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REVIEWS OF Wheeling Hospital IN West Virginia

Eddie Ball

Deborah Smith

Nicole Maitlen

The staff is super slow. Not very informative. Too much cell phone use among employees.

Martin Dofka

Got there 2:15 AM, my dad had severe head pain and loss of ballance. After hours of waiting and repeatedly telling them I think he was having a stroke a doctor finally came in at 6:30 AM. They did 2 cat scans and saw nothing that would cause this problem. That evening I moved him to UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh Pa. They looked at the Cat scan and said they couldn't see this, his brain was swelled from a stroke TIA. So now they might have to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure on the brain. Send people to this hospital that you are mad at and want to kill. I will say that they do have a great advertising campaign.

lori lawrence

I want to start by saying that the good should be weighed along with the bad. I spent of 3 stays totaling 30 days 2 yrs ago. Bottom line, the "hospitalists" are a joke & very condescending. One asked me after being in ICU a few days, "why don't you work?" I was too sick to realize what a stupid, rude question it was. That same "guy" was there every day, even out of ICU. Funny thing, he never once stepped a foot over the threshold of the door. I was not contagious. Some of the daytime NA's where very young "smarty pants" girls. I could give quite a few clear examples, but do not want to write way too much. With that said, most of the nurses were professionals. Nighttime nurses & NAs especially so. Just one horrendous daytime floor nurse who wouldn't adminster ordered pain medications for a very. obvious severe fracture that required emergency surgery. She told me that I had to be "alert" to sign the OR release when I got there hrs later. The OR told me that was ridiculous considering the circumstance. Same nurse insisted that I be sent to get pre-op chest xray that morning after already having the standard pre-op chest xray specificially preformed in ER. The ER sent the portable chest xray to me for these. This nurse dismissed the fact. I was moved down to the 1st floor to be xrayed again. I was on the 1st floor during the early morning chaos of the workday. I was on a gurney waiting in the hall unattended to be told that I didn't need to be xrayed. Absolutely not the fault of the xray dept. It had been my nurse's call. I waited for what seemed like eternity to be escorted on this gurney up to the room to wait the additional few hours for my surgery. It was a really degrading, extremely painful experience laying in that public hallway that morning, since I didn't even need it. Yes, I have focused on the bad as most of us do. I owe a big thank you to the dietary staff, especially one well manored young gentleman who was so kind when he walked into a room each day. This is enough horror story telling for now.

Jody Grimes

Wheeling Hospital IS NOT a hospital of excellence. They are just like any other company, looking out for themselves! Do not recommend.

Bob Luchetti

Caring people- effective care

John Lacy

Very well taken care of. Thank you


I have never been involved with another hospital that has been this good to me or my family...from the ER staff to the surgeon and floor nurses, they made a miserable experience I was going through extremely stress free. I would wholeheartedly like to thank all of those involved.

Daishanay Easter

Nikelle Parsons

Jack Frost

er nurses were very inconsiderate and had no compassion for an elderly lady who is not all there. very mean attitude from brunette nurse with a boys hair cut. Well I was kicked out of hospital after I told the nurse she needs to stop yelling at my eldrely mother and she should talk to patients more compassionatly. crz, they kicked me out. then when I pick my mother up 3 hours later she still had major cut on toe that 2 nurses said wasn't even there. that hospital is b.s. nevery never go unless they r friends then they'll probly take good care of u. WHAT A JOKE OF A HOSPITAL!!!! oh and nurses name was jess. that broad should not be working with people ever. JESS SUCKS AND IS THE MOST UNCOMPASSIONATE PERSON IV MET IN WHEELING. SHE MAKES ME REGRET MOVING HERE.

Bryan Grimm

Angie Carey

Their customer service department made me cry. I think they enjoy hurting people. Jane, in billing, gets off on making people cry. I assume everyday she comes home to a plate of baby bunnies and kittens and a tall glass of children's tears. I have tried for months to understand why she is so cruel. I have thought about how billing sure must be a stressful job what with people calling in to yell at you all day long. But I have spoken with other billing staff members and none of them are as cruel and hateful as Jane. I hope her home life is ok. Even though I completely despise Jane, I would never wish anything bad to happen to her. So Wheeling Hospital, if you're reading this, maybe you should check in on Jane's mental health? I don't want you to fire her because I'm sure that will result in a murderous rage on her part. But maybe you could check up on her? At the very least, I think she needs a hug.


Very good place to go

Sean Loy

Had my son in for a broken arm. He was seen and treated quickly and we were very happy. The staff treated him great and made him feel at ease on his first trip to the ER. Great overall experience!

mark cuiksa

If the three stooges owned a hospital, this would be it. All they know how to do is run primitive tests for quick cash, and doctor kickbacks (see thier ongoing lawsuit). It's highly unlikley that you will receive an acurate diagnosis there. The only ones there qualified to fix anything is the cafeteria staff.

