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Jasmine Castillejo

Worst service worst doctors.. My mom is still in the hospital and no one knows why she is there. We have been there three times where the doctors would never check her they give her drugs let her lay there for a few hours then send her home. The doctors dont communicate with the nurses the nurse never knows whats going on. And instead of the hospital helpful they drug you up and send you home. St. Peters hospital is the worst hospital in Washington! If you want drugs they are glad to give them to you. If you need help go somewhere else they aren't professional

Viola Clancy

My husband went in on June 11th for a hip replacement. Everything was going great until the day of the discharge. While going through the discharge paperwork it was pointed out that he had a violent reaction to Ketamine, ripped out his IV and it took 3 nurses to restrain him before they were able to get him to sleep. He did not recall any of it, which is normal since Ketamine does attribute to memory loss. What I don't understand is why we were not told sooner about the reaction. It was not even in his chart that he had a reaction but the nurse said that it needs to be in his records and she would put it in strait away. We brought him home and he complained that his right shoulder and across the right side of his back was really hurting him and he felt like he had been slammed into something. Did they slam him down when he had the reaction?

Brice Sang

Came here to the ER at the request of my doctor. Sat here for over 4 hours. They said it was the busiest it's ever been. Left and came back the next morning at 9am. It's now 3:30 and I still haven't been seen. Go somewhere else.

Armando Avalos

STAY AWAY BY ALL MEANS UNLESS DYING!!! 6 hours of waiting in the ER then 1 hour of waiting when we finally got called back finally gave up! Nurses at the station were not really concerned and was told “it happens”! Didn’t get the hospital atmosphere you get when walking into an ER! Capital ER is where you need to go! STAY AWAY BY ANY MEANS!!

Grays Harbor Digger

Was in coma for 10 days. What I remember of the place was everyone was really nice and helpful.

Jennifer Holiman

Their birthing center staff is amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Savannah Lyons

I would give no stars if possible. My mom was admitted on the 11 with bad pneumonia and sepsis along with other problems. She was having a hard time doing anything on her own even breathing. She was admitted to the ICU and we thought maybe she would be taken care of. She was for the most part but the nurses didn't know anything about her. Though they could have read her chart. We had to tell them about her health problems and about her ribs. (Which she went to their ER, when she broke them and they took the x rays) they had no idea that she broke them nor which side she broke them on. She had a dozen nurses and most were very rude and not informative. We had to dig for any updates on my mother. She had a great dr for most of her stay in the ICU then on her last day in the ICU a brand new DR we never met walked in, purse still on her and listened to my moms lungs. Said "now I have to go read your chart but you may be able to go home tomorrow" so she didn't even read my moms chart before coming in to see her. My mom isn't eating on her own or drinking water, can't even get off the toilet on her own and they sent her home a day after ICU. They informed us about their shortage in beds in the hospital so I'm sure they let her go to open up a bed. They also mentioned to only my mom about a rehab option after her stay to get her streangth back, but failed to talk to any of us about it. It's not even in any of her discharge papers. This has got to be the worst hospital we have ever been to! I would much rather sit in rush hour traffic for the drive to Tacoma to take my mom to a hospital that cares for her and has their stuff in order. I would avoid this hospital at all costs.

Sidonie Winter Pasternak

Great experience at the Radiology. Ms. Anna R at the reception was extremely nice and went an extra mile to help us. So far, we only have the best experience at the St Peter's, be it the doctors, the nurses, or the staff.

Sandy Hohn

I just had an overnight stay here. The nurses were so helpful and accommodating. I can’t say enough about the entire staff.

Banna Boat

This is a horrible hospital, unprofessional staff in the emergency room. They ignore you when you need them most. And accuse you of things they assume about you. Making fun of you. Worse place to go for treatment. Laura and Liz are unprofessional nurses.

Donald Croswhite

My wife's visit to the ER at 3AM turned into emergency surgery. The staff was very friendly and wanting to help. All the terrible experience that she has had at other hospitals did not happen here. They weren't pushy about things that she was afraid of and always tried to make her feel comfortable. They really listened to her.

Llyn Zephyr

Spent one day in the ER, then a few days later was admitted to the hospital for a week. I am very impressed with the quality of care provided by the staff in both the ER and the hospital proper. Very respectful and attentive. Most of them clearly enjoyed their jobs, which makes for better service in any industry. The building seems old and in need of paint and other minor repairs (inside), but it's clean and as comfortable as one could hope for in a hospital setting. I haven't been to any other hospitals in the area, and have no desire to go any place else if the need again arises. I'd strongly recommend St. Pete's to anyone who needs emergency services or hospital care.

Rebekah Crespo

I wish I could give less than this, my sister-in-law was experiencing severe vomiting, diarrhea, and was experiencing intense pain in her back. We have been sitting here for SIX HOURS including out time spent in the waiting room and only ONCE has she been checked up on! They dont even have her hooked up to anything or on fluids for her dehydration! Worst experience I've ever had with a hospital!

Michelle Green

I had a pleasant experience from being checked in to the dr taking care of my needs. I was in and out within a hour.

jeff cook

Went to the ER with extremely high bp. Was seen in just a couple minutes. They kept me overnight. Room was small but privet and a view over the helicopter pad. All the nurses and RN were very nice and positive.

Aja Raye

Late Sunday night emergency. New to the area and family was traveling out of state. Drove to the ER and signs directed me to the ER parking area. The one open parking space was taken by the car in front of me. The next closest section was reserved parking. Parked in a far corner. Another patient was dropped off and the driver of that vehicle also found parking in another lot. Noticed the car that took the last parking place for ER had hospital parking pass in window. Dark and dingy walkway and seemed more like a street clinic than a hospital. I hope the health concern is not as feared because I left. It felt safer to leave than to check in.

Natashia Barnes

Came in with a friend. She had been bleeding from below and had terrible cervical pain. Been here 5 hours and were told may be all night since people with a cold and/or flu are more important. They won't even help her with her pain despite doing urine and blood work to find nothing in her system or any abnormal blood work. As bad as Aberdeen!!

linda striegel

Communication between home and patient in hospital is nil. Phones do not work correctly. Communication between staff and patient's wife also poor. Never could give a definite "Yes, he is discharged". It was always, "I think he can go home". This is 2nd experience. Husband had triple bypass Nov 2016 and had the same problem. There is NO communication whatsoever with staff. Nothing but praise for Dr Wood and Dr Santamarina.

Joshua Yourex

No matter the severity of your pain or issues, it is ALWAYS over an hour to over 3 hours to be seen. The staff are as uncompassionate as you can get for a religious based hospital. The staff treat you like you are an inconvenience to them and their time. I have lived in Olympia for 42 years. Nothing has changed with this hospital.

Nick Flacco

Worst ever nurses took forever patients have pee samples on their food trays and nurse told me it was a bag that made it sanitary.also take forever to do their job.least recommended hospital i would ever go to


St. Peter's Hospital has a great pre operation program to help patients through the surgery.


