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Erica kennedy

First let me say that when you walk into this place it's almost as if you're invisible, the ER area is full of unprofessional staff I thought I was watching a episode of The wire. They was giving each other pounds and talking about their private parts and talking about other patients in the ER. It took 6hrs just to even be notice and I was there for my 2yr old. Thanks to Gel the supervisor I finally got the attention of the doctor who was amazing Dr. Choe Dong that is. You can tell he was tired and over worked and needs help in there being he was the only doctor in the whole Er. He took the time to collect his thoughts and was excellent taking care of my baby. To the supervisor Gel and Dr. Choe Dong that hospital couldn't function without you too. Keep up the good job! cause people need people like you too. I just hope that the rest of the staff can get a refresh training on how to be professional and not act as if the work place is a hangout.


St John’s Hospital could be the best hospital because the owner is trying his best to make the place great, but the staff does not want the hospital to be advanced; the Staff in general is not receptive to change. Management does not respect nurses, they punish them instead of educating them. Nurses aid don’t feed or change the patients timely and accordingly, they hide not to perform their duties. Hats down to the owner of the hospital who is going above and beyond to make the hospital a presentable place. Staff usually work short and the supervisors and people responsible for scheduling don’t make the effort to address this problem which affect patient care. Owner, be aware that they don’t provide enough education to the staff during orientation and throughout of the year. Have an open eye on those facts so patients can have better outcome!!!

Sofi Fernandez Lowe

At first it looked like it was taking a long time and they weren’t really doing anything for my daughter but I spoke to a nurse and she helped us right away. They ran her test quick after that. We still had to wait a while for results because that’s just procedure and that’s just what’s going to happen. But her nurse aid Debbah was super good and very skilled at taking blood and giving her Ivy, very nice and attentive. I live in farrockaway and usually dred coming here to the hospital. But I see they have made many improvements and changes and it is getting better so I’m grateful for that.

Kimberly Robinson

This place is disgusting. The bathrooms are god awful and smelly, they quickly wipe under the seat but not the bowl or behind the bowl. the staff is rude and blunt, there is no sense of hospitality, they give an attitude for everything we ask for. Our Grandma has no choice but to die here and they are disgusting with care. They are disorganized and tell us they're coming at one time and don't show up for another hour (to clean her, to clean the room) they promised us they'll give us the single room and tRied to move other patients in twice. They are still bringing food up to the room though the doctors have written she cannot eat. What don't you get she can't eat ? after several requests to stop the disturbance they still continue to bring the food. Do not come to this hospital if you want To be treated. You will see ER patients in the emergency room for hours bleeding, seizing, sobbing in pain yet bedrooms are available upstairs. House keeping complains about the nurses being too lazy to fill up the rooms because they don't want to walk to the other side of the halls. The nurses here are all trashy students or unprofessional/Rachet/ foreigners. They are screaming at each other hellos and making rowdy noises at 11pm the intensive care unit. I asked a nurse to stop yelling for her other nurse friend quietly out of professional purposes and she got an attitude and turned away. She didn't even look at me, she kept her back turned and she said "what room can they hear us?". Um that's not the point. They bring in loud interns with random doctors into the patients rooms for "education" but my loved one is dying? Why are you bringing a bunch of kids in here to observe like she's an exhibit? They are coming in with contaminated masks from other rooms and when asked to take them off they get attitudes, except the protocol is to take off the masks when you go into different rooms. So now our whole family is at risk for contamination because they're being lazy? Unbelievable. Also the downstairs security guard is on a power trip, we have the hospice service for our family to visit 24/7 and he gives us a hard time coming in and out. This hospital doesn't even have real amenities, just plastic entrance doors and smelly hallways. Terrible. I wish my grandma wasn't in such awful condition or we'd never have chosen this place. Not even worth walking inside.

Park Boyz

Trash hospital worst in queens I'm pregnant with abdominal pain and no sonogram never seen by a actual doctor just a mid wife and medical student they told me to take Tylenol and drink more water I should of known it was trash once I heard dr Anita Holman was there who I know from a previous practice and she's a horrible trash doctor who you should avoid at all costs and I guess she's too much of a know it all and too good to actually visit with a patient who's 18 weeks pregnant and is having unexplained abdominal pain smfh

Joey Montanez

I was born with a broken shoulder

Ekeoma Onwuanaibe

This hospital might be whatever a lot of people might call it. The nurses are born to be nurses. After my sister had a baby there, i wish to have mine there. They treated my sister like their own. They nurses are amazing.

Audwin Wilson

Michael Edward

Worst damn hospital I've ever been in or been to in my life. Waited a very long time in ER for nothing. Took hospital hours to get amoxicillin from pharmacy. Very dirty facility.


The emergency room was small and the wait time to see a doctor took four hours after we got there. I was very disturbed about that wait time to see the doctor because my son hand was just dripping with blood from cutting his hand at home. But once we go to the back I seen why it took so long. This ER team was doing the best they could do with a pack ER. One thing I can say about this ER Team there staff was very friendly and very professional and that won me over despite being there all night. I just want to say thank to the staff and Matthew M that worked from 7pm until the next shift on 01-13-18 through 01-14-18. Thanks guys, you guys are the best.

Daughter Of Zion

Bad service and good of sharing your privacy around the hospital

Virginia Valdez

Gym obs the slowest place I have ever been and once you are with the doctor no even 15mnts with them they schedule too many ppl at the same time and they don't have enough doctors

Sarah Kenny Werner

I was taken to St. John's emergency room in an ambulance after passing out in a doctor's office. Fainting was scary, I was feverish and quite out of it, and I'm generally afraid of hospitals. The PA, the nurses, and the doctor were absolutely amazing. They all took the time to explain what they were doing and why, and to make sure I understood what was going on. They cared a lot about my comfort, not only asking me if I was comfortable but actively doing things if they saw I might not be (helping me orient myself better/ pull myself up on the hospital bed, providing medicine to ease soreness in my throat so that I could swallow, taping the IV drip so it wasn't as easy to mess up if I moved my arm, not hesitating for a second to gently take off my shoes for an examination when I couldn't reach them on my own, and so many more examples). They were also quite nice to my parents, who were very scared after seeing me pass out. The emergency room was neat and the patients around me were treated respectfully. I honestly won't forget that team.