Ally J

I’m not going to go into FULL detail about how horrible I’ve been treated by nearly every person I’ve come in contact with at this so called hospital, but I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and finally have enough courage to look for a different place to deliver my daughter. If you care about someone do not let them come here, and don’t get me wrong if they were just “rude” I can handle that, no problem, I get it your job is stressful, but when I have multiple woman (still to this day don’t know what their job titles were) checking my cervix and cutting me using the metal papsmier tool not sure what it’s called right now & literally saying “yeah I’m not sure what I’m doing” ?!! Been there for over an hour before they realized my monitor wasn’t even ON?!? & hooked me up to the wrong machine for contractions.. I was and still am so blown away by how these two woman still remain employees at a hospital! And than I tell the doctor (Dr. Swamy) on my following appointment about my visit to labor and delivery (I was only getting check out Bc I had some cramping and decided to go make sure everything was okay) and she says “well that’s here say I can’t do anything about it” and goes on an on and basically calls me a liar ?!? AND ALSO, maybe I will go into full detail Bc I’m so against this hell hole, I expiernced nerve damage to my neck & back in December, I was also pregnant at the time considering I’m still pregnant and it’s April, but anyways, I could not work, so my doctor I was seeing for the neck an neck injury suggest we contact my OB and make sure it is okay to get X-rays so she can help me further more with my injury, I called, my doctor called AND faxed over paperwork requesting permission to send me for X-rays and I even asked Dr. Swamy and the response we both received was “that’s not our department or problem” “that has nothing to do with us, but no do not get X-rays done” so i never had the X-rays done and ended up losing my job because I’m STILL suffering from the pain Bc my doc can only do so much (I see her once a week), i was at my apt with dr. Swamy yesterday & AGAIN was called a liar, she said if we would have requested it she would have said she didn’t care and to get the X-rays, I literally almost fell off the table, she was the rudest woman I’ve ever met on my entire life, made me feel about 2ft tall & because of her own ignorance and incompetence of her staff, I have had it!! The entire apt she babbled on and on like an idiot contradicting herself more times than I can even count all defending her mistakes and her staffs, not a single apology for how I was treated, NOTHING. I’d rather have my baby born at home!!!! Their are only 2 and I’m serious, 2 woman I’ve met at wheeling hospital that didn’t make me feel like garbage. This is my first baby and I always have my fiancé and or mother in law with me, an they’ve witnessed it all and their sick about it all, also. Wendy the nurse practitioner is wonderful on the other hand, BUT I will say this, when I told Wendy about not being able to get through on the phones for a week and 3 days straight or the on call Doc, she did inform me their are a lot of issues with the phone.. at least I got answers and didn’t get blamed for it ?! Lmao. But seriously don’t go here, I didn’t want to have a buckeye baby Bc I nor fiancé is from here, but looks like I’ll be trying OVMC and begging them to take me.. sorry for such a long rant. Just thought I’d worn anyone questioning this place!!

Jacqueline Bare

I am sitting on the 6th floor waiting for my mother to die. As I sit here in room I continuously hear a nurse swearing loud enough for anyone to hear it. The same nurse can also be heard being nasty after being on the phone with anyone. The last thing I need is to witness the unprofessional behavior which seems to be very normal on this floor at night

Mike Sinatra

One of the worst hospitals i have ever been to. Went there today with my fiancee. We waited there for over 2 hours. They took her to get blood taken. She got sick and passed out. The nurse at the desk was supposed to be watching sad she was faking. When someone is slumped over on the arm of the chair. They arent faking.

Amy G

Parking, lot attendants and pretend security guards are terrible.

Nathan Rodak

I went to a pre-op appointment and they had all the wrong information about my medical history. The nurse insisted that they were correct, but they clearly were not. I cancelled the surgery and am searching for a new Dr at a different hospital.

Buzz Jones

The hospital was filthy!!! The hospital was extremely crowded with not enough staff to do the job they need to do. The nurses were great for the most part especially one with the last name of Vicker. Nothing was done in a timely manner. If you were told 3 o'clock for a procedure it always turned into 6 hours later. The night staff in the ER were professional, but not so much for the regular floors. Personal conflicts were being aired often. If I can help it, and God forbid something should happen further, I will be taking my father to Morgantown or Columbus.

Michael Strawn

Security does a great job. Staff they are the best.

Richard Brocklehurst

On October 4th I went to the ER for a bad cut on my on arm. Received fast n excellent care especially from Dr. Andrew Valliyil. He did an excellent job with the cut on my arm. 17 stiches

Desiree Waterhouse

john emanuel

Nurses and staffing were fantastic from the day I got to the er. To the day i got transferred to a hospital back home. Made sure my pain was under control.very very helpful with everything.