This review is solely based on the birthing center. I have only been to the hospital once and that was for the birth of my daughter in September 2017. I had a schedule version & c-section (in the event they could not turn my daughter due to her being breech). We arrived for our appointment and had the nicest nurse. I had to fast, which made it hard for the nurse to put in my IV. She tried multiple times, but had no luck and she kept apologizing. She had another nurse try because she didn't want to keep poking me. We had to wait a few hours past my scheduled time due our provider having to attend to multiple emergency c-sections. We understood the wait and despite my husband being antsy and worried, we were fine waiting. Our provider came and tried the version. The nurses were so helpful and coaching me as it was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. They couldn't turn my daughter, so they immediately prepped me for the c-section. I have never had major surgery before and was really scared for it to happen. I'm also not a fan of needles, so I was not looking forward to an epidural. The nurse, who had been with me from the very beginning, held me as the anesthesiologist put the needle in my back (which also took several tries). She coached me and comforted me the entire time. Even the anesthesiologist listened to my needs when I told me I was feeling nauseous or couldn't feel my arms. My entire team were great and the c-section happened so fast! After my daughter was born, they helped me nurse her for the first time. I'm a first-time mom, so it was great having people there to show me how it's done. I stayed from Monday and left Thursday and every nurse that was on duty was helpful and kind. Some will stand out in my mind more than others, but they were all great! They answered my questions, helped me when I needed help, and made sure I actually took pain meds (since I would forget until the pain was bad). The lactation consultant was amazing and helped us get on the right track since my milk wasn't coming in yet. The nurse on my last day made sure we took our time and got our questions answered before we left (since we had a delay in getting my breast pump). Every one at the hospital was extremely helpful, which I cannot say enough! I wouldn't hesitate to have my future children there.

liliana Dugan

Avoid this place if possible. They said 60 people here at ER and they have two doctors on staff. The 3 people that came into room all said different things about when we would see a doctor and why. Got here at 8 pm, it is 2:00 am and no sign of a doctor. Never ever coming back here. Read all the 1 star reviews, it’s all the same complaints

Stephanie SC

My Mom died from this hospital. Very unprofessional environment and racist staff. Don't bring your love ones here. They might die too.


Medical facility? More like homeless shelter with medical capabilities. In the hallway of the ER there were at least 5 homeless people sleeping, most of which were given blankets by staff. My wife fell down the stairs and we were checked in to the ER at 3pm and we are still here at 11pm. However, who am I to complain? Some others have been waiting to be seen in the ER for over 10 hours, some waited so long they lost consciousness, falling to the floor and had to be wheeled out of the waiting room on a stretcher. Only then did they start to double check the other's vitals. While the waiting room and ER were slammed the staff were having a birthday party in back. Honestly I'm shocked that this hospital is allowed to operate like this with the extreme lack of professionalism and patient care. I have seen underfunded VA hospitals handled better. For supposedly the "best" hospital in Olympia this is a frightening revelation.

Theresa Hibben

Worst ER experience ever - almost got thrown out for asking check-in person where vending machines &/or elevators are when husband was having a severe low blood sugar episode in ER waiting room. Front desk person extremely rude & over reacted to a simple request getting security guards after me - a 65 yr old grandma!! No one helped or cared. After 6 hours of waiting we left - new to area but learned where never to go again!

Chris Gayle

Waste. Should have given 0 stars. They should improve the services. The front desk girl should receive a raise. Good job there Selena. Otherwise, a big no no

Sarah Nolen-Stewart

The nurses and anesthesiologists at St Peter’s outpatient surgery center were fabulous this morning! Thanks Tiffany, Jen, Sally, and Dr Griffith! This was the second time we had been there. Five years ago, our then 2yo daughter had a cyst removed from her brow bone and we remember having a hard time getting back to her in the recovery area when we could hear her screaming all the way from the lobby. We had to demand to be taken back and then it still took nearly an hour to get her calmed down and coherent. This morning was the complete opposite, beginning with the staff (except front desk woman) who were kind and patient, thorough and knowledgeable. Our 1yo had ear tubes put in both ears and was a dream. Thank you St Pete’s!

Roger S McLennan

Been there visiting my Grand Daughter Jen. Everything seemed to be up to snuff to me. They won't just leave a person hanging, they will ask you if there is any thing you need answered.

Laura Wood

The thought of ever having to go there for any reason gives me PTSD. About a year ago I went to the ER after I started having vertigo and seizure like symptoms. I was triaged, and despite hardly being able to speak and suffering from uncontrollable tremors and shakes, I was made to sit in the waiting area for hours. Even when they finally brought me back, I laid there for another several hours (still shaking and trembling) before I saw a doctor. By that point I was so terrified over what was happening I started to panic. When the doctor finally did come in, all he focused on was how freaked out I was (which afte 6 hrs of suffering from vertigo and uncontrollable seizure like symptoms wouldn’t you be?). The doctor really did nothing to try and figure out my physical symptoms, all he did was talk down to me like I was a crazy person and have a nurse start an IV to sedate me. Several more hours went by with no one checking on me at all and I was sent home with no diagnosis to “sleep it off.” Months later after visiting several specialists I did finally find out what was wrong, and it wasn’t all “in my head.” I was diagnosed with vestibular migraneos vertigo and essential tremors. But all the doctors and staff at this hospital could see was my anxiety over it. And while I admit I did have some bad anxiety, my physical symptoms were real too. I did not deserve to be ignored and treated like a crazy person. Your hospital needs to focus more on the human as a whole and also treating people more humanely. I left your hospital feeling belittled, berated and scared and NO ONE should have kind of experience at a hospital!

Tatu Tabu

They need a new receptionist staff!!! I am a receptionist and they have broken HIPAA laws!!! I am switching health care facilities due to them being so unprofessional. Here is some advice you are the first line of people clients interact with when they come into your facility have some compassion!!!

Jami Richardson

Waited with chest pain for 6 hours repeatedly telling them I feel worse. And the girl at the front registration was so rude to every patient. Definitely will be calling the house supervisor.

Sandy Meeks

My husband was scheduled for surgery at 10:20 this morning, his Dr is great, but he was in recovery by 12 :45 for what they said would be about 45 mins it is now 6pm and he is still in recovery where visitors are not allowed, so 8 hours after they took him to surgery I have not been able to see him, why you might ask....because there are no open beds on the floor! I am more than disgusted!

Leigh Sophia Phillips

I volunteer at the hospital and my mother has been admitted twice and she has always received the best care. We appreciate the quality care she received from the nurses there. And the food service is great. She can order exactly what She Wants to eat. That's huge when you're ill And of course in the hospital. Thank you for being such a great place to get well.

Chrisman Wilkey

Staff has been wonderful - huge issue with elevator. They have had one main elevator out of service for 11 months..amazing. It's a real problem for both staff and everyone who comes in. I waited over 8 minuets for an elevator on Sunday the 16th. I cannot envision why it cannot be repaired or replaced

Elizabeth Strauss

Horrible support staff. ER nurse, Beth was nasty and rude to my mother. I've worked in hospitals myself and was appalled by her tone and attitude. Go to a different hospital if you can. The staff here are callous and with little compassion.

Tressa Jenson

I like this place very much they saved my son's life and the outpatient infusion center is the best that I have ever been to. They are great here.

Shay Roberts

This is an excellent hospital with caring and professional staff. I went into the ER with a large kidney stone and Dr. Ward was able to squeeze me into his already busy surgical schedule. The procedure was difficult, but successful, and Dr. Ward relieved me of tremendous pain. I was in the hospital for a couple days and the nursing staff was outstanding. A big thank-you to Jessica, Danette, and Wendy for their compassionate care. If you are considering a trip to the ER here, keep in mind that this is a BUSY hospital and there can be long wait times if your problem is not immediately life-threatening. They work on a triage system and patients are processed based on the severity of their condition. It’s good to bring a book or some music to distract you during the wait.

Debbie Bennett

Just left my husband's room to go home at 11 pm. He is there due to a kidney stone that is not going to leave on its own. We were in the waiting room for quite awhile (4 hrs). He was triaged right away, and they monitored his blood pressure while we were in the waiting room. I noticed they monitored several people who were in the waiting room which is something I have never seen at the hospital in Centralia. Everything was spotless in both the waiting room and the ER. I used to work there, and it was as clean, and professional as when I left. The doctors and nurses were great in the ER. We knew exactly what was going on for his treatment. If it wasn't for this hospital, I could have lost my husband about 8 years ago due to the incorrect care administered by a hospital in our home town. I highly recommend this hospital.

Joey Archer

Always had a great experience here. They take good care of us. We like the doctors and nurses as they are friendly and helpful. I think my only frustration was when surgery was done by a doctor who wasn't covered by my insurance (even though they knew which insurance I had) but the insurance agreed to pay them even though and the doctor waived the extra.

