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REVIEWS OF PeaceHealth United General Hospital IN Washington

Skye Holloway

Robb Morgan

Very unprofessional, very unresponsive, a complete waste of your time and money. My doctor didn’t listen to a word I said and was extremely incompetent. My first clue was when I asked about a medication I’m taking, he had to look up the answers on his cell phone in front of me. Doesn’t inspire confidence. During the rest of my appointment, he just recommended “what he recommends to everyone”. Even if I was dying and needed an ER I would drive further to go somewhere else. Cannot emphasize enough - AVOID.

Angela Madison

I went to this emergency room on Christmas Eve because I was in pain throughout my body, my equilibrium was at zero, constantly coughing, diarrhea, and a few other symptoms, and yet I was there for over 7 hours, and they still want sure what was wrong. I sat in the waiting room for 4 1/2 hours before I was even seen. I strongly recommend not using this ER if you actually have an emergency.

R Custer

We have a family history of a very serious health condition that can be fatal. I was very impressed for this small hospital and all my care staff from reception check in to after surgery recovery. Superb educated, polite, and extremely caring staff. Thank you, Rachele Custer

Make Name Acceptable Go

Never had a bad experience. Small rural hospital.

Brenda Huff

Toyota Guru

Averil Simpson

All staff were very efficient and professional. From front nurse who assisted me.

Linda Williams

My husband is in the Hospital at United General in Sedro Woolley, I took him into the emergency room last night and the care he received was exceptional, they were very caring, kept coming into the room to let him know what was going on, he had to be there for awhile so they brought food for him while he was waiting, it turned out he had to stay a few days but has had nothing but great service, very comfortable room with a great bed. I don't know why people always say bad things about this hospital, you have to have patience because you are not the only patient they have there. things take time to work and if you have lab work you have to wait until the results are in before someone can tell you what the problem is. just learn to be patient, my husband was in there with an older gentleman that had blood clots in his lungs, can you imagine how much pain he was in and he sat there very quiet and waited his turn.

Bohemian Homestead

I went in for an ultrasound, I had both internal and external and the sonogram technician was extremely unfriendly. Thee entire time she only talked to me when directing me what to do. She never let me see the screen of my baby, she almost didn’t get me any photo of the ultrasound until the end when I really pushed for it. Who does that?! This ultrasound was to check the number of babies and when I asked her how many she was very questionable in her response that made me feel uneasy. Then continued to say that she would tell me more after she double checked using internal. Not only did she not really speak to me after but said “if you have questions ask your doctors office when they receive the results.” Why would you leave a mother uneasy and vulnerable who just wanted to 1. Watch the sonogram, but 2. Just wants to know if you saw more than one?!! I would never recommend this place, the from the sonogram tech to the snobby walk-in lady. I’m not happy with this experience at all and yet I’ll be the one paying for it. I would never go back here again, I’d drive up to Bellingham even in an emergency before I’d go here!

BlackBerry & friends

If I could u would give no starts I would I took my 3 year old son in tonight cuz he had a fever well over 101.5 you can tell he don't feel good just by looking at him the nurse that did his check in never told me what his temp was then we were put in the waiting room for 30 minutes or so he was crying and not feeling well they finally took us and put us in a room the nurse that took us back showed me the room and was gone before I had sat my son down on the bed no one came back in for an hour or so my son fell asleep finally and when the doctor came in he looked over him well talking about his kid then looked at me and said it's a virus give him ibuprofen and let him sleep it off my son had not had anything to drink for over 5 hours and still won't take anything I KNEW BETTER THAN GOING HERE BUT I WANTED TO GIVE IT A CHANCE SINCES ITS BEEN 7 YEARS BUT I WONT BE BACK EVEN IF IM DIEING!!!!! Don't tell me to call some number of they did there job right then it would not be so many bad reviews CHANGE SOMETHING or 1 more thing the room was not cleaned I have iv caps all over the floor from the person before us NASTY

Katie N

Awful place.

Bev Sarchet

Helpful and polite staff!

