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REVIEWS OF WhidbeyHealth Medical Center IN Washington

Vicky Reyes

I was very relieved, when called to ask Dr about possible hematomas after 2 long flights in less than a week, that Whidbey Physicians got me in right away for an exam. Thanks!

Jim C

Reinhold Wagenhals

Staff was very helpful in meeting our needs & flexible to changing our appointments to accommodate our schedule changes. All follow ups were quickly accomplished.

Patricia Connell

Check in was tardy although receptionist pleasant. Need to improve check in times. I was there 5 minutes prior to scheduled appointment and waited until 5 minutes after my scheduled appointment time for check in As always professional staff great PA Bock is not only competent but caring. We have a good partnership for my health

Dawn Caveness

The staff is always helpful, courteous, and kind. I love my Doc!

Erin Walker

Going to the ER here is a joke. None of the staff seems to know what the hell they’re doing.

Gene Berg

My primary care physician, Dr. Langrock, has given me excellent personal care since I moved to Whidbey 8 years ago. I am elderly and have had a series of serious issues. He has guided me to specialists and helped me understand he has performed timely procedures to allow me to full fil planned actives. Thank you Dr. Langrock

Alvin Hays

Always goes smoothly at my 6 month checkup. Short wait period after checking in at reception. RN to my room promptly to complete vitals for the doctor. Dr. Klemme is so patient oriented and that quickly establishes trust. I feel she genuinely cares about my health and this helps me to focus on my current problems and concerns. She forms her opinions and gives me feedback on those. She lays out a plan of treatment for me to follow and always encourages me to voice my understanding and acceptance. My experiences have always been positive at Whidbey Health, Oak Harbor.

juliana meenan

Very quick to get me in. Would definitely recommend :) thank you whidbey community physicians! For all that you do.

Donald Atkins

Came in today for a DOT physical. From the fine entered to the time I left I was met with professionalism and courtesy. A very enjoyable experiense.

Sylvana Niehuser

Disappointed in the customer service side of this facility. Imaging Tech lacked in bedside manner and was flat out rude. Hopefully the other staff value treating the whole patient and we don't experience that again. Might be better off at the Naval Hospital.

Zormorio Vance

The front desk assistant was rude with cutting me off while I was answering her questions, repeatedly. The room I was put in had crushed chips on the floor as if it had not been cleaned and I was forgotten about in my room while waiting to get X-rays done.

Patty Blouin

Tried 3 times to schedule appt. with wound clinic, after 5 days and no return call, was finally told would be another 8 days for the appt. Finally had appt. with wound clinic and cannot speak highly enough of the nurse. She was caring and gentle. Its unfortunate not enough help in the dept. and scheduling such a pain.

Stephanie Meyer

Charles Erps

I couldn't be happier with my clinic and my Dr. Dr. Schiedt is the best Dr. I've ever had and I am confident that the care I receive from her is second to none. She is a great Dr. I highly recommend this clinic, and Dr. Schiedt!

jennifer blair

The Hospice organization under the auspices of Whidbey Health is simply remarkable. Our 95 year-old family member was placed under Hospice care and attended to at Careage of Whidbey for two weeks before he died. The support was the most professional, caring and compassionate we could have experienced. We are still in awe at the kindness and wonderful care the Hospice team--every one of them-- extended to us as well as our dear cousin. They worked seamlessly with the Careage staff as well, making what was a difficult time so much calmer and pain-free for him and so much easier for us. We will never forget all their support. Our thanks to all of you involved!! Mike and Jennifer Blair

Sharon Sherman

Always treated with a friendly smile and by compassionate, caring people. The entire staff are professional and knowledgeable. I am very comfortable with this clinic.

James Phipps

Over all not a bad hospital. Emergency room staff is excellent. Do not have your child there though. The maternity ward is a joke. The nurses seem to be poorly trained. They are controlling and coercive. They force their opinions on you and interfere with parenting

Warren Sizer

Radiologist is outstanding, Dr.Klemme is the best, front desk is very friendly and helpful, your waiting room has sick people in it.

Lynne Kalb Hunsaker

Angela Osburn

This hospital gave me and my family the best experience I have ever had with a hospital. They treated me and my family with respect and with so much kindness. I really appreciate the staff of medical team professionals here at this hospital. They really take pride in what they do. They are AMAZING!

