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REVIEWS OF Logan Regional Medical Center IN West Virginia

Sherry Cline

Has anyone else had a problem with Logan Regional Medical Center ER? Last night my Sister Myra went in to have an ultrasound to check for a possible blood clot. She has no left hip and CANNOT under any circumstances sit in a bent position very long...per her doctors. She informed them of this and was told they had no beds. When they took her back, she noticed a lot of empty beds and afterwards asked again and again told they had no beds. She left after hours in tears without seeing anyone. This morning when she called for results she pointed this out to them and was told, yes we had beds, we just don't have anyone to clean them!!! This makes my blood boil....Where is the concern and compassion for the patients? Is this the care My Family can expect who live in Southern West Virginia? Something needs to be done! This is unacceptable! Sitting this long can cause her to fracture what little bone she has left and her only choice once that happens is amputation!!! This kind of service is going to result in this place closing down if things don't change!

Brookie Boo

Logan Regional Medical Center is the best hospital I’ve ever been to. Although I have never been treated there myself, my friend(not named) has been. She said that she was very impressed with the care she received and the doctors, and nurses were great.

Logan Citizen

I am here right now and all I need is to get some medicine for a simple head cold. I've already had my vital checked and I arrived here at 7:08pm and I am still here. I find this to be com plate non sense and I can't even go to school tomorrow because it will be so late by the time I get to see a doctor. It is 12:05am right now and the nurses are just sitting at their desk doing nothing. This is not a hospital, this is a place that needs more organization and structure. I would rather travel all the way to Charleston than come here. This is completely rediculous. If you want better service, you can find it around the corner at a gas station.

Jesse Adkins

chandler castle

Poor ER staff. Very crappy. Never go again.

Samantha Carver

I brought my great aunt to the ER and she was soon admitted inpatient to the ICU. The nursing staff was absolutely wonderful and the doctors were super informative. They helped my family in more ways than most places ever could. I definitely would recommend LRMC to others.

David Ellis

Great hospital

Keath Marx

Clean, neat, friendly. Seems a good place.

james blevins

Can't believe what they are feeding these people, my 87 yr old mother is here and we was ask what she would eat and we haven't seen it yet, and the food she tried to eat made her sick, tried to eat the chicken and it was so dry and terrible taste she through up, only time she did that, so I was bringing food from home, my experience in cafeteria was bad too, had hot dogs, the buns and wieners was so hard u could break a window, and that was the best thing there, need to do something with the food there, need to take notes from pikeville and other hospitals

Cora Perry

Coco H

I’ve never understood why this place is even allowed to treat human beings. This place isn’t even suitable for pets. I rather go see my veterinarian than a doctor at this place. The staff are rude, lazy and incompetent. They are in no rush to care for the patients needs! I recommend MedExpress.

Did Good

I was having chest pains and about to faint so I came to the ER and I have been here three days now and I have no idea what is going on, I can’t get a straight answer from anyone, I have to track them down to try to get answers then they say they can’t discuss results with me, that I have to wait to see the doctor, doctor was supposed to see me Sunday night, then they changed it to Monday morning then evening etc it is now Tuesday and I still haven’t saw a doctor and been told three different stories about my results. This place has no communication between people, everyone just wants to do the least possible and then hurry and get out of here, they are understaffed and unprofessional. This will be my last visit here. Quit sending your 22 year old practitioner in here and do your job, I don’t have three days to waste for a 2 minute conversation.

Bonnie Woodrum

Took my dad there he was treated with no respect he would ask one nurse a question and she wouldn't answer he said can't you talk to me she left one of his meds on his table and said she was putting it in water but never came back with water I went out and said you never gave him that med she said oh it's in his room she couldn't find it though and she said I'll get another one never did and another nurse dropped one in the floor a stomach pill said she would get another one but never and never picked the other one up either the trash a packed to overflow couldn't get in the bathroom for the mess either food trays stacked up with. The food he couldn't eat still in them they are lazy and they released him with so much fluid on him it was coming out of his skin and now he's in another hospital that I had to take him to the same day he didn't even come home and He is very sick

Christopher Hatfield

If you care anything about your family you will get them far far away from here this place is ridiculous and needs to be shut down I really don't know what words to use to describe this place

Chris A

Michelle Baisden

Logan regional hospital sucks worse hospital in WV they care more about pill heads than they do anybody if you need to go to the hospital and want to get seen by a Dr and not have to wait half a night you need to go to arh they are so much better I really don't even give them a whole star rating but had to so I could write this.

Aaron Anderson

Garbage, worst employees ever

Bob Jinks

roy mann

I had my first heart cath yesterday. My heart doctor and staff was wonderful.. I got five star treatment... very happy with my service.. the next day a nurse even called to check on me.. I think Logan Regional Hospital are on there way to taking there name back.. People just need to give than a chance.. Thank you, Jackie

Shannon Cantrell

There is nothing I like about this hospital. Been here for 3 hours already and still waiting while the nurses just sit there talking and making jokes... Especially Ashley and Crystal the two front desk girls are VERY rude and act like you aren't good enough to be seen. CANT DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!!! It is ridiculous to me!! My opinion is that these lazy and non-helpful people should be FIRED!!! My mom is sitting here crying and can barely sit still because of her leg , and they can't even call her doctor down just to look at it before he leaves the hospital.. THEY SUCK AT THEIR JOBS!!!

Charity Deberry

giving this place a one star is an overstatement and is also raising the bar too high. my sister and i have been here for six hours, she has symptoms of what seems to be a gallbladder attack and is pregnant n is already at high risk but yet still hasn’t been seen.

