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Lewis Liu

Worst ER! The nurse was kind and friendly, but there was only one doctor there during the night. My dad was suffering incredible pain caused by kidney stones, worst pain in his life, but there was no bed available for him, nobody came out and check him for more than 2 hours!!! I had to put HARD chairs together to lay my dad down. Really?? Federal Way has such a huge amount of population, and you only have 1 doctor at night??? There were at least 5 patients waiting there for hours!! If you can, DO NOT go to this ER at night!!

gouda baby 206

WORST hospital!!!! i am pregnant and checked in bc i couldnt breathe, they had me wait for almost an hour with one person ahead of me. i asked them how much longer do i have to wait and they said there were no rooms. shortly after i said something, they call both of us patients in the emergency ER back and i clearly see there were rooms available! another thing, every time i come here i explain why i am there but still get asked “so what brought you in today” like ???????? & let me not get started on the nurses!!!! one nurse had ripped my iv out and didnt even dispose it, she left it on the bed, also had a stank attitude the entire time. SO unprofessional and they don’t treat all patients equally. if i could give negative stars i most certainly would

Tyler Pena

This hospital is great. I am always treated with kind, courteous and respectful service. ER wait times could improve but I firmly believe that as long as I am treated correctly I can spend the few extra minutes. People just need to understand that you can't have it all.

Heather Kolano

Staff were rude and did not listen to my concerns. All medical treatment and discussions were held in a public hallway with no privacy. My request for privacy was denied.

T. Washington

Emergency room is not the best. Misdiagnosed my son's strep.

marco Pitruzzella

Over all I had a good experience here. I did not go to the ER. I had surgery at this hospital and they made me feel very welcomed and comfortable.

Jason Covey

Called the ER & asked how long the wait was. They said 5 people were waiting. We had a 10 minute drive there. Got wheelchaired in bc of my injury & went straight to registration/check in. Within 1 minute of finishing checking in, i was getting my intake. Within 1 minute of finishing the intake, i was wheeled back to a room. Everyone in the whole process was very kind, considerate, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, & good-hearted. Got examined & x-rays & as back home in just over an hour and a half. 95 minutes total from my driveway back to my driveway!! Excellent job to the ER & its staff for the pleasant visit aside from the injury..

Adrian Lee

The hospital charges ridiculous amounts for an ER visit. Better off taking an Advil and going somewhere else.

Scott Roper

Wonderful staff, everyone was polite and respectful. Five stars for these caring people.

Maria Acevedo

All staff have no clue what they are doing, everyone likes to take they're time, and everyone is so rude. Don't come here!

Jennifer Cesa

Worst hospital ever! Don't waste your time to go in this hospital because the doctor and the nurse in ER was so rude and they are not compassionate with their patient. They don't care if the patient is dying.

Sarah S

Security guards who work there were not nice and very rude! Nurse that was there had a snotty attitude. They were more worried about getting us out of the hospital because it was after visiting hours while we were more worried about our family member who is dying. I understand there are rules they need to enforce but at least be professional and be nice about it especially when we have a family member dying in there and not knowing how much more time we will have with him. This by far is the worst experience I've ever had with any hospital here in WA. Full of rude and inconsiderate unprofessional employees!

Jacques Patterson

Do not go here. I jus had a baby on the 22nd if December 2016. I tried to go to St Joseph in tacoma but my doc insisted on me gong to St francis for his time schedule. I went along and wish I hadn't. The staff was great actually. The nurses that came along thru out the whole procedure made us feel welcomed and we're really really nice. Now the ladies back in the birth center, had horrible attitudes and they were extremely fake and we'll judgemental. My procedure was done and I was shipped to another room along with baby. The ladies back in the birth center were rude. Wen one of the nurses came in, I told her thay I noticed my son jumped in his slp and had a fast rate at breathing. She blew me off and told me it was nothing. Then she came in and actually saw him do it herself and asked to send him bk to the nursery. They brought him to the nursery and noticed what I was talking about. They ran so many test on him like a pig. I was ok with it at first because I wanted to make sure my bundle of joy was ok, but after test after test and day after day..I was time let up and ready to have my baby in my arms. They kept him bk in nursery hooked to machine. I didn't want to see him like that. I let them monitor him of course but to jus kp him on the machine and I hv to come see him in wires. And then wen my husband and I came to see him, faces were mad as if we were bothering the gals being there.this is our child!! The doc took her dear time as she went from her clinic to the hospital. One nurse told me that the test she was running only took a hr to y was it taking so long? She was taking her dear time..we wanted out and home with our baby ..Christmas eve had hit and thank God they still haven't found anything yet. I told then that that day I wanted to leave, I had had enough. She told me she needed to monitor him one more day and told the nurse he could stay in the room with us this night. While feeding my son, I over heard the nurse ask what time should they let him go with us to the room...I don't think the doc think I heard her...but she looked at the nurse and said "choose a random time" and bussed out laughing claiming it was a joke. I didn't see the nurse crack one smile..she too was upset seeing us come and spend time with our son in wires and wanted home while the doc played around with time. I had almost 4 ppl from bk there come ask me if I had done any drugs with my son before or while in the womb. I was so pissed ! Thay is so disrespectful talkn about he show signs of a child from withdrawals. The nerve! First off ima Christian. 2nd, I've seen crack babies. Look on utube. My son had no symptoms. He basically slept like a champ, but wen his pacifier would fall or wen he moved his hands it startled him. After being around him and watching him, we all noticed why he shook like thay randomly. He was startling himself. And waking himself up . So we bundled him with his arms in the blanket and noticed the change. The fast breathe he was having was because he was used to breathing in the womb , now getting adjusted to breathing outside the womb. The doc asked me again of drugs. The last nurse before discharge asked me again about drugs. I was pissed hurt and upset. On Christmas day they release us. ..I'll never go back again

Liz A

Called and spoke woth a wonderful administrate assistant. She was polite, informative, and compassionate.

Heather Christopher

I have been to this ER 5 times total. 3 for myself, 1 time for my dad, and as i write this review i am here with my husband. I have had 1 OK experience here and OK may be an overstatement. So they get 2 stars for 1 OK-ish visit. They always act as though they have no clue what's going on and don't care about you as a patient or even a person. When i brought my dad he had a bad cough and was having trouble breathing. He had pulled a muscle in his chest so every cough was causing him excruciating pain to the point 1 time (which is what prompted me to take him to ER) he passed out for a few moments. I told them about his pain and him passing out from it. They treated us as they we were here drug seeking because the last time he had came here he had the shingles(if you haven't had the shingles be thankful it's incredibly painful) so the ER doc prescribed him vicodin... So i guess they thought we were here to get more pain pills. I didn't ask them to give him a narcotic but i did want them to treat his pain. Though my personal opinion is he is 57 years old and in failing health so i don't see why giving him a narcotic to make him more comfortable is a problem BUT like i said i NEVER asked for one. It really pissed me off because i can't stand to see my dad be treated that way and treated like a drug seeker. And that's just one visit. The straw that broke the camels back and made me to finally write a review. My husband's neck is swollen like bad... Where they are talking about admitting him now. After waiting 3 hours for my husband to be seen we finally got a room after being in room for a half hour they moved us to the hallway which has me extremely aggravated. Wth why are we sitting in this hallway. He is sick and can't get any rest.

Toni Schneider

I brought a family member in on Monday 6/20/16. He has had a high fever with a staph infection. He could die and they would not even know it. The level of care he gets is little to non-existent. When he asks for help it is slow in coming. Sometimes they don't check on him for several hours. He has only seen the doctor once in three days. He even asked then to contact his primary care dicthor and they would not. He would be better off if I would have taken him to the Hospital in Auburn, Wa.

Jaxdia H

I have read your reviews.I hope I can help some here.. I am just a patient.. I am and have been learning my rights.. Its not easy. It takes work.. because it changes EVERYDAY. The doctors have a 15 minute time span to talk to you unless you have asked for a longer amount of time. Which may or may not be granted based on your needs. So write down EVERYTHING that needs to be addressed. Dr Pham is my primary care doctor.. I am pleased with him. Though sometimes doctors and nurses sometimes seem distant.. I have had Great results with Dr Pham.. When I need a referral. I get it. He will do all that he can to help me. If not he will send you to someone who can. A lot of care you need also depends on you. You have to do some foot work. I find the medical profession has changed with Obama care.. THAT IS WHAT IT IS.. So Now they do tests before giving you pain meds. This is a must.. Because of the addicts that come in just looking for pain medicine. They come in all shapes sizes and financial abilities and walks of life. I have a friend in St Francis hospital right now who has had multiple issues including have her first seizure and these guys were helpful and smiled.. and PATIENT. I have been able to see her doctor EVERY TIME we were there. We still need to see the social worker.. THAT is a crap shoot. But we did see one but he was unable to help us with what we need. We have to talk to the hospital social worker. THERE are multiple social workers that come there for many different reasons. Be patient. Understand they are under just as much stress as you. consider the patients they have to see. If you are in the hall way.. It is because they are full. You can write down your information rather than speaking it. And you can ask for copies of the ALL the paper work you sign. LEGAL RIGHTS. They are not required to let you see the doctors notes.. You may not understand them to begin with. YOU CAN.. order them from the file keepers. If you are in pain tell them,.. But remember they have to do their testing and find out what happening before they can legally administer pain medicine. The FDA regulations are becoming stricter every day.. and insurance companies are paying for less and less. Patience.. But be firm not rude. If someone is rude , cussing and yelling at you.. if you can or have the person with you go out to the nurses station and ask for the head nurse you wish to file a complaint and change nurses. IMMEDIATELY. I am not a nurse or doctor.. I am a patient. It is a must to learn your legal rights as a patient. Go on line and find out what your rights are as a patient in the state you live in.