Natasha Milburn

Very insightful.

Siri Bardarson

Excellent first experience with this clinic from check-in to check-out! Great to now have a professional, positive and efficient plus holistic approach to my health care stuff. Rave to PA Young and her crew!

Desirae Bradley

The ER department is HORRIBLE. . .Today I saw a woman come in, screaming and in pain and NO ONE helped her. The man she was with had to ask them to grab her a wheel chair. Yesterday I was here, and there was a young man sitting and gushing blood from his knee and nose. His mouth was swollen and he was clear going in and out of consciousness. His (who I assume to be father) was asking the nurses for help and they just kept on telling him to wait. He was literally bleeding and in bad condition and they just kept saying "sorry, we don't have any beds right now," yet when I went into the emergency room area with all the beds (for an unrelated reason) almost all of the beds were empty. I'm am absolutely disgusted with this place. They clearly do not care for the patients they see at all.

Keith Mack

Employees and their families need healthcare services, too. Two members of my family have received exceptional care in the WhidbeyHealth ER. One year we had to get an ultrasound on New Year's Eve, of all times, and the person doing the procedure was amazing. A primary care provider we have used, Hannah Carlson, is simply awesome.

LINDA Mccracken

My brother was just in the hospital, they moved him from the E.R. to the CCU unit and then to the med unit. While in the med unit he was told by a nurse he had to have exploratory surgery and then she walked out, he was taking delauded for pain and before he could ask for an explanation she walked out, he rang the buzzer and asked for her to come back but she never did, he then texted me to tell me about the surgery, I called the nurses station and had to leave a message which got misplaced, this all started before noon, when I got home at 6 he texted me and said he has leaving as he was not getting anyone to explain things to him, I called back and asked to speak to the nurse, again I was told I would have to leave a message, explained he was at the point of walking out, was told nurse was talking to dr about him and couldn't interrupt, left msg, got to hospital 15 minutes later and nurse had talked to him, asked her to explain to me what was going on, when was the surgery gonna take place, come to find out no surgery needed, nothing in records about surgery, he was fine when I left at 730 pm, at 2am he was texting me he was leaving again, he was checked out and home,by 3am, found out he rang them for meds and they ignored him for 2 hours then brought him meds they know,make him throw up, he told them that and the nurse got sparky with him, she got the doc who was a royal witch so he told them he wanted to leave, found out night before what he has is colitis which is very painful, my brother hates taking any kind of meds especially pain meds and they made him feel like he was living so he could get the pain meds. SO TOTALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS PLACE, THIRD TIME FAMILY MEMBER WAS TREATED LIKE CRAP, DOC CALLED MY 75 YR OLD DAD A LIAR THE FIRST TIME, 2ND TIME WE WERE IN THERE HE TOLD HIM HE HAD CANCER AND MAYBE ONLY HAD DAYS /HOURS TO LIVE THEN WALKED OUT, THEN TRIED TO DENY HE TOLD MY DAD THAT, NURSE HEARD HIM THAT TIME AND HE WAS EVENTUALLY LET GO, SEEMS LIKE THEY ARE BACK TO HIRING NASTY PEOPLE AGAIN, WILL DIE BEFORE I GO HERE!!!!!!

Isabel Ogden

I switched to this practice about a year ago and I have been thrilled with the care I have received. Short waits, attentive, pleasant, and caring staff, and calls that get returned when promised. I am not kidding when I say attentive. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone, the level of care and customer service is outstanding. Much better than the Naval Hospital, my only regret is that I did not switch sooner.

poppy f

My mom went here to have a surgery. After the surgery the nurses treated her like she was only there for the pain meds. They also took 3 days to change the bandage the doctor put on at the end of the surgery. The worst part of it is that the only people who cared about my mom was the cleaning staff. The cleaning staff went out of their way to make my mother feel better, since they could see she was having issues with the room. The doctor was good till he started listening to the nurses about my mom. She will only go back to see the doctor so he can check the progress of her healing.

Tammy Olander

PA Young is WONDERFUL!!!!

Bradley Hill

Thomas Hess

Dr young and Paula you're just not going to find anything better than them they are the best and I really appreciate them very very much and they have done so good with me and helping me with all of my problems and my health and I thank God for thanks Tom

Zac Lively

Dr. Klemme and the staff at Cabot Drive couldn't be better. They give me the best care and I wouldn't think about being anywhere else.

