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REVIEWS OF Fairmont Regional Medical Center IN West Virginia

Michael Hess

I was recently a inpatient there. Most of the nurses was nice, I had one that was a complete idiot that kept forgetting things. She even hung my IV antibiotic and didn't start it. I thought it was running, but I also had a IV bag of fluids running so I thought they was both running. When the next nurse came on duty she said well your antibiotic is not even running. Also when I was first admitted I went over my medication list with 2 different nurses. I was pretty sick and when I started feeling a little better I started asking what medications I was getting. Well the medication that I take for my A-fib I was suppose to take it twice a day and another medication I take for nerve pain they was giving me half the dosage that I should have been getting. I told them about it and they said I am sorry we will correct that right now. The CNA's was great, very kind done a great job. I was not thrilled with the hospital Dr. But I did make it home and am getting better. I think some of the nurses need to take their jobs more seriously. Lives depend on them to get the right medications to the patient. I won't be going back. I will either go to Mon General, Ruby or UHC.


My 4 year old busted his mouth mouth and needed stitches. I could not stop the bleeding and was really freaking out. We went to the ER at about 4pm. The receptionist was so sweet and calmed me down. We waited in the waiting room for about 30 minutes with a towel on his mouth (by then the bleeding had finally stopped) and we went back to meet the doctor. All the nurses were so sweet and caring, they joked around with us and told us stories about their kids and all the scrapes they got into. They gave my son a pain reliever that kept him concious, so he did cry, and I cried because I hated the whole situation, but the doctor was quick and precise when he put in the stitches. He told me stitches in this particular spot were tricky, because if it healed wrong, his mouth would look weird. But it's been a month and a half since then now and it looks like it never even happened. No scar, no weirdly shaped mouth, it's perfect. I would recommend these people to anyone.

Brooke Ford

Their website says 12 min waiting time and qe havw been here since 11:00 pm and it is now 1:45 am. I have never been so disappointed with hospital service till now. At Fairmont General Hospital ER. It is me and my 3 kids. They have stuck us in a room with one chair. I have been here since 11:00 and have only seen the doctor once for 3 mins. I think my daughter has broken her wrist and we still have not gotten even an x-ray. NO MEDS FOR PAIN, NOTHING. They have not even asked her if she is doing ok. Me and my two boys are still standing andhave not even been offered a chair. 2 WORDS......NEVER AGAIN.

Nicklaus Hart

They just suck. Nothing much more to add. They were sort of nice, so I gave them 2 stars.

Melanie LeeAnne Martin

The wait time is INSANE and while you’re waiting you do get the chance to complain with many other sick families while you wait no less than 1 1/2 hours then you finally get called to the back and guess get to wait for another couple of hours then finally a dr comes and maybe spends ten mins for a diagnosis that is 99% incorrect This will result in the consult of a new physician. So save your money and your time and go elsewhere bc you’re wasting your time here. It’s a shock to me that after 10 yrs of hearing the community complain about this facility and the staff they don’t wipe the slate clean and hire all new would be a smart move if they did. Until’s getting worse and worse

angela heldreth

Id rather give 0 stars, this place needs to be shut down, i was in a medical crisis which needed intensive care, its called a hypertensive crisis, with a BP of 196/142. i have had a stroke before, i was extremely scared and thought i was going to die. not to mention i was getting ready to be married in less than a month. they refused to help and also wrote on the medical papers "vitals are normal". I pray everyday for this place to be closed

Alan C


Luke Hersey

Rachel Lsn

so rude. they must try hard to find the rudest and most uneducated people to work here. honestly, save yourself from going here because no one deserves this bad of care or service. when you're sick you shouldn't have to be worrying about if the nurse knows what she is doing.

Kelcie Riggs

Got admitted for 2 days & within that 2 days, they lost my brand new designer jeans & $150 boots. If you’re sick enough to be admitted, go to Ruby, mon general, or UHC. I wouldn’t recommend FGH to anybody. Terrible nurses & staff in general.


I've been going to FGH for over 70 yrs, had all 4 of my children there, all of my illnesses treated there, and always very happy/satisfied with treatment. However, since Fairmont General Hospital became Fairmont Regional Medical Center, the service has gone down hill. The registrar, nurses, and xray/ct technicians have almost always been exemplary - friendly, courteous, efficient, and very caring. However, the ER Drs. were impersonal to my 95 yr old mother (pace maker, stints, blood thinners, etc.), don't id themselves, check her injuries, nor find symptoms. One visit for heart palpitations, my daughter and I found her shingles and they said it was bug bites, planned to send her home with heart pains. I refused to take her. This time, after a fall, didn't check her meds or even ask for them or history. Didn't even look at her injury himself or check her head for bump. The great nurses did everything, he came back to release her. Very shoddy care from him. He could have been an impersonator, for all we knew. Some of her medications are incorrect, but they don't know that. Very upset.

David Ice

Best place wonderful nurses and wonderful doctors

William Bowman

They are all greatly appreciated by me, they all did a wonderful job and seen to my disabilities very professionaly. I was very disorientated when I went in the emergency room and they got me going in the right direction. Thank you all so much for your dedication and hard work. You all have my prayers and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Cameron Poling

Illegally trapped my girlfriend against her will and forced her to sign legally binding paperwork also against her will! A hospital full of greed that traps patients and exploits them to stay longer so they have to pay more money! Go anywhere else! Have had nothing but problems!!! They do far more harm than help and do not care about their patients!!! Only in it for the money!!!

