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This Hospital corresponds to the category of Psychiatric hospital.

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REVIEWS OF Mendota Mental Health Institute IN Wisconsin

Eric Lubaczweski

Some staff are good, and some are bad (just like anywhere else), but it looks & feels like an old Soviet hospital. You would get depressed living here.

Tom Johnson

While I have not been a patient of this institution, this building's stance on the landscape is testament to the egos of the doctors who occupy this space and to those who founded it. This cold, heavy, gray stone institutional looking structure stands atop a hill, directly on axis with S. Park St. in Madison, WI. As a result, that I'm convinced is no coincidence, everyone who looks at the lake from the student union building, (the primary gathering place for U-Mad students) must also look at this looming, oppressive, monstrosity. That is to say, "when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back". It truly makes one wonder as to the relationship between The University of Madison and this institution, especially considering the nick-names for Madison such as U-Mad and Mad-Town... (Get it? Mad, as in crazy). Having studied landscape architecture, the relationship between buildings and designed spaces is undeniable. Madison is known for being a colorful, eccentric, town and I would not be the least bit surprised to find that it is used as a lab for human experimentation. Mendota has a large pool of people to study (young, naive, open minded students) and the opportunity to learn about human behavior. Worst case scenario is they drive a few of them crazy with their experiments and they gain new in-house patients to study further. The last paragraph is pure speculation but it is interesting to note that a facility such as Mendota, that dates back to the 1880's, has such a sparkling image on-line. It has been around long enough that it has experienced no less than 3 changes in schools of thought regarding treatment. Historically, outdated modes of treatment for the mentally ill are almost always viewed as crude, archaic, and borderline criminal, yet, it is very difficult to find anything negative about the facility, which surely means that atrocities have been covered up. It would be interesting to uncover the true history of Mendota. (What are the connections? CIA? MK Ultra? Human experimentation? Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron?) Lets get it out in the open and then tear down that blight on the landscape. The people of Madison deserve to look out onto a beautiful lake... not to have a mental institution watching over their every move...

Paul Harper

Jimmy Lemke

My uncle Ed got some pretty great care in his waning years here. They also taught him how to use his skills as a tanner and convert them to creating crafts from cow hide instead.


My brother died here. Nothing was done to hold anyone accountable for not ensuring my brothers safety was priority. He took his own life, and they're all responsible.

T. Rick

perhaps all de negative 1 star ratings = karmic payback fer building this facility on top of the largest, in the werld!, Native American Effigy Mound that consisted of an... Eagle! wit a 624 foot wingspan! karmically epic rite? rest in power, all spirits o' Creator.

Brandy Cross

Back in the 1960s this place killed my aunt. They said she died on the operating table while they were trying to do surgery on her brain but she had 4 inches of hair on her head so there is no way she died on that table. They killed her and covered it up. If I ever had to go here I would rather die first.

Tacelia Hickles-Mosby

Worst place !!!! People are rude and nosie they hang up in the middle of conversations. They talk negative to the patients. I can't stand them they are racist they believed I called but don't have a date and time. They tried to argue with me they claim I'm being inappropriate all that. Then they claim they know my voice and there "Supervisor" claim I did the mess too but still have no evidence but they gone find out real soon .

Nguyen Van

The staff was very mean and disrespectful, I don't suggest you to go here

Becky Riffey

Shall I say it was a place to stay

Marty Wrezenski

The State of Wisconsin placed someone I knew into this place back in the 90s into once known unit known as the Tackle Unit, now closed after proved reports of child abuse and patiant rights beings abused were brought to attention by other patiant parents etc. This is not a place for someone to get treatment, it's a place of royal abuse that needs to be shut down completely.

Heather Jackson

Max Frey

Sarah A Valle

Beast Animates

Never been here but people probably have died because of bad staff or what not. This place is famous for Ed Geins death place I know he was bad but he was mental. He could have at least lived. Not such a good thing to know that this place is known for people taking their lives or just dying. Respect to people’s relatives/friends that died here.


Ed gein, famous american body snatcher and murderer died here. Never actually never been here, but reading the reviews and looking at the building it seems bad.

Pricilla Reyes

I've never been a patient at Mendota , but my brother was. Mendota is not a great place. I hated leaving my brother there. He was there for 4 or 3 years and he has autism. When my brother used to come and visit us, he came back with bruises and hand marks on his arms and legs. I also remember when we visited him there and brought him food, the staff were really rude, disrespectful, and mean. They also lied to us about how much medication was given to my brother. They used to overdose him on pills. I hate this place! And I hope it isn't the same there anymore because it was awful. I highly recommend Rogers Memorial Hospital. My brother was moved there after we showed the court how Mendota was treating my brother. The staff are so kind, playful, and so nice. They make the kids feel welcomed and at home. The kids also have attention 24/7. They also take the kids on field trips and take them to play sports. They also allow electronics and such except for phones and computers I think. This is a great place for people who need treatment.

Spongebob Squarepants

Jesse Stevens

i'm calling that place

Kierron Kinley

Jesse Pollock

Mitch Havoc

Rebecca Stewart

This hospital saved my mom's life. She was admitted into the geriatric unit because she was forced to go off her clozaril due to FDA regulation of white blood cell count. She had recently had dentures put in that caused an infection which effected her wbc count. While it wasn't a quick fix, she was hospitalized in 2010 for about 8 months, she went from psychosis all the time to back to her old self. The hospital was able to put her back on clozaril (not a small feat under FDA regulations!) and help her find a new place to live. All the staff is beyond caring, Bonnie is my moms favorite nurse. I swear to god my mom did NOT want to leave Mendota because of her. They both cried the day my mom left to go to her new home. she's been mentally stable ever since and enjoying retirement, goes shopping, visits with family, etc. she still has some hickups, but I'm proud to say Mendota helped bring my mom back. I would love to give back to this hospital some day. Do not let the stigma or history of this hospital prevent you from helping out a loved one. The doctors are great too.

Marco Bors


Pretty rad crazy people

recoil epoch

Terrible environment where the staff and clients have no structure or direction to actually help with recovery or treatment. It is a hypocritical madhouse where the blind are supposed to lead the blind.

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