Donyel Hussey

Billie Clark

Had a very pleasant and informational visit with Dr Scheidt’s.

Bruce Porter

Superb care. Compassion, professionalism, experience and competence in a friendly environment. The MAC unit especially deserves its well-earned reputation for quality of care. Thanks.

benjamin pazrosas

Very polite and well trained staff, Doctor Chinn is the best, she's also bilingual.

Billie Goldsmith

PA Young took excellent care of my mom, Had time to address every concern with Wisdom and kindness. My mom Really liked and trusted her right away. I highly recommend her to anyone Searching for excellent care.

Colleen Landon

I received excellent service in the ER, everyone was helpful, courteous and professional. I was very impressed.

Kirk Ian Swallia

Coming from San Diego this office was refreshing to say the least. All staff was very friendly and helpful! Highly recommend.

Jessica Lucas

Great office with excellent and friendly staff. I would recommend them to anyone seeking new care.

Ryan Swankie

The people that work here are amazing very friendly and understanding. Short waits without being rushed by the doctor and above all a very knowledgeable staff!

Sherry Obrien

10. Very good

Michelle Maynard

Jackie Stutts

Noel Grzech

Positive feedback and all employees with a helpful attitude

Stephanie Buchanan

My visit to Rick Weaver PA was wonderful. Thorough exam. Stopped my neck shoulder pain immediately. He reviewed my current medicines and made changes that were needed. His staff friendly and professional Will be returning for excellent health maintenance.


The staff have been great, professional and caring. They all treat my aging mother with respect and help to keep her dignity as long as we can. Thank you to all staff.

Susan Graham

We were in the emergency room last night with my daughter who has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She was in tremendous pain and was throwing up. She was seen after awhile and his manner was that of someone who didn't care. He accessed her and said she would get a c.t scan for gall bladder. She was not offered ice chips so I asked and they refused her them because they were waiting on test results. Time passes and the doctor comes in. Its not her fall bladder. He has no idea why she is in pain. Also no fluid is given to her intraveniously even though she has been throwing up. I ask several times to no avail. No water is given to her later either. Also we are there so long another doctor sees us who claims she know us and let's us know we are not going to be treated with respect. At this point she is throwing up bile and the doctor says oh yes you probably are. I am so mad at the care we received. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

michael weare

I have never had a unsatisfactory visit. Hence the reason I have been a customer for over 20 years. There are other choices in the area, but being completely satisfied why shop.

Arby Norwood

Everyone is always very nice. Doctor Scheidt is the BEST doctor I've ever had. 10 stars for her!!!

Lynn Sanborn

I cut my hand open on glass and went to Whidbey Health Medical Center and I was happy with how quickly they got me in and stitched up my hand. Well within 4-5 days, the stitches were falling out and first I sent the photos to my cousin and her boyfriend who are a nurse and doctor and they both were shocked telling me my hand was not stitched correctly. That each stitch should have been knotted separately in case one broke, the rest would be secure. The next day I had to pay for yet another doctor visit to figure out what to do with the failing 12 stitches and how to keep my huge cut from coming open especially since I told them I was heading to Hawaii this week and needed this as healed as possible. Two doctors at Kaiser both looked and told me they should have knotted each stitch and they told me all the could do at that point is try to tape it and told me not to get it wet. Pretty hard when it is my right hand and I am right handed. So, it has not healed like it should with all the stitches loosening up and some completely pulled out. Today, my friend who just retired from nursing looked at my hand said she had never seen a hand stitched like mine was. And her daughter who is a nurse, said the same thing. They said it looked like how you would stitch fabric, not a hand. The WORST PART is I called the Hospital twice to talk to the Director there and NO RETURN CALL. REALLY??? Someone leaves you a message about this and you don't bother to call back??? Hugely disappointing and we will see how my hand heals. Attached is the photo of my hand after less than 5 days. I keep my hand wrapped the whole time. I probably would not have posted this if they had called me back to talk about this. So, if you have a problem, don't count on them to care.