Janaya Cue

My husband had a terrible experience. He received discrimination, and malpractice do not come here if you are any type or minority or anything because they will not treat you well

Mary McKay

Jack Hart

Had a severe pain in back and groin area. Not knowing what was wrong and recently having an aorta aneurysm stent put on I picked Wheeling ERoom as that was where I had the AAA repaired. Turned out to be a painful kidney stone. Arrived around 2230. Had to sit in the waiting room for 3 hrs and 17 minutes. Vomiting twice. I was then taken to a room and after an hour wait finally saw a DR who ordered a cat scan and after reading it came back and ordered medicine that eased the pain in 10 minutes. Finally discharged and home at 6:30 a.m.. If you've ever had a stone you'll understand how ridiculous this Wheeling Hospital Triage is. I'm glad it wasn't my aorta stent.

Sharon D

Suffered from a post partum hemorrhage a few years ago under Dr. Jessica Moreno. Should’ve never happened according to the rest of the staff.

Nick P

By far the worst hospital to go to do not go here under any circumstances.

Dave Bontempo

Once the greatest hospital in the valley, now I would not take my dog here. Over the last year or two they have consistently failed my family. Dr. Brian Rose should have his medical license pulled away, he gave my dad stitches after a fall, put 5 in a patent that is known to be on blood thinners, two days later had to take him back and get 6 MORE stitches in the same wound. Bring it up to their failed complaint team, and they will send you a letter that says everything was done properly. Done with this place, I hope they go completely out of business.


Wife was scheduled for surgery, got there at 7:45 a.m. and reported to the surgery center front desk, was told that they needed to register her and after 2 hours and 15 minutes finally got registered for a surgery that should have happened at 9 a.m., Surgery was performed at 11:a.m., It was said they had forgot about getting her registered. Lost a whole days work when it should have been 4 hours. Pure lack of understanding about what people have to go through for medical services. Real poor service and no concern for patient needs.

Annie Gombar

The nurses in the emergency room department were the rudest nurses I’ve ever come across. This is coming from a person who has been in and out of ERs their whole life. My friend was in the ER and the nurse she got stuck with was so inconsiderate, I couldn’t even stand it. My friend asked for a heated blanket, took 15 minutes to get the blanket. When I asked (politely) for a blanket because she was physically shaking, the nurse got an attitude and said “I have other patients. Your friend gets a blanket when she gets it.” I could have slapped her right then and there. Avoid this hospital at all costs if you don’t want to physically fight one of their staff members.

Noel Farris

The emergancy room wait is outragous, 5-6 hours. And they refused to do anything. I ended up leaveing and driving the few hour drive to morgantown hospital for help. In Treated and out in 2 hours.

Barbara Mazzocca

My last ER visit was so horrible, we walked out shaking our heads. They tried to put in an IV. I told them at the beginning I only have two veins that will work, but they are hard to get. If they can't get it, they won't be able to find another vein, so I asked them to get the best people they have to do this. Of course that is against their policy. So, they messed up the only two veins, then called in the pros, who could do nothing. They then said they'd have to put in a picc line. They didn't even know what was wrong, yet, are you kidding? Then they had someone come in to get blood and my veins kept collapsing. They said there was nothing they could do, and sent me home. Are you kidding me? All I needed was a chest X-ray.

Angie Bowen

Professional and caring staff. Wonderful post-op experience here!

H.O.P.E Help Our Precious Elephants

A NIGHTMARE. The care I received after major surgery in which I had to stay a week was nothing less than frightening. I actually feared for my life. If I had access to a phone in ICU, I would have called 911 to save me. Honestly. It wasn't much better when I was moved to a room. I wasn't given my daily meds until the day I left. (They forgot). My heart monitor went off when I was combing my hair. Instead of calling cardiology, they told me to stop combing my hair. I could literally write a book. Do not go near this place or let your family member's become victims. It really is life threatening.

Kate Rhodes

My sister and I live close to this hospital (she's here a lot). its why we go here but after the experience tonight we will NEVER be back. We checked in at 2 am on 1/27/17 because my sister has been sick for 5 days now. The nurse we got her name is Nicole. We caught her at the end of her shift and I get she wanted to go home but it's no reason to make someone feel bad and cry for coming to get help. Whoever took her to get her X-Ray was a godsend because my sister was already in tears and crying and she got her calmed down. This is NOT the only bad experience we have had here but we gave them a second chance. The other time the nurse who we got treated my sister like she was stupid and dumb. Kept telling her over and over to do the same thing while she was doing it. We left and went home. It is worth going to a different hospital I promise you that.

Pilar H. Lara

Awesom staff had my EMG here .... I was well cared for

Brandi woods

This is the only hospital I'll take my 4 kids to

Brii Marling

They have taken care of all my babies with compassion and care. I am so happy that my babies was in the care of such amazing people. Thank you for all you do, I can not thank all these nurses enough. I just had a baby girl last Friday and she was well taken care of. They also helped my second son learn how to eat. I assure you, your baby will be in good care.