Joe Johnson

Nurses are rude. They do not communicate with each other. One says one thing another says something different. They do not listen to patients or families concerns. They The food is terrible. Basiclly everyone in the building is rude. Probably the worse hospital I have seen. Most are bad but this place takes the cake.

Edwin Daniel

My father had Stage 4 colon cancer and died a year ago. This hospital is bad. First over shooting him with chemo the nurse did want to assist my father and my family. The doctor showed no remorse over that my father was dying she rolled her eyes at me as i asked what to do. I took him from there to UW and they said he could of been around long if the chemo wasn't that strong. My father a decorated military father is gone sooner that I wanted him to be. Is there any thing I can do. NO. I only go there if an emergency but now after he passed I only go to my hospital.

Internet Schvitzing

I have never been treated so benevolently as I have here at St. Francis. All of my nurses (particularly Karla) are always making me smile as well as tend to my needs despite my illness. I highly recommend this hospital to those in the PNW area that are able to get to the Federal Way location. :)

Kaylynn Bartro

Worst hospital I could have ever gone too. Placed me in the hallway and had me tell them personal information in public, nurses swearing around me and couldn't find anything helpful for me. Never will I come back! I'd go to auburn and wait 7 hours over this hospital ever again.

natalie goulart

Waiting for hours in wait room. Meanwhile, hand cut open and bleeding. The guy sitting across from me was bleeding heavily from elbow all over the chair he was sitting on. His wife wiped it with wet paper towels. Nobody came out to sanitize or clean up the mess. It is so dirty and the employees - no words. Slow, rude and don’t have a single clue what goes on around them. Avoid this hospital like the Plague. It’s so nasty. We checked in. Saw all that and left. The wait room and staff up front was so terrible- I can’t possibly imagine how much worse it gets in the actual rooms.

Kingfish Frame

Absolutely terrible dont not bring your loved ones to this joke of a hospital. They made my 70 year old mother wait in waiting room in severe pain throwing up and had absolutely no empathy. Told me they were gonna get her a room but had no idea when that would be.

Jim Acklin

Charged $2100 to remove a large splinter and was there for less than 20 minutes. Did not allow me to read the documents I signed during admission (was laying on a gurney). Tried to argue the exorbitant bill but the only solution they would propose was they could set up payments. There was no offer to reduce the bill at all. Dr. and nurse were very good/professional. The rest of the admin staff horrible.

Fuad Rabbo

This is the worst hospital ever. Your ER is pethitic. I have had to wait in your crapy lobby for more than 5 hours. Today May 3, 2018 my father who’s 83 years old came in based on recomdation of Virginia Mason do to his health issues including his heart. He had been ill for 3 days , chills, no appetite and dizziness. We now have been sitting in the waiting room for almost 4 hours. Never again we come to this lousy ER. I would drive a little further and go to Tacoma General or St joe. You guys SUCK.


I came here for ER and honestly I normally can take some people being rude I won’t let it affect me but as I was checking in the lady at the check in was so rude I felt discriminated and asked so many questions I never did anything to her I was polite and she was being rude and making me not feel welcome so I left honestly the only thing I could think about was because what my ethnicity was.

Kyra White-wine

Nursing staff takes over 20 mins to respond to monitors. I had to shut them off myself and assist my aunt to the commode. You have to ask several times to receive water, blankets and pillows. Not enough rooms for the intake. If I had not been there my aunt would have fallen and sat in her own feces. Upon arrival I found my aunt strung up in her monitors with a soiled bed, trying to get up to use the commode. I had to ask the nurse in the hall for help because there was no clean linens in the room for a bed change. I personally wouldn't have much dignity left after this, or faith in the hospital staff to meet my needs when I need it the most.

Russell Amer

The emergency room was a complete disaster. Went in and got zero treatment saw the doctor for no more that 40 seconds and got a CT scan which I have received zero feedback on ant they want to charge me over $1100 for. This place is a complete joke. When filing a grievance there was no investigation other than taking the physicians word for it. No video or electronic was made available to me in the process of the investigatiin. I was not treated for four hours. Please do not pay this facility as they do not have the means to provide the level of care needed in a critical situation. Absolute disgrace to patient care

Elizabeth Woods

I figured since this hospital was within network for my insurance I would get some okay results but that was not the case, I don't like hospitals in general and this visit just reinforced it. I was treated as though I was wasting their time because of my visit. My supervisor asked me if I might have had a panic attack since that is where I was transported from and I told her I don't know because not only was I treated like a joke, they didn't even seem concerned with a 29 year old having chest pains. Was it a panic attack? Yeah probably, but I'll never know why I suddenly couldnt breath because they never bothered to ask other then if I was on any medication which the emts gave them the wrong psych medication that I gave to them. While I'm relieved I dont have anything serious other then mild flu like symptoms, the fact I was treated with such care (or lack of) was just horrifying. Oh well thanks for reinforcing my dislike for hospitals y'all are doing a great job. Smh.

Randy Slammage

Avoid Franciscan Health like the plague. Their staff doesn't know how to process the most basic insurance and will just charge you directly. This healthcare provider is crooked and will lie through their teeth to extort money out of you. Not only do they pull this sort of stuff, they will wait years before even notifying you of said outrageous bills. Go to Swedish Medical, never ever under any circumstances use Francsican health. To put it in perspective, my primary doctor of over 20 year had to retire because they solely care about profits, not people.


The problem with the St. Francis ER is that they are pretty much the only game in town, and they know it... so customer service isn't a big priority. The wait times are ridiculous. The bedside manner of the nurses is more miss than hit, and the docs look for any excuse to label the patients as "drug seekers" and send them on their way (This happened most recently to a friend of mine who ended up having kidney stones). In my personal experience, the staff is at its best when your problem is among the worst. So that's to the good, right? If you are having a heart attack or a stroke or the like, you will receive fast and competent care. You would do well to have a car accident or to be assaulted near St. Francis (And the neighborhood isn't great, so many people are). But if your complaint isn't immediately and obviously life threatening, go straight to Valley Medical Center in Renton. It's a drive, but it's worth it.

Randy Hogue

The worst hospital expetience of my life

Klondike Blame

The emergency room waiting was a joke. Waited over 2 hours. The staff called names once and quietly than walked away fast when no one answered. They obviously don't care

Christi ieng

Only me and someone else in emergancy and 3hours waiting!! Not busy so why is it taking so long!!

Barnes Michelle

I thought I had heartburn? Had Some Chest Pain with stomach distress, this hospital wanted me to stay because they wanted to run more test on my heart? Even though my EKG was normal and the x-ray were clear on my chest! They wanted to give me medicine I never heard of, I refused. They wanted me to stay over night and do several other test and stress test which involved running on a treadmill, I could not even walk due to pain!. The doctor did not even check me! No one did a physical exam to feel where I was hurting? Just EKG & x-ray. No one came for over 4 hours in my room, I know they had life-threatening emergencies on that day but this was ridiculous, went home and took my own pain medicine at 3 am in the morning, after being there for over 8 hours, the next day I was in even more pain, I was able to go to a different hospital , they said there is nothing wrong with my heart and they did a ctsan , my stomach was very inflamed they thought it could be diverticulitis but it was Gastritis, my stomach lining is very weak and damaged due to the medicine I was taking diclofenac.,I could not believe the difference in care and the professionalism I received at Multi-Care in Auburn ,they were awesome, I had 7 different people come into my room and check on me!Yes, the wait was long as well but the care care was amazing! This St. Francis is the worst, it does not even deserve a star. Worst experience ever!.Thank you

Ho Lee Chit

You use to be able to get a room when you checked into the emergency. Now they just stick you in the hallway and charge you a couple thousand dollars. Looked like a third world hospital. Plus the old security guard with the bald head was so rude. What ever happened to patient care??