Deborah Short

2/12/18 - I must say that I’m dreading bringing my elderly parent to the facility tomorrow for an Ortho appointment, I’ll see how it goes and post my experience, in the past the Ortho Doctor was very good, caring and concerned, however, it seemed that the Department was always chaotic, extremely overbooked and the staff overwhelmed with the volume of people waiting for service, I really hope that this issue has been resolved and much improved since the last visit 2 yrs. ago. I'm rating this hospital a 2 based upon past experiences and hope to be able to give it a 5 at my next visit. Until tomorrow! ______________________________________________________________________ Today, 2/13/18, was my Parent Ortho appointment at the 5th Floor Orthopedic Clinic. I’m changing my initial 2 stars rating to a wonderful 5-star one! They really deserve it. Thankfully, things have improved a lot since our last visit there 2yrs ago. The environment was clean, the ladies at the 5th Fl. Registration desks were professional, courteous, respectful and personable as well as the nursing staff where your vitals are taken, there a Nursing staff member actually took time to very thoroughly explain a question I had pertaining to Blood Pressure. The wait time to see the Doctor after registration was surprisingly pretty decent, not excessive at all like in the past. The Doctor, Anthony Horvath was as usual wonderful, I really like him, he takes time to know your prior history, listen to the current complaint then advises on what course of action are available to alleviate the situation. While I was there I went down to the basement to pick up a report and again, the experience was great, the ladies I interacted with were fantastic, I was able to secure what I needed in very little time. Many thanks to all the wonderful staff that made our visit go smoothly, stress free and extremely tolerable. Keep up the good work, I came in expecting the worst and received the very best of care. Thank you, St. John’s.

Raoul Watson

Do not use for diagnostic purposes! I was sent by my doctor for a CT Scan of my neck. The report came back that everything is normal. My thyroid lobe is normal (I had a total thyroidectomy). It also stated that my larynx is normal and no masses found. If it wasn't for a second opinion I would have died from cancer of the vocal cord which existed during the CT scan but totally missed. The report was transcribed by Crofford, Marsha MD.

Nnamdi Eneanya

Worst hospital ever the doctors discharge patient's even they still sick and having pains and they not helpful to give u a note to return to work, they put u to stress. They make u lay down for hours before u get pains medication, I have to make a phone call to the nurse station as to pick to the nurse manager because my girlfriend having a pains she has not received her pains medication, the doctors change your medication without notified u that very stupid

Juan Blanco

Someone stole my mothers favorite shirt than sent meds to a pharmacy. We call the pharmacy the next day only to hear that they never received the prescription. Than the nurse got all sassy taking my mothers discharge papers. But their vending machine was pretty cool.

Emily soto

This place should be called killer hospital! The WORST HOSPITAL IN NYC if u have a serious life threatening emergency I suggest u dont come to this hospital!!!! They should closed this hospital down!!!! Worst experience EVERRR

Honestly Shelby TV

The list of names will go on so I'll just go down the list of departments that assisted me. Registration, phlebotomy, podiatry, anesthesiology and within those departments 2-4 people helped me. Each and every person was an absolute pleasure. They all asked me the same question but it showed me that they are big on communication. It showed me that they all needed to know the same thing in order for me to have a successful surgery. I want to thank Doctor Gordon for sending me to this hospital and being one of my Surgeons. The level of customer service at this hospital is out of this world! Even the guy who rolled my wheelchair treated me like I was family and that to me is the ultimate experience when you go to a hospital. If you're afraid of hospitals go to this one! Your fear will go away! Thank you all so very much!

Lindani Setal

Doctor Raghid is a Excellent doctor..she guided me through my pregnancy & she delivered my child at StJohn Hospital. Did everything I wanted without me providing a birth plan.. ie: skin to skin contact with my baby right after birth. Although the hospital needs a little upgrade on the structure the Staff was great and tended to our needs.

Victoria Shurott

The wait time to see the doctor in the ER was ridiculous. Especially when the EMS told us because my husband had an infection that he he had to go to the nearest hospital instead of where his doctor's were. No one seen him for over two hours.

Nik trina

The worst specially the ER

Marleny Gonzalez


carol Black

My name is Carol, FDNY and NYPD brought my son to the St. John's Hospital ER Far Rockaway NY on 8/11/18. My son had urine and feces on him due to his diagnosis. My son need to have wound care services this is my reason for taking him to this hospital, his pants was soaking with urine, so I asked Physician Assistant D. Samuel if my son can have a shower before she does the dressing she totally ignores me and proceeds to placed guaze, clings, and tape on his bed she told my son to roll up his pants, she didn't washed her hands or uses hand santizer actually no one washes their hands after or before patients care from my observation. Physician Assistant D. Samuel continues to do the dressing I walked over to the nursing station and asked for the supervisor Register Nurse Sarah Smith said Im the nurse manager, I explain my concerned and asked her to take a look at my son clothing and can my son have a gown and a shower, Register Nurse Sarah Smith looked me in the eyes and said "you cannot take care of your son at home, you didn't give him a shower at home now you want us to give him a shower no he is not getting a shower" I asked for a gown she also said we dont give gowns in this area. I've been in and out of hospital for many years due to my son's diagnosis and this is the first time I have ever encountered such unprofessional, no empathy, disrespectful, and I don't care attitude by anyone in the healthcare profession. These two so called professionals are a disgrace to healthcare . My heart was aching for my son to experience this kind of behavior in front of him. Sarah Smith RN and Physician Assistant D. Samuel should be trained on customer services and do some research on Florencen Nightingale Physician Asistant D. Samuel needs re training on infection control. I would never go back to this Hospital, please whenever you go to this hospital be very observant or you may not walk out alive. I will go to patient relation because I do not wish this experience on my worst enemy.

