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REVIEWS OF Aurora Sinai Medical Center IN Wisconsin

Kyla Peck

This hospital is disgusting. It has roaches and mice in the kitchen where they are preparing food. A student at Marquette shared that with one of my classes. She works in the kitchen and works under that environment. The hospital is beyond underfunded, they don't have the nurses that are needed and if they do have nurses, they are overworked and underqualified. They will nickle and dime anyone who has insurance. They will not communicate with you the money you owe and will send you to collections without notification. If you double pay on a bill, it doesn't rollover to the next month. They will still send you to collections if you miss a "payment" despite repeatedly overpaying months before. This hospital will surely go under and has been on its last leg for a while. The employees are horrendous and so is the hospital.


Worst. Hospital. Experience. Ever. I gave birth to my son here. 1- I was scheduled for induction at 11am, finally saw a doctor at 5pm✔ 2- The nurse checked my epidural, saw my lower back tattoo and stated, "that must be why you're here." ✔ 3- A doctor I had never met before told me my son had Down Syndrome, that he would never have an IQ over 50, never play sports and never live on his own. ✔ Do not go here. Zero stars. Do not recommend.

Shawn McInnes

I was visiting from out of town (CA) when I had a sudden stroke (TIA). We looked for the nearest hospital on Google and this one was the closest to where we were. I was immediately seen in the ER and ended up spending 3 nights/4 days in this hospital. The doctors and nurses were GREAT. Even the food was good! I felt like I was well taken care of from the moment that I came into the ER to the time I was discharged. Everyone was very professional and friendly. If anyone from the hospital is reading this, I was in Room #480 from July 1-4. Thanks for making a scary situation better because of your TLC.

Rubia !!!

Rude staff, i was resting after giving birth and they always come in the room and just turn on all the lights at 5 am and come in with like 3 doctors all up in my husbands and my face with no warning, and when we were leaving they open all our curtains and turned all the lights early in thw morning again and basicaly kicked us out. Plus the food is such small portion size for a mouse !! And taste horrible! I ordered turkey with gravy and literally it was as thin as a slice of ham and taste like cardboard! I asked for water like 3 times and they always forgot about me! Also they seem to catch attitudes if you keep paging them like wtf? Isnt that your job. Sad i had to give birth here and stay 3 days i wnated to go home

Richardson Jason

This is a beautiful facility!

Naheen Mousa

Dante Rekoske

Adrienne Jordan

Good providers giving good service!

GodsChild B4TheWomb

Kaveria Christian

I waited an 1 and half before being called into a room. At the hour mark I asked what was taking so long she went and checked. I know how things go in the er but no excuses. So after that they take me to a room pull the curtain and pull up the door. I could here them talking out side my room about how I asked about my wait. Not professional at all

Xo Xo

Awesome, amazing staff. Love you all @ Aurora Sinai Medical Center!!

John Ottow

Fidelis Okhuofu

Andrew Rogers

This place is amazing for delivering Babys. Everyone shows passion, commitment, and patience. They take the time to explain everything to you and I loved the fact that the nurses Leah and Liz rubbed my wife’s back to comfort her during the most delicate times, the pregnancy and the fact are 37 week child had to go to the N.I.C.U. To Be feed thru a tube. I would recommend anyone to this place the staff and security is amazing. Thank you for being the best Sinai

abigail brown

Anita A

I believe you should avoid this hospital by any means when you're a senior citizen. My grandfather's second visit and it was horrible. The staff do not treat him first. On his way out the E.R. he was asked to hurry up because they needed the room due to a full house. The first visit resulted in him not being charged for his appt because the medical doctor kept him waiting beyond a respectful amount of time.

Daihra Encarnacion

Mi experiencia fue en el 2002 cuando nació mi primogénito. Me encanto el trato que se nos ofreció como pacientes. Gracias por ser el hospital que vio nacer a mi niño

Alexander Wodlarski

Kavonna petro

Zero if it was possible. Worst service Ever!

Patricia Dickerson

Alyssa Barna

Went into the er last night and could not have been treated better. Im so happy i found a hospital where they trust and care about you and your comfort. Thank you!!!