Jeanne Markham

I went in with chest pain and was triaged fairly quickly. I had a long wait to be examined, But the staff were polite and caring, and my medical care was excellent. To be fair, I know at least two codes happened while I was there, so they were quite busy.

Delightful Dawn Johnson

I was in the hospital for 11 days. When I ordered my meals I was never able to eat. I had test and did not get the results. Never was showered. Wore a gown and only got one change. This was truly the sign that are medical system is broke. The medical staff are overwhelmed. And the HMOs only care about the money. Medical directions ordered by. Doctors over ride by the nurses and staff not doing what their jobs call for on the whole. Making comments. It starts from the admission to the departure.

Jennifer Shin

I literally just walked in to the Clinic down on the first floor. Now I was sent HOME by my WORK because I was not feeling good and it showed (I burst out CRYING from the amount of PAIN I WAS IN) . I called around 10am or 11am asking them if I could do a walk in. And I was in fact TOLD I could be seen. But no. Apparently the office where I usually go which is ON THE 2ND FLOOR OF THIS BUILDING; ISN'T PART OF PROVIDENCE AND THEY DECIDED THEY DIDN'T WANT TO TELL ME THAT ON THE PHONE. They wasted my time and gas to come here. Only to be turned away. Then on top of everything they didn't even apologise. All the staff looks like they are ACCUSING YOU and they always look at you like you are an idiot. My visit was awful and I will never come back to THIS Providence. If I could give this place a minus 5 stars I would do it in a heart beat.

Michael Nagle

My wife died there last March after fifteen days on the oncology floor waiting for the end. The nurses could not have been more kind, compassionate, and attentive, not only to her and I but to all the family and friends that showed up to say goodbye. They were a real bright spot in a horrible situation. We spent time at Virginia Mason last summer for her cancer treatment and, while they're technically excellent, the facilities and food weren't nearly as good as St. Pete's.

April Nutsford

Extremely disappointed in the lack of empathy and care at this hospital. From check in to discharge the staff made me feel as though being there annoyed them. I was put into a hall because they were so busy and I get that, but I got to see the staff treated other patients as well (eye rolling, blatant disregard, annoyance etc). I had to ask for an ice pack and motrin and was in extreme pain. Not one staff member asked of my comfort level or if I needed anything. Even in imaging, the staff seemed miserable and rude. Being in the hall also meant I could hear all other patients indo. And problems, the nurses spoke at full volume and patients rights were obviously violated by doing this (HIPPA). Never ever will I go here again, and I urge all to speak to the patient advocacy at this location if you feel as though the service is lacking.

crystal ritter

This was my first and absolutely last time every going to this hospital. The Male staff member who did triage on me was disgustingly rude. The hospital was just gross with dirty walls the bathrooms didnt look clean. The nurses and doctors hardly communicated. I ended up going to Good Sam hospital in puyallup where I was admitted and treated properly.

Celia Johnson

Went into hospital today and my daughter who just delivered a baby on Sunday was still upset because a Obgyn doctor had upset her I looked at the Doctors reviews online and this is her normal abusive way toward patients some comments from 2011 ..the doctor was apologetic after the nurses found my daughter crying and hyperventilating and decided she wanted to leave due to the verbal abuse experienced by this one doctor...and yes the charge nurse is suppose to report her but consider this doctor has been with them for 11 years I doubt anything will be accomplished...the doctor did attend a Catholic College but this is uncalled for and obviously someone higher up is protecting her job...thank goodness this is the first time she has ever seen this doctor ..the doctor who delivered her baby was very nice and professional as was all the nursing staff...but they need to get rid of this one abusive doctor o

Aysia Leigh

Just saying. I go in to see my dad in his room, can't find him. Go up to the receptionist area where there are 6 people chatting away or on their computers. Nobody said anything or acknowledged my presence. Dialysis floor at least said hi.

Jeneba Cham

This place is horrible don’t have your babies here. Dr. Diana is a horrible person. I never felt this way in my life. Please do research before going anywhere when it comes to hospitals..... The nurses were great especially Donna.

Amy Burgess

Different family members have been there multiple times in the last 3 years. ER waits are long ( too many non-profits emergency people) but the care us always top shelf. Hat's off and thank you!

Corey Anderson

Service wasn’t the greatest. Doctors not too convincing. But my family was greated and treated well at the front. Celina thanks for the polite behaviour. But the hospital isn’t the best

Winslow Bodybuilding

To long of waits and staff treated me like trash

Tiffany dawne

Went to the ER once and the wait was at least five hours easily, after 2 hours of waiting and still hours to go we gave up and went to Capital and got in right away. NEVER AGAIN! The waiting room is HUGE and there is good reason for it! Every chair gets filled. Several people left after waiting so long.

Li Lee

This is a horrible hospital. May look big and modern but the staff is incompetent.

Kellia B

I can't possibly list all of the ways I was mistreated here. I was kept largely uninformed with what was going on and there was overall a huge lack in communication. They desperately need to hire more staff.

Lon Sawyer

They take way to long to get anything done. An hour thing they drag out to 6 hours. Go somewhere else.

Jim Dicus

The worst emergency room ever. No sense of urgency anywhere. Showed up at 630 AM with a throbbing severely painful torn rotator cuff. Maybe 6 other people. Wasn't seen until 915AM. Not one patient was called back between my arrival and 900 AM. At 830AM, I asked the triage nurse why it is taking so long. She responded by saying some people have waited 5 hours. Like that is suppose to be acceptable? Took me 4 hours. Will never go there again. Not the 1st time I waited up to 4 hours but definitely the last time.

Andrew R

Staff is very professional. I felt they showed true concern of my situation and wanted to resolve it. The people I communicated with instantly identified my personality as being humorous and went right along with some of my jokes. It should be expected that you will wait to be seen when you walk into the ER. I was in the waiting room for 2.5 hours, and I understood that there are other people that are in that hospital and transports. If the situation is life threatening or need immediate care, I advice medic transport to bring you in.

Jamie Vecanski

I had to spend 2 weeks here and am very happy with the care I received. The hospital is very clean and the staff is very professional and very kind. Night nurses were the best and my fav.

Ellen Rice

I received excellent care here in May 2017. Caring, knowledgeable staff who were adept at problem solving were on every shift.

Ken Ferris

I went to the ER with severe pain. They were quick to relieve the pain and thorough in finding the cause. I ended up staying for many days and I received great care from the entire staff on the 7th floor. I hope I don't need that kind of care anytime soon but if necessary I trust them to make me healthy and comfortable.

Xxviper987 56

If I could give zero stars I would my 10 yr old son came in with a head injury he was seeing spots,blurred vision, neck hurting and was having a hard time staying awake when we went to check in the lady Viki was asking for my son's information as I'm telling her she answers a phone call and has a full on conversation with someone then asked me again and started talking to someone else so then the nurse was asking me what happened and Viki decided she wanted to talk over me and the nurse to ask my son's bday again...then when my son finally got his bracelet we were instructed to sit in waiting room which was fine but as my son is crying that his head hurts I ask how long of a wait she nurse was very rude and told me I need to wait while she checks in the rest of the people which I didn't know there was more people because the people were just walking in the first set of doors... Then she said it can take a few hours which she thought was ok because she told me they don't usually treat children with head injury unless it's a serious one... I just felt like his injury didn't matter but I felt like we were just another patient. Only thing this hospital has going for them is the pediatric floor and the family birthing center staff in both areas are absolutely amazing!