Robb Presler

There service is extremely slow. I came in for a hand injury and after an hour I still did not receive service

Sheree Doll

If I ever have a choice of which ER I want an ambulance to take me to, I'll pick Island Hospital in Anacortes. My mom should have been admitted into ICU when she went to the ER at Whidbey Health, instead they gave her something for anxiety, some oxygen and they said they couldn't do anything else for her and sent her home. All this after waiting for 3 hours in the waiting room, where she couldn't stand up without blacking out due to lack of oxygen. They gave her a wheelchair, which was helpful, but she was booted out of it because they ran out!?!? My mom being the gentle soul that she WAS, woul never complain or say she needed more attention, I've learned that sometimes you or your family have to be the "squeaky wheel".

Paulette H.

PA Young is a top notch medical provider. She has a broad-based knowledge of anything and everything. Her advice and care is the best I've ever known! She knows exactly when to refer upwards to a specialists care, too. The practice is wonderful. The nursing and administrative staff are caring and professional.

sabrina stromain

Going here is not like going to an ordinary Doctors. They are always very helpful and pleasant almost like going to visit family!! Very good Doctors everyone is absolutely awesome with my daughter she's 4yrs old and can be well, slightly naughty sometimes as do all kiddos at a dr. But everyone here is just lovely and a trip to the Doctors a breeze My daughter always looks forward to going to the doctors and talking to all the lovely ladies at the front! Definitely recommend this Doctors to anyone and everyone!! ❤️

Sarah Meyer

The staff at ambulatory surgery unit were so attention, professional and friendly.


I just had a car accident on 8/19/2019 was admitted at the emergency room 5:30pm roughly didn't see a doctor untilat least 4 hours later. This place sucks don't go here. You'll die waiting for medical care.

Diana Butler

This local hospital provides essential and life-saving services to the island. Two visits to the ER left us with gratitude for their expertise. They are down-homey but knowledgeable and know when to transfer patients to bigger facilities.

Gregory Hancock

While my family has always received excellent care here, sometimes the staff can neglect to offer some information upon discharge that would have been important to know. When my gall bladder was removed I was given no real information about changes in diet that should be implemented during the healing process. Last night I was treated in the ER for a back sprain; I was sent home with a walker to assist in the transition, but only required it for the night. Now I am the proud owner of a walker and at an additional expense. Had I been informed of this policy, I would have just borrowed the wheelchair to the curb and had my family assist me into the house. When it came to pain management, compassion from the staff, and knowledge, I give WGH full marks, but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle of discharge that could make the patient's life easier... and less costly.


Awful. I went to the emergency department three years ago. I would of sued if I wasn't so tramatized. I have horrible ptsd from them. HORRIBLE treatment . I'm still so disgusted. NEVER go here. I kept passing out and having to go into the emergency room I kept having seizure-like symptoms and Ms like symptoms they kept telling me it was panic attacks; I'm now diagnosed with seizures and a melody of other issues that they were dismissing and making me feel horrible about; paramedics even threatened to call the police because I went "too often"(I went in 7 times in two years for SEIZURES) and thought I was faking what I was going through. I'm glad I'm getting real treatment now. If you have severe issues just go to Seattle if possible. I'm seriously sickened by their service, I'm also sickened by the Coupeville paramedics. I am so happy I don't live there anymore. I still have PTSD and have to go to therapy because of what I have gone through at this Hospital. This is the United States where Healthcare is supposed to be at its best, prove it. I had a paramedic tell me straight to my face that he thought I was lying about blackouts and seizures I was bawling my eyes out. Shame on you Coupeville.

Julio Contreras

Patti Giles Olson

I love PA Young. She is the best. I also like how WhidbeyHealth on Cabot is always willing to fit you in for same day appts. I highly recommend this clinic!

Dawn Robison

Joy Carino

Went in for colonoscopy and doctor cannot finish the job due to insufficient instrument. The 2-day prep I've been through and now I got a bill for office visit that's been paid at the time of consultation. They should pay me for wasting my time.

Amber Kessler

The doc didn't get what I had . Turned out it was bronchitis with a stomach bug didn't make sense but whatever ... He was a dry doctor .

Jake Kraus

The ER department here was fantastic. I was on vacation on the island and had an anaphylactic reaction to a meal. The staff was quick and efficient in getting me treated and healthy again on a night when the ER was very busy. While a trip to the ER was not something I wanted on vacation, I do appreciate the staff here making it as efficient as possible.