Gwendolyn Williams

Branden Woods

Michelle White

Great professional.people took great care of my .mom

Naden Beydoun

My PA Laura Schwab, was remarkable. Her patience, passion, & knowledge was 2nd to none. My RN Carley, had a good sense of humor & was friendly. Overall experience was great thanks to the staff.

Anna Fochs

Martha Wasserman

This review is for Shemelian. She checks in people in the birthing floor. I have had the privilege of checking in with Shemelian several times as I am a doula who regularly attends births at Sinai. Shemelian is a ray l of light, professional, welcoming and professional.Sincerely, Martha

Gerardo Martin

Born there

Moses Nettles Jr.

Call me bias but this is the best hospital in the world! Highly recommend!

Tren Lockett

If I could give a negative star I would. It was a terrible terrible experience. And the Doctor was rude!!!!

Rejinete Bruno

I have a wonderful experience in the Sinai hospital, my baby girl was born on July 2018. I had a Great midwife Eileen Nyholt, I really felt her support on this, she helped me to achieve my goals like to have a vaginal birth without an epidural or IV and I did it!! :). The nurses took very good care of me. And I had a Baby Box I just had a Wonderful birth experience in the Sinai. Thank you! God bless you all Guess what...for my next pregnancy were I'm going?? :)

Cameron DesJardins

Left my mom alone after a seisure told her there's more sick people than you and kicked her out for no reason and didn't give her her discharge papers. I've also seen them leave a paitient in the hallway in his own urine for an hour. Worst bedside manner. They won't help even if you have a gold health care plan like my family does.

Morris Cottrell

L Lavender

Every doctor I have seen here, surgeries , ER visits have been the best experiences. The staff is extremely helpful, friendly everyone's says hello in passing in the hallways. You get a sincere feeling they care about your well-being and the cafeteria food is good great options

Maggie Williams

I've been to both Sinai and St.lukes many times went to Sinai for an MRI on April 22,2019 the ladies where so wonderfully pleasant to me they put a pillow under my knee's due to both hips being surgically fixed they offered me headphones to listen to music and where very nice from now on any type of x-ray or other type of lab work I will kindly return to Sinai never return to St. Lukes again

Chris Reibel

This was my work experience during first semester of my high school senior year.

Crystal Crowe

The woman's center is great my sister had her baby there 7-7-17 and the DR and nurses where fantastic my sister enjoyed her stay her husband and I where there with her the whole time we slept in the room with her while she was in labor when she was taken to the postpartum side they play music threw out the hospital to announce a baby was born too cute ...although the baby is still in the nicu we have had nothing but great nurses and doctors so far Very pleased with the service we've received!! Thanks Sinai staff :)

Royalti Turner

Meghan McDonald Carlson

My family was enmeshed in one of the intensive care units for several weeks. We got wonderful care here, would 100% recommend this hospital to anyone. Along with the good care, people are warm & friendly, location is awesome & I found the cafeteria surprisingly affordable.

Tara Ramirez

Kela Jackson

Will Rivera

It's horrible I came here pregnant, I had just fallen and they took 2 hours just to get me medical attention, my daughter could of died

Kimberly Story

Allen De Keyser

Terrible place to go, they don’t help at all we are in the middle of transferring to a different hospital. This one can’t help you at all seems like they should be called a doctors office or an urgent care because they can’t help. They are very rude and everybody seems to have an attitude. My own mother hasn’t been taken care of bathed or fed in over a week now she’s more messed up then when I brought her here. And there security here sucks, I even spoke with the supervisor of security and he’s a big joke me and my wife have been visiting my mother all week and now they are saying only one can go in the back to see her which we are her poas and they won’t let us see her at all it’s there policy but when I specifically asked the supervisor for security to see that policy they won’t show it to you, (which makes no sense at all) This hospital is a joke, Thanks for no help hope this rating helps others and there decisions on trusting these kind of people with the life of your loved ones.

Queen taytay

When you call and ask for somebody and they can't here the name they say WHAT!! THEN HANG UP

Wordteller Johnson

My mom was in this hospital, the nursing staff and doctors treated her very well.

