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REVIEWS OF Virginia Mason Memorial - Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital IN Washington

Hannah Smith

Rude nursing staff! I had a second trimester miscarriage and the male nurse comforted me by saying, "it's just a bunch of cells at this point and not a baby." When I asked for tea, I was brought lukewarm water and a tea bag. To top it off the billing department incorrectly billed my insurance twice, another headache from this hospital. Also, it's strange that your OBYGN is not in charge of the decision to admit you when in labor, it's up to an on-call doctor you have never met.

Marlaina Goodman

Worst hospital in Yakima! Son complained about lower abdominal pain so severe he couldn’t walk. Have been sitting in the lobby for 2 1/2 hrs just for them to tell he’s third in line and watch 4 people go ahead of him. 20 minutes later, as we are about to leave they tell us he’s next. That was also 15 minutes ago. Don’t come here if you can help it.

Ana Hasan

Close to 900 dollars for a band aid on the nose. You guys are horrible and what's wrong with health care.

Nope No

After being stent away come back and made them see me.I know I'm poor but dam they let you now your not welcome

rosa flores

Not family oriented and no consideration to family who drive from far off. There is only four guest at a time and no exception to a plus one. Security have no people skill.

Mindee Jo Moorcroft

Daniel broke his arm!

Baby Gurl

This hospital sucks most the nurses at the desk talking and not doing there job it disgust me you are supposed to be here to help your patients but to me it seems they are just here for the money

Bj Cj

Marci Cates Wright

Never ever leave a family member here . EVER!!!

Mahuma Arabic

Worst pharmacy staff! The lady working was beyond rude and irritated! Not really what you need specially when you're sick!

Kylie Daniels

Sitting in the er with my son as he’s having stomach pain, had it since Wednesday and they are saying it’s viral, he’s in pain crying and screaming. I have had to call nurses 3 times to get someone to do something for him. This is not the hospital that I know. Virginia Mason needs to work on their hospitality for their patients.

Jessica Allgaier-Vanveen

absolutely NO GOOD!!! go anywhere but this place!!!

Andrew Rankin

I went in there yesterday to get checked for cancer and the staff didn’t care that I had all the symptoms they refused to check by doing an X-ray but they did X-ray on others that walked in to me that was really screwed up the doctor and nurse that I saw just wasn’t concerned about it and acted like they detect cancer without doing any X-rays in my opinion I don’t think that doctor should have his license to be a doctor if he’s going to choose who he gives care about and who gets to save if I have to get a court order to revoke his license that’s what I will do just to get checked but I’m not giving up until someone does an X-ray to prove that I don’t have cancer but I’m pretty dam sure that I do because I have all the symptoms and I can feel something moving in my head all the time

Tess thescrapper

Jessica Edwards

Well, the visit itself was okay. The facility is nice & so were the staff. I showed up with an obvious case of strep throat (which they ended up diagnosing me with) & was given penicillin 500mg on Jan 7th by FNP Ely. It now Jan 11th & my condition has worsened so I called back & asked if they would fax a different antibiotic to a pharmacy near me (I'm now in TX because I drive a truck for a living). The response I got was you can either go to another hospital (yep, because it's sooo cheap & easy for me to do) or you can go home (they're clueless). So thank you for what I'm sure will be an incredibly large bill for NOTHING BUT WASTED TIME. May you never find yourselves in the situation, or one similar, that I am in because we all know how dangerous strep can be.

Harlequin A.D.

A nurse practitioner at this hospital filed a report with CPS that was full of fabrications and statements that contradicted the assessment of a senior physician in the exam room. Luckily I was able to provide evidence (photos, videos, receipts) to the investigator that clearly proved we did not medically neglect our child and were in fact doing everything in our power to help him. The reason we brought him in was an eczema flare up, a common skin condition, and we only went to the ER because we were 300 miles from his physician in the town we were living in at the time). I sincerely hope this doesn't happen to a family less able to prove their innocence. The staff at this hospital need to be (re?)educated on federal guidelines for reporting as well, this case did not meet the minimum guidelines for reporting, but since the report was made, CPS had to investigate. We are still considering criminal and/or civil legal action, especially since filing a false report is a crime and two statements in the report contradict the actual diagnosis and the notes of the senior physician. Good luck to anybody taking their children in for anything remotely serious, one of these sociopaths will probably try to have your children taken from you.