Krista Rahmee

This hospital has a negative reputation. Last year, my mom was terminally ill and was brought here by the ambulance because it was the nearest hospital to her house. The doctors were exceptional and the staff were very friendly and accomadating. If it wasn't for their quick thinking and professional skills, her condition would have escalated for the worse. Ignore the neighborhood and give this immaculate hospital a chance, as I will by starting my career here. Thank you St. John's!!

Felicia Samuels

Any one who gives this place a good or decent rating either works there or is getting paid to write a review. This place is the worse. There is a reason why MOST of the reviews are bad. If I was to list what ss wrong with this place, my review would be pages long. Bottomline, go to a different hospital unless you don't like your loved one and wish them to suffer more or deceased.

Koldest x

Very foul smelling place, wait is usually hours and doctors or workers just do whatever they can to get rid of you and collect money from health insurance or your pocket

Lottie Simms

Patients totally ignored. Worse hospital I've ever been in and I've been in many. Should have been closed instead of Penninsula

francisca Renaldo

Esta vez si tuve muy buena ateciones de parte de todos el personal que trabaja en este hospital mi esposo estuvo por un mes y 4 dias, todos mue lo informaban, muy buen servicios de parte de los doctores

Veronica McGinley

My family member was taken to St. John's after being found unresponsive. She had been ill for some time and sadly, there was not much that could be done, but the staff at St. John's was extremely caring and supportive. They did everything possible to make her comfortable and to give us a chance to say goodbye with love and dignity. They really were exceptionally caring and professional at the same time and we knew that they would have saved her if it were possible, but the reality was that it was her time and they helped us through the process every step of the way with kindness and support. They really cared about her and about us.

Dahlia Fletcher

As soon as I found out I was scheduled for surgery at St. John Episcopal Hospital I started doing my research. Needless to say based on the reviews I was petrified and ready to cancel my surgery. I proceeeded anyway and from the warm greeting I got from the security officer I was intrigued. The admitting ladies Angelica S. and Lisa H. saw that I was a lil tense and started joking around with me, these ladies had me laughing at 8 am in the morning which was greatly appreciated. Next stop was ambulatory which I was greeted by Gail wonderful spirited lady with such a bubbly personality. The head nurse Dacia the best explained everything put my mind at ease joked around and chatted with me to keep my mind of everything. Winnie I meet before going to the OR along with resident Dr. Robin he gave me a neck massage (I was complaining about my pinch nerve)... Dr. Lee (anesthesiologist) resident OB Dr. G and of course my doctor Dr. Godwin Onyeike the best!!! Along with the OR Staff. The 7th floor nurses Cathy and Christine (day RN's) and Myrna (night RN) wonderful and verrrry attentive these ladies don't get enough credit for what they do. You press the bell and they were there even when you didn't press the bell they were checking in on you...RN's not pca or cna' attending to you. I have been to a few hospitals weather for myself or a family member and I can honestly say this has been the best experience and I work at a Nursing home/Rehab center with over 500 beds. Dietary staff Tommy Nirmala saw I was in and out and placed my meal orders. So basically don't judge St. John's go and see for yourself I was pleasantly surprise and a lil ashamed that I believed what was said. Everyone went above and beyond not just for me but everyone around.

Areefa Mohamed

Worst experience went in the emergency room at 2 come back out at 10.. it was only 3 of us in there the nurse was just sitting relaxing noting to do and didn’t even worry..

Francisco Rodriguez

Summer Joy Reign Cedano

Beautiful place to photograph breathtaking sunsets and sunrises

Rebecca Ley

My experience was not so good. I had a seizure at a Ihop restaurant and was brought to the hospital by ambulance. When I have a seizure, my eyesight and hearing is extremely senzitive. Also there is the posibility of having another seizure. I have had them before, it was a grand mal seizure. I could not believe that they just placed me in a little corner in the emergency room and did not have me connected to a nurse call button, did not give me any medication attachded to any Iv. Any other hospital ALWAYS connect me to an IV and give me ATIVAN, or XANAX to control the seizures immidietely. THe lights in the room are somewhat dimmed as it is very disturbing to the eyesight. NONe of this was done. Next to my room there was an alarm going off that was very very very dsiturbing that felt like it was rattling in my brain especialling after the seizure, I told three nurses, two of them told me to deal with it that I was not the only patient in the hospital. THeir town was very loud and reprimanding. I have never been so mistreated in a hospital. Finally I explained that I needed some medication for the seizure and for the headache that I was feeling, another nurse said that enough medication had been given to me in my IV. I pointed out to them that I didn't have an Iv, and she shuckled and said oh okay. So she brought me a small pill of ativan, so I asked for pain medication for my headache, she said she could not bring me any more medicines that they have given me all the meds they could give me. I let her know all that they gave me was .5 meds of ativan that is NOT a pain med. She finally gave me i pill of tylenol. THis was absolutely ridiculous for the kind of pain I was feeling. Finally a doctor came in and he said that he woudl be giving me Dilantin or kepra for my seizure, i declined to take either because those are not the seizure medications that I take. I explained that I would not start on NEW medications. I let him know that I was on Topimarate and have been, I let him know that I would get him in touch with my neurologist, he stated that he would admit me but did not want to speak to my neurologist. THis hospital is a zooo!!!!!!! I was finally discharged!!! NOthing that they do is normal and it seems like they are just trying to keep you admited and put you on their own meds instead of consulting with tyour own doctors. It was a horrible experience and I was treated horribly while i was there. I hope never to end up at this hospital again!!!!!