Eloise Wilson


Izell Griffin

Deandre Hazelwood

My Mother Who is the dear sweet wonderful precious Mable Louise "Lu-Lu-BigYoke" Hazelwood birthed me at this place which is still in my memory of being called Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center through a Cesarian Section of hard work preparation on a hospital bed that I Respect give a great rewarder to a hard worker back on Friday, October 23rd, (1987) right here in my Original Home Town City and State Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA at 11:34A.M. after Her being birthed by Her dear sweet wonderful Mother precious Patricia "Pattie" Pearson-Hazelwood back on Sunday, April 03rd, (1949) in Her Original Home Town City and State Belzoni, Mississippi USA and she is finto turn 70 years old on Wednesday, April 03rd, (2019) I cannot wait to visit this place where I am birthed at when I get a chance sounds like an experience that I cannot pass up I Love it.


Avoid at all costs if possible.

Jose Acosta

(Translated by Google) I was born here <3 <3; 3 (Original) Yo nací aquí <3 <3 ;3

mariely delvalle

I use to love this hospital but idk what happen its a really long time for the wait to get seen i got my pregnant daughter come to this hospital dehydrated couldnt keep anything down came with a referral and she hasn't been called in theres people here that dont even look sick at all and they getting called before other patients that are sick im just speechless on how this hospital had changed increible

Dewayne Miller

Great Orthos!!!!

Melissa Mauldin

Terry cole

Danielle Hernandez

Quitta M

Very long waiting time in emergency room. But they help.

Tmia Blacks

Why after 8 pm only one person can be in a room at a time?? Unreasonable...

Ashley Rohde

Darelle Odom

Had my son here 8 years ago and I must've been naive and blind. In my 2nd pregnancy and I'll tell you one thing my eyes are way more open this time around. How is it that I see my results online and had to call them to let them know I'm severe anemic(after telling the OB/GYN several times) switched from an OB/GYN to Midwife thinking it would be better ( my midwife is great) but today is the day before my weekly appointment and I'm just now being given a call about my strep test (results posted on the 11th) ... Glad I didn't go into labor over the weekend Lord only knows what couldve been passed through to my baby during delivery. I can't wait to walk in there tomorrow . My attitude most definitely won't be so pleasant. I shouldn't have to keep calling reminding them of my damn results.especially not for something as serious as severe anemia and a strep test.

Genevieve Lowdermilk

Elizabeth Shackelford

Ms. ReRe

Great place to work. #TeamAuroraSinai

Aman Dhaliwal

Penny Laferriere

Outpatient (Post-op) Care Last week I had outpatient hip surgery. The care of the surgical and anesthesia staff was fantastic and I have no complaints with the surgery -- top notch. My review is of the post-op care in outpatient surgery. I usually do pretty well with anesthesia -- but this time was rough. I was extremely nauseous. They took me to surgery around 12:30pm and I was in recovery until after 3pm or so. I slept for a while in my room and at about 4:30pm the nurse came to suggest I might go. When I explained how sick I was -- she urged me to "just throw up" because it might make me feel better. She could not pronounce the name nor really explain some of the medications I'd been given. Given my extreme nausea it was clear that I was still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. My representative (a friend who drove me to surgery) was provided no information from a doctor regarding my post-op care. The nurse said that the pharmacist should have explained the medications. She urged me to get dressed. When my friend said -- I'll wait to get the car until we see how Penny is -- the nurse said. "No... go get the car." In a nutshell... I should not have left when I did. I had two different nurses tell me I'd feel better if I just threw up. One actually said "You should just puke." I don't think so. I'd feel better if I rested for another hour or so. But I wasn't given the option -- and I wasn't assertive enough at the time to suggest (demand) otherwise. Instead. We pulled away from the hospital. Parked alongside the curb a block away and sat there for more than 1/2 hour until I felt I wasn't going to be ill.