Deidra Shinaul

This is my 4th transfer to another hospital because I'm considered high risk in my pregnancy. I chose st. Francis hospital specifically because they specialize in high risk care. I saw Dr. Wantanabe, the director of anaesthesia today who told me she will not treat me because of "high risk factors". I told her that this hospital treats specifically for this type of care and she told me that I was grossly misinformed. Look at their labor and delivery and it says it there. She wants me to transfer to Seattle for care when all my OB care are all in the same building/vicinity of each other. Now either St. Francis is lying or it may sound like this so called doctor has a biased opinion if her own. Either way it does not look good on them and they need to explain to patients why they were grossly and falsely misinformed on the care they claimed they can provide for their patients.

Mia Panzone

i was born here! and so was my little sister and staff was amazingly nice to my mother. couldn’t have asked for a better place to be born. thank you st. frances hospital

Saderria Robinson

I've been here for more than 2hrs and I've seen 4ppl go back before that got here in the last hour this place is horrible I will never come back to this hospital

D Jackson

It is sad that as large as St. Francis is, they do not have an urgent care for patients who can not wait weeks to see their provider. I have been sick for a week and I am forced to go to emergency for treatment of a non emergency illness. all because I need a Doc. note to go back to work. For what were charged for care, their should be more options to see a Doc.

Tanya D

The worst hospital I've ever been too took my son in at 1 am for a foot infection. Only one person waiting before us we waited for 3 hours and in that time period there was 4 ppl that went before us and I would like to add that my son is 5 years old and has school in 3 hours and we never got seen I will never ever tell someone to go there and I will never be there my self or with a family member.. so ridiculous that we waited that long and never got seen I'm very disappointed in there staff I even asked why it is that my child was not seen and why others got to go first. They told me no one went before us when at that moment we where the only ones in the waiting room everyone who was between 20 and 50 went before my 5 year old they do not give good service at all I will drive an hour away if need be just to never take my child there again.

Suehun Lee

Unprofessional very rude and borderline incompetent

Edgar Gayotin

took my brother for echogram appointment this morning at 8:10 am ,his appointment isat 8:30 am , there was nobody at the reception area to help us, somebody from the emergency room was sent to help us, somebody took us down to waiting room for echogram , waited waited, then receptionist told me that the person who was going to do the echogram has a patient at the emergency room , that it will be about 9:30 am , waited , waited , about 10:10 asked the receptionist if somebody will be able to do the procedure, she said yes but we have to wait for for her to come back from the emergency . We make appointment to get something done at a certain time . they always say be there 15 minutes early. So we expect tobe helped at the appointed time .

Jason Wolfe

I've been to this ER for minor injuries and the occasional illness quite a few times. One time I came in with a cut on my hand and was on my way in about an hour with my stitches. Last time I came in with a broken pinky from a routine dirt bike crash. All I needed was an xray, splint and referral. I came in at 5:30 AM on a Monday while it was dead. Somehow they found a way to keep me there for almost 4 hours, acted like I was in an automobile accident and ran the bill up to around $4k. If I had of said bicycle or walking accident I believe I would have been out with a sticker in an hour. In the future I'll call and ask if that physician is the attendee before I go to VMC. If you're overdosing on Heroin this is your spot.

Peggi Pezzi

Came here after a motor vehicle accident because of equilibrium issues. A cat scan was done and I was released without any recommendations except to reach out to my primary care provider even though I had fairly extensive muscle and joint pain from being t-boned at 30mph. The only directive given was, they would send my records to my provider. It has been 4 weeks and they never sent them. When my doctor's office called to request them, they had 3 VERY rude people NOT help them at all. The ONE thing the hospital said they would do, they didn't. They were the same unfriendly bunch when I was there and I won't be returning and I will be telling everyone I know to choose the virgina mason hospital very near by

Molly K

I've been here three times, one when i was hit by a car, had X-rays, broken collar bone, and sent home (couldn't walk from the sore/bruised hip, but not dying so sent home). Second time- they did not take me seriously at first but they gave me 2 or 3 pain meds (i didn't want them, i had ibuprofen at first) and I could still feel the pain, probably about 4 hours waiting and they finally did a CT scan, said they think the CT showed the stones passing- and the pain did subside, shortly thereafter was an "ehh" experience, should have been quicker. But third time was the "charm" was there for 6 hours, was spoken to maybe 3 times by Dr. maybe 4 times by nurse, she never checked on me i had to get someone and then she would come, or she was doing something the Dr requested and i would ask something, and each time telling them I was falling over when walking was shocking new information (even though i told them this on intake, told the nurse(s) and the Doctor).... after about 6 hours of sitting there sharing a "room" which was just two small recliner type chairs, they told me i could wait for an MRI (again after not speaking to me much if at all) but that it might be upwards of 4 or 5 more hours, and that they wouldn't treat me for anything non-life threatening and that "if it was life threatening you wouldn't be sitting here talking to me"... Yeah, I left. Been 4 days now still massive headaches and initial symptoms. I followed with my Primary care Dr. I will not use St. Francis again, i felt bad for the people who were in and out of my room as well, they were told one thing but not followed through, they had poor care as well. Hospital does not care about the patients. The staff was joking about inappropriate things, and complaining about other staff, and they even kept talking about how slow they were and how they had nothing to do (so then take care of me quicker than the estimated 11 hours....????)They ask for payment in the room before you even get some relief, remember YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY AT THE TIME THEY CAN SIMPLY SEND YOU A BILL LATER.

Kc Zumhof

I wish I could give this a zero stars there do not they did not help their patients day or night and Icu I have been been here for a asthma attack and they don't care and they yell at there people at the hospital

Shawn Smith

Don't go to st Francis They are terrible they don't have a heart and there are people worser than me still waiting in the ER 1 had oxygen and was waiting For a long time Don't come here because there's only one doctor and that is stupid

Teralie Kimes

NEVER EVER GO TO THIS GHETTO Hospital! Horrible!! Absolutely Horrible! Dirty! Gross! Nasty! The staff are a complete JOKE!! If you are looking to die go here!! This place should be shut down! I have never been treated so badly! I left there balling my eyes out! Seriously can't stop crying! They did absolutely nothing but run expensive unnecessary tests! I needed a strong anti-inflammatory. And all they would give me is narcotics!! Are you kidding me? I begged them, please no pain drugs, I just need to relieve the inflammation! Instead all they wanted to do was drug me up and release me! Lazy doctors!!

Manda Vee

The only reason I came here was because I was having extreme pain and was in fear of having a miscarriage. I arrived in the ER unable to breathe (asthmatic) unable to speak or stand due to pain. There was no one in the waiting room and they told me to sit and wait. By the time someine came with a wheelchair I was on the floor crying and had thrown up all iver myself. No one cared. At first they brought me to the maternity eard where the nurses were wonderful!!! They sent me back down to the ER, shoved me in a back room and firgot about me after they gave me meds. Long story short, it took hours to speak with my doctor (who disregarded everything anyway) who told me I was better and to go home. The nurse RIPPED the IV out of my hand and then I was kicked out of my room to the waiting room even though my husband hadnt arrived with my clothes yet. I HATE THIS AND ST JOSEPH S HOSPITALS!!!! TERRIBLE BEDSIDE MANNER

Parrot Guy

Google should add an option for Zero or negative stars. The er is disgusting, nurse was OK but the doctor was horrible. Had an attitude like he was too good to be working in a emergency room. Was treated like all I was there for was pain meds. I didn’t even ask for them except for some nausea meds. Labs came back with elevated WBC but was discharged with a diagnosis of the flu. After 4 hours I was discharged without resolve. Few hours later I was able to get in with a doctor at kaiser. He ran my labs again, ordered a ct . Came back into my room asking if I wanted to go over to urgent care or to a emergency department. I had diverticulitis and he said my lab work from early in the morning was much higher than the doctors notations. Went over to kaisers urgent care , got antibiotics started through an IV, nausea and pain management. Overall was at kaiser for 5 hours but came out with resolve .

Nancy Gilbert

The doctor was magnificent. The charge nurse on duty was horrible. Don't patient's have rights when it comes to being verbally abused? I was discharged confused and dizzy, asked for help to get home at 1am and she yelled at me because I asked the nurse who walked me out about it.

Arlena Velarde

Its the worst hospital ever! I went and waited 3 hrs to get my baby girl in and never even saw her!

William Eberlein

My mother was in St. Francis for a week and 5 days of that were in the PCU (Progressive Care Unit), the Nurses were very good and took good care of my Mom. Doctors answered all my questions and was very compassionate towards men 84 year old mother.

Roger Hames

Do not go here if you're in pain. They don't prescribe meds and the doctor spent less than 3 minutes with me.

Rustam M

Stuff are too lazy... money, money and money

Val Marinaro

This place is horrible! They are rude and the nurses lack common sense. A burger joint is more systematic than they are. Be prepared for everyone to get in line ahead of you as they come. FYI avoid the fat one with glasses in the emergency area by all means. Trust me, you'll know who she is the minute she opens her mouth.