James Bennett

Tasha Berry

The doctors and nurses were very informative and attentive. I was registered and seen within minutes. The staff was kind, compassionate, and very kind. I will never go to another hospital.

dj thomas

Worthless.rude. no idea what they are doing. Rules for no reason. They dont give you the care or take the time to care. Never go here. They have literally almost got my family killed. Unbearable and unbelievable. I will never go hear again.

lorie lipinski

Bonnie Nash

It's been 4 days my Brother has been in Wheeling Hospital. He is having his leg amputated. He's had NO shower, Wheeling Hospital offers no wash basins to clean himself. He has MRSA/Sespis. They haven't changed his sheets or washed him at all! There is no excuse for this. This hospital is going to hell !! Staff is pleasant probably because they aren't working! Emergency room is worse! Understaffed I thought until I seen most of them sitting around an making sure they celebrated their New Year's Eve! I'm totally disgusted with this whole entire hospital. This place used to be #1 in the Ohio Valley. They have a 2.7 rating an that should tell you something!

Larry Jellison

Went to the ER Sunday afternoon and received the best treatment from an ER I have ever received. Went to the desk and told them why I was there and they did everything perfectly. Took my vitals and ran an EKG. Waited a couple minutes and was taken back for a chest x-ray. Waited a couple minutes and was taken to a room where three medical staff put in my IV and took blood, hooked me up to EKG and blood pressure cup and I answered all questions that needed to be answered. All done so good and so quickly. Was given breathing treatment and fluids and IV antibiotics and talked with the doctor and sent home to take it easy and recover. I had pneumonia in both lungs but I am feeling better. Just had to share my experience because it was so good. I will always go to wheeling park for my medical care.

Richard Moore

Kind and compassionate

Matt Paree

Great hospital.

Shan Kelley

I seriously wish I could give more stars. PHENOMENAL hospital! Had hernia surgery last week and the experience was top notch from entry to departure. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was being put up at the local Hilton, lol. Literally the instance my wife and I walked in the door I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. From the receptionist that checked us in, the nurses that told me to get naked before surgery and put that bassackwards gown on, the nurse that wheeled me to the holding area outside of surgery, the anesthesiologist that talked about the best pizza restaurants in town, I can only guess the surgeon was polite but I was too high on intravenous medication to remember, the sweet nurse in the recovery area even had my favorite ginger ale waiting on me and all the way to the kind lady that wheeled me back to my wife waiting on me under the covered awning to pick me up and take me home. I mean, I kinda want to have surgery again just to experience all the hospitality!! Seriously, EVERY hospital in the nation could take some notes here. I know, I've had 7 surgeries over the last year and a half in other hospitals and was not treated half as nicely as I was at this one. WELL DONE WHEELING!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

Karen Fullerton

love all the Doctors and nurses Schiffer Cancer Center is the best place to go Dr.Pollock in radiation is an awesome Dr and Dr Taheja chemo was very good the nurses are caring compassionate nurses as well as Family Health Center been going to there for 5 years since i moved to Toronto Ohio From Georgia Love the Doctors Nurses and all staff never had a bad experiance but 1 time i had a nurse scream at me i told the nurse manger on the unit and it never happened again had problems with what was going to be my new family Dr in family health recently i changed doctors immediately no problems since i have overall caring Dr

Vivid Olmstead

Don't come to the emergency room here cause ur chances of being seen are not good unless it a child under 10. While I see a lady who came here before me also looks to be in pain whw I sit here with a pain level of 8 to 9 going on 3hr wait cause their excuse is no beds. But they took 3 people in that came after I been here for an hour. Keep in mind I informed them I just had an emergency Cs3ction 2weeks ago but i guess not important

Debbie McEldowney

Wheeling Hospital has some of the worst doctors in this country. Save your family by staying away.


Brad Hupp

Jill Showalter

Disorganized, non smoking, rude, expensive and disrespectful. Not so long ago, the guardrail was a designated smoking area! Now the security smoking natzis, tell me I can't smoke there. So, I want to know who owns that bank above the city walking trail? Wheeling city or the hospital. Pretty sure it belongs to the city, not Wheeling Hospital! So here's to the HUGE thumbs down for you!

Karen Szczesniak

Too long of a wait. Left there went to Reynolds Memorial. Was in and out in no time. First and last time going to Wheeling hospital ER.

savannah tilton

My grandma was in there and she was smiling and laughing the doctors was very nice and explained things not in a way that they was head honcho and the nurse's aide do their jobs the way they are supposed to. ONE OF THE BEST HOSPITAL I HAVE EVER BEEN YO

Paige Sears


Justin Errett

Terrible place worst hospital ever my fiancee and I went there last night and sat there for 3hrs she was having sharp pains all over her body when we went up to ask when she was going to be called back and the person at the front desk got rude with us and told us that they are taking people back who is a priority but to me that was just rude and wrong to me everyone that comes in there should be treated as a priority

Nancy Kasunic

Amanda Finsley

Absolutely deplorable care. Waited for a significant amount of time in the waiting area only to be brought back to a room with blood stains on the bed. My husband was left in a bed for hours...NO ONE bothered to so much as check in with him. After running a strep and flu swab test and seeing that they came back negative, they told us that he "probably" had a virus and to take ibuprofen and follow up with our PCP. My husband had significant joint pain throughout his body and no one bothered to try to figure out why. Saw a nurse practitioner named Jen who was basically clueless. After asking if there was a physician available that we could speak to, we were curtly told that there wasn't. Seriously? No doctor in the emergency room? I wouldn't take anyone I loved to this establishment ever again, the lack of care and competence displayed here was completely unacceptable.