Lauren Miles

First visit had a kidney infection then went back for increased pain and was told no kidney infection had a burst ovarian cyst!!!!!! How can an infection go away in less than 24 hours with no medicine! Ridiculous!!!

Abigail Nester

Jonathan Byrd

Bethanne Tucker

Michael Herlihy

Just awful

David Gaston

Slow and rude.

Amanda Wix

This hospital is horrible I have never personally been there for a health issue but everyone I know that has gone there they have misdiagnosed or the patient has had to go to another hospital to get care or they would diagnose a patient with something and send them home and come to find out that isn't at all what was wrong with the patient in the first place I have known of people dying that I went to that hospital because of the lack of care and respect from the employees I would not send my dog there if it had a scratch on it

John Martin

I went in with a temp of 104.3 and sat in the er for 2 and a half hours before I was even checked in and once I got in they left me in the room for another half hour. Doctor came in looked at me and i mean just looked at me and said i have strep so he prescribed penicillin but i didnt jave strep and was taking something that was making my condition worse. Worst place to ever go, if you're dying... you're better off dying

Jamie Antonini - Grant

cecelia downs

Christina DeMarco

Ryan Ullman

It took nearly five minutes to even be acknowledge in the ER. We were not given clear information on what was happening or how our situation would proceed. We waited for over an hour, only to find out that we had to be transferred to another facility. When I confronted the staff about my displeasure, I was met with a shrug from the doctor. Save yourself some trouble and go to UHC or Ruby.

Neil Basta

Requested for interpret service and when arrived at hospital, they claimed that none of interpreters were available. I was skeptical but they gave me a device that help me point where my pain is located at, how bad it is, etc. while all I was there for was CT Scan. That's all. It is not like I'm in emergency room for surgery or treating the injuries. They made me feel stupid. However, the worst thing is...WVU is around the corner where they should have requested for resources in order to provide excellent customer service to deaf people. the best hospital every. They have amazing technology where interpreters can be presented from all over States remotely, even if none of interpreters from local area are available. How long has this hospital been around? Serious? I would pray that if I got in accident, they would take me to WVU instead of house of horror at FGH. Imagine no communication because they are too lazy to take in technology or even improving the customer service experiences for patient. I think we need to move soon.

Jeremiah Moore

My Future wife is here cause her blood pressure is not right and she was having belly pain and headache they took a pregnancy test and the dr pushed down on her belly and was disrespectful

Melinda K Brock

Stacey Poling

Awful service, EXTREMELY RUDE. Wouldn't answer any questions my family or I had. Would never recommend this Hospital to anyone.

kimmy kimmy

Never again!

Matilda Flower

We were there for 6 freaking hours to find out ourgrandfather is just dehydrated! What a waist of time! You would be better off getting an appointment whether it's ergaebt or not

Charley Perine

Very friendly staff, but the room in the ER I was put in was pretty dirty. Also, the building needs updated. Looks like you're walking into a hospital from the 70s, but with modern equipment. I was in a room within an hour, and out of there within 45 minutes. Very grateful to them for seeing me and being so nice, but as with every place, there's always room for improvement.

shelley lane

Patient was involuntarily admitted into geriatric psych ward. Patient was manic bipolar and threatened to kill her husband. Fairmont did not let husband know how treatment was going just 2 weeks later said your wife is ready to be discharged. Pick her up tomorrow. Disgusted with the lack of concern over mmental health

Ray Murphy

Chris Romano

Adam Goetzke

My baby girl was born at this hospital June 19, 2019. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Gail Rock, Midwife⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I had the best experience I could have imagined with this midwife. She was involved and took excellent care of my wife and daughter. This is my second child, but it is my first time experiencing such a high level of care through the birthing experience for my family. Stephanie- our nurse in maternity provided exceptional care for my wife and daughter. A truly genuine and professional nurse. Amazing nurses- Cathy Phil Misty Blair Megan Shelby

Franklin Mcfadden

Terry Burgess

We are in one of the double rooms. When the patient next to me left they brought another in and failed to change the sheets. The nurces are rude and so was the doctor i seen. Another thing is the doctor i seen was a totally different doctor then the one on my wristband. It took 3 and a half hours just for the doctor to see me as well. I asked a nurce whys that and she was remarkably rude. She said it was my primary care doctor. I never heard of the doctor on my wrist band in my life. Are they unorganized? I wish i could give 0 or even a half of a star. I strongly recomend you find a different hospital.

Heather StClair

Very nice


Clearly they do not care for their patients. We asked them several times to not use the left arm and they totally ignored us and then apologized when my son left in worse pain than what he was previously. The only one that had common sense was Linda, the lady that checked us in. SCARY! This is not the first bad experience so my family will not be returning to this hospital.

Andy Scritchfield

Friendly staff!

LG Broadwater

I was admitted to the E.R. on 3/31/19 for a collapsed lung. I had a chest tube put in while in the E.R. then was moved to I.C.U. Once I was stabilized, they put me onto the 3rd floor. I was treated great by the staff in all the department I was in. As for Dr. Frank, who was taking care of me though out all of this. I can't say enuff about this man. He was the best doctor I've ever had in my life. This man broke it all down to me every step of the way. He put me at ease when explaining everything he was doing or about to do to me. I couldn't of asked for a better doctor!! When it comes to professionalism and knowledge, he's top of the line!!

Riyadh Alkulaib

Mike Fox

Don't have any major procedures here. If you can avoid it all together. That would be best

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