Cant tell if this is a ER or a homeless center that allows pets. Came in for treatment got right in for triage then got stuck in the waiting room for 8 hours

Catherine Straley

Way better than Capital Medical Center if you have to go to the hospital definitely pick this one. The staff is overall better the wait time is not nearly as long they are more interested in their patience and taking the time to try to understand the problem... They're kind helpful and care about their patients where as Capital Medical Center does not

Katie Treakle

This hospital is terrible!! First time I was here was for chest pain. Sat in the ER for 5 hours and they didn't do anything. Second time I was here I was brought by ambulance. I fainted at work and hit my head. Was brought in on a back board and in a neck collar and sat in a room for 20 minutes after I got here and then the doctor came in and took me off of it without making sure I didn't have a bleed or break my neck.. Then I waited another 30 minutes because I received pain med and then almost two hours later they tried to discharge me. I demanded to see the doctor again and ended up getting hospitalized. They gave me fluids for 2 days and ran some tests. While I stayed here almost all my nurses were very rude to me and very grumpy. And now I sit here again in the ER. I was brought by ambulance but don't remember anything that happened. Apparently I got into with my nurse because she wouldn't let me pee. She told me to pee my pants.. So I left but ended up coming back because I blacked out and didn't remember a thing that had happened. So I sat in the waiting room for like 2 hours and now I am sitting back in a room and have been for almost 2 hours.. Haven't even seen a doctor or nurse. Completely ridiculous!

lynda buswell

my blood sugar fell due negligence of er staff.they treated me with hostility,did not listen to me,were arrogant,were liars,were insulting,threw temper tantrums,extremely unprofessional,all covered each other,were borderline criminals,ignored patients,yelled at me,all watching my blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels.their only concern was defending each others bulling advice,think about how damaged you will be after they get done abusing you.

Ben Stokes

Reception girl was helpful. Dr John was efficient too. The wait was a bit too long.

S Roberts

My mom was escorted out on a Friday and died on Sunday. Great place to die.

Michael Burton

Had a great experience on the sixth floor joint replacement department. Caring staff and excellent service. Friendly and competent. Felt cared for and they explained all procedures. Single rooms so you don't have the issues with a roommate. Great experience!

Jennifer Stewart

Customer Service is poor at best. I wont waste time writing the same issues the others here have had. I wrote detailed letters to the hospital during post care survey time and never received a response. I've experienced and seen so much "wrong" with that ER and their other services.. I wont go back unless it is my very last option.

Scott Oneil

They always have helped keep me alive.

Jymie Garrison

I have only had one true interaction with this hospital. My aunt had a massive stroke and was on the 9th floor for a week. All the Nurses were very very kind including the night staff. I'd prefer to go to this hospital then the one in my own home town. (St. Peters is roughly 45 min from me) She had amazing care and nine of the staff minded that a member of my family stayed the night every night with my aunt so she wasn't alone.there cafeteria wasn't even that expensive either or half bad. I hope,later on, if I'm still living here i can have my first child at St.peters

Lisa Wolfe

After multiple appointments with my doctor and an ER visit just a couple of days prior to my visit to Providence ER, I was at my breaking point. I was getting worse each day, and nobody seemed to be listening to me. My visit with this ER completely fixed me. I was in tears and the ER Dr. was patient and listened, called the on call OB/GYN Dr, and I felt better before I even left the hospital than I had in weeks. My symptoms were already subsiding and I actually felt heard and taken serious. I only gave three stars because the waiting area of the ER is not safe and very chaotic. There are homeless people and drug addicts walking around crying and yelling, and some sitting and/or sleeping on the floor outside of the bathrooms where security seems to not take any interest in. The woman who checked me in on 8/13/18 around 6am seemed less than thrilled to be there and very unorganized. The check in process is a mess, and causes an even bigger and needless delay. Three people left while waiting to be seen, two were never checked in and one felt like the person taking her vitals was annoyed to even have to do so. So great patient care by the medical staff, but terrible front end situation. Someone needs to re-evaluate the check-in process and be there to enforce some type of protocols and procedures, and security needs to step it proactive not reactive. There's a definite need for a training program for the staff working the front end to include medical staff and definitely some HIPAA training.

Edwin Warner

This hospital does not care about patients. It only cares about money.

Nicole K.

Spent over 5 hours trying to find out what is wrong with me to hear an intern who thought it was shingles (possible stroke symptoms), to oh we didn't see anything but you can wait 30 min ( over an hour) and a doctor can look at your chart......why am I being told this information from someone who cant tell shingles from a possible stroke. I am sadden that these people are worse than California doctors.

Benjamin Stein

I love the maternity ward/ birthing center. Gave birth to my daughter there and staff was like family. They even took care of my husband. My daughter never left my side not even for the newborn prescreen.

april johnson

WORST ER EVER ; been HERE SINCE 8am with my mama , she’s a diabetic and bipolar and has a hard time breathing.. it’s now 5:30pm and only been seen once and didn’t even bothering checking her heart or anything!!! Nurses busy talking about dresses and clubs ... like really ... definitely won’t be back !! And I don’t recommend it for anybody..

kyle richardson

My daughter had difficulty breathing earlier in the morning, was admitted to this hospital to get checked out. She was in a lot of pain and trusted me to help her feel better. The nurse and I tried to get her temp by finger... wasn’t happening. She took my daughter’s shoe off to use a toe. My daughter wasn’t comfortable with someone forcing this and shifted to my side. The nurse then told me “striking a nurse is a felony!” My daughter is 5 years old! This one employee, even though her stupidity, should not reflect the care of the rest of professional staff on hand. After that we were well taken care of. Just watch out for people on the end of their shift...

Lady N

Thank you for all doctors at that hospital who saved my dear husband’s life after his appendix raptured in may 2015 and big thank you for all kind and helpful nurses with a hearts of angels! I’ll remember all of you till the rest of my life. ❤️❤️❤️

Roger Roberts

I've heard good and bad about St. Pete's over the years, but from my experience, this hospital does a pretty good job. If you go to the ER without a lifethreatening emergency, you will probably wait with sick people for an hour or two. But aside from ER criticisms, my experiences with post-ops, radiology, NICU, and cardiology have been stellar. Staff is always professional and knowledgeable, and doctors took extra time to answer my many questions.

Bryan McMillan

I had the worst experience here. I have Crohn’s and was having a severe flare. My primary clinic told me to go to the emergency room and they will be able to assist me. I did just that. I waited in the waiting room for 5 hours just to go back to a room where a doctor there asked me why I didn’t go to an emergency room on post. He then begin to say I don’t know what you expect us to do here we are more of a gun shot Victim hospital and did I think the had a magic cure all pill for my condition. So I left and went to Madigan hospital the next morning were I was then admitted for a week getting the care I needed. Is this really how you treat people. If I could give a negative star I would.

Baked Mind State Gaming

Absolutely horrible I have been sitting here all day with my girlfriend as her whole body went numb. They didn't care and had us sitting in the waiting for well over 5 hours before they checked anything. Durning that 5 hours we watched the waiting room empty and refill with different people 3 or 4 times after we checked in. Still no help or anything while they continue to be a family doctor instead of the emergency room where we are.

William Asman

This pertains only to the evening ER. Terrible experiences here every time. Nurses can be heard mocking patients. It took hallucinations from a family member for them to give them one shot and they started feeling better after 6 hours of waiting. It took maybe 2 minutes for a nurse to look and decide the shot was a good idea. Staff were quite rude, time to get care for an emergency was insane, and none of their vending machines work so my brother had to drive over and help me because I was falling asleep.

Emmy R

I've been here multiple times. I went to the ER 3 times last year all concerning my son. The first time I went in, I was in a car crash at 34 weeks pregnant. The ER staff took me back immediately to check me out then rushed me down to the birthing center. The nurse was jogging through the hallways with me in the wheel chair. The staff was wonderful. I went in again at 36 weeks pregnant after my water broke. Again, the ER staff rushed me down to the birthing center, and I was put in an observation room. Unfortunately the night staff there told me that it wasn't my water and I just peed myself and gave me a sleepy shot and sent me home. Well, they were wrong! I was back a few hours later screaming in labor and yet again the ER staff was awesome and ran me down to Birthing center. The security guard wheeled me into the ER btw because I just stood there at the door hunched over in labor. My experience there in the birthing center was wonderful. I was taken care of and a lady named Wendy took special care of me, taking me to the bathroom, changing me, etc. The rooms there are made to sleep your husband or anyone else there for you. It was a great experience and their food was actually pretty dang good! I brought my son here at 3 months old because I thought he was having trouble breathing and the nurse at the ER desk checked him out immediately and then instead of making us wait with all the others in the ER waiting room, she put us on a stretcher once she said he seemed fine..and he did seem fine. We would up waiting 4 hours after they took his vitals then decided he was totally fine and left. One of the Drs listened to his chest and then told us we were fine to leave. Haven't been back since but overall it has been a good experience thank God.