Shawn Riojas

Worst care in emergency room sat after what they called an exam and waiting for prescription for 20 or more minutes while listening to a lot of personal chit chat. Drs wife visiting while I sat in smexam room. How irritating. I think the bill should exclude my time sitting doing nothing.

Jasin Johnston

Melody Vargas

I had went to the doctors previously during the week and they had tested me however they said they had to wait until the results came in so by Sunday I was in a major amount of pain and they listen to what I was dealing with and they were able to give me antibiotics to help me until I was able to see my regular doctor which it took three more days after the new week started until my doctor was able to actually prescribe the medicine that the hospital gave me 3 days prior so I was very thankful.

5 Kids and a RV

My father (who had a compromised immune system and was in the hospital for a week trying to recover) was given a roommate that had a 105 degree temp and pneumonia. I am shocked that a hospital would put a man fighting pneumonia with a high temp next to a man with a weak immune system. My father was discharged and we continue to watch him in hopes that he doesn't contract pneumonia from his roommate in the hospital (he has been susceptible to getting pneumonia in the past).

Jay Shizine

Lawsuit pending. These guys treat everyone like they are tweakers and seekers...nephew went in feeling suicidal and they didnt hold him..later that night he tried to commit suicide.

Eden Collins

This is such a horrible place! They don’t give any answers and they treat the patients and family like garbage. Never in my life have I been treating so poorly. Whatever you do, DO NOT go here for anything!!!!


Cosmo Pi

Horrible treatment. Horrible communication. I,m posting from ER bed #21 and will have to go to a different hospital. I feel very sick and they are sweeping it under the rug. AVOID YAKIMA MEMORIAL

Trevor Taylor

Had to make a trip to the ER the other night. I was treated like garbage the whole visit and was never actually helped, or listen to. I left the ER and drove straight to Reginal where I was treated with respect and caring. I was/am very disappointed with memorial ER.

Zach Mendoza

(Security) Yesterday my girlfriend was at the hospital emergency room and i left work to meet here there, not remembering which hospital it was , i just went to Memorial. Walked in to the ER clerk said to talk to security, i told security that my GF was in there in room #19 they make a call then say go ahead I walk in and ask for room #19 they direct me so i knock and go in and its not her. I was at the wrong Hospital, the reason for my review is hope that a higher up sees this and puts plans in play for a security upgrade. the way the world is if i was a blind bad guy wanting to do harm to people it wouldn't be a problem there at memorial. PLEASE FIX YOUR ISSUE !!!!!!!!

James Riojas

Well my husband went into surgery today and the staff was great. Alot of explaining the procedure, what they were doing ,and if he was comfortable and any questions. You guys were awesome. Thank you for the care. Shawn Riojas.

edubiges manglona

Lacey Effler


I had surgery here on the 11th and was in an extreme amount of pain, because of digestive issues, the nurses and everyone were so understanding. I have a lot of anxiety and they eased it. This hospital is so great that I traveled from Ellensburg just to have the surgery there, with Dr. Young. I highly recommend this hospital.

Lara Tovar

I just want to Thank all the Nurses & RT in the ICU. You are the best. My mom was there because she developed pneumonia and ARDS. She was intubated and had a trecheotomy done. You all took care of her very, very well. Keep on doing what you do best. As for the hospital... it is very clean. The food in the cafeteria is very good and very inexpensive. This is a very good Hospital to be in.

Chris w

My son was in the Nicu for a week. They did a great Job. We are very happy with the care our son received.

Lessa Jimenez

When I had my csections I was so scared and my husband couldn't be in there with me cause the room was to small even though this was my second c-section I was still terrified of everything but the lady's there the nurses OMG we're so understanding and never stopped talking to me they got me through it...

Judith Moad

Very UNHAPPY WITH THE CARE MY SON RECEIVED IN E.R. NEVER will I go back here. If anything Astria Medical or I will take him out of town!!!!!!!

Mike U

It's a hospital, so it's probably a less than optimal scenario if you are visiting.....but memorial is definitely the best hospital in town. Aside from the fairly sterile hallways and rooms (expected in a hospital), the setting is a nice as it can be. The staff is great and people appear to genuinely like to work here. If you are here visiting someone, you may want to make sure that there aren't already a lot of people in the room that you're headed to. There's a check-in desk and they cap the number of visitors in each room. When I was here la the room I was headed to was capped at two visitors. If you need to get something to eat they have a fantastic cafeteria (by hospital standards). The salad bar is a pay by weight option, while the other dishes are typically set in price for the day. Prices are very reasonable! I've never had anything here that was bad, and I've eaten here quite a few times. Haven't personally had any work done here at the hospital, but I do understand that the billing department leaves something to be desired......but that unfortunately seems to be the norm with health care anymore. If you're in an ambulance and they give you an option of hospitals - make it Memorial, you won't regret it!