Maria Pena

Well, I have read all of these negative comments by other people, and I don't agree with some of them. I have had three out of 4 of my kids here and I love St Francis. The nurses came to check on us at a regular interval, they really cared about my and my child's needs and wants. The food is great, they where nice to my husband and family and I am pregnant with my 5th child and hoping to deliver my baby at this hospital. Keep up your great work St Francis!!!

Isabella Johnson

I just got done at this hospital for an exam on my thyroid as a possible cancer. I'm 19 years old and carry a full time job and go to school full time and this was a very scary moment for me with this possibility added on top of it all. I left there angry! They were rude, did not smile at all, put me with an intern that put radiation into my throat for a half-hour for the ultrasound and then had the official sonographer come in for pictures again. I would not have wanted an intern if I was asked. They are not here for a mission, these people serve in the trenches for money and I will not come back once my test results are in and will go elsewhere. Thank you everyone else for the reviews. I will definitely not be coming back here again.

Sunny rudo

When to the hospital ER at 5 pm and wait wait for hrs And so many people are waiting there for long time. I will not return here ever.

Alan Yassine

St Franis hospital and clinic, if you value your life do not use them, if you do make sure to take signing receipt from them, again they are nothing but fraud and they will milk you to death, that is if you survives them.

Skylah Keeler

The nurses in the ER were horrible. Rude and not nurturing at all!

Christina Dingman-Lange

i had my first two children here and this hospital treated me very well. however that was 12 yrs ago and a lot has happened since then. I briefly started using and even though i got clean and sober ON MY OWN and passed quite a few U.A's they treated me as if my husband and i were the scum of the earth. I think every single nurse that came to my room had to briong up the fact that they pretty much new about the BRIEF drug addiction and that is so wrong. Our son had no signs of any drugs in his system what so ever and was healthy as an ox. i had no drugs in my system neither. I even went as far as quitting cigarettes on my own because i decided to breast feed and wanted what was best for my son. still dont matter. AND THEN they treated my husband as though his opinion didnt matter at all. Instead of having his signature in spots that said father there was just a line through it. HOW RUDE. the father should be just as important as the mother. I will never ever come bk to this hospital ever again.EVER. next time ill head to valley. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone! especially the birthing center. BUTTTTT, food was good.

Eve S

Stay away from here! go to a different hospital! they have delayed care, horrible processes, doctors can't agree on care plans they contradict each other, they keep you stuck in the ER for twice as long as necessary, they cant accommodate overflows, they make mistakes with patients paperwork, and neglect their patients, I will never go back there, I will tell all my friend to stay away and take the time to drive to another hospital.

Jordan Thayer

We're sitting in Labor and Delivery with our midwife Kristin and nurse Natalie, talking about celeberities. They are going way above and beyond to put my wife at ease through this process. They've been attentive and detail oriented and have done it all with a smile.

Marlene Suzuki

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Went to the ER in September and waited for over 3 hours in the crowded and chaotic waiting room. I was withdrawing from benzodiazepines and the symptoms are horrific, as well as life-threatening. One of the receptionists was very nice and sympathetic, the ONLY saving grace to this whole place but even then I cannot give more than one star. After I finally got to meet with the doctor, after explaining my symptoms and my issue he basically told me there was nothing he could do for me and then promptly discharged me. He even looked away as I was talking. He was the rudest, worst doctor I have ever dealt with in my life. I was appalled and left the ER still feeling awful. Of course they made sure I paid my copay and signed all of their paperwork before I left. I did not get treatment and should hav refused to pay until after I got treated. In the future I will go to Auburn MultiCare ER. I’ve taken my mother there a couple of times and the waiting room is always practically empty and she gets seem right away.

Suxufi Magalo

Long time waiting for ER no professional doctor.The most horrible emergency I have never seen it.

David Allen

Excellent care provided to my Dad's quality of life 4 years ago. And just recently until recently with my Mom's passing @ 95 years old. The care provided was so professional and that neither of my parents suffered. Thank You for your dedication and Love for patient care.

Benji White

What a bad neighbor! Especially for the next-door KCLS library and elementary school. This organization is trashing the environment and harboring dangerous activity. Their back yard (that is owned by them) is completely trashed and full of hazardous materials in the woods. I posted photos but seems like this platrom had removed them.

Thomas Hernandez

AVOIDED THIS HOSPITAL! This is the 2nd time my wife and I have used this Hospital for child birth. The first time was little over 2 1/2 years ago and for the most part the experience was okay. How ever this time around it was the worst. All but maybe 1 or 2 nurses were terrible. They seemailed to be ill mannered, uncooperative, and lacked experience. To make things worse me and my 2 1/2 year old son was escorted off the premises because we were not informed children can not stay the night. Yeah I have stayed at this hospital for other reasons and my son was able to stay the night with us. I will be getting all of our full medical records and ask to be removed from all there record and never coming back to this trash clinic they call a Hospital ever again. I have never been treated this way at you dub hospital and I'll continue to go and use the University of Washington Hospital from now on!

Kristina Fu

Don't waste your time here. The doctors are morons and accuse you of only wanting drugs.... go in for a migraine and leave with shoulder pain diagnose... DO NOT GO HERE.

Elora Cook

This is a very busy ER, so if you go in you have to expect there to be a wait for the less serious cases. The doctors manage to be polite and professional, even after hours of rude people. They also make you feel at ease and obviously care for their patients.

Nate Barton

Used St. Francis for a number of years because it was close, should have switched sooner. At the ER, waited two hours then left to go the Urgent Care down the road because it was faster. For their maturity ward, they show off really nice, spacious rooms, but those are only for labor, after delivery you get shoved into a small crapped space that is isolated from the rest of the hospital. When my wife gave birth, they induced her without the Doctor's permission two weeks before she was due, then after 30 hours of labor did a C-Section, she was off her feet for more than a week at it left her with a huge scar. For our next child, she had a C-Section at Valley med with almost no scar and was walking around the next day. When we changed medical providers, they were extremely rude and refused to give us our medical records. There are numerous other hospitals and medical facilities nearby: UW Physicians, Auburn Regional, and Valley Medical center, choose any of them over St. Francis.

B Stout

I had my son here. And I am VERY happy about that. Every employee was extremely courteous and amazing to me in my difficult situation. They treated me like family and went out of their way to accommodate my family and I. The food is great, bigger portions and very well made. Easy to find where you're going and people are so willing to help. Thank you so much for your kindness and helping my family with quick thoughtful decisions. I would recommend to EVERYONE. Can't thank you all enough.

Petra Taylor

I generally don't have an opinion on hospitals or nurses, but this is was just terrible. Nearly traumatic even. The nurses were rude and services were delayed. The nurses treated my mother as more of a burden than a patient. They repeatedly asked the same question and couldn't keep her treatment straight. There was one pleasant nurse that we encountered. Because of this I ALMOST gave 2 stars, but I just couldn't. Sad that there are no comment cards and can only review it online.

Christy Andregg

Cant even give them a star. They are not even a hospital. I received no medical care when going to emergency with a fractured hip.

Harvey Weybrew

Best hospital I have ever delta with. The ER and ICU and PCU are great.

Mohammad Islam Oriakhail

Dose not have a good service they’re telling you to wait for tow or three hours

Tyler Hoffman

Pretty good size hospital for the area and is very clean.


Staff was condescending, doctors were rude, people there for prescription refills got a room in the ER before me, I sat there in the waiting room for 4 hours with a broken rib and a punctured lung. Billing was terrible too. I never received any bill until I got a call from a collection agency. No phone call, no letter, nothing. All of the information I had provided to them was correct but they failed to contact me. I will literally never go to a Franciscan Hospital again.

Kayla G

Came in an ambulance, with extreme abdominal pain, was left in the waiting room for atleast two hours, on the floor, puking and groaning in pain, while people who may have gotten there before but were in no such pain were showed in before me. Once I was escorted back I was given pain medicine but not enough and both the ultra sound tech and CT tech asked my nurse to give me more. I had to return to the ER three days later and asked the paramedics not to take me back to St. Francis. The wait is not worth the care. Would not recommend for anyone in need of immediate care. Sorry.

Jeffrey Mcintire

Beware! They billed for bogus charges. I went in for an outpatient surgical procedure. They charged me and my insurance company for room and board. I did not have a room or stay at the hospital. I called the billing office to correct the error. They said it was billed that way for insurance reasons and would review my portion. I was billed again and called them again. They sent it to review again. They billed me again and I called again. they said they removed the room and board from my bill. Only the charge name was removed. the charge was still there. Contacted them again and they "sent it to review". I did not receive a bill from them, but I did from a collection agency. Is it fraud?