Mrs.Erika Powell

My doctors in the emergency room get a 5star. The nurses get a 1 star extremely unprofessional, not attentive rude arrogant attitudes. A lot of nasty foreign nurse who clearly think they too good to clean up urine and vomit. Running so fast to take a break without checking on me. I had extremely high fever if it wasn't for the amazing doctor who was doing his job and his lousy nurses job. The nurses where taking a test for work in front of the patients totally unprofessional. One of them came back from break and it to her 30 minutes to log in before she gave me tynelon. In order for this hospital to be at the top of their game that need to train their unprofessional staff that peoples lives matter. To have emphaty and stop chatting and being rude to the patients. I even saw one of the nurse be rude to an outside social worker. This nurse was kinda chunky with short hair with glasses. Ever time one of the Dr ask her a question she was rude. Sad to say this why people don't want to go to St John's when sick and the nurses are bringing the hospital down. They all had on lots of perfume cheap smelling. Dirty uniforms. If it wasn't for me reminding them that I sat on a bed in which I urinate on they would have placed a person on the bed. One nurse was yelling at an elderly lady who couldn't speak and being rough. Once again my Dr had to get urine samples and send them off cause nurses where doing a test. Isn't there a testing room for staff

Sonia Nunez

Thank you

Ramon Muñoz

leonardo ramon munoz

Scat Dog

Amen, hospital service like back in the days. Remember when the staff cared more about the patients than the check. Arena Harris was refreshing. We felt that it was necessary to mention her by name because my husband and I were treated in the emergency room two days in a row.Me on the first day and my husband the very next day. She introduced herself and asked us if everything was ok, she showed us how to navigate around the hospital, such as directions to the Starbucks now located in the hospital. She also returned to the bedside several times to assure that we were satisfied the hospital and the services that we were given. She was warm and very polite. She went to every patients bedside to make sure that they felt the same. Truly an upgrade in patient care. Thumbs up St Johns Far Rockaway we are looking forward to your many improvements in the quality of your patients care. Let's get that name straight Miss Adena Harris exceptional care and concern, truly an asset in any emergency room care.

Leara Sullivan

The worst place ever u will be waiting for 3 hours or more just to be seen

Shirley Bien-Aime

This is the place where my babies were born.

Anjuli Sinha

Get over yourselves, SJEH isn't bad.

Carol Black

Good afternoon, this is a follow-up from my last review, I received an email today from St. John's hospital PATIENT RELATION and basically it saids they cannot confirmed the unprofessional behavior and disability prejudice against myself and my son by their staff, NURSE SARAH SMITH AND PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT D. SAMUEL. I do not want another patient to encounter what happened to my son and myself so I'm hoping to have a meeting with the Director of Nursing soon.

Alisha Bryant

ST. JOHNS HOSPITAL IS THE WORST. This place needs to be shut down instead of rebuilding. They don't even deserve one star. I witness too many people dying in the hospital. They do not have updated systems. My grandmother have been I this hospital for 3 weeks for heart failure, Kidney failure and UTI. You would think she would feel better after a week. But she has gotten worse. I've been trying to transfer her to another hospital but they're giving me run arounds and numbers to call. And they're suppose to make the call. So as of right now, my grandma is dying slowly I don't discharge her myself to another hospital. I would never recommend it to anyone

Malka Beth Wendy G-F

It's a place you voluntarily send someone if they're sick & you want them dead. My husband has been there a few times, they have few good staffers but by en large are a large death trap. Last time they did a discharge plan at first that included all their people more than a month after we told them we were moving permanently. They did schedule new appointments but never cancelled the original one's made. They also gave treatment via an IV after they filed the original discharge paperwork & before they told him they'd done said paperwork.

Lisa Waang

It must the worst hospital in the world.

mecca brown

Horrible have waiting all day doctors don’t want to do there job ‘ or nurse nobody’s working

suzanne scott

Here @ the E.R room and with all this new look my husband could not get a blanet but was given a sheet to try and stay warm cause they have no blanets. Really! God forbid they go and get one from someplace else in the hospital. Now since this happened, I was contacted by someone from the hospital in ref. to my comment about 2 wks ago from today, 6/20/19. I was trill to see that someomne do pay attention to what is posted about the hospital. I was told that they E.R. staff will be spoken to and also it should not have happen and it will not happen again. So thank you for contacting me in reference to this matter.

Joseph Aponte

(Translated by Google) Poop (Original) Caca

Toni Evans

The slowest hospital I've ever been to

Jennifer Grullon

Hate this hospitsl they are sooo unprofesssional and unprganzied

mila malakova

I never like hospitals but I'm writing a good review because of doctor

Trudy Brown

lisa fancy

ignore patients ; don’t give them correct treatment ! Very rude and nasty when you ask questions !!! Only hospital in far rockaway and they’re disgusting

Hope Robinson

I wouldn't even take my dog there..i spent 24 hours in the ER and still haven't been placed in the room. The nurses refuse to help all they do is complain about wanting to go home. The hospital is full of medical students and NO DOCTORS. It's about time they shut this facility down and start fresh with qualified doctors and nurses.

meredith anzalone

All I can say awful...the worst staff in er. There is a nurse that can hardly speak English ordering my father pain meds and even the pharmacy kept asking to repeat. The chaos was discussing my father was just in the hallway being pushed around so people can move around. They need to be shut down besides the incompetence the cleanliness was the most disturbing. The five towns should open up a hospital so patients don't have to go to that animal hospital.

Willmar Rivera

Molly Martinez

Worst hospital ever!!

Boris Ioffe

If you are reading this you are probably in distress. I am sorry. You can help your situation by getting as far as possible from this dreadful place. Run, crawl, just get out of there as far as possible. Deathtrap.

Camila xoxoxo

This hospital shouldn't even be open to start, now the staff that came to us were very pleasant but the facility needs lots of repairs. I notice that if you know some that works there your waiting experience will be cut to straight to the waiting beds. This is the nearest hospital to our house so I took my baby there not knowing the Pediatric area was so small & in such conditions (deteriorating). Never going back there. I'm writing letters to a lot of people regarding this place after this horrible experience.

Nya Johnson

This is THE absolute worse hospital I have ever encountered. I spent eight hours in the ER after being rushed by ambulance. The doctor never spoke to me about the results of the CAT Scan I was given. I was discharged and told they found "something" but they didn't identify what that "something" was! I wouldn't send a goldfish to this hospital. This is NOT health care!

Emelda Kinyuy

Nice place. Some people are out to ruin others I will recommend this hospital to anyone. I had a good experience here.