Andy Brunette

My uncle went in with a head injury last week. They told him he just had a concussion, and later that day he had a severe stroke. He was airlifted to seattle, where he passed away today. The doctors are incompetent, dont do thorough examinations obviously, and it cost my 64 year old uncle his life. This place should be shut down, staff fired, and doctors and nurses charged with malpractice and the cause of my uncles death. I've never been disappointed more on my life my so called "professionals". If the staff had done their job, my uncle would be alive. Dont go there if you want to live if your injured. Take your chances with a veterinarian over the doctors at Yakima memorial hospital.

tootie 0

Yesterday I came in for an abcess in a very sensitive place, the nurses I had were just amazing! They made me feel so comfy & had me laughing alot I didn't even notice the pain. it was the end of they're shift so obviously I was going to get a new nurse, the late shift nurse was sweet, the doctor was awesome. Over all had such a great experience compared to "the other hospital" I was seen by just the day before. Hopefully I don't ever have to go back to ANY hospital soon but if I had to I would DEFINITELY be back to Virginia Mason NURSES&DOC IF YHU READ THIS, YHU GUYS WERE ALL AMAZING!

C c

Our daughter was treated for type 1 diabetes in the pediatric unit for 4 days. Absolutely fantastic staff . Dr.Benjamin Barsotti is a fabulous pediatrician,very friendly,forthcoming,knowledgeable and so good with the parents and of course with the kids. All the nurses were very professional,friendly,so very helpful..Was a very pleasant experience...

karenann rex

Alyssa Schauer


This hospital does not deserve 1 star. I would not take my pets here to be seen. So that must tell you how careless and irresponsible they are with their patients. Horrible experience that I never want to go through with any of my family members again. My grandpa never made it home

martin fuentes

The graveyard housekeeper rudy were nice he helps me to get my drinks for medicine hes very nice and polite guy

tyler andersen

here are privacy laws and HIPPA, which I always thought that medical staff should have to obey and follow. BUT at Virgina Mason, Memorial Hospital that is not the fact at all. My wife though we don't have the same last name came in with our son a couple months back and he had taken a tumble as most 2 yr olds do. His arm was limp so she took him in. Which I joined her as soon as I got off work. Which this should have been a warning sign. But we had a nurse come in whom was rather rude but it was a busy night in your ER so we shook off. But we felt a little uncomfortable she drilled my wife which was offensive and acted like she was not watching him at the time of the accident. Which wasn't the case at all, but later in the visit there was a woman next to us and my son asked if the woman was ok, she kept saying help me and nurse. The nurse Samantha said she would shut the door the woman was fine an addict that just wanted pain pills. I think that was to much information at that point. As we were discharged our son was ok as the doctor stated. Then a few weeks after the visit we were approached by Children Protective Services, which was a kick in the face, we are hard working honest people who would never hurt our son. But my sister-in-law and a friend were out on the town and small world it is was our with the nurse that helped us that night. Mind you my in laws don't like me and are not fond that their daughter/sister is with me. In that night which was just days after our son was seen, the nurse told them about that night in the ER stating that she needed this night out after her week. "I am glad that i love my children to always keeps eyes on them. I had a boy that came into the ER a little younger than my son and you could tell that the mother has little interest in him." As my sister in law heard the story and knew that my son had gone asked questions. And tied the two and the fact that Samantha said our names. First what right does your staff have violating our privacy like that. The only way I knew it was this nurse is because after CPS coming to our home, talking to us and being in our lives, the report was UNFOUNDED, but we hired an attorney but the advice of my parents to find out whom made the report. After many missed days of work, my wife being shook up we found it was my sister in law and your nurse that gave her the ammunition to make a false report. The mutual friend stated that the nurse always talks about the patients she sees and helps she has just gotten use to it. She texts people all the time about things happening and people being seen and what's going on during her shift. When our mutual friend stated she has told the nurse aren't you worried about getting into trouble.She stated no I have had so many complaints and i have been at memorial for 10 yrs. My boss loves me and will let it go if anything is said. Which it's cost us a lot of money for that one night in your emergency room, our next step is to sue Virginia Mason Memorial hospital for everything we have been going through and the trauma and suffering my son and wife have gone through. Your staff violated our right our privacy and I have written the Yakima Herald and i am contacting all of the NEWS STATIONS. What our family has been through is unacceptable. We are so disappointed with your hospital and we will NEVER come back. We are expecting our daughter in November and you can bet we won't deliver at your hospital we have made arrangements to travel to Ellensburg to Deliver there.

