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christina drefko

Mess up how they tell you that if you need anything just call and they will give you answers. Not true at all. I ask for advice on my daughter and they could not give me anything. Not a happy mother right now with this hospital. Made my choice not to have my kid there in August.

Bjorn Pederson

Worst doctor integrity I’ve ever witnessed. Seriously this place is asking to get sued, it’s like everyone working there is required to take a Xanax before their shift.

Emily Penrod

We were far from home for the holidays and my 18 month old daughter got sick. The nurse, PA, and other staff at Sacred Heart Urgent Care were wonderful. They were very quick and took good care of our little girl. They figured out what was wrong with her, prescribed an antibiotic, and she was feeling better the next day. We are so grateful for the care we received at Sacred Heart!

John Spalding

I have been in Sacred Heart several times over the past few years: 2 back surgeries and gall bladder removal. In every case, the staff has been professional, friendly and caring. I never felt like I was being ignored. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Stacie Anderson

Nurses were amazing, caring, sweet, quick response to my page and 4 doctors I saw were incredible!!!!

Hillery Kramer

Sherry Johnson

One week ago. I went to emergency at the Eau Claire Marshfield Clinic hospital at, 11:00 PM, and after the initial exam, I was transferred to Sacred Heart at midnight because the Clinic hospital did not have a urologist. Sacred Heart got me to a room within 10 minutes by the nursing staff. A physicians assistant came in a few minutes later. He explained the most likely cause of my symptoms, what tests were going to be done, and who would be coming to see me. The nursing staff took good care of me to keep me as comfortable as they could and was in constant contact with the physicians assistant. A few hours later, the kitchen staff called to fulfill, on demand, food requests and knew my dietary restrictions. Several doctors visited through the day to review test results and what was eliminated. The urologist was in contact with these other doctors and he called in orders to prep me for a colonoscopy. Yuck! The nurses were so supportive to help me get through that prep they took that nasty pineapple flavored drink, divided it into 3 cups, to be refilled 3 times each, filled them with ice, put a straw and an umbrella in each cup to help me finish this step. Each shift of nurses introduced the next shift of nurses, kept me informed when I could expect the next lab, doctor, and what to expect next. I was visited by a nutritionist, a chaplain, and the urologist before and after the procedure. It was a supportive experience when you are afraid of what is happening and why.

Donna Thiess

My family and I had to take our mother to Sacred Heart Hospital for spinal fusion surgery. This was a difficult decision for us to make as she was 82 years old. The staff at SHH were so wonderful to her. Treated her like she was family. I swear the girls treated her like she was THEIR grandmother. She was in the hospital for 1.5 weeks. They were on top of everything involving her care. Our family was so thrilled and comforted in knowing that she was being taken care of so well. Thank you Sacred Heart for being there for our mother.

Heather Turnmire

Every time I go there is very frustrating, but I went there today and did not feel heard, respected, or helped by any staff. I went in because I have a fever and am coughing up blood, and urgent care staff was rude. The nurse, Laura Fields, specifically asked if I work this weekend, and when I said yes, said that she would give me a note for the weekend. All I got out of the visit was a cup of ice water, and being told I don't have strep. We waited 25 minutes for someone to print my paperwork (turns out he forgot), and went home to see she put the wrong dates on the "doctors note". We called back right away to ask about it, and she completely denied offering me a note, and was very rude. (My fiance was there with me to confirm that she said this). The last few times I've gone have been a complete waste of time and money. Every time I go nurses are more and more rude- I definitely wouldn't recommend this place.

jonathan sieg

Christina Adams

It's pretty bad when one of my loves loved ones has been at this hospital for over a week and the only ones there who has listen to him has been the doctors. He complained that he was having a hard time breathing and it took the nurses over an hour to check to see if he was ok. Then when he needed some help getting to the bathroom it took the nurses over a half hour to come help him. This is a quack hospital and I'm sorry to say it but I wouldn't take my dog there

Stephanie puestow

Dan Paulson

Molly E

My labor and delivery experiences at Sacred Heart were incredible. I went in wanting an unmedicated labor and heard of friends at other hospitals being laughed at for this desire. My nurse honored that wish completely, whispering encouragement in my ear as things got tough. I could not have done it without her! The postpartum nurses were instrumental in my learning to breastfeed and so helpful with all of my silly new mom questions. There were so many things I didn't know like how to burp a baby or how to swaddle and they never made me feel bad for not knowing these basic things, responding kindly to all of my questions and worries. I cannot imagine a better experience and would absolutely return for any future babies.