Harold Kramer

I know that this hospital has got many negative reviews and its not highly rated but I have to say this. I suffered a minor heart attack and the EMS brought me here because I live in Rockaway The level of service was 1st class. The staff were attentive and kind. They kept me alive and stabilized my condition until I could be transferred to Mt Sinai in Manhattan for an angioplasty procedures.

nav pabla

Best hospital of Far Rockaway.. The doctors and nurses are very nice and caring.. i had excellent experience in this Hospital..

Annmarie Porter

I had the worst experience yesterday at this hospital, knowing I’m just starting to go go there, cause it’s very close to where I moved to. I was in so much pain , from before 4 o’clock i didn’t leave that hospital until after 10:30 with nothing done. Not even a pain killer I spent a wasted evening there , knowing my daughter will be graduating the next morning. I’m so disappointed in those doctors. N trainees. Upset patient

tish winns

Horrible hospital. Took my father there for a heat stroke and they didn't even know if he was a Male or female and we had been there for 3 hours already. There was a hospital sponsor lady who was very helpful but dont take your loved ones there they will go in one way and come out another

Rina Thomas

The worst place to come to in case of an emergency got in here by 11:40 and still waiting to be seen and it's now 2:15 now mind u ain't noone in here im da only one in the waiting area by myself my first and last time coming here idgaf if my life depends on they going to be paying that parking meter ticket i know that for sure.

Tom Power

If I can give this place 0 stars I would. Just saying how unorganized and uncaring everybody in this place was. A half of handful of people was helpful. Waited 4 hours for us just to get in to the triage for a 2yr old and 6 hours just to have a doctor look at my daughter. If it wasn't for a supervisor to come over and ask us who was here to see the doctor and found out it was for a 2 yr old I believe we will still be in waiting room. And mind you the place was empty. A few people there waiting 3 to be exact. When my daughter finally seen the doctor 6 hours later he was good and helpful. But it is his job but he was nice and caring so was the supervisor. Waiting room staff was loud and joking around like if they was in someone's apt playing cards and drinking. Or chilling on the corner with friends. Very crazy to be like that in a hospital.

Milady Muniz


Marta Szpilowska

This hospital has the absolute worst billing department on the planet. For six months I have been calling them to try to send a corrected bill to my insurance and they still haven't done it. I got billed incorrectly for in patient stay when it was an ER visit! My insurance called numerous times and no there will lift a finger to do their job! Stay far far far away from there!

Kay William

05/23/15. Here is my story. My mother in law died last WK in this hospital. Today my father in law is in this hospital. I brought my daughter who is almost 12 all the way from CT to see him and they would not allow her to see him not even for a few mins. I think as a parent I should be able to sign a wavier. When we got here for my mother in law it was too late and now that we got here on time we are denied. I am beyond upset and hurt with all the grief experienced today.

Natalie Johnson

Staff were okay but this place is filthy


Worst hospital with a name. Don’t come here, they make you wait hours to get a bed/room. Night shift staff is clearly not staffed enough. Nobody helps. Updates on the rooms aren’t given. I am beyond unsatisfied. I wish negative stars were possible.

Ciani Ayala

Dawn Davis

I had never heard of nor had I ever been to this hospital, I am a fairly new resident to the Rockaways. I found a friendly and professional Podiatrist in the area named Dr. Gordon who is affiliated with St. John's therefore, my foot surgery was scheduled there.The day prior to surgery I received a call from a nice nurse with pre op instructions. I arrived at 6:30AM the day of surgery, was greeted by friendly registration staff who were professional and ready to work. Shortly after, I went straight to ambulatory care where I was again greeted by professional friendly nurses once who were ready to diligently perform their duties. Every one that I encountered at St. John' s was extremely warm and welcoming. Thank you.


I had to call 911 from home to get someone to responds to my loved one desperate calls from his bed at St. John Episcopal Hospital F nurses station had rang over 30 times and no one answered I had no choice but to call 911

Mary-Ellen Walton

hate that it is the closest hospital to ny mothers house. it is dirty and majority of the staff is uncaring and treat patients like animals.

Walter Pierce

Batista: what does "They need to them down already!" Mean? Patient s aren't call in the order the arrive. It depends on severity and type of problem. And you can never know how busy things are in the back coming by ambulance.

Joseph Adduci

This Hospital is lacking all amenities to be called first world.Just another priblem Hospital in Far Rockaway that no one cares about. STAY FAR AWAY FROM ST JOHNS EPISCOPAL HOSPITAL

Moses Powell

I'm sorry that I am a year late with my review. I was admitted to St. John's Episcopal Hospital after suffering a T.I.A (mini-stroke) at home on 4/20/2017. After a previous horrible experience at this hospital I expected the worse. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much the care had improved. The nurses, doctors and staff were excellent. Even the food was delicious! I especially liked my neurologist, Dr. Eneman. My 10 day stay here was comfortable and I very much appreciated all of the various chaplains that came to visit me.

Christian Morales

Very slow in the ER room almost 6 hours for a simple X ray test and result last time coming to this hospital

legend Rider 123

These People are idiots one time I came in here for asthama and they had me waiting while I was wheezing and didn’t do anything right away this place should shutdown

Jen R

A double edged sword with doctors like some are nice and some arnt but they saved my life and my baby. There's a lot I can say about the stink smell of the bathrooms on the first floor although I have seen massive good change that I like in the emergency area. After a visit today I had to take a very large piss jar on the bus in a see through bag to bring back to the hospital... Embarrassing for me, it would have been nice to have bags handy that are not see through.

Krupesh Patel

It's comical how the ignorant people give this place a bad review. The problem is people don't have PCPs and come to ED for everything... that is not how it works... get insurance if you want and want. The reviewers need to review themselves!

Ashlea Graziano

Doctors are so incompetent horrible ER nobody knew what they were doing g they start doing something with u stop and do something else never go there

shira lieber

I was put into an emergency room and there was no security cameras. Somebody stole 200 dollars from me and saphire earrings my grandmother gave me. So irresponsible. Such jerks.

Lavonia Haynes

You can die sitting in this waiting room. They fixed the place up but still bad service. Ive been sitting in the lobby for 6 hours with chest pain..