Angela Mckinney

This year when I went to the to Aurora psychiatric hospital some people really help me out and and gave me coping skills that was even nice enough to send me to CRC for seven more days until I got well

William Ramos

Jeremy Matthews

i recently went here to get my step daughter checked out!!!! n the staff was amazing from walkin in the door, to leavin back, ms.emily, ms.terri!!!! my family n i felt so comfortable n loved!!! i dont ever write comments about places, but i couldnt even let this go unknown!!!!thanks so much for everything!!!!!

Kristy Grohall

If you are doing an adoption, don't give birth here. They are rude, nurses try and talk birth mom out of placing baby for adoption, nurses are so rude, they have no clue what they are doing when it comes to adoption. Birth moment did not want to go to NICU and nurses FORCED her to go in there by the baby she was placing for adoption. I will never step foot in this hospital again.

Quaisha Hendree

Honestly I usually never Sinai but I was just there on Sunday and they really did take care of me well

Frances Pizarro

at emergency all but a few people are rude security guards bragging about the way they manhandled a man who was screaming I was in waiting room for 5 hours just waiting to be taken to a room the list goes in but I rather not I don't recommend coming to this emergency room

Marla Duarte

My daughter is suppose to go into a VERY FILTHY room (15) after recovery from day surgery? No wonder people contract deadly diseases! I personally would not recommend this place.

Susan Gross

Up until my sister died in this facility, I thought the care was good. She was in for a broken arm, was bedridden, and bled out internally and died. Seems like she should not have died of a broken arm.

Robert Beckman

ER was a disaster nurses were insensitive and thought my wife's problems were funny and laugh at us while my wife is having spasms. Had wait 5 hrs to see a doctor in non medical room . The only thing that was positive the ER doctor got her admit.

Jesus Carrasco

Passion Lotus Studios Photography


M.K. Saifullah

It's ridiculously low quality ER hospital not friendly staff and Doctors are inexperience... I recommend you go to another hospital if needed. Never seen ER this Bab...they deserve half a Star.

Paul Werner

My wife had our first baby here and the experience (minus a couple people there) was great. We couldn't ask for better care. Just make sure to know if you are the type to not want to use birth control, they will ask you over & over about it as if they want to push it on you

Carols Evenes

Liza Blackburn

I work here

Amii & Aviian

Amazing staff !! I couldn’t had asked for a better place to deliver my baby ❤️ They treat you so good & make sure you get everything you need !

Shay Shay

Jesus Rodriguez

Everyone here is So Nice & Professional. .

Ashley Brock

It sucks told my I wasn't pregnant with both kid's rude nurses and they take to long to be seen

Justina Razo

Been going there 10 yrs now .. Great place

Apsara Veenstra

Worst ICU doctors ever. They do not communicate and do not listen. Do not go here! Your gonna turn out worse than when you walked in the door.

Shirley B

It was a horrible experience i gave birth there 7 months i came there having bad contractions they sent me back home and i ended up coming back an hour later. My son neck was injured doing the birth process and they said nothing was wrong. I had to take him to children's hospital where they said he had a neck injury and he now has to go to physical therapy. This is not a good place to go.


It's nice but doctors can be a bit better and more knowledgeable.

Alexis Perry


Casey DeLaO


My PT Kelly Schwab did an excellent and caring job.

Linda Gilliam

eric mercado

Getting more and more disappointed as the days go by. Supposedly one of the better birthing centers? The center is nice but the doctors are hacks. Wait days to treat my newborn son for his bilirubin so on our discharge day get pushed back another one? Essentially ruining the opportunity to be able to bring my wife and newborn son home myself. Milking the insurance company for everything they can I guess. Started out better than I could imagine but after 4 days I guess true colors start to show. I just hope they can actually treat him effectively because it's clear they can't read blood results or have them passed to the correct person effectively. I can wait to get out of here.

Entrepreneur D

This place is weird the nurses think they are celebrities they over do there jobs and prolong everything.Not as professional as they act

Michaella Kunz

Just got to a room in the ER after waiting 3 hours...and the staff was very rude. Definitely not coming back again.


Had my child here. Expecting mothers please anywhere but here! Truly horrible.