Adam L

Welcoming and friendly during our mini family accident. Can't say enough about the nurses there. They knew what to do to help ease the pain of a child with a broken arm. Thank you!!

Dan W

had surgery 07/19/16 short stay and the whole surgical team was very kind and helping special thanks to Dr. Immerman.

Angela Withrow

When I was seen there when I had really bad strep throat and a high fever and a really high pulse rate they did everything to bring down my fever and pulse rate and made me feel really good,the male nurse that took care of me was amazing and made me laugh when I was in pain I enjoyed the stay I had there

Beverly Ward

I came to the ER by ambulance after crashing my motorcycle. After taking several x-rays they told me I could go home. I couldn't even sit up let alone walk out of there. My husband told them I would be staying. As it turned out I had 7 broken ribs, a punctured lung, lacerated spleen, broken shoulder and broken ankle. I was told that these things don't present themselves right away. If I had been able to move off that table and go home I may have died. It wasn't my first experience in this ER and basically the same thing happened the last time too. I ended up with 3 days in the ICU and 6 more on floors 4,5 & 7. My care was excellent on all floors, from the doctors right down to the housekeepers. I wish I could remember your names but much of the stay is now a blur. You all went above and beyond to make me comfortable and visit with me when you had time. My doctors were excellent and I really don't feel I could have gotten better care anywhere else. Thank you for making a horrible experience bearable!

Mitch Phelps

Post surgery I had extreme pain after breaking my which forced me to go into the ER. I not given anything for pain, no X-rays, ignored by the staff when explaining my complications. After hours of laying there and letting a so called “nurse” fail several times when inserting my IV even while using ultrasound, I had enough and left.

Adam Johnson

My wife and I had our baby delivered here and couldn't be happier with the overall care. I have had several family members cared for here as well and have always had excellent experiences. The nurses, doctors, and CNAs have been fabulous!

Dude Z

Went in to the er for extream pain they didn't do anything, told me nothing I already didn't know and I am now suffering looking for different hospitals that will help. Most useless and aggravating place I've ever been to. If you work in a hospital and aren't there to help patients in need look in to a different line of work, use less place sacred heart. Personally if your not going to help a patient why should you get paid? And no I dont wanna call any stupid patient line or talk to anyone else just do your job right the first time and everything would be great.


I really appreciate this hospital. Having had my baby there and two ER visits (one for my child and one for me), I have been so grateful for how well they took care of us. Even when there was a delay or things didn't go exactly how I wanted, I could tell that the doctors and nurses were always doing their best and would even go well beyond the call of duty to help in any way that they could. When my 1 1/2 year old was inconsolably sick, they did everything possible to not only get her better as quickly as they could, but also make her as comfortable as possible in the mean time!

Carrie Benson

Won't ever come back, even if I was dieing!

