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REVIEWS OF Plateau Medical Center IN West Virginia

John Randall

The nurse's was very nice and took great care of me my doctor Jacob McNeal was very good listed to me and was very thorough

Elizabeth Peck

Melinda Martin

nice clean place

Lisa Johnston

Better than some like to admit. I have been to this hospital my entire life, and so have my kids. Have they ever made a mistake or been wrong? yes, but so did some of the highest ranking hospitals in our state on some very serious health issues I may add. Short story, they are much needed in our small community & have excellent seasoned Nurses & Doctors who know what to do. I appreciate this hospital and the staff that keep it going.

Disciple Child of God

Worse hospital yet. Stuck a tube up my husband's penis, on orders of Hilltop center nursing home, him with no pain medication, without guardian's signature, without knowing his other numerous medical problems, as punishment from the nursing home who threw him out, as they helped kidnap him from another hospital.

Chris Howe

Heather W

This is the worst emergency room I have ever seen. The nurses don’t care about their patients. The doctors don’t know what to do during an emergency. They took my grandmother there and diagnosed her with a stroke and ALL they did was give her antibiotics. It is the worst healthcare I have ever seen in my entire life.

Amy Ellington

DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!! Busted my lip open on a rafting trip, came here to get a stitch. The ER Dr. REFUSED to stitch me, when I told him I was a nurse and needed a stitch he said he would do it if I wanted but it was gonna hurt!!!!????? Why wouldn’t you just numb it? So after threatening me, he watched me cry while saying nothing, left the room, sent a nurse in to give me a tetanus shot. I left there, glued my own lip back together and just received a bill for the Dr. for 1300.00!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?????? For what???? This place is horrible!!!!! WARNING!!!! Do not go to this ER!!!! Worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve worked in lots of hospitals. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!! P.S.- anyone who says this Hospital is clean is an outright liar, the ER was FILTHY. This hospital is a disgrace.

Michael Moore

Took my daughter to the ER because her leg has been hurting for a while and her pediatrician does not do x-rays in the office, once there they refused to do an x-ray, all the doctor did was squeeze her leg and not tell us anything. This is the worst hospital I have ever been too, the nurses were nice but he Dr has very poor manners and seems to not care.


Karen Junge

This really has to be the worst ER in history. No understanding of triage or basic human needs. NEVER picks up their phone, and sends bills for the next 2 years, threatening collections, even after you've already paid the exuberant fees. Have permanent damage now which could have been avoided had they not chosen to treat someone with pneumonia before treating a dislocated shoulder.

PJ Wood

Went there for a broken arm, they were very good. Haven’t heard any bad stories from them but little experience. Hesitant to give a 5 star for that reason alone

Josh Smith

Horrible ER and staff. Staff LOVE to sit at the ER nurse station and gossip about people with EMS workers. Staff also do not give good care....will never go back here for sure!!!! I don't recommend anyone go there!!! Go to ....BARH.....

Rick Allen

I went there for knee replacement. Dr. Whitfield is a great doc but I got e-coli from a dirty catheter. I need another knee replacement, but I am afraid to go there.

Chris Cook

Friendly and clean.

Mckenzie Wriston

If I could rate this place a negative 1 star I would. Dr. Stewart didn't even touch me to examine me all he did was go by what was said. No x-rays done or anything. Will not go to plateau medical center again.

Jenny Thomas

Dr. Newmark I think his name is . I prefer call him a wore out waste of space in the ER. He needs to retire. He came in room after they was paid and basically said nothing we can do. She has a tooth abscess huge abscess dentists can't cant get her in till 28th. Med Express put her on antibiotics 6 days prior it wasnt helping they were called said take her to ER did that he didn't even examine it she is 6 and she pulled her lip up he barely looked said nothing we can do. He barely look. He never even examined it. He could have changed her antibiotic something. I have never had an experience like that there. Good n bad in all hospitals yes. But this man could barely speak audibly he mumbled and talked sooo slow he was awfull. Okay they don't do dental procedures fine. But why not even give a dentist list that could help her possibly. Waste of time. Med Express was called they had a doctor call back and they are changing her medication and helping. Dr Newmark. You sir are awful and I would never be seen by you ever.

Hailee Hall

This is the worst hospital ever, I hate it with a passion and I hope most of the doctors there get fired & most of them need to learn how to become real doctors. My mother was only 37, she went there because she had liquid constantly coming out of her nose, blue skin all the time, and she looked like she was on the verge of death. We took her they gave her an attitude and said she just has a cold and told her to leave, 2 days later I found her dead. This hospital has always been the worst. My friend had gone in because of a suicide attempt, and took over 35 pills, she was in the waiting room for almost 30 mins and none of the doctors cared that it was an emergency. I would rate this negative 10 starts if I could. So glad I moved to Myrtle Beach. Everything about this part of WV is messed up

Oscar Carter

Dr Conley is very. Straight forward and knows his business he will listen to you and treats you with respect

Sarah Prather

Bible Believer

My husband was sent here from Hilltop nursing home. They were under orders by Hilltop nursing not to give me any information. They refused information although I am legal surrogate, stating I have to ask Hilltop Center nursing home, who kidnapped my husband along with others to illegally changed surrogates. Business participate in order to continue getting money from other businesses. Nough said.


My husband went there from a nursing home. The hospital was required to ask my permission before doing anything. They did not. I did not even sign any papers for admission to the emergency room. As a result, they hurt him. He was already in excruciating pain, which was obvious. Their treatment caused a lot more pain. I had to listen to him screaming in pain, not able to do anything. POOR management & communication.

Mark Vickers

My partner has been fighting pancreatic cancer from 2008 to present. Plateau Medical Center did labs ct scans and x rays and found he also had pneumonia as well as a serious internal blood poisioning bacteria. Plateau Medical immediately took action under my authorization as his medical authorized representative. They immediately started all sorts of treatment and then admitted him. During the time of our stay they continued treatment. They also always informed me what they were planning to do to him. Throughout this whole time i was a complete emotional wreck. While being treated the staff was always there to comfort me in this time of need. Plateau Medical Center staff did an outstanding job saving his life. God blessed us with a great facility loving and caring staff. Plateau Medical Center provides quality patient and family care. They are like family to us because they know his health situation and they know how well i take great care of him. The staff is in our hearts forever and so is the facility. We love you all. Keep up the great work.

Nancy Holcomb

Best experience ever.... Dr. Peterson ENT wonderful, everyone in outpatient surgery ROCK!!! Will return there for any medical needs I have from now on. Everyone frome Registration, lab, Radiology, Respitory, are amazing. I was treated wonderful everyone went above and beyond to make sure my surgery went well and my after care went great!!

Cassie Jolley

This is the worst place ever. I would never recommend anyone to go to this emergency room

Garnet Tyler

Eric Jackson

Worst hospital I've ever been to, avoid at ALL COSTS.

James Masters

I am an employee of plateau medical center. We are doing big things in the community and we care about each and every person that comes through our doors. If you are here chances are your not having the best of days so we try our very best to make sure you have one less thing to worry about. We are quality care, right here

Austin Whitman

Currently sitting in the waiting room at the ER, having back heat pains and my left arm has been tingly since I woke up. Can’t take a deep breath because I get a sharp pain that takes my breath away. As I’m sitting in the waiting room their taking someone with a UTI, and a squirrel bite back before me... hopefully I don’t have a heart attack. They need to learn to see people on the actual severity of the illness and not in the order they come in.

Michele Kelly

Crystal Mckinney

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