Marsha McCort

Dwayne Coen

Daniel Kleeh

Possibly the best hospital in the valley. This Trama II Hospital's performance is impeccable and saves many lives. If I have a choice of where I'm going for emergency care in this valley, it's Wheeling Hospital.

Collin Huffman

Don't go here. Don't go to the Ramano Building. Please spare yourselves and find another group of doctors to work with. I've currently been waiting 2 hours for a SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT! This is so ridiculous. Please go somewhere else and NOT here. Please.

Willis Reeves

Came in with my wife who is 13 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound came in. Can someone explain to me why I have to leave the room that my WIFE AND UNBORN CHILD!! Is in so they can do a ultrasound!! Why is the father descriminated against to the point that he is treated as if he’s s stranger off the street. That child in my wife’s stomach is my child! I support my wife and children 100% financially and do not miss a single event! But I can’t be in the room while they try to figure out what is wrong with my wife and unborn child! I find this extremely upsetting! Yes I know I am a man and I’m not the one pregnant! My wife requests me to stay in the room! She’s scared! But yet it’s “ hospital policy”... extremely unhappy with this hospital! If I could give 0 stars I would.

Rhiannon Avaneen

I am putting one star because I can't put zero. I gave birth to my daughter at this hospital and my fiance and I did not have a good experience over all. My doctor was great, Dr. Lancione, I would recommend her to anyone, and so was the team that SHE put together to help her with my birth, but the rest of the experience was consistently unpleasant and infuriating. There was another reviewer that said she had a horrible experience and that her husband was discriminated against and that does not surprise me. She said if you are any kind of minority that you wont be treated well and I have to agree. My fiance and I are druid pagan and proudly adorn our pentacles as symbols of our faith, and we were constantly given dirty looks, especially my fiance. I understand it is a Catholic Hospital, but we didnt have much of a choice and they are supposed to respect all faiths and cultures regardless of their views. I hate the way my fiance was treated especially. When we got into the parking lot of the hospital, we had to ask where Labor and Delivery was because they DONT have a sign outside anywhere to indicate where it is, so we asked a security guard where labor and delivery was and his response was "Why?" fiance responded, "my girlfriend is in labor" and the guard's response was "Is she pregnant?" <<< really? This wasnt discrimination obviously, but I have rarely seen that level of stupid in someone, let alone a security guard or anyone in a professional position. When we first got IN the hospital, they took me to labor and delivery while my fiance parked the car. When he got in, the nurse told him to wait in the waiting room, rather than taking him right up to me in the delivery room LIKE SHE TOLD ME SHE WOULD!! I wanted to wait for him at the front desk of the hospital, but the nurse assured me that as soon as he parked and came in that she would bring him immediately up to me in the delivery room. It was at least thirty minutes before i saw him again and I was getting scared that something happened. All I wanted was for him to be with me. They did not come and get him or tell him where to go until HE finally tracked down the nurse, not doing her job, and found her chatting it up with the security guard in the front. The first night we were there they took my daughter to the nursery for over 3 hours without asking me if I wanted that or if I preferred she stay in the room - which I found out LATER was my right. One woman from the birth certificate office came into my room and did not ask "is this the father?" but rather asked "if the father was going to be here today?" - when he was sitting RIGHT THERE in the room! Then, AFTER she reviewed all the information that would be on the birth certificate, she STILL got his last name wrong - even though it was right on the affidavit AND the baby's last name was correct. Why on earth would the baby have a different last name than me OR her father?? Incompetence. If I had not caught the mistake, the whole birth certificate would have been wrong. I HATE the way he was treated the whole time we were there. Also, on one of the discharge papers, they put my daughter down as having MY last name, even though every time I wrote her name I used HIS last name. I was also asked a couple times if I was being abused and if I felt safe at home. I can understand that people want to help if someone IS being abused, but he is my rock, the love of my life, and my valiant protector, and the constant accusations, dirty looks, and general disrespect he received during our stay was unacceptable to me. I get it that My fiance is a big man; 6' 3" with boots and about 250 pounds, but they were discriminating based on looks. Also, they asked me TWICE if I had any allergies and I do, but on the discharge papers they put that I had no allergies entered in their system. This could have put my life at risk! They also tried to make us stay in the hospital after my doctor said I was free to go. If you can help it, don't go here. I dont have enough room to continue this review. Thats how bad it was.

