved my dads life three times.

Ken Ivey

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Been a patient since this time last year and am very grateful for the caring doctors, nurses and staff. This is now the standard by which I’ll measure healthcare facilities.

Robert D Smith Sr

Awesome site, very helpful.

Renaldo Garrett

Great Hospital. Just dont eat in the canteen, the food is about as bad as the peoples attitudes. Worked in the kitchen there, was by far the worst place I've ever worked.

Todd Rickey

Rick Carey

I can't say they helped me alot. I am moving so I don't have to take their pain pills. Not this VA fault. There is good and bad like everyplace else. More good at this one. The backlog is killing us though they keep pushing painpills to forestall surgery. I am moving off grid and will be able to have control myself if they don't cancel Choice...

Joeytherockstar !

I just saw a news story about how the VA is hiring nurses and how they are looking for the best of the best. 20 years ago my dad had surgery there and spent 8 weeks in ICU. Working in the medical field, I worried about the care he would receive. I could not possibly have been more impressed with the nursing staff. It went way beyond the medical care he received, to the empathy shown to my mother. They could not have been more caring!

Lisa Flores

I would like to thank the staff, nurses, doctors, etc. For the EXCELLENT CARE that they provided for my husband....Frank Flores, he died on 12/21/17 @9:05 pm. My husband was in and out from there for many, many years. Every time that he came in, they gave him quality and excellent service. He was a Viet Nam Vet with many problems, PTSD, NIGHTMARES, and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS were very gentle and kind because he could be quite a bully. In his last days of life, he was put on the eight floor, the heroes corner. I can't say enough words about the care he got, they called me at every step that they had to do. The staff is so considerate and so very dedicated in what they have to do. After he died they asked my son and me to step out the room as they prepared him for something called the final salute. They came out of the room with a flag over his body and a song playing, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. everyone stood with their hand over their hearts and saluting my husband, I cried so hard. The Zablocki VA is the best. I get VERY, VERY ANGRY when people criticize the care they get. Well let me tell you just this::: YOU ALL ARE GROWN PEOPLE AND IF YOU CAN'T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON YOUR MEDICATIONS WHEN THE VA CANNOT BE FOLLOWING YOU AROUND TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE TAKING THE RIGHT DOSAGE AND AT THE RIGHT TIME. DON'T BLAME THE VA IF YOU SCREW UP. I REALLY TRULY HATE WHEN PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR ZABLOCKI VA. GROW UP PEOPLE IS ALL I CAN SAY. GOD BLESS THE STAFF AT THE VA AND GOD BLESS AMERICA

Joshua Pearson

The wait times for urgent care are ridiculous. 6 hours in the waiting room? No thanks. The rest of this hospital is great but if you need to be seen in a timely manner don't bother coming here.

Randy Hestekin

Good service Walk ins welcome in all clinics

timothy O'keefe

Gloria Williams

Very professional


I am a retiree and signed up at the Milwaukee VA in 2008. The Milwaukee VA center will go out of their way for you. I have the utmost respect for the professionals who work so hard for so little appreciation. This past year or so, I've noticed that the main hospital is beginning to look like a homeless shelter. Perhaps VA should strictly enforce the priority system and let the chips fall where they may. I question the authenticity of the many "patients " I've seen hanging around bumming cigarettes. The professionals and volunteers are top notch in my book!

Kevin Moutry

Awesome hospital

Gabriel Galloway

Zach Otto

Maureen Young

Clean, No ordors.

Chris Bramm

Saved my life twice !

Paul Freitag

Well, tonight is my last night at in patient therapy. I can't thank enough all of the staff here at the Spinal Cord Injury Center at the Milwaukee VA. Literally EVERYONE here has been wonderful. Such committed, dedicated, and caring people. They have helped me get my legs underneath me and on the road to recovery. I still have a long road ahead of me regaining my strength and balance and nerve function, but I leave much better than before surgery. Thank you ALL so very much! You are truly difference makers in people's lives.

Stephanie Holtz

I once talked to my husbands doctor about how he was abusing his pain medications, later after his next visit I was told by my husband his doctor told him how I was contacting his doctor and told to "mind my own Fu_king business" Now he's gone and I've a sick memory of how your VA really cares. Run away fast from these medical hacks.

Zack H

Richard J K

I have always been treated with respect.

jimmie lindsey

Kevin Fields

I haven't had any problems and I don't think I will so that's good enough for me.