Gail Roof

Worse hospital ive ever been. They DO NOT care for any patients. Sat in the waiting room for over 5 hrs and never called back to a room. Staff are completely rude and lie. DO NOT GO HERE!!! I wouldn't take an injured ant here

Sasheen Morgan

I was in the ICU for 5 days and my experience with all of the staff was better than I or my family could have hoped for. This was the most traumatic event I have ever been through. Considering the circumstances , the staff made everything about my hospitalization as warm and comfortable as one could ever hope to expect. More importantly, every member of my family was made to feel welcome as well. Thank you St. Pete's ICU staff for your support and service 10/6-10/12 and to the attending physicians that were with me in the early morning on 10/6. You saved my life. On behalf of my family and myself. .... We THANK YOU a million times over.

Trina Johnson

All ER departments have a wait time, but my 2 experiences there have been outstanding. Docs, nurses, and staff were attentive and caring.

Steve Smith

The girl at the front reception, I think her name is Celina. She was very helpful with us. I had a great service at the hospital with the docs and Celina the reception girl particularly was very cheerful and polite.

Lysa Grant

The staff in the ER may be nice but the wait is unacceptable. I recommend going to a different one if at all possible.

Emilio Meraz

I never have got online to rate anything before. But hopefully my rating today helps somebody. DO NOT go to this place. They don’t treat you, care for you nor fix anything that is wrong. I have never been picky nor ungrateful for assistance but the people here really did NOT care or do a thing about helping me while I almost bleed out.I won’t write about the wrongs things that happened in this hospital during my visit because I will be here all day. if my post helps one person I am happy I for once wrote a rate. DO NOT GO HERE unless it is the very very last place to get treated. If I could rate it less I would I really really would. They don’t even deserve one star.

Seche Tati

My first time bringing my child in when she was 5mos old. Scariest thing ever! The ER staff is awesome! Thank you for helping my baby and making me feel at ease while my husband was away.

Paul Replogle

When will this place upgrade the leadership in dietary? It's the worst one can imagine. Now staff are walking off the job. It's always been horrible for staff. There is also a rat problem in the food area.

Shawn Christopher Storm

“The nurses have that special golden glow that makes you wonder what happens when they go off duty. Wisdom is what makes us gods unto ourselves. Bodies come and go. Astrology knows the heart better than any topic across time unto itself.”

Krista Johnson

That ER staff is awful no compassion respect or class. No regards for HIPPA rules .I wouldn't take a sick animal here let alone a person. No bedside manner by anyone! I could go on but they aren't worth my time....go to Capital medical center if you live in Thurston county!!

Gabriel Ybarra

Held me against my will. Kept me there for more than 8+ hours then charged me thousands of dollars over checking the substances in my blood. Nurses were rude. Had to get up every time to get what i needed such as a blanket. No one cared or showed any amount of heart or sympathy. Don’t take your loved ones to this hospital. Went in wanting help, went out wanting a lawyer.

katya Perez

AVOID THIS PLACE. Worst hospital ever!! Very lazy people that have no vocation for what they do. My grandma waited about 5 hours to be seen at emergency for them to put her on a bed in the hallway. She had an allergic reaction to a medication she was prescribed and all they had to do was hook her to an IV to clear her system but no they won’t do anything to you until the Doctor sees you so if your dying of pain or feel very bad you’ll have to suck it up and wait 5 hours for them to give you medicine. Also if your condition isn’t critical to them they’ll push you to last even if you got there before everyone. Next time I will be driving my grandma 40 minutes away to puyallup or even Federal way this place is a joke. I rather not deal with amateur doctors and nurses!

John Doe

This Hospital is the best ever! The only place I’ll take my family members.

Big Will

I have a deep cut in my leg, and it's been an hour and still no one calling me back. The place is empty, two or three people in here. I need stitches well see how much longer it takes and if by the time I get called back if they can even stitch it properly. Health Care in Washington is a joke.

Alex Griffin

We were sent to the er from the urgent care because my daughter was drooling with a sore throat and a cough they were worried it might be an emergency so I go to the er(scared my child could die) then i had to wait for 2 hours after explaining to the front desk why we were there and now I have to pay aprox 1600 to get told after several tests that it's a viral infection and to keep doing exactly what I had been doing just a huge rip off thanks for absolutely nothing

Maggie S

After 6.5 hours of waiting in the ER after seeing my husband taken back in trauma (no update given) with a bp of 194/97, I was taken back- after ALL junkies in waiting room were before me- to see Dr Chris Strode. He proceeds to ask if I do meth after I'd already provided a urine sample. No. I'd been bit by spiders. He laughed at the LIVE DANGEROUS HOBO SPIDERS- MALE AND FEMALE- that I'd brought in jars and told me only tough ex army guys like him could get bit, which he apparently did, ten times. I've been bitten in CO by recluse twice and hobos bad. I've worked for state veterinary homeland security. This guy is a joke! Great hospital if you need inpatient care. If you need emergency care, good luck to you. Anywhere. As of 10/26: have filed survey and official complaint against him. Have not heard back. Visit was a month ago.

Billy Sutter

Only complaint after ER visit resulting in surgery and two night stay is that the fries were dry. Everyone I encountered among the staff was friendly and helpful.

Randy Rozayy

This has got to be the most incompetent hospital (ER) I know. I go in to the ER get a prescription. Labeled as a narcotic for pain. Come to find out the prescription is discontinued... all day I’m looking for places just to find that out. Then when I try and call either I get transferred to who they think is the person I need to talk to or I go back to the same person I started with. OR I get hung up on. AND ignored and pushed off to the next transfer. Still not finding anything out about the medication till over n hour later. They started acting rude because I’m pissed. Well I’m sorry lady. When you act stupid you get treated like you’re stupid. I haven’t ate or anything. Getting hot flashes. Throat swollen and lymph nodes swollen head pounding. Can’t sleep or eat. Also have a smallpox vaccination bothering me. This place is a joke and disgrace. Incompetent all bad. Larry L. Fontana Jr.. MD HOW ARE YOU GONNA PRESCRIBE DISCONTINUED MEDICINE TO PROPLE?

Cameron Bell

These crooks sent my lab work to an out of state, out of network lab, costing me hundreds of dollars. The lab work was not even medically necessary and they lied to me, saying that it was required by law, which is false.


My father was in this hospital for over 48 hours.. he begged for a means to go to the bathroom and not ONE time did a nurse help or bring him a urinal. They kept saying " when we can we'll give you one" are you serious? For an entire day, they didn't give him one, so...He just pissed all over the floor and made them clean it up multiple times, and they deserved every bit of it. Shameful way to treat people and no excuse for it. My dad had one nice nurse the first night. Everyone I spoke to treated me like they had no time to talk to me.while I was in the waiting room, I saw multiple people kicked out by the rude and obese security guards. One star for this hell hole.

Jeff Knutson

They saved my brothers life. I can't say enough to let them know how grateful I truly am about all of the doctor's, surgeons and nurses. And I must add, the cleanest public bathroom s I have ever seen.

Veronica Cervantes

horrible service, wait for 4 hours in emergency

Nancy Gilbert

One of the worst experiences I have ever had. This hospital has really gone downhill. Completely mistreated by their security staff and the doctor totally ignored my symptoms. DON'T GO HERE.

Jake Ramos

This has been the worst experience ever. We have been waiting for over 5 hours no one has come by to even ask us anything. They have patients all over the hallways in the ER like a 3rd world country. If you’re having a real emergency don’t come here you will probably die in the hallway.