Rossy Gomez

Worst ER was waiting there for about an hour. I went to the front desk to ask how much longer we have to wait because my husband was in so much pain and they say we have to wait 4hrs !!! We left . It was also a dirty place garbage everywhere

sassy bobby

This is a terrible place I was haveing trouble with my heart medication I had to stop tasking it it made me worse I called the clinic a week agao they still haven't got back to me they said Jeff stamp was the manager still no call back I would suggest not going to this clinic and complaint to tv 12 so they can do a storey on this place they should shut it down and investigate it's practices just terible place

Jarvis Johnson

pretty OK hospital, I birth my kids here and had no problems, just don't make it your regular, get a doctor!!!!

Marjorie Dadhich

This is for the maternal fetal medicine (ultrasound) section of this clinic. My husband and I had the worst experience here getting our first ultrasound. The tech (Jamie G.) was beyond rude and could not even do the basics of interpersonal communication or politeness. Everything she said along with her tone was mean, condescending, outright rude, or fake. She did not use my name whatsoever, did not introduce herself at all, did not shake hands even when I tried to extend mine, and did not smile and was very disrespectful if we asked or said anything at the beginning of the appt. I was quiet the rest of time because I realized her attitude was just to do the technical aspects of the job and that's it so I prayed for God to give me patience to just get through it. Basically I could not enjoy seeing my baby because of this cruel woman. Only when we were done did she pretend to be nice, probably because she knew something was wrong. So she said congrats in a fake tone and pretended to be cheerful bit it was all an act because by that time it is was too late. She was not genuine. When she asked if I was ok in the hallway to get to the restroom through tears I told her "no I'm not ok because you were so mean to me and ruined the experience". All she could say was "I'm sorry you feel that way" which we all know is a cop out. She didn't really care. Which is sad because she's in healthCARE. Her unprofessional conduct is something she should not only be ashamed of but have the guts to take responsibility for. Aurora staff, supervisor, and contact given were all notified, but this person will only get "talked to". I wouldn't wish the treatment we received on my worst enemy. Patients beware, this place does not uphold all it's staff to a high standard. They just get by with low level mean-spirited people that do less than the bare minimum because they know they can get away with it. She must be miserable to treat others like that. Hurting people hurt people and that's not acceptable especially in this field so make sure you are aware and stand up for yourself. I only wish that no one else experiences this or that they can tell them no, I don't want this person performing this procedure on me because they have already proven in the first 5 minutes that they are unprofessional.

Tony Bonds

Just horrible , they put on a good impression and are nice but other then that they are horrible , it takes forever to get seen by a doctor , and seem like they Don’t Care !

debbie singer

I wouldn't send my dying dog there! worst hospital i've been at. was there 2 days and had probably 8 nurses and 16 different NA's no one did there job expected everyone else to. put a cup on my toilet to measure fluids out and had to have someone empty everytime I wanted to use it again. no one came when called waited at least ten minutes - 1 hour after multiple calls. had to call to adjust bed. could not reach. nurse brought in wheelchair to go home and said here and walked out! husband helped me pack up and out we went. had shoulder replacement surgery with torn rortator cuff.... writing with left hand now sore.... but could and should write op and pre op was the only good thing about this hospital

savage king

Kentessa Tittle

This place is terrible my boyfriends room smelled like pee in the corner by the visitors chair. The floor extremely sticky as well as the table and on top of that we were itching like crazy MY BOYFRIEND HAS SICKLE CELL AND WAS IN THE HOSPITAL WE LITERALLY ITCHED LIKE CRAZY AND GOT LITTLE BUMPS THEN HE TOLD THEM TO TAKE IV OUT BECAUSE HE WANTED TO LEAVE NOBODY CAME HE TOOK HIS OWN IV OUT AND WALKED PASSED HIS NURSE WHOM DIDNT EVEN TRY TO STOP NOR ASK HIM WAS HE OK

Cameron Jones

Good ER

Jean Gillon

Nurse told me my car keys would be given to me by security,that was at 5:30 am (again at 6am) so I finally go downstairs to see if I could speak to someone about waiting for half an hour) I call security from the front desk. They send 2 officers down only to tell me that there is nothing they can do. I speak with another officer, she tells me I have to wait until 7:30am to get my car keys. And I have to work at 8am. Thank you all for NOTHING.