Pam Dudley

My experience was absolutely terrible. Having brought someone in that had been harming herself and was suicidal, we wanted her to get admitted (she also had chosen to want to be admitted.) She knew she needed the help and she wanted it. She was placed in a room in the ER and was asked a couple questions. We were then told there were no available beds in the hospital, so she would be getting transferred to Mayo Clinic in EC where they would admit her. They were processing the paperwork to make the transfer and then told us that there were no open beds for her to be admitted anywhere in the county. She was given a phone to talk to someone from the county regarding crisis and finding placement. (i forgot his official title) He told her she needed to go home and call the county she was from and talk to their health and human services department and they would find her counseling. They also said she should call a different hospital near her area and see if they can help her. In the meantime she was supposed to be with someone and never left alone. They acted as if it was just fine to send her on her way and make her find somewhere else that might be able to help her. Absolutely ridiculous. She could have easily left there and harmed herself in another way or even ended up dead. No medication was administered to her and no evaluation of her was taken. She had her vitals taken and got asked a couple questions and then was left to sit in a bed and watch tv until her transfer, which ended up not happening. It was an absolute waste of time and a terrible experience.

Debbie Graziano

My care was excellent both in the emergency room and during my admission. The counicatio .And care by the nursing staff and CNA,'s was just exceptionsl.

Talbot Family Funeral Homes

Went to the E.R. with severe high blood pressure...200/105. I was feeling horrible. Once they realized I was in a bad place physically I was sent directly to the E.R. to meet with a medical professional which was a physician Assistant. They gave me a pill, said not much more we can do here. If something worsens, you should call your provider. Done.

Cheryl Luedtke

My husband entered Sacred Heart for Spinal fusion surgery. The staff on the second floor and on the sixth floor took awesome care of him and myself while he was a patient there. Thank you!

Kathy Guilhas

I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for surgery and an overnight stay. I cannot say enough about the nurses and caregivers. They checked on me every hour to ensure I was comfortable, not in pain, or if I needed anything. The nurses were so encouraging and positive. They answered any questions I had. I never felt uncomfortable while there. The room was clean and it was quiet. They visited with me in the middle of the night when I was restless. Staff was professional and seemed to care. Dr. England was amazing. She did my surgery, talked to me before and after and then came and talked with me in my room. The next day she made rounds early and re-answered my questions. I would recommend Sacred Heart for your medical needs. I have a very positive experience.

hana elomari

Had to wait hours in the ER. Makes people feel very unimportant for quite a serious issue.

stephanie lee

I'm only giving one star because I can't give zero. I had surgery there and the surgical staff and my recovery team was great but the moment I got to the floor I was staying on I was treated like a drug addict, not a patient that just had surgery. Oh this was also my sixth surgery in 5 months and they got worse not easier. I explained that to the nurses but I was still treated like crap. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Honestly if sacred heart was the only hospital within a hundred miles I would drive to a different one. On top of that the rooms are Very out of date and not welcoming at all.

Joshua Charles

Very difficult to receive the care sought after. Had to beg for pain medication with a broken ankle. After an hour of constant pain I was given an Ibuprofen. When being sent home I had to beg for pain meds. The staff was friendly and full of smiles. Sadly that's did not translate into their method of practice.

Phyllis Harmon

My husband had a 1% chance of surviving open heart surgery. His "TEAM" at Sacred Heart saved his life! The doctors, nurses, entire staff go way beyond the call of duty. An amazing hospital!

Tiffany Rakow

They gave my son meds he was allergic to, as written in his charts. They administered them to him anyway, causing life-threatening seizures. Nobody would take responsibility, not even the hospital supervisor who was supposedly in charge. The hospitalist was a joke. NEVER again will any loved one be brought here.

Crunchy Bundles

I have never in my life waited so long. Everybody who has come after me has gone before me. I've been waiting over two hours on the waiting room in excruciating pain and unable to walk or even eat. Never again

Rachael Mickelson

I went into urgent care and received very poor patient care. Not only did 3 different people (paramedic, PA, and maybe a nurse) cycle through the room they put me in, but a different PA came into to my room with another patient-assuming the room was empty. I was also left in the room for a very long time with no communication from anyone about what was happening. Not happy about that. Now I have an $800 bill. $800..seriously? That's with insurance. I was there for an hour and a half, most of it spent alone in a room, and they charge me that much money? If you value your health, go somewhere else.