Melanie Bane

I was visiting the area and dislocated and broke my ankle during a fall. I was afraid to stay somewhere where I do not know any Drs or staff. Everyone I spoke to reassured me the orthopedic surgeon that i had was the best. They would all send their family to him or go to them as well. I had a good experience at this facility from the ER to my admission, surgery and 3 day stay.

Rauslynn Platt

First off I did like this hospital until I had to be admitted now I'm discussed by how poorly I was treated tonight rediculous.

Subrat Behera

Aaron Travis


Typically I love Wheeling Hosp. Never go anywhere where else. I love every Dr. we have ever seen here, except Dr. Taubenslag. Please do not see this Dr. He was extremely rude to my 70 year old father who cannot hear very well, then, he wouldn't let us schedule any more appt. for being "non compliant" which is absolutely not true. I asked the nurse if she could investigate that for me, find out why the Dr. wrote that. I thought surely they had us confused with somebody else. She told me "Nope, I cant do anything else from here for you" Horrible!! Wheeling Hospital should really do themselves a favor and get rid of this awful Dr.

Rose Hills

My whole experience was horrible .. the nurse was very rude and didn't listen to a word I said then the np Gail Nickerson came in and had a MAJOR attitude...I went out and asked the Dr for something mild for the pain and she snapped at me and said the nurse will be in a few minutes with your discharge instructions and you can go to the pharmacy and get it filled there. I held my cool and walked away went back in my room and waited for my dis charge papers... so when the nurse came in he was very rude. He threw the papers at my husband asked me to sign and grabbed the clipboard out of my hand and walked out.. I was so mad I just got up and walked it gets worse I get to the pharmacy and realize the doctor gave me penicillin which I'm highly allergic to I almost died as a baby from it...I even told her she gave me motrin which I also told her I was taking all day long and didn't do anything.. so I go back up to the hospital and talk to the nurse in charge that was even more of a joke.. she was even more ignorant then the nursing and np put together.. so now it's after 6 o'clock all the pharmacy are closed so much for me starting my antibiotics.. another night I'm living in pain! that's okay I can take the wonder drug! "motrin"! So be smart and go somewhere else don't waste your time! For once I wish these drs can get sick or hurt and get a dr like i had with them and then they can see how it feels to be treated the way they treated me and get no help and be in pain...

James Harkins

Great hospital

ashley wayt

Wonderful staff

Alex Falcone

If I could give this zero stars I would. To start off there's nowhere to park. You spend 10-15 minutes trying to find a spot and when you finally find one you're super late to the appointment that you already left SUPER early for. The whole place is a mess layout wise. There's newer and older sections that don't appear on any maps and you're left trying to navigate this place by yourself with no information. All the nurses here are honestly some of the rudest and simply meanest people I've ever met. Just stone cold check in check out. No bedside manner at all. Honestly you could give them any medical information on yourself and they'll just ignore it. Are the walls red? Nope, they'll say they're blue. Not even worth it. If I'm in Wheeling Hospital's parking lot having a heart attack I'll insist to go somewhere else.

Rhonda Krieger

This used to be the best hospital in the valley. Now it's become the worst! They just don't care about people anymore.

Danny Marsh

I really used to believe this was the best hospital in the area but now it is a shame what it has become. My wife had surgery and the care after was not acceptable. This was her first surgery and no one made her feel comfortable. They left her for hours at a time and just seem not to care about how she is feeling. I had to have a conversation with the head nurse becuase the care is just not what you would expect.

George Martin

The staff at ICU was very nice with my wife very attentive. The hurdles on the 6th floor step down were very nice in our time of need. Thank you very much.

Michael Hlad

Very Very Very slow don't go here

Sherry F

On Feb. 5, 2015 I received a severe dog bite to my face. The care that I received at Wheeling Hospital was very good, with the possible exception of one nurse who was apparently having a bad day. I can't say enough good about the plastic surgeon who put me back together. The only real issue I had was that the ER Dr. that "evaluated" me spent less than three minutes with me and only said you will need a plastic surgeon. Several months later I received a bill for $1407.00 from his billing company. My insurance only paid $100.00 due to the services rendered. I will add that my total bill from the plastic surgeon was only a little over $3000.00, he spent three hours rebuilding my nose and cheek. I made a payment to First Capital Emergency Physicians and within a month I began receiving collection calls. I continued to pay First Capital although they continue to show the payments coming through collections. I now have no option but to take legal action, which I do not like to do. To date I have gotten no help fro anyone I have spoken with regarding this matter. To make matters worse the individual that the dog belonged to had been paying for the injuries but he has now skipped, but that is my matter and not the hospitals. I hope that anyone who sees this will take note of the exorbitant fees charged by the ER physicians group at Wheeling Hospital.