Anonymous User

I have a personal beef with PeaceHealth due to several facts: 1) They never can seem to bill me before it ends up in a collections account. 2) Called their office to file a complaint about a HIPAA violation (sent me unsealed mail with my Private Health Information hanging out of the envelope) and several others - a lady name Sunshine told me she would take my message and pass it to her manager to get back to me... nothing. Tried calling for over a month, no answers or nothing. Obviously avoiding my call due to the possible legalities they were going to face. 3) They gave me 5 intravenous drugs back-to-back and ignored my request to not have Benadryl, which ended up giving me a seizure. Thanks guys. 4) I get a letter in the mail saying I am "at a high risk of health issues and even death". I of course call the doctor to see what exactly was wrong but only got the "Well you need to come in for more tests and screenings" runaround. I expressed that he sounded like more of a salesperson than a doctor because he could not tell me one single detail of why I got that letter. 5) Nurses on several occasions gave me shots without alcohol swabbing first and one a couple occasions didn't properly communicate to each other that I was already given a dose, so they gave me double and played it off like they were supposed to. Be on the lookout for any legal violation they cause, because they will and you should take steps to protect yourself.

M. H.

Peace health, your emergency room needs equipment that works. Please buy your staff some new thermometers. Its ridiculous to have to shove a thermometer up a babys butt 6 different times just to get all false readings. My baby is hot to touch, no her temp is not 94. And please educate your staff that 94 wouldnt be a normal temp even if it was an accurate reading... ???


I went to Skagit Regional in Mount Vernon and waited 2 hours with my son who had metal stuck in his eye. Everytime he blinked is was extremely painful, I was assured we were next. We were not, A lady that came in a half hour later than us said that her child needed to be checked for the flu got in before us. The kid was goofing around the waiting room, couldn't have been that sick. Anyway we left and went to United General in the ER and within 15 minutes they started treating him. So maybe it also depends on who is working the shift but I will go to United first considering the treatment we got in Mount Vernon.

Isabela Ramirez

Judy Phillips

Melinda Aka Santana Bandana

I just got a $184 bill from Peace Health in Sedro Woolley. This is for an office visit to establish a new doctor, the office was empty of any patients when I arrived. My doctor in Puyallup never charged an outrageous fee like this for an office visit. I have good insurance, and the bill will be paid but I just had to say something about this to someone. I called and the operator on the other end of the phone said office visits with Peace Health can range from $125 to $700. I asked the doctor I saw about my chapped lips so the charge went from $125 to $184, I think people need to be warned.

Clay Christofferson

andrea kay

This is the worst hospital I have ever seen. The customer service is awful the team fights with each other in front of patients. My dad has a serious cardiac history and was sent in for a stress test . He was told to show up 15 minutes before his appointment he wanted to be safe so he showed up 25 minutes before his appointment the lady behind the desk checked him in and told him to wait in the waiting Room of which he did. Sometime later a man came out and asked where he was a lady told him and he began yelling and screaming at her in front of everybody in the waiting Room telling her that they were busy the doctor had things to do and now she has ruined things. My dad stood up and said how about we not yell and let's go get my stuff done. The man began turning his rage on to my dad screaming and yelling and saying that it was his fault for not being there earlier than he was and that now he would be holding up the whole place so he would not be getting a stress test done and he was going to put him down as a no show in his chart. Now my dad who had been having chest pain and needs to have this test on is now held up for who knows how long before he gets on appointment with somewhere else. As you can imagine he will not be going to this hospital. If this is the kind of care that they give patients in an outpatient procedure I would hate to see what would happen if he had a serious problem inside the hospital. Places where staff are mean and belittle each other and are violent is not a place that That we want to get our care. If something were to happen I doubt that they could take care of the situation.

Katie Rodriguez

I never write reviews but I felt the need to for this place. Horrible experience. My boyfriend went yesterday morning for high blood pressure. He’s had high blood pressure so he knows his body and when he’s not feeling well. To start off, we were there for 3 and a half hours before the Dr. finally came into his room. The Dr. was very rude. He barely gave my bf any time to answer the questions he was being asked. Any time we tried to talk it’s as if he were cutting us off and just talked over us. He also told us a headache is not something to come in to the ER for with a smirk on his face. After we told him he also had chills and his hands were tingly. Again, he’s had high blood pressure for years so he knows from experience when he needs to go to the ER. He tried to tell us that he probably got a headache from working. His blood pressure was 156/120 at the time and told him that is nothing to worry about. This of course was after he was in there for awhile. Before the Dr came in, we were quite irritated with being there for so long that we asked if he can just have his medication pull given to him so we can get out of there and they didn’t come back after that for another hour. By the time the Dr was in there and was very rude, we just wanted to get the heck out of there. Will never go back there. Ridiculous how we were spoken to.

liz rodriguez

I was born their

Adrian Lowe

WavesOf Thirteen

Remember as they are suing you for their abusive care, they are NON PROFIT, so they are getting paid TWICE for their negligence. Which is ILLEGAL for you or I to do, but I guess if you are a hospital.... ALLS FAIR IN SH*TTY CARE!

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