Sean Main

My daughter was born here in 2014. It was unquestionably the worst medical experience my wife and I ever had. Admitting was no issue, I'll give them credit for that, but nothing else. When we made it to the delivery room the nurse tried to take a blood sample for an epidural but the room was not properly stocked so she had to go to another room to get the supplies. Blood was drawn and taken to their lab for analysis. Two hours into labor the lab hadn't bothered to contact the nurse and the nurse hadn't tried to contact the lab. While waiting I noticed there was a large streak of blood in the corner of the room. Little did I know that would be the least of our issues. Eventually we found out about the epidural test, and they grab the cart, but the administrator couldn't be found. Once found he discovered that the cart aldo wasn't properly stocked. Once they finally got all of the supplies they checked dilation and surprise! It was too late to give one. They called in the staff doctor because there wasn't going to be enough time for ours to get there before delivery would begin. (They could have called ours at any time and given him a heads up, but that isn't their policy.) With all of the nurses scrambling to finish preparing my wife said "she is coming" and a nurse told her to calm down and that it was just another contraction. My wife rolled over on her side and the nurse said "oh my god" because my daughter was crowning. The doctor jumped into place, my wife was swearing enough for a sailor to admire, and the doctor chastised her for "f-bombs". Remember this is a woman in the cri who has been forced to forego any pain relief because the hospital staff were so inattentive. Once she was born things went smoothly for about 12 hours until I left my wife and daughter in the room so they could sleep and waited in the maternity floor waiting room. Mind you this was the weekend and there was nobody else there, and one of their direction assistants approached me and told me that I could not wait there because it might make the other patients uncomfortable and that men had to wait down stairs in the lobby waiting area. I told the poor kid that was gender based discrimination and that I wanted to see their manager regarding the policy. Well the manager didn't come but a 300lb security guard did. I explained the situation and that I wanted to speak with the patient complaint liason that they are required to have by Washington State law. He called his manager and they began to threaten me, the parent of a patient with ejection from the property and arrest when I told them that I intended to file a complaint with our insurance company which would result in non payment for services under their contract with the hospital. They said that I was making threats against the staff, I said I was conducting business in accordance with the terms of our contract. They backed down, asked that I remain in the room and that I "need to watch out because we'll keep an eye on you." I had to be taken to the ER about 8 months later with some extreme symptoms, was pumped fill of narcotics, misdiagnosed, and discharged. I was hospitalized for four days a week later after collapsing. A year later I am still trying to cope with the lasting effects and expenses of the bad diagnosis. Given the choice I would rather die than let those clowns near me.

Jane Doe

Crystal Smith

The nurses in the Memorial hospital are horrible at their job, while my dad was losing blood all they could do is talk about going to an after party. While the doctor stood beside my dad frozen, not knowing what to do. The doctor caused internal bleeding, so they had to send my dad to the Seattle's hospital (UW). A second time I went with my mom, we thought she was having a heart attack so the doctor checked her and all the doctor could say was, "there's no reason she should be here, its not a heart attack." Like how were we suppose to know it wasn't a heart attack? she even said it to us like if we were stupid for not knowing.

Molly Jones

1 star is too good. They discharged my husband in less than an hour from ER with a head injury/mild concussion. They inadvertently left an IV in his arm. I asked them to remove it. We asked for a wheelchair, which they brought but left me to get him to the car on my own. We were home no more than 3 hours when he suffered a fatal stroke.

Dylan Roberts

Went in to see about what could have been a neck injury, thankfully it wasn’t. I explained things the best way I could. What did they do? They practically slapped me with a prescription for ibuprofen and discharged me. Didn’t do a damn thing. Didn’t examine my neck or nothing. The nurses were very nice though so no complaints there. Next time I will go to regional and see if they’re any better. I’ve lived here in the valley my entire life and I have never had a bad experience until June 10th, 2019

Martha Alfaro-lopez

Karen Bralens

I have recievd the best care at this hospital. The nursing staff is the best ive encountered.

stonya parsons

Gladys Valdovinos

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospital (Original) Excelente hospital

Héctor C.