Nicole Heckstall

My primary care doctor wanted me to go to the E.R because I was very, very sick. So I went. I was there for HOURS. The gave me the WRONG DIAGNOSIS. After two days I was still feeling bad. I went to another hospital. I was then admitted for 8 DAYS. I would NEVER recommend this hospital. Its just sad

Tiffany Wishropp

The E.R wair time is ridiculous.

Pamela Ganesh

My grandmother went to the ER on Saturday, she fell and the ambulance took her to St. John hospital. They told her that she broke her hip and she needs surgery. My grandmother has been in the ER since Saturday they never put her in a room. They also made her sign papers while she was highly sedated on pain medication, she had no idea she was signing papers to have surgery done on Tuesday. I want my grandmother transferred from this hospital and they are giving us a hard time. My grandmother has eaten anything for 4 days, they don't give her medication that she needs to take. There is an intern Dr. Braun, all she talks about is how they order all these expensive test for my grandmother to do and how much is costing. This hospital DOES NOT CARE FOR THE PATIENT THEY CARE FOR THE $$$ THEY GET FROM THE GOVERNMENT. This hospital is for patient who does not have any loves to help them. Because instead for you to get better you get worse. My grandmother is getting worse and they DON'T CARE AT ALL. She does not want to have surgery and they forcing her to have the surgery by not transferring out of this hospital.

Casey P

Despite all the bad reviews this hospital isn't that bad how people make it out to be it's alright not perfect but it's alright decent

Moshe Feigenbaum

Mis-diagnosed my sister with a broken hand. They should see something like that on the x-ray right away.

emil arnest

Very good doctor's and all stuff I mam lucky to do her operation in this hospital


I was expecting a horrible experience but I was pleasantly surprised. I found the staff including nurses, aides, students, residents, and attending physicians to be very knowledgeable and caring. I would go to St John's and recommend it to anyone.

Carlos Morales

next to Brookdale hospital in Brooklyn, This is the worst hospital I ever experienced in my life. The only hospital in far Rockaway after they close peninsula hospital. You're treated by student doctors. The only time you see a tenured doctor is during rounds. The West Indians staff at the ER and the clinics are the worst. Very nasty attitudes when you ask them for something they act like you're bothering them. The only good thing about this hospital is the inpatient and out patient dialysis center's Which is run by nurse director miss cymbeline, very loyal dedicated hardworking Filipinos with excellent professionalism. and great work ethics, Other than that the hospital Services stinks all the way up to the security guards. (Ignorant security staff) this hospital is famous in the rockaways, for checking in but you don't check out. (Morgue) whenever I get sick and I'm in need of medical assistance. I take a cab all the way to South Nassau, potential patients beware if you don't want to die don't go to St John's. St John's Will give you a one-way ticket to the resurrection.

Vinny Mollo

I was born here and im alive... so umm they did a good job i guess.

Daniel Cain

Terrible... Staff walking around talking non sense. Nurse lost my sample I waited for 7 hour for 2 Tylenol I am discussed. I was place between a conflict and some lady bleeding out her face, I’m damn near shoulder to shoulder with the other patients in the ER and they talk freely about patient, like doesn’t HIPPA mean anything. Close St Johns hospital or bring in a director the everyone afraid of cause this is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had at the hospital

ann allen

Sitting here in ER for over 3 and a half hours. I wouldn't take a sick dog here to be put down go someplace else... Just saw the bullship response they put underneath my comment have to 4 and a 1/2 hours of waiting in the emergency Room to be seen I left and drove myself to LIJ which I was greeted warmly and was seen and taken care of within an hour and 20 minutes.. I really feel that the nurse that night did not take my matter serious nor did he care to help me or even put me in line to be seen when I ask the desk they told me the nurse never even gave me a number.. It was only 3 of us in the waiting Room yes I understand the ambulance comes in but as I sat there I watched people come in and get taken before me I really feel I was almost discriminated upon

Ana Ortiz

Worst Hospital ever ! My grandmother was here and Thank God i went with her if not idk what she would've been going through. First off nurse took her urine and placed it under her bed and then when i went to ask the doctor for the results of the urnine he said everything came out negative meaning no infections or bacteria. Then three hours later when he is rede to let her go and reviews everything he says no urine was taken so i asked him how did he give me the results and he said it was an assumption. Why are you assuming when you have the computer in front of you. I just dont undersstand this hospital they will let you Die... Don't Go here! they need to close this hospital down ASAP!!!

Michael Graffeo


Sharon John

This morning I received a call that my mom was being taken to the ER at St Johns Episcopal Hospital, my initial thought was no, this hospital is such a bad hospital. But once I arrived coming all the way from Jersey I was pleased to see the brand new renovations. It looked absolutely amazing. It was very busy but there was enough staff. When I felt like my mom wasn’t be serviced fast enough I asked to speak to a supervisor. I can’t remember her name but she was young, wore a blue and green dress and had long hair. She was sooooo helpful. She said she was the manager of the psych unit but she knew what she was doing then she told me she was a ER nurse too and I could tell by the way she was moving around the place. Very well spoken and patient. She also reassured me if I needed anything to ask for her personally. My mom is gonna be admitted and after spending the day in the ER I am confident she will be taken great care of upstairs.

Joseph Lieberman

Very knowledgeable and courteous!

Elaine Torres

Sad and I've almost died.

Kathy Wilson

Had to go for an xray, the registration was very quick and the lady was very nice. Once I went downstairs the wait was very short to be called for the xray, I was very surprised lol. Was in and out within 30 minutes.

Selena Batista

Worst hospital EVER! I've been waiting in the emergency room for 4 hours & my daughter still hasn't been seen... in fact... they called another child before her who came an about 2 hours after us. This hospital is ridiculous. They need to them down already!

Margarita Rivera

Genal Moore

This hospital is definitely not a place to send your sick love ones. The staff is very unprofessional and they can care less about your well being. This is my mom second visit within 4 days. I asked the doctor to please treat her. They gave her a steroid and sent her home. Here we are back 4 days later with the same problem. You don't see actual doctors. They have medical students caring for you. Please dont bring your elderly person here. The state needs to shut this hospital down.

