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REVIEWS OF Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center IN Wisconsin

Cheryl Driscoll

We went into the emergency room this morning. From the moment we were greeted, I could tell it was going to be a great experience. The RN who checked us in was very caring and thorough. Following my husbands check in care were two nurses who were always following up. It was amazing. The Dr.was very caring as well. We had further tests with an ultrasound technician, who did a great job. In addition, the administrative director came in to see how our experience was . We told her how pleased we were, and hoped that she would pass it on to her staff. Such a great team to work with!

Anthony Barbuto

They should not have a psychiatric (psy) unit even for adults let alone teens. Most staff is rude and not helpful. not able to run a psy unit.

Ryan DenDekker

Laura Romualdo

Stephen Mathis

Very good hospital they take good care of u

Jean Willems

I was hesitant after seeing mediocre reviews but my care was excellent from the time I registered until the time I was released.

Violet Rose

Sarah Ochs

I’ve been here twice now, once to deliver my baby and the second to have ear vents put in that same baby. Both experiences were way better than expected. Staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and calming. They did everything with a smile. I’d recommend to anyone needing care to come here.

Barb Ochs

My comments are for the staff in the maternity ward- the nurses and admin staff were great! Upon entry of the area, you had to ring in; the staff was vigilant by asking who you were there to see and also watched who was coming thru if the door happened to be open. I felt my daughter & family were in a safe environment. The nurses were so helpful with the new parents making sure they had all the help they needed with their new son. They also kept them well informed on shift changes so if someone new came thru the door it was not a surprise. I so appreciate all you do!! Thank you!

Lori Carrillo

I give this hospital a 5 star!!! We are from out of state and we are here visiting family and My 1 year old got a rash all over his body and was fuzzy and running nose and a cough so we took him to this hospital being it was so close to my family members home. Since the moment we got there they treated us so great and literally took them less than 5 mins to call us in and the RN Immediately went into the room and took his temperature and checked his vitals and less than a minute later the doctor came in and examined my son. He was so nice and explained everything so good we couldn't have been any happier. In and out in less than 30 mins... I would definitely recommend to my family and friends who live here!

william desmith

There behavioral health unit is a joke

Mickey Stubler

Babiiboiiz Stone

They take care of their patients very well n get done wat needs to b done!!!

Colleen Calpin

Took good care of me

timm mcdonald

I believe we are lucky to have this hospital. In fact im greatful. If you need an er... Chances are like me you are not doing to well on those days. The staff of the er is tremendous. The staffs of the care wings in patient or out patient are professional and you are not treated like some number. To those who have a more negative perspective of this facility... They have to cope with a wide range and alot of times stablize for transport to a regional center for special expert care. This is a top notch facility with top notch nurses and er doctors.

Loraine Barbeaux

I've been here several times for medical reasons. The staff has treated me well and abided by my wishes for the most part. I like them better than some of the staff at other Aurora facilities. That said, when I took my husband to the ER they did take us back quickly, but it took them 3-4 hours to determine that he'd had a heart attack and then shipped him off to the Grafton facility at 1 am.

Kevin Wade

They are greedy. Rude. They break the law. Malpractice and make things up to try and do unneeded services. A terrible experience. And definitely do have have a baby at this hospital unless you dont want it. Stay away.

Loree Shriver

I went to ER with severe cut to finger. Excellent staff all the way around.


Scott Smogoleski

Samuel Sternhagen

Aurora almost killed me through negligence. To anyone considering going here: Good luck with your failing organs and lawsuit!

Justin Langdon

Best of 2 hospitals in Sheboygan. Er RN's are great.

Kalooeh .

Mixed review because while the Emergency Room is terrible the Physical Therapy department I've had good experience with. Went in for pain involving Gallbladder (scheduled for surgery anyways) in case it was emergency (because it was closest to work at the time and I had to leave because of the pain I was in) . There was a short wait time and the nurses were helpful but when it came to the doctors they wouldn't listen to me and they decided instead to focus on a minor gasristis case in my medical history that was already being taken case of by my main GI doctor because they felt it could possibly be an ulcer instead, and not the gallbladder that I was scheduled to have removed because there was issues (not stones) . They also prescribed me low doses of medications that I was already taking and wouldn't listen to me about already being on them at twice what they had given me scripts for. Ended up getting pain meds from primary doctor. Got gallbladder out shortly after at St Nick and it was gangrenous. Even if there wasn't an emergency removal doctors should not have ignored my concerns or what I had been telling them. While the meds they had given me with the iv helped with my problem somewhat for the time, it could have easily ended up turning out worse and possibly killing me because the doctors decided they wanted to focus on something with insignificant and not listen to me. Been in the hospital before for other emergencies and while the wait time is good and nursing staff is friendly the doctors still tend to often seem to not really listen to concerns well. They're friendly too and it can be disarming for people but at the same time it could easily get someone hurt so. I got my complaints about the St Nick ER too (that don't need to be listed here because not a review for them anyways) but this one has been the most frustrating because of how easily this could had gotten a whole lot worse just because the doctors for whatever reason don't feel the need to listen to the patients. The Physical Therapy department on the other hand I've had been experience with and have had to see them a few times for a couple problems. Very helpful and listen to their patients and figure out how to work around the problem as best they can.

C Misci

I was visiting from out of town this past weekend when I was hit with a kidney stone. I went to the ER (at midnight). I was greeted nicely and was seen right away. Meds were administered promptly providing immediate relief. Testing and results we very quick. Staff was professional and attentive. I wanted to share my positive experience and was surprised to see so many negative comments. Hope I don't need to ever go back, but if necessary would have no concerns.

Robert Osthelder

It is a hospital. Sick and or dying go here. What else do you want.

James Greene



By far the worst ER in the state. They honestly prompt people to find drug dealers. The staff is rude and uncaring. A person who already has fusions is told we cant give you more than amped up Advil. After talking to the nurse manager, a new kind of rude was found. Go to St Nicks or go to Alaska but not there. Unless you want no care. btw the Dr never asked what was going on.

Jenny Buelow

Andrea Weeden

Tracy Shelton

Troy Mason

What an evil den of butchers, bitchs, &. Badges. They don't give a crap about people in chronic agonizing pain. It's all a kid game to keep people sick. My cousin Billie Jo Dahm. Was killed in this hospital by using a"drug" to kick-start her kidneys, well hers had all damage caused by medications. So what dumb ass thinks another med could save a girl who's medafe her kidneys fail.

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