Good hospital in our city. Now infused with great resources from large city hospital. I am excited for the great inovations in levels of medical care to come. My kids were born here, I had surgeries performed at this hospital by great professionals and the awesome nurses that run this place. Very high expectations for new management, I sincerely hope they ate up to the task.

Aaron Luna

If you ever need an emergency MRI or CT scan don't bother coming here to get a diagnosis. Imagine if you were dying... they would rather have you be dead long before you get an emergency MRI or CT scan only by appointment (ridiculous). I have good insurance and I am not on welfare. I was sent home with prescriptions paperwork and a referral to choose my own orthopedic and nothing more.

Nico La

I went into the ER with a broken finger and had to have surgery done under full anesthesia. From front desk staff to doctors to nurses, everyone did amazing work and helped me in every way possible. They explained every process and decision being made, thoroughly explained every question that I had and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Since I'm uninsured, they also introduced me to possible financing plans. I felt very well taken care of every step along the way and can't thank the staff enough.

Nicole OBrien

I went to the er as a last resort one afternoon, and was treated so poorly immediately after handing over my insurance card (State insurance). Mind you, I had a good paying job who didn't offer benefits so I was paying $300+ a month for the terrible Obama plan bs and yet couldn't find a primary care physician to save my life. So I had no choice but the er because could have lost my job if I didn't produce a doctor's note and being a holiday other walk in clinic were closed. (I was vomiting severly and work in restaurants so this wasn't okay for work) so as soon as my insurance documents are handed over the mood of the staff towards me changed completely. They wanted to dose me with some drug but wouldn't explain what it was, or even give me the name. Then they started accusing me of drug seeking, mind you this is as I'm refusing to take the Dixie cup w/ mystery pill. So somehow as refusing to take the pills without further knowledge, I was (in their minds) drug seeking? What!? The nurse said the doc would come talk to me regarding the pill so I waited and waited. Two hours and no doctor nor note for work. Just rude nurses every once and a while checking to see if the room had emptied yet. . Another time the memorial family wrote me a script for my sons pin worms without any exam what so ever. Just my explanation of symptoms. And he's four and had an itchy butt. . It could have been a simple rash. . But no physical exam took place to confirm. So then I go to fill the one dose one time script St Fred Meyer and it's $2100 and not covered my insurance. Who the hell has that kinda cash lying around on a weekend, holiday, and as a State insurance patient? Needless to say I held off on the script and his itch was gone without medical perscription in just two days. I value the opportunity to ask questions and feel confident of what I'm putting in my body. Memorial is so money focused and they have doctor's practical running from door to door and as a result the doctors act like your being such a bother if you ask even the most valid questions you have. It's not the fault of doctors but of the hospital industry memorial has sold it's soul to. I'd avoid that place at all costs.

Jorge Martinez

Very slow for the amount of staff they have there I lived in a small town that could handle the same amount of people or more in less time

Ronna Allaire

Jacqui Kotlarz

Amazing great staff great people took good care of me thank you Memorial you guys are great!

Amanda Torosian

They don't listen when you are allergic to medications and it was given to me despite me telling them! Had horrible reactions and left in worse condition than when I came in!

Tracie Nalley-Commet

I was a patient at Memorial Hospital last Thursday.And from the minute i walked in i was treated so good.The E.R. Dr was trying so hard to figure out what was going on with me and he was so paitent and kind.I was admited to the heart ward and from the minute i got to the floor i was treated so very good by everyone.These nurse that i had Pam and Jazimin were so kind.also the dr's on call knew i was scared and they eased me up and done every test that they thought to figure out my problem.I just wanted to say all of are great and do their jobs great.And there was so many helpful folks like Grace that took my vitals was great and even the one that took the blood was great.Thank-you for kind hearts that helped me.God Bless you and please tell them what great employees they.Thank-you kindly.

Ben Sisneroz Jr.

Rude Dr, would give me nothing for anxiety.

Frank Paul

g 77

My mom was admitted after she had a surgery induced stroke. Took them over 12 hours to get an anesthesiologist to her room to put an iv in her to deliver her pain medication. Unreal. She had to be in pain waiting. The on duty nurse was getting frustrated repeatedly putting the request in for it. So I don't have anything bad to say about the nursing staff. But come on!!!! 12 hours?!?!?! This hospital has really gone down the crapoer since Virginia mason took over. Better off going to a vet clinic.