Robert Urban

I have had no problems with this VA center , alot of people say how bad their VA center is in their state and all I can do is

Ryan C

The people are nice enough and try to help. However they often dont know what they are talking about, give you inaccurate information, send you to wrong departments in person and over the phone. Usually have to call 3 or 4 times to get to the right place. No one ever answers the phone, always have to leave a voicemail. Navigating the web of bureaucracy is stressful. However I have never been treated badly, everyone at least seems to try to help.

Ben B

I’d give it five stars but let’s be honest, no one wants to go to the VA no matter what

John Hill

Staff is always pleasant and helpful. It is always very busy especially the pharmacy. Need for a system of immediate review after your visit while it's still fresh and feedback on how it is being looked at and corrected

Lance Bursch

Every time I've brought my Pops there, they have taken great care of him. I think the Veterans hospitals in the central part of the United States are a lot better than the east coast and west coast. I've been on the east coast, but heard of most states from other Veterans. Hooah! ! !

Jason R

I've been going for routine check ups and a few other services. I'm almost never disappointed, feel that I'm not listened to, or cannot find someone to help. I've been to the VA at Jesse Brown, Hines, Peoria, Danville, Washington DC, and Fort Belvoir. Milwaukee is the best in my personal opinion.

Jenifer Adams

Great service and help when needed. The pharmacy is ONLY 24/7 for Emergency patients. All normal prescription pickups are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

richard barth

Alex Cruz

Terrible, I called in to ask some questions, they redirected 4 times then they put on hold. I waited on hold for over an hour and nobody picked up. There needs to be better care for our veterans.....

Steve Schultz

I no longer have to wonder why more soldiers/veterans die of suicide and not combat. Your “doctors” suck. Obvious cash grab. I don’t have anything nice to say about the VA or it’s staff. It’s all terrible.

Tracy Smith

We were just exploring and wanted to see if we would be allowed in the building. We weren't so we just explored the grounds and a nearby cemetery.

Chris Meyers

I got there at 0700 didnt get seen until 1100 and then was diagnosed with pneumonia and then had to wait another 3 hours for meds.

Mr G

It's the VA in a busy metropolitan area what else can you say. They do the best they can but there will always be problems. Treat them kindly with respect and they will do the same in return. Haven't had a problem yet...knock on wood.

Kenneth Roberts

Veterans are taken care of

Justin Claus

Robert Brown

ThatGuy 1420

Excessive wait times for everything appointment related...

Jack Kuczynsky

Frank Sterzen

I've found the staff and care at this facility to be excellent. Scheduling is the only component that is in need of improvement.

Donald Buckland

Excellent care and great service from caring professionals.

Su Brotz

I receive all my care at the VA. My PMD is fantastic. I had been in a MVA on April 5th and spent the entire summer watching weeds grow. She saw me three times over the summer to make sure that I was getting the care that I needed from the other departments. When she said she would do something she is very quick and gets it done. Most of the other departments are also great. I had to have no weight bearing on my right leg for 10 weeks but wanted to be able to walk my son down the aisle. Even before the accident this was a tall order since I have a chronic disease and do not walk well. Physical therapy worked with me after I could wait there and I accomplished that go. My only complaint was that was there are exercises I could have been doing that wouldn't have put weight on my leg there are doctors there's it to not listen and I have found ways to go around me. I would have reached lifetime caps many years ago and I'm grateful for the care I received at the VA

Carmelo LoGalbo

Everyone has been extremely professional and caring in there treatment of me. What a great hospital for us veterans.

Maurice Sheppard

jesse pannell

Eric Firefox fee

Receive good care at this vamc always find staff to be professional and courteous

Donald Fogt

I have béen an inpatient as well as an outpatient there for nine years. I have been admitted numerous times for some serious conditions. I have had very serious infections (diabetic) that amputation was under consideration. They have saved my toes, foot, right hand thumb which, if amputated, would have resulted in some major disabilities. I require constant care as an outpatient and the has been outstanding, both in and outside of the hospital. I have no problem recommending this place for treatment. They have a very professional and courteous crew that works there.

Dennis Gleesing


I have seen several doctors who are excellent, but a couple who need some work (one is like a robot and stares as his computer). Overall the care is good. I just had experiences with one doctor missing something obvious and then another catching it months later (little problem turned into a bigger problem). However, for most non-specialty care items I have been able to seen very quickly (even same day once). I will continue to go here and believe that if I change my primary care doctor I won't have any issues with going here.

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