I have never been to this hospital but I called there to speak to a staff member I had the name and department for. They forwarded me around 5 times and connected me to the wrong places, and were all very rude and snappy. It surprised me that they did not know where to connect me to and seemed disorganized. Finally I was connected back to the first person I talked with and in the end she forwarded me to a FAX number !!!!!!!!!!!! ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Juan Florian

Visiting my niece Lidia in the hospital almost everyday for the past two weeks made me realize all the hard work nurses put in, always smiling and willing to help not just Lidia but the family. So to all the nurses out there you are the real MVP! Hands down

Channa Copeland

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I had my kidney removed here, my roommate was a hooker, who was there for some sort of infection in her lady bits requiring IV antibiotics, she decided to keep turning tricks in the bed next to me. I begged and cried asking for another room. I was told the hospital was full. My kids came to see me and I had to send them home because my roommate was coming down off drugs and acting crazy. I woke up 3 different times to men smelling of stale cigarettes, chemicals, alcohol and urine hovering over me. Finally after the 3rd guy, I got my phone out and recorded the sounds of him taking his belt off and them giggling. Then I rolled out of my bed and wandered the hall crying, unable to breath, because I still had so much air in my chest. The nurse asked what was wrong and I just pointed to my room. So she took another nurse and went in to find "Nikki Bunny" (not her real name I heard her bragging about using a fake name) with her John. Once the nurse witnessed this then they could magically move me. Only took 3 days of bloody urine all over my bathroom, having strange men hovering over me, and getting serviced in the bed next to me, and pure chaos to make it happen. They ended up just putting someone else in there to be tortured. Negligence on so many levels.

Plus Play

Apart from waiting good hospital people are friendly and they help I been here 6-7 times with my sister that passed away people are really friendly can’t come up with any issues

Christina Lemay

I wish I could put them at zero Stars. I was in last night because I hit my forehead really hard and I was taken back to the waiting room nobody took my blood and I waited over an hour in the waiting room before anybody came to the room. and all the doctor did was do a neurological test to to am I was functioning okay. I am concerned about a brain bleed but he refused to give me a CAT scan. My recommendation don't ever go to this Hospital.

Lynne MacLeod

My nephew has received the best available care and treatment on ICU here. All the staff have been professional whilst also being approachable and friendly. I am an employee of the world envied NHS but can honestly say the care I've seen here is second to none

Jody Page

This place is the worst! My husband had to come back here within a few hours of first coming in for a profusely bleeding nose. They had put two tubes in his nostrils to help with the bleeding. He was so uncomfortable he couldn’t even lay down, let alone breathe, so we came back to have one of the tubes removed. After waiting the usual ridiculous amount of time, we were brought back to a room. The doctor came in to ask him some questions because apparently the first doctor never completed his chart (seriously???) so my husband had to go through everything again! So the doctor said he was going to go get some equipment to remove one of the tubes and didn’t come back for a 1/2 hour! I left the room to find out where the Dr. went and everyone just walked by without as much as a “can I help you with something?” I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Don’t waste your time here...if I could give it 0 stars I would.

A. R. Peters

I'm honestly shocked at the other reviews I've read. I brought my husband in to the ER for severe back pain and trouble breathing, and after talking to us about 5 minutes, the doctor called for a CAT scan---he had multiple pulmonary embolisms! The ER doctor wasn't rude or unfriendly---he had a professional, polite distance, but he had another emergency he was handling, so I didn't blame him for not sticking around to chat. Even so, in that 5 minutes, he discovered a clot that another urgent care had missed. All other staff here that I've talked to have been very kind and knowledgable. I'm very grateful for this hospital, and so relieved that they saved my husband's life!

Haley Ann

After paying in full. Receive bills in mail [ 6 times ] They threaten me, waist all my time. Tried calling there billing dept. they have no record of bill sent out. over and over. Seems like they're running a scam; hopefully someone will pay double. This has been going on for months. Tried talking to supervisor, no luck, again...over and over.

Alyse nicole

Went in for asthma attack, was left in a room for 30 minutes before being checked on. Could've been given a nebulizer treatment or something. Scary experience. Another time, staff sang happy birthday to a coworker within earshot of the emergency department.

crystal wallis

I went to the er last sunday and this monday for pregancy and waited 5 hours and 7 hours the doctors are super low the doctor keep giving me iv and tell me if i was deyhaterated or what my blood work said its so frustrating i wont be going back to that hospital

George Straight

I went to emergency for a blood clot on the brain. They diagnosed the issue quickly and scheduled an emergency immediately. The care was excellent.

Sara Abernathy

I'm over the care here. I'm filing a complaint. After reading tons of reviews, seems I'm not alone. I guess if you are having a baby or are elderly you get decent care. At least that's what I'm gathering from the reviews. Unfortunately I'm neither and the treatment for my condition doesn't happen. I have gastroparesis and its feels like I have a hot knife twisting in me. Thanks to the opioid addiction they refuse pain meds. If I could manage at home I wouldn't come for treatment. I would give this place negative stars if I could. Been here since Thursday...was told I dont have gastroparesis. I've had it over 10 yrs. They said I was constipated. Gave me an enima. Still cant keep even water down and now they are trying to discharge me. I said no way am I going home if I cant even keep water down. The Dr and I had a very loud discussion about it. I said I tried water at 5am and cant keep it down. She proceeded to get the nurse and said did something happen at 5am? Yes, she couldn't keep water down, was doubled over in pain crying. The Dr acted like I was lying to get meds. The normal treatment for gastroparesis is not a narcotic but it's all the works when asked what works I said promethazine and dilaudid. She said no and thinks I can go home. I said why did you ask if you aren't going to listen? I proceeded to tell her to get out of my room. So I will go home and when I flare up again will go to a different hospital. I'm seriously thinking of filing a lawsuit. This same care has happened several times since November. I'm over it. Guess I have to get help illegally. UPDATE: Had and endoscopy done last week. Found out I have been misdiagnosed for 10 years and I have an ulcer not gastroparesis. These guys have seen me several times and have not once diagnosed me with an ulcer. I can assure you the pain I've been in for 10 years has been unbearable at times. I am so mad that I have been in the Er 1000s of times, admitted into the 100s and not ONE dr could diagnose me properly. Hopefully in 8 weeks this is better! Thank you Virginia Mason!

Natasha Ramnath

If I could give this place zero stars, I would. The staff is unprofessional and highly rude in an event when a critical patient requires medical attention. They placed my mom into an unsanitary room after she came out of ICU. They ignored her calls for help when she needed medicine for her severe pain, and forced to discharge her the next day even though she has a shoulder dislocation, fractors, internal bleeding and blood clots in her lungs. They didnt want to deal with her condition. I had higher hopes for this hospital.

Leslie Foltz

I saw Dr. Pham at Franciscan because I needed a referral for an MRI. I had an extremely painful problem with my left knee, that neither urgent care, nor the ER could figure out. I told them to please use my work number to contact me because my cell phone was always in my purse in my desk drawer and because my voicemail was sketchy. That was March 23. He sent in the referral that day, but I had to wait for insurance approval. I called everyday for the next 7 days and each time I was told that insurance had not yet approved it. Meanwhile, I'm hobbling around in excruciating pain and even had to buy a cane to get around. On the 30th, I received a call from his office with a phone number to make the appointment for the MRI, and was told that the MRI facility had been trying to contact me for over a week, but my cell phone wouldn't let them leave a message. (??? didn't I say NOT to use that number???) and I had been calling them EVERY DAY! Why hadn't they told me that the MRI was approved and waiting for me to call? So I finally get the MRI that evening, and the next day they called (ON MY CELL PHONE OF COURSE) to say the results showed I had a tear in my knee. She said, "so Dr. Pham said to go ahead and keep your appointment with the Orthopedist" I said, um, I don't have an appointment. She says, oh, he thought you made one before you came to see him on the 23rd. ??? Why would I have made an appointment with someone I didn't even know I needed to see??? Is this a facility you want to endorse? They get an F in communication! I've been hobbling around in pain for SEVEN days longer than was necessary because NO ONE AT THAT FACILITY KNOWS HOW TO COMMUNICATE!

Raymond Mbifngwen

It's great to find the hospital with this app.

Debbie SmartTalent

My mother has been a patient there and the service has been terrible. They don't care of your well being. Horrible place to stay. We had just found out my mother did not have a bath for 4 days and they transferred her to another room with out telling us. When a family member went to visit my mom he walked in the room that she was staying in and wondered what happen to our mom. there was a different family in there. When he want to the nurses station they told him they moved her to another room in the corner with no shower. The previous room she was staying in had a shower and it was never used by my mom. The nurse told our family member they will just wipe her down and they had no compassion. The day before I had spoken to Jared the discharge coordinator he never informed us they were moving her to another room. He's a rude person and should not be in this field. Shame on you Jared. Please beware before going to St Francis they don't care.