Raymond Sanders

This hospital was not the best but it’s a hospital. The nurse came into the er room to asking me questions about what I’m here for and furthermore. Then he didn’t ask me if it’s alright he takes a look under my shirt and touch me. So with that gave me anxiety and felt so uncomfortable. He was also checking me out (my appearance) and trying flirt with me which made even more uncomfortable. Then probably within 4 min less the doctor came in and the nurse left the room. The doctor was nice but, again she did not ask if she can touch my hands and my upper body. She forced it and then grab my ankle asking if I have any redness happing while holding it. So with that I am not looking forward coming back to memorial hospital and wished them best of luck in the future.

Jeremy Bo

Why did I have 8 grand mal seziures , an hour after my surgery , I wasn't admitted for seziures , so I was not treated for them , I was a volunteer in your ICU for 4 years , after being a inpatient at your hospital , I left your hospital a different person , I don't no what is happening to me , and why will no one help me

john prickett

Nora Johnson

I hurt my foot 7 weeks ago. New to the Area. Went to er. The staff was so nice untill they released me and i had to walk from basement to exit. Which caused me to enjur my foot worse I didnt say nothing. Cause i didnt want the nice doctor that treated me to have her feelings hurt But it wasnt her fault. It was my fault for not asking for help. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for our own mistakes. Lenora johnson

Niwa Flanagan

Worst emergency room visit ever my daughter was in a 4 wheeler accident, leg was swollen and hands were bleeding with gravel embedded in her hands and skin hanging off. They focused on the ankle and that was it. When I asked the RN if he could clean up her hands, the response was aggoragance and i guess i can figure out some way to clean her up. Like it was beneath him...he grabbed a paper towel applied faucet water to the towel and dabbed her hand with it and threw a bandage on it. When i came home i had to remove the hanging skin and properly clean up my daughter. There was also blood drippings (which is a highly biohazard material) in the bathroom along with overflowing garbage cans. The brace they gave my daughter i later discovered there should have been a straw, so we did not get all the material for her brace either. My daughter could barely walk and they did not offer to assist us to leave. She hobbled to the exit where i could get a wheelchair. On our way we were stopped by the security guard pointing out that she only had one shoe... As i got her in a wheel chair and waited for our ride and carefully got her in the vehicle and replaced the wheel chair the same security guard, finally came out and asked if we needed come we didn't get assistance when we were discharged? I AM NOT ON WELFARE AND HAVE 100% EXCELLENT INSURANCE THAT PAYS GOOD MONEY FOR MY DAUGHTERS MEDICAL NEEDS. THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR AND TREATMENT WAS VERY POOR BEHAVIOR FOR ANY MEDICAL TEAM TO BEHAVE TOWARDS ANYONE....

Carolyn Belles

I cannot say how much I appreciate the exceptional care I have experienced at VM Memorial Hospital. I came in on Tuesday with severe abdominal pain, within 30 minutes of arriving I was taken back to a room in ER and seen by Dr Livingston. I was quickly diagnosed by Dr Young. He recommended waiting until he following morning to see if the condition fixed itself....and it did! No surgery was needed. Grateful for the great staff who cared for me, including but not limited to, Dr. Young, Dr. Livingston, Karla, Darren, Jaron, Jenn and Erica. C.Belles

Lyzzy Mendoza

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention! (Original) Excelente atención!

David VanGeelkerken

David Barajas

Dont go alone they will hurt you and not take care of you. There job is to get you in and out fast.

Michael Adams

Alex Day

Great I owe it to the staff I am still alive. Saved my life multiple times now. Maria the n.a is great . Only bad staff member is a nurse named Robyn. . Beware of Robyn .

Karen Akin

This hospital is a very good hospital, hD it not been for Dr Boyd and all the medical pttheir I would not be here today. I arrived in a coma, and was diagnosed with TTP, and was put on the miracle board there as I was not expected to live. They kept trying..., and I survived. Hats off to my Holiday Inn Hospital!