Dalia Garcia

I was looking for my mom. Thanks God the staff from the main front desk was a nice lady helping me to see my mom. First time coming to this hospital.

Kedeja Bryce

This is by far the worst hospital I've ever been to . my usual hospital is LIJ but due to the FACT that im a sickle cell patient this was the closest one EMT would allow me to go. The wait in the ER WAS LONG they spelt my name wrong & gave me a tagg whitch was not my name during that time my legs began to swell up nurses were disrespectful calling me a drug addict saying i was only there for drugs the ER DOCTORS WERE INTELLIGENT KIND PEOPLE last me being admitted was even worst nurses would respond when they feel like it then come in with a altitude !!! Worst experience never again i could be dying im still telling EMS LIJ ONLY

Ross Jandrew

Nursing staff was exceptional during my stay. Many younger doctors here and medical students had a very difficult time drawing blood during my 10 day hospital stay. I would recommend asking for a nurse to draw blood if needed or if you have deeper veins. They were very inexperienced. When I was in my bed resting after surgery a doctor was consulting with the patient in my room. They knew each other and started joking around. The doctor then said, "I hate operating on men, they're such fags about surgery. " I immediately left my room because I felt uncomfortable. Next a nurse who was not working with me asked me if I was married and if I had a girlfriend. When I replied no she said, "don't worry, God has a plan for all of us and will surely send you a good wife." This hospital clearly stands by a very dated and Old Testament interpretation of the bible and this influences much of the culture here. I only came here because it was the closest hospital when I was admitted after an emergency surgery. I think this hospital needs sensitivity training and cultural competency training. Not everyone that becomes a patient here follows your beliefs. I am grateful for the medical care I received but also would not recommend nor come back to this hospital because I felt like my worth as a human being was diminished because of who I am.

Willie Rodriguez

Tiffany L

My son fell in there peds department while being examined by a doc who wasnt paying attention. All i asked for was a written apologise. Not only was i denied that by patients relations who reached the choice that no one was at fault and lied that my sons doctor was alerted when i had to be the one to tell him. So i now ended up going to speak to the department head who didnt want to speak to me. I asked for an written apology again this time they agreed and my letter said the following. I apologize that you are unhappy with the hospitals initial response to your son's fall. We are encouraging doctors,staff,and parents to be watchful to prevent this in the future. Orginally before this i was told if i was unhappy with my services there i should look for another doctor. Its not my first negative encounter with the staff members. When i was pregnant i needed insulin, the nurse in labor and deliver refuse call my doctor because she had already been reported for making fun of me for needing insulin. So she retaliated by not calling the doctor for my insulin

Tara Sanfilippo

If I could post negative stars here I mom passed away in the emergency room...we did not know she had passed when we came in...the person behind the desk said "yes go in she's in bed...." We walked in and she was in a body preparation at all and the hospital couldn't care less...completely doctor came to talk to us and the nurse in the room at the time we walked in just ignored us...and completely incompetent when it came to ordering an autopsy...unfortunately, my mother was in respiratory distress and cardiac arrest and this was the closest hospital to the rehab facility...avoid this hospital at all cost...the absolute WORST I have ever seen in a hospital...and we have been to a good few of them ugh...the experience still makes me ill thinking about it...I couldn't imagine a hospital could be this bad...unfortunately I can't rate the doctors because none came to talk to us...I have to hope and assume that they really did all they could to save her but I have no proof of that...given the experience and their's not surprising that I'm skeptical of that...again STAY AWAY if you can...oh and you will also notice below the PATHETIC automated response they put after these Google responses..."so sorry you had an unpleasant experience" they don't even read the reviews...SHUT THIS HOPSITAL DOWN!!!

antoinette washington

My first time there and it was really good. I was in and out even though it was crowded. Thank you good health insurance.

hilary fulford


Jamileth Avalos

Benny Santana

Dont go there waiting 3 hr and still nothing i left to the lobby they did not look for me i left that bad hospital look what see in the bathroom

Yvonne Richards

I just gave birth to my 2 week old daughter Princess here. I think they did an awesome job with me by coaching me and the staff where were very helpful and nice to me i really appreciate everyone that was working that day. I would recommend anyone that iknow that is pregnant to have their baby at St .Johns hospital.

Nisha Delgado

This place is ridiculous. I brought my infant daughter in because of a head trama and I didn’t hear the nurse call me. So when I noticed people that came after me been seen I went to the front desk that I was only a few feet away and asked the ladies when would I be called. She looked me in my face and told me I’ve been called. So I said really because I didn’t hear the call. She then told me oh (with and smirk on her face) oh they called you five times. The smirk angered me so I said if I’m sitting right there and you know they’re calling me why wouldn’t you tell me miss ? She then said oh well you missed it cause you was on the phone. I said to her it don’t matter clearly I didn’t hear her and I’m here with a baby to be seen. This isn’t funny and the laugh they was now doing was unprofessional. She just dismissed me and an ambulance member to speak to me. They continue to talk about me in my face. Disgusting.

Jennifer Jean

Service is really slow. But it could be because it's the only hospital around

Danielle Dimartino

The absolute worst hospital I've ever been to I wouldn't send a dog there. After being brought in via ambulance I was in severe pain and they put me in a corner bed and I sat there for 45 minutes without so much as a nurse even coming to assess my condition ji ultimately left in disgust I would never refer this facility it is the most useless hospital I have ever been to.

Just had my third baby in st John . Staff is very nice and thanks to doctor samina raghid. She is very professional. God bless her and the staff at st John Episcopal hospital.

Maria Benson

My daughter was hospitalized on Tuesday May 2, 2018 because she is having heart and pulmonary problems. She was discharged with a guess as her prognosis aftee running tests for days on Thursday May 4th 2018. All they did was give her a bag of inhalers and an appointment for today Monday May 7, 2018. She gets there with an appointment slip and no one knows why there isn't an appointment in the system. So what does she do now??? I say SUE since the next appointment is in July????? What kind of hospital is this??? Who is in charge??? There is no one to contact!!!!! I've been calling and this is my last resort. From my message to their eyes if my daughter passes out and God forbid something happens you will know when you see the name of the hospital changed to The Davis Hospital! I've had enough of people in white coats serving the community that don't give a damn! Do not go to this hospital if it's not necessary. I don't know the nearest but it's not worth it. They are just collecting a check.