Dylan Mayer

I went in with a 7 inch laceration on the back of my arm to the bone, bleeding very severely, loss of pigment in my skin, leaving trails on the floor. They handed me guazz and asked me to wait (It's 2am almost empty in there), didn't even help me apply it even though I only had use of one hand. Once They got me in, They didn't check the wound well, didn't ask any questions about loss of feeling just said I only needed stitches... 28 of them. From the moment i got to the patient room They wanted me in and out as fast as possible at 2am reguardless to how well my wound was checked and turns out I have nerve damage that could had been fixed if treated right away and it would had been easy to spot considering the severity of the wound. To top things off they kept sending me a bill for $1,500 dollars without using my insurance. 3 times I called in after receiving the bill telling them to apply my insurance, 3 time I was told it was taken care of but kept getting the same bill. Finally it got fixed and i was told my new bill would be sent to be for my co pay. Never got a bill, not even a month later collections calls me saying they sent me to them for $19 (about what I owed after insurance). I've never missed a bill in my life and for them to send me to collections for $19 danm dollars without sending me the updated bill in the first plays made my blood boil. I had to do everything I could to stop my self from going in there and start screaming. Next time I'm bleeding to death I will avoid this 5 minute drive from my house and take the extra 35 minute drive to valley medical center, they actually do their jobs.

john talley

They told me where i hurt and where they would help me and if i did not like it ? It was my problem. This place was cold and no heart and i felt worse when i left i hated this place dont go there........

Stephen Lee

I was in ICU for 6 days with nothing but praise for the docs, nurses, and non-medical staff working here. My room and bathroom were cleaned regularly. When my bed linen needed changing there was a nurse on each arm while a 3rd nurse very efficiently put fresh linens on my bed. Upon taking performance walks a nurse always accompanied me. They let me know who was leaving and arriving during nurse shift changes. Issues with IV's and personal requests were dealt with expediently. The 2 meals I got to eat were good including a salad that was super fresh!

Jephunneh Utu

I was in critical condition at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Enumclaw and had to be medivac from there to either airlifted to Harbor View Hospital in Seattle, but Saint Francis said that they could take me. Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital didn’t have enough blood in their blood bank and that’s why I ended up going to Saint Francis. I should’ve been DEAD by then because I lost more than 1/2 of my own blood and was in I.C.U. Where they performed EMERGENCY SURGERY to find out where I was bleeding out from. It was very critical that they had the CHAPLAIN come in to give me my last rites and to also talk and try to comfort my Wife. So let’s just say that the STAFF there at Saint Francis Hospital and the Lord up above helped SAVE MY LIFE!! So to those who criticize Saint Francis Hospital, SHAME on you! Between Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital both we’re EXTREMELY GREAT PEOPLE and I owe them for saving my life! All Praise be to GOD, and to the Staff there at Saint Francis Hospital in the I.C.U. ward. Thank you

Patricia Marquez

Not shocked by the low rating. One of their night nurses has the worse attitude, even if you’re nice or mean. They always work with police to keep getting away with breaking patient rights. Like taking blood form a person without consent.


What a shame, that this is the closest "hospital". An absolute joke. Almost $4k bill from these thieves, for what? A 6 hour visit, one shot, and several unanswered questions? Not to mention rude nurses and a doctor who wasn't even going to come in and talk. Psh.

Myself Myself

Horrible service! Waiting for hours to be seen. They left my sister in law in the hallway in a recliner for hours just to give her medicine. Came to see a family member, and I had to wait for over an hour cuz security person wasn’t there! Woman at the registration was very rude and rolling her eyes. St Francis ER sucks!

Charlie Bowman

Denied access with my registered service dog at Emergency room. This place refused my accommodation for my disability when I was most vulnerable. Without someone else helping me I would have been harmed by their actions and discrimination. I will discuss with others.

Cindy Hildebrandt

Nurses are all helpful, friendly and seem to go out of their way to help. We use both the ER and the Oncology and Radiation Oncology and feel blessed to have the staff in all the departmants.

Terri Coty

I am part of the weight management patients. These surgeons are awesome!

Evelyn Fernandez

The waiting is so bad, they tell you to wait and wait and wait, it took them 4-hours to be seen and when I got there there was only 4-people ahead of me, when they finally ask me to go behind the scene it took the enother hour to be seen. Finally the main provider shows up a Mr I'm somebody and your not tells me that he will send in a nurse that just graduated a week ago will take out your stitiches and you can bet she hurt me like hell, left me bleeding and said Okay we are all set you may go now,did'nt ask me if I needed any pain meds or anything to help me in my trauma I was experiencing. My pain was a 10 so she went and got me a hard copy to take to my pharmacy for 10 sleeping tablets , needless to say if my experience went this bad I'm warning you please go to someone you can trust and that they have you as the most important person you are,which is what they should be doing in the first place, these people are getting payed allot of money and they should start earning it,will be looking for a better hospital and I 'm warning you to do the same unless you have time and you like pain. Good Luck! Sutherland

I thought they were,very caring and supportive of family! :-) that's makes me feel,good! Because I know,my family is being,taking care of,I means alot,too me! :-) thank you! Love the staff......

Ashley R

Waited over 3hrs in the waiting room before taken to the back to be seated in a room. Then had to wait hours before being seen by a doctor. Staff was very unfriendly and unprofessional. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone.

Hydee Rahjahs

If you are having an Emergency and need professional help, DO NOT go to this hospital! The staff (doctors, nurses) there are rude, condescending and they treat their patients like everyone is a street homeless person or drug addict. I just recently went there to bring my roommate as he was having chest pains and his blood pressure was through the roof, very scary. The admit staff was kind and helpful and once they brought him back into a room, the doctor that was to treat him, was condescending and horrifically rude to the point where my roomie pulled out his IV and got dressed and left. I should have known better, this hospital is the last place to go if you need help. I have had 2 prior occasions where I called to speak with administration regarding my treatment there!

Alisiana Delarosa

The worst hospital ever! My aunty is in a coma and while she stayed there the nurses used a broken breathing tube with taped around it that was causing her to mini seizures! We never left her alone while she stayed there because the staff won’t check up on her regularly and also they tried to pull the plug on her without having their neurologist looking at her before making that decision....luckily we got a spot at Swedish.

Adrian Kang

Went to St. Francis.. Very clouded due to people coming to ER for non-emergency situation and not bothering going to Urgent Care. Nurses are great, but they seem to be exhausted from overworking. This place needs some serious interior renovation and efficiency in their system with better IT. Most of the reviews don't represent this hospital, however, I agree with most of the problems: They need better management.

Megan James

The best emergency room!

Alaina White

I delivered both of my babies here! I had my baby girl on 12/29/17 and my L & D nurse Courtney was wonderful! Super sweet gal, thanks everyone including Dr. Davidov! ❤


My relative had a surgery in the heart everything was amazing thank you for your work

Tony Collins

Had an emergency room visit and was surprised at how quickly we were admitted. The staff was courteous and professional throughout the emergency room process, when I was later admitted for observation the care was even better. The nurses attending me were professional, considerate, efficient but by far the most important quality was their level of caring. They really exemplified the best and did a fantastic job. I hope to never repeat the experience, but if I do, I will be returning to this location.

Keith Plachy

Waited 2 hours in the emergency departments fast track for a doctor to examine an infection that was above my son eye. This wasn't the first time but it will be the last. I will never go back to St. Francis

Marksman Hitman

Worst place ever! Never talked to my insurance to cover MRI for my child who has constant headaches and needs help. But, they rather go straight for my wallet and sqedual appointment and do MRI and go straight for my wallet and then tell me I'm screwed and never even try to get my insurance to cover it. Beware of this from happening to you. Glad to have doctors to help. BUT, not at the cost of a MRI STRAIGHT FROM MY WALLET WITHOUT GETTING MY INSURANCE TO COVER IT FIRST. happened to me and probably will happen to you next. From a guy who loves his daughter and works in law enforcement (not an officer, but help people get there report to help recover there stolen cars and auto wreck info.) and taking care of his sick mother in law (cancer stage 4 brain tumor) and now looking for work extra hours to pay this bill. In which there's none, so I'm going to look up help wanted ads and/or mow lawns. Because I love my family and don't expect anything free, but will work for my family. Sorry honey for not knowing the system and will get this paid for and I should of known better. But didn't think this would happen like this, just want our daughter helped and not to suffer anymore. From dad

Mary LaVonne

St Francis is the worst ER I have ever been to, my mom was having chest pain and they made her wait 3hrs for a ekg and X-ray results, if something was truly wrong she would have been dead waiting on them. And to top it all off the front desk girls were rude and dismissive. Next time we will go to auburn or Tacoma where the nurses and MA's don't stand around and crack jokes while there is a waiting room full of patients needing to be seen.

Pam Petersen

Worst hospital ever!!!! Nurses very rude except 1 my daughter had huge gallstones screaming pain throwing up and doubled over. She was stuck in the hallway they took her to ct then had to bring her back to do pregnancy test by the way tubes were tied but I guess away to rack up more money!! Her iv bag was laying on the floor which could have done damage if she got up to walk my daughter hung it up on a door jam they sent her home in sad shape with iboprophen. Got to a family's home had to call 911 she is mow admitted and having surgery right away daughter videoed what st Francis did and put it out to the public her sister and I are so angry that she had to suffer so bad JACKASSES!!!

emma peel

Spent 26 days there for pancreatitis and gallstones -- turned to sepsis. I'm alive and well, but even though I was drugged much of the time, I still remember snide comments by nurses and quite often rude. And the bed was like a burlap bag with straw in it. So happy to get out!