Cheeseburger Eddy

Quite possibly the worst hospital I've been at. I have had stomach issues for quite sometime and often will have burning attacks. Last time I went to the ER for it, a NURSE practicion came in instead of a doctor, and pretty much said there was nothing they could do for me because I was on a pain contract with my primary care physician. I didn't want pain meds I wanted help and maybe a diagnoses. So long story short they booted me out the door in tears and yelling in pain. Not too mention my fiance just had our baby there in February and I was so uncomfortable. They should also try to make the fathers comfortable as it is a lot of stress on us seeing our partners in pain and being nervous. If your not having a baby go to regional hospital, they are so much better. Memorial flat out sucks.

Rachelle Orender

Jim Natland

Exceptional care for my daughter in ER

cheyla private

I unfortunately I had to go to memorial hospital a few times due to health issues. Today on 6/5/19 I went in due to strain on my chest which is not good. When I went in it was busy. They got me back quickly and started off well. Reciptonist was fine and my doctor was good ( had a lot going on). However our nurse was AWEFUL!! She kept coming at me about a personal thing like I was bad ( which was approved by my doctor), my husband called her to our room about 5 or 6 times and she hung up on him everytime and never came to the room. She threw my blanket at me when i asked her for a blanket. I had an EKG stickers on me and when she told me to get dressed I asked her for help. She said direct quote " you can't do it yourself " when I had things attached to thw EKG stickers still.When she came over to help me she stickers she ripped then off with force which hurt a lot. The doctor said I had to be out of work for a week. I asked for the doctor note and she said ok. When she came back she only wrote it for today. I asked her if she can write then doctor note until Friday because I cant afford it longer than a few days. Then she wrote it until tomorrow. Then I went a head and said the doctor said a week but I can't afford more then Friday and she was like " the doctor is busy". Then I said I know this is why I am asking you and this is what he said. She snatched the paper out of my hand then shocked her head while rolling her eyes then threw the paper at me. I have NEVER BEEN SO DISSRESPECTED BEFORE!! My husband and I were just appalled by her actions. I felt like dirt. I understand her job is stressful but don't take it on me. You chosen that career. Don't be a nurse if you can not handle it. I just want people to hear about this nurse because how many people has she done this to. Just was not right. If I could give it a zero I would of.

Daniel Ozuna

This hospital has gone down hill over the years. Wife took my daughter in today for ear infection and it took 3 hrs for her to get in a room. Meanwhile my daughter was in so much pain in her ears and a pounding headache she was crying the whole time. One of the receptionist even told my wife they were next and not soon after that they took 7 other people in front of them and they were there first. Not even a apology for the wait or anything. Every time my wife went up to complain about the wait the security guards would look at her and laugh. Definitely the last time my family will ever go here.

Pedro Angeles

Allyson Uhlman

Mary Bounds

Less than impressed with their maternity ward. Beds are so bad as well as black mold on the father’s bed. Black mold on the shower curtain and can hardly get hot water. Expect someone to come through your door every 15-20 minutes and bug you to wake the babies, even when you politely decline they will continue to argue with you. Meals and breastfeeding will be disrupted. 2 day stay and had 20+ people in and out of my room strangers wanting to touch my newborn and underweight twins. They need to realize not everyone is ok with their babies being touched by multiple strangers, hospital or not! If we have children in the future we will be choosing another hospital. One that is upgraded and understands privacy for new parents.

Greg Rankin

If you have a choice of delivering your child somewhere other than Yakima Memorial Hospital, do it. 11:30 at night they have disrupted our care to move us to the much less equipped pediatric ward. Recovering and nursing mothers are not prioritized at this hospital. They have too many babies apparently. Nurses are great but administration is condescending and careless. Don't buy in to their marketing.

Kandy Mendoza


The best hospital in Yakima Washington


Possibly the most uncomfortable hospital stay ever. I would rate this 1 star however the staff has been great to us. My wife's water broke a month before her due date so we were transfered here from Sunnyside. They have us in a crammed room on the 4th floor, where the guest fold out bed/seat feels like a sack with springs no cushion. I have had better bedding in the county jail. The tv is a small 9-10" screen attached to an arm that can only be watched by 1 person at a time, hence the crammed room where I cannot sit next to my wife. There has been no consideration of staying family members, wishing we were back at Sunnyside Community Hospital....

Maribel Mendoza

Sofia Farias

Labor and Delivery.

Jenny C.

I have only ever been in the day surgery area, but had excellent care from check in to check out. Staff were all caring and professional. Met every need with smiles and care. Felt safe and taken care of.

Brett Scott

Joseph Watkins

They know what's Up!!? I go the extra mile to be taken care by Yakima Memorial Hospital!!! Life is only good if You are Alive!!!

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