Jezabel Pena

Midwifery department is awesome! I had a wonderful experience :) will be delivering baby #2 there.

Darlene Kopydlowski

Worked here for 33 yrs. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my health care

Arijana Cooks

Had me waiting in emergency for hours, just for them to immediately discharge me with no help. The staff are rude and unprofessional.

M. D

esraa al muzel

Michelle Sweeney

Debra Dickerson

Great staff

Patrick Radlinski

Worst ER in America. Seriously wish there was a negative star rating for this review. Do not come here for ER. Absolutely not an ER, more like a homeless shelter that assumes everyone is a junky. Brother went there for seizures, found him in ER room alone, seizing and had bloody pillows. Lying in his blood, we asked for assistance and they replied " what you need?" Pathetic at best. The nurse was great. Everything else, horribly ran and should be converted to a shelter, which those people need help too.

Michael Mangold

I was hospitalized at this facility in early March of this year (2018). The total stay amounted to 5 days and 4 nights. Overall, it was a good experience. I cannot say I "enjoyed" it (it is a hospital after all), but the staff did make my time there meaningful. Since I fell as a result of a heart arrhythmia, I was considered a Fall Precaution and was essentially bedridden for 5 days. Between the TV, my own books, and Internet access, I was never bored. The doctors, nurses, aides, and even the cleaning staff treated me with respect and at times, humor. I have only two problems with my hospitalization: the food and the number of blood draws. The latter was problematic since I had an IV access in my right arm so they could only draw blood in my left. By the last draw, I was ready to cry. I know it is standard hospital procedure to put us cardiac patients on a low-salt, low-cholesterol diet, but really. It was like eating cardboard. They base their menu on the old "Food Pyramid" recommendations, which are now out-of-date. My firm conviction and advice is get the dietitians on board more heart friendly and palatable recipes.

Marie Gilmore

One year ago... I liked the ER. It was the floor. Chart orders all over the place, Staff frustrated & Rude. Rooms not clean, Drs. (Some) very Rude. Somebody (or) someone, or something needs to look at this place really close. Its not cool over there. Unless I cant speek for myself, I wont go back.

Devante Mayo

Courtney Rogers

I had my son here in February 2018 a great birthing experience he had to stay in the nicu for a week and they were all great as well

David Serrano

Great place to get Medical attention. Came in with shortness breath, ending up staying for 4 nights. They did wonderful care of me, making my stay pleasant. Thanks for your service.

Jack Wagner

I never post on any review site however I will give this place a one star any day of the week. I was with my friend who got an EKG and it has taken over 4 hours to get one. That is strike 1. Strike 2 is someone just collapsed in the waiting room, and it took the 20min let me repeat 20min to even check on the kid and the cops were about to arrest the mom for yelling for a doctor to help her kid. WTF and the 3rd strike is someone legit lit up a blunt in the waiting room. WTF is this place will never go here again.


I literally came in and its not packed nurses standing around talking and forgetting that I need stitches on my hand like really..the service is terrible period

Cora Hyndman

I had a great experience at this hospital. I went into labor at 32 weeks and spent a week on bed rest here before delivering my son. Then, my son spent 2 weeks in the NICU before he was able to come home. The nurses in the NICU were helpful, caring and compassionate. It was extremely hard to leave my son at the NICU, but the nurses helped to ease some of my anxiety by taking really good care of my son. I was very pleased with the care I received.

Heidi Woody

The actual visit to the center was fine. The wait was long, and the reception rude, but once back with the Dr. he was pleasant and quick. I was only with him for 15 min and then on my way to the pharmacy. All of that was good. They filed my insurance so I didn't pay or receive a bill for about a month. HERE'S WERE THE SHOCKER COMES IN: The FIRST bill came and it was for $315, adjusted down to my payment of $218.93. I called, certain that it was a mistake for the 15 min. visit. Nope! I was told that is the right amount because they are associated with a hospital and that's the price. I was very frustrated that they had charged so much at an urgent care, but paid it and went on. There was no mention of another bill. About a week later, I got another bill. WHAT??? Yep. The first bill, I learned was really for the Dr. and the second bill is for the clinic. This bill was for $133, adjusted after insurance to $40. This has been an extremely FRUSTRATING experience and I will never return to this clinic. Fortunately I'm only there once a year for business and I will inform the organization I attend with, not to use this clinic. :(. Dr. Anderson was very pleasant, but this is robbery!