Hayat Warris

Super Clean and very friendly staff.

Daniel Gutierrez

We had to use this hospital when my wife went into labor while we were out of town. The staff were incredibly warm, professional, and informative. They were very accommodating and made us feel very comfortable. The facility itself was nice and after delivery they moved us to a room with a bed for mom and a bed for the father. We were very happy with the whole experience.


1 star is being generous. It's like they keep their worst staff in the ER. No sooner did I get back home with my mom due to their orders who can't move from broken bones and extreme pain did they decided they needed to transfer her to another hospital asap. They even joked that she was in labor while we were in the ER. What immoral sociopath does that? Oh yeah, and we were given a Doctor's note that she can go back to work in two days, without operating on her shattered shoulder ball and broken toe. Think about that.

teresa james

Am surprised by so many negative reviews. The couple of times I have been to St Francis this year, had no problems. The ER waiting time was no diff then other hospitals I've been to. The nurses and doctors were kind and informative. My mom even received a card from the nurse and med asst who attended to her during her stay telling her what a pleasure it was to help her. Why not 5 stars? Nothing is perfect. But, they did an excellent job.


My adult son has been an inpatient here multiple times over the past 2 years and has received outstanding care and compassion. I'm very grateful to the doctors and nurses for the care provided. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because like everything else in life, it's not perfect and there were some glitches with the pharmacy getting medications in a timely manner at times due to new procedure, which doesn't mean a darn thing if your a patient in pain.

Kaela Johnson

Terrible. I came in with horrific pain, terrible pain, some of the worst I've ever had. I went to the Franciscan medical center first bc, while I hurt like I was dying, I didn't want to bother the hospital and take up a bed if there was just weird pain and not something actually wrong. That lovely doctor said "you definitely need to go to the hospital, you have tender organs and are in so much pain you can't walk." She called ahead bc she said I needed to be seen immediately. So I was taken back quickly when I got to the hospital. Tried to be cheerful and kind to everyone even though I felt like I was being repeatedly stabbed and was easily a 9/10 for pain. They left me in horrible pain for over an hour while they did tests, treated me like a drug addict, and lo and behold; found out I have a swollen and infected kidney causing the pain. So then sent me away with 5 mg hydrocodone. Are you friggen kidding me??? The (much stronger) iv morphine made the pain BARELY TOLERABLE. They send me home with meds that were less effective than what I got after wisdom tooth removal? So I was up all night AGAIN crying in pain bc they would rather their patients suffer than be comfortable with actually appropriate meds. I will never go to this hospital again. They are 6 minutes away, the closest alternate hospital is much further, but these people barely treated me like a human being and it looks like I'm not alone in feeling that way.

a n g i e

Horrible customer service; although i didn’t have to wait long since it’s right before their lunch hour, every pharmacist, nurse, and desk assistant I talked to was unable to answer my questions regarding prescription refills. The desk assistant merely hung up in my face after telling me she didn’t know what I was asking, and the pharmacist I received did not seem to understand anything I asked regarding prescription refills, and it was hard to hear her due to her quiet voice and thick accent. She merely instructed me to call a nurse and when I did she told me to call the pharmacist; when I told her the pharmacist had directed me to her, then she told me she could do it when she supposedly couldn’t before. Please hire educated employees for your workforce.

Keith I AM

They have the worse ER. GO to Valley or Overlake if you can. The guy at the front was horrible and rude. I sat in the waiting room for over a hour before someone came and took xrays of my foot. I though I was going to go to a room but I was wheeled back to the waiting room to wait another hour and a half. THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE WAITING ROOM DURING THAT TIME BUT ME. I told the person the checked me in my pain was at a 10 because I broke my ankle. I was taken to a room and I told the lady I wanted my xrays and I will go somewhere different. She wheeled me in a room and place me in front of a wall.... My back was to the door and I felt helpless. It was not I could just get up and leave. The doctor came in and I told her I didn't want to see her. I wanted to leave. She asked was I sure and before I could say anything someone came in the room and said Doc you are needed in the next room. The doctor leaves and I here her order crutches and a wrap..... I waited in the room I said I didn't want to be in for another 45 mins before a nurse came in to tell me that she ordered crutches. This is when I went off. I didn't ask to be seen, I asked to leave, I felt as if I was being held against my will. This was the worse ER experience I ever had period.

Dennis Onika

very good

Stephanie Manzano

The ER is the worst. I had to bring my daughter who has autism to the ER because she needed medical attention. And the doctor and nurses have no profesionalism because they would make inapporiate side comments about my daughters height and her behavior because my daughter is tall and non verbal. My daughter was traumatized by the procedure they had to do to try to help her. The lab techs are also the worst because my daughter had to do a CT scan. The tech was trying to flush my daughter IV, but he couldn't. He didn't say anything and ordered the assistant who just smiled at me without saying a word to take her back to the room just 5 mins. He didn't communicate with the ER nurse. They assume she did the CT scan and I said no, so the RN personally had to bring my daughter to get the CT scan and help the lab tech. I have to say that this ER really makes inappropriate comments and I'm amazed because the patient and the family are in the room and they would make these comments. I was there from 9 am-5pm and I was told my daughter had to transfer to Mary Bridge because St. Francis doesn't do pediatrics. I would never go to St Francis ER because they totally stink. I would travel a little farther to get better care for my daughter.

Santi Alex Santos-Luna

I gave birth to my 2 boys here and they are wonderful, the nurses were amazing to me, and my husband, the food is delicious and the doctors are extremely nice and respectful.


Thank you to our nurse Jessica in the emergency room/observation and Valentyn for being very kind to my grandma. We had to rush her to the emergency room after she became very weak and ill. You and your teams were very caring and we appreciate all that you do.

Lennis Boyd

They saved my life, I had 4 bleeding ulcers, i was on my way out. I have had 2 surgeries since for that problem. Today I'm back 100%. Thank you Dr. Penfield and Staff, excellent!

Marilyn Ali

From the reviews ...fortunately I have never been a patient or hope to become one due to the amount of negative reviews. 80% negativity I'm sure someone is or should be checking on their hospitals rating/patients care. When any hospital have that much negative feed backs patients should go those extra miles and never ever come back. Employee that don't like their jobs should leave if this is true. Know your rights and act upon them in a professional manner by following proper protocols.

Mary Miller

I have not had many good experiences here. The part that pains me the most is the one that effects me every day. I went to the hospital for a sleep study and they were nice and helpful for the most part. It took months to even get in but I hear that's not uncommon for sleep centers. I did a sleep study that came up clean for apnea so they had me stay for a nap study to test for narcolepsy. They didn't complete the study they let me go before the last nap. I figured it was so bad I didn't need it or it was clear. Nope. I guess they just wanted to clear my bed or something. My test came back a single point off from the parameters for narcolepsy. Enough for my neurologist to diagnose me but not enough for insurance to cover the meds. He suggested I talk to my regular doctor (also Franciscan) to go for a stimulant antidepressant since I needed those too. My doctor decided for something different and it made me even more tired. After weeks of seeing if it would get better it didn't I went back in to get reevaluated. He wanted to wait and see for several more weeks. I finally had to take myself off the meds because I would have lost my job from sleeping through my alarm. Problem cleared right up (except for the narcolepsy which remains untreated)

Trevor Sullivan

Complete joke of a billing system. MyChart / customer service teams aren't communicating with each other. Wasted 10 minutes on hold before customer service answered. Spent 25 minutes with them on the phone, without getting MyChart issue resolved.

Charlene P

I gave birth here the first week of June. It was a horrible experience. Our son was born at 4am did not receive a bath until 1am the next day because they were so 'busy.' That was after asking 3 times for him to be bathed throughout the day. The 3rd my husband had asked said they usually don't bathe the babies until they're 4 hours old.. My husband responded it's been 15 hours! She said 'oh' and walked out of our room.... No one came to change out the garbage.. When you have a vaginal birth your constantly changing things out..pads... Padding for the bed.. Sheets... We had to ask for new ones even when they saw that it was needed... The floors were sticky the nurse even commented on it TWICE and never sent anyone in to clean it... The bathroom was gross it had black grime all around the edges and they kept the spoiled linen in the shower. NO ONE came to clean or change out the linen or garbage. The same nurse said it was bad in there! I couldn't believe this is a hospital passing health inspections. I was still in the gown I gave birth in midday they ignored us when we called and asked for one, my husband had to go to the nurses station. The nurse noticed our son's onesie was stained and asked us what it was ... I told her it was the afterbirth bc he hasn't been bathed yet. She then said 'oh! Do you have a change of clothes for him?' Which we did but only to leave the hospital in. But she changed him into it without the needed bath.... We've had two other children in Utah and Missouri. My babies and I were both checked every hour whether to check our vitals or just to see if we needed anything and if we were ok. The hospital usually provides everything you need plus some... Here at St. Francis we weren't given what we needed other than food and a room to sleep in. During the night I asked for some formula bc I was tired from giving birth and didn't want to wake up to breast feed... I was leaving the night feeding to my husband... The nurse seemed annoyed and said, 'can I ask why?' I then told her why and she left my room returning much later with the formula. The previous hospitals I didn't have to ask they had already supplied it. I never complain or write a review about anything but this place is HORRIBLE.... TERRIBLE... We moved to Washington in March and didn't know the bad reputation of this hospital until we experienced it ourselves. They made us feel we were such huge inconveniences for things that were supposed to be provided or expected. I feel like we literally only saw a nurse is when we called for them or when they were changing out for the day, we felt completely ignored... Who doesn't want a clean room or feel that you and your child are receiving the best care possible???!!!????


