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REVIEWS OF Beckley ARH Hospital IN West Virginia

Kim Brewer

Took my granddaughter to the ER. Nurse Kelli was super awesome. Nurse practitioner Leigh was absolutely wonderful and caring and respiratory therapist Linsey was super awesome as well! All were very attentive and sympathetic. I very much appreciate all 3 of these ladies are the care each one of them gave to my daughter and granddaughter. The only problem was that it was absolutely unbearably HOT in the ER. Don’t they know that heat spreads germs!!!! The heat is the only reason I rated it 3 stars. Otherwise it would have been a 5 for this visit.

Charity D Englehart

My daughter had outpatient oral surgery at BARH. The nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeon and other members of their team were pleasant, accessible and ready to do what was needed. Minor post op complications but scary for me being mom were quickly addressed. Nurses were prompt to treat her pain. The only concern I had was that she suddenly had some excessive bleeding and there wasn't suction set up at bedside. I felt like that should have been prepared ahead of time. One of the nurses quickly gathered the supplies to set it up and also checked other areas to make sure they were set up.The nurses took their time with her and didn't rush us out the door until they had clear instructions from the surgeon. The surgeon called us several times through post op week. I contacted him with concern and I was on hold for several minutes but did speak with him which is commendable. He gave me reassurance that her surgery was more complex and invasive than most people having similar surgeries so the effects would likely be worse for a few days. He gave me a couple options of what to do if she was to get worse. With rest, ice, heat, pain management and slowly progressing diet as tolerated she recovered well. Much thanks to her care team.

Matthew Wiley

Story Orge

Robert was a great help for my dad - Thanks robert DR -

Hartley M

Helpful,To A Point

Lariat Moody

My 3 year old had to have her broken arm realigned and everyone got us in super quick and everyone was super nice!! Played with her, gave her balloons and a teddy bear. She wasn’t scared at all!!

Carolina Montagne E.


By far the worst hospital I have ever been to for anything,,I had a surgery done on the 9th of Aug. and regret every bit of it,,serves is very slow,and I didnt even see the doctor that was going to due the surgery and then I came out worser than before I went in,I signed myself out and will never even take my dog there...The doctor that done the surgery sas Dr.Rai.

Jacob Dodson

I waited in the ER, scarcely attended to, for seven hours for the doctor to be a patronizing bastard. The ladies of the imaging department were delightful, however.

Kelli Winters

Thanks to all the drug addicts in WV the hospital couldn’t give me pain meds for my degenerative disk disease. I got sent home with a condition of stable on my report. I left there crying in pain and couldn’t even walk. I had to be taken out in a wheelchair. The doctor told me to follow up with my Primary Care and when I told her that she was on vacation for 2 weeks the doctor said, “Oh well, I can’t help that.”

curtis brewer

Wife is in here now. No one listens doctor has not even seen her yet was admitted yesterday through er. Keeps phoning in orders. took 24 hours to get him to give referral to the doctor that sent her in the first place. This doctor is a hospitalist that means a doctor that the hospital assigns when you don't have one.

Dave Hissom

Easy to find, quick to get in, understaffed slows things down while there, & forever to get discharged.

James Avis

Poorest service and staff even drs... I think personally it should be shut down!!

Massah Stayfye

I've been here 4 and a half days due to me contracting sepsis & I must say the people here were very nice and happy to help me. I'd even go as far as saying my nurses here treated me like family, & even the stars as well. I'd like to give a special thanks to the wonderful, easy going, & full of life Nurse Shani

Charles Grubbs

I went in with acute sciatica not being able to walk in intense pain and not only did the attending physician tell the nurses within earshot that I was only there for pain meds but after the xrays which showed severe arthritic inflammation and he marked on my chart acute sciatica and arthritis but he wouldn't admit in front of the nurses he was wrong so he sent me out without a diagnosis. I didn't find out what was wrong for another 2 weeks when the chiropractor received my medical charts .

Leanna Owens

If I could give this negative 38372828 stars I would. The wait time is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!! We got here at 2pm and it is now 10:15 pm and a nurse has been in to check on us TWICE!!!!!! Have asked for some water repeatedly and they just walk out while in the middle of talking. The nurses are extremely rude and just look at you like your stupid. Sorry not everybody here for dope. The doctor hasn’t even been in to see us. I wouldn’t even take my dead cat here.

Chris Cook

Skylar Galloway

It's okay takes awhile to get seen. The mental part is okay too..

Cinnamon Earhart

Dr Nathan Doctry was the best. My experience was well worth it. I would recommend him to anyone.

Brian Gunnoe

Good nurses,docters take forever.My main gripe is the security,bunch of young punks just looking for someone to get on to! It was raining, i got under an awning with my two small kids to finish a cig .They ran us back into the rain. I set and watched the staff stand under the same awning and smoke ,but nothing was said. Its your job though,right?