Captain GreyBeard

I see some poor ratings that look to be written more out of spite than experience. I've visited Sacred Heart many times in 16 years and have had both of my children there. I have never experienced any fault in their care or facilities. If you are truly sick or in pain they will do all they can for you but not all people are. I was treated just as well when I couldn't afford insurance as I was when I did have insurance.

Dion Shilka

Absolutely horrible!! A for profit hospital that does not care about the patient, only how high they can rack up the bill. Their "heart" department is a joke just as their ER is. They would rather send a whack job preacher in by you to say a prayer rather than an actual doctor who has actual beneficial skills. After everything was said and done, we were going through the bills and also noticed Dr. Kadess, if that's what you want to call him, billed for extra tests and EKG's that were actually never performed or completed. If you don't care about your loved ones, take them here. But if the ambulance delivers a family member, It'd be in your best interest to transfer them to any other hospital like a Mayo if possible. HANDS DOWN THE WORST HOSPITAL IN THE CITY. and probably the deadliest if I had to guess. While in the ER for 3 days, saw 5 people get carted out dead. So much for saving lives. Maybe get rid of the bible and pick up a medical book.

Sevanna Westerberg

Medial hep laughable prices overbearing get more help from Marshfield clinic and Google should hire more medical professionals then preachers and college want a be and actually help those who come in like Marshfield dose I've had sinus drainage for 3weeks its thick I have trouble sleeping because mucase is to thick coughing it upuall the time migraine and it's macking my morning sickness worse last time I had it went to Marshfield gave me something to thin the mucus or if not at least something to help with the throughing up go in to sacred heart hospital this time and all they can say is continue what I've already been doing and say sorry nothing we can do cause your pregnant went on google to see if there was more they could have done there is an antibiotic that thins mucas that's safe and often used by pregnant women for the same issues I'm having and a couple more home remmides that the hospital forgot to mention I try some of those until I can actually see someone whose medically trained to help pregnant women you'd think those who work in a hospital would have that but gess not

Bill Martello

My sister is an oncology patient. The staff could not be better. Very professional, considerate, and caring. The doctor is also very good.

Snow Trottier-Polmanter

I’m only giving 1 star because it’s the lowest possible rating. To be clear, Sacred Heart Hospital does NOT deserve 1 star. When I had my first child there 15 years ago, I was proud of it. It was a decent hospital with a decent staff. In my few dealings with them over the past 4 years, I’m in complete shock. I don’t understand how this hospital went downhill so badly. Because of insurance reasons, I’ve had to come to this particular hospital a number of times and it has progressively gotten worse. The ER wait times are dangerous. The staff are obviously severely undertrained. There is absolutely no communication between the staff members. And when a mistake is made, no one wants to accept responsibility. If you want to experience the true nightmare at Sacred Heart, get “lucky” and get a bed on the behavioral health floor. I knew treatment was subpar when I was a patient there years ago and a nurse asked us (as patients) to please write the administrators with our concerns because the nurses were not being listened to when they brought the issues to the hospital. Two years ago, I was informed by a member of law enforcement that they make many wellness checks on suicidal and/or homicidal people who end up leaving the ER at Sacred Heart in worse shape than they came in, so I knew it had gotten much worse. Now, as a loved one of a patient there, I’m horrified at the continued decline of the unit. The floor staff are absolutely NOT properly trained to be working with mental health consumers. As someone who has been a patient, educator, and advocate, I cannot understate how poor the level of treatment is. I would love to know how many suicides and overdoses could be prevented in the area if patients and their families were treated with the same compassion and respect as one would expect to get in any other unit (although after reading other reviews, I see they seem to be lacking in many departments). For an organization that “strives to provide the highest level of care possible for patients, families, and friends,” they have a VERY, VERY long way to go. I would highly suggest working with Certified Peer Specialists or others with lived experience to help improve the environment because it is definitely NOT a place to heal. I cannot understate my disappointment.

shane strenke

Brought a 34 yr old homeless lady in today with metal health issues , she was asked if she wanted to stay in the hospital,she said yes, a hour laterr was told they had no room , sent back out on to the streets ,they could clearly see she needed help, the nurse was a b word, i said i wasent leaving until they helped her, they didnt care, bunch of b.s. shame on that dr

Heather Anderson

My mother was an inpatient and currently has a feeding tude which is used for overnight feeding. During the night someone had tried pulling it out! A nurse, student nurse, honestly don't know because they wouldn't step up and admit they messed up! She then had to have a procedure to have another one placed. Worst medical care, I'm disgusted with that place!