Updateing 05.22.19 - from ER bill received ballance is $3,006.24. This is for holding me on rolling bed in hallway right on front off nurse's desk for two hours then telling me they not qualified to take care of burn injury's and telling me to go to other hospital. List of chargers: Diptheria-acellular 90715 CPT $249.65 HC ER Facility Level 99284 CPT 4 $2,641.00 Oxycodone $45.50 HC Immunization 90471 CPT $70.09 Total for 2 hours is: $3,006.24 I came to the emergency room on March 26th with a sever burn on my hand. Nurse took me in and assigned me a bed. I waited there for 1 hour till they gave me pain pill and took off the bandages I had on. One hour later they gave me a tetanus shot for infection. Then they swipe my card to get copay and notified me that they don't treat burns at this hospital and that I will be transferred to Harborview medical center in Seattle to get help!!! I WAISTED 2 hours, plus $100 copay and $500 deductable which I also had to pay at Harborview hospital again because apparently I wasn't transferred and had to the process all over again. 2nd degree burns and treatment took 30mins with a 7 hour wait period including the time I spent at St. Francis. If a hospital knows they don't treat burns then they should tell people coming that they don't treat burns here. That could cost people their lives. Also, do I need to be charged with emergency room rates when it takes all day to get help?


Every period Dr. experimented with treatment and the disease is still ongoing. We are not a field of experiments if Dr. is under training in no need to tamper with people's lives

Justin Daniels

SFH is run by interns and students. Do not be surprised by unprofessionalism. This place is a path to deaths doorway. I will not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Tak Omega

The ER people are awesome. They actually care about you.

Jeannie Anderson

It does seem like they are good, but confused!

Desiree Smith

The ER doctor didn't do much for me and even lied to meme. He said he was giving me more pain medication and he didn't. I need my gall bladder out and he was going to recommend a surgeon for me, but he didnt. Do not come here.

Summer Sanders

This hospital is the absolutely horrible. The Emergency Department is horrific. The Patient Representative named Elsa is totally racist towards people of color. I would never ever ever recommend anyone of color there.

Nadia Scott

FIRST OFF, I WISH THERE WAS A "0 STAR" RATING!!!! I brought my 3 month old son in last night. He was screaming his head off like he was in terrible pain and as parents we couldn't figure out why. They were walking around like there wasn't anyone waiting. They had us stand in the waiting room for over an hour while my son SCREAMED AND COUGHED SO HARD HIS ASTHMA KICKED IN & HE COULDN'T BREATH! THEY STILL TOLD ME TO WAIT AND THAT I COULDN'T GIVE HIM ANOTHER DOSE OF HIS INHALER! Then they kept telling me that he would be the next one back. NO, THEY TOOK 5 PEOPLE IN FRONT OF HIM...INCLUDING 3 KIDS THAT WERE LAUGHING & PERFECTLY CONTENT!!!!!!!! If I lived closer to Mary Bridge I would have took my son there. I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN.

Leslie West

My friend who by the way is a diabetic came in 2 hospital to see doctor severe ulcer on the bottom of foot waited in waiting room for 2 hours 2 be seen people come in after her they get called b4 her. Finally gets seen by doctor he acts all high and mighty, no one checks vital signs. Have her waiting in hallway, rooms are open. She used think highly of this hospital now not so much. They became apart of highline, very bad care. All medical staff acted like they had no clue. Hours she was there between 6pm -7:30pm november 15th 2016 Thank You. Sry its harsh, its not right


Wow...I just finished reading all the negative reviews about this hospital and I am surprised. I am a veteran ICU nurse and just feel compelled to write a review about what a positive experience I had there on Sat night. I tried all the Urgent Care facilities in the region. They were all closed. So I had no choice but to use a hospital. Hate using hospitals for noncritical issues. Especially the ER. So I come hobbling up to the door. A staff member sees me and runs and gets a wheelchair and rolls me in. I spend <30 seconds pit stopping at admissions before I roll into an ER bay. I get my vitals (nurse)...portable admission finishes up with me. I am literally arm banded and have a page of stickers within minutes!!! ....I see a doc......x-ray comes and shoots my ankle/foot.......get my splint and a set of crutches....standard education information on a sprain.....some humor from the doctor.....a prescription just in case the sprain hurts (no kidding!!)....I am in and out in an hour...Love it!!!!

Kim Parker

My 8-year-old granddaughter's right hand and wrist after it was severely lacerated on April 24, 2017; an artery was nicked and it was spurting blood. I have some background in medical treatment - was an EMT 40 years ago - so I was able to slow the bleeding with direct pressure, and rushed her to the St. Francis ER. The triage nurses and staff were wonderful - one of them even went back to the lockers and tore things apart until he found a pair of drawstring pants that would at least stay up on Grace, so she could get out of the leggings she was wearing that were covered in a large quantity of blood, but that's the only thing that was good about this visit. The PA failed to clean the wound out, failed to assess for nerve or tendon damage, only put four stitches in a wound that needed more, and, after numbing the wound, after the first stitch, my granddaughter screamed and cried out, arching her back so high, trying to get away, that it took everything the RN assisting and I had to keep her on the table until the PA was done. She should have known something was wrong when the numbing agent didn't work - it won't on a damaged nerve. A week later, I took Grace to her pediatrician to remove the stitches, and before I knew it, he had us in to an orthopedic hand surgeon who advised me that Grace had to have surgery immediately to repair a damaged ulnar nerve. During the surgery, it was discovered that her ulnar nerve was very damaged, 75% severed, the tendon was completely severed, there was a hole in the artery and a rock in the wound! I filed a formal complaint with their Risk Management Department on May 8, 2017, and they assured me I'd hear back within 10 days. It's not 11 days and I can't even talk to anyone about this. If I could give these people a -100 I would! DO NOT TAKE A CHILD TO ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL!!!!

Brittney Jensen

Took my mom to get some help. She was kind of out of it. They just have medicine and sent her home. They did not try to help with mental health issues. I would never go back.


Front desk lady was nice and the lady that took my moms vital was cool but once we got in a room for her to be personaly examine it took 3 hours just to get her meds and for a catscan, One nurse asked for my mom meds to be giving to her by some other nurse while she went on her lunch break and that never happen. And it wasn't even a busy night ! I think I heard more of the staff talking about there personal life and other things then taking care of there patients Honestly the night staff here needs to get better and to take more pride in there work y'all are suppose to be helping people.

Lyle Gier

This is a great hospital. Never had food like this anywhere that I was a patient. And I know I've never had a view like Mt Rainier outside the hospital window.

Stephanie Abken

Dont take special needs children here!!!! They need training on how to listen to parents when parents say talk calmly and quietly!!! They screamed and threatened my 10 yr old daughter !! If they actually did their job right they would have caught her seizure!! My daughter has epilepsy and thats thanks to Seattle children's for catching and listening to my concerns and symptoms! St Francis just yelled and threatened my daughter

Kym Jacobson

This is where my daughter died. She would be alive today if she had gone to any other hospital. So many failures, missed steps, lies, and coverups. Not even willing to talk to her parents after her death, who were trying to understand what happened.

Aimée Jordan

I was just released today after spending one night in the "observation room" and one in a room shared with a woman with dimentia who yelled at me and the staff. It took me 36 hours to see a doctor. One nurse said I had pneumonia, one said no, it's bronchitis and then finally a cardiologist said it was not pneumonia but because he's a cardiologist ,he can't speak to whether I had bronchitis. He finally diagnosed me after contradicting himself and talking in circles. It was ridiculous. When my severe pain lessened to the point that I could do what they were doing, only from home, I was gone! I even had Seattle Cancer Care Alliance look at my chart to make sure they weren't missing anything because the care was so bad. I just finished chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma and the nurses didn't even know basic things about chemo or cancer in general. That was scary to say the least. If I'm asked again by an ambulance where to take me, I'll choose anywhere else. Stay far away.

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