Kelly York

You have got to be kidding. Three people in a two persons room. This is something that I haven't seen since the 70's. My part is 5ft wide at on end, by 8ft at the other, 11 ft long. One bathroom for three grown men. The only thing that separates each other is a curtain. You can hear everything a person says. Isn't that a HIPPA violation? Come on ARH get it together.

Steve Walton

Did surgery and didn't chart that they had put metal in the patients body. Then prodded to schedule and MRI...

Coalminers Queen

I am ashamed of how the employees run the behavioral science unit. I have a family member who needs help and he has been put in BAR-H three different times in the last two weeks and they just kept turning their head the other way and the Drs. keep releasing him even after he was brought in by law enforcement and told he had to stay till the middle of May. Today alone I spoke with three different nurses who were extremely rude to me and I was yelled at and hung up on twice. This is no way to run a hospital or how to help people. If you dont want to do your job right and to help the people who really need it and to help their family understand whats going on then get out of there! There was absolutely no reason for me to be treated that way and even my husband when he went to pick up the relative. They could care less about actually helping people and do not want to listen to any concerns that we have with allowing our relative to leave. I feel sorry for the patients there and having to deal with the employees daily. I know not everyone is rude or mean and there are some good employees there, but shame on the ones who are rude to others and who dont care. You picked the wrong field for that!

Chris Palermo

Danny Porter

Went in hospital on 8/7/2017 staff on 4th treated me very well

David Rose

Almost died. Really bad, no doctor for 20 hours in ER for chest pain.

Shabana O'Brien

My family member is employed here. He has been asked by the higher ups to sign a paper basically demoting his hard earned degree. They want him to take lower responsibilities so they can bill insurance with higher amounts under the physician. I’m sure it’s been cutting into their yacht budgets. What a disgrace you all are. Another employee has filed a lawsuit against them, but she lost. Turnover is so high. Go to Charleston if you can. This place is run by money hungry, unethical idiots.

Leslie Adkins

James Salango

katrina quade

I was 6 hours out of town for a wedding, fell down the stairs in my cabin, just had both of my hips replaced. This hospital is small but big hearted. Everyone was very nice. They did a thorough job checking my hips, femur and knees to make sure everything was okay. They even found bruising on my catscan (in my hips). My only complaints are they're a little slow, but they are in the middle of the mountains with a smaller staff late at night. Also, it seems there's a really bad drug problem around the area. They said they have about 5-10 ODs come in a night. So, when I'm there crying in pain, they can barely give me anything for pain because they're restricted.

Sydney Wheeler

They did AWESOME! They took my loved one right in, gave him great care, it was the wake up call needed, and our life is GREAT NOW. I owe this hospital BIG TIME. THANK YOU!!!

Ponygenes92 :3

Not the best service. Ask for pain killers which is allowed to be asked for didn’t come till after three hours asked. Nurses Talking about patients and how sick they are and it’s not their job to do certain things argue with each other. Don’t work well together Terrible service. The doctors and nurses fuss about having to care for patients when it’s their job.

Kelli Holt

Whatever you do don't waste your time. This hospital is a joke. You could be on your death bed and they wouldn't care. Trust me go to another one.

Scott Porter

Kevin N April Collins

There was very few staff that remember we are all human with feelings. I was admitted three times two out of three was a horrible experience. They laughed at me in the er nurses and security staff. There was one older gentleman who worked as a security guard that has a heart of gold he was the only one in the er that treated me like I was a human. They made a video of me crying and decided to pass it around the hospital now that doesn’t sound professional. They also never really helped me at all as far as putting me on the right meds.

Ben Kastenbauer

Randy Macdonald

The nurses and staff did a very good job with my four year old son for his dental surgery

Steve Childers

I was very satisfied with the care given to me and the up most respect that is given to you, and I will return to their hospital with confidence.

Pam Mullins

My mother in law was released at 2 pm and it's 7 pm and she is still waiting to get out.So won't come back here again. Says understaffed. No just getting more insurance money .

Yvonne Ortiz

Sitting here for an hour with asthma and still waiting. No wonder they have bad reviews

Helen Corley

Christa Coupons

I honestly do not understand how this place is still open. They didn't give any after care instructions after leaving the emergency room, gave me a referral to a doctor that left Beckley of a year ago so when I called to ask for another doctor to follow up with the lady in the phone was extremely rude and kept interrupting me to ask if I wanted the other doctors phone number. The only way they would refer me to another doctor was if I come in so they could charge $ thousands of dollars for nothing, again. I was embarrassed for the people that work in this hospital. I just went to Raleigh General and they took good care of me. Don't waste your time with this place it was absolutely useless. I wouldn't take my dog there for a stomach ache.

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