Ailsa Valenti

Horrible customer service, was placed on hold several times throughout a phonecall, spent hours on the phone, several transfers to different departments, eventually had to drive 7 hours to the hospital to ask a question about my loved one.

Sophia Thompson

I have had two surgeries there and find no fault. The Doctors were kind, professional and easy to talk to.They had my best interest at heart.They explained my procedure to me and make sure I understood all that was said.

Michael Tepes

A few things you need to know before you send your family to St John's hospital 1. It has roaches 2. The Doctors don't care and honestly that's the worst part. Far Rockaway seems to be a place where hospital trash is transferred to 3. The Nurses are the only bright spot 4. If you are sick at night time DONT COME ALONE! They treat even full suited workers like homeless ppl. They will shuffle you off to fast track and act like nothing is wrong. If you have any other option.. please seek a better hospital. The mayor needs to do something about this place. They fix the place but not the ppl

Diane Fazil

Having my children at this hospital has been one of the best experiences I could ever ask for. The nurses are great mostly private room and amazing food from a hospital, labor and delivery department great from top to bottom

Stayoff Mypage

The nurses station on the 5th fl is so unprofessional I came in months ago with a referral to have a surgery done and have never heard from the nurses the doctors about any thing and for the fact that we about go into a whole year soon and still haven't anything about my health from these doctors is unbelievable and now it's time to file a complaint the NERVE that they playing with my health the 5th fl is just so unprofessional some not all the nurses are beyond rude and very very unprofessional that I have to keep calling them and still no one has gotten back to me about my health I'm so done with this hospital but some parts of the hospital is good and for the fact that the 5th fl department makes the whole hospital looks bad and I'm so disgusted how they handled my SUATION and I'm filing a complaint against this department that is the 5th fl to be excact like how you don't care about the patient just sad

David Cruz

It's ok


Gave birth at this hospital in 2010 and it was the worst experience ever!! The delivery room looked like an abandoned old basement and it was very cold.. my room afterwards had no bathroom I had to go out the room to shower and use the bathroom the nurses had attitudes and I will never recommend anyone to this hospital to have a baby

Muriel Seung

John Henderson

They treat you well


I was in this horrible place with AV Block. They did nothing during 5 days. Just charge my insurance. I leaved it without permission and this decision saved my life. If you have cardiovascular problems - do not come here!

Don Faigao

Tynia Jackson

My mom and I came to get a scan on her foot and we have been waiting since 8 o'clock and I takes me having to go to the nurses 3 times for them to check and they still have yet to see us and it's almost 1:30 now


This hospital is the type of place where you can go in with one sickness and come out with 10 more because these doctors are so negligent towards their patients, as well as they lack a staff.

Kevin Anthony

Went in for our first appointment and turned into being probably the most unwelcoming experience I've ever had. We walked into registration office and were told we were in the wrong building. The lady walked us out of the hospital and told to walk across the street after pointing to a run down building. After walking across the street we we knew were in the wrong spot. It turned out to be a halfway house. An officer came up to us and asked if he could help. He sarcastically laughed saying this is far from the hospital. Your appointment is in the hospital not a homeless shelter. We went back in and went back to registration. I called the lady out and then she got mad. Its Whatever... i could only imagine if I wasnt there with my girlfriend what would have happened. So just try not to come here.

t2guudt2u bangbang

Called hospital to schedule an appt, early January, appt was made for 2/23 - yes a month and half later - I get to my appt today only to find out I can't see any one unless I have a referral .... my issue is why the personnel scheduling the appt didn't bother to mention anything about a referral; furthermore, my next available appt would be for 4/30, on top of everything else, I persued by asking the doctor what I can use for the mean time until my next appt and to my surprise he didn't know or showed professionalism thereafter he went and consulted with the pharmacist and neither of two "educated professional" didn't known what to suggest for over-the-medication for warts. Mind Blowing to say the least,.. what bunch of incompetent individuals I can't even call them wonder the hospital has the Rep it has...the personnel has proven to be one of the worst and lazy in the industry !! Where are the real nurses and doctors that could will build back St. John's - far rockaway - we need real professional staff .... perhaps bring back a more balance and diverse group instead of predominately black personnel not everyone is accustomed to a lack of attention and obligation to particular situation, more or less, there seem to also lack accountability or responsibility , the hospital obviously have given up therefore leaving far rockaway residents to the lack of understanding and professionalism of St. John's staff ...obviously these are employees working for money and not for their community!! There are two types of employees: dedicated/passionate and check collectors which attend work but do very little to give value to what they do ...

Azriel Zylberberg

I honestly don't even want to talk about it. I wish there was a closer hospital. Many of the employees try to do the right thing and many do work hard, but it's impossible for them to provide good treatment due to horrible mismanagement.

Lilly Amore

Ashley Thomas

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ; DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIT 3 hours to be triaged and another 3 just to get a bed then ANOTHER 4 to see the doctor . EVEN IF YOU COME BY AMBULANCE . Then this one nurse is rude questions you as if you do not know where your pain is located or if you are lying . Just despicable!! THEY HAVE 3 areas for emergency room and slower than snails . Regular clinics arent bad BUT EMERGENCY ROOM ; youre better off fighting through the pain and going to see your PCP !

Beverly Garner

This review has been updated. My brother passed away in this hospital, I'm never going to get over the fact that no one contacted my family to let us know that he was there! I call and they tell me to talk to Admitting and Patient Relations. I spoke with a Gaurady Antoine who said he was looking up some information but never got back to me when I sent a certified letter to them most recently. We have the right to know the cause of death, I still don't know how he died. The only thing people care about is money

Leona Andrews

Omar Cordy

Renee John

The worst hospital ever the state needs to step in and do something , the Drs are horrible some of the rudest and unskilled I've ever met its as if they employ the one that were 2 points away from failing its filled with residents and little supervision.

Arenda Williams

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