Josie Deritis

They don't even deserve a full star.. making me wait 1 1/2 hours for a serious problem smhh they don't care they never do unless you are bleeding to death or dying

Jennifer Sone

So grateful! Good service!

Patricia Emmert

At first, I thought everything was okay, a little odd, maybe, but okay. I checked in with a shoulder injury from dragging a garbage can full of yard debris across a field. A lady in re ception called me back to the desk and asked me again if it was a work related injury. Again, I said no. When I saw the doctor, I repeated what had happened and he folds his arms across his chest and says,"So, do you want an L&I claim or not?" A resounding no was my answer. I am not employed. I'm a widow on social security. Now mind you, I don't live on Whidbey Island, I visit my niece. When I get home I go see my primary, she refers me to physical therapy, an MRI, and an orthopedic specialist. I have not yet received approval for treatment of any kind. This all started on the 28th of April. Its now June 7th. I got a call this morning about my job related injury, stating that there is some question about billing. Oh, when at the hospital, the doctor did a chest x-ray, an EKG and drew 5 vials of blood. For a shoulder problem. After much s reaming and swearing on the phone this morning, my insurance has agreed to pay. This is probably why I haven't been approved for treatment, thanks to the "professionals" at Coupeville hospital. I'd rather suffer a 3 hour trip home to see my primary than deal with this place EVER again!


Jill the phlebotomist was so nice & friendly. The lady in the patient registration this morning 730am august 8, 2017 was nice & helpful too PA was nice & pleasant to talk to If people who are treating me were like this people at Whidbey Health Goldie I'll do my best to be well

Jon E

Overbilling is a problem here.

Diane Vasquez

I took my daughter here a number of times for blood clots. The first time we insisted she be airlifted to Providence in Everett for which I am thankful. We requested all her records from Whidbey Hospital and noticed the doctor wrote that she was given the wrong medication during this life threatening event. He then noted that he caught the mistake shortly, gave the correct one and she did not suffer ill effects. Another time I took her for possible pulmonary embolism (she knows the symptoms well), the doctor was very rude and sent her home telling her there was nothing wrong with her (no tests were done). I drove her immediately to Island Hospital where they found bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms and admitted her immediately to ICU. It was a close call that she did not die. She also took her repeatedly for severe pain in her foot, ankle and arm due to a fall. The xray did not show anything. However, the pain and visits persisted. We were treated terrible and as if we were drug addicts. After six months of pain,, she was seen by a doctor who ordered a MRI which found her foot was badly broken and damaged further by walking on it for 6 months.. I had surgery here for gall bladder. I made a report that the ER person did not give me the pain medication as he said he did. Nothing was ever investigated. I had a terrible infection from the surgery which kept me out of work for 2 weeks. The ER doctor wanted to admit me for the infection until the surgeon showed up and insisted I was fine to go home. There are just too many problems with this facility.

Rita Meritt

Christopher Diggins

Whidbey General Hospital prices are more than double what other places charge. I had blood work drawn for testing and Whidbey Health charged me $100 as for the draw. They did drop the charge down to 80. Another place I went to LabCorp they charged me $38. So I would not go to Whidbey General for any reason.

Linda Buskala

Always feel well cared for by staff and Doctors.

Christy Boatwright

Only very very very few people here are decent. Will never go here again and I highly advise other people to be careful with a majority of people here. They're very cruel, cold-hearted, have little to no experience with kids, are disrespectful, rude, petulant, immature, immoral, lazy, selfish, hurtful, people who will accuse innocent people of wrongdoing and could charge you for a bill you already paid for, make your kid cry, or even try to destroy and rip your family apart. They ignore you when you try to call for help, or much worse than that.

Renee Valenzuela

Great place....great docs... have always gotten me in when I needed especially when I'm concerned. PA Young and Dr. Bibbey are the best. Thank you again. Another note all the staff are amazing to my 2.5 yr old daughter when she comes with me. Stickers....painted to keep her occupied....the best!

Mike Young

Friendly staffing, was able to get right in.


Wasnt well cared for here in the e.r. On top of that after giving them my medical card they still say i owe $500 and thats after my provider paid their share so i told them i needed to talk to my provider and they said ok but turned around and sent my bill to an attorney to SUE me. Who does that? I had police show up at my door to give me papers. From a hospital? This seems like a place who's about the money not the care. Glad i dont live there because I'll never return to this place again.