Allie Connor

I had my baby there an was there for 3 weeks. My baby had issues because of the medication I was on even though I was told the baby would hardly be affected by it. Well that wasn't true she was affected a lot more then we had hoped but this place took great care of me before discharge an great care of my baby girl. I did have some nurses that made me feel uncomfortable but the other nurses they were more then helpful an helped teach me a few different things. They took care of my baby 24 hours everyday an most of them made me an babies dad feel like we were ok to be there. I truly appreciate the nurses in post partum an special care. Thank you ladies so much for all your help.

Kimberly Gosney

Came in to ER at 7:30 am for husbands pancreatic pain - brought to ER room at 9am - had ultrasound at 10:30 - still waiting for results and no checkin by anyone and it’s almost 1pm! Tried asking a guy at the desk for status and he was too busy chatting it up with a female coworker and worst off all it looks like this place hasn’t been cleaned in months! Old Blood spots and filth on walls and floor / just disgusting.

Glenn Newby

Spent 5 hours in the er, went home without being treated, so did 3 other patients. The nurse who treated me was laughing at me for leaving early and made comments to another nurse that I was lucky I got a room Terrible ethics In This hospital

jenna Brown

I went to the emergence room with seizure symtoms and was very scared. I had a sudden severe studder and no control over one side of my body and that side of my body had gone numb. I waited 4 hours for the doctor to ask me 5 questions and then send in a crisis counselor. Who didnt even help me . all he did was ask about my biological parents and say that I would never have a meaningful emotional venerable relation ship with a man! I never got any actual help it was an absolute nightmare. Even my adopted father was angry. No tests where done. Nothing

Jason McAllister

Our child was born here 17April 2014. Wife was in labor for an extended time and while my child crowned, we eventually had to do a C-Section. Complications with our child after birth had her evac to Seattle Children's. The pediatric ICU at St Pete's did a fantastic job. It was the aftercare of my wife. You see she lost a lot of blood during the C-section. I saw the weighted bloody gauze pouches, and they were full. My wife is small woman and the ratio of blood loss, and the exhaustion of an extended labor. Well, she was anemic (low iron) after the birth and also really not herself. I left in a separate car to go be with my newborn in ICU at Seattle, calling to check up on my wife. Later I'm driving back from Seattle and I can't get ahold of the room. I call a friend and she tells me to come ASAP. Well, she apparently was going into seizures with body temps of 107, enough to kill brain cells, she was in ICU (I never got a call from the hospital). Apparently she got a blood infection. So the issue was she probably lost too much blood during the operation, she didn't receive proper aftercare or monitoring. She would have died if a friend hadn't come of check on her finding her in a state of seizure. I believe the hospital lied and said she had pneumonia (which she had zero symptoms). I tried to get a response from the hospital later on what happened and maybe try to get a review where they could come clean and improve for the next time, but never got a response. Critical failures that a complication wasn't properly addressed that almost led to my wife and new mommy not being in the picture. I'm thankful to the great nurses prior to birth who did a great job, and the assistance given to my baby who had complications, they did an excellent job prioritizing the baby, care of the mother post birth was the big failure.

hannah kunkel

I came into this office for a general check up... during my check up my doctor told me I had a heart murmur and that an ECHO exam was urgent. I had other general tests done and the results from their office came back saying I was at high risk for cervical cancer. Of course this doctor visit would scare anyone, so I proceeded with the ECHO exam and I went to see an OBGYN. After all was said and done the ECHO exam came back saying I DID NOT have a heart murmur and I have a completely healthy heart. My OBGYN said I am completely healthy and in no way at risk for cervical cancer. That UNNECESSARY ECHO costed me $1600 in addition to several hundred dollars with my OBGYN. I will never turn to this doctor office. How could someone ever trust them with their health when all thy do is scam their patients???

Shells Bee

This is the worst hospital I’ve ever had to visit someone at. My sister died in their icu unit just a month ago due to the nurses lack of compassion and heart. Literally videoed them laughing while manually performing cpr on my sister while she gasped for air making a choking noise. 3 nurses to be exact. They were incredibly rude and careless. They treated us, her family terribly the entire time. I had to file a federal lawsuit on them for illegally releasing her body to her boyfriend. Not a husband... read that again. So I had to give my sister’s 3 little girls a service for their 29 year old mommy with no body, no ashes. Please go to a better hospital if a loved one is fighting for their life! She was neglected the entire stay aside from the wonderful care of only 1 special nurse who worked mostly on the second level.

Miss Anonymous

Worst experience I've ever had at a hospital. Like others have said, if I could give a zero-star review, I would. The ER is absolutely awful. The nurses and doctors in the ER are ineffectual, dismissive, compassionless, and rude. They did not seem to have any concept of the medical care required for my situation, even when I attempted to inform them of previous experiences. After several different nurses came in promising that I'd get to see the doctor "soon" and saying they'd be back with medication (and failing each time to return with said medication), I became totally frustrated with the ridiculous amount of time I had been waiting for at least one responsible and attentive nurse to do what they said they were going to do, and so I got out of bed and said I wanted to leave to go to a different hospital and one of the (many lackluster) nurses yelled for security and threatened to have me arrested if I attempted to leave the ER. Then they moved me to the hallway, where I proceeded to wait several more hours, having to flag down various nurses to ask them when the doctor was going to see me. The nurses speak to you and treat you like you're an inconvenience (there were exceptions, of course, but the majority were like this). The doctor eventually stopped by for a brief moment, but he might as well not have. Finally, I was moved to the mental health area of the hospital, where I had to have an evaluation before being released. I was told the doctor was highly concerned about me, which seemed totally laughable since we only spoke for about two minutes after hours of asking to see him. And then I had to sign an action plan before being released basically saying I would follow up with different doctors outside of the hospital and I wouldn't say anything about being suicidal to anyone once I leave. Oh, and the mental health area of the hospital is a dump. It looks like a poorly maintained prison. If you're having feelings of depression, PTSD, or suicidal ideations, this mental health area is not the place to make you feel better... you'll probably feel worse just by having to spend any amount of time in there. I spent about 24 hours in the ER with extremely subpar care, and then it was probably another 2 hours spent in the depression dungeon for the mental health portion. By the time I left, I felt like the experience had aged me a week. Which in reality, it kind of did, because of their failure to provide me with the medication I required, it took me about a week to fully recover at home. Other hospitals I have been to have made absolutely sure to take care of my physical condition in this kind of crisis, and I have never had to argue or nag about medication, in fact they have insisted on giving me these things because of the risk factor my condition poses. And because they are medical professionals that understand how to treat an ailing patient! Do not go to this emergency room and do not go to this hospital for mental health related issues/emergencies. I still feel sick to my stomach about the experience. Hey Nurse, for the dozenth time, can I please get some anti-nausea medication?

Kim Johnson

One of their RNs breached confidentiality and gained access to my daughter's medical records. The nurse had never treated my daughter and it was for personal vengeance. This has caused a lot of harm to my daughter. The hospital was provided proof of the breach but we have heard no followup.

Stephanie Stockdale

They offer horrible human services and bed side manners. I had a friend take her suicidal daughter into the ER and all they did was place her on a bed in the hallway for 28 hours. No one checked on her and no one offered counseling/crisis services. They just expected her mom to sit there and watch her. Tjey kept telling them there were no open rooms. They both had to try and sleep on the small rolling bed in the hallway. While I was there trying to help I heard multiple people yelling for nurses and no one went to help. I did however see multiple staff just standing around. Ridiculous ER. Maybe the rest of the hospital is ok but the ER is a joke .

Christina Mckenney

If I could give zero stars I would. Went in for chest pain triaged me took labs, vitals, ekg and chest X-ray. Put me in a triage room for 3.5 hours didn’t check on me once, no blanket, no water, no call light. then put me in the waiting room after already waiting for 3.5 hours in triage room, all my results were back and said I needed to wait for another room. Worst service ever. The nurse literally sat and gossiped all night ridiculous patient advocacy will be called.

andrew squally

Seriously the worst hospital on the face of the planet i wish there was another hospital closer to home. They need a new set of happy E.R. staff that actually care for there patients. What a joke. I pray for the familys that have to bring loved ones here.