Staff who cannot seem to follow their own policies posted on the wall directly next to them and then got "huffy" with me after I brought this to their attention. Thanks for the awful experience "charge nurse Linda!"

steve meyer

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. Incompetent doctors rude staff and an overall horrible experience. If you value your life go somewhere else.

Cristine Moore

Thank Everyone whom took Care of My Husband Derrick Moore in room s 315

Eva Runke

Take Great Care Of There Patients

Jolene Nichole

adonis crawford

I always have a good experience when I go. They are very helpful with my children, seeing as to I'm a single mother. Would recommend, better then the other milwaukee hospitals.

Justice ross

Michael 20

Oh I remember this place. That was back then when i was little. Don't remember much being in there though.

Blia Lee

I called about something that happened while pregnant and needed some answers. They had to transfer me 5x just to NOT get an answer because there is no attending OB on call. The person on operating who picked up the call was so rude too!

Steve Mathie

We have been seeing a midwife here by the name of Eileen Nyholt who is just one of the finest human beings I have ever met. We are so thankful to have her throughout our pregnancy. She has vast knowledge on a broad range of subjects related to pregnancy. It's a pleasant facility with valet parking and catwalks that accommodate people parking in structures and that have to travel from one part of the building to the next for an Ultrasound or blood work. It's a fantastic place.

Eliza Sureo

I had my first baby at this hospital almost 3 years ago. i was in labor for almost 24 hours because one of the student doctors was in charge of my care supervised by a doctor, she kept saying i was not dilating enough every time she came and checked me she would say the same thing, 4 centimeters. I asked for another doctor to check me because i couldn't believe that was true i was in so much pain. And sure enough another doctor came in and said i was fully dilated the entire time. My family was so mad. Then i spent another hour pushing the baby out to be only forced on my knees so the baby could be put in right position because they said it was not in right position. If it was not for the kind nurse lady who stood with me the entire time holding my hand calming me down with her good heart and gentleness, i would have flipped out on those people long ago. After i finally gave birth to my baby i was given antibiotics because i got a fever and infection from the long labor. Then i developed postpartum high blood pressure. So i had to stay longer given i'vs with some magnesium stuff that made me groggy and miserable. I had my hubby order everyone out of that room except for the nurse lady i only wanted her to take care of me and my baby i didn't trust anyone else. If it was not for her i would have given this review No stars if possible. It was a horrible experience. I am pregnant with my second child and i will not be going back to have my next child in this hospital.

Leona Theune

Carrie Lynn Anderson

Gerardo Martin Muñoz

I Was Born Here

Tammy Fairbanks

It's a nice enough hospital as hospitals go

Michele Parliament

judgmental and jaded staff. everyone there must hate their jobs. Aurora's focus should maybe turn away from building more clinics and hospitals since they continue to fill them with zombie staff who could care less about the patient experience...especially if you don't fit a certain 'profile'.

Latoya Ayers

I went in with a migraine and the nurse while trying to give me an IV poked my nerve. This was after first not being able to find a vein in my other arm. Tammy the nurse in question then proceeds to blame it on me saying I moved. I didn't move although I did yell out in pain when she hit the nerve. I told her I didn't move. She then says "are you dehydrated"? I said not to my knowledge. Now not once did she apologize at ALL!! She walks out of my room after saying to me "I don't know why it hurts you that bad". I said I'm sorry excuse me. I have never been nor am I now afraid of needles. I have chronic migraines I'm no stranger to IV medication. I will never go back to that hospital and it's like 5mins down the street and I will also be following up with the nursing supervisor to file a formal complaint!!!

Cynthia Washington


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