Christy Walls

I wouldn’t take my worst enemy to this place, HONESTLY! The Nurses down there are pure smart ass’s & if they don’t like their jobs and are just doing it for the pay, they need to change Careers Plain & Simple! I’ve witnessed a young boy in CCU that maybe had a stroke or something because one side of his body didn’t work & he tried to get their attention a numerous of times and they shut the door on him to keep from helping him!

Kaylee Webb

chastidy wiley

This place is for emergencies and yet none of the workers I've had the "pleasure" to meet act that way.

Charlie White

Wrong diagnosis Everytime, They told me I had a cyst on my kidney but had to call an ambulance the next evening but went to Charleston where I was told I had a very large kidney stone and had to have surgery

Steven Sneed Jr

shane brumfield

Awesome place.

Darian Woods

Incompetent staff that act as if they are doing you a favor. Not sure exactly how they stay open.

Kathy Maynard

chanda casey

Visiting Gilbert with friends to ride the trails and one of the members of our party was having some dizziness and passed out several times so we called EMS. EMS took him to Logan and he was really happy with the care he received there. Everyone I encountered in the Emergency Department was very nice and he was very happy with his doctor and the nurses. They quickly determined that his issues were related to dehydration and got him some IV fluids. After a few hours he was ready to go home and the discharge process was quick. Although I hope I don't every have to visit again...I would not hesitate to visit this hospital if I needed Emergency care when we are in the area.

Patty Evans

Ella Orme

My aunt had heart trouble she went there her body was weak they had to move her they dropped her in the floor multiple times .She was bruised multiple times, she was treated poorly by the smart A@!% nurses . She was not given the correct treatment we got her transferred to pikeville medical center they were very nice i give them a 500 out of 10

Zack S

Sierra Tilley

Steven Johnson


Lai Shou

Karma Adkins

A excellent hospital, and medical people to have around surrounding areas not only their hospital staff, but also to treat people with crital condition from health-care net in flying to different hospitals and treating illnesses from all aspects of kinds, Thank You Logan Regional Hosipital for all you do from all turns of in soceity.

B Cord Edleman Jr

I visit the Kruger Building for Pain management. Address is 77 Hospital Dr.!!!

Mr. Anderson

AVOID I'm not sure what the other Google guide was smoking when he had written his review. This place should be closed! Filthy dirty. Incompetent staff. I would not bring my dog here to be treated. I can't stress enough how bad it is here. They "treated" me with a misdiagnosis. I left feeling worse than when I arrived.

Roger Bryant

Logan regional and it's people are great.nurses are hard workers and very friendly but they need to do something with DR.NATCHI. my wife brought her to the er and she was admitted he told my wife she would be put on a steroid and antibiotics well she has been in three days because of running a high fever. WELL he came in today and wanted to know if we wanted her to stay again so she could receive antibiotics which was supposed to have been given from the start.After my wife got our other two children dressed and lunch fixed and sent to school she came up to the hospital and when she and in the room I told her to tell Natchi pediatrician that my baby could stay again but she was ti be given antibiotics this time.when my wife went to tell him he jumped my wife and had her crying because she wasnt here but remind you I'm the father and she was home taking care of our other two children. I thi k he should be reprimanded for his rudeness and disrespecting ways.He acts as if he has to have a woman in every room there is a child and if a father can't make the dacision which I did.hit the like button on this review of u think parents should not be disrespectrd,talked to like a dog, and made to cry because they are un two separate places trying to care fo all children.DR.NATCHI IS TO DOCTOR NOT JUDGE OR RUN HIS MOUTH ON A PARENT FOR NOT BEING HERE BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING A PARENT AND TAKING CARE IF THE TWO OTHER CHILDREN AT HOME.

McKayla Belcher

If I could give it zero stars I would. Staff are rude, your information gets spread around to whoever, if you are unable to eat or drink on your own they bring your tray in and just leave it there because THEY DO NOT CARE about patients. Pathetic hospital and pathetic employees who lie to your face.

John Smith

Just wanted to thank Dr Casey for his extraordinary service on 24 June. My wife, Jackie Smith, had cut her finger pretty seriously while cutting up a tomato for dinner. The wound required stitches and we had to wait, due to higher priority patients arriving, for about 5 hours for Dr Casey to get to her. He came in right after we arrived and explained all this to us very nicely. When he finally got to Jackie it was a very pleasurable experience for both of us. Dr Casey has a great wit and, although there was some pain involved, his winning attitude made the whole experience for Jackie as comfortable as he possibly could. We look forward to seeing him again if either of us ever need to use services of the ER again.

Polyonymous Musicc

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THIS PLACE IS A DEATHTRAP. Let me just say I've been here probably 10 times in the last year. All but twice I've left after 5 or more hours of not being seen or even so much as being checked on. This place is a complete joke. Don't waste your time coming here unless you want to wait at least an hour only to be brushed off with an "I'll be right back" and then left again to sit alone for 5 hours. The doctors here are polite for the most part but they're all a bunch of clowns. I don't see how this place is even still open. Everyone in this town will tell you this is one of the worst hospitals in the whole state. If you want decent medical attention drive to williamson.

nathan Estep

Steven Sneed

This place is absolutely horrible. The ER staff is extremely rude, slow, uncaring and unethical to say the least. Even my urologist in Charleston says to avoid LRMC at all costs. Anyone from this area will truly let you know that this place is nothing more than a bandaid stationed needing closed down. My wife had surgery on her hand and ended up with staph infection due to the OR being dirty. Please do yourself a favor and go to Charleston if you need a good doctor or hospital. It may a life saving decision...

Peter Haviland

Excellent experience. Was there for kidney stones and found the staff to be caring, professional, and efficient. I was able to enjoy riding my dirt bike on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system two hours after being dismissed! (With a stop at Wendy's to replenish my supply of healthy (?) nutrients)

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