Bobby Bottleservice

Possibly some of the rudest people I've talked to.l, certainly wouldnt refer to them as medical "proffesionals" more like idiot quacks charlatans and busy bodies. Stay away from this place unless you want a huge bill with poor treatment.

Bob Wanish

I had prostate surgurs and it went great. Dr.s we're excellent and also mr devencuey was great.

Tim Stoik

I'd recommend going to Mayo or Marshfield Clinic. The doctors here run a test on you and then retire the next day (Only sharing a personal experience) so no one knows what you have going on. Guessing the bill won't get lost or retire.


I hope I NEVER have to go to this hospital.

Cindy Rivera

I came to the emergency with tooth pain so bad I could not open my eyes, the lady who looked at me asked what do I want because you will not get pain meds, I told her I just wanted antibiotics, I was told - you don't have an infection I am not giving you antibiotics, go drink Jack Daniels and maybe that will kill the pain, for one, I am on a heavy pain medication, I don't drink, especially Jack Daniels which is the drink that killed my husband and left me widowed with two children, I went to the dentist the next day who said the infection was so bad it has spread to my sinus cavity, and wow. gave me antibiotics, now they are harassing me to pay a bill for a prescription of go drink whiskey? what kind of hospital gives that as a resolution, there are enough alcohol related deaths - I complained to the director, but nothing was done, and t I am still being sent a bill that I refuse to pay to be told go to drink alcohol as a resolution to my pain are you serious? what kind of medical facility tells a person to go get drunk? specially when all I wanted was antibiotics...isn't what my insurance paid you guys enough? which should not have been paid anyway..

Madison Weingart

WORST HOSPITAL EVER! I brought my friend in for mental health problems and they didn't ask any questions that were helpful or even pertained to her mental heath status. They released her after around one hour of being there even thought things were really bad with her. We asked for a doctors note so she would be excused from homework that she missed during the night because she was having panic disorders all night and self-harming and they refused. What a joke!! The Physician assistant named Mandy was horrible and rude to us when we asked for an explanation. I will never return there and I encourage others not to either.

Jeremy Gilpin

I have had very long history with acute anxiety l had anxiety attack on 10 17 2017 I went to the er was checked in fine put in the room nurse came in talked said they could get some medicine for the weekend . Sounds good 15 minutes later I get some chic that come in very confrontational spouting that this hospital dosent give anxiety meds I one step from grabbing her pulling her throat out right now in the middle of the er she knew exactly what she was doing she ran awayl Walked Out the door she know she pissed me cause I got up and she ran to the back of the er .I left Went to my car called 911 explained what was happening the person they stated I should go to mayo better doctors better hospital. So I drove to mayo check in put me in a room made change out of my clothes locked up my clothes gave me some meds no problems sent me home Long story short If you have mental health and your doctors ate at Marshfield clinic. Or scared heart there 95 % you will be shot by hospital security or who ever they call and lie t o about the realstory On the other hand mayo hospital has a very upstanding approach to mental health issues

Ben Komro

Thomas J Sanford

It's been Western Wisconsin's finest hospital for the last 100 years, and the EMTC is the only Trauma Center in the state, outside of Madison and Milwaukee..

Verified User


I had my gastric sleeve surgery done there and everyone Dr. Pitchford was great and all the nurses were amazing I have nothing bad to say about the medical team there.

Michael mccandless

Many very talented people working together to help others. The mission based health care that is inspired through Jesus always has great potential.


