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REVIEWS OF Providence Mount Carmel Hospital IN Washington

Jennifer Yost

David gradt

Nurses are nice. That about all I can say positive. I will be looking into other options in the future.

DJ ParODime

Friend brought her child in with a 103° fever, sat in the waiting room for almost 4 hours, finally got to a room and was told they would bring her child tylanol but never did. If i wouldnt mind jail time i would be flipping on the staff jist standing around doing nothing and chatting abput personal life stuff while babys remain feverish and sick.

Lisa Adams

All because my Dr. Awesome, he is the best. Great experience. Thank you all

evelyn childs

I am not an easy patient. Everyone was extremely understanding and kind as well as professional! Thanks Providence.

Eric Letts

My stay at this hospital couldn't have been worse. The doctor who treated me was the pits. I went in because I had bronchitis, and pneumonia, the doctor on call changed most of my meds. which were working just fine, and she changed my pain pills to something that gave me the very worst headaches I have ever had in my life. Also she had my drivers license suspended without even asking me any questions. My primary doctor went along with it. Through you-tube I have learned that one doctor will hardly challenge another doctor. I get around great, and have no problems, expect for the doctor who was in charge. I will take my chances at home before going back to those butchers. My primary doctor even said she hadn't noticed any problems. Do not go to that hospital, they are very dishonest. Also my Mom has 4 to 6 months to live she has cancer, now I can't even visit her on her last days. All because I had bronchitis, and pneumonia. I am going to spread this far and wide, I want everyone to know this. I am getting a lawyer as well.

Don Wolfe

Had a CT Scan today, best service ever! Dave and Brandon kept me informed very well throughout the procedure, and I was in and out of there in a very short time. Thanks!

Jason Upchurch

I live an hour south of Colville and 40 minutes north of Spokane. The general rule is that you’ll get to a Spokane hospital faster but have to wait for 4 hours in the waiting room before you ever see a doctor. Or, drive 20 minutes more to Colville and see a doctor quickly. I found this rule to be the case. I went to the hospital for a minor leg injury I thought might be a fracture and all the walk-in clinics were booked. It took me 1 minute to check in, 3 minutes in the waiting room, 3 minutes before the nurse came and maybe 10 before the doctor got there. I was wheeled back to get X-rays before I could check my email. The longest part of the wait was the radiologist and doctor evaluating the xrays: that was 20 minutes. I was out of the hospital in under an hour - I’ve never experienced that. Overall this was a great experience.

Jamie Rich

Doing a sleep study. Johnny is awesome! He took great care of me during my stay.

Hillary Comer

If you want to live just go to Spokane...


Worst emergency room ever. Rude receptionist talking openly about a patient. No patient confidentiality.

Big Bulls

What a joke of a hospital and rude as S !!!

grin and bear it -

If you live here pay for monthly ins for medi vac. And keep in touch with God. As you should.

Carl Bean

I was born here 63 years ago, had my tonsils out when I was 7, had my gall bladder out when I was 30. But after Providence. Took over the place went to Hell. I've been to the ER twice in recent years. Once for a minor stroke, no proper diagnostic tests, no treatment they didn't seem to even care. Fortunately it was a very mild stroke and only left me with slightly diminished feeling in three fingers. I could relate many terrible experiences from my friends but I'll only relate my personal experiences. I'd have to be on deaths door before I'd go back to that death trap for more than a band-aid.

Floray Alexandria

Just going by orders

Motzartz Piano by ear

My dad got into a head on collision a had a shatterd femur bone. They were very caring and very good with him. And latter that night moved him to sacred heart for further care. If it had not been for they're judgement and action..... My dad would probably be dead.


Marlita in physical therapy is excellent. Finally someone understands why I'm feeling pain and I'm seeing improvements.

Amanda Abbott

Nurses are friendly. But the wait to even get into a room is ridiculously long. After 3.5 hours of waiting... But on the plus side the one and only doctor in the er I trust is Dr. Mundall he is awesome and does a complete check. He did with my baby tonight and made me feel a bit better and less upset about waiting so long with my sick child. But without him here this place to be honest is stone cold walls of hell. All props go to Mundall.


This hospital totally unorganized. I was not checked in until after I was seen by the Doctor, who came in for less than 5 minutes. Although it was for a minor injury that I came in for, the Doctor seemed like it was bothersome to be treated. The lady who finally checked me in was the most positive experience here.

Алексей Усов

Kyle Olson

I was born here 25 years ago, and I'm still kicking! Nice job guys!

Murdock Family

Had to bring my husband here while visiting in Colville. I was very pleased with their kindness and care. I have to say it was excellent!

Connie Carl

Took my 95 year old mother to hopsital while vacationing here in Kettle Falls, Wa. We found the staff and doctors very professional, caring. Took such good care of my mom.

awsome vloger

Robin Rude staff. Understaffed. What Dr told me was not the same on discharge papers. Came by ambulance handed my clothes told after waiting fo three hours to see Dr .told to wait in waiting room for my ride. They needed the room

Ely Molloy

worst hospital ever, doctor hutchins is a religious quack who prescribes a ct scan for anything under the sun and not one person in that whole place can insert a needle into you right the first time. Id rather die than go back there.... which is probbaly whats going to happen....UPDATE had to go back to er had no choice after lying back in the bed their my f2f noticed someone elses blood on my pillow....

Susan S

If I could give this dump zero stars, I would. This incredible joke of a "hospital" treated my son for a cut on his leg from a chainsaw. Not only did they not do a good job of cleaning the wound, a medical professional thought it would be a great idea not to give him antibiotics. After 3 days my son noticed that the wound was starting to smell terrible. He was able to get into see an actual medical doctor that day who immediately prescribed powerful antibiotics that should have be prescribed in the beginning. The doctor told him that if he had not gone to the doctor when he did, things could have gotten infinitely worse within 24 hours. DO NOT take anyone you care about to this dump. Providence Health has worked this place over and it can no longer be considered a hospital. Providence cares only about the Appearance of healthcare. Please reconsider if you need to be seen in this emergency room.


$1200 for someone to go "uhhhh, you should be okay. If not just go to Spokane"


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