Jill Johnson

My appointment was right on time. Dr. Judye Scheidt took the time to listen to my concerns and made adjustments to my prescriptions to meet my individual circumstances. I felt well cared for and not rushed and I left well informed about the next steps in my care. Plus the location is very convenient, which I appreciate!!


Your Technician KK is awesome but I am sad to say she does not belong at your facility. Your company needs to investigate how other hospitals do there billing. A $900.00 should not cost a monthly payment of $170.00. I just had a major surgery at Island Hospital and my share after insurance is a little less than 3000.00 my monthly payment is $85.00. GUESS what I did not have to show my last 3 months income or my last year W2s. It is out sourced and they do not charge interest unless you fail to make your payments. Your hospital I see send's out more patients to collections than any other due to the way you handle your bills. With that being said I am a Billing Specialist and would never do to patients what you do to them. I guarantee a collection agency will work better than you on collecting your money. With that being said I warned a co worker not to go there and today I see them upset crying over a 3000.00 bill that you want paid in 8 months and over $300.00 a month to pay it off. GOOD GOD YOU ARE SO WRONG! I sent a payment in with a copy showing how Island Hospital handles there bills. PEOPLE LISTEN UP YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND THAN BE COMPLETELY STRESSED OUT AFTERWARDS ON THE BILL!!! They will not work with you period! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR GO TO ISLAND HOSPITAL!!! The care is better and they will not hound you or stress you out with a bill PERIOD!

Daily Bailey Dose

I loved my experience I was checked in and talking with my doctor in 10 minutes. I arrived a little early and ended up leaving before my appointment even would have started. It was extremely fast yet thourough visit. No long lines, no muss no fuss I loved my trip today. It made my day !


The receptionist, I believe her name started with a J, was very helpful and friendly. The reason I came in was resolved quickly. Overall, I had a good experience and would recommend WCP.

Mattie Powers

Terrible place. Every person I know who’s gone here has been diagnosed completely opposite pf what it actually was. All idiots.

Lisa Needham

In April 2016 I suffered a huge hematoma on my lower leg.. I couldn't walk so was taken by ambulance to Whidbey Hospital ER. The ER physician did a procedure which, in his opinion, would decrease the pressure and expedite wound healing. I was instructed in self-care, and released. A month later, the hematoma ruptured while I was visiting in Whatcom County and was taken to St. Joseph Hospital ER. My experiences between the two ER departments and physicians was worlds apart: The physician at St. Jo's Hospital ER told me the hematoma was infected, that this wound needed treatment by a wound care specialist and they referred me to my PCP, who happens to run the Wound Healing Center in Bellingham and who treated my wound until I was finally released from care in August 2016. I was told after a month of intensive wound care that had the hematoma not ruptured, I would have lost my leg! How devastating to hear that, especially when the ER physician at Whidbey never mentioned nor referred me to their wound care specialist who is part of the hospital! My PCP in Bellingham arranged for a wound care specialist to make home visitation for the next month in Freeland and she regularly changed out my specialty dressing. This is the same wound care specialist who works with their ER Dept and is a part of Whidbey Health Medical Center! I can't be more disappointed with the level of professional care I have received and subsequent visits for unrelated issues have proven that the encounter I had is not an isolated incident but a trend. Good intentions doesn't equal true professional care. I stay away from them as much as possible.

Cheryl Helwick

I arrived early and was seen early, always a pleasure the nurse was friendly and the Dr was very informative.

Christopher Lane-Reed

Yet another 4 hour debacle for x-rays and whatnot after a hard fall on concrete. Sat in the ER for 2 hours after my imaging for anti-inflammatory meds because the doctor forgot I was still waiting. She only started working on paperwork after I asked them to forward the images to my doctor because I had needed to go home so I could lay down and rest my injured back and hip.. yep, they didn't even give me a bed, just a chair in a cold room corner.

donald pinter

I continue to have a good relationship with Dr. Langrock and all the other physicians they have referred.

Kim Kaahanui

We were so afraid that moving up here to Whidbey island would jeopardize our good medical care we had in Hawaii but to my amazement we have received excellent medical care from our doctor Klemme . She is so wonderful to us and incredibly knowledgeable. We're so grateful that she accepted us as her patients. Thank You Whidbey Community for supplying great staff!