Kay Chio

Worse ER ever. Been here with my mom since 1:00 this afternoon and it is now 7:00 pm and still settling here

cody marsh

Cortney Roe

Worst experience of my life, wish I could give them a negative 5 stars. Rude nurses and drs no one is on the same page they gave my newborn the wrong formula all day when it was boldly written everywhere what kind she takes. They wrote us a prescription for sensitive formula and did not sign it!!! The guards were very rude to my child's father. I will say dr. Deguzman the one who delivered her is amazing he knows what he is doing but I will not be back because the hospital was a nightmare. Avoid if you can

Kimberly Littleton

Robin Vosefski

The 5th floor staff was very professional &. accommodating. Everyone went out of their way to make sure my father in law was well taken care of as well as meeting the family's needs. One particular person (Debbie) really went above & beyond & stood out even above the rest. In addition, Tiffany was wonderfu.l I would highly recommend this hospital.

Robert Jones

Been there for various reasons, they were always professional, courteous and as punctual as possible. No complaints, no issues.

Quentin Graham

James Goodman

Just wanted to say thanks to the hospital staff from the time I have been here everyone has been great to me and my family. I came to the er on Thursday morning with abdominal pain was admitted to the hospital because of my gallbladder. But I wanted to think everyone for the great hospitality that you showed me and for the Rn and nurse who let me use there phone to be able to contact my wife and to the surgeon that preformed the surgery and for making me comfortable while I was here may God bless everyone

Val Lude

I recently went to Wheeling Hospital ER, and i have nothing but good things to say about the staff and doctors. The nurses were very sweet and caring, along with knowledgeable and thorough. The x-ray techs were very nice as well. The doctor was helpful, listened well, and was extremely accommodating and reassuring to my anxious nature.

Holly Schramm

Kameron Jordan

Due to this may medical facilities incompetence overall and mishandling of early-stage staph infection and the fact that nobody in the entire Hospital apparently was capable of draining and packing the infection I had to go home 2 the land where real medical professionals are in order to try and get it on the control when you guys had days and multiple visits to take care of this but instead and now is growing MRSA so I just wanted to share this with the world and hopefully it deters anybody from ever going to that hospital again I appreciate you guys and all the lack Lester and piss poor treatment I received but don't worry Texas medical facilities as trying to save your ass and for your sake let's hope they do

Lou Moore

ER was good. Dr's "specialists" are good. Otherwise they got meds wrong 3 times in 6 days. One was blood thinner to keep you me from having a stroke, very important med. Discharged without scripts for new meds, CVS didnt receive them. Had to go back to hospital. They "found" them somewhere. Try to get private room if you have to go. I had elderly roomate that was going thru hard time. Fighting with nurses, very loud, I couldn't sleep, I ask for another room. They told me they didn't have any. I spent the night in a waiting room on the floor to get away from all of the turmoil. I had CRT-D implanted. Proceedure went well. Dr Bedi is a fantastic Dr. I'm very thankful for him. Next day pacermaker rep came to room to adjust program on my new heartbeat. There was total confusion in room with roomate fighting nurses and aids. Alarms going off on IV's and not getting silenced. At same time a nurses aid came insisting I get my blood pressure checked. I had to explain to her the pacer rep was working turning my heartbeat settings up and down trying to get the settings dialed in. OMG You can't make this stuff up.

Keith Bell

There is no reason for a 16 month old to wait over 2 hours to get a room and 2.5 to be seen with a head injury. Nobody seemed concerned.

John Cika

Chris Behanna

Bruce Baier

Great care and great staff and I have not meet a doctor that I have not liked

Millie Bess

I have always had pretty good experiences at Wheeling Hospital. Today I called to check on an appointment with the radiology department scheduling. The receptionist (Erin I believe) was rude, not friendly, and unhelpful. She was acting as if my simple questions were disrupting her day. These are the type of people who should NOT be in contact with patients, especially those who may actually be going through a difficult time! They need compassionate and caring individuals to assist in helping others, even if it is a simple question. My short interaction with this person already put a damper on an already stressful week!

Ashley Martinez

I have taken my toddler to the ER twice in the last year and both experiences were horrific. I am a health care clinician and understand that not all staff is trained in the management of children....but if you do not have said training, get someone who does. I was told that there was no pediatric nurse or doctor on call the most recent evening that we had to visit. Our first visit ended in 3 attempts at cathetarization and five IV attempts. All of this could be understood to a degree considering this is not a pediatric hospital....but there is no excuse for lack of bedside manner to a child. To say it was lacking is an understatement. This most recent experience, my 22 month old had a fever of 104, not breaking with Tylenol. The doctor had zero child care skills, was unable to examine her ears and throat properly because she was crying and being a sick typical baby, and on top of it all, told me that I “seemed angry.” Are you kidding me? We waited for three hours before she came in, toddler asleep and woken up abruptly by turning on all lights and getting straight to the “what’s wrong.” Zero compassion. She was the one that told me there was no one from Peds available. After I quickly told her about our first experience and why I seemed less than happy, she immediately one upped me and said her “girl was poked 18 times.” How unprofessional and apathetic?? I told her we were going to go to children’s hospital in Pittsburgh after it was clear that she was incapable of examining a child. She very demeaningly asked if they could “at least give her Motrin” because her fever was still 103 at this point. I said yes frustrated that now my child was screaming because she was exhausted (this is midnight). You would think a screaming kid could get Motrin pretty quickly ...after 15-20 min of no return I walked out. I went home, gave her Motrin myself, her fever broke and we will be following up with Children’s in the morning. What a fiasco and I will never be returning to their ER. Do not bring your children here.