Robin C

These people are clearly educated and experienced. They were confident in their diagnosis and treatment choices. The visits are pretty quick in comparison to most E.R.s. Mike Kelley, PA is awesome... thanks for being so good at what you do.. and thanks for being so understanding with grouchy protective mothers :p


Ridiculous. I got in pretty quick but everyone treated me like a drug seeker instantly. I was in the ER in January, they missed it. I was in the ER in February, had surgery, and it went badly. Go in to the ER in March, which they told me to do, and now no one can find who my surgeon was or what happened. So naturally, it's in my head and I am a drug seeker. Before this I hadn't been in a hospital since the birth of my children. Also my urine was given every time I have been in. It's clean but no one checks before labeling you a crazy person seeking drugs. Would really like to know who cut me open just 3 weeks ago!

Jamie Gerber

Ninfa is the best nurse I have had!!!! She is so sweet and caring even when she is busy! Heidi and Ramona were also amazing. Last night and during the day for me was sort of rough to get assistance, but I understand they were busy. Either way I have been taken care if after surgery so wel and want to say thank you! You all made me relax when I was terrified.

GiGi LeDuc

My Mom’s friend works there

Carrie Bledsoe

I have been to St Peter's Hospital a few times and thank you God they are there!! I had to visit yesterday due to a severe allergic reaction and I have to say I was terrified!!! The staff was amazing, they assured me everything was going to be ok and they would take good care of me. They were AMAZING to say the least; from check in & registration, to the triage Nurse, the ER nurses were fantastic, even the insurance lady who takes all your info was so nice, the gentleman who re-stocks the rooms was great too, and last but not least so was the ER Doctor!! Thank you again for taking such great care of me and educating me about a medication I take and the side effects. I truly wasn't aware of until the ER nurse explained it to me, much needed info my regular Doctor didnt explain to me or I don't remember him/her explaining it to me. Thank you, Carrie Bledsoe

Aj Cervantes

Spent the worst night of my life here. My time in the ER was worse than what brought me there.

Lurlene Mckenney

Horrible patient care. In the ER, put in a room and literally forgot about. Drew blood and ran xrays when first taking back and then literally left there with not one person checking on us for over 3 hours! I have good health insurance so you would think I would receive decent care considering most their patience are freebies! Will never come back here!!!

Thomas Schierberg

I have had the need to use the ER at St Peter's Hospital several times since my heart surgery in January 2018. I have also had two procedures to remove Kidney Stones. I have had to have x-rays, blood draws and EKG's. I have been admitted for a total of 11 days since Jan 2018. I have observed and received excellent care in every aspect of my experiences at St Peter's. I have read the negative remarks about this hospital, I have never seen or experienced any of what I have read. The hospital is constantly over loaded and is not large enough for the needs of this community. What is needed is another hospital. I think Kiaser (Group Health) should build a hospital here for their membership to take some of the stress from St Peter's. Not only have I had to use the ER but my wife and sister have needed to use it also with the same good care I have written here.

Jos Buttler

Visited on a few occasions. No complaints. Dr Zach and Dr Anna are great. Always get greeted well by Celina, the front desk person. My family was also treated well. Just too far from my residence.

Mike Hemmerling

I was here yesterday for a PSVT episode - that's when your heart spikes up to 180 beats per minute for no reason. Normally I can stop these on my own in a few minutes, but I needed help with this one. I walked into the ER chalk white, shaking and barely able to speak. The girl behind the admissions desk asked me like 5 questions and told me to wait around the triage area. I waited for almost an hour, pouring sweat, 180 pulse, heart skipping beats and no one so much as took my pulse. Ultimately, it stopped on it's own and I left - they had me sign a form that said I'd refused treatment. I'd say that they refused treatment. If you're having a life-threatening emergency, I would avoid this hospital at all costs.


My wife gave birth to are baby boy at st petes today. The the docters and nurses are amazing, very helpful and accomodating. They defiantly get 5 stars. The gift shop was another story the lady at the the register was very nice. But some lady came out of the back and was very rude and degrading. I asked the lady at the register if she could give me change for a 20 and she said yes no problem just give her a min. As soon as she was done saying that the other lady came out. Started ranting on and told me to go somwhere else. If she was nice I wouldn't of had a problem I am a understanding guy but no need to be so rude.

Alex greenwood

Absolutely garage hospital. Our nurse was amazing so I won’t talk down about him but over all experience is horrible. Waited around for hours with a pregnant wife and a possible miscarriage to even be seen. Then we’re told to wait hours longer to get the results of some blood work. And when we tried to leave and have them call us, they said they would not give us our results, her blood work would be terminated and they were still going to bill us. I highly recommend not coming here. I will never return to this hospital

KayCee Martin

I have been so disappointed with this hospital! The ER is a joke! Nobody cares about the patients. My Mom has been here in the ER since 9:00pm last night! Still no room available! Do not come to this hospital! Homeless should not be able to sleep in the ER waiting room!

Matt Galbraith

Here at ER with my brother and this place is a cesspool. Bloody bandages on the floor in waiting room and smells so bad my eyes are watering. Staff is only slightly helpful but very good at using the right keywords. I would feel safer treating nosebleeds in Africa.

Karen Moore

I do believe that providence is the best hospital around, but that's not saying much. My mom spent a week here recently, with a broken neck. Nurses, aids, etc., were all very kind, caring people, but there just aren't enough of them to go around. For this reason, I never leave a loved one alone in any hospital. They are very accommodating and typically have folding beds or recliners available, along with bedding. I'm sure they appreciate having someone there spending extra time and care which would otherwise take a lot of time. They have good food here, both in the cafeteria and on patient menus. All that said, i was out of town once when my adult son was admitted for life threatening diabetic ketoacidocisetoacidosis. After just one night, he was released and was dead the next morning from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Jessica Gordon

This is the best hospital I have ever been to. I had a my daughter here in April 2013 and the staff was amazing through everything!!! I had a C-Section after 3 days of labor and they made me comfortable and made sure my baby was well cared for. If I have anymore babies I will be having them here.

Mr B

We were conducting an independent audit of staff at St. Peter Hospital in Lacey Washington and our findings were very disturbing. We witnessed racist behavior from one nurse, two doctors and one security officer over a period of three days. The staff members in question literally ignored one of our team members, whom happened to be African American yet spoke to and acknowledged another team member who was Caucasian. Similar behavior was noticed from a few of hospital patrons, very very disturbing. Note many staff members and patrons were wonderful. We will follow up as our findings were unsettling .

Suzanne Marie

I am so impressed with this hospital and the care given. Wonderful nursing staff on joint replacement floor. Great menu too! And the park like setting of this hospital gives a very calming affect. So pretty.

Terresa M Endsley

I rate my experience with the staff 5 star but the administration a 0. I was discharged at noon and it is now 4:45 pm and I'm still waiting.