Pete Pedersen

The front office staff are pretty awesome, the wait times can be a bit much & they still want you to show up 10 to 15 minutes early. For the most part the nursing staff are very competent and friendly, there have been a couple who forget that the patient is not feeling well. And I really like my physician, she really has been caring over the years and I feel extremely confident in her medical advice and care. So I would give them a 4.5 stars if able, and the events with the nurses have been over the past 4 years, so you know they have a very good nursing staff if the problems have been few and far between. I reckon they have bad days too. All in all, I highly recommend this establishment.

Michelle Jones

On schedule, knowledgeable, and compassionate healthcare

Madelyn McIntire

Went for a routine ultrasound. They had super-flexible schedule, which was great. Easy checkin, short wait. The tech was really, really good.

gordon hodge

Our teenage son had intense abdominal pain (which turned out to be food poisoning...thankfully). Took him to the ER at 1am and were treated really well by both nurses and the doctor. Very friendly and professional. His first trip to a hospital and a good experience overall. Thanks

sarahss betts

Very friendly, my daughter is turning 16 and has to find another dentist and she's very upset because she really liked her dentist.

kristi hill

ARNP Jennifer Gruenwald is the absolute best! We love Whidbey Health.

Southern Crazy Donna stuck on the west coast.

PA Young is truly amazing and goes well beyond what you'd expect or required.

Beverly Thomas

Great attention to detail and education! Really appreciate the attentive care from PA Boch and Dr Sheidt!

Lisa Judd

Dr Gravatt understood my concerns and agreed to go with what I preferred to do. Was very positive and encouraging of my self treatment options for a different issue than what I had come in for. I was pleased with the outcome of the visit.

Eric Geyer

Clean & thoughtful staff.

Medalina Baranda

Nellie Mogle

I first went to WhidbeyHealth in July of 2016 when I moved to Oak Harbor. I can truly say I have never been treated so well! I was anxious about starting all over again with all new (to me) doctors at 76, but I am delighted. My new doctor really listens to me, and works with me to solve my problems. It just gets better every time I see him. The entire staff is helpful, supportive, friendly, and very professional at the same time. I would not think of changing, and am eager to tell everyone I meet about the benefits of going to Whidbeyhealth. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you go there. You will be glad you did.

Debbi Longland

The ✔ in went well...this was my first appointment with P.A. Young and I was pleased....she took time and I felt like she made my well being and health needs a priority...the nurse was very pleasant and took the time to explain questions I had.

Gary Cosper

Penny Fowkes

I am always happy to go to my appts at Whidbeyhealth, smiling faces and positive attitudes are welcome, short wait times are a bonus. I have been a patient for many years and recommend WhidbeyHealth to all my friends.

Norma Allain

BEST place to go! PA Young is very caring, compassionate, knowledgable, respectable and much much more!!

Bobby O'Neal

Doctors and staff at Whidbey Health are professional, thoughtful, respectful and caring. I recommend them for your health care needs.

Tammy Butler

Great people, great service! They care.

Kathryn Henderson

Greeted by office staff in a friendly yet professional manner. Was seen timely by Miriam Sorensen ARNP and Maria respectfully and concernedly. All questions were addressed and prescriptions called in immediately. Check-out was quick and informative. I would definitely refer anyone to them.

Patricia Duff

Kari Burns

Very professional and friendly staff & on time to boot!


I love Dr Bibbi. I always feel the most comfortable with him. He always has a cheer about him and he is definitely my favorite!

shelby hanson

I don't think hospitals should make so many mistakes , I feel unsafe there.

LisaRenee Charyn - Laney

james Johnson

Sat in the ER for 4 hours and still haven't seen the doctor while my fiance has a baseball sized cyst that ruptured and is in excruciating pain but hey atleast the doctor can come and joke while he stands in the hall

Cindy Emerick

I would like to thank Dr. hanson and staff last night in the emergency room. I did not think I would ever get to breath again and they just did wonders. I left 3 hrs later and feel 100% better. All of the staff were wonderful.

Nilyn Rattanasint

Angel Shalom

Very thorough

Roberta Hartley

My "regular" Physician was booked. I still got in, with an alternative Dr, the same day I called. My issue was addressed. I left with prescriptions. And a nod to "call again if unresolved in a week".

Chance Uriah Miller

relaxing atmosphere


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