Leah Scott

George Bell

Parking is horrible. The "security" very rude. I have to get my prescriptions filled there otherwise insurance won't cover it, so it takes close to an hour to find parking to walk in for 5 minutes. Security won't let you wait by the door to pick up patients.

WCA Shelter

Always pleasant and professional staff. No issues.

Craig Ferrell

Very poor er tech thought she knew our child better than we did also this one has very poor people skills. Visited 12/30/18

Chris Rehfeldt

Took 6 hours to do something very simple. At least everyone was nice. Got checked in, got xrays, got into a room reasonably quickly, but still took 5 hours for a doctor to look at xrays and come talk to us. The doctor that did get to us came in on the morning shift. I 100% blame how the hospital is administrated. I avoid going to the emergency room unless absolutely necessary. This was ridiculous. I'd rather drive to Washington, unless I can't.

Kris Haffner

Feb 13 I had surgery on left knee. A month later I'm still having some discomfort

Sarah Jokovich

I’ve currently been sitting in the ER waiting room with horrible stomach pain since 11:45 pm and it’s 4:15 am. Only 10 patients have been taken back since I got here. No one has been called back for over an hour. And there’s still at least 3 people ahead of me. Two other people have already left. I’ll make sure next time we’ll go somewhere else. This place is ridiculous.

Joseph Donbeck

April Galberth

They gave me Morphine,Norco and xanex which cause a chemical reaction. I dont remember anything but i heard i hurt a lot of feelings. Jack my nurse was awesome though. They left me unattended in my room for 5 hours. Never checked on me once.

dave riggle

being a disable veteran i feel i do not get the treatment i should. they don't take me serious. just today i was sent home with the same chest pain and dizziness i was taken in for. i asked what about being dizzy the said "we didn't know you were dizzy", was one of my main complaints lol. maybe if i texted to them they would see for how much they spend on their phone. yet nobody can tell me what it is. yet they say they are number one in cardiac? 14 years ago i went in and was told nothing wrong, 2 weeks later i had a heart attack. dr mulller didn't pay attention ot the stress test. i am asked why i don't work? asked why do i come in, after a heart attack, triple bypass surgery, 4 stents i go in when i have pain. but they must feel it is a joke or fun to me. i once had to argue that the heart doctor could and did put a stent inside of a stent. i ask for no pain medication but yet treated like a junkie who is looking for a fix. all i ask of them is to stop the pain and where it is coming from so i can have just a little quality of life instead of laying in a ball on the couch all day. if you say you are depressed because of the pain they will push you into Belmont where you will there is a great chance to be assaulted like i was. hit me up if you want to know more. can go on for days. even called a patient advocate yesterday who promised to call me back..guess what?

Jason Sims

bob Dylan

My 90 year old grandmother has cancer in her mouth and needs surgery they give her a number to call and when she calls it they are nothing but rude to her and gives her the run around, they must like doing that to old ladies. The specialist she's been seeing he's ok but his staff are rude and lazy doesn't give her the correct paper to fill out so we sit there almost 2 hours after her scheduled appointment thinking the correct papers have been filled out. Worst hospital in the valley I don't know a single person who has anything nice to say about it. If you value your health don't go here

Kristen kemp

lydle matheny

My mother was taken to Wheeling Hospital because of a fall at the mall. After numerous testing, cat scans and x-rays, it was determined that she had a broken left arm and numerous bruises with a cut above the left eye. After several days, Mom was released to a step down hospital at Parkersburg. Three days later, Mom took a turn for the worst and had to be taken to a hospital in Parkersburg. At the new hospital, after several tests (the same tests that was performed at Wheeling Hospital), it was determined that Mom not only had a broken left arm, but also two broken ribs and an injured left kidney. Why was these not found at Wheeling Hospital?

123 456

Erica Frazer

Cheryl Horn

I can't believe how much this hospital has gone downhill in the last two years. The emergency department is so terrible and uncaring. There are not enough doctors and most of the nurses are uncaring and don't listen to what you are telling them . My granddaughter was taken to the emergency room a couple weeks ago vomiting nonstop. She could keep nothing down, not even water. She was treated terribly by the doctor and nurses because they couldn't find anything on xrays and was sent home. It was like she was nothing but an inconvenience. The girl was sick for 13 days by the way but that's ok because she was wasting their time. Thanks though to Glendale hospital and the emergency staff there who took very good care of her a few days later when she was such a terrible mess. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the emergency department and monitoring done.

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