Jeremiah Sullivan

Want to die? This is the place to go! Internal infection going on two years, all the symptoms of "hours before death" minus clammy skin, can't hardly make sense of what's going on around me (let alone writing this, but I'll be damned if I die of this infection, and there's no word on how hard I've tried to live). Get reeled into the ER via ambulance. FIRSTLY, this is where my partner and I WASTED five hours of our lives filling out Medical Power of Attorney paperwork, just to have it "lost" upon my first psychiatric visit. Not medical visits, it was there and respected until my first psychiatric visit. We're certain the head nurse at the psychiatric ER was responsible for this for MANY reasons. Now, about this time, before I'm out of time... My Medical Power of Attorney was again COMPLETELY IGNORED, not allowed to join me for any procedures, I was repeatedly asked for my name and date of birth, that I informed them that I cannot give right now because I'm too out of it, and that's exactly what my Medical Power of Attorney is for. NO ONE, even after being informed, paid attention to him. And here's the kicker: We have done enough (CT scan, etc.) to determine that something really is going on here, and it's BAD. Security comes in and tells me I HAVE to get off campus BECAUSE OF MY PETS, WHO ARE QUIET, AND IN THE EXACT PLACE, LEASHED, THAT MY PARTNER PUT THEM. I'm released (WITHOUT signing any form of discharge paperwork, but being told that I did- my partner wasn't even asked to sign anything), and though I haven't stepped a single step on my own, I'm asked to WALK OFF PROPERTY BY MYSELF, only offered to be wheeled to the bus stop AFTER I point this out. TO THE BUS STOP, SO I CAN WHAT? GET ON THE BUS WITHOUT KENNELS FOR MY PETS BECAUSE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE OUT AND WALKING WITH ME WHEN I BECAME WAY TOO WEAK TO CONTINUE??!

Loowit Mountain

St. Peter's is an absolutely incredible hospital! We have experienced numerous hospitals in US (including WA, Alaska, Idaho, Texas and Illinois). Staff at St Peter's have consistently been 100% in their care, kindness, RN and ESPECIALLY MD'S! Our loved ones have been saved by the incredible people there. This is a Providence ( Nuns run this) hospital. They treat ALL with respect and LOVE. I ( agnostic) have prayed with them. Their love for ALL is unconditional! Visited husband today. Said hi and Happy Birthday to Jesus; in his Manger with Mary and Joseph (and more) in hospital lobby. I truly loved seeing this. Every person we have encountered has a smile on face and genuine concern. I recently learned that they consistently treat addicts and poor for months - receiving no or minimal compensation. I love the Providence Nuns!

Arnold Hampton

Took my wife into ER, last night waited 6 hrs to be seen. DR. Saw her for about 10 minutes if that. Told her to double up on her water pills and she could go home. My wife is in and stage kidney failure, we were told by a kidney DR. To take her to the ER with her symptoms of metallic taste in mouth, nausea, and swelling in lower extremities. ER was not concerned with metallic taste in mouth, he stated he was concerned about computers being down and hospital being full. He did ultra sound of her bladder, listened to her lungs and sent her home.

Dad White

Great experience here for my wife. Staff was great. Very attentive to her needs.

Raymond Thurston

waited for over 6hrs with my gf who was in agonizing pain with a possible ruptured cyst

Kristel Perezchica

They always take forever. The other day I came in to the ER because I had all the red bumps on my face and body and the doctor said its ok not a big deal its just something with the hair follicles. I told the doctor that they irritate and they spread from my head to my body. So I went to another ER where they attended me better and they told me that I have chicken pox. So that's why I gave providence 1 star because they always do that give you the wrong symptoms when we know our bodies and that there is something wrong.

Kit Adams

Let me start this off by saying that if I could give negative stars, I would. My roommate/best friend has been dealing with chronic and severe migraines for almost a year now. They peaked a couple of weeks ago when he started feeling like there was fluid in his head that could move freely, and we decided to come here. Biggest. Regret. Ever. Instead of them taking him seriously, we waited almost 6 hours in the waiting room and were eventually put in a room just to be given big ibuprofen and sent home. They didn’t listen and brushed him off. We are now being referred to a neurologist for a possible csf leak and even worse migraines. Thanks a lot, Providence. You suck.

William Penny

Main desk is open til 9 pm. If you know where you are going, i.e. patient/ room. The front doors are always accessable. If you need medical assistance, the best access is emergency. It is a hospital after all and un warranted access can lead to illegal excess.

Alana Myers

I was completely underwhelmed by this hospital. After trying to make it through the weekend, I had exhausted everything I could think of to fix the problem. Crying, physically and emotionally exhausted and almost out of medical supplies, we showed up at the ER at 5 am. We were triaged in an appropriate time frame, told that it wouldn't be much of a wait and then sat in the waiting room for over and hour with drug seeking and drunk individuals. No one in or out in over an hour. We experienced an emergency of sorts, a malfunction of a medical device that, though not life threatening, made things very uncomfortable and were shoved into an unused room with no supplies or assistance and forgotten about for over an hour. One triage nurse arrived to assist but was taken away for another emergency (understandable) and asked a second to assist. We were told there was no wound care nurse on duty on the weekend. The second nurse told us she didn't know what to do to help us. Completely unacceptable. We left against medical advice, without seeing a doctor or being placed in an actual ER bed after waiting for over 3 hours.

Preston Smith

Never ever had an experience last night or this morning for someone going into surgery. I want to thank them all from the Doctors all the way down to the receptions even the great lady in the gift shop. Y'all have restored some of my faith in human nature.

Brian Mccaughan

I went to the ER 4 times in 2018. I was treated like trash each time I was there. Once was not even treated. The Dr. simply told me to leave his ER. (I had to complain. I put on the footies, went to the bathroom and my footies got drenched in urine and lord knows what else.) Apparently if you complain, you get 86'ed. Listening to the nurses and doctors talking among themselves at their center workstation was absolutely sickening. So pleasant to each other, yet so rude and abhorrent to their patients. (Yes. We can hear you.) I'm also calling out Providence for discrimination against low income health plans such as Apple, United...etc. I would rather commit suicide in my home than return to Providence ER. My Providence Primary is just as bad. That's a whole other review. This hospital needs to go to the hospital.

Raquel Sejour

Went in with a mental health issue. Was put in a bed in a hallway for seven hours. No one offered me food or water. No one checked on me. I was made to feel like a nuisance and shamed. They do not care about mental health here. I should have just killed myself. It would have been better than going here. Everyone told me I was brave for seeking help. But I didn’t get any help. Because I went to St Peter’s. A sorry excuse for a medical center. Everyone in their emergency room should be ashamed.

Cortni Kenville

Don’t have kids there. Biggest let down of all time.

Dallas Blaine

Way too slow. COPD... Can't breathe still wait 3+ hours in ER. Horrible. Lewiston Idaho I never waited at all. I walked out and drove to Capital Medical Center and was treated right away. DO NOT GO TO PROVIDENCE.


I would like to find a black nurse named "Jeannie?" who was so friendly at St. Peter's Hospital 38 years ago. I'm korean.

Shelby Ramey

Waited in the waiting room for over an hour after getting blood drawn. Then waited in a hallway for another hour and a half. Was told I would need to wait another half hour for a scan and then at least an hour for results. I decided to try my luck elsewhere.

Kassidy Thomas

Was placed in the ER hallway for 13+ hrs being shoved aside the whole time. Being told that they are trying to get a room and watching people that need less assistance get a room. After two days of being pushed aside, finally complained enough for a room. Being starved for three days wasn’t fun, so when the procedures were done, and was feeling fine. The 4 doctors whose care I was under, gave permission to leave. After 8 more hours, haven’t been discharged. Who knew you could go to for 8 years just to say, “I don’t know” and/or “It’s a waiting game”.


Worst hospital in the region. Employees are allowed to watch you tube videos while at work. Employees sleeping in offices, managers and supervisors don’t care or hold them accountable and promote poor and unprofessional behavior. Don’t use this hospital if you can avoid it!!!!

Christopher Blackwell

Worst hospital I have ever been too. My fiance cried in pain for 8 hours and they did nothing to relieve her pain. I had to leave work early to take her home, after writhing in pain all afternoon with no food in her stomach. I will drive out to Tacoma and use a hospital there before I ever return. We moved to Washington less than a year ago and 3 times we have been in to e.r. and every time we received sub Par medical care. And doing think we are just jerk's ranting. My fiance saw several people not in pain v recurve care before her, and watched another lady blessing all over the lobby, and her mom is saying let's go to another hospital. But the dirty nasty looking homes people seem to get care. Are they not the drug seekers your trying to avoid? Not my fiance. Test her urine. No opiates. Not an addict. SHUT THIS HOSPITAL DOWN! OR IMPLEMENT BETTER SYSTEMS!


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