Awful experiences with multiple family members. Truly in health care for nothing but the money.

Patrick Skemp

Steve Conoboy

Marco Martinez

My mom was in there for over 3 months she is still in and out due to her condition but things are getting better everyone has been great they treat us like family great experience even during this horrible time in our lifes

daniel nelson

Carrie Simmons

The people that work at HSHS are very thorough and have awesome bed side manor!!!

S Lindsay

My entire family has received services at Sacred Heart Hospital. Great staff and doctors. ER and Urgent Care are excellent. Inpatient stay was positive as nurses were attentive. One can sense God's presence through the service of the employees.

Joe De Jong

Excellent Hospital wonderful people they will do you right

Chad James

Amazing staff on the OB ward. Doctor's and nurses are out of this world! The only place my family and I will go.

ronald hrubesch

Mott D Hopple

I'm rating this by department as the continuity, as a whole lacks any assemblance of a business. ER = ☆☆, staff is good, but 4 bills from differant providers and little care to help me resolve billing issues. URG CARE= ☆☆☆☆☆. They Excell in triage, and patient management. The care is great Short Stay= ☆☆☆☆☆. It is a relaxing atmosphere for patient and family before and after surgery. The staff presents an unified department as multiple individuals are aware of each patients status. I'm not rating other units (floors?) It appears the Administration has taken steps to improve customer care. Administration: ☆. That's a huge improvement for Administration. However, I have zero trust in billing, in-patient issues and your complaint resolution. Justifying or minimizing patient issues for convenience and to protect your CSI numbers may make you feel better, but won't stop the sound of construction.

Abbey Roland

Extremely displeased with this hospital as they closed urgent care early; purposely and knowingly shut the door in my face. Only one open on Saturdays as someone who seriously needs a prescription this upset me.

Kessea Kahl

I went to the ER at HSHS & ST Joseph's 6 times in two weeks and the 2nd Dr at Sacred treated me absolutely horrible! I wouldn't recommend this hospital ER to my worst enemy. I was blatantly disrespected, treated as a drug addict, and told if I wanted help I had to go to L.E Phillips for treatment!! So every DR after that labeled me the same even with a VERY HIGH Blood pressure, massive headaches and constant vomiting . During those 6 visits to these ER's I had had 3 strokes!! I spent rehab time in 9th floor rehab due to these ER's negligence!!!!

Timothy Joslin

I recently returned from Sacred Heart Hospital after an eight day stay for ETOH Detox , seizures (alcoholism detoxification). They took pity on a poor broken, struggling man brought to them by ambulance from a small town seventy miles away and changed the course of his life forever, saved his marriage and renewed his two boys faith in him. The experience was magical, otherworldly. The kindness of the Doctors and all of the Nurses was beyond compare and I will spend the rest of my life writing about, defending, and promoting Sacred Heart Hospital. I cannot yet begin to describe the experience, but I will, I will.

S. Schram

FOUR doctors later! FOUR within 2 weeks. And 2 trips to the ER, my husband finally received help. He was admitted for surgery the second visit to the ER, after just being seen at the ER that morning. We were at the VA the day prior, and they hardly examined him at all, and didn't give him any pain meds or antibiotics. I can't remember the name of the Dr. at Sacred Heart who finally listened to him and got it right (not that the first one didn't, but a little better examination would have been better. He at least got antibiotics and pain killers from him). There were so many people (Nurses, CNAs, Phlebotomists, Doctors, Pharmacist and Anesthesiologist), machines, needles, tubes, fluid bags, and my poor husband screaming in pain it was all a blur. I will definitely be writing many thank you letters to the wonderful staff at Sacred Heart. They were very attentive and actually listened. The room he was in (isolation room) was newly renovated and very nice as well. I'm thankful we can finally begin the healing process. He's been in pain for weeks, and we have a bumpy road ahead of us, but I'm optimistic the worst is behind him. I'm glad he never gave up, and kept pushing until the problem was solved. Always listen to your body!

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